she really is the great villain of season 2

so I haven’t caught up entirely on season 2 yet, but I’ve been having this idea of a bunch of the characters talking about their moms (assuming all of their species function similarly to animals and people on Earth) and even the villains have really cool moms (like Emperor Awesome swears his mom is the coolest and Lord Hater might complain about things she did when he was a kid but he loves her and she was a good mom and he’ll torture anyone who says otherwise)

and then Wander is part of the conversation somehow and he says how great his own mom was, but he keeps talking about the last time he saw her was when he was left on a street corner and told to wait for her and she never came back and eventually he had to find something to eat and he stuck around at that city for a while, but she just never came back. “So I just started wanderin’ around by myself!”

And everyone is sad, the end.