she ruins the beauty of this photo i'm not even gonna lie

A/N I hope this hasn’t happened to you because I will personally defend your goddamn honor with these hands -mod cozy <3


-he loves every part of you unconditionally

-like any s/o fucking should

-so when he hears that someone would disrespect you???

-he goes from puppy yoosung to guard dog yoosung real quick

-“Who said this mc?? When did you last see them??”

-may be plotting their murder but that’s not important

-what’s important is you

-so much reassuring, he loves you for you and not for what someone else thinks you should be


-she doesn’t even really care for looks and she loves yours

-so when she saw you were upset about them???

-nonono honey

-you’re gorgeous

-hugs you really really really tightly and makes sure you know she loves you

-will make sure to drop kick and lecture anyone who tries to insult you again


-thinks you’re beautiful (you fucking are)

-knows what it feels like to be degraded for his looks

-so when he hears that it happens to you???

-he’s like, personally offended


-kisses everywhere

-he wants you to KNOW how much he loves you

-won’t hesitate to passive aggressively trip or glare down anyone who offends you


-oh man oh boy

-god save the poor man (or woman, or other) who offended his princess

-juju is about to ruin.




-blocked, reported, EXPOSED

-makes sure they lose their job probably, trust me when I say this will never happen again

-he thinks your absolutely stunning and perfect the way you are

-not afraid to show you (wink wonk)


-it’s similar to jumin trust me

-the second anyone hurts his honey (Buddha)

-he’s gonna ruin them

-bank account: hacked

-also that awful picture of them???

-that one they hate??

-well it’s viral now


-you guys cuddle the rest of the day awwe,

- he makes sure you know how much he loves you AND your curves and tummy and everything in between


-it takes a lot to make this boy angry

-but he’s a little peeved rn not gonna lie

-impromptu photo session??? Yes please.

-he’s going to show you how beautiful you are,

-the whole thing is super fluffy, kisses all around

-highkey will “accidentally” trip anyone who insults your appearance with his cane

-“Oh I’m sorry, I can’t see very well haha.”


-ready to throw the fuck down

-he loves you no matter what you look like????

-thinks you look gorgeous anyway????

-how dARe someone think otherwise????

-honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually tracked and confronted the person

-a little slug to the face

-and some strongly worded insults

-alright that should do it

-they won’t be fucking bothering you again trust me

-they won’t be able to see out of their left eye soon either

-it’s swollen shut

-that’s the joke


-not a word is uttered by vandy

-lots of hugs and kisses though

-they love you a lot and think you’re stunning

-never want you to feel self conscious about your weight

-they just aren’t good at expressing it verbally

-so hugs and kisses are the next best thing

-also the perpetrator is never heard from again

-no one knows what happened to them