she said she'd wait for him!!!

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"Okay stop Peter..." Lailin said quietly as she balanced on the concrete edge, getting ready to jump. She'd chose the faction Dauntless, and she was now going through the first stage of initiation. "If you won't jump, there's another train coming soon." Eric teased. Lailin took a breath and said, "Just shut the hell up." Then she just jumped, trusting that something would break her fall. A person? A bed? She just knew it, why in the world would they make them jump and die for initiation.

Tobias picked at his nails absent-mindedly as he waited for the first initiate to jump, and he said to Lauren, who was also waiting with him but on the other side of the net, “When are they going to start?!” Lauren giggled, “Just be patient–it is a little, daunting, for them!” She began to laugh at her ridiculous pun, and Tobias just found himself rolling his eyes before hearing the net ricochet upwards and then back down quite forcefully. When he turned to the net, he found a girl lying in it. This must be the first jumper, he thought to himself.

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The bunny maid was on his knees with his head down as spoke to his mistress, "a-ah'm so sorry mistress, a-ah didn't mean to break that vase, I-it was an accident, I-it won't happen again mistress." The bunny said feeling quite nervous of how she'd react to the vase being broken while she was gone.

Rouge frowns, “Wait, you broke one of my vases.”  She went to see which one, and fortunately is was a cheap fake she had gotten a while back, but she would not pass up this chance.  She storms back into the living room to the groveling bunny and grabs his ear firmly lifting him to his feet, “I’m going to have to punish you for your carelessness with my things.”

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This is totally random but felt like sharing! I was on an old friends facebook and saw a photo of louis and niall she'd taken back in 2011, so i decided to message her about it because she never mentioned meeting them. she said there was a group of people waiting for them on the street, and one of the girls there waiting gave louis a card with a picture of him and harry on the front and he laughed at it and then jokingly said 'he'll have this on the mantlepiece at home' haha


Bonnie would have chosen Damon if she'd read the letter

Bonnie said what has Damon done apart from give up, she said Damon gave up when he went in the coffin to wait for Elena.

She chose Enzo because she sees Damon as giving up on them time after time, but he isn’t.

If anything he feels guilty for falling for Bonnie when he’s meant to be there waiting for Elena, he feels guilty about choosing Bonnie over Elena. Because say what you like about this whole he kept Bonnie alive so Elena wouldn’t hate him, you know as well as I do that he wouldn’t have cared if Elena hated him forever for letting Bonnie die because at least Elena would be alive, and that’s all that was meant to have mattered to Damon, that’s what we were shown.

But he choose to keep Bonnie alive. He felt guilty since so put himself in the coffin. He gave Bonnie that letter probably explaining why, and since she’d be dead when he woke up maybe he wouldn’t feel like he’d betrayed Elena anymore.

My theory- if Bonnie had read that letter, if she had understood why Damon did everything he did, she would have chose Damon.

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Molly getting pregnant by someone else and the father doesn't want it, so Sherlock is super supportive, takes her to Lamaze classes, helps her exercise to stay in shape (Sherlock jazzercising, yo) and properly faints when she pushes the baby out.

Tweaked. A lot. Like, teenlock 1950s AU.

“It’s Jim Moriarty’s, isn’t it.”

“Wh-what? What are you…”

Sherlock Holmes, the tall, gangly seventeen-year-old with the sharpest brain in the school, the most intense eyes, and the most dismissive attitude toward almost everyone, pinned Molly Hooper with his gaze as he huffed and crossed his arms. He’d stopped her on the way to lunch, a lunch she doubted she’d eat much of, with his quiet question and his hand on her elbow. “Molly. This is me. You know I’m not just guessing, at either the fact of your pregnancy or that it’s most likely Jim’s. I just need you to confirm it for me.”

“Why?” she asked, neither admitting nor denying his deductions as to her ‘interesting’ condition. He was right, of course - on both counts - but she’d barely had a chance to come to terms with the situation herself, let alone confide in anyone else about it. And Sherlock Holmes, although not as standoffish to her as he was to most, wasn’t exactly a close friend, either. And wasn’t this the sort of thing she should be talking to Meena or Mary about? Another girl, not her sometimes-chemistry lab partner? Who hated the boy Molly had been going round with for the past six months?

‘Had been’ being the operative phrase, of course, she thought bitterly as she waited for Sherlock to answer her. As soon as she’d told him about the baby, Jim had very coldly told her to shove off. Claimed he wasn’t the father, since they’d only had sex once. When she’d pointed out that once was all it took, he’d smirked, taken a slow drag on his cigarette, and said…horrible, horrible things. About her, about how any girl who’d sleep with a fellow after only dating for a few months was easy and was likely sleeping around. She’d nearly slapped him, nearly burst into tears, but instead had just turned and walked away, angry and terrified, worried and sick in both stomach and heart.

She saw Sherlock’s jaw twitch and flex a bit, as if he were clenching it. “Because,” he ground out through gritted teeth, “I just want to know who to punch. Wouldn’t do to risk expulsion by laying out the wrong guy.”

“It’s not…it wasn’t like, like that!” Molly exclaimed, eyes darting around as she confirmed they were alone in the hallway. “He didn’t…I let him,” she mumbled, face burning with humiliation at the admission. 

“You mean he manipulated you into thinking it was your idea,” Sherlock snapped, reaching up to dig long fingers into his hair as he stared down at her. “And even if it really was your decision, Molly, I can tell he didn’t take the news well. Did he.”

It wasn’t a question - and she still wasn’t sure why they were having this conversation - but she answered it with a small shake of her head. “No,” she sighed. “He didn’t take it well. He - he dumped me. Said it wasn’t, wasn’t his.” Her throat clogged and her vision blurred and the tears she’d been fighting all day finally fell. She dropped her head and clutched her arms to her chest in despair. “I knew - I knew he wasn’t…but he was so sweet and I - I thought I l-loved him.” 

She wasn’t making much sense, even to herself, but Sherlock was clever, he’d deduce her meaning. At least he wasn’t calling her a tramp, the way Jim had, or blaming her the way she was blaming herself; Sherlock had a sharp tongue and to hear him so angry at Jim rather than disgusted with her was rather nice. Unexpected, and probably not something that would last for long, but nice.

Sudden warmth enveloped her, and Molly stiffened as she realized Sherlock was holding her in his arms, one hand stroking soothing lines up and down her back. “Your mum and dad, I’ve never met them, are they the ‘never darken our doorstep’ type, or the ‘get thee to a convent’ type? Are they likely to send you off to live with relatives or just toss you out on the street?”

Molly tried to think, although it was very hard with her current emotional turmoil, not to mention the feel of Sherlock’s arms around her. She’d had such a crush on him for the past few years, and being with Jim had been as much about getting over Sherlock as it was any real feelings she’d convinced herself she had for the other boy. “Why do you care?” she whispered, fingers curling in the soft fabric of his white uniform button-up, her cheek resting on his carelessly-knotted tie.

“Because no one hurts my friends like this and gets away with this. My parents will let you stay with us if your parents decide to be melodramatic.” His arms tightened on her, and before Molly could process the idea that Sherlock actually thought of her as a friend, she felt him press a soft kiss to the top of her head. “Molly, I’m sorry, I should have let you know…I’m not good at this, at ‘feelings’ and stuff. Just ask John, he can tell you what a rubbish friend I am. But I’m trying to do better, I promise, and I want…I want to help you, however you’ll let me.” He was speaking in a rush, the words just pouring out of him, and Molly could hear the sincerity behind every one.

She silenced him by pulling out of his arms - very, very reluctantly - and tiptoeing up to kiss him on the cheek. “Thank you,” she said simply, wiping at her eyes and giving him a waterly smile as he offered her a very crumpled handkerchief. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, Sherlock, how my parents are going to react, but it’s - it’s really good to know I have at least one person on my side.”

She slipped her hand into his and squeezed, and he squeezed back and refused to let her go when she started to walk away. “I meant it, all of it,” he said as she finished drying her tear-stained cheeks. His expression went from awkward sincerity to a fierce scowl as he added: “Including punching that stupid bastard in the face. He didn’t deserve you.”

Molly watched, feeling dazed but a bit less hopeless, as Sherlock dashed off down the hall. She should stop him, she supposed, but the thought of him punching Jim on her behalf was…well, it was very caveman, but it actually made her feel the tiniest bit better.

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Rowan waited until it was daytime to go see Rayne. He hadn't talked to her since the break up, but this was important. "Adam says you're afraid again," he said to her. Might as well get to the point. He wondered if she'd protect him this time. Probably not.

Rayne was sitting on her floor, trying to meditate when Ro spoke. Her eyes snapped oven and she flew backwards as her wings ripped from her back to protect herself. “I-…” She didn’t know what to say as she slid down her wall. “I don’t know why…” She whispered, looking at him with tearing eyes.

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It had to happen at some point. Humans got sick. They got shot. Humans starved, or drowned, or even died from lack of water. Whether it be slowly or quickly, humans die. Yet it was still a shock to him when it happened. Why did she die? Why'd they take her away? Charles tried over and over to get Wheatley out of her room. Hell, it'd been years since he'd gotten out of it. But the lanky Android did not move and did not speak. Maybe she'd come back one day. He had an eternity to wait for her.

“……You know, I’m not going to live forever, Wheatley,” she’d said one day, when he’d finally asked her why her hair was turning a ‘funny color’. “….Humans age. They die. Someday, there’ll come a time when I’m not here anymore. But don’t cry for me when it happens. It’ll be okay…. Just promise me you’ll keep going.” She’d placed a hand against his cheek, shaking slightly as she moved. “But never forget that I love you, now and always.”

Wrap Party
  • Rachel:
  • The night after Clay had wrapped the movie they were having a big wrap party to celebrate and have some fun after it all. That evening she got ready and quickly did her own hair and make up. When she was finished she walked out of their bedroom and down to where Clay was waiting for her. "Hi handsome." She said as she stood there looking at him. She knew he was looking forward to it and that all of their hard work called for celebration.
  • "Are you ready to get going?" She asked while putting her phone into her purse and rubbing her belly gently. She knew it was going to be a big night but she was sure she'd be able to get through it easily.

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Today some guy wanted to save 2$ on a box of worms. The 25 package he wanted wasn't there so he got 2 12 packages and wanted the same price. I asked a manager if that was ok and she said she'd look into it and she did, but she took awhile and while we were waiting the customer was like "haha she doesn't have a chin" talking about another coworker of mine, and when I just stared at him And didn't laugh he was like "cmon! It's true isn't it?" I was like "doesn't matter it's rude."

This Could be It || Jucy
  • L: Lucy hated not having electricity, she absolutely hated it. She was able to get enough ice to put Belle's milk in a cooler but once that was gone she didn't know what she'd do. The small woman was happy that Jared was coming back over. Not only did she not want to be alone during this but she also wanted to tell him what she was too scared to tell him the night before. Once he said he was coming over Belle started getting fussy so she put her down for a nap and then grabbed a bowl to sat with outside on her front steps to wait for her guest. When he arrived she smoked the last of the bowl, removing it from her lips as he reached her. She held up her finger to signal one minute and after a few seconds she let the smoke out of her lungs. "Sorry, hey." Lucy stood up and opened the front door for them to go inside.

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Black Knight dove to the front steps of Icarus Manor. If she was there, she'd most likely be at her drawing desk. "Avianna?" He said, knocking at the door with a fist that hadn't uncurled since he first took off. He waited, his breath quickening.

The lock would click, and the heavy door pushed open by Todd, the resident Deer Butler, who’d look down at the Knight with some concern of his state.

“A-ah. Sir Black Knight!” Todd would blurt, bowing an antlered head as he took a step to the side to let him in. “I’m afraid if you’re here to see Lady Icarus there may be some delay.” The butler would continue, leading him to the guest Parlour. “Of all the things, we had a break in last night. Most unusual being the scoundrels didn’t take anything.”

The butler would sigh almost exhaustedly. “Madam has been dealing with the local militia, but I’ll let her know you’re here yes?”

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(Died in childbirth meme) "What the hell do you mean, she's dead?!" Clint snarls, glaring up at the doctor in front of him, "you said she'd be fine, and now you tell me that she's dead, and one of the babies is too?! The fuck are you paid for if you can't keep someone alive?!" Robbie sniffles, blinking sleepily in the chair in the waiting room, "Daddy? Sissies here?"

“Sir she lost too much blood their was nothing we could do. Your daughter needs you now though would you like to hold her?”

Gotta Catch 'em || Cara&Nat
  • Cara: Okay. That word from the morning ran through her head a million times an hour. She wanted it to stop. She wanted to feel okay, because technically things were okay, right? After Harry left that morning, Cara found herself pouring a glass of wine and pulling out her DS and playing her most loved game. Pokemon. Of course it was Omega Ruby. It was the first Pokemon game she'd ever played and the renewal really brought back those memories. Of course she had Alpha Sapphire too, but she had a bond with Groudon. The game was less fun alone, but she wanted to be alone for a little while. Everyone just bothered her today, sort of. That's when she texted Nat. She was glad he said yes. She already had the second DS on the coffee table and the original animation playing on Netflix in the background as she waited. It quickly dawned on her that she didn't want to get up to get the door for him, so she ended up sending him a quick text to tell him the door was unlocked. Then she resumed to her game, absentmindedly citing the Team Rocket speech as it played on tv.