she said that she has never seen me this happy

I have just started rewatching The Walking Dead with my boyfriend who has never seen the series. We have just started season 3 and he hates Lori and knows that she dies but does not know when or how. But he can’t wait. I asked him how he knows she dies and he said, “Because I know that Rick gets with dreadlock lady so she has to die.” When ‘dreadlock lady’ was introduced he was happy and like, “Wow she is badass. She would be good for Rick.” and I am so happy that I already have a Richonne shipper sitting next to me before Michonne has even really got the chance to really show him who she is. 

today is probably the most significant day in my life… today I came out as trans to my mom!!! I was shaking and crying so much. I’ve never been that scared before in my life. She started sobbing so much… I don’t think I’ve ever seen her cry like that. She called me Vivian for the first time today and I couldn’t be more happy… She was accepting and said she would support me no matter what. I can still hardly believe that this is all real and truly happening I just can’t believe it… 

Thank you everyone who has been supportive of me on here, all my friends and followers and just everyone !!! thank you so much I love all of you so much I couldn’t have done this without the support of my online friends ^_^ thank you!