she really was so classy and fashionable

Throne of Glass characters on tumblr
  • Aelin: aesthetic blog dedicated to like different types of weapons or something else disturbing. Plus fashion posts for days. Spends a lot of time making edits in the dead of night.
  • Lysandra: rly personal blog that's also fucking terrifying. U wince when she follows u back.
  • Dorian: porn blog but a classy one in black and white
  • Manon: what is this tumblr. A blackbeak has no need for these frail mortal things.
  • Aedion: fan blog for terrasen. Aelin refuses to follow him back.
  • Rowan: only made a tumblr so he could follow his wife's blog. Really proud of her for all her followers.
  • Elide: blogging about all of her problems all the time
  • Lorcan: no tumblr, but elides blog is his most looked at page
  • Fenrys: that blog that posts everything and anything. Memes. Fandom. Personal. Aesthetic. He has 2 followers bc he can't get his brand right.
  • Chaol: memes. Memes for days. But like lame 4chan memes.

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Do you think if the RFA+minor trio were genderbended, they would be different in any way? In what ways would they be different?

Hope this is what you were thinking? This was fun to think of. 


  • She does so much with her hair
  • So many hairstyles, and all of them come out perfect
  • She is a make up expert, maybe even becoming a side make up vlogger to share her secrets
  • Other than that, she’s the same…flawless selfies galore and gorgeous looks and sweet personality


  • She would be the tomboy/lazy girl
  • Always gaming late in the night, so she never bothers with hair or make up
  • Most of the time, she ends up wearing snapbacks to school because she’s running late
  • She does love cute hairclips though
  • She’s one of those super cute girls, but she would get shy if a guy she found attractive walked by


  •  He’s still a little stiff
  • He’s super organized and on track
  • He can be a little tsundere
  • He’ll scold people, but make sure they’re taken care of
  • He’s not as big of a “fangirl” and more of a casual fan of Zen’s soundtracks


  • Her fashion sense was on point
  • Always looked classy in a dress or business suit
  • Instead of different ties, she wore different broaches every day–sometimes even with cats
  • Her love for cats stays the same, but she could only have one
  • Cat trinkets in her house everywhere
  • Top of the top career woman, so she often refuses the hundreds of confessions


  • Even more insecure as a girl on most days
  • She feels really uncomfortable with her body a lot of the time, since she has a little chub and always looks baggy in her sweats
  • Her hair also was frizzy and curly, so she always put it in a bun
  • But she knows how to clean up really nice
  • And her make up is always amazing


  • She hates long hair, so she still keeps it pretty short
  • Kind of like a bob cut
  • Loves dying her tips all the time
  • Resting “Get out my face” face
  • You would think she would a really emo style, but no…she likes fluffy sweaters
  • Sweater paws


  • Very artsy kind of girl
  • Sundresses, long cardigans, her camera hanging around her neck
  • Her hair is always in a ponytail because it gets in the way
  • But when she has it down, combined with her pretty smile, it’s gorgeous
  • Like the perfect waves
  • She is sweet to everyone


  • Literally the same personality
  • Same length hair
  • Same blazer
  • Same snark
  • Just female

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Mikasa, if you have't already done her :)

  1. Mikasa is the definition of Mom Friend. She takes care of all of her friends. She makes Eren do his homework. She texts Armin to remind him to take study breaks and sleep instead of staying up until 3 am. She has dance parties with Sasha when the other girl is feeling sad. She is the friend who comes over with ice cream when you get your heartbroken. She is the one that encourages you to go for your crush. She makes the best snacks. She’s Mom Friend. 
  2. She’s really into fashion. She always wears the cutest outfits, and can make a simplest t-shirt and jeans look classy. She’s a big fan of dresses, too. 
  3. She’s an introvert. Mikasa would rather listen to what you have to say than offer her opinions herself. She is really fun to talk to, but she could go a whole night in a group just listening and be perfectly content with the world. 
  4. She falls in love so easily, and once she’s fallen, it takes her a long time to get up. She falls HARD! 
  5. She loves taking pictures to capture the little moments with her friends and family. 
  6. She’s a cat person. (In modern au, she has two cats, Linus and Lucy.)
  7. Mikasa does not tolerate bullying. If she catches you gossiping about one of her friends, or physically harassing them, she will not hesitate to hit you back. She will not stand for her friends being bullied, and will do whatever necessary to take care of them. 
  8. She hates appearing weak to others. Since she has a natural compulsion to care for others, she gets very uncomfortable when the tables are turned. If she’s hurt, she’ll push through it so no one has to worry about her, (which usually backfires cause she worsens the injury and needs to be watched even closer.)
  9. Her mom is her role model, and she strives to make her mother proud in everything she does. 
  10. She is a closet nerd. Like, she’s secretly involved in so many different fandoms. It’s kind of scary how much she knows about pop culture, (books, TV shows, anime, movies, etc. She just knows so much but it’s not like she’s watching things all day so when she gets this knowledge is a mystery.”
  11. Mikasa is an enigma to 98% of the people on the planet. The 2% who know her best know that she’s just a regular girl with some extraordinary qualities. But a lot of acquaintances think she has to be an alien or a genetically modified mutant cause no one is that perfect naturally (expect she is)

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BTS: Reaction to their girlfriend being from YG Entertainment

From this request: It ended up being a YG girl thing, more than a Blackpink thing. We hope you don’t mind. Enjoy ^^

Rap Monster:

Namjoon would be soooo in love with his YG girlfriend. He’d love everything about her, her attitude, her rap/singing style, the way she speaks, her fashion sense, everything. She’d be the apple of his eyes. He’d sneak out to help her write songs and would love being creative with her. His YG match would be Blackpink’s Jennie, and if a song (or a baby) can come out of this union, it’d be awesome.

Originally posted by baebsaes


He doesn’t really care if his girl is from YG or not, he’d just be really happy and excited to date someone that is so classy and with so much presence, like YG girls. He’d want to act manly in front of her, but he’d fanboy so hard for her though. He’s really a perfect match for Blackpink’s Jisoo. They’d make ahjussi jokes together. She’s so adorable, he could die from her cuteness (and vice-versa). They’d be such a cute couple. (I can even see them getting married omg)

Originally posted by missbaptan


Suga would really enjoy dating a YG girl since YG is known for their music and the talent and dedication of their artists and he would bond with a girl who’s so passionate about her music. He’s also the type to date a girl with impressive charisma and sensuality when she’s performing. That’s why I ship him with Lee Hi, because I feel like they have similar personalities, style, presence, and interests. And it would be a very beautiful visual couple.

Originally posted by bwiseoks


Hobi would be a very cute boyfriend, he’d be super excited that his girl is from YG, he’d playfully show off a bit. He’d be very adorable, caring and supportive of her. He’d be there to comfort her when she is exhausted from practices, he’d always make her smile in every situation. I ship him with Blackpink’s Rosé or Lisa, because I think they complement each other, and since both of them grew up in foreign countries, their openness to the world would match with J-Hope’s ultra sociable personality.

Originally posted by kimthwriter


He’d like to date a bubbly and cute girl, someone he can be himself with but also someone who has a big artistic side, like YG girls do. He’s definitely want to grow as an artist and as a person with his girl. I ship him with Blackpink’s Rosé, because I think she’s very open on the world and Jimin could learn a lot from her, while she could learn a lot from him too, in different aspects. She’s also very adorable and he would melt under her aegyo attacks or just her everyday personality. They’d be a fun and outgoing couple.

Originally posted by itschiminie


Tae would like the experience YG girls have. I see him dating a sunbae, because he’d like knowing he can talk about everything with someone who knows what he’s going through and can relate. He’d also like feeling “manly” and taking care of an older woman but would love that things wouldn’t be too serious most of the time. I ship him with 2NE1’s Dara. I think they’d be comfortable together.

Originally posted by haninnoona


He’d be super proud to date a girl from YG. He’d definitely like the “YG swag” vibe she has. He’d often come practice or chill with her. He’d also tease her often by imitating her and making fun of her attitude when she’s in public, which is quite different from how she is with him. His ideal YG girl would be Blackpink’s Lisa. I can see them joking around and dancing their hearts out to their bf/gf’s songs.

Originally posted by bangtan

So honestly, I have this headcanon that Riza, like, really likes clothing/fashion and is classy af when she gets to be (i mean, look at the few times she is casually dressed in Brotherhood! Pearls and purple!). So then when she leaves the military and Roy proposes to her, she’s just like, “Sounds good; I need your salary.” And he thinks she kidding because after growing up poor and then being in the military and wearing uniform all the time, she never had that many clothes, just a few stylish essentials but he gives her free reign with his account so she can join them and he comes home one day and there’s clothes fucking everywhere and Riza’s standing in the middle of the chaos looking so pleased with herself and Roy’s just like what have I done

The sense of fashion of each type or which style they tend to prefer?

Requested by Anon

(Feel free to send me what fashion sense you have and your type- I’m curious)

(And this is based of the people I know obviously)

SJ: These people are normally subtle fashion wise, but with a hint of edge. They will have their look: put together, neat and typical- but deep down they can feel (especially teenage SJ’s) that they should go a little crazy. Because this, they may wear like a little piece or clothing or carry some aura that can “imply” edge. But mostly they will look like an average person, who knows how to match cloths but isn’t going to dress to impress people. Also, they tend to find a style and stick with it….forever.

Ex. I know

My young ISFJ friend, by looking at her, is not at all wild. Her hair is to her shoulders with layers and is alway styled the same way and very neat. The cloths she wears don’t have any bright colors or anything, but sometimes she wears some leather or studs or shiny earrings. To her this is THE way she express herself. She thinks she would love to go crazy her style and hair, but she doesn’t. She just wears the leather jacket as a silent rebellion.

Young ESTJ- changes up her hairstyle occasionally, and wears some bright colors but never so bright that people think- “wow, she must have fun”.

ESFJ: Wears regular, typical cloths and always looks nice. (Blouses and pants) Does have a bit of a funky hairstyle but she has had it so long that she owns it.

Young ESFJ: Very classy, and girly. She has a style of sophisticated but not obnoxious that she holds well. Nothing too bold, always subtle, but has a good eye.

Young ISTJ: Doesn’t really care for fashion, although she like Project Runway. Always wears her hair in the same ponytail.

SP: These are your hippi’s (ISTP and ISFP) and your brandnamers (ESTP and ESFP) The introverted ones normally have an earthy feel to them- very 60’s and they KNOW how to wear it. The SP’s are the ones who have a style that they stick too. Not like the SJ who always looks the same style wise, but in the way that even though they are wearing something drastically different every day- it’s always has the “vibe”. The extroverted SP’s are normally the ones that are “in” fashion wise. Whatever is up to date and cool, they are wearing. Their style stands out in a crowd- ESP’s for the “Pop” factor and ISP’s for their uniqueness.

Ex I know

Young ISFP: Rocks the “hippie- hippster” to the max. Always has the same feel to her, though she never wears the same thing twice. Band across the forehead, long hair, loose tank top- completely 60’s yet still modern

Young ISTP: Earthy feel to them, in faded colors mostly, loose clothing, ripped jeans.

Young ESTP: Knows “the” shops to shop at, brand name, not too fancy, ruff looking, casual mostly.

ESFP: Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle. Bold colors, bright jewelry, always looks ready for a runway.

NF: These people are the ones who won’t really care about “fashion” they will either think it’s fun or not. They normally have a subtle style, but not like the SJ. Their subtle is much bolder, colors and style wise. They will wear different things and change things up often. They normally don’t stand out style wise, but you can always expect them to be colorful (figuratively or literally) and be different somehow. Also, the NF will be where most of your “don’t know don’t care” fashion people are at as well as NT.

Young ENFP and Adult ENFP: Pretty random, and doesn’t really have a “aura” they let off. Always fun and colorful and trying out different things.

Young ENFJ and Adult ENFJ: Doesn’t really keep a “style” going but wears nice, cut clothing. They look warm usually and “moral” if that makes sense. Like they are doing what they are supposed to while also being original but not an eye catching original.

Young INFJ: Same as the ENFJ except they won’t be as inclined to notice whether they have worn something like that before. Will probably just wear whatever they find in their closet- usually just shorts and a t-shirt

Young INFP: Unique and random. But not as “neon sign” as ENFP’s. They put their own twists on trends and and have the style of “I only put half thought into having my own look but I look like an individualist anyway”

NT: When these people develop a style it is normally a style only THEY could ever pull off. It’s bold and a little insane, but makes perfect sense to them and those who know them. Now that’s assuming they care- similarly to the NF you’ll catch a lot of NT who aren’t concerned with fashion at all.

Young INTP: She has some edgy boots and a bold haircut- half the time I’m really confused as to why she is wearing what she is wearing but it’s just so her I don’t question it.

Young INTJ: Doesn’t care at all for “fashion” would rather just wear nike shorts and a t-shirt everywhere.


SJ- Normal, everyday style

SP- Stand out in a crowd style

NF- Blend with the crowd, but in a “fun” way

NT- Either blend, or unintentionally stand out with a quirky fashion sense

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Wedding Attires for the Pokeani characters. If you don't have mind. All of them, Ash, Gary, Misty, Brock, Tracey, Daisy, May, Max, Drew, Dawn, Paul, Zoey, Iris, Cilan, Trip, Georgia, Burgundy, Clemont, Bonnie, Serena, Aria, Alain and Mairin. By Attires I mean wedding dresses like suit and gowns.

I don’t have ships for all these characters so sorry, I also don’t have a big explaination for all of them either so…


Ash and Misty have a casual beach wedding, nothing restrictive, very fun and free. Ash and Misty’s outfits reflect that, good for hot weather. Their wedding is probably one of the craziest ones their guests have ever been to, lots of drinking, a crazy reception. 


Staying true to Daisy’s extravagant personality, their wedding is somewhat huge. Daisy, Violet, and Lily sort of take the reigns and Tracey just goes with it. Daisy has to have a very glittery and princessy wedding and Tracey being the absolute sweetheart he is, lets her have her way. The wedding ends up as literally something that came out of a fairytale.


I don’t know who I endgame Brock with, but he’d be a classic groom. Super handsome, very clean cut, all that. He’s a catch, I feel like once he finds the right person he’d never look at another lady again.


I feel like it would take a long time for these two to get married. My headcanon for Leaf… well I sort of don’t think she’d really be into getting married. Finally she decides to make an honest man out of poor old Gary (who had been waiting for ages). They get married in Pallet Town City Hall and it was pretty chill so their attire was as well. It was nice and their son got to attend the wedding.


Drew and May have a really ornate, pretty wedding. Very romantic, lot’s of pretty decorations, very typical of a coordinator couple. I don’t know what else, the guests probably died of adorableness or something.


Whoever Max marries, his suit probably wouldn’t change. Max is pretty traditional so he’d be that way with his suit.


Initially Dawn and Paul were going to elope or just go to city hall, but due to the intense backlash from friends and family they went to the Pokeverse equivalent Las Vegas brought their close friends and family and had a small wedding. I really love Dawn’s dress.


I ship her with a crap ton of people so I don’t know who she’d actually be marrying but I can definitely see her wearing this. With all the pantsuits she wears for contests I can’t see her wearing a dress.


I ship Cilan with way too many people. Iris, Burgundy, and Aria being a few. He’d be quite the dashing groom and I thought that bowtie was perfect.


This dress kind of reminds me of her outfits in Black and White and Black and White 2. Iris is athletic but she definitely doesn’t dress super tomboyish so I can see her having a fancy dress.


Burgundy would be really classy, and this dress sort of reminds me about what she wore in the show. I can see her wearing gloves and having a suit-like dress.


I don’t know, I can just see her wearing this, it would suit her.


His tastes are pretty… well bland but he still looks great. I don’t know what else to say about it.


Serena picked Clemont’s suit for sure. He doesn’t know crap about fashion. Serena picked a pink dress. Their wedding would be super cute and beautiful, lots of flowers, beautiful venue, people cry during their vows (including the two of them).


Aria’s fashion choices are really out there and cute so I figured her wedding dress would be a little out of the box as well.


Don’t know much about him as a character but I just know he’d look sexy as hell in this suit. Yum.


He’s a freaking adorable character who would look super cute in an all white tux.


I can just see her in this, it’s cute and she’d probably be even cuter wearing it.

Right, so this Met Gala thing. We of course have been unsure whether Zayn would actually show up at this thing. Gigi, sure but Zayn? We’re 50-50. But fortunately (and unfortunately, depending on what would the critics would say on his outfit, more on that later), his team has managed to cajoled him in attending the biggest fashion event of the year. The first pics came out him looking like this:

WTF? What the hell is that armor band thing he’s sporting? I know the Met Gala allows you to be more creative and take liberties with what you’re wearing but that’s just over the top. Of course, letting his inner nerd shines through is endearing to us Zstans but I’m not sure if the fashion people loitering about in the gala would appreciate that. It’s not exactly like a costume party. It’s a ball. You have to thread the fine line between being fashion-forward and looking costume-y.

And this is how Zayn looks together with Gigi:

[INTERLUDE] Oh boy, Zayn looks once again like a dead fish while being together with Gigi. Stick a fork to Zayn. He is so #done and he hasn’t even hit the red carpet.[END]

Not a fan of Gigi, but she looks really beautiful. Really elegant and classy. Not her typical bombshell look at all. And Zayn well, there’s a really disconnect between their looks. They do not match at all. Which is intriguing coz they definitely are appearing to this as a couple. They don’t need to look exactly matchy-matchy but they need to look at least coordinated. And they are anything but that.

So where am I going with this? I think Zayn deliberately wore that ridiculous armor thing to get people distracted with the idea of Zigi the Power Couple posing at the red carpet. Zigi the couple posing for the first time on the red carpet would get overshadowed by those armors and maybe even Gigi herself. I’m not sure they’ll be landing any best-dressed couple list for what Zayn is wearing. Poor Gigi. 😂😂😂😂😂  Based on how she looked tonight she’s looking forward to be recognized as one of the belles of the ball but her escort is not adhering to the script. I love you Zayn. Keep your rebellious self alive.

Happy Birthday Viria!!!

Oh bother I don’t even know what to write here… Viria, you have been a great, great inspiration for me. Ever since I found one of your Marauders drawings on DA years ago, I have been in love with your art. When it comes to your drawings, you are always so delightfully passionate and honest, never trying to impress anyone or bend to their will, just doing your thing and being amazing at it. I just wanted to say, thank you so, so much for the great time I’m having going through your blog, it’s always something I look forward to when having one of those bad days. And there is nothing more motivating than seeing how you have progressed over the course of the years… because it makes me believe I can, too.

Please have a humble Ari doodle… as a gift I guess (though it’s really not worth that name arrgh), hope it doesn’t get flooded by things of better quality ^^; I wanted to draw this petite lady for quite a while now, she seems like that kind of girl who looks fashionable and classy without even trying. and I wanted terribly to draw her in high waist pants ok

Again, thank you so much for being an awesome senpai for all of us, and basically

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a lesson in superficiality 
characters: touka kirishima, kaneki ken, rize kamishiro (for a bit?)
summary: there was a certain art to reinventing yourself
notes: wrote this weird character study of touka for fun?? and oh god was it fun. yeah i cursed a lot bc come on i bet every other word in touka’s head is “fuck.” also i took some liberties w rize. luv that rize. (it takes place literally during chapter ten of :re and during the time skip)

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Dear lady Anzu is a proud and confident girl with big dreams and mad skills with the determination to back them up! THIS IS REVEALED IN HER WARDROBE!

Her body type is slender with a nice chest and beautiful long legs. She is proud of being a dancer, so all of her clothing choices show off her awesome legs! She wears boots or platformers to look taller, but the boots are also usually up to the knee or she wears stockings with platformers. So she’s not showing much SKIN, but consciously showing off legs!

Kaz could’ve easily drawn her with cleavage-revealing tops. But no, Anzu keeps her rack covered at all times…except when she wore a bikini that one time, but bathing suits are an exception. Plus, we all know she was trying to impress other Yugi. Teehee. But even then, whe wore a cute green summer dress over it when she wasn’t in the pool. She doesn’t want the focus to be on her chest, but her awesome dancing legs! THE WORLD IS HER STAGE, SO THEY MUST BE SHOWCASED TASTEFULLY AT ALL TIMES!

In short, this girl is awesome. Her fashion sense is classy while still showing off her assets without showing too much skin. That can be really hard to pull off.