she riffs

i randomly had the opening guitar/vocal riff for She’s My Winona stuck in my head like last Friday and now i’ve listened to fall out boy for like a week straight after not listening to them for like a year

anonymous asked:

what do you mean about her voice wavering?

okay eek I pulled specific moments out of the clips I have but overall her voice was just weak at parts (like the last chorus of moonlight) and she wasn’t sustaining notes as long and it scared me a lot

one last time: 0:48-0:49

touch it: 1:08-09 and a little bit at 1:53

moonlight: 2:16-18 is flat, 0:51 and 1:46 she knew she couldn’t hit the notes so she changed them, and her voice broke from 3:18-19 which is why she added an extra riff

(note though that my ear is pretty trained because I sang and played instruments for a long time so some stuff like the flat may not be super obvious to other people)

also wait unrelated but she forgot words in both dangerous woman and moonlight like you’re 20 shows in how does this happen (I still love her and I know she has a million songs but those were both the centerpieces of her potential albums? idk)

Read my full review of the Dangerous Woman Tour (including a song-by-song breakdown), admire how extra I am, and let me know if you have any questions!


dog and rescued rat are unlikely bffs

Taxidermist Mickey Alice Kwapis saved a rat she named Riff Ratt from becoming snake food when he was just weeks old. Little did she know, her dog Osiris – a Dutch Shepherd and the new family member would become the best of friends and viral superstars on Instagram.

Riff Ratt was bottle fed for two weeks after Mickey brought him home. Osiris would sit by their side, licking the extra milk off the baby rodent. Their bond is so strong that Osiris lets Riff Ratt in his mouth to clean his teeth! “Riff Ratt really likes licking the inside of Osiris’ mouth. I’m sure you all are wondering if we’re afraid Osiris will eat Riff – NOPE! Osiris has helped foster and care for dozens of animals and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met”.

They also play and snuggle and do what best friends do. “They’re super photogenic, and they’re just so sweet”, gushed Mickey.

Snow White and the Wicked Goddamn Queen

The Wicked Queen kicked open the door to her room, where she had been practicing riffs on her electric guitar. “MIRROR!” she yelled.

“I’m right here,” said the Mirror.

“Oh yeah,” said the Queen. She reached down and unclipped the hand mirror dangling from her studded belt. The magic mirror traditionally manifested itself in whichever of the castle’s mirrors the Queen happened to be closest to when she needed advice, but the Queen had asked her chief wizard to devise a more portable solution, since she had read in a magazine that hand mirrors were very fashionable in the courts across the sea. She held up the mirror, which had a face in its center, features swirling and coiling like smoke.

“Memo,” said the Queen.

“What?” said the mirror.

“That means you’re supposed to start taking a memo,” said the Queen. She started walking around the tower. “So, this is a big day, and I want to have a record of it. This is the death trap I’ve been building for Snow White–”

“You mean the guillotine right at the bottom of the staircase?” said the mirror. “I was wondering what that–”

“Shut up,” said the Queen. “So, in just a few minutes, Snow White is going to finish feeding those stupid birds that live on the roof and come down that staircase.” The Queen pointed the mirror at the stairs. “She’s going to break that tripwire, which will cause the blade above the stairs to swing down and chop off her head.”

The Queen paused for a minute, savoring the image of a giant blade chopping off Snow White’s head.

“With respect, your majesty,” said the Mirror, “I’m not sure that–”

“Snow White’s head will roll across the floor,” said the Wicked Queen, now panning the mirror across the room, “And it will go into this little groove, right here, and trigger the pressure plate at the end. That will cause the trap door over there to open up, and Snow White’s headless body will fall through it and land in the wood chipper. Then–”

There was a noise from the top of the staircase. It sounded like someone singing a song about birds and friendship and sunshine.

“Oh my God,” said the Wicked Queen, sounding slightly panicked, “Here she comes.”

Snow White came skipping down the staircase, holding a wicker basket and wearing a blue and white sundress. She skipped straight over the tripwire, ignoring it complete, and bounced to a stop in front of the Queen like an excited puppy. 

“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!” said Snow White.

“Hello,” said the Wicked Queen, audibly grinding her teeth. 

“Ohmygosh,” said the Snow White, breathlessly brushing back one strand of hair as dark as ebony from a forehead as white as snow, “I’ve just been up in the main tower refilling all the bird feeders!!! It’s sooooo beautiful out today!!! You should come with me to the forest, Queenie!!! Me and my animal friends are going to have a picnic, and I’m going to teach them all to sing songs from Les Mis!!!!!” Snow White twirled around on her toes, trailing ribbons behind her. The basket of rose petals she was inexplicably carrying whooshed up around her head and fluttered to the floor in a gentle flurry of pink. The enormous guillotine blade hanging directly above Snow White’s head appeared to have escaped her notice. 

“No,” said the Wicked Queen, with great dignity, “I’m very busy, Snow. Someone has to run the kingdom. And I have to keep Mirror company; you know how he gets when everyone leaves the castle. ”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!!!” said Snow White. She patted the Queen sympathetically on the arm. The Queen flinched slightly. “I’ll tell everyone you wanted to make it, though!!! And I will talk to poor Mirror soon, I don’t see him enough!!! Tell him I said ‘Hellooooooooooooooo–’”

Her voice trailed away as she disappeared down the spiral staircase, leaving a stream of rose petals behind her. 

There was a pause. 

“My Queen,” said the Mirror cautiously, “Perhaps we should–”

“I’m going to KILL her,” said the Queen, who was stomping around and kicking the walls. “I’m going to put her HEAD on a SPIKE and I’m going to hire a whole family of crows to come EAT her EYES, and then, and then…and then I’ll take her head down and I’ll make the peasants play SOCCER with it, and I’ll find out her favorite soccer team and I’ll rig the match so they kick her head into their own goal and lose at the last second, and, and, and–”

“My Queen,” said the Mirror gently, “Have you considered that perhaps you don’t really have to kill Snow White? I think you would be much happier without this particular weight on your mind. She has been nothing but lovely ever since the day she came to live with–”

“Memo,” said the Queen, who was now stomping back and forth across the room. The trap door clunked open and shut as she stepped on and off the pressure plate.

“Your majesty, please–”

“MEMO,” said the Wicked Queen. “I want you to look up the nearest crows who specialize in eye-eating and tell me their phone number. Also find out what Snow White’s favorite soccer team is. You might have to scroll back a few months through her Facebook, but I know it’s on there somewhere.”

“Your ma–”

“And I’m gonna throw you at the wall,” said the Queen, “To vent my frustration. It’s important to vent your frustration.”

“Please don’t,” said the Mirror, but the Queen had already hurled it at the wall, where it shattered into a hundred pieces. The Queen went back into her room and slammed the door. In the full-length mirror propped up in the corner, a smoky face began to materialize. 

“I wish you wouldn’t do that,” said the Mirror, but the Queen was already playing the intro to Master of Puppets on her guitar and didn’t notice. 

The Mirror sighed, and began to Google eye-eating crows.

(more Wicked Goddamn Queen)

Sitting cross legged on a huge flannel shirt, Harley scribbled another few notes into the beaten up notepad in front of her. Central park was bustling, but she had chosen a semi-quiet spot near one of the small lakes, under a tree. Most of them were short riffs, or random paragraphs that would eventually make up a full song. On her lap sat her trusty, 6 string Fender, bright red and covered in graffiti and stickers. It had been a present from her dad for her 30th birthday. Harley loved it. Leaning back, she pressed her fingers into the strings, strumming out a slow and ominous riff that she had been working on for the past few hours, trying to perfect it.


It’s time for another Pit Blog update from Salt Lake City, Utah! Yesterday we had a very special guest performing on the Beatport stage: Waka Flaka Flame. I also got footage of While She Sleeps, Riff Raff, Neck Deep, and more. Check it out!

Photography Michele Bisaillon (@michel_e_b)

“The media is consistently producing digitally altered imagery and in response to that I want to create images that are organic and unedited”, she riffs. “My goal is to remind myself and others that there is always something missing from the picture; another side to the story. There will forever be simultaneous events occurring in the universe that none of us know about. I find that abundance of possibility endlessly inspiring.”

As Long As You're Mine
Natalie Andreou & Oliver Savile
As Long As You're Mine

As Long As You’re Mine - Natalie Andreou (standby) & Oliver Savile Wicked, Apollo Victoria Theatre 06/01/16. (more audios). [her mic is turned on like 2 words too late, but listen to the little riffs she’s added in recently, she’s really making the role her own now and i am in love.]

“Okay but what if the songs from the RWBY soundtrack were actually sung and performed in the RWBY!Rock AU?

  • “Red Like Roses Part II” by Grimms and Roses, sung by Ruby Rose and rock idol Pyrrha Nikos as joint lead.
  • “I Burn,” sung by Blake Belladonna, with Yang Xiao Long on guitar and raps, Weiss Schnee on drums, and Ruby on bass.
    • Also, Ruby has the rap stuck in her head and sings it during downtime, and Yang thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.
  • “Die” by Grimms and Roses, where all the girls of team RWBY were supposed to shout “Die” at the end, but Weiss was so focused on her killer guitar riffs that she forgot to join in.
    • And obviously Yang goes positively berserk on drums, particularly with those double bass pedals.
  • “I May Fall,” sung by Ruby and Jaune Arc, covered later by JNPR, where Jaune takes the lead part and really shines and Pyrrha can’t stop grinning while she sings the second part.
    • Penny ends up taking a huge liking to this song and learns both parts by heart. She can often be heard humming the tune.
  • “Sacrifice,” performed by JNPR, where Pyrrha sings her heart out with backup vocals from Jaune and Lie Ren.
  • “All Our Days” was a Pyrrha’s secret solo project, but Nora Valkyrie found out and insisted on helping and dragged Ren along. The beautiful song was later performed for Jaune, who couldn’t hold back his tears.
    • Nora surprises everyone with her tender piano skills, and Ren joins on cello.
  • “This Will Be The Day” (Acoustic) was performed by Weiss as a draft during the composing process for the full rock version for Grimms and Roses.

I need to find some lady singers so I can figure out these parts better.

So sad I can’t write things down while I drive…

5 Seconds of Summer Discuss 'Desert Cowboy Riff' in 'She's Kinda Hot'

Guitarist Michael Clifford and drummer Ashton Irwin explain story behind Madden brothers-assisted new single

5 Seconds of Summer have been teasing the first official single off their as-yet-untitled sophomore album for weeks on social media and their 5 on the Wall site. On Friday, the Australian pop punkers released the catchy, old-school song “She’s Kinda Hot.”

With the new track, 5SOS have made a rockier departure from their self-titled debut. Sounding more like the early-to-mid-Aughts bands that the group had writing sessions with for their new LP (Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Simple Plan), the Australian band have honed the California punk whine.

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Rachel Tucker singing The Wizard & I @ Broadway in Bryant Park 7/7/16

and killing me bc she did all the riffs

Time 100: Relevant as heck (Photo by Art Streiber)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus has achieved the unachievable: being completely comically on point and relevant as heck for the past 30 years. And also crushable—as her fellow feminist and friend, I feel I can say that. First she barreled onto the Saturday Night Live stage at the same age most of us are trying to figure out our major. Then she created the utterly singular Elaine Benes—patron saint of boldly neurotic women and also of blazers—a character paramount in the consciousness of every stressed-out, funny woman. Elaine formed some of us, truly, and she’s the sole reason I ever experimented with the contraceptive sponge. But not content with one iconic role, she created Christine, a riff on what society will allow a mother to be, and now Veep’s Selina Meyer, a character who is both old-school zany and new-school subtle, and who seems more and more real the longer this election circus continues. Julia’s brand of comedy—naturalistic lunacy, sharp but never cruel—taught a whole generation of women they were allowed to change the rules and a whole bunch of men that a woman with rough edges was something to desire. Oh, and as a friend? Kind, humble, funny, supportive and never, ever missing a beat. We are lucky to live in the age of JLD. Long may she reign. – Lena Dunham

I’ve decided I really want to write a concept musical. The conceit is essentially characters from Shakespeare gathering at a 21st century coffeehouse and sharing their stories and singing songs about their stories to the audience as a kind of “confessional” - almost like a series of Hedwig-style anecdotes but with Shakespeare characters. It would be a tribute of sorts to the canon of Shakespeare and Hedwig and the Angry Inch, two of my favorite works of theatre that have influenced me immensely.

I already know that the first character to appear and sing would be Titania from Midsummer. Her excuse for having to go first is that she’s in a hurry because her husband Oberon just caused a huge problem in the world and she needs to tell him off so she sings a riff on “These are the forgeries of jealousy” called “Ya Done F***ed Up, Oberon” then leaves.

That’s all I’ve got for now. If I can’t find someone to help write the music for original songs (I can only do book and lyrics) I can just attempt to find fitting existing popular songs and do it as a scripted cabaret show.


No Good Deed - Alyssa Fox Audio 8/6/15

Basically, Alyssa slaying with her forever consistent amazing Fiyero riff.

Right away, we sit down with guitars and she has this incredible riff, like really simple but totally effective, with this unbelievable, rolling harmonic line. It was clear to my right then why this artist is basically a solar star. I think some people are able to remain completely personal but able to create something at the same time that’s as vulnerable as any song can be.
—  Ryan Adams on songwriting with Taylor Swift (x)