she reminds me of ace here

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some of the things ppl have being saying on here lately reminded me of the time I got into discourse with someone because I headcanoned a character as a lesbian and they were like "umm, she's ace sweaty :)" and when I later said they were being lesphobic they (a bi person) said "I don't have anything against lesbians. in fact, I'm half a lesbian myself" and I just needed to tell someone because I'm still reeling tbh


so I heard that some shitheads are attacking my fellow asexual lovelies


so I decided to come in here to remind people that

Asexuality is beautiful and valid 

like look at all this asexuality:

That’s a picture of me from Pride last year, where I repped my ace pride all damn day in the middle of a parade through downtown

Why did I do that?  Because I am here, I am queer, and

I have just as much of a right to be alive, outspoken about my identity, and active in Pride as all you other queer people.

Not convinced?

That’s Artemis.  She’s a motherfrickin’ GODDESS.  (literally).  And she’s also Ace as Hell.  And she’s frickin’ invincible because asexuals are invincible.

Not invisible, invincible.

So yeah, guess what?  Asexuality is beautiful, and so is Artemis, and so am I.  And so is every single one of my asexual comrades out there.  We are strong, so don’t pay attention to the haters.

Stay Ace, My Friends

Tomorrow the new Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer will come out in the USA

For some that might not know, I’m from Europe, so I’ll be only able to play on the 2nd of October *BIGGEST SOBS*

This is just a little reminder that I DIDN’T FORGET about AC, it’s still part of my life; I’ve just been a bit more busy than usual, but I was mostly just waiting for the new game to post. I’m writing this for people who might think “oh she doesn’t care anymore and she’s not even playing/post about the new game bla bla bla”. This is just a reminder that I CAN’T because it’s only out here quite a bit more late, which really really annoyed me because I wanted to me posting at the same time, but oh well! Anyway, as soon as I have the game, expect a sea of posts muahah. x