she really is special ok

i’m celebrating national teddy bear picnic day with @rosymaplemoth! i have three teddy bears and one squid.

i thought tom would be an asshole that id love….but….hes not which is wporse ohhh my god hes just a demon whos trying very hard and is very particular about how things must be done and star didnt even seem mad at him bc she got that and i just  l o v e tom


sooooo guess who got to meet taylorswift today? uuuuuh me?! are we sure this even happened though?! how is she even so cool? im the one with the short hair and green shirt. my sister evswiftie is the one next to me with the custom made taylor swift shirt.

sooo erica’s a huge taylor swift fan since forever and she was able to get two pit tickets to the Seattle show and she was planning to go with our mom varelarachel since shes a big fan too and she really wanted to meet taylor and her mom Andrea but she couldn’t go today since she had chemo on Wednesday and so was feeling really sick today so i got to go. it was really stressful getting there but then it was fun. and so i kinda stole my sisters shirt?

so i randomly got to go to a taylor swift concert for no cost to me, my first ever and i got pit and we got the very front and we got to meet Andrea and taylor? what is even my life? i can tell you i did not expect this to happen during my three week summer, but wow. i think i still cant even believe it. this morning i thought i was going to Northwest trek and i end up going to the show and meeting taylor? woah.

so the show was pretty amazing there was dancers doing cool dances to every song and she changed a bunch of times and she is just really good ok? and there were a bunch of special guests and the quarter back of the Seahawks came out. and then she did shake it off at the end and i was all happy. i told erica whenever i hear that song all i think about is the supernatural parody by the hillywood show.

so my mom was really disappointed she couldn’t go especially since she coulda met taylor and Andrea but maybe in the future? i hope.

so Andrea is really nice and cool. taylor is really nice and cool and i told her she was like one of the first people to see my new haircut and she said she liked it. then she signed my shirt which was Erica’s until that moment. i told her i liked her out fit cuz i did and it was cute. and apparently she really likes my sisters blog so she was glad to meet her. she said erica is “so weird and amazing” and i could only agree. she was impressed with Erica’s shirt and intense glitter. she said she liked my shirt, her mom too, cuz its old but they like it. and she signed my shirt cuz i didn’t have anything for her to sign cuz i didn’t think id actually meet her? so now i cant really wear the shirt I’m just gonna hang it on the wall or something.

and when we got the the loft there was pizza and cookies and drinks and the cookies were really good i wonder who made them? they were really good. and i was happy cuz there were water bottles not in the ice, i don’t like cold drinks usually. so i was like water! um i was screaming a lot, so yeah.

umm i don’t know what else? the security people were really strict so we almost didn’t get to talk to Andrea to get loft.

so yeah it was pretty dang cool, definitely not how i thought my day would go, but better. i just cant even believe this happened? like did it really? naaaah.


Girls’ Generation 7th Anniversary Countdown: [9 days]

Jessica? You mean Jessica Jung? Juhng Sooyeon? The made in US girl? The ice princess? Oh, yeah, that Jessica. I am gonna be honest,she didn’t call my attention at first. I don’t really know why… I guess I didn’t take my time to know this girl better - because now she is one of my favourite.

I believe Jessica is everyone’s bias. If someone tells you they don’t like Jessica, they’re lying. What is there not to like? She’s a sleepy diva. We all have a Jessica inside us. Haha, ok maybe I’m exagerating.

But she really is special. And thinking we could have never gotten the chance to know her… You know the story right? How her sister was the only one who was supposed to debut. But Jessica came instead. I like to think that this is destiny. Because this was what she was meant to do. This was her destiny.

I love Jessica for so many reasons. I used to see her as such a cold person - but now that I know her better, I understand why she does this. She has such a warm heart though. Her slightly dark humour always puts a smile in my face. And well… lets skip the failed sport atempts and choreography blanks. It’s Jessica, after all.

Her voice is one of those voices that really touch me. It’s so soft, yet so secure and strong. I feel it, you know? My favourite performance had to be when she sang “Heaven”. I had listened to that song, but when Jessica sang it, it was just… different.

I like to think that Jessica is the lucky one. She has her sister right beside her, and I’m sure this helps alot. I hope she and her sister stay together and always watch each others back.

The last year was a real roller coaster for the Sone community. But it really made me grow and feel even more united with these 9 girls. I’m proud.