she said i smelled good

concept: Lukas casually let’s Philip borrow his sweatshirts for a few days at a time before retrieving them just so he can smell Philip’s scent lingering on them when he gets them back.


Twilight: “Wait just a minute, Starswirl was what? Luna, what were you going to say? Celestia interrupted you before you could say it-" 

Celestia looks to her younger sister, with surprisingly, an annoyed expression on her face. Luna sinks back nervously, her cheeks coloring a tinge of red in embarrassment.

Celestia: ”….“

Luna: ”..H-Hehe…“



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today a girl in my class asked me to do her eyeliner. she is so pretty, a natural dirty blonde with freckles who wears her blush along her cheekbones. she picked an electric blue pencil and asked me to line her bottom lashes from the center to the edge. when I leaned in to do it she said I smelled so good and what was I wearing and I was wearing Chloé of course and she said she recognized it and she wore it too, sometimes and also Versace crystal. I think i fell in love with the idea of her just a tiny bit