she said shag

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prompt: sirius and marlene having a fight, a realy bad one and sirius telling her he loves her without thinking about it

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It wasn’t a surprise to find Sirius Black and Marlene McKinnon snogging and sometimes even shagging on an empty classroom or a broom closet. But also, it wasn’t a surprise to find them fighting about the most ridiculous things. They argued about different stuff, both trivial and important.

The funny thing was that they weren’t a couple; they were ‘friends with benefits’ which meant, among other things, that they could be with whoever they wanted to. That was what he told her after shagging for the first time and she agreed. So it was no surprise to also find them with other people too.

Sirius and Marlene had been sleeping together for months now and, unavoidably, their feelings started to change even though they wouldn’t admit it. She became more sensitive whenever they fought and he would be pissed for days when he saw her with someone else.

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