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Character: Iron Bull or Cullen?

Anon or not, make me choose between (and I’ll draw it):

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Time Travel + KC?

So sorry this took so long!!! Mentions of violence, gore, a tiny bit of angst.

When Bonnie Bennett had told her that time travel wasn’t a matter of moving forwards or backwards, but sideways, Caroline had laughed at her. The entire concept seemed impossible. One reality was more than enough. Bonnie had simply shaken her head, that familiar exasperation, and continued on with her little pet project.

Caroline had teased her occasionally, would sit on her back porch in Mystic Falls and debate the concept with her for hours.

“Somewhere there’s a me who actually likes Damon? Impossible.”

Bonnie rolled her eyes and took a slow sip of her beer, skin flushed in the heat of a Virginia summer. “Probably. Although it’s probably more likely that there is a reality where Damon is less of an ass.”

Caroline snorted out a mouthful of beer. “You like Damon.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t realize how ridiculous he can be,” Bonnie said with a grin, handing her a napkin. “But it’s not every decision that branches, I think. Just the big ones.”

“Like what?”

Bonnie purses her lips. “Maybe you’re human.”

Caroline tipped her head back, stared up at the sunset. “That seems so strange.”

“Who knows?” Bonnie shrugged. “It’s just a theory. For all we know, certain events are set in stone and are bedrocks of a healthy universe.”

“Hey now,” Caroline protested, waving her beer. “That’s Batman logic, from the comics. Have you been holding out on me?”

Bonnie turned scarlet and spluttered. Caroline had teased her mercilessly, but all the while, a little thought had niggled at her. She’d shoved it to the side, refused to dwell on it. A promise she wasn’t certain she’d ever accept.

Caroline treasured that memory. The certainty of her friend that somewhere, things were different. Because for the last fifty years, everything had gone to hell.

Figuratively and literally.

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Spencer Reid x female reader, please? The bau is tracking a killer and his next target is y/n, a friendly & funny part time manager at a plus size high end boutique. The rest is up to you!

I really like this idea! I hope you like it!

Originally posted by sweetg

“Okay, so what do we know?” 

“His type is long woman between 25 and 35, rich, beautiful and loved and liked by many. Probably lots of contacts with people. All are abducted in this area.” 

“Guys, he already took these, in that area is one more high end boutique. I talked to her, she fits the profile perfectly.” 

“Let’s go then.” 


Y/n smiled as the man walked into her boutique. “Hello sir. Can I help you today?” The man looked nervous, his eyes twitching. “Uhm, yes. Could you help me pick..” The glass door flung open. Y/n was surprised. “Excuse me sir, I’ll be with you in a minute.” She made her way over to the men. Her tight dress and high heels gave her a mature aura. “Is something wrong?” Her voice wasn’t angry, she sounded concerned. “Miss, you need to come over here.” A man with longer hair said. She noticed the men had their hands on their guns. Slowly, she walked to the guy who had his hand stretched out and got pushed behind them. They arrested the customer. And took her with them. 

“So, doctor Reid. You are saying that he wanted to kidnap me?” She said with a raised brow. “We are not sure, but you fit the victim profile perfectly.” Y/n was concerned, she was now safe, but what about her friend? “Doctor Reid, I was wondering, I have a friend who works in the shop when I don’t. What if he kidnaps her?” Spencer Reid tilted his head. “She won’t go to the store. The unsub has only took women from their office or shop. She is safe.” Her fingers curled around the hot cup. “Then why am I here?” That was a good question. “You fit the profile, your friend didn’t.” Y/n was still worried about her friend. “When can I go? I mean, you have the unsub, don’t you?” Spencer got up. “I need to ask Hotch about that.” What was it with this girl, he didn’t even know her and she was getting him crazy. 


“Thank you for the care, I’m sure I’ll be okay. Like you said, I’m at home. The shop will be closed for another two weeks.” Y/n told Spencer as he walked her to her taxi. “I sure hope you’ll be okay. Here you have my card. If something doesn’t seem right.” He smiled awkwardly as Y/n took the card. “I’ll remember that.” She smiled one last time and closed the door of the yellow car. 

She was home and had called her friend who was indeed fine. It had been a long day, but she wasn’t hungry so Y/n directly got to the shower. She pulled the bobby pins out her hair, making her locks fall over her shoulders and stept out her heels before she even got to the bathroom. She didn’t bother to wash her make up off before she stept into the shower, her dress on the wooden floor. The warm water flew through her hair and ran over her body. She felt her mascara fall onto her cheekbones and her foundation was flowing through the pipes together with her used shampoo. When the woman was dry again and her hair was hidden in a towel and her body was covered in a night dress, she left the bathroom. She was softly humming a song and just wanted to lay on the sofa, watching her favorite show. However, when she turned the corner of her own hallway, she was greeted with a weird feeling. Investigating if something was wrong, she moved to to the living area. The lights were off. She was sure she had left them on. Backing away, back to the bathroom, she hoped no one was there. Slowly, she locked the door of the bathroom and took the small card from her dress pocket together with her phone. With trembling fingers, she pressed the number in. “Hello, with doctor Spencer Reid.” he said. “Doctor Reid?” Y/n tried to stop her voice from trembling. “Y/N? Is everything okay?” Y/n took a deep breath. “I think someone is in my house right now.” She whispered. She heard a chair. “Stay calm, I’ll call the team.” “Please don’t hang up.” She pleaded. “I wasn’t planning on doing that.” She held in her breath when the soft footsteps could be heard, right outside her door. “Hiding won’t help you.” The voice said. “Not with the lights on.” She heard Spencer whispering things to people. “He is right outside my door, please help.” A tear fell from her eye. “He has a sword or an axe.” She whispered into the phone as she looked under the crack from the door. “We are on our way, okay?” Spencer said. “Do you have any weapons?” Another voice asked. With trembling fingers you pulled open several drawers. “I have a pair of scissors and a curl iron.” She said grabbing the two things. “That’s something. Heat up the curl iron and wait for us to come out of your bathroom, okay?” Spencer said. “Yes. Yes.” Her voice shook and she barely was ably to grab ahold of the scissors. “You know, I am just waisting time. I know you locked the door, so why don’t I just start with breaking the door open?” The voice asked. Y/n could hear him raising an axe or sword. It was an axe. the door flung open and a man in a black jacket grinned at her. She got up and hid the scissors. “So, are you willingly coming or do I need to cut of your legs first?” He said with a scary grin. “Well, come on.” He said. Y/n walked to him, trying to hide her fear. “Good girl. This is much more easy.” She felt the blade of the axe in her back, softly pressing against her back. Then everything happened fast. The door flung open and Spencer and his team had their guns already pulled. The man with the axe grabbed her hair, her towel lay forgotten in the bathroom. “Let the girl go, Chase.” A black haired man said. “What if I don’t?” Chase said. Y/n felt the scissor in her hand. Ignoring the axe against her throat, she grabbed the scissors tightly and without thinking, she slammed them up. She heard Chase scream and ran to the agents. When she glanced back, she saw a scissor sticking out of Chase’s neck. That is what she had done. She had hurt a man. Yet, she didn’t feel bad. 


“I must say, you were pretty badass in there.” Spencer Reid told the woman. “Well I didn’t have much af a choice, did I?” He smiled. “Thank you. For not hanging up on me.” Y/n told Spencer. “Well, it’s my job.” Y/n kissed his cheek. “Really, thank you. If I could repay you on any way, you have my number.” She winked at him as he blushed. He would have to ask her out soon. 

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#3 for the prompts? Jackcrutchie preferably?

Thank you!

3) Well, shit, it’s another science project and even though it’s random you’re my partner now for the fifth time in a row and I can’t keep Skyping you late at night to work on this and inevitably get distracted


Jack scanned the list of names up on the page and smirked slightly. He looked at his name and saw the name beside it that nobody really used. The first time he saw that name (five projects ago, he’ll have you know) he honestly didn’t know who it was until the young boy hobbled over to him with
a bright grin on his face.

“I guess we’re officially partners Jack.” He had said, holding out his hand while trying to keep steady on his crutches. Jack didn’t know Crutchie too well at that time, just chatting to him when they happened to be sitting beside each other in some subject.

Now the same boy hobbled over once again, face still bearing that cheesy grin.

“This can’t be random can it?”

“Hey!” Jack defended. “She said she pulled the names out of a hat. Anyway, you complaining about being paired with me?”

“Well if it means I’m going to have to do all the work again…” Crutchie jested playfully. Jack slugged his in the shoulder and the two went back to their desks.

Jack didn’t talk to Crutchie for the rest of the day and, when he didn’t get any test or anything, he was all ready to hit the hay until a Skype call popped up on his phone.

He groaned and reached around blearily for the phone and answered to see that stupid grin cheekily smiling at him once again.

“Crutchie?” Jack moaned. “Jesus kid what time is it?”

“Well it’s…it’s around 1am. 12.58 to be precise. Is this an okay time?” The kid looked worried and honestly Jack couldn’t help but say yes (even though he really, really wished he could).

“It’s fine Crutch. So what topic were we assigned again?”

“Uhh…” Crutchie looked down, presuming at the assignment before saying “Anaemia and its effects on teenagers nowadays. Could be worse.”

“True. What did we get last time?”


“Yet another time where I believe this teachers doesn’t pick things out of a hat.”

“But why would she pair you with me then?”

“Cause you’re a teacher’s pet!” Jack argued indignantly. “Me…If I was a teacher’s pet, I’d be a scorpion.”

“Nice analogy. It’s a wonder you don’t do better in English.” Crutchie winked before continuing on with chatting about the English grading system.

Jack heard a buzzing before turning over to look at his clock.


“Shit…” Jack groaned before answering his phone and trying his best to look alive.

“You ready to actually start this project tonight Jacky?”

It was true, the project hadn’t been started last night. Jack and Crutchie had spent the whole night chatting about things of little to no importance before Jack realised that it was 3.15 and told Crutchie he had to go. To be honest, Jack should’ve expected this. Every project he has done with Crutchie he has been exhausted afterwards due to the late nights.

“Kid, I’m so ready you wouldn’t believe it. Where do we start on a topic like this?”

“Research I suppose. Looking up the percentage of teenagers with it, causes, solutions, symptoms, the whole thing.”

The two talked nonchalantly while surfing the internet, conversing about things like ‘What’s your favourite colour?’ and 'If you could have one superpower, what would it be?’.

While reading a certain article something dawned on Jack.

“I think my cousin once said she has this. Iron deficiency yeah?”

“Yeah! Are you serious dude? Is she a teenager?”

“She’s sixteen so yeah.”

“Jack this is perfect! We won’t even have to do that much research into it, we can just ask her loads of questions!”

“To be honest, I don’t think she’ll be up this late…”

“Well then ask her tomorrow.” Crutchie smiled, ever cheerful. “We can reconvene then!”

“Sounds good Crutch,” Jack let out a yawn and stretched, reaching for the end call button. “Night.”

“Night..” Was the slightly disheartened reply received.

Jack felt slightly bad for some reason but shrugged it off as soon as he lay on the bed, snoozing.

After a couple more nights of late Skype calls Jack couldn’t stop himself from asking why Crutchie called him so late.

He decided the right time was when they got off track (AGAIN) and started having a conversation about the shape of the moon that night.

“Speaking of nights,” Jack started, “Why do you always call me so late at night Crutch? It’s not that I have a problem with it, I’m just wondering.”

Crutchie looked more awkward and embarrassed than Jack had ever seen before. He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand before playing with the collar of his shirt.

“To be honest, uh, I don’t really like people seeing me before that time.”

“Why not though? I’m sure you look the same.”

“No I, I usually have treatment at that time and I can look pretty rough during that.”

“Treatment for what?” But as soon as those words slipped out of his mouth he stopped himself, realising what it probably was.

“Osteosarcoma is a bitch sometimes.”

“I didn’t know Crutch…sorry.”

“It’s not your fault Jacky boy. I mean, I didn’t really tell people why I was on these crutches anyway. I’m pretty sure most people think I just have an eternally sprained ankle or something.”

“Do you..” Jack swallowed harshly, still trying to soak in all the information. “Do you have treatment every evening?”

“Nah, not every evening. I have a routine though and I like to stick to it. By the time treatments finished and we get home it’s about 11. Then, if I’m feeling up for it I gotta eat and then I gotta get changed and it’s just…it’s late. I’m not bothering you though? Please tell me if I am.”

“Nah, you’re okay kid, honestly.” A relieved smile appeared on Crutchie’s face and that spurred a slight smile on Jack’s face too. “So when you gonna be better?”

“Soon.” The kid didn’t have one look of disbelief or doubt on his face and that mean there was any on Jack’s either. “Doctors say I should be right as rain pretty soon.”

“That’s good kid.”

“Yeah…” Crutchie smirked then looked down at the paper. “So, Anemia?”

Jack was thrilled when they got an A on their project with more than a little help from Jack’s cousin.

Jack was even more thrilled when the doctors were right.

Jack was his most thrilled when Crutchie said yes to his promposal.

Oh but I did  (Chibs-Sons of Anarchy)

Request: A chibs imagine where the reader has like craazyy curly hair naturally and throughout the day chibs and tig bug her by pulling in the little curls in her hair and she tries to do the same to tig and catches chibs off guard and convinces him to let her curl his hair. Fluffy and cute with chibs please

OMG! yes curly hair posiviti!!! I LOVE this!! 


Sons have just came back from one of their 13 week stays in prison and the bar where Y/N worked at was full again and that made her very happy. Sure that meant that there was more work, but there was also more laughter, more jokes, more people and more friends. 

Somehow trough the years she has been working for Gemma, Y/N became really good friends with all the sons. Some more than others, but still everyone loved her and she loved everyone. They were like a family. 

“Hey there, little big hair.” Chibs smiled sitting down at the bar and tugging on one of Y/N’s curls. 

“Hey there, mr. charming smile.” Y/N smiled before bending down. picking up a beer and giving it to him before he even asked for it.

“You know me so well, lass.’‘ 

’'I know everything, you know, my hair is so big because it’s so full of secrets.” She said giggling to herself, only with the sam crow guys could she say such a well known mean girls quote and no one would realise. 

“What'cha smiling at lil lion?” Tig joined Chibs behind the bar. 

“Nothing, nothing, poodle.” She shook her head giving him a beer as well.

“Is it just me or is your hair less curly today?” Chibs asked, his eyes on her at all times. 

“Oh, my deer Scotty, let me give you a lesson in basic physic. You guys were away for a couple of months, which means my hair grew in those months, if it’s longer it’s heavier, if it’s heavier it straightens out a bit.” She explained quickly before flicking her hair confidently. 

“Yeah, what she said.” Tig said flicking his hair as well, making them all laugh.

“I guess I’ll never know how it feels to have such a blessing that is curly hair.” Chibs said before taking another drink ofhis beer, acting upset. 

“Yes not everyone can be as amazing as us.” Tig said winking at the girl, making her laugh.

“Wait!!” Y/N jumped up and down clapping her hands like a little kid. 

“What?” Both of the men asked.

“I have an old curling iron.” She said like that would explain everything.

“Okay?” Tig urged her to continue as Chibs just stared at her in confusion. 

“I can curl your hair!” She said with a devious smile on her lips.

“No.” Chibs shook his head before laughing. “No way, lassie.”

“C'mon Chibbie.” She said, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. 

“Yeah C'mon Chibbbie.’'Tig mimicked her, doing his best not to laugh.


’'Please.” She grabbed his hands over the bar. “I’ll owe you one.”

“Tempting, but no.” Chibs shook his head finishing his beer, which gave Y/N an idea. 

“Fine.” She said giving him 3 glasses of whiskey and another bottle of beer. “So did any of you get a prison bitch?”

“Not that I know of, but Juicey boy did kinda almost become one.” Chibs said, drinking the first glass of whiskey, unaware of her plan. 

“Ooo, do tell.” She said, quickly refilling the glass as he told the story about how they used Juice as a bait. 


About an hour and a half later, Chibs was pretty drunk and Y/N saw her chanse. “Chibby, wanna come to my room?” She asked, taking his hand in hers.

“Ay, you know it lassie.” He said, following her as she lead him to the dorms.

“Sit.” She told him, pointing to the chair in her dorm. “I’ll just freshen up.” She smiled before walking in to her bathroom where she searched for a curling iron. 

“There we go.” She giggled as she found him asleep in the chair. “Lets get to work.” She plugged in the curling iron and started to curl Chibs hair in to small tight curls. 

It only took her about 15 minutes before she was done.  ’'Wake up scotty.“ She whispered  shaking him a bit. 

’'Mhm..” He didn’t move.

“Okay then.” She rolled the chair towards her bed and pushed him on it. Without waking up he just groaned  before turning and falling right back in to deep sleep.

“Good night Chibby.” She smiled before laying down next to him and falling asleep. 


Next morning Y/N  woke up to the birds singing outside her window. She groaned before stretching and realising there was someone in her bed. 

“Oh.” She remembered what she did last night and let out a giggle. “He’s gonna kill me.” She shook her head before walking in to her bathroom and getting ready for the day. 


About 2 hours have passed and Y/N has been working at the bar for an hour when Chibs made his way out of her dorm. 

He was quickly greeted by laughter and chuckles from the other guys. He had no idea what that was about.  He just shook his head and made his way to the bar. “Hey.” He said, his voice raspy. 

“Hey.” She giggled, not able to keep her face straight as she saw his hair. 

“Did we.. um?”

“Oh we did.” She nodded. “And it was kinky.” She smiled proudly at her pun. 

“Oh.” He tried to remember anything from the night before but soon gave up and smiled proudly. He fucked the hottest waitress in town. 

“Well hello there, poodle.” Tig said wrapping an around around Chibs’ shoulders laughing. 

“What?” Chibs looked at him in confusion. Y/N went to grab her purse and pull out a small mirror. 

“You look especially charming today.” Y/N laughed, handing him the mirror. 

“You didn’t?” He asked, his eyes wide in shock at his new hairstyle. 

“Oh but I did.” Y/N laughed, soon being joined by Tig and the rest of the sons. 


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AN:  Hey i’m not sure how this turned out but i hope you like it :) 

Shifting Tides

The Roller was as busy as usual, the smell of fresh fruit hanging on the air, and the familiar faces all around, still, he saw nothing, there was only one face he was aiming for, the blued eyed, cat like, face he was so worried about. So it was all a lie. Ámbar wasn’t in fact, Sol Benson, Luna was. The thought still haunted his mind, but not for the reasons he would expect. Of course he cared about the well being of his best friend, but as soon as Luna told him the news, the only person he could think of was Ámbar. 

He knew her by now, as much as she tried to hide it, he knew that she felt deeper than anyone could imagine. He also knew that she would be the one to suffer the most with the news, his face blushed with anger just thinking of how bad Mrs. Benson had hurt Ámbar with this lie. He scanned around the room for her, but had no sign of the blonde hair he long so much to see. He rushed to see if she was in the locker room, passing through the voices of his friends who were calling behind him and laughing, as he ignored them.

There she was. Sitting on the bench as she held a doll on her hand. She looked up to him, she wasn’t crying but he could tell that she had been, and was about to. 

“Stupid doll” She said, giving him a half smile. “I should’ve known, I’ve never been more bored by a song” she pressed a button on the doll and one of those song box melodies started playing, she grinned at him. Simon didn’t really know what to do, he was really focused on finding her, but didn’t really think of what to do once he did. He grinned back at her, with a sadness in his his eyes, and set down next to her, he thought about grabbing her hand, he wanted to do nothing more, but restrained from doing so. She caressed the doll a little, looking at her as if it was the last time she would see it.

 "Perhaps I should give this to Luna… “ - She said with an ironic touch - "It really touched her when I played it once… Story is my mo-, her mom, played it every night.” She added with a lump on her throat, more serious this time. 

Apparently the pain was also physical because it was actually hurting as she said the words. Simon gently grabbed the doll from her hand and tried to turn off the music, failing to do so. Ambar opened a grin, just a little, so fast Simon could barely catch it, but he swore he saw it, and she turned off the music. Simon put the doll on his other side, away from her, and grabbed her hand, the way he wanted for so long and smiled a little. 

“It’s just a doll, Ambar, an ugly one. I bet you actually had better ones, with nicer songs too” She giggled at this and Simon felt his heart rush a little for making her laugh and couldn’t help but doing the same.

“I don’t think so, Simon!” She said with a smile, but carrying a touch of sadness in her voice” - This is a really fancy one, and it plays Beethoven, you see? Granpa, I mean, Luna’s granpa, had it made” she said with the smile fading from her face as she looked down.

 For sure Alfredo was her biggest lost, she didn’t know what was gonna happen now. Would she move? Live at Luna’s mercy on a mansion she thought she owned? She couldn’t bare that. And Paris, what would be of Paris now, what would be of her now? But still, the biggest lost was Alfredo. She never had someone who cared so much about her, and now she had lost it. To Luna, of all people. She was lost in her own thoughts when she felt a squeeze on her hand. She looked up, and saw Simon’s eyes gazing at her. He too, she would lose to Luna anyday of the week, all Luna had to do was ask. She had nothing when it came down to it, and the thought of it made her shrink a little.

“Ambar, you’re gonna be fine, okay? I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you” Simon said trying to pull her out of her transe.

“Don’t say that Simon, you can’t be sure of that. I don’t even know what’s gonna happen to me now, how can you?” She asked, not being rude, but with a true doubt in her tone. Something he wasn’t used to, Ámbar Smith always so sure of what she wants, never used this tone before, at least not in front of him. And that just made him more scared. He wasn’t so naive to think that Ambar doesn’t have a dark side, and now with nothing to lose, he was even more frightened of the places she’d be willing to go. 

“I’m not gonna lie to you, Ambar.” - He said looking deep in her eyes, with a tender voice -  "I’m not gonna sit here and pretend I know what’s going to happen next. This is all unbelievable, it’s too insane to be true, and neither of us could have imagined such a story in a million years. I don’t know where you’re going, Ambar.“ - He looked down, his face more serious than ever - "But I promise you this. I’m gonna be by your side. Every step of the way. You’re not gonna be alone.” His fingers enlaced with hers and she slowly released all the air in her lungs, as if the pain was easing. 

“I don’t even know where I’m gonna live, Simón” - She said with a small grin - “Know of any good bridges a girl could live under?” She said raising one eyebrow and widening her smile.

“Luna is not gonna kick you out on the streets, Ámbar!” - Simón said with the biggest smile, that almost made Ámbar feel safe again, if she didn’t know that his smile was only there for saying THAT name. - “She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, Ámbar!” - He kept going as she felt the urge to roll her eyes at this remark - “She might even throw Sharon out, but you, you had nothing to do with it. You’re the one who got hurt the most” - He said in a lower voice, as if it hurt him just thinking about the damage it would do to her.

“But that’s exactly it, Simón!” - She said with an urgent tone, almost as if she was only waiting for him to finish to cut him. - “I don’t want that! I can’t, I can’t stand the fact that I will need Luna. That… I just can’t, Simón.” - Now tears were streaming down her face continuously, she couldn’t hold it any longer. - “You don’t understand, I’m not like you, Simón. I’m all darkness and you’re all light, I wish I wasn’t like this…” She said as she stood up and turned her back at Simón, he could see she was wiping her tears as she said in an almost whisper “This is my biggest nightmare." 

He felt his heart ache seeing her like this, listening to her think so bad of herself, she wasn’t all darkness, but even he wouldn’t be able to convince her otherwise. He could understand Ámbar, he couldn’t familiarize with the feeling. He was Luna’s best friend, he would never fear relying on her, but he could understand Ámbar. Trusting, needing, depending, are things that don’t come easy for her, especially when it comes to Luna. 

In a leap he was up and behind her, putting his hands on her waist as he turned her back to face him.

"Look, Ambar, you don’t have to live at the mansion, okay?” - He said as he wiped one of her tears and put a stray lock of hair behind her ear - “I’m not gonna say I relate to the feeling, but I can understand it, okay? You don’t ever have to go back to that mansion if you don’t want to.” - He noticed her eyes watering but her smile seemed bigger, he couldn’t help but notice her lips and how perfect they looked even now, he could barely resist the urge to kiss them. “If you’re all darkness, and I’m all light, you can rely on me to light you up, I’ll make it my number one job.” - He slipped the words, as he turned his eyes from her lips into her gaze, still caught by his previous thoughts, he decided to turn the subject around before he couldn’t control himself any longer. 

“And by the way, I’m not just gonna let you live under a bridge, Ámbar!” - He said laughing now, trying to humor her - “You can come live with me at the loft, it isn’t Paris, but I promise I’ll take care of you." 

She couldn’t help but laugh at this, and she couldn’t believe herself for doing so in a time like this, but somehow his words made her feel safer, also something she didn’t think it was possible. And for a second, she was even hopeful.

"I don’t wanna be around you when you break the news to Pedro and Nico, I think you’ll be joining me on the streets." 

For the first time, she felt his hands around her waist, she was too lost in herself to notice it before, and now the touch of it burned on her skin, even if there was some fabric between them. She could hardly concentrate as he answered her something, she was too fixed now on his touch to notice. She looked back up at him, he was wearing that sweet smile that made her heart melt everytime. She still wasn’t used to this, a few things could make her heart melt, none that she could think of at this time. In fact, she couldn’t remember ever feeling like this. Suddenly she  decided to follow the urge to hold him, she held him as close as she could, laying her head on his chest. - "You’re truly an amazing friend, Simón. I don’t… I don’t know what I’d be doing right now if it wasn’t for you” - She let out as all the weight on her head laid on Simón’s chest. His t-shirt had now small wet spots from her tears. He was gently combing her hair with his fingers trying to comfort her, something she was really appreciating as she closed her eyes and smelt the scent of newly washed clothes with something else. Something she distinguished as his scent, and she liked it, a lot.

The smell was so good that made her think of nothing else, she was startled, as when your  wake up from a nice dream when she heard his voice break the comforting silence.

“You can count on me, Ambar. Anytime, of anyday, there’s nothi-” He stopped there measuring his words, trying to think of something that would make the next remark untrue, but kept going “There’s nothing that you can do, that will make me run. You have me now. You’re safe. You can let it out.”

And she did, she let it all out. She was shaking under his embrace, and he could feel his t-shirt getting weter by the second, but he didn’t care, he only held her closer as if he could ease it by helding her as tight as he could.

“I’m so tired, Simón. I don’t even know who I am… I’m so tired of not knowing. - She said feeling her throat hurt at each word.

"I know who you are” - Simón said laying a hand on her chin to make her look at him. - “You’re Ámbar Smith, and I’ll tell you what-” He said as he gently layed his hand on her cheek “Sol Benson has nothing on you.”

He barely noticed as he bent forward to meet her lips. He only realized  when he was kissing her. Her warm lips agaisnt his, he could barely believe it. He felt his gut turn upside down, more than any butterflies, or whatever girls call it. It was a first time feeling, one he never had before. It was different when he kissed her, he hadn’t felt this way before. Of course the normal excitment of kissing a girl you’re into, or maybe someone you think you love in a certain way, but this… The thought only made him kiss her harder, he could feel her body relaxed against his, as if she was finally letting go of the wall she built for herself, when he noticed her body switch into a more tense state. He could still feel her lips on his as she backed away, both of them kept their eyes closed as if they wanted to linger to that feeling.

“Simón… Don’t… Don’t do that to me, not if you’re still in love wi- with Luna - She said with her voice filled with pain, as if each word was a struggle. It was true, to have him like this, to actually open herself, something she’d never done before, and then lose him, again, to the person who seemed to take everything away from her, it would be more than she could stand. Suddenly she felt frozen by the thought “I won’t be able to handle it” - She added so low and slowly that made him wonder if she was  speaking to herself. The pain in her voice made him open his eyes only to meet hers, filled with pain and terror, and more than anything in the world, he wanted to hold her in his arms and not let go until she was sure. He looked deeply in her eyes, more sure than ever before.

“We both know is not Luna I’m in love with” - He said, with a certainty he didn’t knew he had up until a few seconds ago, when he first kissed her. He felt his body move closer to her  and suddenly his lips were where they were meant all along. Back against hers.

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Work It Out - Archieronnie

AO3 username: redheadriverdale (i’ll usually upload there first, so follow me on there too!)

Prompt: Veronica becomes jealous of Archie’s and Betty’s relationship, causing friction in her own. But, later on, as she realized her mistake and goes to apologize, she is met with an image she doesn’t quite love.

Ship: Archieronnie / Varchie

Characters: Betty, Archie and Veronica.

TW: None

Requested: Yes

Words: 1432

“Guess who!” Veronica exclaimed as she covered Archie’s eyes with her hands.

“Hmm, that’s a tough one. I’ll have to go..Ronnie?” He replied with a smile. She pulled her hands away and he turned around to face her.

Her hands went to his chest and she pouted. “What gave it away?”

“The high pitch,” Archie said, earning an offended look from Veronica.

“So, what’s up?” She asked, nodding in direction to the many textbooks in his hands.

“I just don’t get any of this content. It’s like she’s talking and my brain doesn’t even turn on. The quiz tomorrow is gonna kick my ass., Archie complained, grunting as they now made their way to fourth period.

“Really? I’m finding it manageable, you know, in relation to all the other legalized torture she has us do.” Ronnie said, getting a smile out of Archie. “You know what, I could teach you if you want. Add another brilliant pupil to my resumé. What do you say?” She nudged at Arch.

“Thanks, Ronnie, but I already told Betty she could come over and tutor me today.”

“Yeah, of course you did,” Veronica said with her eyebrows raised, letting out a sigh.

Archie stopped and turned to her, grabbing her arm and causing Ronnie to turn his way.

“Veronica…” he cupped her cheeks “it’s just school work. You know Betty and I-”

“Have history. Were childhood friends. Are next-door-neighbors. Yeah, save it, Andrews, it’s not like I haven’t heard it before,” She interrupted and pulled his hands from her cheeks.

“It’s not like that and you know it. Betty’s with Jughead, she doesn’t feel like that about me anymore.” Archie said.

“Oh, it’s not Betty I’m worried about,” She said, in an accusing tone.”It’s always Betty. It’s always Betty this and Betty that and Pop’s with Betty and homework with Betty.”

“Ronnie, you’re acting crazy, come on,” He pulled her arm, not allowing her to walk away “You’re my girlfriend, not her.”

“Doesn’t seem like you know that,” Veronica turned around and walked away.

Later that day

“Arch! Archie!” Betty called out to the other side of the hallway, hoping she could ask him what time he’d drop by.

He turned around to see her, walking his way. “Oh, hey Betty.” He said in a monotonous tone.

When she saw his expression, her question was another. “What’s going on? You look down, She said, tucking her hair behind her ears.

“Ronnie and I fought earlier.”

“Oh, what about?” She asked, with a comforting look.

He ran his hands through his hair. “You, actually.”

“Me?” She replied in shock, her eyebrows scrunched with worry. “Archie, what do you mean ‘me’?”

He exhaled. “She thinks I spend too much time with you. Or that I like you more than I like her, or…or that I wish you were with me rather than her or that-”

Arch, breathe.”  Betty said in a calming tone, her head tilted to the side. “You’ll work it out, you always do,” She rubbed his arms and a familiar feeling of warmth came to him. The memories of 2nd grade Betty sleeping beside Archie when he was afraid of the dark, 5th grade Betty bandaging Archie’s wounds when he scraped his knees on the playground. 7th grade Betty telling him it was going to be okay when he needed it the most, when it had been too long since he’d seen his mother. And now. Betty being there for Archie after all these years, because that’s what she was to him. An anchor, a shoulder to cry on, a safe haven, but most importantly, a friend. And nothing else.

And suddenly Archie believed her. They were going to work it out. He would go to Veronica, and tell her that she is everything. And that he loves her and nobody else. And that he didn’t know what he would do if he lost her. And that when he thinks of beauty he thinks of her, when he reads poems he thinks of her, and when he writes music he does too. Betty was right, but wasn’t she always?

As he reached to pull Betty into a hug, he was interrupted by a sudden silence, then sound of clicking heels. They turned around to see what had happened.

The crows opened like the Red Sea to reveal Veronica, looking like she’s just seen a ghost.

“If it isn’t River High’s cutest couple!” She said in an ironic voice. “Tell me again how I’m, what was the word, ‘crazy’?”

“Ronnie,” Archie started “we were just-”

“What’s practicing your prom king and queen yearbook pose?”

“Veronica, I’m sorry.” He began walking to her.

“I’m not.” She bit her lip and walked away, leaving all of them speechless.

Archie ran after Veronica and caught up to her quickly. Now, it was just the two of them. He reached for her hand and turned her to him.

“Archie, don’t.” She said, defeated.

“No, Veronica, let me speak.” She gave him a look as if to say go on.

And so he did, and he knew exactly what to day. He told her everything, from beat his heart skipped when he first saw her at Pop’s to how he felt his heart shatter when she thought, even for a moment, that he didn’t love her. Because he did, exclusively, wholeheartedly, deeply and madly. He told her what he’d thought when he talked to Betty when she assured him that everything was going to be okay. He told her everything, and it had to be enough.

“I’m sorry, Ronnie, if I’ve ever made you feel like you were second place because you never have been and never will. And Betty, she-”

"I know,” Veronica said, calmly.


“I know Betty and I know she could never hurt Jughead.” Veronica breathed out. “And I’m sorry Archie, that I ever thought you could hurt me,” Veronica said as she let out a smile. “Besides, I may or may not overreacted juuust a tiny little bit.”

He pulled her into a hug that seemed like it lasted for hours, and they both wish it did.

You’re gonna work it out, you always do.

“I’ll tell Betty I’m gonna have to bail tonight, she’ll understand,” Archie said.

“You don’t have to.”

“But I want to.” They both smiled.

Later that night

The doorbell rang at the Lodge’s apartment, and Veronica ran to get it. The door opened to redhead boy carrying too many books.

“Hmm, just the boy who I was expecting.” Veronica got on the tip of her toes to kiss him. She was wearing her glasses, and Archie swore he’d never seen something so adorable. “I’ve got it all set up in my room, come on.” She pulled him by the hand.

“Hi, Mrs. Lodge,” Archie said with a smile, as he was dragged by Veronica.

“Hello, Archibald.” She replied with a laugh, not taking her eyes off her book. “And Veronica.”

Archie and Veronica stopped before her door. “Yes, mom?”

“Be good.”

Veronica laughed. “Always.”

She opened the door to her room and, closed it with a thud. She was immediately met with a kiss. Archie pulled her in, cupping her cheeks as she grabbed his shirt. It was a kiss like the one after their very first fight. It meant second chances that nobody but the two were surprised about. Even when the two had spent days without saying a word to each other, or when the fights got ugly and he had to beg for her to stay, everyone knew it was temporary. Because Archie and Veronica are Archie and Veronica, and they always work it out.

Their kiss deepened, their breathing became heavy and their movements became sloppier. His lips were kept promises and cold water. Hers were loud dusks made soundless and skinny dipping. They were both drenched in sweat and adrenaline. His hands moved to grip the fabric at the back of her dress, pulling her even closer. It had been only hours since the last time they kissed, but they craved each other like it was years ago. She reached behind him to lock the door.

“Good, huh?” Archie said with a laugh.

“Shut up, Andrews,” Veronica gave her a light nudge. “But you know what? You’re right! You did come here to study, didn’t you?”

She grabbed the books from the bed and reached for the door. “You coming?” She asked.

“Ronnie, come on!” Archie grunted, moving with her to the living room nevertheless. She said down on the table and organized their materials, getting a disappointed look from Archie.

“What? The quiz isn’t going to pass itself, Archibald.”

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41. "You did all of this for me?” Max/Anne

I’ve avoided this one for ages for no real reason, but this morning inspiration struck, so here, have a cute ‘Anne makes Max breakfast’ drabble.

Max was awoken by swearing coming from the direction of the kitchen. Yawning and stretching, she slowly sat up in bed, rubbing her eyes. When the cursing didn’t let up and the smell of smoke reached Max’s nostrils, she thought she ought to go and see what the commotion was about. Pulling on a robe, she made her way out of the bedroom and down the corridor to the kitchen.

“Fuck,” came Anne’s gravelly voice through the door. “Shit, shit, fuck.”

Stopping outside the kitchen, Max called, “is there anything wrong, mon amour?”

Anne cursed under her breath. “What does it fucking sound like?” she muttered, and then stuck her head out the kitchen door. “It’s all under control,” she said shortly. “Just gimme a couple of minutes. Go back to bed.” She gave Max a quick kiss before disappearing back into the smoky kitchen.

Max raised her eyebrows, but just said, “Very well, ma chérie,” and meandered her way back down the corridor to their bedroom.

Half an hour later, when Max had dozed off again while waiting for Anne to return, the door clicked open, and Max opened her eyes, and then opened them again to make sure she wasn’t still dreaming. But her vision was true – before her eyes stood Anne, batter on her cheek and flour in her hair, holding a breakfast tray complete with a stack of pancakes, slathered in honey and covered with berries, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Anne smiled sheepishly.

Max made to get out of bed, astounded, but Anne pushed her gently back and placed the tray on her lap.

“You did all this for me?” asked Max, stunned, and Anne nodded awkwardly, not meeting her eyes. “Anne, this is amazing – why?”

“Do I need a reason?” she muttered reproachfully, but then she looked up and Max caught the glint in her eye – love as sharp and bright as a sword wielded in sunlight. “I overheard Idelle saying it was your birthday today,” Anne admitted. “Don’t reckon she would’ve told me herself.”

“Hmm.” Max pursed her lips. She understood the reasons behind Idelle’s hostility towards Anne, but even so- but this was not the time for such thoughts. Her love had brought her a most thoughtful gift and she was going to enjoy it. “They look divine, ma chérie,” said Max, taking Anne’s hand and pulling her down for a kiss. “But where are yours?”

Anne huffed out a breath, looking embarrassed. “I did have enough for two batches, but the first ones fucking burned, didn’t they?” She rolled her eyes. “So – all for you,” she said with a ironic flourish of her arms. “Happy birthday, Max,” she added more quietly.

“Thank you,” said Max, smiling up at her. “But you are wrong. I am not going to eat these all to myself. We are going to share them, or I will eat none at all.” And despite Anne’s half-hearted protestations, they did.

there was something about holding him – letting shaking fingers to trail across his creamy cheek – there was something in the way he looked at her, gripped at her single finger with his palm – lips bubbling. never had she seen anything so small, never had she seen anything so purely innocent – so beautiful. and never had she felt this way before – to look into a boy’s wide eyes and to feel so WHOLE. as if, his very presence completed her existence. yes. so this is what LOVE felt like – how it felt to want no one else, to protect and cherish. this is what they meant when they said love moves your soul… 

fingertips brush upon the fair hairs which touch his head – already dark, curling about her fingers, every bit of him already in love with a mother’s touch. how ODD it was to feel so enthralled by a simple giggle –  by the rosy hue of his cheeks, the way his gaze lingered upon her. by the gods, how much she loved him – the very joy of his warmth (bundled close to her chest) enough to strike a single fear – at at any second, with any passing glance of his – her heart would BURST

jon, her sweetest jon, the only boy who managed to grasp at lyanna’s heart – to force himself inside it – to engrave his name upon her flesh. jon – the only man she’d ever love. just like this – forever. 

Edmund x Reader: Then and Now

Could you do an edmund xreader imagine where the reader gets transported to narnia from 2016, but the pevensies are from the 40’s? Thanks!


“So, you’re saying that this square is like a telephone? But it has the power to find out anything you want to know?” the dark brown haired boy tilted his head and waved (Y/n)’s smart phone back and forth.

She chuckled. “Yeah, and it also plays music.”

“What in Narnia?” he muttered, pressing it close to his face. His finger slipped upward on the lockscreen, opening the camera. He grimaced before fixing his hair. “A mirror too?”

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There was a Civil War Iron Man toy at our local mall today and it was the type that said stuff when you press his chest. One of his lines was, “don’t make me do this, Cap” and I just wanted to CRY. AT A TOY SECTION. IN A MALL. WITH PEOPLE. 


Draco Imagine 

Gifs are not mine. 

So I wrote this last year and totally forgot about it until now. 

PS: English is not my first language, so sorry if there’s some of grammar mistakes.            Hope y’all like it xx 

Summary: Y\N finds out her memory has been cleaned. When one of her best friends decide that she has to know the truth it might be too late..

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genre: angst, romance, marriage, divorce
characters: reader and namjoon, bts
word count: 3252


You want the divorce. Your marriage is not the same. You don’t think he loves you anymore. This is the right thing to do…right?

Part 1//Part 2//Part 3//Part 4//Part5

Part 6  What are we doing?

With 30 minutes of party, Gaeun and her husband were still taking pictures with the guests.

“Im exhausted” Gaeun sighed.

“Already?” y/n giggled “you’re getting old!”

“Don’t laugh” she responded to her friend’s teasing.

“Mrs. Hwang” the photographer called.

“It’s our turn, come on” Gaeun said, getting up and putting her shoes on her swallowed feet.

Y/n followed her, glancing at Namjoon who was standing at the opposite end of the table.

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     Continued from here

It was hard, so hard to see Eugene in jail (when it wasn’t her who locked him in because she was trying to force him and Cassandra to get along). She looked up at the Captain of the Guard. “Please, leave us alone,” she said. “Nothing’s going to happen to me.”

She could tell he didn’t want to comply, but he did, and then Rapunzel moved right up against the bars. “Eugene…” she said softly, The cold iron pressed against her face as she peered between the bars. “What happened?”