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Upon realizing she was failing Potions, and possibly wouldn’t be accepted into the Auror program, Nymphadora Tonks decided to do whatever she had to do sixth year to get her Potions NEWT. 

Receiving the grade involved three things: her newfound ability to change her features to match a photograph, a picture of a young red-headed woman laughing, and Snape’s utter lack of remorse

The utter disgusting-ness of what she’s done makes her realize, six years into her Hogwarts career, that she really is a Hufflepuff after all - that she values hard work, patience, and honesty. That she should have valued them a little more before slipping behind a closed door with Snape, before letting him call her Lily, before learning things about the school’s worst teacher that she will never be able to unsee. 

It’s after that unfortunate experience that she decides, NEWT or no NEWT…she’s going to earn her grade, and her spot as an Auror. Because she’s a Hufflepuff, goddammit. And Hufflepuffs don’t cheat for the grade.

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Prompt: "That's homophobic." "You're not even gay, Kim." Kimberly whines from her bed, stretching out her grabby hands at the unamused girl across the room. "I just want to hooooooold yooouu." Trini huffs, "fine, but I'm big spoon." Trini settles on the bed behind Kimberly, but the taller girl has other plans. She grabs Trini's arm on her waist, pulling the smaller girl on top of her and wrapping her arms around her back. She gives her a small squeeze and sighs into her hair. "Better."

Trini is settled into the beanbag chair in the corner of Kim’s room, a slight smirk on her lip as she watched her fellow ranger pout at her. “For the last time, I came over for moral support and to make sure you’re eating, I’m not here to cuddle with your sick ass,” She teases, pulling her phone up to check her messages. 

“My ass is pretty nice,” Kim chuckles, the smile on her lips fading back into a pout. “But why won’t you cuddle me? I’m sick, I could die!” She huffs, reaching across the bed to grab a tissue. 

“I’m not cuddling you, because I don’t wanna get sick,” Trini sighs, glancing over at her friend. “Besides, you’ll be fine, its just a cold.”

“But Trini!” Kim whines, moving to sit up. “I just want you to lay with me, please,” She mumbles, sticking her lower lip out just a little further. 

“I’m not cuddling you and that’s final,” Trini replies, brows raised at the other ranger, standing her ground even though she really would love to cuddle with the girl. 

“That’s homophobic,” Kim states, her arms folding over her chest as she looks at her friend. 

“Kim, you’re not even gay,” Trini sighs, running a hand through her hair because as much as she would love it if Kimberly were gay, that’s not how it worked. 

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concept: moana getting super sick. nothing fatal, just something REALLY unpleasant to go through. She knows nothing's gonna happen to her, but unfortunate, out-of-practice-for-1000-years maui does *not* and goes into full-blown Panic Mode over her well-being.

Look, an honest effort at fluff! Fun fact: I wrote this when I was actually suffering a migraine. Probably should’ve gone to sleep, but I hadn’t written yet that day, so this is the result of me shamelessly inflicting my own pain on my favorite characters.

Also, in Moana: Island Life, it’s confirmed canon that Moana sometimes forgets to eat her own breakfast because she’s too busy worrying about her own people. Chill, Curly, they’re not gonna die if you drink a coconut or two.

His first clue is a wince. It’s a little thing, just the smallest movement in the corner of his peripheries, and it’s gone when he glances beside him, but he catches it all the same.

“Something on your mind, Curly?”

“Huh?” Moana responds, all of her earlier eloquence gone, and Maui takes that as a no. Makes sense. Even an orator like Moana has to run dry of clever words sometimes, and after her incredible display of diplomatic navigation inside that fale tele he’s not surprised she’s hit her cap.

“Ah, nothing,” he says, waving an airy hand in her direction. “Anyway, now that’s done, whaddya say to a day on the water, huh?”

Moana’s face lights up, all eagerness and anticipation…and then falls. “I can’t,” she replies quietly. “I have stuff to do.”

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hmm, what could this be, not another au for two certain characters, nope, i’m not that predictable at all, nuh uh.

got the story for this lightly hashed out start to ending, dont know if anyone’s interested in me actually writing it.

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P1/2 I sent you a 2p a while ago not sure if you're referencing me to send it again but my 2nd part turned into more of a comment than a question regarding S/C how Cait seemed to be more nurturing or attentive. Both seem gracious/kind but in every single fan recap from C you hear how she made you feel so special & you never hear that specific thing in recaps from Sam or recaps from Jibland-which was a meet/greet of all guys. It's interesting to compare. I think women just have this ability to...

P2/2..ability to reach ppl like a said in more of a nurturing way that sort of draws you in or puts you at ease which seems to coincide w/ recaps of when people meet them both. It’s not a dis on Sam. I think it’s more men v women than Sam v Cait. But it’s also interesting to think about it in terms of how they play off each other and when one gets flustered they have each other’s backs and how they just are perceived by people. I was gonna ask your take after meeting them. Glad you had fun!

I have to check out of my hotel in 9 mins but I really wanted to post this before I leave because yes!!! Cait is definitely such a people person and she has this quality about her that even though she is so unreal and beautiful and such a celebrity at this point she still remains really humble and genuinely kind and lovely. she has a very grounded aura to her and it makes you feel so special when you talk to her. I wish I knew how else to describe it it’s such a weird feeling. I think Sam tires out a bit easier with everything. I’ve seen it in the progression of pics from other cons. Not that he isn’t lovely as well - he is never anything but gracious it seems but I think maybe he’s a bit shy-er?? 


Lincoln knew our rules. We take people in who are done fighting.Done killing. Look at you, fighting is all you know. Death is all you know. Lincoln would have never brought that here.

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I love fluff! So I wanna know what the companions think when they realize they have developed feelings for Sole! PS love your blog!!!

I hope this is fluffy enough for you!!! (I might have gotten slightly angsty but I tired my dear, I tried) And thank you so much dear!!! I’m glad you like it! Also I shamelessly listened to love songs while I wrote this just so you know. Also don’t read (or write apparently) this while listening to Jason Mraz’s ‘Lucky’ cause you will cry. (Although that might just be me, cause fluff always makes me tear up) (But you know if you like that sort of thing here’s a link to the song)

Hancock: The realization hit him like a ton of bricks. They had never even done anything, just been there for each other. Just been friends. And he loved them more than anything else in the world. They were the sweetest most addictive drug of all. He couldn’t imagine not having them in his life anymore. He dropped the cup he was holding. “Hancock?” Sole asked, looking down at the broken pieces on the floor. He was already making his way across the room to them. Gently, slowly, he kissed them. When he leaned back he just smiled softly. “I just realized that I’m in love you,” he whispered. Sole pressed their foreheads to his, smiling and closing their eyes. “Well, I love you too,” they said. He could safely say that that was by far the best moment of his life. He laughed, delighted. “I am so damn lucky,” he sighed.

Nick: He realized when Sole was leaving out of his office and he told them be careful and he almost said, “I love you.” He sat back in his chair, staring at the closed door. He chuckled after a moment. “Nick, you idiot, you’ve fallen in love again,” he said to himself. He lit a cigarette thinking of what to do about it now. Tapping his metal fingers on his desk thoughtfully, he considered whether he should tell them at all. Ellie laughed at his thoughtful stat when she walked by. “What are thinking about this time, Nick? A new case? An old case? The mysterious stranger?” She laughed, but waited for him to answer.

He sighed, looking up at her. “Would you want to know if somewhere were in love with you? Even if you didn’t return those feelings?”

She blushed. “Umm, who are we talking about exactly, Nick?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

She sighed. “Right. Well, to answer your question, yes. I would want to know. Even if I didn’t return the feelings, knowing someone cares about you like that is one of the best feelings in the world.” She smiled, “I hope whoever you’re telling returns your feelings though,” she winked at him, then turned to leave. He sighed, knowing he had to tell them now.

The next time he saw Sole he sat down with them. “I need to talk to you,” he took them. It was one of the few times he was glad he was a synth. If he were human he’d be as red as a Tato and his heart would be in his throat. He closed his eyes, trying to find the courage to say what he needed to say. “I realized something the other night when you left,” he said slowly. “Something I wasn’t terribly surprised by to be honest. I realize that I love you,” he smiled, opening his eyes now. “And I just wanted you to know. Even if you don’t return the sentiment.”

Sole just smiled at him, their cheeks bright red, but smiling. “Awwww, I love you too, Nick,” they said and wrapped their arms around his neck. Leaning back they kissed him lightly on his lips. “I love you so much,” he told them. They just smiled.

Deacon: It happened when Sole quoted Shakespeare at him and his immediate thought was, ‘God I love you’. His mouth actually popped open when he realized what he had just thought. Sole just thought it was about the quote and laughed at him while he was just standing there stunned with the realization that he had fallen in love. After a moment he just laughed too. ‘Of course it was you’, he thought to himself watching Sole laugh. ‘God, who else could he have fallen so hard in love with so suddenly? Of course it was them,’ he thought again shaking his head. He didn’t even consider telling them, but one day Sole brought up the topic of feelings. And the ones they had developed for him. It shocked him so much Sole had to ask if he was okay. He burst out laughing. “I’m fine. Super actually. I just, I never would have imagined in a million years, in a thousand different universes, that I would ever have been lucky enough for you to love me too,” he told them.

Maccready: He denied it. Told himself he was being an idiot. He didn’t love them…He just, he just was fond of them was all. And that was only because they were paying him. Right? What else could it be right? He couldn’t be in love with them, that was for sure. And yet, every time the so much as said his name his heart raced. It was when he started dreaming of them and waking up with their name on his lips that he finally admitted it to himself. He hated that it was true. Hated that he had let himself fall in love again. He didn’t want another person to be afraid of losing. He didn’t want another person to worry over at night. It took him weeks to get up the courage to admit it to Sole though. He was a mess when he did; stuttering and blushing and rambling the whole time.

Preston: He accidentally said, “God, I love you,” one day when they were just sitting around talking. He honestly can’t even remember what they had said that had promted him to say such a thing. Needless to say he was just as, if not more shocked than Sole. “I,” he started, then stopped. He just kept opening and closing his mouth, like a fish out of water. He couldn’t take it back. It was true. ‘When did that happen exactly?!?’ He wondered to himself. But he didn’t know what to say now. Finally he just stood up and was like, “I’m so sorry, General, I have to go. There’s a settlement that needs the thing, you know the thing, the thing the Minutemen do,” he stumbled over his words, struggling to think of the word.

“Help?” Sole suggested, still looking very confused.

“Yep, yep, that’s it, that’s the word,” he faltered. On top of that he almost tripped and fell on his face.  He was so embarrassed he didn’t talk to Sole for three days.

Cait: They had kissed before. They had fucked before. None of that had really had an sustenance to it for her. It had just been that. Just kissing. Just fucking. It was when Sole just started doing little random things for her, brushing her hair, giving her books they had found, holding her hand, covering her up with a blanket when she fell asleep somewhere, that Cait figured out that Sole actually cared for her. And that she cared for Sole. It was a rather strange feeling. Figuring out that you love someone. Cait didn’t dare say the words, ‘I love you,’ until Sole did. When she finally did it felt like someone had lifted a weight off her chest. She said the words everyday now and couldn’t have felt happier about it.

Piper: It was so natural and so easy that it didn’t even occur to her at one time or another it was just like one day she realized she had been saying, “I love you,” for months and had meant it every time. She smiled thinking about how natural it and all been, how she hadn’t even realized how in love with them she really was. They were sitting together on the ground, Piper behind Sole with her arms wrapped around them. Sole was holding onto one of her hands loosely. Piper kissed Sole lightly on the cheek suddenly. “What was that for?” They asked, half giggling.

“That was because I love you, Blue.” She grinned.

“I love you too, Piper,” they said kissing the back of her hand.

Danse: The realization couldn’t have hit at a worse time. He was pressing down, as hard as he could, into the gaping wound in their abdomen. They were waiting for the medical team to get there. “Hey, hey, hey,” he said, taking one hand and slapping their face lightly. “Don’t close your eyes.” They nodded weakly, but their eyes were still half closing. Blood was seeping through his fingers. “No, no, no, no, no,” he said, already pulling out more gauze to put over the bloodied ones. “Hey, stay with me now. You’re not allowed to die.” Their eyes fluttered once before closing again. “Come on, no, I love you, you can’t die,” he practically begged them. “No, open your eyes, I love you,” he repeated as if those words could magically make them do what he said.

Suddenly the medical team was there and he was being pushed out of the way. He looked down at the blood on his hands just wondering if they would live. ‘Please, God, just let them live. I need them so much,’ he thought staring down at his bloodied hands. He breathed a small sigh of relief when someone passed him told him they’d probably be alright.

When they saw each other again in the medical bay the next day Sole smiled softly at him. “So, you love me, huh?” They teased. He blushed profusely, not saying anything. Sole laughed, grabbing his hand and pulling him down to sit on the side of the bed with them. “You know I love you too, right?” He blushed again, but smiled with them now.

Curie: She realized after Sole had gotten drunk and started flirting with everybody they came in contact with. The more they flirted the more jealous she got. Except she didn’t realize it was jealousy until the next day. And then she realized why. “Oh my,” she mumbled to herself, thinking about it.

“What?” Sole asked, sneaking up on her.

“Nothing,” she said, too fast and blushed. Sole gave her that look. “Okay. So it might be something,” she admitted shyly.

“Something like what?”

She pressed her lips together considering her options here. “Well,” she began. “I was thinking about us. Or about you more accurately.”

“Me?” Sole laughed.

Curie nodded. “I think I’ve developed….feelings for you.” She blushed deeply, unable to look them in the eye.

Sole became more serious now. “Well, I think I have feelings for you too, Curie,” they smiled shyly, taking her hand and squeezing it.

X688: It didn’t really register at first that that was what it was. Love. The mere thought unsettled him. Him? In love? No. He was a synth. A courser at that. He wasn’t meant for such things. But his little courser heart could have best right out of his chest every time Sole brushed past him or looked at him like they do. You’re not capable of love, he told himself against and again. This isn’t even possible. And yet….he had an unmistakable…fondness for them nonetheless. He wasn’t sure what to do with said fondness, so he did nothing. He didn’t know what else to do. So nothing was what he did. Until one day Sole suddenly burst out, “I have feelings for you, X6. I know you don’t return them but I just wanted you to know.”

He blinked at them, unable to believe what had just happened. “Really?”

Sole blushed. “Really.”

“I, ummm,” he cleared his throat, “I have feelings for you as well. I’ve had them for a very long time in fact.”

It surprised him more than a little when Sole kissed him.

Hayley Atwell FanExpo 2015

So I started writing down the most hilarious stuff she said.

“Oh shit! Sorry, children swearing is bad”

“I’m so amazing” - in a ridiculous Valley girl voice

“Cause gays have good taste” - on why the show is so popular with the LGBTQ+ community

“She seems like a really great grounded person who I’d love to get drunk with” - on Jennifer Lawrence

“Soft lips. Great bottom” - on Chris Evans

“Black coffee with a shot of bourbon in it” - answered without a moment’s thought when asked what Peggy’s ‘usual’ is at Angie’s diner