she rly is a princess :(


A couple things I need to clarify:

1.) No the quality does not suck I just have really bad taste in textures and wait until the piece is finished before I decide, ‘oh, that was a bad idea’

That’s it.

i love lucaya with all my heart but if a rly cute boy comes along and treats maya like the princess she is and is rly funny with a lil bit of fire/sarcasm and is an all around good influence on her (doesn’t make her feel bad about herself, encourages her to do good things/see things differently but isn’t too pushy about his beliefs), then im all for that because maya is my #1 and i just want her to be happy

block b ny showcase 2014 fanaccount

i’m talking about the concert from start to finish + high touch so it is rather lengthy but i hope it is worth the read bc i talk about some absolutely cute as fuck things that block b does here ok omg (i’m repeating stuff from my twitter from last night but going more in depth so yes take a look if u want) 

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