she said it herself ok

can I just say that, as a muslim, you guys really don’t need to tag food pics with “#nsfr”!! I mean I really appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but we’re supposed to be fasting and getting on with our daily lives, only of course spending more time this month praying and focusing on our spirituality. we see food everywhere: on the internet and tv; we see people at school/work/outside eating all the time, and even at home if we have children or younger siblings or family members who can’t fast because of medical conditions. seeing food/water doesn’t break our fasts, nor does it make us mad with envy. we don’t need special treatment! this is a test for us, for us to control our base desires and discipline ourselves so that we can focus on what’s more important, whilst empathising with those less fortunate than us. at the end of the day (pun intended), what’s 19 hours of hunger and thirst, really? nothing to complain about. at least we know for sure that we’ll have food and water to break our fasts with. some people don’t even have that. 

so yeah, it’s really not necessary! if a muslim is that sensitive, then they’ll probably have “#food” blacklisted, or won’t use tumblr at all. if you feel uncomfortable eating in front of a fasting muslim in person, that’s different: probably ask them if it’s ok. most won’t mind, some might, but you can sort that out between yourselves. I don’t know what it’s like for other people, but I don’t personally feel particularly hungry or thirsty even when I fast in summer: the worst I’ll get is a light headache. it’s not the kind of intense hunger you feel before dinner: it’s more of a light drawn out yet cleansing feeling, and the knowledge that you’re doing it for a reason helps too. all in all, don’t worry about us! we’re ok! but thanks for the thought <3

the purest specimen of truth

this is actually for @leiascully​‘s @xfficchallenges​: the fic you’d never write. normally i don’t write “everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” william fics, let alone fics where he’s a teeeeeen! so i did that, but i was also at the science march in d.c. this weekend and obvi i had to fic an au where scully was there so…also, all the signs mentioned herein were actually witnessed irl haha also, the title of scully’s academic paper is based in real science but to my knowledge doesn’t exist…yet.

“What about I was told there’d be pie — but it’s the symbol for pi?”

Scully sighed without looking up at him, though she did admittedly choke back a smile which she wasn’t about to reward him with.

“That is clever,” she said, tapping the capped end of a Sharpie against her temple, “But I was partial to your original idea.”

He chuckled, “At the start of every disaster movie there’s a scientist being ignored?

She does smile then, peering at him overtop her reading glasses, which have slowly but surely become a permanent fixture atop her head over the last few years.

“Well, it’s true!” He bellows, playfully slapping his hand down atop the dining room table, “The Core, Dante’s Peak, The Day After Tomorrow, Twister —  that one we saw in theaters where they did an autopsy on Gwyneth Paltrow — ?”

Contagion,” she said, uncapping a marker with her teeth, “Which was impressively accurate, by the way. Not just the autopsy scene but later, the visual showing the way in which new viruses are formed by the recombination of DNA or RNA from different species of animal hosts?”  

“I’ll take your word for it,” he said, watching her squint intently down at her poster board, outlining the letters with a pathologist’s steady hand. He reached for a Sharpie, his finger grazing the back of her hand as he did. “So,” he said, flicking the cap off with his thumb, “Are you nervous?”

Her hand froze and she visibly stiffened. He immediately regretted bringing it up but as was his wont, he couldn’t help himself. 

“Yes,” she said after an agonizingly long moment of silence.“I still don’t understand why they asked me to speak,” she muttered, refusing to look up at him.

Mulder scoffed, “Scully — you fucking cured Tay-Sachs.”

“No,” she snapped, pointing her Sharpie at him, “I did not cure it. Not yet.

Recombiant Adeno-Associated Virus PHP.B Serotype for Cross-Correctional Enzyme Transfer Across the Blood Brain Barrier in Lipid Storage Disorders,” he recited on a single breath, “Sounds like a cure to me.”

She gave him a warm smile, “You memorized the title of my paper?”

“What can I say, I’m your biggest fan,” he grinned. She blushed, which of course only made him grin harder.

“I wish you’d look over my speech…” she said softly, picking up her marker again and retracing a giant letter S.

“I told you, Scully, they don’t want a speech from Fox Mulder: former FBI agent and profiler turned New York Times best-selling, National Book Award-winning author,” he said, though not unkindly, “They want a speech from former FBI agent, medical doctor, professor, surgeon, American Medical Association award-winning, guest-lecture giving, honorary degree-having, enigmatic, Dr. Dana Katherine Scully. Who also happens to be my best friend, the love of my life, and the mother of my child,” he said, “And a damn fine shot, too.”

“Oh, Mulder…” she tutted, shaking her head. As if on cue, they heard booming footfalls on the stairs and a second later Will skidded into the room, brandishing a poster board.

At 16, he was just about Mulder’s height and just as lanky and would probably be taller than him by the end of the summer; if his propensity for eating a week’s worth of groceries in a weekend was any indication of his basic metabolic rate and robust genetic profile.

Will cleared his throat, feigning seriousness, but his eyes sparkled with his father’s particular brand of indolence, “Brace yourselves for the unremitting sheen of my brilliance.”

Scully snorted. Mulder and Will threw her identical, indignant looks.

“I’m sorry,” she said, putting her hands up in surrender, “You are your father’s son, Will. No doubt about it.”

Mulder nudged her foot with his under the table, “Was there ever really any doubt, Scully?”

She gave him a long look, which did not get passed Will. Not much did. 

“I detect a rather abrupt change in atmosphere,” Will said, licking his finger and holding it in the air as if to sense a gust of wind.

“Son,” Mulder said gravely, not taking his eyes off Scully, “There’s something we have to tell you.”

Scully frowned, but before she could speak she saw the faintest glimmer in Mulder’s eye and relaxed a bit.

“What?” Will said, slumping down in the chair closest to his father, letting his sign drop to the floor.

“William…Uncle Walter …is your real dad,” Mulder said, his mouth twitching around a grin.

“That explains why I find you and Mom so ridiculous,” Will said, rolling his eyes in with such form that it rivaled even his mother’s practiced art.

“No, that’s just ‘cuz you’re an angsty teen,” Mulder said, ruffling his son’s hair. Will blushed at the childishness of the gesture — more so because, even as a young man, he still craved his father’s approval and affection and was relieved to be in receipt of it.

“Let’s see your sign, Will,” Scully said, capping a nearby Sharpie that was teetering precariously over the edge of the dining room table.

Will reached for the posterboard, brandishing it high above his head. With a flourish, he turned it so they could read its words as he proclaimed them.

SCIENTISTS ARE PRO-TESTING!” He bellowed, and while he expected his father to laugh heartily and give him a high-five, neither of them expected that his mother would laugh. Certainly no so hard.

After a minute or two went by, Will and Mulder both eyed Scully with a kind of nervous fascination, wondering if perhaps they would have to sedate her.

“Have you…have you ever seen her like this?” Will said, his voice low.

Mulder didn’t take his eyes off Scully, who had lowered her head onto the table, collapsed like a pop-tent. Her shoulders still shaking and her muffled giggles getting lost against the polished cherrywood.

“Once,” he said slowly, “But she was drugged.”

This only made Scully laugh harder. When she finally lifted her head, her face was a hot shade of blush-pink and sallow with tear stains.

“I appreciate the encouragement, Mom,” Will said, “But there’s no need to stroke my ego that much. It’s a good sign but it’s not that good.”

Scully reached up to wipe her eyes on the sleeve of her faded Quantico sweatshirt — which was older than Will by about a decade. She sighed deeply, then looked at them both through damp eyes and with a warm, almost cherubic smile.

“No, no, it is a good sign, Will. It’s just…” she sighed again, then drew in a long, sobering breath, “After all your father and I have been through, all that we’ve seen, the things that we’ve fought for…” she looked at Mulder, then. “The FBI sent me to your father because of my faith in science. They believed that science and reason would take him down. It didn’t, though. If anything it became an asset to his cause, and somewhere along the line I became — and so did the science I brought with me — the enemy.”

She lowered her eyes to her own sign, which suddenly seemed incapable of capturing everything she wanted — and needed — to say.

“The science helped sometimes,” Mulder said softly, “But you were the real strength, Scully.”

She smiled up at him as he reached across the table to squeeze her hand, “I guess I just find it preposterous that we have to protest this at all,” she said, shrugging slightly, “That the persecution we faced as a result of our pursuit of the truth has somehow become so much bigger than just us, than the X-files.”

“This whole political milieu is a freakin’ X-file,” Will grumbled.

“Nice 10-point vocab word there, dude.” Mulder said, clapping his son on the back.

“What can I say — my dad writes books.” Will shrugged.

Mulder beamed at Scully, who had rested her chin on her hand.

“Mulder,” she said, her voice hoarse from her laughing jag, “You never told me Skinner was a writer.”

“There must be almost 50,000 people out there,” Scully breathed, her nails digging into the skin of Mulder’s left hand. They could hear the roar of the crowd from beyond the stage — or possibly the rain, which was coming down in sheets. Of course, given that it was a crowd of scientists, they were prepared with slickers and umbrellas, upon which many had inscribed: “Science predicted rain today.”

“You’re gonna be great,” he said, kissing the side of her head which was damp with sweat or rain water or both.

“At least you’re not after Bill Nye,” Will offered, “No one wants to follow him.”

Scully groaned and pressed herself into Mulder’s chest.

“That’s true,” Mulder said, rubbing her back, “Plus, if you screw it all up, no one will remember because they’ll just remember Bill Nye and the fact that Thomas Dolby is gonna sing She Blinded Me With Science.”

“Wait, what song is this?” Will said, digging his phone out of his pocket presumably to YouTube it.

“It’s about your mother,” Mulder said, “Especially the lyric: she’s tidied up and I can’t find anything.”

“Mulder, I want a divorce,” Scully said from somewhere under Mulder’s chin.

“We’re not married, Scully.”

She pulled her head back from his coat and looked up at him, “Fox William Mulder, will you marry me?”

“Sure,” he grinned, running his thumb along her chin.

“Ok,” she said, pressing herself back into his chest again. Then, “Mulder—?”

“Yeah, Scully?”

“I want a divorce.”

The gray sky opened up over the undulating crowd.  If anyone looked up, they’d drown.  

“She looks — ” Will said, standing next to his father backstage, watching his mother at the podium.

“Brilliant? Amazing? Powerful? Divine?” Mulder finished.

Will snorted, “I was gonna say scared shitless.

Though her voice was steady and clear, from his vantage point Mulder could see what the audience could not: how Scully was anxiously lifting and lowering her stockinged foot from her sleek high heel, running the front of her toes along the back of her calf.

God, he was proud of her. God, he loved her.

“…to shed light on what has typically been sequestered away to labs and libraries and lecture halls. To put on full display the humanity that has for centuries stoked the fire of scientific inquiry, refined it, rejoiced in its revelations and more often, endured the frustrations of its arcanum.”

She looked up from her notes, then, and not out at the audience — but to her right, to him and to their son. The next words she spoke, he understood, she had not written for the masses, or for history — but for them.

“The truth exists whether we believe it or not. It endures even the most violent scrutiny and ruthless persecution. As we persist in seeking it, may we find solace in knowing that there is no person, no institution, no government, with jurisdiction over it. It can be suppressed, hidden, censored, altered or misappropriated, refuted and denied,” she paused, looking back to her audience who waited on baited breath, “What those who try to manipulate it beyond recognition, who try to eradicate it and replace it with calculated imitations, fail to recognize is that when all of those measures fail – and they will fail — what remains is the purest specimen of truth.”

She looks back at Mulder, then. At their son. And she smiles, “And it is those of us who want to believe such a truth can be revealed to us who will one day find it, and bring it into the light.”

Creepypasta #1195: I Get Jealous Sometimes

Length: Medium

I get jealous some times. I mean, we all do, right? It’s part of the human condition or something. We want what we can’t have, and if somebody tries to take something of ours, well, they better watch out. Some people will die to protect what’s theirs.

That’s how I feel about Margie. She’s my world. I’ve loved her for as long as I could remember. If anybody tried to take away what I have with Margie, I would stop them by any means necessary. That’s what I had to do with Jake.

Jake started working at Margie’s office a couple of months ago. At first, Margie just mentioned him in passing while we had dinner. It didn’t seem like a big deal; he was just another cubicle dweller. But over time Margie talked about him more and more.

“Jake told me a really funny story over lunch today.”

“Jake really saved my skin today by helping me with a printing issue.”

“Jake told me we should go check out that new comedy. He said it was the funniest thing he seen in years.”

All this chatter about Jake. It was driving me up a wall. I think Margie caught on to how I felt about the situation because she stopped talking about him for a bit. But then it got worse.

Margie started running errands on the weekend and she wouldn’t let me come with her. She never forcefully said no, but she always spun it to make me not want to go.

“Oh, I’m just going to grab a couple of things from the store. You stay here and watch some TV or a movie.”

I couldn’t force myself into being part of these “errands” without letter her know I was suspicious. So one Sunday afternoon, I followed her. I know that makes me a bit scummy, but, like I said before: Jealousy makes us do weird things.

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Noona| Six: Ride me

Originally posted by tae-archive

|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three| |Chapter Four| |Chapter Five| |Chapter Six| |Chapter Seven|

pairing: Jimin x oc
genre: smut, oral, slight dom!
word count: 3.3k
a/n: What happens when you find yourself falling in love with someone nearly 5 years younger than you? How can it even be dealt with when your lives revolve around your image and career? It can’t be, because it just happens whether the people around you want it to or not. Love isn’t something that can be controlled.

{Jimin’s Perspective}

I was unsure of how long I’d been asleep since Noona had left, but I woke feeling a chill roll through my body. Reaching out blindly, I moved to pull her against me, assuming she’d be back but was very wrong when my fingers grasped at nothingness. I sat up and tried to rub the sleep from my eyes, fumbling in the darkness for my phone on the nightstand. After finally finding it, I quickly checked the time and it was nearly five in the morning. 

Signing audibly at her decision to still be awake, I dragged my tired body from the bed. She and Yoongi both knew we had a full schedule tomorrow and yet they still refused to get decent rest. It was beyond me how they managed to function on such little sleep. I grabbed my basketball shorts and my hoodie, pulling them on before venturing out into the dark hall.

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The List (Part One)

A/n: OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO SORRY! This ended up being very personal (tbh it should just be called Why G has anxiety) all italics are flashbacks. Also, this is written differently than the other fics I’ve written, so I hope you like it! -G

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of self-hate, anxiety, swearing?

Originally posted by the-lokis-queen


It was strange, going through her things without her there. He would’ve asked permission but he couldn’t. She’d been gone for a month or so, and the god hated to admit it but he missed her, and he needed something to remind him of her. So he started going through some boxes in their shared closet. After finding an old report card, Loki figured that he was digging through the girls old school books. Pulling out a few notebooks he leafed through the pages of old writing. Stories she wrote as a child and something about a land for zebras to live happily. The god chuckled when he found an old photo of her on, what appeared to be, her first day of school. Her hands gripped the straps of her bag tightly, and she was giving the camera a large, toothy smile.

He continued to flip through the notebooks finding that the stories began to gain more depth and the writing became neater. He examined the girl’s notes in history and the comments she made on her teacher.

“This unit would be so much better if we actually got to learn about mythology" he read “not like Mr. V would know shit about that either the only thing he knows about Vikings is the football team.”

Loki smiled again, he somehow always forgot that she enjoyed the bedtime stories told about him.

He continued to smile as he read on about the horrible Mr. V and how this man somehow made her hate history class more than math. Her hatred for her teacher became more apparent as there were fewer notes and more doodles covering the lined paper. His smile didn’t fade until he flipped through a few empty pages finding one that was full among them.

“Things That Bother Me” he read. Her handwriting had matured again, and it was as if he was reading a poem she’d written him yesterday.

  1. The way I look

The god was confused, the two of them had been dating for about a month. He figured that was a miracle on its own, but she seemed to be growing distant.

“Is everything alright?” he asked her one night

“Yeah,” she shrugged “everything is fine. Why?”

“You just seem,” Loki paused looking for the right words “different,”

Her face grew pale, and she looked down at her lap “I’m alright,” she stated

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” he asked

“I dunno,” she sighed “I just, why me?”
“What do you mean why you?” the trickster questioned

“Why did you choose me?” you asked “There are far better-looking women in the world and you picked me,”

“Darling, the way I see it, you are the most beautiful woman on this planet,” he assured her

“Thanks,” she smiled weakly

Loki sighed “Who made you think you weren’t beautiful.”

She shrugged again “I dunno, me I guess,”

“Well you are unbelievable,” he said, “and you have the best ass in all the nine realms.”

She chuckled “I knew you were only here for my butt,”

“That amongst other things,” the god’s eyes darkened

“Do tell,” she smirked

Loki’s mind raced with the memories of that night. Thinking back it was the first time she’d opened up to him, the first time her anxiety had leaked through the shield she put up around herself.

    2.   I’m talentless

Loki frowned, how could she think she was talentless? She had done so many amazing things.

The trickster peered over her shoulder trying to see what was drawn out on the pad in front of her. It looked like a bunch of shapes to him, but she’d gone through several papers.

“What are you doing?” he asked sitting next to her on the sofa

“Nothing,” she replied making wild movements with her hand on the paper

“What are these?” he questioned uncrumpling the papers next to him

“Aren’t you just full of questions?” she said taking the papers from him

“I’m just curious,” he responded sneaking a piece of paper away and hastily unfolding it “that’s me,”

“It’s not good,” she said

“It’s amazing,” he responded

She narrowed her eyes “I’ve seen better,”

“Well, I like it,” Loki confessed, “maybe I’ll show Thor?”

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said “not that one,”

“There are others?” he questioned

“What do you think I’m working on right now?” she said

It took a few hours, but that was the last paper she used that night. A day or so later Loki saw her sitting on the sofa with a blank page in front of her.

“Did you finish the last one?” he asked

“Kinda,” she said “I don’t really like it,”

“Do you ever?” he questioned taking the pad from her and flipping to the picture. It was one of the best drawings he’d seen. It was as if he was staring at a picture she’d taken

“What don’t you like?” he asked

“The shading is all wrong” she responded

“I see,” he replied carefully removing the picture from the pad

“What are you doing?” she questioned taking the pad away from him

“I’m taking this,” he stated, “I look like a king.”

“That’s the point,” she smiled “you really like it?”

“The only thing it’s missing is a crown,” Loki commented

“Gimme,” she replied taking the drawing from him and doodling something on it. When she handed it back, the god noticed a small crown floating above his head.

“Much better” he smirked

    3.   I think things that aren’t true

He found her curled in a ball in her closet, tears stained her cheeks. The god didn’t know what to do, should he comfort her? Should he leave her? Maybe she just needed to be alone, or maybe she needed someone there but couldn’t ask. He didn’t enter the closet, but he sat down in the doorway if she needed someone she had someone, but if she didn’t the girl could easily ignore him. He noticed her sobs begin to quiet, like she was holding her breath, trying to hide.

“It’s just me,” he called softly

Her breath hitched, and he could see her curl tighter in the closet.

“Do you want me to come in?” Loki asked

“N-no” she muttered “yes…”

The god frowned and crawled into the closet and pulled the girl into his arms. He didn’t ask her anything he just held her if she needed to talk he was there but if she didn’t want to, there was no pressure.

“Y-you weren’t supposed to see this,” she paused “see this me.”

“It’s alright love,” he assured “I understand,”

“I’m sorry,” she cried

“For what?” the god asked pulling her closer

“For- for not telling you,” her breathing became more sporadic “for not being, being who you thought I was”

“Darling it’s alright,” he said calmly “I promise, just breathe ok?”

She nodded trying to calm herself and breathe with him. That night she fell asleep in his arms, they both slept in the closet.

   4.   I’m not a nice person

Loki looked at the words, again and again, he could actually understand this one, sort of. Y/n did have a tendency to snap at people or be sassy, and sometimes she was rude, but she always had a reason. Generally, if you didn’t piss her off, she was kind and usually caring.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” she scowled

“Don’t what?” Tony asked

“Don’t act like you’re better than him,” she said, “don’t act like you haven’t made your fair share of mistakes.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t try to kill an entire race or take over the world,” he retorted

“But your robot child did,” she countered

“He’s not my child, and Bruce helped too,” Tony stated

“Bro,” Bruce said looking up from his papers

“He didn’t want to help,” she replied “besides Ultron was your idea,”

“Well I’m not inherently evil like him,” Tony said

You groaned “He is not inherently evil, I figured you’d understand him, try to at least get along with him but no.”

“Why should I?” he asked

“Because he’s going to be living here and you can’t just ignore him, and you can’t be a dick to him,” you answered

“Aww,” he pouted “don’t want me to hurt his ego?”
“No, I don’t want to hurt yours,” the girl glared

“Sweetheart,” Tony started before Bruce cut him off

“Bad idea man” he called from his desk

“I thought you weren’t getting involved” Tony called back

“As much fun as it is to watch her kick your ass I don’t want to clean it up again,” Bruce replied

“Just try to be nice to him,” she said

“Fine,” he paused “but if he’s an ass.”

“You’re going to be the better person,” you finished for him and walked out.

Loki may not have been the argument, but Thor had told him to go to you if he had issues with everyone and he soon learned the story. He didn’t understand exactly why you stood up for him without knowing him yet, but he had to admit it was a nice change.

    5.   I have no friends

That was a blatant lie, in fact, she was out with her friends now. Not just her friends her family. Loki wanted to delve into this list a bit further, use it as a way to help. That was if he could help if she wanted his help. But as he was about to read the next item on the page her voice rang through the air. She wasn’t due back for another day, the mission must’ve been easier than they thought.

“Loki?” She asked he rushed to shove the notebook back where he found it and pull out a photo album knowing he wouldn’t have enough time to put away the box.

“I didn’t know you looked this cute as a baby?” he said as she walked through the door her cheeks flushed red

“What are you doing,” she asked

The god merely shrugged putting the photo album back along with the box it came from.

“You were gone an awfully long time, darling,” he said

“Aww, you missed me” she teased

“I did not” he stated

“Did too” she sang walking out of the room “how about we fix that with a movie?”

“As you wish” Loki called getting up from his spot in the closet

“Just for that we’re watching The Princess Bride” she smiled.

It was hard for Loki to believe that she couldlook and seem this happy after what he had just read. He figgured that after reading eb=ven just part of the note he’d see all the things he missed before but she hid it so well. No wonder no one knew what was really going on in the girls mind.


A/n: I hope you guys liked it! Part 2 should b out next week? I am so sorry it took me so long! -G

By the evening of 30 April, the queen heard the horrifying news that her brother Anthony and her son Richard Grey had been arrested and that the king was in the power of Gloucester, and uncle he hardly knew. Taking her remaining royal children with her, she fled into sanctuary at Westminster Abbey. Mancini reports that the queen and Dorset tried first to raise troops, whereas Crowland tells us that unnamed supporters of the queen stood by the queen at Westminster while supporters of Hastings collected in London. Lionel Woodville, who had been at Oxford on 26 April, had joined his sister in sanctuary by 9 June, as reported by a private letter from Simon Stallworth to Sir William Stonor. […]This is a good time to pause and ask, was there a Woodville plot against Gloucester? We have only Gloucester’s word for it, and on balance, it seems unlikely. Mancini, a foreigner with no reason to cover up evidence of such a plot if he believed one, clearly was sceptical, and Crowland explicitly described Rivers[Anthony Woodville] and the rest as innocent. Furthermore, Anthony’s unguarded actions belie such a plot. Had he been planning to destroy Gloucester, it hardly seems logical that he would have taken no precautions when he met the duke at Northampton. Indeed, there was no reason why he should have gone to Northampton at all when he could have been making his way with charge to London, and to the rest of the Woodvilles instead. His men at Stony Stratford were equally unprepared for trouble, and surrendered Edward V to Gloucester with no resistance. As for the queen, while her flight into sanctuary has been taken by some as consciousness of guilt, flight can be indicative of fear as well. Having lived through the events of 1469 to 1471, which included her husband’s exile and the murders of her father and brother, Elizabeth had every reason to fear for her future once she heard of the events in Northampton and Stony Stratford.
—  Susan Higginbotham - The Woodvilles: The Wars of the Roses and England’s Most Infamous Family.
Out of the Frying Pan (32/?)

“Are you crying?” Ariel asked, voice shaking a bit as she rubbed her knuckles across her cheeks, dragging a bit of mascara along with her.

“Absolutely not,” Emma promised, blinking quickly like that would hide the evidence.

“Of course not. Me either. Only saps cry at weddings.”

AN: I owe @laurnorder like sixteen thousand gifts for fixing all of this and making it better and then several more thousand gifts for @distant-rose who is currently reading a sequel to a sequel to a sequel to a story that hasn’t been posted yet. 

Living it up on Ao3 and tag’ed up on Tumblr

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Sweet! (Angelica Schuyler-x-Thomas Jefferson) A Schuylerson Fic

A/N: This just hit me and I had to get it down. Typed on my mobile so forgive typos! I’ll edit later.

Summary: Jefferson made the trip to visit Angelica at the Hamilton household, but not this one!!

(I pretty much thought it’d be cute if Jefferson played with/babysat lil Ange until her Auntie Angelica showed up. 💖😄 Enjoy the adorableness)!

PS: Apparently IRL Angelica Hamilton was 1 year younger than her brother, but if Lin can take creative licensing with history then so can I! I imagine Phil is at least 2-3 years older for this.

Posted: 4/17/17 @ 12:52 AM


Jefferson stared at the little girl who was squinting her eyes skeptically at him. He swallowed nervously.

“Um.. heeey princess. Is your auntie home?”

Her eyes narrowed even more, if that was possible.

“Which one?”


“Ah, your eldest one? Auntie Angelica?” and at this, the girl pouted, looking down and using one hand to sway the ruffles on her light blue skirt while the other still held onto the doorknob.

“Um. She-she’s hanging laundry, but told me not ta bother her ‘cause last time I made the clean sheets fall ‘n get dirty and she gave me a talkin’ to…” she mumbled softly. Jefferson couldn’t help but to smirk at this, and suddenly she was glaring at him again. He frowned.


“Hmmm. My auntie says your a meanie and a jerk.”

“Ah…well???” he didn’t know how to take–

“And so does my papa and big brother,” she added, folding her little arms. Jefferson closed his eyes and sighed. Nice to know where he stood with the family.

“And you? What do you think, lil’ one?” he asked. She hummed in comtemplation.

“I’m not sure. You’ve been nice to me so far buuuuuut, the jury’s still out on you,” she said, borrowing a phrase she’d heard a million times from her father. Jefferson blanched at this. For a 4 year old, she sure was perceptive. “And don’t call me little! I’m this many!” she said, holding up 4 fingers. He cleared his throat,

“Well princess, um, could you tell your Auntie I stopped by? I have to go and…” He turned to leave when she let out a squeak, lunged forward and grabbed the end of his velvet sleeve.

“W-wait! Pleeease stay and play with me! Reading books while waiting for Auntie Ange by myself is boring! Mama and papa went to take care of some business and took Philip, but-but said I was too young to go. And Auntie can take forever with laundry! Pleeeasse?!” she asked, giving him huge puppy dog eyes. He stiffened and grit his teeth, trying to remain immune to her charms, but it was to no avail. He sighed,

“Ah….a-alright. But only until your auntie’s done, okay?” he sighed, looking around to see if anyone was nearby who could use this against him later. The tiny girl giggled before pulling the Secretary of State inside, practically yanking his arm off.


“Angelica?! Angie, sweetheart, where are you?! I’m all done. We can play now! Want to bake cookies? Or go to the park?!” The oldest Schuyler sister called. She was pacing the halls of her sister and brother-in-law’s home looking for her neice. She didn’t have to look long. She heard voices coming from the little girl’s room.

“No way! Your hair’s not magic!”

“It is! How else do you explain how poofy it is?!”

“But how?!”

“It’s special magic from France! See, I’ve traveled all over! Seen pink pandas in China, unicorns in France, and while I was there, they were nice enough to sprinkle pixie dust on my hair! That’s why it’s so poofy! And, they gave me this special tea. Think Mrs. Crumpet will like it?”

“Hmmmm, maybe. I dunno!”

“Well here. I’ll pour some for her and some for you…”

Angelica Scuyler held a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter as she watched Jefferson play tea - party with her young neice and her dolls. He seemed almost in his element, like he was a natural. It intrigued her. The older woman leaned against the doorway with folded arms and continued to watch the pair.

Little Angelica Hamilton stuck out her tongue at tasting the pretend tea.

“It’s too sweet!” she said. Jefferson brought a hand to his chest in mock surprise and gasped.

“Are you sure?! They told me it’s only as sweet as the person drinking it. That’s what makes it magic!” he said with a wink. The tiny girl’s eyes grew wide and she took another sip of air.

“Ah! I-it’s perfect then!” she beamed, grinning so wide that he could see the gap from where she’d just lost her teeth. He heard someone clear their throat and glanced up to see the woman he’d come for entering the room. He smiled,

“Of course, I’m sure sweetness runs on the family,” he said. The older Angelica rolled her eyes as her neice tried to get her to try the new tea.

“And he’s not that much of an asshole, Auntie! He’s actually really nice!” she said of Jefferson. Both adults gasped, color draining from their faces as they looked at each other. Jefferson failed to bite back a hearty laugh and the woman before him flushed before clearing her throat,

“Ahem, that may be sweetheart but, don’t you dare use that language in front of your parents, okay? They’d be really mad if they heard you, and Auntie could get in big trouble,” she muttered. The smaller Angelica tilted her head in confusion and shrugged.

“Ok Auntie!” she said, making herself comfortable in the older woman’s lap. Jefferson leaned forward and whispered in the eldest Schuyler sister’s ear.

“Though to be honest, I bet I’m the sweetest asshole you ever met,” he said, his warm breath ghosting over her ear and sending chills down her neck. But she kept her composure and fixed him with a smirk.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Mr. Jefferson,” she said, but didn’t move her hand away when his came up to cover hers.


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It’s Me (Part 1)

HI Everybody! This is going to be a long pre-story notice, but it’s all important info! So, I’m sorry-I keep starting these stories promising a second part and then not posting but it’s not going to happen with this one because the second part is written and being proofread now. I am still going to continue “His Redhead Girl” and many of you asked me to so I will continue “Happier”. Half of Part 2 of “His Redhead Girl” is written too so hopefully I can have that one posted soon as well. This story is based off of a prompt I received from an Anon asking me to write about Sharna’s response to the question asked about Val during her interview the other day. This was my take on it. It was intended as a one part story but I started writing and I couldn’t stop. So This story will be at least one more part but maybe more. Enjoy! Like/Reblog! And please send in your comments! 

“Um, Val gave you dating advice. Somebody wants to know what dating advice you have for Val and what kind of girl you want to see him with.” The question took Sharna off guard. She knew that when doing an interview, there was always the possibility of getting asked about her own love life but not about somebody else’s.

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A New Beginning

Summary: A year after their happy beginning started, Emma and Killian discover they have a baby on the way and face a brand new beginning together as parents.

Disclaimer: I do not own OUAT, CS, or any of the characters this is all for fun!

Link to (chapter 2 is up on FF!)

Chapter 1: 2-1 =3

A year of a quiet, normal life. That is what had been granted to Emma and Killian Jones since they said their vows on the rooftops of Granny’s. Well, after that whole final battle, black fairy, curse bullshit. They had gone on an amazing honeymoon together once they were sure, or as sure as you could be in Storybrooke that nothing bad, evil, wicked, or dark was going to happen. They had set sail on the Jolly Roger all the way down the coast of the United States and around the Caribbean and back. The trip had taken about a month and Emma was pretty sure it was the best thirty days of her life. Aside from missing her son terribly (nothing a nightly facetime couldn’t fix though), the entire trip was perfect. She had been reluctant to leave for such a long period of time. What if the town needed saving? But her parents, Regina, Zelena, and Gold all assured her they could handle anything that came their way and truth be told she was long overdue for a vacation. So off the newlyweds set sail and for the first time since Henry had brought her to Storybrooke there was nothing threating her or her family, no curse causing everyone to forget things or separate them into separate realms. It was just husband and wife, enjoying the prospect of a new future together.

Now as Emma sat on the counter in the bathroom, eyes going back and forth between the timer on her phone and the pregnancy test next to her, she was coming to terms with the idea that this new routine of calm, peaceful, day to day life she and Killian had molded so easily into could be quickly coming to a close. They had talked about this once, drunk off rum and each other while floating off the coast of Barbados during their honeymoon. They were lying together on a hammock strung up on deck. She had her head resting on his chest, with his arm around her as they sipped straight out of a bottle of local island spirits they had picked up that day. They were going back and forth talking about their new future together and where they saw themselves going in the years to come. It was Killian that brought it up. It came after he had mentioned trading her “yellow metal death trap on wheels” for a nice family car. She playfully swatted at his chest.

“First of all don’t talk about my baby like that! Second of all, in what realm would we trade in the bug for a family car?” Emma joked, throwing back a swig of rum.

“For the safety of an actual baby.” He replied to her. She spit out the rum she had just drunk and turned to face him.

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The One

This is my first ever scenario I hope you guys like it! Also thank you so much for 800 followers! I love you all. Since you said you wanted to read my very first scenario here it is! thatproffessionalfangirl 

Pairing: Yoongi | Reader (ft. Suho from EXO)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,365

“Mom do I really have to go?”I asked annoyed as the hair stylist pulled at my hair. 

“Yes, you have to go honey. This is a very important dinner for your father,” my mom said looking herself in the mirror. I see my family was one of the ten riches family in South Korea and I sometimes hated it. “Yoongi where is your mother?” my mom asked calling the servant. 

My heart raced as I heard his voice,”She’s in the kitchen. Want me to call her up?” 

“Yes tell her to bring your sister too,” she said going to over to me. “Darling why are you blushing?” she asked. 

“I’m not blushing,”I said as the stylists were finishing up with me. 

“You know what to do right? When they ring the bell you go over to them and bring them whatever they want,” she instructed the two women. 

“Mom, can I head downstairs already?”I asked wanting to get the whole dinner meeting over with. 

“Wait for me you’re not going down there without me,” she said adjusting herself for the 100th time. 

“Ok, that’s enough,”I said pulling her away from the mirror as we headed down stairs we were laughing. 

“Look at my two lovely ladies,” my dad said smiling beside him was a guy dressed in a suit hair pushed back. He looked taken aback as he composed himself standing perfectly straight. 

“That’s Kim Junmyeon he’s the co-CEO of his dad’s business,” my mom whispered in my ear.  “He looks so young,” I thought as I looked him over again. I felt another pair of eyes on me as I looked to the right of my dad Yoongi was staring at me and looked down once we made eye contact. 

“Darling this is Kim Junmyeon,”my dad said gesturing the man next to him. 

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is (Y/N),”I said bowing. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet someone as beautiful as you. Please call me Junmyeon,” he said grabbing my hand kissing it. 

I smiled as I stared into his sparkling brown eyes and looked away feeling the blush creeping in. Yoongi coughed causing both of us to look at him. "Sir may I be excused?“ he asked my father. 

"Yes, you may,” he said as he turned to me and Junmyeon,“let’s go eat shall we?" 

We both headed to the dining room as Junmyeon pulled my chair for me,"Thank you.” He nodded smiling down at me. 

“Yeri!” my mom yelled ringing the bell. 

“Yes, ma'am?"Yeri said hurrying to my mother’s side. 

"Can you bring in the food?” my mother said. 

“Already on its way,” she said smiling as the waiters came in with all the food. 

“I don’t think I’ll finish all of that,"Junmyeon said as he watched the trays being placed on the table. 

"Mother always asks for too much food,” I said chuckling. 

“Yoongi where’s the wine?” my father asked looking around for him.

“Here sir,” he said serving my father first and going down the line of guest. 

I was last as he stood behind me he whispered,“Once you’re done meet me upstairs.” I looked behind him confused as he walked away. The whole dinner was spent quietly with a few small talk here and there.

“Junmyeon is it true that you’re single?”one of the female guests asked. 

“Yes I am,”he replied smiling. 

“(Y/N) is single as well,” my mom chimed in. I gave her a death stare,”Mom.” 

Junmyeon laughed,”Maybe I’ll take you on a date? If you’d want.” 

“We’ll see about that,” I said smirking not really taking him seriously.

“How about this Sunday?” he asked.

“Oh,” I said taken aback,”I don’t think I’ll be doing anything this Sunday.”

“Perfect, ”he said smiling,”I’ll pick you up 3.” 

As the dinner ended all the guest were taken to the main hall where the orchestra was playing softly. “I’ll be right back,” I said to Suho heading upstairs. As I reached at the top of the stairs I looked around for Yoongi. “Yoongi-ah?”I asked walking slowly down the hall. 

He grabbed on my shoulder lightly,”Let’s go to the balcony.” 

I nodded as he took my hand. I noticed how cold my hand felt against his warm one. As we reached the balcony he nervously turned to me,”My mother thinks I’m crazy for doing this but I need to tell you this before I leave.” 

“Why are you leaving?”I asked. 

“I got accepted to the university I want to attend, ”he said smiling. 

“Congratulations!”I said smiling half sad that he’ll be leaving. 

“Thank you, ”he said and took a deep breath,”Anyways to why we’re here. I’m just going to go to the point. Ever since I meet you, when I was just 12 years old, I always thought you were the most beautiful girl I’ll ever see in my entire life. To this day you still are the most beautiful girl well not even a girl anymore you’re the most beautiful woman to have stepped on this earth.” He took both of my hands as he caressed them as a small blush appeared on his cheeks. I probably was as red as a tomato and my heart was bound to explode as he continued,”(Y/N) I’m deeply in love with you. Maybe you only see me as a friend because why would you even fall in love with me? I just wanted to get this off my chest because I promised myself before I leave this place I’d tell you how I feel. How only you make me feel.” 

I could barely talk as all his words sunk in. “If I love you too would you still leave?”I asked. 

“Yes I would still leave because if you love me too,”he said smiling hopefully,”If you loved me too I would have to be able to provide for you. I intend on marrying you if you do love me.” 

I smiled warmly,”You ask yourself why would I love you and it’s the other way around. Why do you love me? You have such a kind heart one of the reasons why I fell in love with you.” 

He smiled widely as he got closer and pulled me into a kiss. His lips were like velvet against mine as pulled on his collar wanting him to be closer. He broke the kiss biting his bottom lip,”You still have to head back downstairs don’t do that.” 

I blushed as I pecked his lips,”Sorry.” 

He smiled as he whispered in my ear,”Once I come back we’ll have time for that. You’ll be my wife and I’ll be your husband.” 

I smiled widely at the thought,”Who said I’ll say yes?” 

“Trust me you will, ”he smirked stroking my back causing me to shiver. 

“(Y/N) you’re mother is looking for you, ”Yeri said knocking at my door. 

“Well there’s my queue. When are you leaving?”I asked as we headed towards the stairs. 

“Four weeks, ”he said holding my hand squeezing it lightly. 

“There you-,”Yeri said and noticed our intwined hands,”So you did do it after all.” 

“Yeri, ”Yoongi said to his younger sister. 

“Told you so, ”she said sticking out her tongue,”Oh but (Y/N) Junmyeon is waiting for you also.” 

“That guy from earlier?”Yoongi asked getting tense. 

“Yoongi there’s nothing to be jealous of you’re the one I want, ”I said reassuring him. 

He smiled widely,”I’ve waited so long for you to say that.” 

As we reached to the hall Junmyeon was talking to the same girl that asked about him being single. “I’ll see you later I have to go help my mom, ”Yoongi said starting to follow Yeri. 

“I think you forgot something, ”I said putting my hands behind my back pouting. 

“Your father might see us and I haven’t prepared the father speech yet. I’m not risking it, ”he said smiling. I smiled as I headed back to Junmyeon not being able to concentrate on Yoongi’s lips still lingered on mine. 



My eyes fluttered open from the sunshine that was shining through my bedroom window.

I frowned when I noticed that the teddy bear that Alex gave me yesterday was there in his place with a note attached to it.

Picking it up, my eyes scanned over the short message.

Sorry I couldn’t be there for your birthday I went out of town, I’ll call you later -Alex

The frown stayed on my face. I thought since we didn’t get to spend the whole day together yesterday then it would be today.

This is not how I imagined I would be spending my birthday.

I blindly searched the bed for my phone until I noticed it at the corner of my eye sitting on the nightstand.

Grabbing and unlocking it I saw that I had a few missed calls. One was from Alex, so of course he was going to be the first one to be called back.

When I called, he didn’t answer.

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Now You’ve Got To Breathe: Bad Love

Submitted by: keep-yourwingscas
Description: After the accident that took his parent’s life, Stiles locked himself in his own dark and private world, alone with his demons. When a certain strawberry blonde enters his life, there’s nothing he can do but watch as she breaks his walls.
Rating: T
Genre: Romance, Action, Thriller
[Prologue] [Chips] [Starting Sessions] [Hold Your Tongue] [Needing a Break] [Hard to Breathe] [Changing of the Seasons] [No Secrets] [Rainy][Waffles and Grease] [Stop Hiding] [Texting] [Better Than Daisies] [Carpe Diem] [Runaway] [Pushed Away] [The Lake House] [Forgotten Headaches] [Dinner] [Speak] [Bad Love]

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Lt. Bering: Five what are you doing?
Five: It was the only way I could think to save you. I disrupted the Cubes shields. You should be able to beam back now.
Lt. Bering: But you’re inside the forcefieldI’m not leaving without you!
Five: Then you will be assimilated.

Five: If you had been assimilated the knowledge the Borg would have learned would have made the Moreau a target. I did not expect that Captain Nielsen would allow you to return for me. I did not expect you to return for me.
Lt. Bering: Looks like you still have a few things to learn but for now I believe Vanessa said you should be regenerating.
Five: When I am finished.
Lt. Bering: No, now.  
Five: Yes, Myka.
Lt. Bering: Sweet dreams.