she really loves purple

You were red and you liked me cause i was blue                                                 You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky                                              And you decided purple just wasn’t for you                                                  


Happy Birthday rarilight! (a few days late but what can you do?)

Rarilight Crystal Gems! Rarity is Aquamarine and Twilight is Iolite, together they fuse to form the majestic, persnickety, extremely powerful/beautiful and nerdy: Blue Opal! (called Princess Opal by the rest of the Mane Six Gems)

She’s a perfect fusion, bound together by Rarity and Twilight’s compatibility and love and she’s really, REALLY purple. Princess Opal’s weapon is a magic wand that combines Rarity’s weapon (a paintbrush that creates constructs and illusions) and Twilight’s screen (which controls electricity and has a directory of powerful spells for her to cast). She’s a tactical mastermind but she can throw down physically.

… I am so gonna draw more MLP Gems! :D (can’t be stopped)

ingrid michaelson songs make me think of these two ( ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ popped up for this drawing)

i honestly didn’t ship these two like…at all, and for the longest time, but gabzilla-z & matchaball have swayed me 

Aaaaaah, I’m so happy~ It was a nice surprise to find this morning and I’ve been smiling all day. Love you, Renrink <3 Be prepared for much flirting and blowing kisses :p