she really only happens to be ginger

Are you happy now? I assume that it was happiness that you were looking for. But I’m confused, because I thought we were happy? You told me that I made you happy?

So what happened? Did you get greedy? Was I no longer enough? Or did you just get bored?

Because you ruined me. And if I’m being honest you don’t look happy. I think that you thought she was what you really wanted. Perky boobs, long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, flawless skin and what only can be described as a ‘pretty laugh’. I mean she is a real cliche, a timeless beauty really.

My skin may not be clear, and my hair may be light brown and when it hits the sun a little ginger, I am anything but pretty when I laugh. When I laugh it is uncontrollable, my whole body laughs with me. I don’t like to go out in tight dresses for you to parade me around. I want to sit on the couch watching football with a beer in my hand, making stupid bets. Then I want to lay in bed and question you about your dreams, and what you think is out in the universe.

—  She is stunning, but I am interesting. Maybe you have come to realise that. Maybe you haven’t. Either way it isn’t my problem any more. You made your choice. And I deserve better. Have a nice life.