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some of the things ppl have being saying on here lately reminded me of the time I got into discourse with someone because I headcanoned a character as a lesbian and they were like "umm, she's ace sweaty :)" and when I later said they were being lesphobic they (a bi person) said "I don't have anything against lesbians. in fact, I'm half a lesbian myself" and I just needed to tell someone because I'm still reeling tbh


Imagine Picking on Arno with Bellec

     She stifled a laugh with the palm of her hand, “Pisspot?”
     “Yep, good ol’ Pisspot.” Bellec replied by slapping a firm hand onto Arno’s shoulder.
     “He actually responds to that?” Her eyes began tearing up from all the giggling she had been doing.
     Bellec nodded.
     “Oh, you two think you’re so funny.” Arno snarled, jerking out of Bellec’s grip and adjusting his jacket. “At least I don’t look like a mangy mutt!” He playfully shoved his mentor’s shoulder before dodging an attempted headlock.
     “It’s all in good fun, boy.” Bellec replied as he slapped Arno’s hand away from his face.
     “Should we get him something to remind him of his nickname?” She asked innocently; batting her eyes at Arno.
     “I could give you mine.” Bellec offered.
     Arno quirked an eyebrow, “I think it would remind me more of you rather than my beloved pet name.”  
     “You tryin’ to say somethin’?”
     “Yeah, you smell an awful lot like a pisspot… Pisspot.”

Rucas FanFiction Week 2016

Day 3

“Your lips look so soft. I could kiss them all day long.”

“Can you stop doing that and study like you’re supposed to,”

Lucas paused just as he was about to throw the tennis ball up in the air, turning to look at Riley laying next to him on her bed, leaning on her elbows and writing furiously in her notebook.

“I’m taking a break?” he replied.

Riley looked up at him with her eyes narrowed playfully, “For half an hour?”

Lucas just shrugged with a cheeky smile and went back to throwing and catching the tennis ball. Riley rolled her eyes and went back to focusing on the book in front of her.

After a few more minutes he grew bored of his game, letting the tennis ball drop to the floor and turning his head to look at Riley instead, a smile immediately coming to his face as he laid eyes on her.

“Stop staring at me,” Riley murmured, slightly startling Lucas who hadn’t realised he’d been staring at her for more than a minute.

“I can’t help it,” he shrugged in response, “Your lips look so soft. I could kiss them all day long,”

“We’re supposed to be studying and that’s what you’re thinking about?” Riley looked up at him with raised eyebrows, a slight blush creeping onto her cheeks.

“That’s what I always think about,” Lucas smirked.

Riley’s eyes widened for a split second before she shook her head and refocused on her books, “You can’t say that when I’m meant to be concentrating!”

“Riles you’ve been studying for two hours, I think you deserve a break,” Lucas said, sitting up slightly and turning towards her.

“I’ll take a break when I pass this Spanish exam,” Riley muttered in reply, trying her best to ignore him.

“You’re gonna ace it,” Lucas told her gently, lightly trailing his hand up and down her arm.

“Lucas…” Riley warned lightly, “I’m serious,”

“I’m not doing anything,” Lucas replied innocently, continuing his playful movements.

Riley let her eyes flutter closed with a sigh, and Lucas smirked to himself, he knew that was going to relax her.

“See? You’re allowed to relax sometimes,” he teased her lightly.

Riley pushed her books lightly, letting them fall off her bed with a thud and moved to lay on her side so they were face to face.

“Thanks for reminding me,” she smiled.

“That’s what I’m here for,” Lucas replied softly.

“Now about what you were saying earlier,” Riley smirked, a mischevious glint in her eyes.

“Which part are you referring too?” he smirked, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her into his chest.

“Oh you know…” Riley giggled, “The part about being able to kiss me all day?”

“Oh that…” Lucas grinned, “What about it?”

“Just shut up and kiss me,” Riley rolled her eyes playfully, and Lucas didn’t need to be asked twice as he quickly pressed his lips against her own.

The two of them quickly became lost in the kiss and everything else seemed to slip away, it was just them in this moment and nothing else mattered.

“Riley did you-AH!”

The two of them quickly sprang apart and Riley sat up with wide eyes as Cory stood in her bedroom door in horror.

“Dad-” before she could even say anything he was running back down the hallway yelling “TOPANGA!” at the top of his lungs.

Riley collapsed back down on the bed in a fit of giggles, which only escalated as she saw the terrified look on Lucas’ face.

“I don’t think he’s going to let you in my room ever again,” she said through her giggles.

“He’s never letting me anywhere near you again in general,” Lucas replied, his eyes still wide with shock.

Riley laughed again, clutching her side as the giggles left her breathless; her laugh causing Lucas to eventually chuckle as well.

When their laughter finally subsided, Riley looked at Lucas with a cheeky grin.

“Well we’ve already been caught once…” she said suggestively, moving closer to him again.

“You’re bad,” Lucas feigned shock, and Riley laughed again before kissing him once more, her study long forgotten.

Day 1

Day 2

Tomorrow the new Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer will come out in the USA

For some that might not know, I’m from Europe, so I’ll be only able to play on the 2nd of October *BIGGEST SOBS*

This is just a little reminder that I DIDN’T FORGET about AC, it’s still part of my life; I’ve just been a bit more busy than usual, but I was mostly just waiting for the new game to post. I’m writing this for people who might think “oh she doesn’t care anymore and she’s not even playing/post about the new game bla bla bla”. This is just a reminder that I CAN’T because it’s only out here quite a bit more late, which really really annoyed me because I wanted to me posting at the same time, but oh well! Anyway, as soon as I have the game, expect a sea of posts muahah. x

Oh, No.

Raven cursed under her breath, her fingers tightening around her pen as she sighed. She had read this passage at least three times over and it still wasn’t making any sense to her. Why in the world was a phylum? Where did that do on this stupid chart? Why wasn’t this making any sense? Who in the world invented biology and why couldn’t she find them and teach them a well-deserved lesson?

Growling, she let her head fall forward into the pages of her text book, fighting back the sudden push of emotions that rose into her chest. Something twisted and tightened within her, and she couldn’t stop the pungent taste of anger from bubbling up into her throat. If she failed this stupid, pointless class, her GPA would be ruined in her last semester of high school, and then what? She would have a blemish on her record all over a stupid science class.  

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Could you continue the teacher AU?

(parts one, two, three, and four)

Rose didn’t have family.

Her father died when she was young, and while her mother was still alive they had a falling out a few years back over Jackie’s current paramour. Since her aunts and uncles were middle-class, they looked down on her mother and subsequently Rose for living in the council flats. Never mind that Rose had worked hard for her degree and got out; they always saw her as the less fortunate member of the Tyler family and had nothing to do with her.

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