she really makes the best faces xd

Oh hey! I finally made a ref of my Sona XD She’s a freaking smol bean i drew her really small cause im too lazy to draw her actual size but the real height is there so.. :p

There may be changes with her design in the future but for now, she’s gonna look like this -w-

Here’s a bit Info bout her cause why not 8D

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Shadowhunters 2x20: “Beside Still Water

Here’s the list of all the things that I liked about the new episode (feel free to add some stuff):

  • Oh honey you dont look well. I’m happy to see you die a second time :)
  • That’s some cool effects when Jonathan opens the door to Edom.
  • And I said thanks but no thanks” XD Simon and Luke teaming up to find Maia is what I live for !
  • Everybody do the flop !! You tried Maia, you tried XD
  • Thank the Angel for Magnus and the warlocks” I approve this message !
  • DAT SLOW MO SHOT of the squad running in New York ! A+
  • Relax. I got this” 
  • The demons dont look that bad for a show without the biggest bugget :o They look pretty cool actually.
  • Luke is sooooo done with The Seelie Queen.
  • Fine. Be careful.” “Likewise. And when am I not careful ?” Alec’s face ! He’s like “Are you serious ? You always get in trouble ! YOU ALMOST DIED YESTERDAY !!
  • Not just any warlock. The most powerful one in New York” ♥ I’m so here for people complimenting Magnus !
  • Izzy’s little smile when Alec said “Izzy, wait”. She totally knows her brother XD 
  • Salty/petty Magnus pretending not to see the 6ft3 guy standing in front of him and his “Duh !
  • Malachi being the traitor is not a surprise but I think it’s really interesting to make one of the leaders of the Clave, a cercle member/a huge racist.
  • Luke knocking Meliorn out mid sentence. Hahaha ! Nice !
  • You’re familiar with them ?” Can you feel the Edom storyline coming for Magnus in season 3 ?
  • Izzy, Magnus and Alec: the best team up EVER !
  • You gonna be OK ?” “I’m the High Warlock of BrooklynDamn right you are !
  • Alec’s “Oooooohshiiiiiiit” face when the flying demon flew straight at him !
  • Magnus killing the demon while closing the door to Edom. What a man !!
  • Alec running to Magnus when he fell on the ground.
  • You can’t get rid of me that easily.
  • Saia hug ! Luke, Simon and Maia are also a great team.
  • I may not be the greatest Clace shipper but gosh they made me emotional in the finale. Those looks when Clary was about to loose her head and their little hug after.
  • Okay, i’m gonna need way more than one dot for the most emotional scene of the entire show, cause honestly I was a mess and it was perfect.
  • Alec’s reaction. It was not in the books and i’m still pissed off about it. The show did right even if it freaking killed us. Alec being in so much pain that he fell on the ground, Magnus and Izzy running to him even though they couldnt do anything. It was really painful to watch Alec feeling his parabatai die.
  • The freaking flashbacks !! That was so rude. I already had tears in my eyes, but the second the flashbacks started I went from 0 to 1000% sobbing mode.
  • The Clace part. I actually really liked them in this episode. They were heartbreaking, especially Clary’s shaky voice and sobs. I really needed to hug her ! Gosh, I dont think I’ll ever be over this scene. (especially the “Please come back” line. T-T)
  • I need to give a special dot just for Kat, cause DAMN KAT !! I’m soo proud of her, she improved so much since season 1. And her acting in that scene was freaking perfect. Good job girl ! You managed to break my heart in tiny pieces.
  • That music ! I’ll never be able to listen to it anymore without crying. It totally fitted the scene. Once again, Bravo to everyone. Cause this scene was perfect !!
  • Clary “murder time” face. You go babe !!! This episode made me like Clary !
  • Pretty angel.
  • Magnus being the most selfless character, “Magnus, you need to get to safety” “We need to find Jace and Clary.
  • Clary vs Valentine. Those punches she threw at him. In his face !!!
  • Clary killing Valentine and stabbing him 4 times !!
  • First thing Jace asked was “Are you ok ?BABE U JUST DIED !!!!!
  • The parabatai rune is back !!! And their hug ! (and Magnus and Izzy hugging in the background ! awww).
  • Party at the Hunter’s Moon ! Everyone is laughing, drinking etc… Smiles everywhere.
  • Can we talk about happy drunk Luke cause this is the best thing ever Hahaha !! I love this Luke XD
  • All these little moments. Clizzy, Simon and Clary, Simon and Maia (i love them so much and their hug was adorable).
  • Can you hear the little Kat singing in the background ?
  • That little Jace Maia interaction XD I really like their dynamic.
  • I don’t think I can live without you” (actually all the stuff they said but especially this line)
  • A wise man once told me ‘Relationships take effort“ XD Magnus imitating Alec’s voice was hilarious and adorable. Is this kind of their thing now ? Quoting each other ?
  • MALEC IS BACK BABY ! That kiss and all the lights around them. The scene was really pretty.
  • Magnus and Alec leaving the party together. Malec in season 3 is gonna be great. 
  • Drunk Luke giving Clary a huuuuge hug and trying to hug Jace XD
  • Uh oooooh Ollie. This is gonna be interesting in season 3 !
  • Other award of the most selfless character of the show: Simon. Please protect him from that Queen.
  • That creepy ending !!! Lilith and Jonathan. I’m gonna need season 3 right now please :D

And that’s it for Season 2 guys !! The show leveled up so much, i’m so proud of everyone. And 2b was just amazing ! See you in January for season 3 /o/ It’s gonna be awesome.

The last episodes [X]

I’m gonna not be lazy for once and do a thoughts on Teen Wolf thing xD


1. Super psyched for all the old faces returning

2. Kind of worried that the nostalgia comment is referring to Allison and I honestly hope at this point they leave her alone because if she starts hunting the pack I don’t think it’ll end well for them

3. I really hoope the body on the tray wasn’t Lydia’s

4. Given Malia’s potential to produce Alpha’s in her blood line it makes sence that she and Scott gets together pack wise.

5. Also I kinda shipped them for a while

6. Scott, Brett and Theo best be ok!

7. The gradual movement of Lydia’s middle parting and it stops as a side parting with her in a badass leather jacket is just so super hero and I love it.

8.Did they like… forget to pay the lighting bill???

9. I am so rewatching everything now the summer has started even though it’s gonna hurt like heck xD

EXO Reaction to you being too cute during a fight

Aww couple things!! Love them so much <3
Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Ahhh.. I can’t fight you jagi.. you are too cute!”

Kris: “You know.. we should talk about it later… when you are not wearing that wolf beanie…” *His heart melts with your puppy eyes*

Sehun: “If you give me a kiss, I’ll forget everything, sweetie pie”.

Tao: “Oh Y/N! Don’t pout… it makes me want to squeeze yous cheeks!”

Kai: “She always wins.. I can’t believe it.. I’m so weak” *Angry with himself*

Xiumin: *He is the one who acts like a cutie* “Don’t be angry, honey”

Baekhyun: “Be strong Baek.. be strong.. you are angry.. oh she is so cute!” *Almost eats his hand xD*

Luhan: “Fine.. you win! We’ll go to eat noodles..” *He wanted pizza*

Chen: “Omg.. look at your angry face! You are so pretty, little girl! Your cheeks flush so much!” *Makes you angrier*

Kyungsoo: *Acts serious but lets you win the argument* “Your weapons are strong!”

Lay: *Never gets angry. He just pretends because your cute angry face is the best* “Pff… pretty.. pfff..”

Suho: *Really weak* “Forgive me.. Yes? Pretty please?” *Puppy daddy*


anonymous asked:

hello, i just wanted to start by how i love your blog, so keep up the good work! may i get the rfa members reacting to their s/o turning out to have a bitch face, who always looks annoyed but when she smiles, it's all sunshine and rainbows, ya know what i mean? xD she's a really good person, just seems annoyed every second

Thank you very much, Non! I’ll do my best! B)


  • When he first meets MC at the party he gets super nervous. 
  • Is he annoying them?? They look lowkey pissed?? 
  • But he’ll stretch out his hand and grin keep cool keep cool “I’m Kim Yoosung!” 
  • And when MC smiles he melts.
  • He would actually say “you have a very pretty smile!” while scratching his neck. And that would probably make MC smile more! Gosh, so cute. So cute! 
  • When their face resorts back to the “normal” mode he might get a little icky again, but he grows accustomed to it very quickly and knows that MC is a very sweet person beneath.


  • He’s seen how MC looks at photos, though that’s not always a very good representative of how someone looks in real life. And sure, he’s seen MC on the CCTV too, but their face is a bit unclear. 
  • So when MC comes to the party he freezes a bit because he didn’t expect it 100%.
  • But when he cracks a silly joke as an icebreaker or something their face just takes a complete 180, and it has to be one of the beautiful things he’s ever seen, tbh. He gets the lil’ doki-doki’s. 
  • Like, the way their eyes crinkle a little bit, and lips curl up into this bright smile, aaaa!
  • He does tease MC about it a few times, though. He just can’t help himself.

Jumin Han

  • This guy has a resting bitch face too, so no worries.
  • He’s actually very soft and kind too, so he can understand how awkward it can be for MC at times.
  • He’s never been the type to really notice that kind of stuff? Or, at least not take very important note of it. 
  • If they start dating they might look like this very snobby and powerful couple, ahahah.


  • Zen learned long ago that you can’t really judge someone based on their looks.
  • So he just does what he planned on doing, just shaking their hand and give them a warm welcoming smile.
  • And it just works out great.
  • I think he might actually be the one having the hardest time dealing with MC’s rainbowy sunshinyness. He’s an actor so he’d try to play it off casually, but he would almost turn into a flustered mess because he does have a soft spot for cuties (wow they might as well just call him oppa and he’ll d i e on spot haha). 


  • She can seem stoic/serious and cold at times, and she’s aware of it too. 
  • It wouldn’t really change anything when meeting MC because she knows the feel.
  • But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t react when MC laughs, because oh gosh wow–! That was very unexpected. But it made her feel kind of warm inside, and even got a small giggle out of her too.
  • It would go very well, there wouldn’t arise any issues here.

narwhalmilks  asked:

hopefully this makes it in! how about a scenario where kise teaches his best friend (whom he also has a crush on) how to play basketball, and she accidentally throws the ball at his... you know... thing XD

gg kise -Admin Fyre

“Come on, ________cchi, a layup is the easiest shot in basketball! There’s no way you can get it wrong!”

You made a face at him, the kind of pout that Kise thought was really cute, but didn’t yet have the guts to tell you so. “Can you go over it again? I keep messing up the order - what, three steps towards the basket—”

Kise stifled a laugh and motioned for you to toss the basketball at him, Kise’s caught with fluid ease, unlike your rickety clumsiness. “Look, at first it might seem a bit mechanical to you, and the footwork is the main aspect of it. Just dribble towards the basket, step off with your left foot…”

As he spoke, Kise demonstrated, making his way towards the basket and jumping up, easily tipping the basketball against the backboard and it swished through the net, bouncing on the ground away from the basket.

Kise spun to face you, beaming. “Just like that.”

You coughed delicately. “Uh.”

Of course you looked awkward. Kise didn’t blame you. You’d never tried basketball before, and Kise had begun playing back in middle school. But well, he still had that crush on you.

Hopefully teaching you to play basketball could, uh, draw the two of you together?

Maaaaaaybe you’d fall in love with him too?

Yep, Kise liked that scenario very much.

“You just need to keep practicing.” Kise picked up the basketball and held it out towards you. “Come on, we’ll do a quick one-on-one. Five points. I’ll give you some more pointers while we play, okay?”

“You’re a Miracle! You could kick my ass with your eyes closed!” You protested, but took the basketball from him anyway, dribbling it a few times as Kise walked you to center court.

Kise snickered. “I’ll go easy on you.”

You stuck your tongue out at him. “How am I even supposed to start, then?”

“Well, competitive games start off with a tip-off, and the tallest players jump to try to get the ball first. But since you’re basically a new player, you can start with the ball, alright?”

“Eh…I’ll try?” You spun the basketball in your hands, then looked up at Kise, who stood across from you, his stance relaxed but his expression completely alert, golden eyes bright.

You gulped.

The others weren’t kidding when they said Kise Ryouta became a different person on the court.

“Come on!”

“You’ll take the ball from me the moment I dribble past you!” You huffed.

Kise rolled his eyes. “Then I’ll teach you how to stop me from taking the ball from you. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through everything.”

As if it’s that easy. You rolled your eyes. “Why don’t you start and show me how it’s done?” you suggested, tossing the ball at Kise.

What you didn’t expect was that your throw had a bit more force than you intended, and it was lower than you had assumed, and your gasp was too late for Kise to realise what was about to happen.

It all happened in slow motion, and then suddenly it was over as quickly as it begun.

Kise made a strangled sound and crumpled to the floor, hands clamped protectively between his legs, and you knew you should be asking if he was okay, or apologising, but what came out of your mouth instead was uncontrollable laughter. “Oh God I’m so sorry Kise! I’m really sorry!”

“You,” Kise wheezed. “Did that on purpose.”

“I did not! Shit, are you okay?” But you were still laughing too hard - and you, too, practically fell over on the ground, clutching your stomach and tears leaking from your eyes. “Oh God, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. But you should have seen the look on your face - pfft.”

“Ha ha. Very funny. I bet you’re having the time of your life here, watching me be miserable over the loss of my—”

“I’m not, damnit. C’mon, can you stand?” You stood up, offering a hand to your best friend with a cheesy grin. “Look, I’ll treat you to Maji Burger as an apology. Deal?”

As if Kise wasn’t already burning with embarrassment (and pain). This was a REALLY bad day. But despite his extremely good looks (if he did say so himself) and well-kept figure, he could never turn down free food. “Now we’re talking.”

“And by the way, I really am sorry.”

“Of course you are. Can I get a kiss as an apology?”

He’d meant the last bit as a joke, but was completely taken back when you stood on tiptoe and kissed him briefly and quickly on his cheek, without a shred of hesitation. “There you go. Come on, let’s go!”

Kise stared after you numbly.

Wow. Okay. Uh.

Maybe this wasn’t such a bad day after all.

OOC: My trip to Disneyland 3 (lots of pictures)

ROUTINES ARE ROUTINES OKAY? Up at five, on the road at six. I do shit on schedule, okay? No exceptions.

No traffic, BEAUTIFUL. I avoid all of it! Its gonna be a great day! Had a little issue with parking, but other than that, pretty smooth sailing.

And already my first meet-and-greet of the day is there before I even get into the park!

Naturally, I visit Elsa and Anna first because they’re my happiness. And already the line is ungodly long. I was there three hours (whatever, okay? I have time, and I wasn’t gonna waste that standing in line for a ride, nope. I have my priorities.)

So what do I do while I wait? I doodle of course. I got a lot done. (Oh and I looked at dirty Elsanna doodles on tumblr, but I don’t think anyone saw)

JUST before I got up to the line to go in, the door-lady motioned to close the door on me. The look on my face must have been priceless, because she opened the door right away and said. “I’m kidding! I just wanted to pull a Hans on ya.” It was hilarious (she also said that Hans was prowling the park trying to get princesses to marry him, the scoundrel!)

BUT YAY! BOTH of them are there!

I finally give them these doodles I’ve been wanting to give them forevers.

Elsa: Yeah that’s about my reaction on that ride right there. I found out if you put ice on the track, it makes it go way faster!

Me: That sounds really dangerous.

My favorite Anna was there (insert Brock joke here). She’s simply the best Anna, the most Anna-est of all of them xD

Anna: How did you know that happened to me last week!?

Me: *playing suspicious* I wasn’t here last week if that’s what you’re wondering!

Anna: *glares at me skeptically, face gets exponentially goofier the longer she stares* Oh well! I did manage to save half of it tho.

Elsa: You couldn’t have eaten a sandwich that big anyway, so it’s probably good you only had half.

Anna: I could’ve eaten it.

Elsa: You’d have to open your mouth like a snake.

Anna: Or a giraffe.

Me and Elsa: ….?

Anna: Cuz of the long neck!

Elsa: Oh! I thought you meant unhinge your jaw like a giraffe!

Anna: Are we from the same planet!? Do giraffes do that where you come from?

Me: *dying of laughter*

Elsa’s face in this picture was the cherry on top of a perfect meet-and-greet (don’t worry, of course I hugged them both.)

Then off to meet Merida! BUT WAIT, WHO’S THAT? Is that my favorite character from Cinderella? Damn right! HUG HER, HUG HER NOW (she absolutely loved me by the way, cuz I let her know she was my favorite)

NOW off to meet Merida! To give her this picture.

Merida told me thanks for the warning I gave her, and would be sure to tell Elsa not to give the boys snowballs to play with LOL

She showed the boys her picture and scolded them ahead of time and told them not to get any ideas from Elsa.

Then she told me to put these photos on “Instant graham”. Its a thing where you give it a picture and it gives you a graham cracker.


Now off to meet the Avengers! Orrrr whoever is there at the time.

AND BY ODIN’S BEARD, THOR WAS THERE! I was happy. He’s my favorite Avenger. And his introduction was adorably epic. All these bright lights, intense music, and even fans to make his hair look flowy.

So cute.


Yay. (we’ll pretend that he’s so tall that I had to walk up a ramp to hug him properly)

Iron Man wasn’t there, sadly. But I do like this suit.

Captain America! Taken specifically to make my friend Henry jealous (and to take advantage of the AC)

But wtf there’s still light, and its like 5, there’s no way in hell I’m driving home through LA at that hour. So I decide to go on some rides. And by some, I mean one. Cuz all of them were like an hour+ wait and my back was killing me from standing all day (as opposed to walking).

So I went on the only ride that was under an hour wait.

King Triton is a well-known photo-bomber, you watch out for that guy, I stg.

Eventually it got dark. I wanted to just chill and bask in a practically-empty park like I normally would, but it was just waaayyyy too crowded today. Apparently people are still going on spring break? *shrug* Takes a pathetic picture.