she redyed her hair

episode ideas i thought of at 3 am
  • the cg go away for some reason again, so connie, peri, and lapis group up, but in the process accidentally unbubble bismuth. bismuth adores connie, but she doesnt remember lapis, let alone understand why shes afraid of her
  • bd sends the famethyst to earth to check on the cluster and the ruby squad, obviously they just play around with amethyst and steven, wholesome filler
  • greg finally gets a date on not-tinder but hes really nervous and convinces garnet to come with him as a double date. she doesnt even unfuse she just sits across from them
  • mystery girl comes to the temple for a date with pearl....but she's redyed her hair purple and restyled it, losing her similarity to rose. pearl loses interest and gets chewed out by garnet for being shallow,and
  • mg ends up going to dinner with amethyst instead
  • white diamond gets sick of the others shit and sends white court gems to face the cg
  • mr smiley. just. hes back
  • garnet has a real good talk with sadie about love and toxic people. she uses pearl as an example

And you know what else? Sun Shepard’s hair is that short for more than “it was the only canon haircut I didn’t hate”

In a lot of Asian cultures, there’s this symbolic cutting of the hair (you’ll recall this from things like Mulan and Avatar: The Last Airbender with Zuko and Iroh and Korra). It’s done to usually signify moving from one part of your life to another, leaving behind whoever you were to become someone else. A lot of times it’s done by people running away from home, to whatever extent.

Sun cut her hair the night before she left for the Alliance, with a beautiful, handmade knife her father had passed down to her. It was both a way to shake off the memories of Mindoir that lingered every time she caught sight of herself in the mirror (even though she’d redyed her hair back to black), and a way for her to absolutely be able to look herself in the mirror and see whoever this new Shepard was, and not the kid who just wanted to be a singer and marry her high school sweetheart.

So she keeps her hair short because it’s become a part of who she is, who Commander Shepard is, eventually. When she wakes up from being on that Cerberus operating table and her hair is almost to her shoulders, it dredges up a lot of painful memories, and she’s one unanticipated flashback from straight up shaving her head when she finally gets around to finding a barber on Omega.

She never lets it grow past her chin again, and in fact cuts it even shorter after the war (though that’s partially because the scarring on the side of her face sort of makes her hair patchy on one side anyway). 

So yeah. I’d change her hair if I thought people would like it better, but honestly it’s a pretty big chunk of who she is and it just can’t go at this point.