she said i cant even

anyone that draws the director white owes griffin $250

When ya mom say some transphobic as fuck stuff

Matt Hastings said “maybe one of my favorite romantic scenes i’ve ever had the privilege of shooting”. This is so disgusting. I can’t believe the show i used to like so much is turning into shit. Im so disappointed, sad and angry. How can this be romantic? There’s no love here, Isabelle made Raphael addicted to her. She forced him to bite her even if he said “i cant do it” SHE !!!! ABUSED AND MANIPULATED !!!! HIM !!!!! to be honest, it’s like to see Simon & Camille again. And i can’t believe there are people out there who thinks that they’re cute together??? I’m just glad that Magnus called out their toxic relationship

thinking emoji

  • gf: I just want you to be you.
  • me: ???? who the fuck is that???
lls2 ep 1 meta recap post?

Intro: last night (oct 7, 2017, around 10pm PHT) i was pseudo-liveblogging on the first episode of love live sunshine season 2, posting caps and spouting dirt-tier memes when my good ol pal @sabraee (y’all know her as miki also check out her metapost) dropped into my dm’s, also in the middle of digesting the ep, and said to me something to the effect of “hey dude you should totally make some meta posts”

like a day later, here i am, trying my hand at the whole LLS meta talk business

yea this is a screencap from the ep and this is what my irrelevant captions look like. also, sunrise visual pun! symbolic? uh yea

I’m crap at intros! hi im xtreme-icecream, known by some as nick, my only background in metanalysis posting is that one post i made last year about ep 9. join me for some serious dang nerd talk about LLS: Lyrical Lesbian Saga!

Before we begin the season I think it would be useful to bring up Sunshine’s big themes, what the story is supposed to make you think about and what drives it. From season 1 we can glean, roughly and in my crude, breezy language:

  • This is very important: There’s Nothing In The Country. City Folk Have It All. (Fight For Your Folks In The Boonies. No One Else Will.)
  • You can’t follow the footsteps of your idols if the roads have changed. Chika took a beating (in her heart) to get in her head that five years of competitive evolution and their own circumstances mean Aqours can never be μ’s 2.0.
  • “Shining” (and what it means)
  • something zero to one. something out of nothing.

Sunshine is going to come back to these concepts again and again because that’s what the story is about, and we gotta keep that in mind when we analyze a storyline. What’s it trying to show us bout This Thing? What aspect of This Thing are we talking about this episode? etc. Season 2 may have new themes, probs does, and if they’re woven in well we’ll be able to figure out what they are.

Ok cool we are equipped to Dig In. The episode opens with Chika.

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Doctor Jules?”

The man straightened, shaking bits of glass from his hair. “Haven’t heard that name in years.” He shook his head and winced. 

“Quickly now. Where is the witch?” he demanded, as if he didn’t have blood pouring down his face.

Sybil snorted. “Fine. I’ll talk.”

Dr Devorak visibly preened at that. “Ha! You’ve changed your tune. Go–”

“I have no fucking clue where he is." 

The taller man blinked at her, mouth frozen mid sentence. 

"He never tells me where he’s going. But if you’re desperate I’d suggest searching the bottom of the harbor right now,” she added in a sickly sweet tone.

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Some show/game: (includes a character that isnt skinny)

A hundred guys out of no where: i REALLY dont like how games are getting political, why have turned into some sort of movement?


You guys had such an amazing relationship when you were in the house. You never crossed the line and you had each other’s backs. You had to do what you had to do game-wise when it came down to it but you guys were this powerhouse team. Are you surprised by the fact that you caught feelings?