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There are so many conflicting opinions on my dash in light of the recent news article about Liam and personally it’s important to see the variation in interpretation, the possibilities of outcomes, all those things. It is important to some days to see the various opinions – even if they are incredibly biased, maybe in a good way maybe not so much.
However, it is really important to acknowledge that:

1. Mouthpieces present lies and exaggeration to sell narratives ( you can always skip over the unimportant bits, anyway) BUT EVEN SO, using that as some sort of a moral save to not be concerned over Liam is not a good way to go about justifying it, especially because,

2. Liam slogged his ass for 5+ years for a massive – in size as well in magnitude – ungrateful community. I’d say there is a lot of truth to his struggles

3. Besides, from what I have repeatedly observed over the years, it’s not like there was anyone questioning the veracity and relevance of authenticity of accounts vilifying Liam from these very mouthpieces. If anything, everyone is always ready with their pitchforks ready to attack Liam, so what gives? Is consistency not the forte of the season? 

4. Liam’s issues are his and his alone. Making this about the other members (past/present/current/former, whatever, for the sake of simplicity I’m using it as all inclusive term which considers all 5) does not exactly qualify as  being supportive, no matter how hard you try to convince yourselves it does. I mean if you couldn’t have made their issues about Liam and compartmentalized it just fine then maybe extend the same courtesy to Liam?

5. There is nothing that suggests Liam’s dropped brand new information. Yes, there might be an expansion but he has talked about his struggles on multiple occasions (pretty sure he was the first to talk about the issues too) and enough times to invite unfair and ridiculous hate, even. Reminds me of the multitude of comments under the “Drop the Mic” video expressing anger and sadness but more over shock over Derulo’s “it’s the one you never see” line. What befuddles me is why the shock? The fandom is comfortably guilty of ignoring everything Liam related – like oh, I dunno, the time he openly talked about his struggles but people were busy misinterpreting the comments to their ship – and so was/is their old team and consequently so was the media. At least Jason genuinely meant no harm…

Disliking Liam and remaining indifferent enough to not feel for Liam is one thing but can we drop these accessory excuses? It’s 2017, for crying out loud.

Liam’s love and passion for music and his love and commitment to fans tested his perseverance, really. And in spite of everything that went down, I can constantly say my guy was always the life of every show.

A small reminder that the grape juice that phoenix drinks is actually grape juice and not a euphemism for wine. It was grape juice in the Japanese version too and is a running gag with the developers because Shu Takumi’s favorite drink is grape juice. It is also a very popular flavor in Japan. He also drinks it in the anime when he and Maya are taking a break in the investigation:

I’m just bringing this up because it irks me when people claim that he was an alcoholic in canon. Have headcanons about it if you must, but to claim it as canon is wrong.


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Luffy & Labrador

Robin & Whippet

(From @blenheims ’s lovely dog headcanons)

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wait what did t*yler swift do to kanye?

It’s a 7 year long drama but basically Kanye dropped a song called Famous and in it there was a lyric that was like “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous” - and everyone was like “Yo Kanye, what the fuck man?” - but then Kanye tweeted and was like “By the way, I played Taylor that song, asked her if it was okay, told her if she had issue with it I wouldn’t do it, but she Ok’d it” (I can’t give sources because Kanye had like, a mental breakdown and deleted his social media).

Then Taylor steps up and denies these claims, saying she would never okay something like that, shows up to the Grammy’s and is like “On the way to success there’s going to be people that undercut you”, basically just drags Kanye and makes out like he’s totally lying about the whole thing, and that she’s been lied about and is the victim still. Taylor’s little group of over paid under talented friends step in and give their opinion on it, naturally supporting Taylor. Kanye doesn’t say anything else to defend himself, not much point doing anything else when Taylor’s got her whole squad dragging him.

Then Kim Kardashian West, who up until this point had kept out of it, is like “At this point, I don’t give a fuck, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my man” and so she drops the recording of the phonecall between Kanye and Taylor, where he quite clearly plays her the song, then asks her repeatedly if she’s okay with it, and says he wouldnt do it if she wasn’t, and she quite clearly said she was fine with it and that it was a joke and it was whatever. And so Taylor is exposed as a god damn liar, who literally does not give a fuck what she has to do to make herself look better. And that’s where the snake thing came from bc after that people spammed her insta and twitter with the snake emoji bc people were over her gross ass.

Like don’t get me wrong, Kanye has done many a shitty thing, but Taylor literally manipulated him and the situation so people would feel sorry for her. She preaches about “strong women” and yet she constantly tries to make herself look the victim so she gets the world’s sympathy. To conclude: she’s the fakest woman in showbusiness, potentially the fakest person regardless of gender, and I’m Over Her.


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite


What? No hugs and tears for an old friend? Not like i’d expect it though.
If you’d shouted “Fang!” and hugged me i mighta had a heart attack on the spot.
But i’m glad to see you’re still the same.It’s been a long time,after all…

Sleep snug just like Freyja. 

Mari’s brother from another mother (and father)

I would like to formally introduce the headcanon that not only did Marinette and Kim grow up together, but they have unofficially adopted each other as siblings.

Kim is a fun-loving guy, and he usually respects the personal bubbles of his friends.  But not Marinette’s.

(she’s at perfect leaning height)

The Gamer / Le Gamer 

So, what brought these two together?

  • Did Marinette protect Kim from bullies before he became a jock?
  • (don’t mess with the tiny Asian girl)
  • Was she the original rival he challenged to dares before Alix?
  • (the tiny Asian girl will kick your ass)
  • Did he have a crush on her at one point?
  • (half of the school her friends have a crush on the tiny Asian girl)


Whatever the reason, I want to see more of this friendship in the next season (or two) and I hope they continue this running gag.


(The tiny Asian girl is oblivious xD)