she s my idol

“You-chan, what the fuck”

retail is wild. i asked a customer why she was shopping today and she said she was going on a vacation because her husband left her for her sister. i honestly didn’t know what to say, told her i was sorry and she said “oh no that’s ok my sister is fat and ugly and has no teeth. who needs him, i’m doing great” and basically long story short she’s my idol

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so i used to love american girl dolls and kit kiteredge was my favorite and the other day i saw a post ranking all the american girl dolls on their gayness and i was like !!!!! whoa! bc kit was the Most Gay and i posted abt it as a joke like "lmao we have the same hair it's a Fact" and one of my good buds (who's not wlw) was like "how can u say that she's just a kid" like let me have this she's my childhood idol also kids can experience attraction without it being sexualized and i'm just. angry.

Straight kids can have crushes, gay kids can too
Being gay isn’t sexual
Stop the bad straights 2k17


I finally got a Venus Ark student ID, so I was able to make my newest idol, Cerise!! 🍒 

she’s not quite finished because I keep forgetting to bring a certain hairstyle ticket to the arcade, but she’s close enough. I knew what I wanted her to look like from the start so she’s only gone through a few image changes. (the photo in the other post was from my first game, when I could only use basic parts.)

Cerise is an exchange student from Venus Ark studying in the dance class at Yotsuboshi! (they could’ve sent someone when Yume & co came over, right… which is the excuse I came up with to explain the Yotsuboshi uniform.) Elza found her training to become a ballerina in Paris, and invited her to Venus Ark because of her skill in dance and so on. she’s a pop-type idol that uses the brand Fuwafuwa Dream!!

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Oh my goodness your hair is so beautiful! It's such a lovely blond soft colour, it completely reminds me of princess aurora. Such a delicate colour suits what I know about you from your blog.

!!! :,) this has just given me the biggest smile, you’re so sweet and wonderful - she’s one of my all-time idols and a childhood favorite. X) thank you so much, i love when such kindness is shared with me! i wish you the loveliest day!! 😊🌸💖

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you didn't specify so i'm gonna make this about my sister. i absolutely adore her. she's my best friend. i've never had someone as understanding as she is. she's my idol. she's annoying at times, and sometimes isn't great at feelings. but there's no one i'd rather be related to then her. my sister is so amazing. i love her.

YES 👏🏽 ANON 👏🏽 THANK 👏🏽 YOU 👏🏽 PETITION FOR MORE PLATONIC/FAMILIAL LOVE also personal sidenote i feel the same way about my sister and she’s moving away bc she’s getting married and i’m so sad i’m going to miss her like heckkk 😞


It was just Debbie Harry’s birthday and my ultimate idol turned 72! She still looks amazing and the new album is fantastic. It was very hard to pick a single favorite Blondie song, but I settled on “Slow Motion” from Eat to the Beat, 1979. Debbie is the reason I first started bleaching my hair.

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A M I E cos ofc im gonna ask it in my name

yes, queen, ready at your service.

  • A: SOMETHING REALLY ATTRACTIVE THAT YOUR BIAS DOES? if we’re talking about the one and only mark lee then his existence. *serious laugh*
  • M: YOUR FAVORITE MAKNAE? of all time? *sweating* um. recently? this old maknae:

gif credit.

  • I: THE MOST INTERESTING VOICE OR STYLE IN K-POP? again, not to be super biased but each DAY6 member. onew (god bless him). yoo ‘umma’ kihyun aka the inventor of honey voice. jung sewoon. lim kim (where is she?). oh my girl’s seunghee amen. wow the list grows.
  • E: AN IDOL YOU THINK WOULD BE EASY TO GET ALONG WITH? *whispers* kang daniel.

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So I’ve started using gifs because screw you XDD but here are the blogs I own! | This blog, @amaiimerodii573 is my main blog, it’s where I hold my Love Live! And Aphmau shenanigans, and a lot of other stuff. I’m usually always overwhelmed with boredom, so I use this blog for my own kinda stuff. | rwgF7PxoF5FVIKV8oA"> @love-live-mystreet-idol-pro is my Aphmau × Love Live! AU Blog, I don’t plan on moving it anytime soon. I usually reblog posts from my friend for the AU, she’s even deeper in idol hell than I am, so she draws it a lot. | @phoenix-drop-circus is a shared blog made by my friend, (who is @ifanclover by the way!) And it’s for an Aphmau × Dark Woods Circus AU. I’m Mod Amaii there. There’s also Mod Squiggly, Mod Zane, and the creator, Mod Candy! | @love-live-ask-idol-project is my shared Love Live! Ask blog, it’s where a bunch of different people take control of up to two girls, one from Muse, and one from Aqours, and answer questions as them, this blog is very new, so there’s only very few things there. NSFW blog is: coming soon!

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riza :)

put a character in my ask

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

(like seriously i’d die for her)

ship with:  Obviously Roy,
but I enjoy seeing some Havocai from time to time whether it’s platonic or romantic. I also like to imagine some RizaxOlivier action . Too bad such a ship doesnt have enough content T^T

friendship them with:  Havoc, Hughes, and Madame Christmas . (imagine riza and chris teaming up and teasing roy till he breaks lol ) 

general opinions:  Idk man, she’s perfect! she’s my idol, and i look up to her.

 She lost her mom at a young age, had an emotionally abusive and maybe even physically abusive father (come on she couldn’t have consented to that tattoo) , gotten into war, was forced to kill innocents, at such a young age, dealt with the war trauma, faced a homunculus, no wait, TWO homunculi, while knowing she was no match for em.. this could go on forever

She’s perfect.