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Could it simply be that you and your fake Rick are being out voted as opposed to your competion doing sorcery or magic tricks to nearly gain the lead on you? Just a thought her base or support just maybe bigger than yours. More eager. Not everyone is a Richonne fanatic...

Boy, someone’s a salty shit…

You’re right.  Not everyone is a Richonne fanatic.  And you’re also right–she had more reach than I did.  It’s amazing to me that my “Fake Rick” and I have even come this far, as we were not featured on the show, like she was.  And I’ve been told she’s done interviews and whatnot as well.

But I think it does speak to the Richonne fandom that most of our support came from them.  I had my own support, naturally, but I’m pretty sure my network alone couldn’t have gotten us to #1.

That being said, the manner in which her numbers move do not align with how everyone else have received votes thus far.  I’m not naming the tree, I’m only showing you the fruit.

Fuck, I’m lying.  I really don’t care what you think.  But thank you for taking the time to drop anonymous bullshit in my inbox.

Shout out to @kishante for sharing this tidbit to all of the voters:

i’m reading some nepeta logs for the sake of a fic from her pov & i have the feeling there’s various patterns i can’t make sense of

in her first conversation (w/ karkat) she’s extremely acquiescent, in her second (w/ equius) she’s constantly on the attack, in the one w/ vriska on the meteor she mostly just seems disappointed. one of my friends (ash) said that one of the best ways to hurt vriska | piss her off is by ignoring/rejecting her (which is true given the whole aravris dynamic, anyway,)

which makes me wonder what the triggers & methods of nepeta’s offensive disposition (if it can be called that) are, if any. the equius thing makes her look much more calculating than she ever does in fanon — she very much tried to stall him telling her not to go on the other team — but maybe she actually does have a combination of the calculation to try & get what she wants + the sentimentality to not do so wantonly (while it could be said most trolls like either | both)

the karkat situation is sort of obvious although in the light of her moirallegiance w/ equius: “ If not you, then who? Everyone has an important job to do.” nepeta is possibly one of the characters in homestuck who’s not just altruistic, but self-sacrificing/with a poor grasp of boundaries — potentially expressed otherwise, but naturally never in a horrible manner like gamzee — w/ which we can then maybe also explain the vriska situation? she certainly tried to gently coax vriska out of it until she’d evidently ran out of options — | rather, when vriska had run out of sonas — & only then did she say “maybe let’s not roleplay at all.” (which was naturally enough for vriska who’s hypersensitive to such a message anyway)

in the equius conversation she’s fucking amazing though, goddamn. 

AC: :33 < nooo, thats you
AC: :33 < everyone knows youre a weirdo and a cr33p!
AC: :33 < thats why youre lucky to have me to k33p an eye on you
AC: :33 < no one else can stand you!


i suppose i’m just wondering about what aggressive dialogue might look like if she’s actually hurt/scared/enraged, if anything. input would be welcome if anyone has anything

anyway the reason why i’m thinking about all of this is fucking horrible & will be released somewhere in the weeks to come, probably

Who is this cosplayer?

She was quite friendly, asked if she could get photos together where she was tugging on my tie and I said sure, as long as I got some too.

Pauli seemed to recognize this female Tenth Doctor when I showed her the photos after we met up again.  But now I’ve forgotten where she might have recognized this person from.

It’s been bugging me since Emerald City Comicon last April.  I ask for no other reason than my own curiosity, and to maybe find another cool cosplayer to follow on social media.  I’m assuming she made the dress herself, and it’s brilliant.

Anyone know who this cosplayer is?

I’m not gonna comment under nobody’s post b/c I feel it is disrespectful. But this is what happens when you play with fire. You’re liking pics thinking you’re being cute or funny or making the fans mad (or happy depends on what side they are on) but all along you are playing into her narrative of YOU; that you are crazy, aggressive, now she can say anything and ppl (not fans) believe it b/c we’ve seen you “stalk” her, be aggressive (verbally) with her and others linked to her. So while you sit back and laugh thinking it’s funny, the devil is stacking them chips on you.  Be smart.....Grow up.....Stay Busy.....Stop giving the devil things to use against you.

If you dont like what I said COOL! I have my own mind, my own thoughts.  I’m no ones defender. I just have a different opinion than you! #stillwaiting And for the records I dont believe most of what was said but most ppl havent followed him like I have and know her lies. Most ppl will go off of what they see on social media.

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TMI Tuesday prompt - Rumbelle + getting a new car. any 'verse.

(( Let’s check on the Storybrooke!Soulmates and see how they are! =D ))

Belle frowned. “This is too much.”

“what do you mean?”

“This!” Belle said, gesturing to the screen before her that had listings of all manner of different cars. “It’s too much.”

“You were against a dealership…”

“That would have been worse.” She sighed, sitting back in the chair. “I don’t need a new car…”

Belle’s voice trailed off. Of course, that wasn’t exactly the case. While her car got her from point A to point B, it was still her father’s old car and would not last her much longer. She hadn’t expected her soulmate to offer to buy her one, let alone insist on it.

“You deserve a new car.” Gold said gently, placing his hands on her shoulders and rubbing gently. She melted under his touch immediately. “It’s no trouble sweetheart.”

Belle hummed. “You don’t have to buy me one.”

“Of course I do.” His fingers worked at a sore spot on her neck, and Belle hummed again. “I’d buy you anything you need. That’s what soulmates are for.”

“That’s not what soulmates are for.” She sighed as the soreness in her neck was soothed by his touch. “You’re cheating.”

“How’s that?”

“You’re buttering me up with a massage so I’ll agree.”

Gold hummed this time, smirking to himself as he leaned down to kiss her hair. “Is it working?” Belle was silent, and a small niggling erupted in his head, letting him know she was displeased. “Let me spoil you a little, sweetheart.”

“This isn’t a little I…” She sighed, her hand catching his. She stroked his knuckles with the pad of her thumb. “We’re not…I’d never be able to pay you back.”

Gold’s brows furrowed. “Does that matter?”

“Of course it does!” Belle said, looking up at him. “You’re thinking of dropping a few grand on me like it’s nothing. I can’t…”

“Belle.” Her babbling ceased, and Gold smiled. He brought his arms around her from his place behind her, cradling her hands in his. “Look at your left hand.”

Belle tilted her head, but showed him her palm. His name shown proudly, tattooed there for only the two of them to see. “It’s not any different.”

“Except it is.” He said, moving to lace their fingers together. “It’s got me now. You have me now. And I have you.”

“This is what soulmates are for…” Belle echoed, looking up at him again. “I suppose I shouldn’t fight it then. I’ll let you spoil me a little. This once.

She brought his knuckles to his lips, kissing them easily. “I love you, Rumple.”

“And I love you.” He said. “Now, let’s get to the dealership before it closes.”


Gou Suoh for @itsoceansecret BC

Hey! My name is Gou, and I’ve been looking forward to write my entry! 

Like I said, my name is Gou Suoh, I’m 19 years young. I recently enrolled college where I study Equestrian Equine Studies as my major. I’ve been fascinated by horses my whole life and when I turned 13 I had my first very own horse. I still have her, and today she is stabled at Middleford Equine where I work part time. My job there is to look after the horses, feed them and make sure they stay healthy.

Other than my horses, I like to hike and travel. Although I live in the States, I would love to visit Japan where my family are originally from. Seeing we are on the topic; I’m have one older brother and twin sisters where I’m the middle one. 

I am also vegetarian, but not for the reason that I pity the animals. Meat simply doesn’t speak to me. I can eat chicken, fish and other meat occasionally, but I don’t enjoy it. I do make sure to get the vitamins I miss though, so no need to worry about that. 

I hope I was able to spark some curiosity in you! I hope to meet you over a cup of tea, hot cocoa or coke or something in the future!”

i had a therapy appointment today and it… didn’t really help

the first appointment is always just kinda retraumatizing yourself by explaining all of it for the hundredth time

but like… she kinda seemed surprised about how well i was doing? like, she was surprised how deep i had gone into my own feelings and how well i was able to articulate them, and how aware i was of myself and the traps i might fall into

but she seemed to be encouraging me to feel angry at him or like he shouldn’t have done what he did, and i just… don’t think that’s productive

being angry at him just gives me yet one more thing i’ll never get closure from him about

she asked if i knew why he didn’t get help, and i said i knew exactly why and told her so, but that was just him, and i couldn’t have done a thing, and so it didn’t help one whit

i think i need to see it as inevitable in order to move on

today just left me feeling unsettled

She was warned. She was called UNqualified. Nevertheless, she persisted. 

YES friends it’s time for another Dee’s Reviews! As I’ve said before, I undoubtedly have no business writing these given the sorry state of my own creative expression, but hey, I always say, if you can’t do, critique! 

Also keep in mind I don’t read the real judges critiques so if I’m repeating or repeating or contradicting, well, so be it.  

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? 

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Nearly every year, for the past thirty years, Frances Goldin has gone to New York City Pride holding a sign that reads, “I adore my lesbian daughters. Keep them safe.” (x)

“Since the beginning of the parade, I’ve been going and waving my sign,” Goldin said. “It sort of hit a nerve with people, particularly those whose parents rejected them. The response to the sign is always so great — it urges me to keep going.”

“Everybody would come running up to her and cry, kiss her, and say, ‘Would you call my mother?’ or ‘Would you be my mother?’” her daughter, Sally, explained. 

“She’d take down names and addresses and write letters to these kids’ mothers!” 

When asked about all the young LGBT parade-goers who have begged her to speak to their own mothers, Goldin replied, “I think I changed a few people’s minds and I’m glad about that. Everyone should support their gay and lesbian children, they’re missing a lot in life if they don’t.”

“My father is a simple laborer and my mother has the brain of a twelve year old child. She has a development problem. I was never able to ask her questions when I was growing up, like: ‘How does this work?’ or ‘What does this mean?’ She was the one asking me all the questions. She never said much to me beyond ‘Hello.’ For the longest time I thought it was normal. But when I started to visit the houses of my friends, I noticed that their mothers were hugging them, and cooking them food, and talking to them. But I had no one to take care of me. I started going to nightclubs at the age of twelve. I had no supervision. I never went to college. I still live at home now. I work seventy hours a week and I don’t have a family of my own. If I left the house, it would be a disaster. Neither of my parents can read or write. I do everything for them. I feel like there are no doors open for me, but often I hear people say: ‘No matter what, you can accomplish your dreams.’ So I do feel guilty for not achieving more.”

(Cordoba, Argentina)

i went to the psychiatrist today, looking to get a professional diagnosis for bpd. when i told her that i think i have bpd she said “oh good! its really hard to diagnose people with things when they have no idea what they might have.” she also said that if i think i have bpd, then i probably have bpd. its that simple. she even told me to do my own research and come to my own conclusions and then bring back what ive put together. so everyone that has said that my self diagnosis was stupid or wrong, eat my entire ass.

Each time I see the death scene of Mary at the aquarium,each time. It gets so unrealistic..This is making me believe more and more that the whole episode is nothing but Sherlock’s own narrative.He is making things his own way. He is glossing over things. 

**First of all the minutes long speech by Mary before dying (You probably know by now how unrealistic that is). He is sure that Mary would have said to John that how great John is. How She doesn’t deserve John. Which is actually Sherlock’s own mind telling him that he doesn’t deserve John,the perfect human being. 

**He still thinks in his own mind that Mary is sorry for shooting Sherlock. So Mary says Sorry again in his narrative.

**He thinks he is responsible for Mary’s death now. So he thinks now they are even (pfffft). So yes, Mary says they are definitely even now.

**“You were my whole world.” I really don’t get how can Mary possibly get to say all these things consciously. It’s almost like Sherlock saying John is his whole world.

**Sherlock thinks John would be outraged by Mary’s death because he loved her and will react in a very heartbroken way. Which John does.

**”You made a vow.” That’s the first time I heard John say it. Before that, it was Sherlock ,constantly reminding everyone that he made a vow. So it does not feel like John at all. It’s Sherlock again, making things up, polishing them in his own way.

**And this particular sentence…

“Being Mary Watson is the only life worth living.”

I knew the only sounded familiar..

“John, I am a ridiculous man redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship”

TST was a narrative. A clever one to mislead everyone for the first time you see it. It’s Sherlock’s story.It’s heavily biased and unreliable. The true story is not being told yet..(btw I think Mary is dead. But the true incident was different than we saw)

I would love to know everyone’s thoughts. Feel free to add or approve or disapprove. :D

OK Piper McLean fans, listen up

I’m Cherokee. I’m a Cherokee girl. I’m a major Piper fan because she’s a Cherokee woman like myself. There’s been some Discourse© about her hair. Sit down, buckle up, because you guys are about to some knowledge dropped on you. 

So the issue is about her hair; people keep drawing my girl with undercuts. I don’t think she would have one, and if she did there’s only one good reason. 

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Annabeth Hair Headcannons

When I was 12 I loved Annabeth because like…she didn’t really give a shit about what she looked like, and there would be moments where Rick would say “She woke up with a rat’s nest” or “She didn’t have time to brush it” and yeah. That meant a lot to little me. So here are some headcannons based on my own blonde, thick, curly hair experiences.

  • When she was living on the streets with Luke and Thalia, she wouldn’t really brush her hair. Sometimes she would, but she would only comb through the top later bcuz she was young and in a rush, so there was this giant hidden knot of tangles at the base of her neck.
  • (Thalia eventually had to cut off the clump because it was so gnarly. Annabeth named it “George”)
  • Back when she was still living at home, her stepmom would force her to sit down every morning so she could comb through the bed-head. She would rip the brush through Annabeth’s hair, and roll her eyes when she started crying. “Stop being dramatic. It’s not that bad.”
  • Because of that ^^, Annabeth’s head is basically numb now??? Like, you could tear out a clump of hair and she would hardly react.
  • She can’t fit all her hair under a hat. Even when it’s in a bun. It’s fucking impossible.
  • She gets tons of questions like “What shampoo/conditioner do you use?” and she’s like “…uh, whatever’s in the shower?? Department store shit?” and they nod like she’s just given them sage haircare advice.
  • Annabeth doesn’t cut her hair short. She can’t make herself, even though she knows it would be more practical to have short hair but…she can’t. It’s not a vanity thing. Her hair is unique, she knows this, and it’s sort of become a part of her. Like a calling card.
  • She feels the same way with dying her hair. Sometimes, she really hates being blonde, because there’s always some fuckboy who’s like “lol ur blonde u must be a dumb whore” which is stupid and doesn’t even make sense, but some ppl actually slut-shame her about it. So she keeps the color because fuck those people.
  • People are always asking to braid her hair. All the time. It’s fucking annoying.
  • (The only person she lets braid her hair is Piper because she actually knows what the fuck she’s doing.)
  • Some people just…touch her hair. Like, random strangers. In the grocery store, at the movies, in school. OMFG all the time in school, the kid sitting behind her will reach out and pat her hair, and she’ll turn around to glare and they’ll just be like “what?”
  • She plays with it when she’s hyper-focusing, twirling and twisting it around her fingers. Once when she was 13 a group of girls started teasing her about it. “Why do you always play with your hair? Do you think your special? Are you trying to flirt? You’re so weird and gross.” She stopped playing with it in public after that.  
  • She ALWAYS has hair-ties. ALWAYS. She’s that girl with, like, four hair-ties on her left wrist at all times. You need a hair-tie? Go to Annabeth, she’s gotchu.
  • All of her hair-ties break, though. Like, they just snap. She has to buy the super durable ones.
  • The only people who are allowed to play with her hair without asking for express permission are: Percy, Piper, Hazel (although she always asks anyways), and Rachel.
  • OMFG Rachel and Annabeth and Hazel bond over their curly hair. Like, they each have different kinds of curly hair, but they can all bond together over it.
  • Like, someone says “you can’t comb your hair in the shower” or “do you ever brush your hair?” and Annabeth, Rachel, and Hazel share a Look.
  • Annabeth went through a phase where whenever someone would say something like “OMG i would do anything to have your hair you’re so lucky,” she would respond with “ok i can shave it off and glue it to your head if you want” with a complete straight face. 
  • She gets headaches when she wears high ponytails.
  • Her hair gets REALLY poofy when she brushes it out. Like, just a cloud of poof. It’s such a relief when she does this sometimes, because it sort of takes off a lot of its weight.
  • If she ever does cut her hair, she’s going to donate it. All of it. 
  • She hates it when ppl call her “blondie”. Even Percy.
  • She’s actually broken a few hairbrushes before. But now she knows what kinds to buy.
  • For the last time, no. She doesn’t like straightening her hair. It takes forever, it’s really hot and uncomfortable, and it never stays. It’s stupid.
  • She can totally hide things in her hair. Sometimes ppl will stick pencils and pens in it. Percy and Piper have a game where they try to see how many things they can fit in her hair without her noticing.
  • She has to braid it when she swims. Like, none of that majestic hair-flowing-underwater crap. If her hair gets wet, it will tangle, and brushing that shit out is a pain in the ass.
  • She’s recognizable in a crowd. She sort of likes that.
  • Sometimes, Percy will refer to her hair as a lion’s mane. She sort of likes that.
  • Generally, she doesn’t really care about how it looks. It poofs up when it’s summer, it turns dark when it’s winter, and it will get tangles no matter how many times she brushes it. She doesn’t have the time or energy to care.
  • She doesn’t shave her legs, because who gives a shit? (also she’s blonde so the hair doesn’t really show up, so if she did care that wouldn’t be too much of a problem.)

Just….Annabeth dealing with her hair like only Annabeth would.

Ok I just saw a post saying that “Alone at Sea is a story about an abuser trying to re-enter her victim’s life” and, honestly, it is really annoying.

The person who took advantage of somebody’s genuine belief that they were on the same side only to drag her away and imprison her is the abuser.

The person who screamed, “I’m done being everyone’s prisoner! Now you’re my prisoner, and I’m never letting you go!” is the abuser.

The person who, when somebody else came to help, outright refused that help, finally using emotional manipulation (“Just let me do this for you!”) and lies “I’m not Lapis anymore. We’re Malachite now”) is the abuser. And, yes, I said lies. Super Watermelon Island revealed that she was indeed still Lapis, and Jasper was still Jasper. Sure, they might have been fused together as Malachite but unlike other fusions, like Sugilite, Malachite did not have her own personality, though that was clear what Lapis intended Steven to think when she said that.

The person who canonically admitted, “I liked taking everything out on you!” is the abuser. The person who used somebody else as her own, personal scapegoat is the abuser. Lapis abused Jasper. She was not the victim.

Chastity, you asked for it.

My own fault, sent the key to an ex-girlfriend, who am still good friends with. She called me up, thanked me for the card and asked what the key was for as I had asked her to call me when it arrived and to hold onto it for a few weeks. I said I didn’t want to tell her over the phone but could I come down an show her. She said I have to tell her first, so I said a chastity device. She asked if it was on, I said no I was waiting to confirm she had the key. She said I should have asked first and she was going to throw both keys away. I was glad that I hadn’t put it on but sad with her response. About a month later she called me up, said she still had the keys safe and asked if I still had the device and could she see it. I drove the 3 hours to her place and showed her the device. It’s a metal belt device with a anal ring and a solid cock sheath sticking out and down at the front and a cross at the end. She picked it up and turned it over a few times in her hands. She then said you are willing to wear this if I say I will be your, your keyholder as you described it? Yes I said. Let me get this straight, I don’t have to do anything apart from not giving you the keys back and that means you can’t get hard, cum or even touch yourself unless I say so? Yes I said again. Fine do you have the padlock with you? I showed it to her and she said lock it and hand it to me. I did and told me to wait. She then went to her room and 2 minutes later came back with the open padlock. Now you can see I have the keys so now I want to see this chastity device on you. I started to strip and she kept asking if I was sure about this and did she need to do anything. I kept assuring her it was fine and no she did not have to do a thing. Once naked she turned to me and said do I want to do anything before it goes away. My heart was racing and my mind went blank, I just said I need to get it on quick before I get to hard or change my mind. I put the belt around my waist and she passed the underside between my legs to me. Within a few seconds my cock was in the tube and my balls were through the hole just below. I could feel my cock start to harden as I put the left side over the tab for the padlock. I then pulled the right side over and slid it over the tab. While holding it she slipped the padlock through the hole, sat back and said are you sure you want this. Let me look this over. She then pulled, turned me around and bent me over and said so this is where you poop and you have to sit to pee, right? Yes. Ok I will ask you one last time if this is what you want? Yes this what I want, I said. Right, she said, stand in front of me, hands behind your back, last chance… before I could open my mouth she snapped the lock shut. Got you, she smiled, and I get to say when you get out as you forgot to ask. You see I have been reading up online about this and the best way is to get them locked before a time limit can be set, then it becomes the keyholder’s decision, you might regret this before long. She then grabbed my balls and said these are mine also and I expect then to get real full, and she gave them a firm squeeze. I let out a sharp breath. She let go and said get dressed we can go for a meal and a movie, your treat to me. Everything was fine until it was time for me to leave. Work the next day and a 3 hour drive home. As we kissed goodbye she placed her hand on the device, all mine she said, I like that idea. She then placed a sealed envelope in my pocket. Be sure to call me when you get back, but I know you will. The drive home was fine but I needed to go to the toilet as soon as I walked in. Then it sunk in, sitting to pee, every time. I cleaned myself up and called her to say I was home. She then showed how into this she was by saying stay on the phone as I bring myself off. An hour later she had finished and had told me to call her tomorrow. There I was in chastity, with a woman over 3 hours away with the only keys, but then I remembered there was a third key I had held back in an emergency. It was in ice in my freezer, so would defrost in about 2 hours and the I could masturbate myself to sleep. The time seemed to take for ever but I got the key. Time for release, I put the key in but it would not turn. I tried over and over again still it would not turn. I then remembered the envelope she had given me. I opened it and 2 keys were inside with a card saying, I am returning your keys and as you should have found out they don’t fit your padlock. I checked online and I found out that type is issued with 3 keys, so I purchased my own so I have all 3 to the one you are wearing. Let this be your first lesson, do not try me. I want to do this for you and you will follow my rules. The first rule is from now on no male underwear ever. You might have to buy pads to help with the leaks. Now call me and say thank you for being such a great keyholder.
My face dropped, this is it, for real. All I can say is be careful what you wish for.


My poor Christmas bunny somehow managed to severely fracture her leg overnight last night. I took her to the vet this morning and the only options we have are to humanely euthanize her or amputate her back leg. The vet said she’s a fighter and is very happy and healthy. I absolutely do not want to put her to sleep she was just given to me as a Christmas present from my boyfriend, I love her like a child. However the surgery is very expensive and I’m still paying off my own surgery that I had in March.

If I made a gofundme would you guys be willing to help reblog and spread the news ? Thank you so much it would mean the world. I love this bunny she does not deserve this.

“Who are The Talons?” “They’re mercenary royalty. If Overwatch was Us Weekly, they would always be on the cover.” “That one there, that’s Widowmaker. She is one of the meanest girls you will ever meet. McCree was on a mission with her last year.” “She said she would kill me with my own hat if I talked to her" “And that big one? That’s Reaper.” “He’s totally rich because he helped found Overwatch.” “Reaper knows everybody’s business. He knows everything about everyone.“ “That’s why his thighs are so big. They’re full of secrets.” “And evil takes a human form in Sombra. Don’t be fooled, because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, slut-faced ho-bag. But in reality, she is so much more than that.” “She’s the queen bee, and the Queen B. The star. Those other two are nothing compared to her.” “Sombra. How do I even begin to explain Sombra?”

“Sombra is flawless.”

“She has two Gucci purses and a lavender Porsche.”

“I hear her hair’s insured for $10,000.”

“Genji said she does car commercials. In Japan.”

“Her favorite movie is The Devil Pears Prada.”

“One time, she met Beyonce on a plane. And she told her she was pretty.”

“One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome.”

Look all I’m saying is Sombra literally sent this fandom on an egg hunt, most of the puzzles leading to info we already knew, and probably laughed at all of the angry Reddit comments because it was fun watching people running around trying to find her and if that isn’t the most Mean Girl thing you’ve ever heard I don’t know what to tell you.