she really is the great villain of season 2

I don’t always fanart, but when I do, I have no idea what I’m doing. 

…Season 2. That’s all I can say to explain this. I’m extremely picky with cartoons don’t usually anticipate upcoming seasons unless I really, really like the series and in this case…I do.

Just, the idea of someone who just wants to help people and enjoys doing it vs someone who likes to destroy worlds and enjoys doing it really appeals to me. Especially Wander the innocent hairy spoon discovering Lord Dominator’s way of having fun is mauling people. She does enjoy her job though.

Ahem. But yes. I have great hopes for this villain.

Agents of Shield Theory aka I refuse to accept what happened

Early morning conversations has got me and a friend thinking. What if Will was the evil one the entire time? Not so much a hallucination (because she would of thought of Fitz let’s be honest) but an actual figment of her imagination placed there by the evil one?  What was the evil one’s whole objective: to keep her on the planet. To break her. That’s what he did with the other astronauts. And look it’s working. She wants to go back. For him. The evil one was portrayed as getting in people’s heads and messing with them. What’s the best way to get in a young girl’s head who is stranded on this planet? Become a knight in shining armor who makes her want to stay.  Also, every single scene we see with “it”, will is not around. She either is with Will or the evil one and never both at the same time. Even in the dust storm at the end - we never see all of them at one time. She either sees “it” or Will. 

It would also explain her trauma a lot more. Subconsciously she knows she was alone the whole time fighting for survival. She may not understand Will was “it”, but maybe deep down she was that scared and alone for 6 months.  

It would also serve as a great plot device for the second half of season 2. She and Fitz go back and save Will by bringing him to Earth. But really all they did was bring the evil one to a new planet to turn into another Hell and corrupt. So now we have the big bad villain for season 3 (in addition to Lash?). And in the end Jemma is going to have to kill Will. And by killing Will she would have to face that her trauma was 1000000x worse than she once thought - that the whole time she was alone and falling in love with a fake man “it” placed in her head. 

Alright I know it’s super far fetched. But it makes so much sense. And I like it wayyyyy more than a silly love triangle. And as much as I loved Will it still would make more sense this way. It explains her trauma better, deletes the stupid love triangle, gives a plot for the rest of the season, and Fitz and Simmons are gonna okay. I just cannot except they used an alien planet as a crutch to form another silly love triangleeeee ugh.

End rant. 

so I haven’t caught up entirely on season 2 yet, but I’ve been having this idea of a bunch of the characters talking about their moms (assuming all of their species function similarly to animals and people on Earth) and even the villains have really cool moms (like Emperor Awesome swears his mom is the coolest and Lord Hater might complain about things she did when he was a kid but he loves her and she was a good mom and he’ll torture anyone who says otherwise)

and then Wander is part of the conversation somehow and he says how great his own mom was, but he keeps talking about the last time he saw her was when he was left on a street corner and told to wait for her and she never came back and eventually he had to find something to eat and he stuck around at that city for a while, but she just never came back. “So I just started wanderin’ around by myself!”

And everyone is sad, the end.