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Fic: It could have turned out differently, I suppose (But it didn't)

Written for the @olicityhiatusficathon organized by @thebookjumper prompt “at odds.” (and yes the title to this fic came from Jane Austen)

Okay, this one is a little weird and dark for me. But I followed this plot bunny down it’s rabbit hole. I have no beta and wild and crazy children - so I apologize for any mistakes. 

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It could have turned out differently, I suppose (But it didn’t)

You know that pain and guilt can’t be taken away with a wave of a magic wand. They’re the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. I don’t want my pain taken away! I need my pain! – James Tiberious Kirk

Felicity looked around the room at her friends, all in the fetal position, crying. The meta human – “The Heartbreaker,” as Cisco dubbed him, stepped over their bodies as he stalked toward Felicity.

“Choices. Human existence is made up of millions of choices. Left or right. What college? Who to date? Fight or flight? And with those choices comes another plague to humankind – regret. Did we make the right choice? What would life be like if we had chosen differently?”

While he gave his villainy monologue (why did villains always do that, she wondered), Felicity surveyed the room for an exit. Or some way she could get ahold of Oliver.

“You humans are always at odds with yourself, and I simply use that to my advantage,” Heartbreaker said as he stopped a few feet from her.

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Letters in Iron

Hey everyone! This is my third fic, and it will be a multi-chapter one!

Nah, I’m kidding. How, you ask? Because each fic is a oneshot. All of them are based on a one word prompt starting with each letter of the alphabet. 

I am proud to say that this is my best fic (out of a grand total of three), and I hope you like it. Reviews are very much appreciated!

This is also up on FF and AO3.

Rating: T
1. Apple
Words: 1702
Summary: When Gajeel eats an apple that Levy received on a mission, he is unpleasantly surprised to find that he has turned into a cat. And not the Exceed kind. Rated T for swearing.

Gajeel wonders what kind of crummy job she took to end up with a basket of apples as her reward.

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Pumpkin - My third project

Pumpkin is a cat from one of the first fiction I wrote in english. You can find it here : Halloween Prompt: Black cat.

I’ve wanted to make her since the beginning, when I started crochetting but, well, starting with black yarn was a very bad idea as I learned later. I understood quite a bit myself when, doing my first ring circle, I couldn’t distinguish a stitch from another. For a first project it was quite difficult, especially for learning how to crochet and all that.

But I kept in mind to do Pumpkin at some point and… yeah, ok, I couldn’t wait any longer and tried it. Which… urgh, black yarn is such a bitch, I swear XD.

She’s now sitting in the middle of my Iron Man & Winter Soldier pop. The collar wasn’t part of the pattern but I found how to made it and I improved a little bit x).

To celebrate it I made a small fiction relating to the thing I wrote about her… because I really like Pumpkin (go figure) and… well, I wanted to write more about her. It’s not great but it’s a small thing I wrote when I finished my amigurumi. There’s another picture at the end of the fiction.

Life at their apartment had become… nicer. While Tony was still very much aware of all the ways something could go wrong if he wore green on a Friday or walked under a ladder, Pumpkin had somehow won a special place among them and was no longer considered a threat.

Since the day the truce had been signed, while Bucky was absent, it wasn’t uncommon to find them curled up on the couch, the kitten purring loudly with his head tucked under Tony’s chin.

(mobile reader, beware the cut, there’s more! <3)

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annabethcaser  asked:

things you didn't say at all: percabeth

things you didn’t say at all

.13 years old

Without a word, they fell into position; back to back, stepping in perfect time, weapons raised. Percy didn’t need to tell Annabeth when to move - he could feel it in the tension of her muscles, hear it in the weight of her steps, sense it beyond any rationale. They made their first strikes at the same time, and rather quickly the monsters who’d surprised them in a corner of Grand Central were gone, nothing but dust sweeping across the floor.

Annabeth sheathed her dagger and grinned at him. “Reflexes have gotten a bit slower, Seaweed Brain.”

“Oh, like you can talk, Owl… Head…,” he replied, trying to think of a witty nickname in retort and failing.

She laughed, probably at the way his eyebrows were scrunched together in concentration as much as at the crappy nickname. “Don’t ever call me that again.”

Before he could reply, she turned to lead the way out of the station. Percy collapsed Riptide and followed her at a run, too proud to call out for her to wait up.

.15 years old

Annabeth was sitting across the campfire, at the back of a huddle of Athena campers. Percy had a direct view of her above the flames, and he was too busy staring at her to pay any attention to what Travis was saying. He could hear the other boy talking beside him, saying something about a new prank he had planned to try and ‘lighten things up’ - but Percy’s entire consciousness had narrowed to the curve of Annabeth’s shoulders, the downturn of the corners of her lips, the way the edge of her ponytail fell forward over her collar. She looked so sad.

They hadn’t spoken in three days.

Sometimes Percy wondered if the kiss she’d given him in that volcano had been a dream.

“Dude.” Travis punched Percy’s shoulder, snapping him abruptly back to attention. “Are you even listening?”

“Yeah,” Percy said, flinching slightly when the word came out in a snap. He rubbed his arm absentmindedly and sighed. “Sorry, no. I’m a little… out of it.”

Travis looked confused, until he glanced across and saw Annabeth. His eyes widened with realisation. “Ooh. Yeah, man, that’s not good.”

“What’s not good?” Panic twisted Percy’s stomach and made his voice rise in pitch. If the other campers were talking about his fight with Annabeth, it might be worse than he thought. “What is it?”

Travis leant back and held his hands up, palms out. “Nope, I’m not getting involved.”

Percy narrowed his eyes at him. “What’s Katie told you?”

“Look, just…” Travis gulped. He visibly debated with himself for a few seconds before saying, “Maybe you should talk to her about it?”

“Talk about what?”

“I dunno… Apologise, maybe?”

“Apologise?! What do I have to apologise for? I haven’t even done anything, she’s the one acting all -”

Percy was so wound up he didn’t catch Travis’s panicked expression until it was too late. The words died on Percy’s lips as he saw a flash of blonde hair in his periphery. He looked over just in time to see Annabeth stomping towards him, expression murderous. He stared at her, half of him wanting to run away and hide, half of him ecstatic at the chance to talk to her again, even if the talk was probably going to involve a lot yelling.

But she turned at the last second, heading in the direction of the beach, and just before she went Percy swore he saw a tear fall down her cheek. He wanted to call out after her, but he had no idea what to say. He watched her retreat, feeling sick to his stomach, and tried to figure out what the hell was happening to them.

Travis clapped a hand on his shoulder and clucked sympathetically. “Like I said, man - apologising might be the smart thing to do.”

Percy shrugged him off and snarled, “She’s the smart one, not me.”

.16 years old

Sometimes Annabeth needed some silence. After the war, it was a bumpy road to settle back into life at camp. Everything felt irrevocably different; she’d once confided to Percy that she couldn’t figure out whether it was the camp or her that had changed more, and nothing terrified Annabeth more than not having an answer.

A week after their return, he found her sitting on the beach, eyes red rimmed and shadowed. Apart from a slight tensing of her shoulders, Annabeth didn’t move when Percy sat down next to her. He propped his chin on her shoulder and gazed down at the shape she’d drawn in the sand - a trident. When he lifted the hand she was using to fingerpaint up to get a better look at the design, she brought her other one round and wiped some sand on his cheek.

He spluttered dramatically and wiped it away, shaking his head and trying to prevent her from doing it again. She was smiling as she climbed into his lap and wiggled her dirty fingers in front of his eyes, and he was laughing as he let her get in a cheap shot and smudge some sand on the tip of his nose.

If it hadn’t been for the shadows in her eyes, or the scratches on her skin, Percy almost wouldn’t have believed this was the same girl he went through Tartarus with. But of course it was; this Annabeth, now using her sleeve to clean his face, was the same Annabeth who’d fought with him through the deepest pits of hell, and she was the same Annabeth who’d kissed him for the first time in a volcano, and she was the same Annabeth as the girl who’d sat in the back of a Kindness International truck and made him feel like maybe they could be proper friends after all.

There were a million things Percy wanted to say to her; we’re home, we’re safe, we’re together; we made it, we did it, we won; I’m so proud of you, I love you. He wanted to thank her, for saving his life, over and over, in more ways than he could fathom.

But Percy had never been good with words.

So he grabbed her hands and held them still, and he kissed her, softly and sweetly, on the sand of the camp beach. He tried to pour every bit of emotion he had into that kiss. He tried to make it reassuring, and loving, and hopeful, and gentle, and everything that Percy had promised himself he was going to be for Annabeth, for the rest of his life. Her hands snaked into his hair, carding through the dark strands, and his arms wound around her waist and held her tight as they kissed, and in the end neither of them said anything at all.

After all, Percy had a feeling Annabeth already knew everything anyway.

The Truth - Barry x Reader pt.2

Request: Could you do a part two to the truth maybe were the team meets batman and robin and they all kind of get excited when they see the three of them work together

Prompt: Team Flash meets Team Batman and team up against evil. 

Words: 950+

Warning: none

A/N: Here it is part two! Hope you enjoy it, babes. It wasn’t exactly what the request was but they work together-ish. It hints at it anyways, I like to leave the ending to the readers sometimes. Robin was written as a goofy character because I didn't really know what to do there. Anyways some of you send request and I will get to those after a personal narrative for school. Urgh! HAPPY READING! 

Part 1

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I sat comfortably at Jitters accompanied by Cisco, Caitlin and Barry. We were all waiting for my friends Bruce and Robinson, who were running late due to some traffic. After we caught Mad Hatter the team found out about my secret identity as Batgirl they wanted to meet Bruce and Robin who had actually agreed because they have not seen me in about a year, wanted to celebrate catching Mad Hatter and meet Team Flash especially Barry since we were dating.

“I brought coffee for all of us.” Caitlin says setting down four cups of coffee on the table.

“I can’t believe we are about to meet the Bat Team” Cisco whispers to the group taking a very loud slurp from his drink “So when are they getting here?”

“Soon hopefully, I miss those guys.”

“I knew it! Bet you missed me the more than Bruce.” a familiar voice behind me said, I turned around to come face to face with Robin.

“Robinson!” I get up and we hug each other tight as he lift me up and spun me around. Robin had always been like a teasing younger brother to me, we would always fight about little things and annoy each other for fun but nothing would separate us. Bruce on the other hand was a bit more serious and was like an older brother to me, he does this thing were he likes to be be in charge of things and protect everybody. For a long time he wouldn’t let me be Batgirl, I fought him just prove I could be in the team and do just as much. Needless to say I won.


“Bruce” we both smile and hug him too, after a few seconds he returns the hug and pulls up chair at our table to sit down.

“Okay, Bruce and Robs meet Cisco, Caitlin and Barry. Guys this is Bruce and Robinson.” I say pointing at each of them as I introduced them. They all said hi and soon we were discussing Mad Hatter and previous missions we had been in. I was glad that we were all getting along, to be honest I was a little nervous about this meeting. You never know what will happen when you put a bunch of superheroes in one room.

“So Barry, you dating Y/N now, huh? I should warn you if you ever hurt her-” Bruce started only to get interrupted by Barry.

“If I hurt her you will kill me? I won’t, I like her too much to do that” Barry says smiling and holding my hand in his  under the table.

“I certainly hope you won’t but what I was going to say is that if you ever hurt her she will kill you. I’ve known her long enough to know she can handle herself.” Robin starts laughing his ass off about this and so did everyone else.

“I won’t confirm nor deny.” Barry turns to me with a jokingly terrified face and I give him a quick kiss.

“We don’t usually meet other superheroes, you know, mostly villains and some in between but you good all around.” Robin points out.

“So where is Mad Hatter?”

“We got him locked up in a makeshift prison we made at S.T.A.R labs.” Caitlin answers flashing one of her kind smiles at them.

“Mind if we check out your place?”

“Always the curious one ain’t you, Robs?” I wink at him playfully and he chuckles to himself probably remembering the time we were on a mission and there was a plate of fries he didn’t think there would be a harm in eating them so he took one. Later that day we found out they had a toxin that made him gassy all day.The criminal was some 17 year old kid with too much time in his hands and a sense of humor.

“We could go right now. I do have some paperwork to get done.”

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ineharnia  asked:

(1)I thought of looking it up but I think I'll ask you as well because you give nice answers. I was talking with someone about Sherlock and she said she didn't like the third season. After questioning her it turned out she didn't like HLV (that's the

third episode, right? She didn’t like the third one) and specifically she didn’t like that Sherlock killed Magnussen because she thinks it’s completely out of character because Sherlock’s supposed to be moral and smart enough to think of a better way. So I wanted to ask you why Sherlock killed Magnussen and couldn’t think of a better way to deal with him. Also I’m probably gonna see her again in August, so no pressure in answering soon (since you said you’re under pressure with your meta). Thank you in advance!

Hi lovely!

This is as a general whole and not directed specifically to your friend, spoken from someone who studies Sherlock’s character FAR too much. 

Firstly, yes, it was HLV, the episode that won the series seven Emmys, one of them being for Outstanding Writing. Obviously they’re doing something right that a lot of people are failing to see. 

Secondly, there’s a huge chunk of time missing in HLV which covers at LEAST six months. We know NOTHING about what happened in those six months except that John presumedly wasn’t staying with Mary and Sherlock was either at home or the hospital recovering. I think during that time some side plan was coming to fruition behind the scenes (my thought is between John and Mycroft); everything at Appledore went TOO smoothly so I suspect there’s something else going on in the background with Mycroft and Sherlock, at least until Sherlock went and flubbed it up. In light of TAB, I now truly don’t think Sherlock and John have or had something planned TOGETHER to flush Mary out, since it was in TAB that Sherlock realized he needs to work with John and then they will be unstoppable. BUT, I do think John himself may have, in the 6 months away from Mary, secretly had a “plan B” in the works: he’s a soldier at his core, and a captain at that, so I don’t know why people think it’s so beyond John’s capabilities for him to actually think ahead on this stuff… pretty damned smart, after all. 

Next, here’s what I don’t get about people who think it’s OOC for Sherlock to have killed Magnussen (and it’s not, btw… I believe he does kill people in canon even): What exactly do they think Sherlock did for 2 years “taking down Moriarty’s network”? That phrase alone holds a lot of weight as to what it implies. It’s clear he was at least tortured and held captive for extended periods of time, and the subdued nature of his S3 character suggests that he wasn’t having tea and crumpets with the Queen everyday nor was he on holidays in Hawaii. It’s hinted at by Mycroft that Sherlock had literally been on non-stop missions for the past two years, and none of them were fun, and I highly doubt Sherlock just… didn’t NOT kill people while on those missions; while it’s not explicitly stated that he did, it’s hinted at throughout the exchange between he and his brother:

MYCROFT: You have been busy, haven’t you? […]
MYCROFT: Quite the busy little bee. (He chuckles.)
SHERLOCK: Moriarty’s network – took me two years to dismantle it.
MYCROFT: And you’re confident you have?
SHERLOCK: The Serbian side was the last piece of the puzzle.
MYCROFT: Yes. You got yourself in deep there … (he checks his report) … with Baron Maupertuis. Quite a scheme.
SHERLOCK: Colossal.
MYCROFT (shutting the file): Anyway, you’re safe now.
MYCROFT: A small ‘thank you’ wouldn’t go amiss.
SHERLOCK: What for?
MYCROFT: For wading in.
(Sherlock raises a hand to the barber to make him stop shaving him. The man steps back a little.)
MYCROFT: In case you’d forgotten, fieldwork is not my natural milieu.

The reason Sherlock’s killing is not spoken out directly is because then murder of Magnussen wouldn’t have been as shocking; IT LESSENS THE IMPACT OF THE ACT. If it was explicitly stated “I killed people” then Sherlock killing Magnussen is just another day in the park for Sherlock. BUT, relegating it to an unspoken act, one that Sherlock does SELFLESSLY to save a life, well then, that makes it mean so much more. We see that he isn’t doing it for funsies: he’s doing it because he wants to protect John (and it WAS for John, not Mary; they made it clear on the importance of pressure points and the chains in them, so by protecting Mary, Sherlock saves John’s life). 

It’s like one of the many reasons I think why the deleted scene was been removed – the cruelty in the scene makes Magnussen’s shooting seem personal to Sherlock, rather than a selfless act done for John.

As long as Magnussen was alive, he was never going to let up on threatening Mary and by extension John; Sherlock tried going the Mycroft route and it failed. He tried gaining Mary’s information manually, and it failed. So Sherlock thought John would not be safe unless Magnussen was gone for good, so he did what he felt he had to when the person he loved was threatened; he killed a man.

As I mentioned earlier, being able to commit this act is suspicious as well… how did John get into C.A.M.’s private home without being searched when back at Baker Street he was patted down before C.A.M. even stepped into the common area of the flat? It’s very suspect that there is something else at work, and someone higher than Mycroft may have wanted C.A.M. gone for good and was counting on Sherlock’s unpredictable nature. Hopefully this will be touched upon in S4.

Look, Sherlock HAS been violent before with people who threatened people he cares about – Mrs Hudson in ASiB with the CIA agents – so imagine what Sherlock could possibly do when he actually LOVES someone, KNOWS he’s in love, and wants to keep them safe? He’ll kill himself (TRF), he’ll sacrifice his happiness for that person (all of S3), he’ll risk getting killed again (HLV), he’ll kill someone for flicking his love in the face.

It’s a common trope in romantic storytelling – the hero does something dramatic and selfless, sacrificing his life or freedom to save the one they love. Everything Sherlock has ever done was for John, and always will be for John.

As for season three seeming completely different, this is because we are watching the season from Sherlock’s eyes; people are upset because Sherlock views the world differently than people had envisioned him to being: he’s actually a very sad, lonely man who is very soft, cares deeply for his family and friends, loves his best friend but doesn’t know how to cope with that, and all he wants is to have his life that he fucked up back to what it was before. NOTHING CHANGED except maybe Sherlock’s character growth from a great man to a good man and Sherlock coming to accept sentiment as part of that character.

anonymous asked:

i guess i should be happy for the klaroline phone call but i didn't like it. i'm glad they interacted but those babies really ruined it for me. i wish they were gone. what is it with julie plec and babies?! god, she ruins everything.

Yeah I understand where you are coming from and this is why I was more excited -and still am- about the fandom reactions instead of that particular scene itself. I have not bothered watching the scene because of the babies  (ew) because I do not like the trickery of JP of using a popular item to push and force the most rejected one and then take pride over how she actually gave what people asked for. No. It does not work that way. And how much more when you do not put the actors in the same room so you lack the chemistry by default and you burden the ship with shitty writing. The phonecall works only through allusions and a personal point of view over the context of it and the underlined messages one can decipher.

However after seeing all the related gifs from the crossover episode of TVD (which is the only one I care about and I do not really expect anything from the TO part) I have to say that my heart indeed did melt but not because of the phonecall. I am erasing that one (or most parts of it) from memory. But I saw the Klefan scenes and those were more Klaroline scenes than the Klaroline scene itself.

Klaroline was never only about getting Klaus and Caroline in the same room. It was never about following the easy or conventional way. It was about the level and depth of their relationship and how that mirrored (and STILL DOES) not only in their interactions but in their personal attitude and in their interactions with others. The insight I got from the gifs of the Klefan scenes (which I admit sooner or later I will cave and probably search for them in youtube) was what I have missed the most about Klaroline. It was the need and the burning emotions that lie between the lines and just underneath the surface. It was the things that were not said that matter more than the things that were said. I had my expectations set on the lowest of lows and I got something that can even be compared (As much as it can with the current writing that is) with very fond memories I have from this ship. This kind of excitement ignites all over again my need and my passion for this ship.

Do you remember some very important scenes we got for Klaroline when Caroline was not in the same room?

Klaus has always been reacting instinctively only in the sound of Caroline’s name.

Caroline will be there”

Caroline is in there, don’t you have a thing for her?”

“Bonnie doesn’t give a damn about us. The only reason she is helping is to save Caroline and Tyler”

“Why? What happened to…Caroline?”

“I think this has something to do with a certain blonde vampire

“I think you’re worried Caroline’s never gonna forgive you"

We got that in the Klefan scenes. And we even got even more. Do know from season 4 which episode I did not like when it came to a Klaroline scene? It was 4x19. The scene where Caroline asks Klaus for a prom dress (I guess now this scene is not the worst ever since we have the baby crap that take the prize) and back then even though there was some comedic element in the scene I was like…just no. But then it was the rest of the episode concerning Klaroline that had won my heart over.

It was not Klaus and Caroline but it was Klaus and Tyler that made my heart melt and what happened with Stefan in the crossover episode is a great parallel of that. And this is why it does not matter if I will wait for this ship for a year or two or ten. I will be there for every moment of it because …was it worth it?…hell yeah it was and it still is and it will forever be worth it.

Stefan in the prom episode while dancing with Caroline had told her that she has wrapped Klaus around her small finger. And this was true and it was the one and only thing that saved Tyler’s life. Klaus the master of revenge and of the absolute ultimatums always takes a step back in the most selfless ways (as much as his character can be described with such words) when it comes to what Caroline needs. Caroline’s happiness comes first. If it is Caroline that is asking something then he will do it. Hell he will do it without her even asking. Klaus wants the best for Caroline and he is willing to walk the distance and to move heaven and earth for her even if she is not with him and even there is no promise of them being together. He does not even want her gratitude. All he wants is her well being. That kind of connection runs deep and changes him to the core because he would not do that for any other person. It is not just Klaus’ actions towards Caroline that show the depth of his feelings for her. It is how Klaus reacts as a person towards others and the only motivation for that change is not being with Caroline or controlling Caroline or proving to Caroline he is the best choice for her. Caroline is not a trophy. Caroline is not the balm for his pain. She is the one that comes first above all. The motivation is her well being even when she will never learn about what Klaus does for her and even if he has to let her go. Because sometimes caring for someone and falling in love with someone is not about the epic declarations and the roar (which we have also got in the history of this ship) but it is about the silence and the sound that silence produces that sets the world a different spin for an immortal that otherwise has been unrelenting, unmoving, uncaring, unchanging. This kind of promise is the one that makes the however long it takes still stand. We are just riding the middle waves here. The last love is not here yet. We are just waiting in the between. It is a long wait but …was it…is worth it?….yes because nothing that is actually worth it comes easy. It wouldn’t be worth it if it did.

In the prom episode of S4 Klaus was happy to provide Caroline with a dress in order to make her dreams come true even though he was not there to see her enjoying the dress and dance and laugh and smile in it. He was not there to take pride over his actions. But then he stood there and watched the object of his desire dancing with his nemesis and the man he had swore to kill on sight and hunt to the ends of the earth (something he had done for every other as he did for Katherine in England centuries ago and for the centuries that followed). He stood there and watched in silence as Caroline professed her love and happiness for another. He stood there and watched her in the dress he had given her be happy for being in the hands of the man that in his mind had destroyed dreams he had (for creating his hybrids) for a thousand years.

And when Tyler steps out of Caroline’s house Klaus confronts him but he doesn’t hurt him. He doesn’t touch a single hair from his head. He lets him go. His wrath is there, his rage pulsates but what matters the most is Caroline’s happiness. And Klaus takes a step back from his own ego and pride and revenge plans and from the ways he has set for himself for a thousand years.

Because as he has said before. “Because of you Caroline. It was all for you.”

So he stands and watches Tyler run away once more unscathed but only after he asked him:

“Was it worth it to see her smile to make her dream night come true?…”

And Klaus knows that it was worth it. Because he does the same for her. All the time. Everytime. And that won’t change. That won’t change in a year or two or five or a thousand. It does not matter if the reason behind Caroline’s smile is something trivial or something earth shuttering. It makes no difference for him. As long as Caroline gets her happy ending that is what matters for Klaus. And he won’t reveal to Caroline his actions. It is the secret he keeps deep inside. That weakness that is the strength he needs in order to overcome the worst parts of himself even for one tiny moment of humanity that will still highlight his true personality. He is the villain. He is the monster. But he is still the man that once he cares he will take himself out of the spotlight and will do what the heroes do not. Which is everything and anything for the person he cares for without asking nothing in return. Not with Caroline. Never with Caroline. Never for the girl that even the sound of her name is enough to turn his world upside down in one second stat. And all that while he will still respect her choices. He will respect her choice to live or die, to be with him or another. He will respect the way she chooses to live away from him. She is free and she is in control and with him she will never have to fear otherwise. And this is why when push comes to shove Caroline will know that when things turn dangerous Klaus will always be her safe haven and a shelter for her. Because Caroline is loyal for those she loves and is ready to sacrifice everything for them but when it comes to for her to be treated in that way by others? There is only one person in the whole wide world that is ready to treat her that way asking nothing in return. His name is Klaus Mikaelson. Because for him she is the unforgettable one and he will always be there for her. No questions asked. While asking nothing in return and without shaming her for it or making feel insecure about it. Without taking away her agency.

This is the kind of care and emotion that someone can take for granted because it is a fact of life for certain people and certain relationships no matter the reasons or the time or the obstacles.

And that in its core is one of the reasons why Klaroline works in the way it does and why people won’t let go.

So maybe the phonecall did not work in the way many would expect but everything else? Klaus once more does not care if the world around him burns. He does not care what the consequences will be. He does not care that this goes against everything he is and declares he is. He will help Stefan. Despite his bitterness and his rage and the danger. He will be the selfless one. He will be the savior. He will shed his skin and will become what Caroline needs in order to be happy. And once more he will put Caroline first and will try to make the world a better place for her as long as her desires get fulfilled. She does not even need to know about it. She does not even need to know what is at stake and what this means for him. As long as she is happy that is enough. He does not even need to answer if he loves her not. Actions speak louder than words.

So was it worth it?

Hell yeah.

November 2nd

The day before Halloween, Sam decides.

“Mind if I take the car?” he asks Dean. They both know Dean isn’t going anywhere, not this close to the day, not when even monsters seem to be battening down the hatches for whatever the Darkness with bring.

Dean gives him a long look, and Sam finds himself going down a mental checklist of things he could be in the doghouse for. (He knows from experience that just because Dean says something is behind them, is forgiven, doesn’t mean it actually is.)

But Dean just nods slowly. “Personal?” he asks, and Sam nods in return.

They don’t say it. They never do. But they both know.

Dean tosses him the keys, and Sam hits the road early the next morning.

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Hello there, I have a question about GFantasy magazine and about fanmail for Yana! I don't really understand how GFantasy works: does it hold writing contests ever so often (how Yana Toboso submitted Kuroshitsuji to it) and how is it able to publish so many "stories"/manga in one magazine? (i typed this in a confusind manner didn't i ;-; english isn't my native language either ;-;) [1/2]

[2/2] I’ve read some blog translations and Miss Toboso mentions about things she reads from fans, whether they’ve sent it to her email box/have written letters to her. I think it’s because I live in US that it may seem strange to me, but here, usually popular celebrities have a fanmail box but never really reply to  the letters they receive/hint that they’ve read these letters, and Miss Toboso said she reads the letter/emails. I wonder, is it easier to contact celebrities over there than here?

Hi there! Here are the answers to your questions =D

About GFantasy: According to the official website, GFantasy seems to hold a manga contest every month, where you can submit your own manga to the publisher. If you win a prize, you’ll get a reward (up to 500.000 JPY) as well as a contract with the magazine, and your manga will appear in GFantasy. In Yana’s case, she did participate in this contest twice (in 2003 and 2004) and she won the second prize with her second work ‘DISGUISE’ (see below).

As for your second question “how is it able to publish so many “stories”/manga in one magazine?“, I just checked the number of mangas that are serialized in GFantasy and it’s currently 19. This number isn’t large though, other famous magazines like ‘Shonen Jump’ carry over 20 different manga series (including mangas like One Piece, Bleach, Assassination Classroom, etc) too. However, the difference between magazines like Jump and GFantasy is that the former is a weekly magazine, so each manga has max. 20 pages, while the latter is a monthly magazine, so the mangas usually have more than 20 pages and that’s what makes the GFantasy so unusually thick and heavy!

People sometimes make a joke about the GF magazine and call it 「鈍器」 which means “blunt instrument” in Japanese, meaning that you could use it as a weapon due to its weight and thickness. (lol)

About fanletters: Yes, Yana mentioned several times that she reads all the fanletters from her fans, be it from Japan or from overseas. =D

As for celebrities in Japan, I don’t know whether they are easier to contact than celebrities in the US, since I’ve never written a fanletter to anyone in my life, but genereally speaking, I think that they don’t answer fanletters either. Neither does Yana. And whether these people take their time to read the fanletters or not, probably depends on their personality and on how much spare time they have.

If you are planning to send Yana a fanletter/fanmail though, you can do that from the official GFantasy website. It’s the easiest way to contact Yana =D

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I just looked through Hope's twitter and she had several posts about how proud she was to be able to play in her hometown, etc, and it made me sad because Ashlyn didn't get to post that type of thing for playing in her hometown. Esp because she had friends and family at the game. She just said the generic "it's game day orlando!"

Yeaaaaah, Hope playing in Seattle was treated like an event in itself with her talking about how much the game has grown and how thankful she was for playing in her hometown in front of fans and her family, just like Kling in Pittsburgh and probably the same treatment JJ will get in Arizona because this is what this tour is about celebrating the 23 players who won the WC

And honestly I feel so bad for Ash because everything indicated that she would’ve played in Orlando, I mean ussoccer even used her pic for promos and it would’ve been great for future Orlando Pride fans to see Ash in goal, but nope we didn’t get to see that and I’ve read so many arguments as to why Hope was the better choice against Brazil but honestly it boils down to fear of losing a friendly and not trusting your backup players to put on a decent match especially because there are 11 players out there and at least 6 subs and if you’re telling me that they can’t get the job done because Hope isn’t there then well we’re fucked for the future

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Caroline doesn't have anywhere to go for holiday since her mom is busy and she can't really afford a plain ticket back home anyways so she spends the holiday with her roommate Rebekah! There Klaus meets the Caroline he's heard so much about from Rebekah but didn't expect to like her so much:)

Someone to Be Thankful For

Watching his sister set the festively decorate table, Klaus has his arms folded across his chest, and frowns. He thought that their plans had already been decided with finality years ago; it was tradition for it to just be the two of them at Thanksgiving. It isn’t like family matters were a priority for the rest of their siblings. Elijah and Finn are always too busy in the UK to ever fly all the way out to America to sit down for one meal a year. Kol is off to Australia for school and can’t be bothered to make the trip.

“I can’t believe you invited someone without asking me, especially when you know of my aversion to strangers.”

Rebekah rolled her eyes dramatically, mocking his attitude. “That stranger would be my best friend, thank you very much. And I talk about her enough for her to be like a friend you’ve never met before. And you don’t have very many, so I wouldn’t waste this opportunity if I were you.”

“I have friends,” he countered. “You’ve met them.”

“Well, one can never have too many.”

The sound of a key twisting the lock sounded, and Klaus and Rebekah stilled, their eyes locked on the opening door.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” Caroline emerges from behind the door, plastic bags dangling from her hands. Her eyes greet Rebekah with warmth and then land on Klaus.

He pauses when their eyes met, taking in her glowing appearance. He shouldn’t have been surprised, his sister had always had a particular taste in friends. However, none of her other friends had ever phased him, nothing quite like the peculiar feeling Caroline Forbes is invoking in him.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Caroline!” Rebekah embraces her after taking the bags from the other girl. “I hope the traffic and the lines weren’t too terrible.”

“I thought I was going to explode, but it was totally worth it.” She smiles. “I might have bit a few heads off here and there but it’s okay. I had to fight someone for the pumpkin pie. I won.” She holds up the pie like it’s her trophy, and the girls share a laugh. Her eyes then flick over to Klaus, who has a slight smile tugging on his lips. “This is your brother, right?” She approaches Klaus. “Hi, I’m Caroline. Klaus, right? Rebekah talks about you a lot.” Her arms circle around him in a warm hug.

He returns it, his arms circling her waist. He can’t resist the urge to let her sweet scent overwhelm his senses. It’s a mixture of vanilla and honey, and he wants to get drunk off of it.

Once she pulls away, Rebekah barks orders them to fill the empty glass serving trays with food. Caroline obliges and heads into the kitchen ahead of Klaus. Rebekah pulls him aside to whisper in his ear. “Be nice. Talk to her. You’ll be surprised.”

He sighs. The last thing he needs is for his sister to help him make friends. If he wishes to befriend Caroline, he would, not because of his sister’s entreaty. “Whatever, Bekah.”

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Who Do You Think You Are

I’m officially late, but Happy Birthday, lovely Kate @accidental-rambler(okay I didn’t mean for that to rhyme hehe).  I was trying to think of what was “our thing” and the one thing that came to me is our ‘friendly’ arguments about the term football vs soccer ;) I hope you enjoy it.

Professional football player Klaus Mikaelson is busy trying to focus on his upcoming match; until some blonde American popstar decides to mess with his pre-game ritual (I’m channelling Posh and Beks).

FA Cup Final: Manchester United vs Liverpool FC

Old Trafford Change Rooms: 65 minutes until kick-off

“How have you never heard of Royalty? Have you been living under a rock or something?” His teammate Matt asked as they stretched in the change rooms.

“There’s only one set of Royalty I know and that’s Lizzie, William, Harry, Kate, George and co.”

“But they are only the biggest girl band in the world right now.”

“And why should I care about this again?”

“They are in this very venue right now, they are playing before our match.”

“I’m a little concerned you know all of this, Donovan,” he observed, cocking his left eyebrow. “I never really took you for a pop music fan.”

“Well, I’m not but have you seen them? I mean hot isn’t a strong enough adjective to describe just how fine these ladies are.”

“Bonnie is definitely the best one,” Enzo piped up, interrupting their conversation, something that wasn’t an uncommon occurrence with their teammate.

“Bonnie is cute too but Katherine can certainly hold her own,” Matt added. “You know I’ve always had a thing for brunettes.”

“You know as interesting as this little conversation is, we have a final to warm up for, fellas. After we win this premiership you can mess around with whatever women you want but how about a little focus in the meantime?”  

“Don’t worry Klaus, their lead singer is a blonde, you know given your preference for fair headed ladies.”  

“I’m absolutely thrilled, Lorenzo,” Klaus growled. “Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going over to the other side of the room, far from all this mindless chatter.” Klaus placed his earphones on and sat over at one of the far benches, trying to get into the zone. The last thing he needed was some stupid distraction to derail his game.  

Klaus closed his eyes losing himself in his carefully selected musical playlist, trying not to focus on the fact that this was his most important match to date.  Even though the volume was high, Klaus could hear some wolf whistles in the background, pulling him unceremoniously out of his trance.

He peeled open one eye his annoyance reaching new levels when he spotted his team crowded around the television in the corner. From what he could make out and the reactions from the players the entertainment had begun. Before he could look away, a flash of blonde caught his eye.  

He really wished he hadn’t looked because now he couldn’t look away. She was breathtaking, strutting around the makeshift stage in black  leather pants that fit her like a second skin. Her golden waves were cascading down her back and even from this distance he could make out some bright, blue eyes.

Klaus really hated to agree with Enzo but he was right about her. As he watched her dance in unison with the other group members (Klaus figured this must have been the Bonnie and Katherine they’d been drooling over earlier) he couldn’t help but think just how the moves only accentuated her dangerous curves, no doubt on purpose.

He shook his head, trying to regroup his only salvation was the thought that she probably couldn’t really sing. No one could be that beautiful and talented.

He slowly removed his earphones to prove his theory, just as she belted out a powerful and impressive high note. Damn. He was in trouble.  

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Rika Furude had braved many hardships.

She had been orphaned at an early age, her father murdered in his own shrine and her mother vanishing, leaving only a note as proof she had ever been. She had watched her best friend suffer day in and day out, helped her to overcome the loss of her beloved brother, coaxed her back from a vegetative state – and that was before she had spent centuries watching the people she loved most gut one another over and over, leaving a trail of blood and broken bodies burned into her mind. With the help of her friends she had torn down fate itself and thrown it back in the face of the twisted trash who forged it. And that had only been the beginning. She had quit drinking, learned to tolerate Hanyuu, conquered the nightmares that had plagued her night after night, digging into her brain and tearing her apart – as far as anybody else knew, she no longer had them. There was nothing in the world Rika Furude couldn’t do.

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so show me family

(agents of shield // gen // // ao3)

 slightly belated birthday present for my baby sister

// in which the team gives Skye the birthday she never had.

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I mean no disrespect to the outlander fandom but how on earth did that fandom become so big?! I didn't think it was that much of a popular show or at least it's not on a very popular network. Fans of the books are probably as...well seasoned ;) as I am so I doubt many of them are constantly voting on that poll. But here they are, kicking our asses or at least giving us a run for our money. I'm impressed outlander fandom. Very impressed. Keep voting Olicty fandom, we have a solid opponent here!

LOL they’re really not kicking our asses.  We’re down 0.2% and we fought back hard. God, I love this fanbase.

Anywhoo… The Outlander crew is a tough fandom, always has been, and I think a lot of us knew – even going into this battle in round 1 or 2 – that it would most likely come down to the Olicity/Felicity fans vs. Outlander.  It’s pretty much what it *always* comes down to in polls lately.  LOL.  The People’s Choice vote for Valentine’s was a neck & neck race between us, too (we won that one).

There are a lot of factors at play here, Anon.

One, the nature of the fandom/shows.  One is that (at least I don’t think it has this going on) Outlander doesn’t really have an “anti” fandom portion.  That character is the lead, that character is the ship.  There’s not “built in” competition from “within,” sort of like Bones has one main couple, Castle has one main couple.  It’s not like other shows where you have multiple couples, multiple ships, multiple agendas that can (and often do) vote against their own program.

But the main thing is this: most of the activity like this (voting, awards, etc) usually is carried by a small percent of your fandom.  The pool of voters out there right now for either side would probably surprise people with its numbers.  Yes, there might be a lot of votes cast, but a lot of them are from repeat voters.

This is why I stress and keep stressing how important it is for *everybody* to keep voting.  This is the final round.  This is it.  It’s lasting longer than the other rounds (which were only 3 days).  It’s covering a legal USA Holiday.  People get tired.  Voting slows down.

I’ve got 13K people who follow me on twitter.  No clue how many of them are voting but I’d wager to guess it’s no where near that 13,000.  I’ve seen blog follower counts kicked around the Olicity tag on occasion that are more than that.  You can’t assume everyone is voting.  And that’s okay.  Voting isn’t always everybody’s “thing.”

But it should come down to this for people right now:

1. Do you want Emily to win?

2. Does having Emily win Woman on Top right now mean something to you?

3. Is it positive press for Emily, Felicity, Olicity, and Arrow if she wins?

For me, those answers are: Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes.

I see a lot of people worrying constantly about if people know Felicity, Emily, and Olicity are popular and how they can help show that and make sure “the network knows.”  THIS is one of the ways. 

I am in no way saying any poll is do or die or “vital” or make or break – because at the end of the day, it’s a poll vote.  Nothing horrible will happen to Emily is she comes in 2nd (and we should all be damned proud of the fight we’re putting up all the way to the end) – but it’s a Kudos for Emily, for Felicity, for Olicity, for Arrow, the writers, the execs, and for the CW Network.  It’s good press for them.  It’s a win-win-win-win.  That’s why you see the show execs willing to tweet it out & encourage people to vote.

The Vote Race is close We’re what?  0.2% behind?  Pfffft.  That’s nothing AND the voting doesn’t end until Tuesday, Sept. 8 at 5 p.m. PT.  The main thing to remember is you can’t just stop voting and wait til the end.  We’ll be buried by then and it’ll be even harder to recover.


if you ask100 people to keep voting and catch up?  It’s going to take them hours to move even 0.1% IF they can do that at all.  Right now both sides are so close in votes it’s a battle to move that tie one way or the other in any significant amount one way or the other.

Get 500 people to vote… you’re going to move faster.

Get 1,000 people to go vote together, you’re going to move even more.

Get 5,000 people to go vote right now, you’re going to leap.

Now imagine if those people voted 10 times each.  Or 100 times each (don’t be surprised, casting that many votes actually only takes a couple of minutes).

I really don’t think moving this vote would be that hard if literally every online Felicity/Emily/Olicity fan voted.  But I’m realistic. I know they won’t. 

So again, if this matters to you?  Go vote.  Once vote.  Ten votes.  A hundred.  Vote for an hour when you see a rally going on.  Don’t assume we’re “okay.” with the vote & will win.  Don’t assume it’s a lost cause and we won’t win (like I said were || close).  Just vote.  You really do make a difference.

It’s important to vote and keep voting until the final seconds are off that clock.  We can totally do this.  And when we do get ahead?  Fight to stay ahead because they will come back hard to drag us back down again.