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Sticky Chicken and Waffles from Fantasy Fare Food Truck located in Downtown Disney.

Witch Prompts

Anonymous said:Prompts for witches? Xx //  Anonymous said:Witchy prompts please? Xx // Anonymous said:So sorry if I’ve already asked this but I’m paranoid tumblr ate it so how about some witchy kind of prompts? Something like two different magics, two different covens at war? Thank you so much!!

1) “Confess,” they demanded. Expression blank, heart lurching sick in her chest. “Confess to your magic.” She knew, of course, that her lover hadn’t started this curse. Knew she had no power to speak of. Knew as her lover stared, betrayed, that they both knew who the witch in this room truly was. “Confess your sins,” she said softer, as if they didn’t know there was only fire at the end of this, “and you will be saved.”
“My only sin,” they snarled. “Was loving you.”

2) “Court enchantress,” they murmured. “You’ve come a long way from home.”
“So have you.” They’d met a lifetime ago - a very different life - and this was the last place they expected to see the witch again. They had such very different skill sets after all, witches and enchantresses. “What are you doing here?”
“I heard stories of a sorcerer of great power and beauty, who never seemed to age. I had to see if it was true.” I had to see you. “You managed it then, [name].”
“Don’t call me that - not here.”

3) “Dark Magic, Light Magic,” the witch rolled her eyes in despair. “Do you truly believe it so simple?”
“The covens wouldn’t lie.”
“The covens are not what they used to be. A rabble of amateur sorcerers and spellcrafters who think being born with power makes them some kind of divine, as if their magics are not parlour tricks to the old ones.” 
“And what would you know of the old ones?”

4) “You go too far this time. This is murder, not some territory dispute!”
“I told you,” the witch spat. “It wasn’t one of us.”
“It’s your curse - trademark, unmissable. Just look at their veins!”

5) “You are one of the rebel mages,” said the court enchantress. She studied them, eyes cool, taking in that wild, delicious magic that coiled savage and bristling compared to her own sleek control. 
“And you’re a traitor who would turn against their own. Let them enslave you like a trained monkey.” 
The enchantress laughed at that charmingly naive thought, at least so far as it pertained to her. “As opposed to the fool who would infiltrate enemy territory and proceed to insult the person who holds their fate in hand? You could do with some more training, dearest. Monkey or not.”

6) “This type of magic is not for you. It is poisoning you from the inside out, just look at you! You have to stop.”
“I have to save them.” The witch wiped the clammy sweat from her brow, and made an effort to straighten. 

7) Soul mage. The disgust, the horror, shot through them like a shard of ice. 
“No - no - you can’t be-” They tried to move, without success. Every atom in their body seemed ensnared as their enemy flicked their hand, raising them into the air. A lazy show of power. A twist of a finger to make them twirl, some thing to be inspected. They opened their mouth to scream for help, pride be damned.
“No. Hush now,” the soul mage said. 
Their mouth clamped shut, noise choking in their throat. 
They lashed out with their own magic next, but the soul mage’s powers smothered like a wet blanket snuffing flames. 
“You’ll do perfectly,” the soul mage decided. 

8) The power of the covens was absolute. Anyone else was disallowed, hunted, put to death by water or fire. The young witch kept her eyes down, kept herself focused on the salve she’d been tasked with creating, as the Inquisitor strode through the camp - searching for their best and brightest, to join the elite force. To be allowed to leave the circle. The witch could scarcely imagine such a thing as the world outside the coven.

9) “You could put your magic to such good,” they implored. “To such greatness.”
The trickster grimaced and waved a hand to turn the other’s hair blue - as if the manipulation of physical appearance was nothing. It was utterly maddening. Such power, and they refused to do anything other than play the fool. 

10) “Why?” the witch stared at them in disbelief. “Why would you want me? I can’t cast the simplest spell, my potions explode and my cat vomited on my book of enchantments this morning. I can’t do anything right, everyone says so!”
“Every witch can cast a spell. If you can’t, it’s not because you are stupid or weak, it is because there’s something very very wrong with your magic. You have heard of the recent disappearances?”
“You think I have something to do with them!?” 
This day was only getting worse. She should never have dared the universe by thinking it couldn’t get worse.


Damn right you are, Taehyun-ah!!!

Bad Days Mean Mad Daddies…

This Imagine combines all 3 of these prompts:

Prompt 82- “The fuck? Who are you?

Warnings: SMUTTY SMUT, FLUFF, angst-ish? Mad H, Happy H, Cuddley H

Tags: Dom!Harry, Soft Dom!Harry, Sub!Reader


H had had a really, really busy day today and just a rough week in general if he was being honest. He just wanted a quiet night at home with his baby love (since he was feeling particularly dominant this evening) and maybe some wine and some take away from that Italian place up the street they loved so much.

So, when he opened up the door to the scene playing out in front of him, he was far from impressed. As he entered the front foyer of his home he could hear his baby love giggling followed by the chuckle of a guy. As he made his way to the kitchen he saw his baby love and some random guy sitting at his dining table.

The fuck? Who are you?” H questioned.

“Whoa. For one, hi, baby. Welcome home.” Y/N started, getting up from the table and wrapping H in a hug. “Two, this is M-” she started again, but was cut off when H stepped away from her and looked toward the handsome stranger sitting awkwardly in his place at the table.

“I didn’t ask you, Y/N, I asked him. Who. Are. You?” H asked again.

Standing quickly from his chair he stuck his hand out to shake Harry’s hand. “I-I’m Max, big fan by the way. I’m Y/N’s classmate we were just studying for—” the guy stuttered a reply, but was once again cut off by an angry Harry.

“Get out.” H said, pointing to his front door.

“What? H, we were just studying.” Y/N defended, but still H was having none of it.

“I said, get. Out.” H growled. Max didn’t think twice before dashing to the front door.

When he was out of earshot Y/N addressed her furious fiancé, “H, what the hell? Don’t you have any couth? (manners).”

“Course I do. I’m Harry freaken Styles, babe. ‘S a little hard to be courteous to a guest when you come home from a long day of movie press and TV appearances. All I wanted to do was sit at home with you, order some takeaway, cuddle and sip a little wine. And what do I come home to? My fiancée sitting at the dining table with some random guy giggling like a school girl.” H growled, taking off up the stairs to their bedroom.

“We were just studying H. You didn’t need to be an asshole!” She yelled out after him, following him up to the bedroom. Once they were both in the room, Y/N sat on the bed while H took off his clothes in the closet.

“Y’think ‘m bein’ an asshole do yeh?” He questioned, stepping out of the closet completely naked and staring at his girl on the bed. “Oh, sweet girl, you haven’t seen anything yet.” Making his way toward her on the bed, Y/N scrambled from her position at the foot of the bed and moved toward the headboard.

H just smirked and grabbed a tie from his wardrobe. “Strip. Then lay flat on your back, baby. Arms above your head. Legs spread.”

Y/N instantly obeyed without question. H tied up her hands with his tie and placed a trail of kisses down her body. “I don’t ever wanna see that guy here with you again. Do I make myself clear?” H asks, his hot breath making her pussy tingle as he kissed her thighs.

“Yes.” She breathed, her hands moving in the binds behind her head, desperate to have his mouth on her dripping core.

“Uh, uh. Yes what, baby love?” He smirked, blowing a harsh breath onto her center.

“Y-yes, daddy.” She replied.

“Good girl.” He said, delving into her delicious core. “So, so sweet, baby love. Yer fuckin’ delectable. Could eat yeh forever.”

“P-please don’t, daddy. Need yer cock. Not yer mouth.” Baby love pleaded.

“Oh, that’s cute, baby. But yeh don’t get t’make demands tonight. In fact, I may not even let yeh come.” He chuckled, removing his head from between her legs and placing his mouth on her breast and tweaking the other with his fingers.

Baby love just moaned as she slipped deeper and deeper into her subspace.

“Please, let me cum, daddy. Didn’t mean to upset yeh. Truly, I didn’t. We were just studying for our exam.”

“That boy’s got nothin’ on me, does he?” Daddy asked.

“No, daddy. You’re a real man. He’s just some boy from my class.” Baby love moaned as daddy continued his assault on her breasts.

“Don’t I know it. Who am I, baby?” H asked, removing his mouth from her breasts and sitting up to straddle his baby love.

“Y-you’re daddy.”

“No. I said. Who. Am. I?” Daddy growled spanking her pussy with every syllable of the last 3 words.

“Ah!” She cried, the pleasure overwhelming her slightly as she arched her back.

“Harry! You’re Harry Styles!”

“Damn right I am, baby love. I’m Harry. Fucking. Styles.” He said, pounding into her core now.

“Please, daddy! Please untie me. Need to touch you! Promise I’ll be good now.” Baby love begged.

“Okay, baby.” He agreed, untying her hands and bringing one down to where they were connected. He guided one of her hands to her sopping core “you feel this baby?” He asked, bringing one of her fingers between her folds. “This was all me. No boy could make you feel this way. Make you this wet. Only me.”

“Only you, daddy.” Baby love gasped, her back arching off the bed as he rocks into her. “I’m so close, daddy!” She shouted, rubbing at her clit as he continued his movements.

Soon, they both came with a shout of the other’s name.

“C’mon, love. Let’s have a shower. Gotta come down f’me.” H said, carrying her bridal style into the bathroom.

In the shower, Y/N wrapped her arms around Harry as they cuddled under the stream of hot shower water.

“Love you, H. I’m truly sorry if I upset you tonight, baby. We really were just studying.” She mumbled, placing kisses down his spine.

“Know that, lovey. Know you’d never cheat. Was just a long day. Was hoping to come home and have a nice quiet dinner, maybe love on yeh a little. Sorry I was a dick. You were amazing tonight my love.” He shrugged escaping her embrace to place a kiss to her lips.

“Well, since we got the lovin’ out of the way, why don’t we put our robes on and watch The Notebook? I’ll give Zuliani’s a call and order us some takeaway.” She said, helping him rinse the conditioner from his hair.

“Sounds wonderful, baby.” H agreed shutting off the water and grabbing some towels before placing another kiss to her lips. “You make the call, I’ll start the movie.”

Once the takeaway arrived, the couple lounged in their bed watching their movie. Suddenly, H paused the film and looked down at the beautiful girl sitting between his legs. “Where do you think we should get married love?” He asked kissing the tip of her nose as she looked up at him.

“Well, you know how you promised me a trip to Italy when I graduate? Why don’t we book the trip for August and do it then? You’ll be done tour, I’ll be done school in April and I can plan it. It’ll be perfect! We can get married at the Amalfi Coast, a wedding, honeymoon and vacation all rolled into one. It’s not far from England, all our family can come. And it’ll be summer so people can book off on holiday!” Y/N quipped, looking at her fiancé with all the love and excitement she had in her.

“I think that’s a brilliant idea, my love. Gem and mum can help you plan it, Gucci will have plenty of time to make my suit and your dress. We can do a fitting when you come visit me in Milan!” H agreed, mimicking his love’s excitement, pulling her back to cuddle into his chest as they finish the film.

“I can’t wait to be your wife, H.”

“And I can’t wait to be your husband, my love. Also can’t wait to fill yeh up with my babies. Gonna be such a good mum, baby.”

“I drink when I shouldn’t…

… I lie…

… I’ve given into temptation…

… So you see, I’m afraid I’m just too far gone.” - Eve Neville


Hi! Can i request for the OC to cook breakfast before Harry wakes up in the morning, but she wasnt expecting him when Harry suddenly backhugged her while she was cooking saying something like “Good morning, baby” the OC is a good cook, too!

Hii, thanks for your request. Sorry it took me so long, I hope you enjoy it

When she woke up it was still early, the sunlight just barely shining through the curtains of Harry’s bedroom. She decided to stand up though. For once she wanted to be the one to make breakfast and spoil him with some pancakes and other good stuff.
His body was curled into hers, his head on her chest and his lips pressed to the top of her breast, the air they released tickling her soft skin.
She stroked his hair back, off his forehead and pressed her lips against his skin. She never quite understood those couples before, which were always kissing all over each other but now she did. It was almost a reflex to press her lips against parts of his body.
Carefully she moved away from him, almost whining when the warmth of him left her body. She made sure the blanket was covering his whole figure before pressing another kiss to his face and then silently tip toeing out of the room and making her way to his kitchen.
Y/N turned the radio on, getting all the ingredients for a nice breakfast and then getting started. She prepared pancakes, bacon and fried eggs. A small fruit salad with berries and apple pieces and fresh orange juice.
She was almost finished with everything when Harry came in. She didn’t acknowledge his presence before he wrapped his arms around her from behind. A soft squeal leaving her lips at the sudden contact. Harry tucked his face into her neck, breathing in her smell of shampoo, fresh laundry and his own perfume which for some reason made him feel all happy inside. His arms were tightly around her waist, pressing her back as close to his front as possible.
“Good morning, darling.” he whispered into her ear before pressing a kisses from her cheek down to her neck and over her shoulder.
“Good morning.” she repeated with a almost disappointed sound to her voice.
“What’s the matter?” he asked a bit concerned.
“Wanted to be ready with everything when you woke up. Maybe even bring it up in bed.” she sighed.
“Oh, my love” he chuckled.
Harry turned her around and engulfed her small figure in a tight embrace. He loved hugging her. Something about it made his heart beat faster and his stomach fill with butterflies. His arms were so tightly around her that his hands squeezed her sides and his face was squished into her neck.
He pulled back after a few moments and cupped her cheeks to make her look at him.
“It’s absolutely perfect, sweetheart.” he told her before he pressed his lips to hers in a gentle kiss.
She sighed and melted into him, her lips finding his again and again until the timer on her phone went off, signaling that the pancakes were ready.
She pushed him away softly, her hands slapping against his shoulders.
“Sit yourself down.” she grinned.
He watched how she put all the foot on two plates and put all of it on the table and then finally sat down in front of him.
“Wow.” Harry said as he eyes all the delicious things she prepared for him.
“Thank you very much, baby.”
“No need to thank me. You cook for me all the time, was long overdue that I made something for you.” she smiled at him and grabbed his hand which he placed on the table.
He squeezed his fingers with a loving smile on his lips before they both started eating.

“Goodness, love. That was the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.” Harry sighed contently.
“You’re just saying that because you love me.” she teased him.
He caught her wrist before she could take his plate and made her sit down on his lap with her legs on either side of his.
“I do, yes. I love you very much.”
Somehow the atmosphere changed. The funny banter and easy chattering turned into deep stares and serious words.
“I don’t think I tell you enough but I do really love you. A lot. And the fact that you prepared all this just for me made me love you even more. If that’s possible.”
She stared into his eyes a few seconds more before she diverted her eyes to her lap.
“You’re gonna make me cry.”
Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly to his chest.
“M'sorry, love. Didn’t mean to make you cry.”
She pulled back after a bit, pressing her forehead against his.
“I love you too, you know. A lot. Like a lot, a lot.”
He smiled softly at her words and cupped her cheeks with both hands before pressing his lips against hers.
“How about we go back to bed now?” he asked with a sheepish smile on his lips.
“I’d love to, but there’s a lot of dirty dishes and-”
He interrupted her with another kiss.
“So you’re saying you prefer dirty dishes over a bit of time in bed with me? Maybe even a bit of naked time with me?”
Y/N laughed softly and shook her head.
“Of course not.”
“Well, good.”
He stood up with her still clinging to him, a surprised squeal leaving her lips. He carried her to his bedroom where they did exactly what he said.

galen066  asked:

Thanks for the highly enjoyable reading and variety of topics. If I may, companion reactions to Sole recreating pizza?

You’re so welcome! xD Also, this totally made me want Pizza D: 

Cait: “What is that?” Cait asked as she leaned on the counter in Sole’s kitchen. She’d only walked in due to the fact that she could smell something incredible coming from Sole’s house. Sole carefully put the tray on the counter, trying not to burn themselves on the tray.

“It’s a pizza,” Sole said simply, turning around to reach for a knife. Sole turned around and cut the pizza into eight slices.

“What the fuck is a pizza?” Cait said using her finger to prod the unusual looking dish. Sole laughed lightly grabbing a slice and putting it on a plate for Cait, “It smells great,” she admitted, picking it up and dropping the toppings onto the plate. It became her go to junk food for sure. 

Curie: Curie was only now getting used to having to eat and drink to sate her needs. She found herself drawn towards the more filling foods than snack foods, so when Sole offered to make them pizza for dinner, she was over the moon. Not that she knew what a pizza was, but she was excited nonetheless.

Sole pulled the hot pizza from the oven, carefully placing it on the counter and then they cut it up into a few pieces.

“That smells delicious!” She said as she inhaled the smell of melted cheese and cooked mole rat meat. Sole handed her a plate with a few slices on it and Curie thanked them before sitting down at the table, “Mmmm, this is excellent,” she almost moaned as she took multiple bites of the food. Out of all the dishes, Sole had cooked for her, this was easily in the top ten.

Danse: Danse stared at the plate in front of him, watching as the cheese bubbled on top of the dough, putting him off completely.

“Why is it moving?” he asked, poking the bubble and Sole laughed.

“It’s just cooling down, trust me it tastes amazing,” they paused, “plus, I made it, so you have to try it,” Sole smiled sweetly at Danse and he sighed picking up the slice from the plate. He reluctantly took a bite, his frowning face slowly turning into a grin.

“Okay, I’ll admit, its quite nice,” he said, putting it back down on the plate, “could you perhaps put more meat on it?” he asked, nodding towards the slices of brahmin meat on Sole’s counter. Sole turned around and cut some chunks, sprinkling it on Danse’s half of the pizza. He smiled, “thanks,”

“So, you like it?” Sole asked and he nodded.

“I think this will make a great addition to the Brotherhood’s lunch menu,”

Deacon: “This… this is amazing,” Deacon said as he shoved another slice of Sole’s recreated pizza into his mouth. He grabbed another slice from the plate. His face twisted as he bit into the pizza, “What is that,” he mumbled, his mouth full of food. He pulled out a little chunk of mutfruit from his mouth, “Ew,”

“What? I like it,” Sole said picking the little pieces of mutfruit from the pizza and eating them. Deacon grimaced as he watched Sole eat it.

“That’s disgusting,” he groaned. He put his piece of pizza down on his plate and picked off the chunks of fruit, tossing them at Sole, “You love em, you have em,” he said with a grin stretched across his face, “Next time you decide to invite me round for this amazing dish, don’t add this garbage onto it, thanks…” Sole added it every time, just to see him cringe. What? Its hilarious.

Hancock: Sole giggled leaning lazily into Hancock’s shoulder nearly jogging him as he took another hit of Jet. Sole took it from his hands and put it to their mouth, inhaling the chem. They’d both decided to have a lazy day in Sole’s house, Hancock had supplied the chems for the day. Sole looked down as their stomach rumbled and Hancock chuckled at the sudden sound.

“Oh, I have an ideaaaaa,” Sole said giddily as they hoped off their couch and rushed into the kitchen. Hancock watched as Sole rummaged through their fully stocked fridge, pulling out various ingredients, “I was planning on making this on Saturday but now I’m craving it,” Sole mumbled quickly and Hancock almost didn’t catch what they’d said, “Come help me,” Sole ordered, and Hancock got up with a sigh.

“What is it?” Hancock asked as he raised an eyebrow. Sole was smothering a piece of rolled out dough with crushed up tatos and covering it in… what was that? “What’s that?”

“I made cheese, I mean I tried to,” Sole said as they layered small slices of cheese on top of the sauce. Hancock stared in awe as Sole shoved the creation in the oven, turning back to him, “It’s a pizza aaaand, its great munchy food” Sole said, “for when your high,”

“Why didn’t you just say so,” Hancock grinned. When he tried the pizza, he fell in love straight away. He totally makes sure he has leftovers for when he plans on getting high, because Sole was right, it was great for that.

MacCready: “Ahh a pizza,” MacCready said, flopping down onto the sofa and leaning forward to grab a slice. He looked at Sole who was already staring at him with wide eyes, “What?” he asked shoving the slice into his mouth, a bit of the melted cheese dropping onto his chin.

“How do you even know what pizza is?” Sole asked cocking their eyebrow. MacCready wiped the pizza from his chin.

“I may or may not have found a pre-war cookbook,” He looked down at his pizza, avoiding Sole’s gaze for a minute, “You make it so much better than I do,” MacCready said grabbing another slice.

“Wait, you have a cookbook, oh my god that’s adorable,” Sole said in surprise, “You have to show it to me,” MacCready rolled his eyes.

“Yeah okay,” he said quietly, tossing his head back as he devoured another slice of Sole’s amazing tasting pizza. He couldn’t get enough of it, and it was now officially his favourite food.

Nick: “Is this? Is this a pizza?” Nick asked as Sole handed him a large delivery box they’d made. He opened the lid and his eyes widened as he stared at the juicy looking pizza in the box, “Nick used to love pizza,” he added, putting the box down on the table.

“I thought as much,” Sole laughed, sitting down on the desk. Nick devoured a slice of pizza, before picking up another.

“This is delicious,” he said before he had another slice. Sole smiled, “Thank you,” he said, smiling at Sole, “It’s a nice change from the power noodles that Takahashi sells,” he was ecstatic that Sole had taken the time to prepare and make this pre-war dish. And every time he visited Sole’s house, he definitely expected them to recreate the pizza. He couldn’t get enough of it.  

Piper: “Have you ever had a pizza?” Piper asked as she leaned on the counter. Sole turned around from doing the dishes their eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, of course I have, I loved pizza,” they said, and Piper smiled.

“Think you could make one?” she asked and Sole pondered the thought before nodding at her. ‘RESULT’ Piper shouted in her own head as her and Sole went out for supplies.

Piper loved the idea of Sole recreating such a dish. She’d read about pizza in an old pre-war book and she’d always wondered what it tasted like. It was even better than she’d imagined it to be. She’s constantly asking Sole if they’d make another one, even offering to help out. Although she’d actually just watch Sole make it and only help out with eating it.

Sole handed her a plate and her eyes would light up as she gobbled down slice after slice, leaving only the crust behind.

Preston: Preston was unsure of the idea of eating a product made from Brahmin milk, but he changed his mind when Sole handed him a piece of freshly made pizza, topped with tatos, cheese and circle cut radstag meat.

“This is really good,” he said with a mouth full of pizza, smiling at Sole. They laughed as he took another slice from the tray.

“Isn’t it funny that you simply can’t have just one slice,” Preston grinned as he took another from the tray.

“That’s always the way with pizza,” Sole laughed taking their own slice. Preston’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head when he tasted the succulent melted cheese.

“This is truly scrumptious…” He totally can’t get enough of it. Sole often has to make him pizza rolls just to sate his desire for all things pizza.

X6-88: “This does not look healthy,” X6 remarked as Sole handed him a plate with a slice of pizza on it. They rolled their eyes as X6 just stared at it.

“Don’t worry, I used the crops from the Bio-lab,” Sole said trying to reassure him. He looked from Sole to the meal on his plate, still a little unsure. He shrugged before picking up the slice and taking a big bite from it. He was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it tasted compared to the way it looked, “thoughts?” Sole asked in anticipation.

“I like it Ma’am,” he said taking another bite, “you have surprised me again with your hidden talents,” he handed the plate back to Sole. They were smiling at him, hearing exactly what they wanted to from him. Later on, he secretly tells Father of the pizza, insisting that they somehow add it to the meal plan.


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Request: Hi may I please request a Sebastian Stan x single!mom reader where the readers daughter is obsessed with Sebastian’s eyes and how blue and pretty they are and she like always kisses them and things and just heaps of fluff - by nicholasbich

A/N: Of course! I hope you enjoy this short  heap of fluff :) Taglists and Requests are open! xx

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warning: None


“Astraea, please be good for Sebby today, okay?” Y/N asked as she ruffled her daughter’s long locks, “I’ve got a long day at work today, but I’ll be home as soon as I can, okay?”

“It’s fine, Mama, we can handle everything just fine without you,” she insisted as she cast a glance over at Sebastian who nodded in response with a small smirk.

“I can see that you two are just fine without me,” Y/N laughed as she grabbed her purse off of the counter and grabbed her keys, “have a good day, and if you need anything, just give me a call!”

“Don’t worry darling, we won’t need anything,” Sebastian said s he gave her  a kiss, “we’ll only be causing a little ruckus.”


“I’m only joking,” he laughed as he gave her a hug, but managed to sneak in a little wink to Astraea, “we’ll be on our best behavior.”

“You two are a scary combo, I’m keeping my eye on you,” Y/N stuck her tongue out at them as she headed for the door. Sebastian followed her, giving her one last kiss as she headed out.

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Crazy Cupcakes

Characters: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Sarah (their daughter)

Word Count: 1,092

Warnings: this is fluffy and super adorable

Summary: Jensen is filming and you’re at home with your daughter, missing him like crazy. Only you don’t know that he has a surprise for you. 

Author’s Note: This is for Sommer’s (@wayward-marvel-sommer1196) Favorite Things Challenge. I was given the prompt Laughing. No hate for Danneel, this is fiction so she simply doesn’t exist. If you want to be a Bean or a Queen, pop me an ask!

Feedback the glue that holds my writing together

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Originally posted by milanavsh

“Alright, babe, now that we got all of our ingredients, we’re able to start baking!” You said to your 10-year-old daughter, Sarah. She was having a party coming up and with the 20 students on her soccer team, it wasn’t going to be hard to bake 20 cupcakes. You were going to be doing most of the cooking anyways.

“I wish Daddy was here.” She said, taking the food out of the bags. You sighed and looked down at her, nodding in agreement.

“Yeah baby, me too. But he’ll be home soon. Just another month and he’ll be home for 3 months straight.” You missed Jensen, you wished he was here with you right now. Time have been hard lately with you losing your job and driving Sarah in between her soccer practice and driving her around to hang out with her friends.

Even though you could live off Jensen’s salary and be just fine, you wanted to be working, to busy yourself since Sarah wasn’t a baby anymore and wouldn’t be able to keep you busy like she did when she was younger.

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Ten Minutes Ago (Part 10)

Feysand - Cinderella au

Fic Masterlist

As they walk around the dance floor, Rhys squeezes his mate’s hand. “Are you okay?”

Clare nods, squeezing his hand back. “Just a little shook up, I’ll be fine.”

“Sorry for springing it on you like that. Let’s get away from this crowd for now though, I have a surprise for you.” Clare smiles at that and lets Rhys pulls her up the staircase and into the hallway, her skirt billowing behind her as they go.

Once they are in the hallway, Rhys leads them through different corridors to the kitchen where Nuala, Mor and Amren are waiting for them. “Is it all set?” He asks.

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I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 70 - Wine, dirty words & bed

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit….


Chapter 70 - Wine, dirty words and bed

[Negan and Blake play a drinking game. And with a bottle of red wine and some dirty words, it’s understandable they can’t keep their hands off one another…]

WARNINGS: Smut, nsfw, swearing, Negan’s AND Blake's dirty words- all the best things… ;)

“So you’ve never played ‘I’ve never’ with your wives?” said Blake with a small laugh just five minutes later.

The sun was still bright orange in the sky, throwing a warm, hazy sort of glow over the caramel-blonde woman, still sat in the front of the RV, staring out at the view ahead.

Negan, strolling back through the partition that divided the seats up front and the living area behind, gave a bemused chuckle.

“Nope,” he replied with a shake of his head, popping the 'p’ and making a face as he eased the cork out of a dusty old bottle of red wine. “Never had the fucking pleasure, Doll.”

Blake smiled up at him, as he uncorked the wine, before dropping down into the passenger seat immediately beside her with a stiff groan, throwing a leather-clad arm over the back of her seat possessively.

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“Hate you” (G.D)


Warning: cursing… as usual.

A/N: Things are getting better… Maybe. Enjoy😉

“What the fuck Dolan?!” I heard and turned around.

“Uh… sup Wes” I said and mentally slapped myself for not thinking about him, maybe their parents weren’t home, but he clearly was. Plus, I was shirtless because it was hot when I woke up.

He looked at me shocked but then his eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched.

“Oh no you didn’t” I didn’t understand what he was talking about but then, he took me by the collar of my shirt.

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I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 67 - Bubblebaths & Good Mornings

Originally posted by londoncapsule

When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…


Chapter 67 - Bubblebaths & Good Mornings

[Blake enjoys a bubblebath….and Negan takes it upon himself to join her….]

WARNINGS: NSFW, smut, dirty talk, masturbation, and all sorts of naughty things you would expect from Negan…

Blake gave a soft moan, grizzling her face into her pillow, as she awoke many, many hours later.

It must have been at least 11am, as before the caramel-blonde woman had even opened her eyes she felt the late morning sun on her face, drifting in from the large window across the room.

And it was only then, before blinking her eyes open, did she realise just where she was…that thought alone warming her completely.

From here she could feel a body at her side, and a single hand throw haphazardly across her abdomen.


It took Blake no time at all for her to turn her head and open her green eyes, gazing at the dark-haired Saviour, lying there beside her, fast asleep.

He looked so peaceful now…sleeping there, bare-chested and tanned, with his grey pants still on…looking like he had come in last night and completely crashed, passing out before properly getting undressed.

That was likely, of course, since Negan had been running on little to no sleep over the past couple of days, and even now still looked pretty exhausted.

His beard looked flecked with more grey in the morning light, and across his brow lingered the faintest frown, as though he was having a bad dream…but Blake was happy he had made it back last night….glad to feel his arms wrapped around her body, pulling her close in the early hours.

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And Now This is Happening

by: mldrgrl
Rated: R (language)
Summary: The Hanella misdiagnosis (or misdiagnosis adjacent) fic that was highly requested for some reason is finally here.

“Mmm,” Hank murmured, stepping up behind Stella in the kitchen and pressing his face into her neck.  “You smell delicious.”

“That isn’t me,” she said, wiggling her shoulders as he tickled her neck with his breath.  “It’s the leftover pad Thai.”

Hank licked the side of her neck where the tendon crept up from her shoulder and she chuckled in spite of herself and shifted her shoulders again.  She stopped spooning leftovers from a paper container onto a plate for a moment to push him away.

“Definitely you,” he argued.  “Like apricot.  New body wash?”

“Yes.  Did you want me to heat any of this up for you?”

“I like it, and yes, please.  Fasting is cruel and unusual.”

“How come you’re home so late?”  She licked pad Thai sauce from her fingers and moved to the microwave.  “How did it go?”

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