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Not Your Usual Tattoo

***PLEASE NOTE: This is Part Two of a series. You can find Part One linked below.***

Pairing: TattooArtist!Daveed x Reader

Summary: You go to a clipping. concert and get a lot more than you asked for. (This contains smut.)

Warnings: some aspects of d/s, fingering, oral sex, some biting, hickeys, hair pulling, slight dirty talk (i guess), Daveed with tattoos (tbh that’s the real killer in this AU)

Words: 6.5k+ (shit, I am so sorry)

Part One | Part Two

A/N: So this has been in the works for a longgg time and it is FINALLY done! I am so excited to release it! I hope you guys like it! <3 shoutout to @helplesslylins for being the B E S T and sticking with me through this ride! Also first fic on my rebirth account!

Tags: @tempfixeliza @daveeddiggsit @diggs4life @americanrevelation @patron-saintof-sluts @icanneverbesatisfied @merrahonthawall, @hamilbroke, @sharkastic-issues, @videogamedriver, @boredonatuesdaynight @thehamiltonpost , @hamiltonwrotetheother51 @butlinislin, @nadialinett14 , @librarychild , @spidey-boii , @me-hoy-me-trash , @serkewen12 , @daveedish , @linmanuclmiranda , @autistic-alien , @runnerriley, @hamilsquad-writings , @runnerriley

You’d be lying if you said you weren’t overly excited for the concert. The past week you’ve been playing strictly clipping. Clipping. was the only thing that felt right during your commutes around the city. You knew a fair amount of songs by the time the concert rolled around. Doors were at 8 but you decided to be in the area at 7:30, there was a small line but it wasn’t anything crazy. Everyone seemed to be chill and friendly, there was excited chatter about clipping. but most of it was centered around Daveed.

“I’m just saying if he wanted to pull me backstage I would not mind.” A girl to your left spoke to her group of friends.

They all burst into laughter and you quietly agreed in your head as you unlocked your phone.

“Hey Rafael!”

You looked up, a few people in line were calling out to Rafael who was walking past. You two connected eyes for a second and he did a double take before walking to you.

“Hey! You came.” Rafa smiled, tucking his hand into his pockets.

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Memory Lane | 02 ft. Yoongi

Originally posted by jimiyoong

→ grumpy husband yoongi au aka lots of fluff and a little smut
1.9k words
part 1 | part 2 | part 3BTS in 10 years!AU

A/N: Still on a hiatus but wanted to upload this as a thank you for the overwhelming support and love for Memory Lane part 1! I love this au and stay tuned for other members’ in this au! <3 

You’re laying in his arms, wrapped in the fluffiest bath robe you’ve ever worn, sitting on the balcony and staring out over the water. It’s been three days since you two got here to Bora Bora and it’s been a dream come true for you, since you’d always wanted to come here for your honeymoon as a child.

Today was an incredibly jam packed day, the schedule consisting of snorkeling and watching and experiencing the traditional culture. You patted his arm that’s wrapped around your waist. “Thank you Yoongi.”

He shifts behind you, low voice murmuring in your ear a little too delayed. “Mmm, for what?”

You giggle, and turn around to look at him, and like you expected, he was too close to dozing off. Laughing and turning in his arms so you can snuggle against his chest, he wraps his arm around your shoulders instead and props his chin on the crown of your head.

“I know you hate stuff like this, but thank you for bringing me here.”

He snorts, grabbing his wine glass and sipping at it while looking up at the stars. “You’re right I don’t, this shit sucks. I just wanna sleep.”

“I know Yoongi.” You hold him a bit tighter against you, molding yourself against him. “That’s why I’m so happy you agreed to all of this.”

He chuckles, the arm on your shoulder dropping to stroke your upper arm with slow and firm movements. “You’re lucky I kind of love you because I don’t even do this kind of stuff for the maknae.”

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Like I’m Dyin’

Rockstar Dean/Demon!Dean Winchester x Reader 

Small town singer Dean Winchester suddenly becomes a Vegas rockstar. Will his girlfriend be able to get back the simple man he once was?

Warnings: ANGST, double dose of SMUT, breath play, fluff, feels, alcohol, demeaning language, a moment of non-con which is resolved, angsty ending. 

A/N: This is for @bulletscrossbowpie’s AU Challenge/Rockstar. Also @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Challenge: D.D. by The Weeknd. I figured this was my chance to combine my fav version of Dean with my fav version of Jensen. So I give you, Rockstar Demon!Dean in leather. WC: 6238 On AO3

Gifs aren’t mine, but the concert pic in the aesthetic is from @stardustandmelancholy and the gifs/videos are from Tumblr and YouTube.

Hyattsville was a small town in western Kansas, known for it’s ‘biggest hay bale in America’ tourist trap and a former high school beauty queen turned national news anchor. I met the Winchester brothers one evening when I was getting coffee at a shop in town. They were singing at open mic night- the younger brother playing guitar as the older brother sang. He had an amazing, sultry voice that sent shivers down my arms. And the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous didn’t hurt either.

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Shameless [a reddie fic] CH 1

Richie Tozier, 17, lead guitarist of your resident small town alt-rock band band Gifted just wants to make it big as a musician.
Eddie Kaspbrak, also 17, resident pretty boy of Derry High School just wants to live for once in his fucking life.

(i just needed to write this sdjkfkj punk!richie and preppy!eddie are life ok. AO3 link - pls check here for rating, warnings and notes for now, if something in particular applies i’ll include it here too, for now it’s just language i guess?)

Chapter One

“I want to fuck off from this town,” Bev puffs her cigarette. The smoke is hitting Richie’s face but he doesn’t mind. “As soon as possible.”

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Work Your Body, Let’s Dance

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader [ fem ver ]

TW: mentions of alcohol, has some sexual references, all in all pretty mature content but not really since I’m small

it’s in between fluff and angst idk :(

Word count: 3747

• frat boy, college! au Daniel
• the most elite fraternity on campus, the 101 is hosting a huge party in celebration of summer
• it’s a long night, this part is exclusive, invite-only

hey, anon, hope you don’t mind I added frat boy au bc that was the first thing that popped into my head when I read your request. 😬 i’m not the best at this kind of scenarios ( apparently i’m known as the fluff, innocence, and young love writer ) but i will try, thank you, anon. S/O to my gem @woojiniee for the help 💝

- admin L
PS: very unrealistic considering the fact i have never partied and contains no dancing contrary to the title…..


Your own apartment complex was dull and quiet, many students had already packed up and left to go home for Summer break but just a few blocks down, the 101 fraternity house was teeming with life. And that was where you and your friends were heading next. It was going to be THE party of the Summer before the holidays had even begun. You knew it. The 101 never held back on parties. So, even though parties were not your preferred scene, you rarely missed out on a 101 party.

Being invited to a 101 party was almost like being invited to a state dinner. They were just that recognised and distinct. Despite their popularity, not much was known about them. They were lowkey yet highkey. Some basic information was that there were eleven main members who lived in the house but they had almost a hundred seniors who graduated before them or juniors they were ‘training’ to maintain the prestige of the 101. It was definitely intriguing. 

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pammers86  asked:

Hi! So can I request a blurb please? I would LOVE to see a Harry blurb based off the song, There's Us by the Backstreet Boys? Ever hear of it? It's fantastic! Thanks 😘😜😘

can you do a harry writing where y/n is an architecture student came to study in London

Could you do one where Harry tries to break you out of your shell because you’re a shy person and keep turning him down when he asks you out, that would be so cute x

Hey Susie! After a week I have now gotten through all of your blurbs/one shots about Harry and love them all. Would you maybe write a little something about you maybe moving in with Gemma in London and Harry meeting you that way and developing a crush on you and how that would all pan out?

So…Pam sent me this request and I’d been sitting on all the others for awhile and a light bulb went off, this would make a great series.  

There’s Us is one of my favorite love songs ever, not even because it’s my boys who sing it.  It is a beautiful, angsty, pull emotion out of you from the depths of your soul type song and they sound like angels singing it.  If you’d like to hear the song, you can go here to listen.  I based it mostly off the chorus.

This will be three parts.  Starting with this.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Thanks to @harrys-furrowed-brow​ for the banner

The Beginning…

Ok so it sounds weird when I say it.  But I love buildings.  My friends always tease me, because honestly, who in the world loves buildings.  But I do.  I love the curves and the straight edges.  I love the way windows are placed.  I love the way corners come together.  I love the old buildings with intricate carvings on the outside and new buildings with their modern lines and clean outlines.  I was a geek for it.  If there was a channel all about buildings, I’d watch it 24/7.

I got the chance to go to London when my Structural Design professor, Mr. Franzen, handed me a brochure about studying abroad.  He knew I would never have gone for it without his goading.  So every day as class let out, he called me over and asked me if I’d applied.  I finally did, never thinking for a moment I would get chosen.  But I was.

I had a month to plan how I would get over there, a job situation and where I would live.  I made the decision fairly quickly that I didn’t want to live in any school housing while I was there.  I wanted the full London experience.  So, I got online one weekend and I figured everything out.  My parents bought me the plane ticket, bless their hearts.  I found a job at a book shop in the area where I wanted to live.  The lady I spoke to on the phone said she was the owner and in her thick British accent, “I been lookin’ fer someone for a bloody year!”.

The hardest thing to find was housing.  But the school’s website had classifieds on it where students could advertise things and one of them happened to be rooms for rent.  I emailed the first couple that looked promising and after a few responses, I had my living situation handled.

I was off to London a week later.

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open windows, chapter 1 | jonerys [got] fic | jonerys week

Title: Open Windows - Chapter 1
Characters/Pairings: Jon/Dany, Arya/Gendry, Shireen, Stannis, 
Rating: M
Spoilers/Warnings: Animal Death (in chapter 2), eventual smut, mastubation, abuse of the word ‘fuck’
Word Count: ~5,032
Summary: Jon has a new neighboor he can see across his open window every morning, and he’s sure Ghost and Nymeria, like Arya, are in love with her. Or, Jon and Arya share an apartment and Dany moves to the building in front of their window and plays with their dogs at the distance.
A/N: Another one that got a little out of hand. This was supposed to be a one-shot, and now is a three-shot, but whatever. My point stands in that the story needed to be told as it wanted to. I’ll be posting the two chapters left one a week, tomorrow I’ll post day 4 of the jonerys week for this was done for day 3: Modern AU.

AO3 | Read on my blog:

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 @friendlygaygiant I died 5 times writing this

The splattering and pattering of fairly heavy rain on the windows is what woke Evie up; the rhythmic combing of gentle fingers in her hair is what made her open her eyes.

“…Mal,” she murmured.

“…E,” Mal’s voice murmured right back, sounding a little bit louder to Evie with her head on Mal’s chest.

Eyes still too heavy from sleep, Evie let them drift shut again and let her hearing take over for her sight, listening to the rain outside and Mal’s heartbeat in her ear.  She couldn’t tell if she was in Auradon or a fairytale.

“Mal,” she said again.


“What time is it?” she curled closer into Mal’s body.

“Like I care,” Mal sighed, and Evie could register the peace and contentment in the sound.

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Oh My Baby - V

Oh My Baby Masterlist ||

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 1867

“What!?” bellowed Chanyeol in shock. “What do you mean you can’t find him!?”

Jongdae ran his hand through his hair, his eyes quickly scanning the room for any sign of Eunwoo. He looked back up at Chanyeol, “Someone came in here to check on him but he’s not here, they’ve been looking for him for about an hour.”

“Well where else would he be?!” breathed Chanyeol, panicked.

“I don’t know!” spluttered Jongdae.

Chanyeol felt his heartbeat quicken and his chest tighten. If something happened to Eunwoo, it would be his fault. He could never live with that, especially after how he had treated Eunwoo ever since he arrived on his doorstep.

Chanyeol needed to find him.

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Childish Argument || Chan || Oneshot

Originally posted by mountean

Word Count: 1502

Genre: angst, fluff, oneshot

Summary: Sometimes, it’s hard to admit that you were wrong first.

Pacing the open space, he pushed his hair back in an irritated motion. His breathing was sharp and his lips were pushed together in irritation. Once in a while his tongue would sneak out and flick over his lips. His jaws were squared and his brows were tense as he searched for something to say. You glared at him from where you stood, your arms crossed, waiting for him to talk. You were ready to shoot down whatever he was going to say. You were itching for a fight at this point with all the built up stress that had formed between the both of you.

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Be My Soldier

Charlie Puth x Reader

Title Inspired by Bea Miller’s Enemy Fire

Words: 1,656

Summary: Reader is a professional photographer .In the past you have traveled the globe, capturing breathtaking photos of famous singers. Now you’re job is to capture singer songwriter,Charlie Puth. You have actually taken worked with Charlie before but that was purely platonic. Now you have captured more than just an image.

Y/H/C : your hair color

Y/E/C :your eye color

Warning: cute fluff,teasing, cursing, just a tad of smut ;)

  Standing in front of the backstage doors, you and the rest of the team, wait for rehearsal to start. To do the usual thing, set up cameras on stage and do test shots.The only thing keeping you from total bliss was the fact that you have to deal with him.

As the fancy sport car rolled into the garage you rolled your eyes staring down at the camera screen. Another photographer , Sam, elbows you and causing you to his, “what’s up I’m a little busy”

Sam grinned, “so you didn’t tell me how the date went with-”

“Shut up”

“Come on everyone knows you went on a date with him

“SAM” you say raising your voice, she nods chuckling to herself, “what is it now?”

“I was just remembering Charlie going on and on about how happy he was the other day. When I asked what was up and all he said was he had a really good night”

“Well nothing happened” you lied.

“You and Charlie have been close since the day I got this job.”

Shrugging you start to get defensive,“So? That doesn’t mean anything”

“I got this job 3 years ago and you two are basically inseparable. In all honesty I would be shocked if you guys didn’t bone”

You scoffed trying your best not to smile, but you couldn’t help it. Now that the ruggedly handsome man had stepped out of the car, every emotion you were once holding back, was pounding to break free.

The second those god damn hazel green eyes locked onto my y/e/c I felt my stomach fill with butterflies and no matter how hard I tried to look away I couldn’t.

"Morning everyone” he hugged, fist pumped,and high fived everyone but he paused as I stood in front of him. Only inches away from each other I gazed at his eyes as he smirked, “good morning ”

The words so simple yet so intoxicating as they fell off his lips. My mouth opened to speak but Charlie leaned in close to my ear and I gasped,“ remember to be professional”

It was the norm for you to hug Charlie around his back but in this moment you wrapped your arms around his neck and whispered,“ you know I can be very professional.. ”

I let my words drag while slowly pulling away, just far enough, so even the slightest turn would cause our lips to touch.And you could hear him take a deep breath and shiver causing you softly laughed,“ don’t you worry about me baby”

Stepping backwards I let my arms fall to my side and picked up one of the duffel bags, that had some gear for the show, for tonight. “Come on guys let’s set up”, the team cleared their throats since they all knew you and Charlie are a…well whatever you are, they knew.

As you turned your back to Charlie you looked over your shoulder to see him biting his bottom lip, and his cheeks a light shade of red. This all sent shivers down your spine but as Charlie ran past you, you couldn’t believe what was going on.

Charlie POV

Y/N was such a tease and when her arms let go of me all I could think of was wrapping mine around her waist and pulling her closer to my chest. In fact, that’s all I’ve thought about since last night. Just having her so close.

When Y/n called her team in to rehearsal In knew I had to do something before it was too late because after tonight there will only a few chances to make a move.

So why not now? I thought.

I ran to her side quickly and pressed my palm on the small of her back and I knew that would get her attention. The sudden and quick movement she took drew me to a halt before I guided her down to the hall.

“9:00 my place?”

Biting her lip she turned from the rest of the team who was ahead of her, and she put her breathtaking y/e/c on mine, “ you know this isn’t very professional ”,she started and I lowered my hand ever so slightly and I could feel her shiver from underneath it.

“Maybe” Y/N paused for a moment and stood in front of me,“under one condition”

Without any type of hesitation I replied,“name it”

I could notice how she was leaning in and I followed her move but predictably she swerved away kissing my neck,“ remember good things come… to those who wait”

Putting my head in the crook of Y/n’s neck I left a trail of kisses starting from her bare shoulders to the jawline,“ you’re such a tease”, I said grinning like crazy.

“Yeah I know but you love it”

“We can’t- you especially can’t miss rehearsal. Besides where would we go?”

The sudden urge to pull her into my arms took over and I was so close to lifting her off the ground  and take her,“the hotel is only 10 minutes away”

She smiled, taking my hand in hers,“as much as I would love that I can’t miss rehearsal. It’s my first day back and lets not forget I have a manager who gave me a deadline”

As I grip her hips I can feel her to collapse and it instantly causes me to chuckle, “Y/n…baby….”

“You uh…you  definitely can’t miss rehearsal” she cleared her throat and I gave up resting my head in the crook of her neck, taking in perfume she was wearing-it warmed my heart knowing that she was wearing it- but eventually, I had to get up .


A devilish smirk was spread across her lips and I raised an eyebrow,“I’ll see you at 9 ”

I bit my lip,“cant wait”

Rehearsal ran smoothly, I practiced on all the songs, and I got to take some stolen glances of Y/n as she made sure everything was ready for tomorrow. God she looked stunning but I honestly couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel.And as I got there my mind wouldn’t stop spinning.

Sitting on on the edge of my bed I sighed frustrated looking through my phone it was nearly 9, I hated the antsy feeling that she was going to come over. With hopes to calm my nerves I turned on the radio ,and scoffed as my own fucking song came on. I couldn’t help but see the irony in Suffer coming on as I was literally suffering. All I could do was think about her.

As the day went on I lost sight of Y/n and from the looks of it now I might only see her during the concert. Glancing at my phone -that I threw aside earlier- I pondered on a thought.

I put it to the side for another night and was startled by the hotel door opening.

Your POV

Slowly you opened the to Charlie’s room and hoped that you weren’t too late.


The moment our eyes met, bliss.

While  you took off your shoes, he stood up from the mattress and leaned against a wall next to you, “good first day back?”

You hesitated to nod and simply rested your head on Charlie’s chest which led him to run his fingers through your y/h/c hair.

“What happened?”

Tightly wrapping you arms around his torso you sigh, “nothing I just wish…. I could have seen you more today”

Pulling back ever so slightly I witnessed Charlies lips flatten and he shoved me away playfully,” I was actually worried you were going to say it sucked or something¨

“I’m sorry” you said with a contagious laughter.

“Ugh but really how was it?” Charlie asked again grabbing your hand.

“It was great and I couldn’t wait to come here so let me change and we can do pizza, or whatever¨ you said casually.

Charlie winked as I unfolded our laced hands before going into the bathroom. Slipping into one of Charlies white tees, I walked from the bathroom to the bed sat on the bed behind Charlie. Patiently waiting for you, with a joyful smile, Charlie patted the ,mattress and you sit beside him.

Tracing the edges of every visible muscle in his arms you smiled,’ I just wish I could relive last night forever’’

I could faintly see him run his hands down his face and a smile grew on his lips,“ Really?”

I shifted from behind him and sat at an angle,‘Yeah I was amazing. No regrets’' 

Your eyes looked into his memorizing hazel ones like you were searching for something and you could tell he was doing the same. Charlie gradually turned around leaning in,cupping your face as his lips collided in sync with yours. Eventually your back was pressed to the mattress and Charlies hands roamed freely on your body. 

As the pace seems the pick up you roll over, finding yourself straddling Charlie,its obvious that he smiles because he always found you to be attractive when you were being dominate. He lowered his hands from the small of your back without a second thought and gripped you hard. 

For a very brief moment Charlie pulled away and I took this time to catch my breath while he spoke,“you have no clue how long I’ve wanted to do this’' 

“I can only-” you were thrown off guard and back in you first position underneath Charlie, you couldn’t help but laugh, “a little warning next time”

Charlie pressed his warm lips against your collar bone and pulled back realizing what you said,“ theirs going be a next time?’' 

He ran his hand through your hair and you nodded,” oh there is definitely going to be a next time’’

“ Definitely"

Welcome to the Family

Relationship: Jensen x Daughter

Words: 2,270

Summary: When the reader receives upsetting news from home at a Supernatural convention, Jensen steps in to save the day.

A/N: I realized after I wrote a bunch of this that 1) it doesn’t fit with actual convention stuff and 2) it’s totally and completely unrealistic but bear with me kids. Besides, even if it would never happen in real life, I think we all kinda wish it would, right?

Originally posted by dean-sam-winchesterbros

Your name: submit What is this?

There was an excited buzz about the convention hall. Any minute now, Louden Swain would come out on stage for the Saturday Night Special Concert, and you couldn’t wait. Your first convention had already been incredible so far, and you knew it could only get better. Sure, you might not have gotten an autograph or a photo op, or had the best ticket in the world. But just being around people you had something in common with and who loved Supernatural as much as you did made your first experience magical.

Suddenly, a roaring cheer erupted from the crowd as Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas filtered into the hall through the speakers. The noise level was so deafening you could hardly hear yourself think, and yet you sang along anyway. It felt as if everyone at the convention had joined together to jam out to the official unofficial theme song of Supernatural, and the thought made you smile.

Tumultuous applause rose from the fans as Richard, Rob, Matt, Mark, and the rest of Louden Swain came bounding up onto the stage. The boys hammed it up for the audience in between songs, and even brought out some special guests from the show to perform with the band. In your opinion, the best part was when Jensen came out and performed Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” Your smile never wavered the entire time, and you laughed and clapped along with everyone else.

You should have known it was too good to last.

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Across the Pond (a Finlay MacMillan imagine - Part 2)

Part 1

This is part 2 because I can… Enjoy!

Originally posted by solydea

The first day of school was the last thing you wanted to wake up to, but with Ali pulling on you, you had no other option.

“Fin!” Ali called out as you adjusted your poorly tied tie to fit underneath your blazer. “We’re going to be late if you don’t hurry!”

Fin came bounding down the stairs, running straight into the kitchen.

“Fin!” Ali called again, stomping into the kitchen after her brother.

“I’m coming Ali, give me a minute,” Fin said, frustrated.

You stood by the front door, fiddling with the end of your skirt. You hadn’t worn a skirt for a few months now, and this one wasn’t particularly one that you’d even touch back home.

Fin quickly walked past you, opening the front door.

“Bye mum!” he shouted, running out the door.

“Come on!” Ali exclaimed, grabbing your wrist and dragging you with her.

The ride to school was tense, everyone on end for their various reasons. You pulled out your timetable for the month. You had English, Math, European History, and French lined up for you, like what you had back home.

Getting into the school, the three of you quickly dispersed, looking for your first periods. You managed to find yours without help (which you considered a win), and you noticed that there were a few people from your exchange group that were inside. They waved you over, pulling a chair to their table for you to sit down at.

“Good morning class!” the teacher said, quickly coming in and setting her papers on her desk. “My name is Ms. Laird, for those of you who don’t know.”

Your group awkwardly looked down, knowing that the comment was directed at you.

“Shall we get started?”

English wasn’t too hard, though, understanding through her accent was a challenge. Your group often whispered with each other, trying to comprehend her. You’d then get in trouble for talking during the lesson, and you’d hear the other students giggle at you. You couldn’t help but feel isolated in your small group, no one else talking to you, and the teacher only asking you questions that small school children could answer. You felt pathetic.

Your lunch was between Math and European History, and you were glad to get away. Though, the dining hall served nothing better. The group of exchange students were huddled away in a corner to themselves as no one seemed to want to be near you here. You all kept each other good company though, talking to many people that you otherwise wouldn’t have talked to.

You had become close to one of the other exchange students, Alex, who was in the music department at your school. You laughed at his concert horror stories, as did he. Things for the day were kind of looking up on this otherwise crummy day.

When the end of lunch came around, you had to say goodbye to Alex and you made your way to European History, which didn’t have any talking in it today as there were just readings, so no one could make fun of you. 

Last was French; after having spent much time in your school’s French immersion program, you knew that this class would be the easiest of them all.

Entering the classroom, you couldn’t find anyone you recognised. That is until your eyes landed on Fin, who was surrounded by a group of friends that glared you down as you walked past them to an empty seat. You quickly pulled out your school supplies, and opened your binder. You were feeling better than ever in this class, especially now that you knew someone other than an exchange group member that was there. The teacher, Mr. Reid, began writing on the board before stopping halfway, looking directly at you.

“We have a new student today, who will be joining us for the next month. Say ‘bonjour’ to y/n,” he said, giving you a warm smile.

The response you got was bland and cold, not that you were expecting anything different after the way you’d been treated all day.

“Y/n,” Mr. Reid said. “Stand up and tell us about yourself.”

“Should I do it in French?” you asked, curiously.

“This is French class,” he chuckled.

“Okay then, sir,” you replied before rapid firing an explanation of yourself. It wasn’t hard for you to talk, but you could tell by their faces that they were astonished at how fluent you were and how the words just seemed to flow out of your mouth. You doubted that any of them could understand what you were saying as you began using more advanced vocabulary that you had just recently picked up on yourself. By the time you finished, you had only taken up about 3 minutes, but had gone through the last four years of your life. You quickly sat down, not wanting to draw any more attention to yourself.

Mr. Reid gave you another warm smile. “I don’t think I’ve ever taught someone who knew more French than I did!”

You let out a laugh and shrugged. He nodded, pointing to the board. “I’m assuming you know this already?”

On the board were the instructions for past tense, something you learned in elementary school. You nodded, “I learned it in elementary school.”

Mr. Reid chuckled. “Did you hear that class? We’ve got some catching up to do!”

You quickly realised that this class wasn’t going to be a challenge at all as it was a beginner’s class. You started drawing in your notebook, passing the time as Mr. Reid taught the lesson. 

As he handed out the exercises for the lesson, he gave you a knowing look and you awkwardly looked away. You quickly finished the exercises, handing them in a few minutes before the bell.

Going back to your seat, you could see Fin glancing at you before looking down at his page. You sighed, realising that he was going to be just like everyone else here; cold and distant. You couldn’t understand it. Ali was so nice, and Fin was too. You hadn’t seen Ali all day, but you wished you had. You knew that she liked you and would talk to you, and before you got to school, you were just as sure than Fin would too. 

The final bell pulled you out of your thoughts and you quickly got up to leave.

Leaving the classroom, you could see Alex on the other side, exiting his own class.

“Hey,” you said, coming up beside him. “Did today get any better for you?”

He let out a dry laugh. “They don’t want us here, y/n,” he explained. You nodded in agreement. “I wish they would treat us better though.”

You separated from Alex when you got to the front, and you were more than disappointed when you couldn’t even find Ali. You quickly whipped out your phone, dialling her number, but all you got was her machine. You angrily hung up, the frustrations of today finally whittling you down. You reached into your blazer pocket, pulling out some extra change that you had from lunch. You may have enough to take the bus home. You quickly Googled your bus route and made your way to the nearest bus stop. 

As you walked down, you could see Fin’s car drive by you, the sound of loud music and shouts coming from the small car. You couldn’t be angry, everyone had their own friends here, you just weren’t one of them.

“Y/n!” you heard Ali call out from behind you. She waved you over to her and her friends.

You quietly made your way over.

“How was your first day?” Ali asked, excited. With the excitement and hope in her eyes, you felt bad if you were to bring her down; so, you didn’t.

“It was good,” you lied, running a hand through your hair.

“That’s brilliant!” Ali exclaimed. She went on to introduce her friends, who were the nicest people that you’d ever met. Why weren’t they in your grade?


Getting home, you quickly went upstairs to start your homework. There was nothing else that you could do.

This was your routine for the next couple of days, and you couldn’t deny your isolation. 

Lunches became a full out war as other students would pelt you with food when the supervisors weren’t watching. By the end of that first week, no one had a clean button up.

“Where’d you get this stain?” Mrs. Macmillan asked, rubbing her finger over the tomato stain on your shirt.

You shrugged. “Must’ve dropped something on it, I guess I’m just clumsy.”

“We’ll have to get you a new one, this one’s ruined.”

You nodded, sighing deeply. The weekend was your heaven right now, with no one to bother you. Fin had stopped talking to you altogether, but you had gotten used to it. His friends absolutely hated you. No one in your level wanted to be close with any of the exchange students. You were the lowest of the low in their eyes.

Monday came around too quickly for your liking, and you were back to your personal hell. You were wearing one of Ali’s old button ups, and your blazer was buttoned as far as it could go. You managed to get through most of lunch fine, but it was quickly ruined when a plate of half-eaten spaghetti was poured on Alex.

Another boy, John, had enough.

“Do you think this is funny?” he called out to the other boy, who was laughing away with his friends.

John glared at them, before sitting down. You helped pull most of the pasta of Alex, realising that everything he had was ruined.

“You’re going to have to go home,” you said to him, wiping his arm of tomato sauce.

He sighed. “I know.”

He quickly left to call home. 

Unfortunately, that was the last time you saw him. It was announced the next day that Alex had quit the program and was heading home. It seemed almost like you’d lost someone in battle, and no one was pleased; but no one knew what to do.

Hey there! I hope you enjoyed this! Requests are still open if you’d like to request anything! Stay peculiar! <3

Shameful Behavior pt. 2

Part One

AN: William decides to pick on someone his own size for once.
Pairings: William x reader
Characters: William Magnusson, Christoffer Schistad, Vilde Hellerud, Noora Saetre, Sana Bakkoush, Chris Berg, Eva Mohn
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Prompt: “Can you please do a William from Skam x reader where she’s his friend and they fall in love and stuff?”

Of course, William had hooked up with Vilde. You should’ve seen that coming, considering that she was exactly his type. It brought a bitter taste to your mouth whenever you thought about it, especially because you’d actually become quite close to Vilde and her friends, so you had to listen to her obsess over him almost every day. Conversely, William hadn’t even mentioned Vilde since they’d slept together and, somehow, that was painful too.

You were standing in front of your mirror, inspecting your outfit for the seventh time that day and wondering if you should change. You were hosting a party at your house and, by the sounds of it; most of the school was planning on attending, which meant that you had to look stunning, or at least interesting. The top you had on was more low-cut than was normal for you, and the skirt was something you’d never imagined yourself wearing, but put together, you were feeling good. A faint tapping on your window knocked you out of your daydreaming and you spun around, clutching at your chest.

William’s smiling face met yours and you breathed out a sigh of relief, unlatching the window and stepping back so that William could clamber into your room with all the grace of a baby gazelle. You giggled as he tripped and scrambled to right himself, fixing his hair as he did.

He gave you a fond smile that made your heart pinch and pulled you into a hug.

“You ready?” He asked, with his chin resting on your head. You nodded and he let you go, taking your hands in his, “Let me see you then,” he said, scanning your body with his eyes.

You blushed, but didn’t move away. A muscle in William’s jaw jumped and his eyes hardened. It was a look you’d seen him wear countless times and it always made you feel a little breathless.
When he looked like this, he was unknowable.
He opened his mouth, ready to speak, when you heard a knock at your front door.

“Coming!” You called, shooting William an apologetic look as you darted down the stairs.

You flung the door open and pulled Chris into a hug, before turning to face the pretty, dark haired girl on his arm.

“Hi, I’m Iben,” she smiled shyly, “I’m Chris’ girlfriend.”

“Naaw, that’s so great, welcome guys.” You gushed, ruffling Chris’ hair with your fingers, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N. Come in, come in; you’re the first to arrive.”

Chris frowned as they followed you into the large living room that looked out onto your back patio.

“Really? Isn’t William here? He left before we did.”

“Indeed I am here,” Will answered, striding into the room confidently. He looked like himself again, and you relaxed, “I just don’t think than Y/N/N really counts you and me as guests anymore.”

“Fair enough,” Chris laughed, “Iben, I’m sure you know William?”

The girl nodded and shook his hand, looking nervous. You couldn’t exactly blame her, she was standing in a room with three third years who went way back, and who were well-known throughout the school. That would intimidate any second year.

“Did you guys tell the other Penetrators to bring drinks?” You asked.

“Of course, who do you think we are? Julian is bringing enough alcohol to feed an army.” Chris answered.

William put his hand on your shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. He knew how nervous you got before hosting a party, especially one this size.

“Don’t stress, we’ve got everything under control.” He promised, “You just worry about having a good time alright? The boys and I will make sure everything goes smoothly.”

You leant your head against his hand and breathed out, making a concerted effort to calm yourself down. This was just a party, it was just like every other party you’d gone to and it would be fine. The doorbell rang again and, as you welcomed in the floods of guests that were arriving, you sent a silent prayer to whoever might be listening. Please let the night go well, you prayed, please don’t let there be any drama.


“No, but don’t you think that we, as women, have a responsibility to not perpetuate stereotypes?” Noora asked.

You thought for a minute. You’d had quite a bit to drink already, but you were still sober enough to make decisions for yourself, which is why you were curled up on the couch with Noora and not out doing something dumb, like dancing on the bar, or crying over William. Both of which were pretty normal for you during your second year at Nissen.

“I think that, as women, it’s not our place to tell one another what our responsibilities are, you know? I mean, there are tons of women out there who want to be housewives, or who like wearing make-up and cooking and cleaning, just ‘cause that’s who they are. I think it’s only a problem when it starts to be expected of us just because we are women.” You answered, “Plus, we’re all guilty of being a bit of a stereotype every now and again.”

Noora nodded in agreement as Sana collapsed onto the couch next to you, looking mad.

“What’s up?” you asked, nudging her with your arm.

Sana rolled her eyes, “Vilde. She’s chasing William down again, as if stalking him is going to make him like her.”

You swallowed hard, torn between pitying Vilde and being horribly jealous, “Where are they?”

Sana shrugged, “I tried to tell her that it was a bad idea, but of course she didn’t want to hear any of it. Couldn’t you talk to her Y/N? I’m sure she’ll listen to you.”

You snorted and refilled your glass from a half-empty bottle of champagne that was left on the coffee table, “I’ve tried, multiple times actually.”

“And she ignores you?” Noora asked.

“It’s more like, she knows that I’m trying to be nice, but she doesn’t think William would talk to me about girls anyway.” You explained, “Which is ridiculous, because girls are pretty much all that Chris and Will talk about.”

Okay so that wasn’t entirely true, but you were annoyed with William, so you didn’t really care, and what had started off as a light buzz had deepened into something dangerously close to full blown tipsiness.

Noora and Sana laughed, “Boys are ridiculous,” Sana declared, “all of them.”

You nodded in agreement, “Truly, they are. If you girls stay away from boys, you’ll stay away from drama. Mark my words, everything bad that happens during your high school career will somehow be related to a boy, they’re pests.”

“Oh come on Y/N, don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?” Chris asked, appearing out of nowhere.

You shot him a look, “Don’t act all innocent Christoffer Schistad, you know that I’m right.”

The boy relented and nodded, shooting you an apologetic smile before turning back to the first years, “Listen to this one, girls. She knows her way around the block.”

You smiled dopily and nuzzled into Chris’ side, resting your head on his shoulder as he draped an arm around you protectively. The drinks had finally caught up to you and it felt like you were floating on a cloud of calm. Your head was pleasantly light and your body felt warm and heavy. The noises of the party buzzed around your ears like flies and you nuzzled further into Chris to block them out. He smelt like soap and something else that you were too drunk to recognize and it was comforting how familiar it all was. You’d always been able to rely on Chris. He made a questioning noise in the back of his throat and gave you a gentle squeeze.

“You alright Princess?” He asked softly, “Do we need to send everyone away?”

You shook your head, “William is off somewhere with Vilde, did you know that?” You said, the words bubbling out of you without your consent.

Chris looked confused but answered slowly, “Um, yeah I think I saw them together a while ago, why?”

You sighed, your head spinning but your chest feeling lighter than it had in ages, “They’re probably having sex right now, in my house too. How messed up is that?”


“I mean, I know it’s William and I know he can’t help how many girls like him but, really? Can’t he just let me have this one party? Can’t I go one night without picturing him with another girl and just wanting to die? Is that too much to ask, Chris? Is it?” you asked as you sat up.

Chris’ eyebrows shot up and his mouth opened and closed a few times as he tried to order his thoughts.

“Y/N,” he started, slowly, as if he was carefully choosing his words, “do you…have feelings…for William?”

You frowned, “Of course, I thought everyone knew that. See? That’s why it’s so unfair of him, because he knows how I feel about him and he’s still off somewhere sleeping with my friend, in my house!”

Chris threw his head back and let out a bark of laughter, his chest vibrating as he chuckled.

“Trust me on this Y/N/N, William has no idea that you like him, like, none. If he knew-you know what? I think you should just go talk to him.” Chris suggested.

“You know what? I think I will. He can’t just keep doing this to me anymore, no sir!”

Something in the back of your mind screamed that that was a terrible idea, but the warm haze of alcohol told it to be quiet and you stood shakily, swaying on your feet as your head spun. Chris held your arm to steady you and pressed a soft kiss to your cheek.

“Just-just remember that he didn’t know, okay?” he reminded you, “He really didn’t know.”

You nodded and gave Chris a lazy grin as you turned to stumble your way towards the back of your house, where you knew people had gone to hook up. If you’d been more sober, maybe you wouldn’t have gone, but you were angry and hurt and you needed it to be over, once and for all.

Hot And Bothered

In which post-concert Harry is being a horny little shit and you have to deal with it all night.

A/N: Hello once again, my fellow thirsty Harry girls!  Sooo a backstory to this: I was at the OTRA Baltimore concert Saturday (Yep. I had to watch Drag Me Down live.  I had to hear Harry’s voice in the end with my own ears.).  How am I still alive, you ask?  Well, I’m barely hanging on to my life.  The post concert depression hasn’t gone away and basically all I want to do is lay on my couch and cry because GOD I LOVE HARRY SO MUCH. So, as a result, I wrote this to maybe quench my thirst (but in reality it just made it so much worse).  Hope you enjoy!

Stay thirsty, my friends. x

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A Beautiful Thing (A Jack Avery Imagine)


*Requested by and dedicated to: @love-giselle*

Feel free to request imagines, fics, gifsets etc. via my AskBox or DM’s.

Have a lovely day!

Word Count: 3334

Description: He’s a small-time musician, performing a local gig with his bandmates, in the process of making it big.

She’s an aspiring dancer with an affinity for walking the streets of downtown after everyone in the citie’s gone to sleep.

Everyone, that is, but him.




    The line of street lamps casting pools of iridescent golden light against the sidewalk was comforting in a way, somehow far more peaceful than the world appears during the daytime. I’m not sure why it is, really, that I prefer the night- I suppose it’s always been that way. There’s something so honest, and magical about a place, after the people, and the sun, and the noise have gone to sleep. Maybe it’s because my dance recitals and performances have always been in the evening, after the sun has faded from the sky. Maybe it’s the way the stars appear against a backdrop of jet black atmosphere, showing their true selves after a long day of being blocked out by the sun. Maybe there’s just something peaceful about a city at night- the quietude, the feeling that maybe, just maybe, you’re the only person left in the whole world. I think that thought scares most people, but it’s never bothered me. Maybe that’s why most people prefer the daytime- where it’s safe, and busy, and there are no stars to watch or ponder on what it must be like out there. For me, it’s never been a competition- I’d take a thousand nights if I could have it my way- to walk through a quiet town, and dance in deserted streets, and stop and stare at the sky for as long as I pleased, without a single soul watching me, wondering what I might be doing, staring at the sky. Because the truth is, I don’t really have a reason, some things are just beautiful- and it seems like an injustice to not appreciate beautiful things.

    I stared down at the watch on my wrist. The time read: 10:24pm. I smiled softly to myself as I stepped out the front door of the quaint, two-story brick house, on the corner of Maple and 6th street- the house I’d lived my entire life in. Tying the laces on my black and white Adidas sneakers and zipping my mint green jogger’s jacket halfway up, I took a deep breath, and began to walk. Downtown was only a few blocks from the house, and though it was a big metropolis, we had a variety of things to make our small city appreciable by most everyone. There was, of course, a handful of shops through Main Street, The Grant Hill movie theater, the Institute of Art and Dance (where I spent the majority of my time, other than school), Acorn Park (adorable; squirrel filled), Metro Park (not-so adorable; trash filled) a small B&B, and The Randolph House (the place where comedy acts, local play productions, and small-time musicians would perform. As I neared the center of town, I could hear elated cheers and screaming come from a couple blocks down, clearly creating a far greater cacophony of adolescent hysteria than I had anticipated for this hour of the evening. I sighed, running a hand through my obsidian colored hair as I made a hard-right turn, making my way down a side street that avoided the bustle that was congregating around The Randolph House. “There must be some up-and-coming musician playing there if it’s causing this much of a scene” I thought to myself as I stuffed my hands in my pockets, moving swiftly so as not to be held up by late night traffic. I crossed the street that teed with Main Street, glancing over my shoulder slightly, just enough to catch a glimpse of a crowd of girls probably around my age, flooding the streets and waving their arms uproariously as a handful of figures, five maybe, waved and smiled, before being hustled into a car. I thought, for a split second, that I caught the eyes of one of the distant figures, but it was dark out, and I could have been mistaken. I shook my head as the car headed down the road, only driving a couple blocks before turning down the road that lead towards the town B&B. So they were staying the night? I shrugged softly to myself, side-stepping out of the way of the teenage girl mob as I made my way down a side street, and finally out of sight from the overenthusiastic crowd.

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Royalty Mess: Part 2

a/n: a tiny little smut ahead! also, strong language! also, some drama! a little fluff and might do a part three as well

Prologue / Part One


It approximately hit me with an enormous strike in my mind on the stage that I had revealed something worldwide known scandal or mediastruck. I looked into his eyes, nodded and faced off from the stage. Immediately, the jerking feeling started to pump up and left a trail behind of something unusual and stupid. It was my own fault, my own mistake that I did. I just wanted to hug Shawn so bad. Tears didn’t stop screaming (yes, screaming!) and streaming, I was tend to be hold by my security to take and leave me to some kind of very protected room where I could wait and calm down. Vivid lights and some beautiful tapestry on the wall were welcoming the room, it was Shawn’s room. I was left all by my own, my guards in front of the door in the hallway. It all seemed so pallid and numb now, also quiet. I fell on the ground, sight became blurry, mind unconsious, whole body feeling like being on a floating air. Teardrops radically changed direction as it was previously falling down on the cheeks, now they were flooding down from eyecorners to on my hair which were placed on my ears.

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Love at first sight

Requested by: anonymous 

Summary: Josh spots you entering the venue for their concert and can’t help but watch you walk to your seat which is far away from the stage. During the show Josh keeps gazing in your general direction. During intermission Tyler tells Josh he noticed him staring and want’s Josh to do something about it. 


Your Pov: 

I was so excited. I was finally seeing my favorite band after months and months of waiting. I had saved up for this concert by working extra shifts at my job, and let  me tell ya it wasn’t easy. But all that matters is that I earned enough money for two tickets. One for me and one for my best friend. 

The concert was on a Friday night and I was decked out in Twenty One Pilots merch. 

“You look like some crazed fan girl.” My best friend told me as we were waiting in line to enter the venue. 

“Oh please,” I scoffed at her. “There are people who are way more decked out then me.” I told her while looking around at all the young teenagers also dressed in merch. 

My best friend just nodded her head. “True, true.” She said agreeing with me. 

We had about 10 minutes until the doors opened and I felt like I couldn’t wait any longer. 

“Why can’t they just open the doors already.” I complained to her. 

“Because it’s not time yet, ya big baby.” She said back to me while hitting me playfully on the arm. I just sighed and decided to go on my phone for the next 10 minutes. 

I must have been on my phone longer than I thought because all of a sudden my best friend was pushing me to move up a spot. 

“Come on.” She said while reaching in her purse and pulling out the two tickets that would get us in. 

“I’m still a little bummed out that our seats are in the back.” I told her honestly while moving with the line. 

She nodded. “I know, me too but I guess all that matters now is that we get to see them live.” She said handing me my ticket. 

I nodded, agreeing with her. 

The line was moving pretty fast and before I knew me and her were in the venue and walking to our seats. 

“Wait,” I said to her grabbing her arm. 

“What?” She asked me. 

“Can we go to the merch stand? I wanna buy a t-shirt.” I told her. 

She nodded. “Sure, I actually wanna get something too.” She said back to me. 

The venue was crowed. There were girls running around everywhere. It took us a while to get to the merch stand since we had to literally push our way through the crowd but we  made it. Once we got there though we had to stand in a long line. The line was moving fast though so I wasn’t worried about missing anything. While we were waiting my best friend and I made small talk. 

“What are you going to get?” She asked me while looking around at all the merch. There was tons of stuff. 

I shrugged. “I honestly don’t know. I’ll probably just get the original tour t-shirt since I don’t feel like spending even more money.” I replied to her while looking at the shirt. 

She nodded. “That’s what I was gonna get too.” 

Once we got our merch we made our way too our seats which were in the back. We sat down just as the opening acts were finishing up. 

“Thank god we didn’t miss anything yet.” My friend said referring to missing TOP.  

I nodded agreeing with her. It was only 8:30 so we still had at least 30 minutes till the show started. 

“Wanna take a selfie?” She asked me while holding up her phone. 

I smiled at her. “Is that even a question?” I asked her while laughing. 

So that’s what we did for the remainder of the 30 minutes. 

Josh’s Pov: 

It was nearing shot time and I was just hanging out back stage with Mark and Brad just messing around. I was already dressed in my costume for the night and had nothing better to do.  

“I dare you to look around the curtain.” Brad said to me. 

I shrugged. “That’s easy, What kinda dare is that?” I asked him while laughing. Mark joined in.

I walked up to the little opening in the curtain that showed the crowd. I peeked my out a little and just look at the crowd. There were tons of people. Nobody seemed to notice me looking so I just kept looking. 

As I was scoping the crowd out I noticed two girls in the very back taking selfies and laughing. The one on the left that was holing the phone had long brown hair and glasses. Her friend on the right though was really beautiful. She had the most amazing smile and was also decked out in our merch. I swear as soon as I saw her it was love at first sight. 

I guess I was staring at the girl on the right for too long because Brad tapped me on the shoulder. 

“Bro, what’s taking you so long?” He asked me. 

I brought my head back in and looked at them. 

“Nothing, I was just looking at something.” I told him. 

“Nah,” Mark said while shaking his head. “Our boy was checking out this girl in the way back.” He told Brad while laughing.  

“Really?” Brad asked me while joining Mark. 

I just blushed and shook my head back and forth. 

“I gotta get back to Tyler.” I told them while pushing past them before they could ask me anymore questions about the girl I saw. 

As I was walking to go meet Tyler I noticed that I could’t get the girl out of my mind. Maybe I do have a crush on her, I thought to myself. I sighed. It’s never going to happen though. I’m never going to see her again I told myself while opening the door the Ty’s dressing room.   

Your Pov: 

It’s been about 30 minutes and it was finally time for the concert to start. Once the lights went off in the venue the crowd started to scream. Their opening started to play so me and my friend stood up and started to scream with the crowd. It was an unbelievable feeling. 

All of a sudden music started playing. The intro to Fairly Local came on and the crowd went even more nuts. 

When it got to the crowds turn to sing their part it was so loud. It was so loud that I thought my ear drums were going to burst. 

Once the crowd finished their part the whole venue got quite and the curtain dropped. I swear I felt my breathing stop when it dropped. My friend and I were still screaming and dancing along with the crowd. Wow, I thought to myself this is gonna be a long night. 


It was finally intermission so I sat down in my chair to take a break from dancing. My friend plopped down next to me out of breath. 

“There doing great so far.” She said to me as she wiped some sweat off of her forehead. 

I nodded agreeing with her. “They are.” 

“You know what I noticed though.” She told while turning to face my way.

I shook my head no. 

“Well I noticed that Josh keeping looking in our direction.” 

I sat up straight. 

“I have noticed that as well.” I told her agreeing with her yet again. 

“It’s probably just a coincidence though.” She said. 


Josh’s Pov(Intermission) 

It was finally intermission and I could’t wait to get a drink of water. As I was drinking my water I noticed that Tyler started to make his way towards me, sweat dripping down his forehead. 

“Great job tonight so far.” He said to me while patting me on the back. 

“Thanks.” I said while putting the cap back on my water bottle. 

He nodded. “But, I have noticed something.” He said. 

I turned my head in confusion. 

“What’s that?” I asked curious to know. 

“I’ve noticed that you’ve been looking in one particular direction.” He said with a smirk. “It’s near the back on the left side.” 

I sighed. I can’t believe that I got caught. I was looking at the girl that I saw earlier when I stuck my head around the curtain. The girl with the most amazing smile. 

“I have been.” I said agreeing with Tyler. “Before the show started Brad, Mark and I were just hanging out on stage. Brad dared me to peek my head around the curtain and as I did I spotted this girl and her friend. The girls friend was okay but the girl that I was looking was beautiful. She had the most amazing smile and was decked out in our merch. I think I have I crush on her.” I explained to Tyler while smiling just thinking about the mystery girl. 

Tyler nodded. “You should say something to her.” He told me seriously. 

I shrugged. “Eh, it’s not like I can just go over there during the middle of the show.” I told her. 

“I didn’t say you had to do it now. You can do it after the show while everybody’s leaving.” He explained. 

“What about the fans?” I asked confused on how I was supposed to do this. 

Tyler just looked at me like I was stupid. “Duh, that;s why we have security guards dummy.”

I nodded still a little nervous.

“Maybe I’ll do it.” I told him while getting ready to go back on stage again. 

“You better.” He said. “You might never see her again after this.” He told me seriously while also getting ready. 


Your Pov: 

I couldn’t believe it was over. I was almost in tears because I was so happy.

“That was awesome!” My best friend shouted and we sat in our seats. We decided to sit and wait for the traffic to clear out.  

“I know! I can’t believe it actually happened. I’m still in awe.” I told her while smiling. 

She nodded agreeing with me.

“Josh kept staring over here again.” She told me. 

“Really?” I asked her. “I didn’t see it as much as last time.” 

“Oh trust me he did.” 

It’s been about 10 minutes now and there were only a couple of people left in the venue. 

“Ready to go?” I asked my friend. 

She nodded. “Yeah, let’s go, traffic shouldn’t be as bad now.” She told me. 

We stood up from our seat and made our way towards the exit. As we were walking up the stairs my friend stopped me. 

“Look who it is.” She whispered in my ear while pointed at the top of the stairs. 

I looked up at the top of the stairs and I could’t believe my eyes. There standing next to a security guard was Josh Dun. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like I was in a dream.

All of a sudden he came running down and stopped when he got to me. He was smiling so big that I couldn’t even see his eyes anymore. 

“Hi.” He said sweetly. 

“Hi.” I responded back to him. I was so nervous.

“Great job tonight.” I told him. 

“Thanks.” He said. “Can I ask you something?” He said to me while twiddling with his thumbs. 

I nodded. “Sure.” I said. What on Earth could he have to ask me? I thought to myself.

“This might sound weird but earlier before the show started I stuck my head from out of the curtain and was just looking through the crowd. I noticed you and I have never seen someone so beautiful. If you haven’t noticed, during the show I kept  looking your way because just couldn’t get you out of my head. During intermission Tyler noticed that something was bothering so I told him about you and he told me that If I didn’t go out and speak to you he would personally do it himself. I guess what I’m trying to say here is can I have your number? I think your really beautiful and I kinda have a crush on you.” He told him. Once he was done he let out a big breath.

“Sorry if I rambled.” He quickly told him. 

I was in shock. Did THE Josh Dun just ask me for my number and then continued on saying that he had a crush on me? I asked myself. I couldn’t believe it. 

My thoughts were interrupted by my friend shoving me lightly from behind. 

“Of c-course you can have my number.” I stuttered, slightly intimated. 

He seemed to be over the moon. 

“Great.” He said excitedly. 

He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. After he got a new contact set up he handed it to me. 

I put my name and number down in the correct places and handed it back to him. 

He looked down to see. 

“Y/N.” He muttered to himself. “That’s a beautiful name.” He told me while looking up and stuffing his phone back into his short pocket. 

I blushed at that. 

“Thanks.” I said shyly. 

“Well I gotta go.” He said sadly looking back at the guard who looked inpatient and very annoyed. 

I nodded understanding. 

“But I’ll make sure to text you sometime tonight or tomorrow.” He said. 

“That sounds good. Nice meeting you Josh.” I said to him as we both went our separate ways.  

He nodded all smiley. “Nice meeting you too Y/N!” He shouted back at me while turning a corning and disappearing from sight. 

When he was gone my best friend turned to me and started screaming out of pure joy and excitement for me. 

“What the hell just happened!?” She shouted while we walked out of the venue and started making our way towards the car. 

“Josh Dun just admitted that he had a crush on my and asked me for my number.” I told her while laughing at her. 

She just shook her head. 

“Smart ass.” She said smiling at me.

After about 5 minutes of walking we finally made it to the car. The whole time we were walking she was freaking out about what had happened. 

“I just can’t believe that actually happened.” She said while she turned the key in the ignition to start the car.

I just shook my head and sighed in complete bliss and happiness. 

“Trust me, I can’t believe it actually happened either.” 

“Who would've’ thought that THE Josh Dun would give you his number and say that he has a crush on you and that him and Tyler talked about you and-.” She was interrupted mid rant as my phone went off. 

I swiped my finger across the lock screen to open it. Once I opened it I noticed that I had a new text message. I clicked on the i-message app and read the new message.

Hey Y/N, this is Josh! I hope you had a good time tonight:) Text me back and let me know if your free anytime this week. Maybe we can hang out and get to know each other better? Just let me know, anyway have a good night!!    

A/N: Here it is! I hope whoever requested this likes it! Sorry if it’s long lol. This took me so long to write omg, but I loved writing it. This was a cute request! Fun fact: When I went to my first Twenty One Pilots concert my seats were in the very back as well but I still had a fun time with my friends! My second concert my seats were kinda close lol. Sorry if there are any mistakes! I still have about like 3 imagines to write and I wanna get them up cause I’m going to the beach next weekend so they should be up sometime next week. Sorry there taking so long again. Anyways I hoped you liked it and have a great day/night wherever you are!!        

Eat [Zion.T]

Artist: Zion.T | Word Count: 2.721 | Soulmate!AU (1/?)

Soulmate!AU - When you dye your hair, your soul mate’s hair color changes as well.

This is my first story on Tumblr, hope you all like it


Your soul mate is downright annoying, and you always had that thought in your mind. Your patience was getting thin, and the stress from work didn’t even add any help to this. He wasn’t even considerate at all when he dyed his hair!

And because of the whole finding soul mate thing during your lifetime, whenever he dyes his hair, your hair would change color as well. It was getting annoying because you had to dye it back to an appropriate color for work, and then he would dye it again, and it went on back and forth to the point that you wasted lots of your money to buy hair products. You have just started working too, and the large amount of money you spent on hair dyes could have went to buy food or pay the bills.

This morning, you woke up with your hair colored red.

“Oh my fucking god,” You whispered, crawling out of the bed and standing in front of the mirror, “This is just a dream, right?”

But no, it wasn’t. Your fingers delicately brushed again your hair at first, and the vibrant red hair fell down smoothly along with your movement. But then, when you pinched your cheeks, you didn’t wake up from this nightmare at all. Letting out a groan, you stomped around your room, fists flying to the air as you let out your anger.

“I’m going to murder you when I meet you!” There was only an hour left for work, and you had to be out of the house in thirty minutes in order to arrive on time.

You were doomed.

“What the hell is wrong with your hair?” Your friend and boss, Hani, asked, her hand swiftly went to touch your hair without your permission. You let out a deep sigh, feeling frustration build up inside of you again.

“It’s my soul mate,” You spat out, “I woke up like usual to see my hair colored a vibrant red! I didn’t have time to dye it again, so I decided to go to work anyways.”

“You know you could have just asked for a day off?”

“I know I can, I considered about it for a second. But I need the money, Han.”

“Girl, you are being way too much of a workaholic! Taking a day off work won’t hurt.”

“Well, I am already here. I might as well start working while rocking this hair.” Concern can be seen as Hani’s eyes landed on your hair.

“Cheer up hun, you can kick his ass later when you meet him!” Hani’s words managed to lift up your mood without fail, and an encouraging slap at the back followed suit.

“Hell yeah I will. Let’s talk again at lunch, okay?”

“Sure, work hard (Name)!” And with that, the two of you parted ways and you made your way to your desk to start working.

You wanted to cry in embarrassment as people who passed your desk gave you weird looks, and you were even called by the higher ups as they ask about your hair. You explained it to them that it was your soul mate, and they all gave you looks of pity that you hated to see. Still, the bank you work for has a lot of employees, and the people that didn’t dare to ask you about your hair can only gaze at you, some were plainly curious, while some judged you to go to work with that hair.

Hani had to coax you with encouraging words during lunch, because you thought that you barely survived until now, a half day left at work stressed you out so much.

“You’ll be fine, (Name)! People won’t remember it when you dye your hair again tonight.”

“But Hani, even people in this café are staring at us.” Hani’s eyes moved around and she found that you were right. You can feel their gaze boring holes at your back, and it made you fall into sadness even more.

“You know, maybe your soul mate is an artist?”

“A what?”

“An artist, (Name),” Hani stated, “Maybe he didn’t mean it when he dyed his hair with all those vibrant colors! It was his job anyway, and it was inevitable if his agency was the one who forced it to him. Maybe deep down he’s feeling bad as well, knowing you will have a hard day with this kind of hair.”

He might be an artist? Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

“Maybe your right, it’s kind of logical now that I think of it. One thing for sure is I’m going to kick his ass and his agency’s ass for making me suffer so bad.”

Silence fell over the both of you as you started munching on your food, your mind was absent as you wondered about the possibilities of Hani’s words. The silence was broken when Hani spoke again.

“Say, (Name), are you free tonight?”

“Well, I am going to dye my hair again, why?”

“Come with me tonight! My favorite artist is having a concert and I have a VIP ticket for you. You can just dye your hair on Saturday. Go with me, please?”

“You’re giving me the ticket for free?”

“Yes! Just accept it as a cheer-up gift for you, okay?”

You were weighing down your options, whether you should join Hani for the concert or spend your Friday night relaxing and dyeing your hair. But the hopeful look on her eyes brought guilt to you if you declined. Besides, you can cover your hair with a hat, right?

“Alright, I’ll go.”

“Yes! Be ready at 8, okay?”

You were dying on the inside again, as people seemingly have eyes as sharp as eagles, and they seem to notice your hair even though you’ve covered your hair with a hat and put your hair into a bun. Holding onto Hani’s arms, you made your way inside the venue with your head down, the same feeling at work creeping up in your heart again. The words tossed by people around you clearly made you uncomfortable.

“Is she a hardcore fan or something?”

“Who goes to work with a hair like that?”

“She’s probably one of those obsessive fans that is trying to be as noticeable as ever to their idols.”

Heck, you didn’t even know who the artist was! You showed up here for Hani anyways, because you can’t possibly abandon her alone.

“Wait, what’s his name again?”

“It’s Zion.T, (Name).”

“Ah right, that Zion guy.” You nodded your head, trying to process everything in your mind.

In all your life, you were way more interested in American R&B, and from Hani’s explanation, his genre is R&B too. She said that Zion.T tops all the music chart in the country once his songs are released. And his lyrics were simple, yet it moved a lot of people’s heart. And he was pretty tall, and he’s on the slim side. His face is always framed with sunglasses, even at night. But you haven’t heard of his name at all and it was partly because you didn’t follow South Korea’s music trend.

Hell, people should have called Hani the ‘obsessive fan’, not you! Your mouth hung apart as you and Hani sat yourselves at the very front seat of the VIP part, and the stage was only a few meters in front of you. When you asked her how she got the seats, she giggled at you and told the story of how she waited all night long in front of the laptop to get it.

Not long after the talk, the venue’s light were turned off, a sign that the concert was about to start. The fans screamed, including Hani, and you sat awkwardly at your seat because you didn’t want a sore throat after this. And then, smoke emerged from the stage, followed suit by an instrumental song playing. Back dancers appeared from the sides and started dancing, and the artist has yet made his appearance.

As the song come to an end, the large screen at the end of the stage was divided into two, like a gate that was starting to open. A tall figure made his way out, you couldn’t clearly see him because of the smoke. But when another song came up and he started singing, you were in the biggest shock of your life when you got to see his appearance.

No fucking way.

“His hair is red!” You screamed, eyes as wide as sockets, your mouth formed an ‘o’ in shock. Hani seemed to hear your shriek, and her eyes glanced at you, to Zion.T, and back to you.

“Is he the one?!” Hani screamed back, and you didn’t know how to answer.

From your parents’ story, they knew they were soul mates not only because of the same hair, but from the look in their eyes too. With how your mother says it, she felt a strong attraction to your father that can’t be ignored, and when their eyes met, she knows that he’s the one for her, her soul mate.

You felt it, a strong feeling of curiosity and your heart beating way louder than the music that was played. He was handsome, you thought, and the way he moved was unique, like he was one with his music. And he had a voice as soft as ever, complimenting his genre really well. There was this gentleman vibe coming off from him, and that was apparent even with his covered eyes. You bit at your lips, your hands laid limp at your skirt as you contemplated about him.

Is he really the one? You asked yourself over and over with nervousness in every question.

When you were deep in your thoughts, you didn’t notice Hani glancing up to you with a determined look in her eyes. She knew well the second way to know he’s the one was to see him straight in the eyes. Hani knew that this plan might fail, and put you in a way embarrassing position than before. But deep down, Hani has a feeling that this plan won’t fail.

Acting fast, Hani pulled your hat and bun down in one go, the vibrant red hair that you desperately tried to hide flowed down in an instant. Your eyes went wide as you tried to process what happened, but Hani was faster, as she started waving her hat and pointing at you while screaming Zion.T’s name over and over, hoping he can spot you from where he stood.

“Oppa, please look at my friend over here!”

“What are you doing, Hani?!” Your eyes were filled with horror as you can finally comprehend what was happening.

“Zion.T oppa, look over here!” Hani kept on screaming, nonetheless, ignoring your protests and your hand flailing around to get your hat.

“Don’t do that, Hani! You’re attracting attention to people around-“

“Oppa, look over here!” The third attempt seemed to work perfectly, as Zion.T finally turned his head to Hani’s voice.

With how frantically Hani was pointing at you, Zion.T’s eyes finally settled down at your figure, still trying to stop your friend from embarrassing you. His eyebrows were raised in interest as he made his way to the edge of the stage, getting as near as impossible to see you.

“Look, he’s coming towards you!” Hani chirped happily, her proud smile didn’t help you cope with the embarrassment at all, as people around you started to whisper about you. Again.

“You’re embarrassing me, Hani…” You groaned, “What if he’s not the one? He’ll just think of me as-“

“Look up! He’s staring at you!” Your reflexes kicked in and you did as what Hani ordered you to, and your eyes met his covered ones, and you were shocked once again.

He was grinning at you, like a child who was given a birthday gift. Zion.T kept on singing while not breaking his gaze at you, his hands going up and down for gestures. And then, before he moved to another spot, he lowered his glasses, enough for you to see that wink he gave you.

“Oh my fucking god, he is the one.” Your cheeks turned red as you felt your heart thumping faster, your heart blooming in happiness as you grinned back at him.

You knew he was the one, and there was no mistake in it.

The concert was coming to an end, and Haesol have saved his newest song for the closing performance.

“I’d like everyone to sing along to this song,” Haesol started, “The figure that inspired me to write this was my soul mate actually, I hoped that she’d hear this, wherever she is, and I can comfort her through my music. I didn’t have much time to find you, I’m sorry, because I am constantly working on making music.”

“You probably hate me so much for having the same hair as I am, and at times the colors are way annoying too,” The crowd laughed at this, “I’m sorry for that. I hope you can understand me and maybe, we can have the love we craved all this time. And I present to you this song to somehow make up for the times I wasn’t there for you. Please listen to me, my dear.”

You sat there, frozen, as Zion.T started to sing his single that he have just released, which is called ‘Eat’. Your heart skipped beats and you felt overwhelming happiness hit you like a truck. You were happy, truly happy, after years of living, because now you have finally met him. The screams that erupted around the venue didn’t matter, you felt like it was only you and him here, with his soft voice serenading you to his song. Love was a weird feeling, you concluded, as you were head over heels for him.

Love me, me. Don’t miss it.

“You should go home first, Hani. I’m going to grab something from the mini market.”

“You sure you want to go alone? It’s midnight, (Name).”

“I’ll be fine! I’m not a baby anymore, Han.” You smiled at Hani, “Thank you for today. I really appreciate your help.”

“Don’t mention it! I’ll help you anytime I can, (Name).” Hani smiled, giving you a tight bear hug as the both of you parted ways.

Your foot took you to the nearest 24 hours mini market, and you got yourself a ramen and a drink, and sat yourself outside. As you ate your meal, you were left alone with your thoughts, wondering more and more about your soul mate. He was amazing, you thought. All the hate you had in him seemed to disappear when your eyes met, and the urge to kick his ass was long gone. The concert felt magical, it feels so surreal now that you have met your soul mate through it. Your life changed in one night, which is something you can hardly believe.

But now what?

As you ate your ramen, you didn’t notice a figure standing behind you, his tall figure looming over you. And suddenly, an apple was set on your table from your back, and you jolted in shock when you looked up.

“You should snack on something healthier instead, you know.”

“Well hello there, Mr. Soul mate.” You couldn’t hold your smile as you gazed up at him, and he mirrored your smile back.

Haesol took the empty seat in front of you, with a cup of coffee being held on his right hand. His hand then took off his glasses, and there were butterflies in your stomach as he held your gaze. His eyes are very pretty, you thought.

“I believe I haven’t gotten your name yet, Mrs. Soul mate?”

“It’s (Full Name).” You held your hand for a handshake. He held your hand delicately and kissed the top of your palm softly, successfully making your cheeks blush again.

“Well, you might want to change that to Kim (Name) in the future,” Haesol grinned, “My name is Haesol. It’s nice to finally meet you, (Name).”

“Yeah, we finally meet each other after a long time.” The both of you spent the next few minutes in silence, just studying each others’ face and smiling giddily with love.

After a few minutes, Haesol finally broke the comfortable silence between the two of you.

“I’m sorry with the red hair, I can see how uncomfortable you were a few hours ago,” Haesol apologized shyly, “I was aiming for a new look, and after I finished dyeing my hair, I realized that you were affected by it too.”

“That’s okay, you dumb ass.” You lowered your head, not being able to contain your smile, “As long as you’re here, I’ll be fine.” Tears of happiness rolled down your cheeks, and Haesol’s hand quickly went to your face, wiping away the tears.

“Don’t worry, I’ll try considering a normal color next time.”