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The A-mew-sing Sequel To Adrien’s Game

This time, there are only four episodes covered but a lot of pictures so I’m adding a “read more”…eventually.  Also, Ladybug is on Netflix!  Go watch.  Here we go with the next four eps!

The last time we left our boy Adrien, he was developing his flirting technique with the lovely Marinette.  Or not.  It’s fun to speculate though, right?  Right?!

…ANYway, let’s see how he tops the almost kiss.

 In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Marinette decides to run against Chloe for class something-or-other
  • To the utter delight of 95% of the class
  • That’s right man, just play it cool…

In “The Mime” (Le Mime):

  • Hey, I didn’t know y’all were gonna be here too lol!
  • Smooth move, dude.  Just play it off like you had NO IDEA.

Our cat son heats things up below the cut!

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restingbitchfaceisnotsadface  asked:

"I can start with how I went to marine science camp as a kid and end with that time I accidentally brought a flamethrower into the county courthouse" --- PLEASE EXPLAIN IM SO CONFUSED D:

So, when I was a kid, my parents worked full time, so during the summer, my sister and I were enrolled in day-camp so we’d be adequately tired when we got home, and my FAVORITE  camp was Marine Science Camp, run by MSI on the banks of redwood creek, right off the San Francisco bay.  It was AWESOME: we got to dissect squid, there was a literal shark tank, which we got to fish leopard sharks out of and Tag Them For Scientific Research, ad we’d go out on the boat once a week and do things like haul a net full of fish out, use a scoop to study benthic creatures and look at plankton under a microscope.  I realize now we were essentially doing transects, dissections and other field/lab work for a bunch of grad students but it was FUN.  

I totally wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up and would tell anyone who asked me what I was into about nematocyts and oceanic acidification until The Adult realized their mistake and fled.

At the same time, I was pursing an aggressive interest in the visual arts, which my parents heavily encouraged, becuase they are excellent parents and because it;s was a QUIET hobby unlikely to result in bodily harm, unlike my sister, who got into karate and Theater, which is a surprising dangerous combination.

But then i got to college and realized an issue with this plan: I, hands down, SUCK at chemistry.  I did okay in into becuase I’m great at taking standardized tests, and the teacher got suspended halfway through the semester for getting into a fistfight with another prof for poaching his grad student, but Organic Chemistry was a disaster.  I’ve never been good at arithmetic, and balancing chemical equations is something i need the dang molecule models for. So marine bio was a No-Go.

So I switched my major over to Art, which turned out to be kind of a disaster (the school managed to lose an entire semester of my grades because the Art Department kept really sloppy records and i ended up dropping out and resuming college elsewhere) and AMAZING, becuase I took a human figure drawing course with professor [REDACTED] who announced on the third day of class:  “SWEET THE FOOLS JUST GAVE ME TENURE.  CAN’T FIRE ME NOW, SO LEMME SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE A FLAMETHROWER”

The thing she actually taught us was how to modify a culinary butane torch to empty the canister at a much higher rate than any manufacturer anywhere recommends, which gives you and AWESOME bigass jet of blue flame, but only lasts about 30 seconds per container.  She also showed us how to make bandeliers so we could carry multiple containers, “just in case”.

In more practical lessons, we were in class when the first gov’t shutdown happened, so we didn’t have money for models, so she oped to bring in various animals for us to draw instead.  there was the usual cats and dogs, but also chickens, horses, a farm hog, a 12-foot Burmese Python and a baby deer that had been abandoned on her porch.  It was really fun, both becuase animals are amazing, and becuase they don’t hold still, so you learn to draw REAL FAST, which is a skill that’s served me well since.

A few years later, I was summoned for Jury Duty, and had to show up at the courthouse for selection.  HOWEVER, I’d put my usual bag in the wash the previous night, so I grabbed my old school backpack to take with me because I knew I had a sketchbook in there to amuse myself with.

I forgot I also had my flamethrower in there.

I live in a pretty low-crime area, so the metal detectors are actually pretty far into the building- you don’t get scanned until you’re actually going into the courtroom.  So for about three hours beforehand, I was sitting in the hallway having a Nice Chat with one of the state park rangers and the CEO of the local call center.  We get called in, and as we walk through, my backpack sets off the alarm.

“Fuck.” I say abruptly remembering what would have set it off.

“Do you have anything metal in your backpack?” the security guy asks me.  I think he was expecting me to say glasses.

“I forgot that I have my flamethrower in here. I’ll just leave this outside.”  I explain, hoping I’m not about to be arrested.

“Please open your bag or leave it outs- your WHAT?”  Dude stops halfway through his routine.

“Flamethrower.  I made it in art class and will definitely be leaving it here.” I say, carefully putting my bag on the table, zipper open , and pointing at the small butane torch.  The guard looks at it, looks at me (pls note, I am small, white, feminine and conventionally attractive so YOU BET privilege was happening here), before deciding that Art People Are Dumb and waving me in after wanding me to make sure I hadn’t accidentally brought anything else in my pockets.

I was not selected for jury duty.

In other news, I still have it, and it still works.  I use it for mass-toasting creme brulee.

It feels nice

Bucky x reader 

Notes: angst(ish), PTSD, fluff, service dogs, isolation, masturbation. 

Summary: Bucky’s been going through the motions ever since he got back from his last tour, missing one arm. Then he meets a girl while walking his service-dog Ziva at an ungodly hour. She might be the breath of fresh air he doesn’t know he’s been missing.

A/N: Hi guys! This story is a one shot AU.Hope you enjoy it! x

There’s something -everything- so calming about being outside before the crack of dawn; sure, it’s because Bucky has trouble sleeping and wakes up at four in the morning and is unable to go back to sleep, but, still. It’s like the world is his own for a while. A short while, maybe an hour before the first early birds show their faces, but a while at least. Usually long enough for him to clear his head after another short night of sleep, maybe after being awoken by a nightmare.

Having a reason to go outside, is even better, gives him a sense of purpose; even if his German Shepard, Ziva, usually gives him the stink-eye for waking her so early.

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Lance had been born blind, which of course made it hard for him, but he didn’t want to give up.

Everyone at the Garrison doubted his ability to be a pilot because of his blindness, but Lance ended up proving them wrong, even if he only got to be a cargo pilot.

Blah Blah Blah, skip forward to The Castle of Lions.

Lance only catches Allura because he could hear her tripping, and flirts with her to keep up his playboy front.

Lance asks Lance and Coran if he can feel there faces so he can think about how they look, and Allura isn’t really comfortable with this but she lets him do it anyway.

Allura actually doubts Lance’s skills as a pilot, considering he can’t see and he is always flirting, so when anything goes wrong, both her and Shiro seem to blame him.

Lance can’t change himself, can’t change the fact that he can’t see anything, and is slowly falling apart because of it.

Blue ends up becoming his ‘service dog’ and likes to do some amazing stunts while in mid battle so Shiro and Allura have to praise her Paladin because he just saved there fucking lives 💙


quality content, but one question? Do Alteans not have blindness? @ziaraderosa

I’m not sure why Tumblr isn’t all over White Collar. Seriously, it’s an incredible show with wit, great humor, clever plots, and AMAZING character development. Not to mention:

  • Gay actor Matt Bomer is the lead
  • Neal Caffrey: super suave con-man art-thief with a heart of gold and an intense love of all things artistic (he’s an adorable puppy dog cinnamon roll)
  • Diana Barrigan: daughter of a diplomat and a badass lesbian woman of color who isn’t sexualized 
  • Clinton Jones: A black Harvard-educated Navy man turned FBI agent who is cool as hell
  • June: super awesome black woman who is so sweet but also crafty and on occasion helps the guys with cons 
  • Mozzie: conspiracy theorist comic relief with a penchant for philosophic quotes and completely random eccentricities - who has a REALLY SAD BACKSTORY WHY?! 
  • Peter and El: They have the BEST marriage ever. Both are supportive, encouraging, and SO TRUSTING. Seriously, Peter constantly gets thrown into compromising positions where he has to flirt with other women, and each time they set it up like El think he’s having an affair but she just laughs at him because he sucks at flirting - Sorry I just really love the Burkes
  • Satchmo the dog saves the day more than once 

It’s funny, light-hearted, with great writing and acting, and touches on deep themes with grace. This show is INCREDIBLE and went out with a hell of a bang. It’s all on Netflix and you should totally go watch it right now. 

What people think Lena Luthor is like: *Icy. Unemotional. Always has a steely gaze in her eyes. Goes to bed every night and wakes up every morning with perfect hair and make-up. Owns nothing but black pant suits. Has never cried, ever. Will destroy you. Speaks in chess metaphors. Never smiles*

What Lena Luthor is actually like: *Has cried thirty-seven times today. Adopts stray animals so often that no one asks questions when They see strange new ones in her apartment. Gets emotional at videos of dogs being reunited with Their owners. Loves hugging and cuddling. Always wants to be the little spoon. Her bed is covered in stuffed animals. If you were nice to her once seventeen years ago, she probably still loves you for it. Will physically fight you if you disrespect Kara. Pets every dog she comes across and usually has to be pulled away by someone. Will cry if you raise your voice at her.*

I got to meet Sarah J Maas yesterday at a signing and it was a fabulous experience. The place was packed (and by place I mean church) and we were there for three hours, but it was well worth it. She talked for about an hour before the signing. Some cool talking points:

-She acts out her scenes before a mirror…with Annie as her only witness. Annie sleeps through this.

-If she was a character in one of her books, it would be Fleetfoot. Because she too likes bacon, to be brushed by hot men and Fleetfoot makes it to the end.

-Feyre and Rhys’ Theme song is Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine. Aelin is Back in Black by ACDC and Lysandra is Bad Girls by MIA.

-She wrote the Chaol book in five days. It’s about the size of Empire of Storms and her excitement about it is infectious. I wasn’t excited about it before, but I am now. And she says it’s integral to the Throne of Class storyline. 

-She didn’t want to leave the ACOTAR world and basically wrote a fanfic of her own work after the events of ACOWAR. Accidentally pitched the project to her agent over a few drinks in Chicago and Bloomsbury bought the rights.

-She used to eat lunch alone in the library as a Freshman and was the President of the Lord of the Rings Club…which she founded.

-Her advice for aspiring writers is not to listen to anyone telling you that you can’t. When they say that, you say watch me. She also says that you need to show up though and hustle. Write every day. Treat it like your job. 

-Her recommendations for after finishing ACOWAR are The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward and Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series for older readers. For YA, The Star Touched Queen.

All in all it was really fun time and she seems like an amazing person. I got my books signed and showed her a picture of my dog Rowan, who she thought was adorable. 

2x19 “Alex” Sanvers Wishes

Like always, I’ll come back after the episode airs and cross out any that came true:

  • Alex burning dinner.
    **BONUS POINTS if she burns dinner because she was kissing/flirting/talking to Maggie.

It’s okay Alex, paella is difficult to master.

  • Kara making a dig at Maggie about Alex not knowing how to cook, or about not knowing Alex as well as she does -regardless of the situation.
  • Them mentioning that Alex can’t cook.
    **Bonus Cute Points if Maggie says it doesn’t matter because she can/she’ll cook for Alex.
  • Alex & Maggie having an argument over Kara that ends badly before Alex is taken.
    **Bonus points if Maggie tells Kara later that they were fighting and now she’s scared that was the last time she’d see Alex.
  • A Maggie/J’onn scene, that’s nowhere as awkward as Jeremiah’s speech, because J’onn is Alex’s true space dad.

Not the big scene I wanted, but Im counting that ‘good work Maggie’ and hug. Heaven knows when was the last time Maggie hugged a fatherly figure.

  • Alex blurting out an ‘I love you’ and spooking Maggie. Plus Maggie beating herself up for not having said it back while they search for her.
  • Maggie and Kara having a heart to heart about Alex.

I’m still crying over “We both love her”.

  • Maggie telling Kara she loves Alex/almost telling her that.
  • Alex saying her last goodbyes over the laptop.
    **Bonus points if as she’s telling Maggie she loves her, the water covers her.
    **Extra Bonus Points if she tells Kara and Maggie to look after each other.

This was one of the wishes I was really hoping for. Alex being scared of dying without telling Maggie how much she meant to her was too good to pass up, but what really made the scene was Maggie. She took it away. Floriana knocked it out of the park with the crying and the breaking voice. Alex looking right at the camera but not being able to see Maggie, only hear her heartbroken voice. Gertrude the dog. It was all around one of the best scenes in the episode, hands down.

  • Alex dies for a moment and she’s brought back.
    **Bonus points if Kara says that she can’t hear her heartbeat.
    **BONUS POINTS AND INSTANT DEATH if Maggie gives Alex CPR.
  • More than 1 heartfelt Sanvers scene.

That laptop scene and that ILY scene. The rescue was much shorter but the forehead kisses really made it. (Flo keeps delivering, damn.)

  • More than 1 kiss.

I’m counting the three (3) forehead kisses Maggie gives Alex when she’s rescued, and of course that last amazing smooch on the medbay.

  • A kiss that lasts longer than five (5) seconds. (For reference, their first kiss lasted this.)

Roughly 5 seconds from when Alex goes for it to when they pull apart. I’d say it was on par with their kiss in 2x09 or 2x15 (amazing to have so many kisses to choose from), but Im def not complaining because Alex did almost die an hour ago.

  • Let’s shoot for the stars kids: A kiss that lasts longer than ten (10) seconds. (For reference, the 2x07 kiss lasted this.)
  • Maggie asleep next to Alex’s bed in the medbay.
  • Maggie taking care of Alex after her ordeal.

Rather short, but Maggie’s softest little voice saying “Be careful” and her facial expression. I died.

And Maggie helping walk at the DEO. Granted, she’s not very good at playing nurse if she can’t keep the patient in bed, but I’ll give this one to her.

  • Forehead touch/kiss/hand-holding while Alex is lying in the hospital bed in the medbay.

I’m crying, I cannot BELIEVE we got all three. I don’t even have anything to add.

Forehead touch:



There was some serious double triple pretzel hand-holding going on there. I approve.

  • Maggie chickening out of telling Alex ‘I love you’ at some point.
  • Maggie and Alex say ‘I love you’.

And I’m still crying about it. Almost as much as Maggie.

  • Alex/Kara/Maggie group hug. Or Kara/Alex/Maggie sandwich.
  • Alex and Maggie talking about getting a dog together, can’t forget about that.

I hope Alex said Gertrude as a joke.

  • Alex and Maggie talking about moving in together.

I’m not crossing this off, because it’s an open to interpretation allusion as opposed to an actual conversation about it. Do couples who don’t live together fight over loading the dishwasher? That seems like a really domestic thing. But I think we can infer Maggie is thinking about it. I bet this item will get crossed off before the season is over.

  • Maggie crying.

The crying/trying to smile thing Maggie had going on during the laptop scene effed me up good.

So I’m pretty sure all of us have high expectations for this episode, but I’m hopeful confident a good number of these will get crossed out.

Fingers crossed, and only one day to go!

anonymous asked:

Can I request the RFA+V's reactions to MC working with animals? I'm a pet groomer so I always find myself imagining what they would think about that. Thank you!

Hope you and your pets like this :p

RFA + V with a MC who really like animals

Common: So MC works with rescued animals and she managed to take some of them to live with her.


  • You told him you reeeeaaally liked animals, he just had no Idea it was that much
  • Dogs, so many dogs! And bunnies, and a turtle.
  • Well, as long as you don’t have any cat… oh, there is a sphinx cat too, okay… no allergy, then.
  • He was never surrounded by animals, so it’s hard to get used to, but he really likes the big dogs
  • When it comes to your work, he’s always promoting you adoption events at his Tripter account
  • Having his amazing actor’s memory, he learns every pet’s name pretty fast
  • Likes to throw sticks and Frisbees to the dogs, lets the cat sleep on his lap and feeds the bunnies, he doesn’t really know how to interact with the turtle, tho
  • “Oh, MC, this bunny is the cutest!” he’s grinning so much when you tell you named this one after him.


  • He can train to be a vet, you can have free appointments with a vet. Match made in heaven
  • Three dogs, two cats and a goatling. All of them grown fond of him pretty fast.
  • Wants to impress you showing how much he’s studying by taking a look at the animal’s teeth and guessing their ages.
  • He can’t possibly choose his favorite, but the goatling is absolutely adorable, he won’t lie there.
  • Is a constant volunteer at your projects.
  • He’s always taking pictures of all of them and showing to his classmates, hates to be teased about preferring your animals over you.
  • If only they knew that sometimes he even gets a little jealous of all the attention you give to the pets…
  • Blushes furiously when you shoo one of the cats from his lap and fill its place.


  • She was aware about the 6 dogs and the iguana, but she was not ready to face the chaos that is your apartment
  • Okay, the iguana doesn’t do much, but the dogs… all of them so big and so energetic. One of them greeted her by throwing her at the floor and licking her nose.
  • Yes, she was never surrounded by animals either, so it is a little bit of a shock at first
  • But she understands now why you’re so responsible, having animals can make you get very diligent over things, and she likes it
  • She also volunteers for your events, usually she’s the one who planned the whole logistic of it
  • She eventually grows fond of this one dog who apparently really like her, as he always brings his toys for her or his leash, indicating that it’s time for a little walk, oh… he’s so polite!
  • You were so worried about her not liking animals, but soon it shows you had nothing to worry about, the only animal she didn’t really like that much was Elizabeth, after all.
  • Sometimes feels a little paranoid that the iguana is watching her…


  • Well, he might have thought about finding Elizabeth a friend eventually, but this is on a whole another level…
  • Cats, bunnies, and an aquarium with some golden fishes, it’s not as fancy as his own, but it’s a pretty decent one
  • Your cats are… nothing like Elizabeth, they’re a lot more energetic and not that clingy, he feels like some of them don’t really like him.
  • It’s just an impression, though, he knows most cats are very independent creatures, especially being your cats… and he can always pat the bunnies, anyways
  • He doesn’t have the time to be more present, but is always making donations in cash or in old toys Elizabeth doesn’t want to play with it anymore
  • There’s this white little bunny that reminds him of Elizabeth, so it’s secretly his favorite.
  • He can’t wait to bring her along, but you tell him that this should be a slow process, since your cats are a little temperamental (so is Elizabeth, let’s not lie here)
  • “I’ve always believed that people who like animals can’t be bad, no wonder you’re the best person I know, my love.” This man has no chill, even when it comes to animals, oh lord…


  • L-O-V-E-S!
  • 3 dogs, a cat and a snake (!!!) He thought you might be the coolest person in the whole universe when he found about this on the background check
  • Now that he can actually live with them he’s just sure about your coolness.
  • When it comes to your work, he manages all the social media accounts and even takes a lo of the pictures that are posted
  • You don’t allow him to stay too close to the cats, since they’re old, and he surprisingly understands this, he holds back his urge to run around with them and bite their necks.
  • So he has fun with the dogs, the three are all over him when he comes to your place and he loves the attention.
  • He’s fascinated by the snake, he researches everything about it: gender, age, natural habitat, everything! He has the reptile around his neck more than you do.
  • But at the end of the day, he snuzzles to your chest  “Treat me like your kitty, meow~~” he says in a purr


  • He wouldn’t say out loud, but he imagines you as Snow White surrounded by animals in the forest when you told him about your pets
  • You’re definitely a princess, but it’s just 3 cats, 2 bunnies and a turtle. No squirrels, deers or birds that sing along with you, unfortunately.
  • Not that he’s complaining, he really likes your pets. If they’re yours, they’re the luckiest creatures in the universe, after all.
  • Now he gets where your kindness and empathy come from, animals give this kind of power to humans, and you’re the most powerful one to him.
  • He wishes he could take pictures of your events, but at least he can get you good photographers. Also makes lots of donations
  • He also admires how well treated they are, he can tell by the amazingly soft fur the bunnies and the cats have
  • But the one he really likes is the turtle, it’s quirky and doesn’t show any reaction, but he likes the sensation of feeling all the grooves on its shell.
  • Sometimes you even feel a little jealous of the turtle. Yes, you know it’s ridiculous, but it’s the perfect excuse to make him run after you and cuddle in the bed.

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

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104th Squad Secrets That No One Knows About

So I got inspired to write something from one of the recent posts I saw on here that was about strange quirks and I was like “what would be the One Big Secret that the 104th nerds squad had that no one knew about? Or something” and so this mess was created :^) I hope you enjoy!!

  • Eren’s guilty music pleasure is Whitney Houston. He keeps it secret more because of how different the music tastes are from what he usually listens to and because he tries to hit every note, no matter how bad he sounds trying
  • Mikasa has the biggest sweet tooth for Cadbury eggs. She doesn’t celebrate Easter, but she will raid the shelves of a Walgreens for all the chocolate with the excuse that it’s “for my friends”
  • When Armin was younger, he ate a bug on a dare from some neighborhood bullies. Apparently, the bug was gross enough for the bullies to leave him alone for a little while
  • Jean’s favorite Disney movie is “Peter Pan"—partly because he loved the character, but also because he has had a crush on the Disneyland actor
  • Marco had a crush on Han Solo ever since he watched the original Star Wars trilogy and according to reliable sources named Jean and Connie he still has one
  • Sasha has glasses but she doesn’t like how she looks in them so she doesn’t wear them unless she’s really comfortable or her eyes hurt from squinting so much
  • Connie says he shaves his head for convenience, but he grows it out in winter and it’s beautiful and curly and flowing. He claims he “forgets” to shave it, but it’s too hot to keep in the summer and he loves the feeling of people playing with his hair
  • Reiner had an obsession with stuffed animals bc they were fluffy and nice to hug at night, but he’s either given them away to cousins or sold them throughout the years. He’s kept two from his childhood in his room: a stuffed lion named Leo and a brown teddy bear named Hershey
  • Bertolt is an amazing dancer but he thinks he’s too lanky and awkward to be graceful and magnificent but oh BOY. If no one’s looking or he’s had enough to drink then he can dance to virtually anything playing
  • Annie loves dogs but is usually good with keeping her affection quiet and private—unless there are small dogs. specifically corgis. many corgis. all the corgis. 
  • Ymir loves receiving flowers as gifts. When she receives them, no matter what type they might be, she gets really quiet and bashful and, if the person is lucky, will thank them for the flowers
  • Historia’s has an unhealthy obsession with 80s films to the point of reciting scenes word for word and imitating voices. She thinks it’s dumb so when the squad™ has movie nights and they put on an 80s movie, she has to bite her tongue to avoid embarrassing herself
  • And a bonus one: when they’re separated for a long period of time, the squad™ writes each other poems and mail them to one another. It started with Historia and Reiner as a joke, who did it because letters were typical and it was amusing to see what they could rhyme. But eventually everyone else picked it up after a while. Sometimes, they do it when they’re not even traveling, and they’ll leave little poems for someone or anyone to read. All of them have received one from everyone else, and they cherish each of them, but they aren’t brave enough to talk about it openly to each other bc they don’t want to ruin the secret and unspoken bond they have with each other
Bump Into You (Mycroft X Reader)





SUMMARY: You’re Molly’s best friend and have finally helped her get over Sherlock and her douchebag ex and finally found her a nice guy. Tonight he’s going to propose so you help Molly get ready then send her off for her big night. But when you bump into someone strangely familiar you decided to just go for it. It is only dinner!

A/N: Guys, I’mm sorry this sis so shit I’m so stressed and busy with college work I haven’t had time to write anything properly any anything I have started is getting done very slowly. So I will post those eventually, for now, you’ll have to deal with this. SORRY

Molly held up the dress she had picked out and grinned as she checked herself out in the mirror. I was so happy that this match had actually worked. Molly finally had a boyfriend and after tonight a possible fiancée not that she knew about that, though.

I’d been friends with Molly since university. We shared a flat during the first year and became firm friends since. She was shy and quiet while I was generally quite loud and outgoing, not to say I didn’t have my quiet moments I just was better at speaking to people I didn’t know. I’d set Molly and James up, had Sherlock double-check my assumptions on him to see if he wasn’t a complete pyscho like the rest of Molly’s choices had been in the past and the rest, as they say, is history.

James had called me yesterday asking whether I thought it was a good time to propose and of course I agreed. The pair were practically inseparable, so loved up it was almost sickening. But I was happy. My best friend had got her happy ending. And as much as she protested I did not need my own to be happy.

I had an amazing job, an amazing flat and an amazing set of friends and a dog named Richard. I didn’t need anyone else.

Molly got dressed and we chatted while she got ready. She did her hair fairly plainly and her make-up was a slight glammed up look of her usual. She looked gorgeous.

I walked her to the restaurant that she was meeting James, cursing when I realised how far it actually was and how bad my shoes were at long distances. Either way, it gave me time to give Molly her ‘pre-date pep talk’ not that she really needed it anymore, she practically lived with the guy nowadays but it had become a bit of a tradition between us. She gave the same speech to me before any date I went on too so it was equal.

I dropped her off and waved, pretending to act like a proud mother crying as she sent her children off to school for the first time. This made Molly laugh and I knew everything was going to be okay. My Molly was growing up!

I began walking back, deciding to go the different way home through Central London, my favourite part of the city. It took a lot longer and I really should take a taxi but it was such a nice evening and I loved walking beside the Thames at this time of day. The water always looked so pretty, reflecting the burning colours in the sky, much nicer than the murky grey visible during the day.

I strolled along, humming a song I’d heard on the radio earlier having a really nice time when suddenly someone crashed into me. They knocked me back so I fell onto the pavement, tripping on my feet.

“Oh, I am so sorry,” They apologised, helping me up.

“Oh crap I’m sorry,” I apologised at the same time, as I bent down to pick up the man’s umbrella. A strange thing to be calling round in the middle of summer but whatever.

“It’s no problem, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” The man shrugged.

“No, you weren’t really,” I laughed, “I’m sorry but I feel like we’ve met before. Do you know Sherlock Holmes?”

“Sherlock? Yes… who are you?”

“Y/n. Y/n l/n. I used to live upstairs from him a while ago. I swear I saw you there before,”

“You’re the girl with the assassin for a brother,”

“Yep!” I laughed, trying to hide my embarrassment. “Unfortunately so,”

“Well, Y/n. You were right in thinking we’d met before,” The man nodded with a smirk planted on his lips. “Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s brother,”

I was taken back for a moment. This was Mycroft? The big, bad, drug searching, the British government, eating all the cakes Mycroft. Sherlock had certainly painted a seriously warped picture of his brother for me. The man that stood before me now was nothing like how I’d imagined. Though, to be fair I had imagined someone that looked like the fat controller mixed with Sheldon from The Bing Bang Theory.

The real Mycroft was very well dressed, obviously intelligent and had an air of high class and mystery about him. If I didn’t know any better I would have just taken him for some stick up the ass bank CEO.

“You’re Mycroft?” I asked, amazed and in disbelief. Mycroft laughed and seemed surprised that I was so amazed.

“Yes, that’s my name,”

“I’m sorry, it’s just Sherlock has told me a lot about you and well-“

“He is a drama queen,” Mycroft rolled his eyes, I laughed in agreement.

“Well, how about you tell me about yourself over dinner tonight,” I sudden flurry of confidence suddenly coming from nowhere, “Seeing as Sherlock has over dramatised everything about you that I can visibly see,”

“Sure,” Mycroft shrugged, “I have nothing else to do tonight I suppose,”

“You had dinner with my brother!” 

“Yes, I’ve had dinner with your brother lots of times now, Sherlock. Is it really that bad that someone might be interested in him?” 

“Yes! Especially if that person if you!” 

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5-6-17 | 69/100 Days of Productivity

looking back on some notes for aphug, i plan on studying for this exam one or two units at a time … also looking back on how messy my handwriting was back then, but thanking god that it’s legible. (sorry again for such a bad pic ;-;”)

i also took my dogs for a walk today and it was really fun! i was finally able to get a picture of bean, the cutie patootie on the right ;v;” she makes me so soft and fluffy and mushy all over ahhh i love her so much. i also love soy, my precious baby. they’re both my precious babies, i love them both so much ahhh (if you wanna know what soy looks like, you can see him here!)

hope all y’all have a fantastic day!

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Book of the Atlantic Reactions
  • UNDERTAKER!!!!!! 
  • Ok so like they fucking went ham on Sebastian’s eye glowy thing that he does. Like hot fucking damn they do not let you forget that he’s a demon. And it’s just so fucking sexy?? With his eyes all sharp and red and hngggg
  • Lizzie being Lizzie. Fucking awesome omg. That scene did not disappoint they did SO GREAT. THE WIFE OF THE QUEEN’S GUARD DOG FUCK YEAH. She lost her shit ain’t no freaky zombies better touch her man or else *puts up fists*
  • Snake doing the voices for his snakes lmfao omg I love that boy
  • Baby Ciel happily drinking milk with honey is my new aesthetic
  • The fact that they actually incorporated Sebastian getting all misty black into his ‘demon-ish’ form which was AWESOME 
  • Seeing the Ciel/Lizzie dynamic was just amazing. I feel so pumped to write something for them. Because despite everything my god you really see how much they’re willing to fight for each other and that shit is my jam. 
  • Grey being a salty salty
  • Hearing Knox call Grell ‘senpai’ 
  • Waiting until the end of the credits to see WILL!!! *heart throbbing*
  • Ok the fact that like they took the key scenes from the manga and just like kept them there for an extra few seconds so we could all soak in the deliciousness. When undertaker reveals his eyes and says the whole ‘how sad should laughter disappear’ thing, the one where he’s holding the woman zombie doll thing, and the whole death scythe GAHH. 
  • the fact that I dragged the bf along so he could finally explain the hell of a butler phrase to me lmao.

Regina doesn’t want to get married again. Emma gets that, she really does. Whenever she thinks about Regina’s first marriage she wants to dig up Leopold and murder him all over again, so she can only imagine how Regina feels.

But Emma wants to marry Regina. She just does. Henry says it’s because she wants a do-over on her own first wedding and maybe he’s right. She definitely wishes she could forget those fucking vows. Even Snow - Snow! - has to admit, “They were a tiny bit adolescent, sweetheart.” Emma blushes every time she remembers them.

Anyway, since she and Killian parted ways she’s been getting in touch with old friends, people she knew and liked back in her Boston days. They’ve been helping her remember who she was, the person she’d tried so hard not to be while she was with Hook, for reasons that make no sense to her now.

And she has a plan. She thinks Regina might be more tempted by a different sort of wedding. Conveniently, some of Emma’s old Boston friends are getting married. She takes Regina as her plus one to a Jewish wedding, a Sikh Anand Kuraj and a pagan handfasting. Regina seems particularly taken with the handfasting, but she just shakes her head at Emma when she hits Regina her hopeful, puppy-dog eyes in the Mercedes on the way home.

Pretty soon they’ve been together a year and it’s… good, really good. It’s so weird to her now, how she could have spent so many years thinking she was straight. But sex with guys was fine. She just kind of assumed it was no better than fine for anyone else, and all that Hollywood soft-focus ecstatic writhing was so much bullshit.

Then she had sex with Regina. Their first time was shy and fumbling and totally fucking amazing. It wasn’t that it was better than any sex she’d ever had with any man. It was like a different thing entirely. So: gay. Which is another reason she wants to get married. Because these days they can, and she thinks that’s a big deal.

But she doesn’t want to push Regina to do anything she’s uncomfortable with, and so things go on. They’re away from each other a lot, different parts of the country, fire-fighting all these portals that keep opening up all over the damn place since the.. fifth? sixth? curse.

Until one day she’s driving down the Vegas Strip, heading for the Mirage and she doesn’t even see the truck that hits her. There’s a blink of darkness - three days in a coma, as it turns out - and then she’s waking up to a lot of pain and a wet face because Regina and Henry and Snow and David are all crying as they hug her. Even Zelena’s sobbing.

So yeah, turns out all it took for Regina to accept her proposal was a broken leg, two broken arms and a life-threatening head injury.

It’s Henry who arranges the wedding. And maybe a lesbian Elvis impersonator wasn’t who Emma imagined performing the ceremony, and maybe she didn’t think it would take place in a hospital or that Regina would have to slip her ring on a chain over her head because both her arms were still in plaster. There are no special vows because the old-fashioned ones say it all. Loving and cherishing. Yeah, that’s them.

 “Was that better, mom?” she asks Snow later, as she’s falling asleep, still weak from the accident.

“It was perfect,” Snow says, and Emma thinks she might just be right.

How I think they smell bc I’m weird hshshss

Noctis just kinda naturally smells like baby powder (it’s not because of any lotion bc ya boy is ashy), and when he gets sweaty he smells like salt. It’s very strange.

Gladio smells like coconut and vanilla because he uses the same shampoo and conditioner as Iris. He smells very musky after a few missed showers, it’s either overbearing or amazing depending on who you ask.

Ignis smells like clean laundry, but not much else. He has very sensitive skin. When he’s dirty he smells like wet dog. Nobody really understands how it happens, but it’s not too bad.

Prompto also takes on the smell of a wet dog after a while, but normally he smells like citrus. It’s very pleasant and very slight.

Lunafreya smells like lavender. She forgets to shower, but she doesn’t sweat much. It takes her a couple of days to get “stinky,” but when it happens she smells like mustard.

Ravus smells like cinnamon. When he gets sweaty he smells like onions, and it makes people think there are deli-sandwiches nearby.

Cor smells like subtle, expensive cologne. He gets a musky smell that’s slightly stronger than Gladio’s if he doesn’t shower, but he tries to avoid getting to that point because the smell sticks to his shirts.

Ardyn smells like the trash he crawled out of Ardyn smells like the smoke from a wood-burning fireplace. When the daemons are more in control, the air smells like sulfur, but not him.

anonymous asked:

What do you think Stiles and Lydia's house would be like as adults?

Okay I hate how specific my head canons for this are. 


  • Yellow house
  • Small
  • Deep red door/shutters. 
  • There’s a small backyard patio that Lydia literally makes Stiles do all the work on, so like they have a deck with a grill and a big table (bigger than their kitchen table) and Lydia sits out there grading papers and bossing Stiles around while he does literally all of the gardening and heavy lifting, 
    • He wants to hate her for it but he gets very, very nicely rewarded. 

Living Room:

  • Stiles gets to pick out the couch, that’s his one job, and Lydia builds the rest of the room around it. 
  • One of her art pieces is hanging up above the couch. Stiles does it when she’s out of town, and at first she’s mad but she grows to really like it and it actually inspires her to paint more, which it turns out is really amazing stress relief for Lydia. 
  • They have nerdy-ass throw pillows. 
    • Like, one of them has Shakespeare on it. 
    • One of them has the periodic table of elements
    • One of them has the cover of Stiles’ favorite book that his dad used to read to him when he was growing up. 
    • So on, so forth.
  • There’s candles everywhere, which they totally intend to use but once they get a dog they’re banned from lighting them because suddenly everything in the house is a fire hazard. 
  • Lydia’s got cozy blankets hidden behind the couch and she likes to wrap herself up in them when she’s got a cold. All you can see is the top of her hair and a red little nose. 
  • There’s really fancy, expensive looking art/photography books on the coffee table for guests and Stiles always puts his coffee cups on them. Which, one one hand, yay, coaster, but on the other hand Lydia payed $80 for that book when they were in Paris??? Like???
  • They have an alcohol cabinet in the living room that they rarely ever touched but Stiles keeps stocked. He always knows what people want when they come over, due to his bartending days in college, which makes him an excellent host. 


  • Pretty small
  • Stiles whines about lack of counter space frequently but then Lydia has to sit really close when he’s cooking so like. What’s the real loss, here?
  • There’s a small circular table that comfortably seats two and less-comfortably seats three. They keep saying that they’re going to get a bigger table, but they never do because they ultimately not being able to host stuff. 
  • (If they do people over, it’s in the summer, on the back patio, but other than that, their house is their space and they like it that way. They go to Scott’s for most holidays, anyways.) 
  • The fridge is covered in a collage of their lives. Postcards from Isaac, magnets from Kira, pictures of the pack members printed out and lovingly stuck on there. 
    • There’s a really nice picture of all of them together on the little table next to the front door, where they keep the mail and put their keys in the little dish next to the fake flowers, but this is where all the lovely, goofy pictures are. 
  • The window is perched over the sink, looking out into the backyard, and Stiles likes watching Lydia’s face in the morning sunlight as she washes their plates after breakfast on Saturday mornings. 

Lydia’s Office: 

  • Almost everything is white or soft blue
  • This is her sacred room, it’s very soothing to her 
  • There’s shelves and shelves of books, a desk made of black wood, and an extremely comfortable chair that goes with it. 
  • There’s pretty and simple art on the walls so that it’s not completely bare, but not nice enough art that Lydia feels distracted by it while she’s working. 
  • It’s usually very neat but also covered in stacks of paper, upon which Lydia keeps her reading glasses. (Whenever she can’t find them, they’re always in her office.) 
  • Stiles is rarely allowed to come in, and if he is in there, he has to sit on the white couch and be quiet. 
    • Same goes for the dog. 
  • It has a window seat, which is why Lydia loves it, and she’ll frequently just go read on the window seat on the days that she doesn’t have much to do. 
    • She sketches Stiles from memory on rainy days while she sits in the window seat. She is on a quest to get his nose right– feels like she can never quite capture its spirit
    • She’s A+ at drawing his mouth though, probably because she has a very intimate knowledge of it. 


  • Light wood, no carpet. 
  • There’s black & white pictures in dark black frames leading all the way up the stairs. 
    • Lydia is very proud of the way they’re arranged. 
    • She thinks they’re very aesthetic. 
  • The stairs are lined with pictures of the most important people– Stiles’ mom and dad on their wedding day, Lydia’s mother holding baby Lydia, Scott and Stiles as little kids, Scott and Stiles as teenagers, Allison laughing and wrinkling her nose as she holds a dandelion, Malia, Kira, and Isaac posing together at a long-forgotten Christmas party, Mrs. McCall hugging Stiles around the middle at his college graduation, Stiles and Lydia and Scott at Lydia’s thesis defense, Stiles and Lydia sitting with his dad at the kitchen table on Thanksgiving, several pictures of Scott’s little girls, together and separately, and finally, at the very top, Stiles and Lydia on their wedding day, a candid that Kira had caught with her expensive camera that had somehow come out better than anything their official photographer had snapped of them. 


  • Their bedroom is the room of the house which had taken the most compromise. 
  • It’s a soft white color with gauzy white drapes that blow prettily in the breeze whenever the windows are open. 
    • Stiles says it reminds him of the veil in Harry Potter. 
  • There’s a very tall king sized bed with a very simple, modern bed frame and a dark headboard. 
  • The duvet is deep, dark blue. The sheets are white. The large decorative pillows that they throw over the bed are another shade of blue. 
    • Lydia loves these. Stiles hates them because it makes it harder to leap onto the bed with finesse at the end of the day. 
    • He usually ends up taking them off when he comes home from work, kicks his pants to the floor, and settles into bed to do nothing. 
  • There’s two bedside tables with matching lamps. 
    • Lydia’s bedside table always has a book on it, marked with her spot. She tries to read a little every night but for the most part does not succeed. It also has a nice candle on it and an old silver clock that was her grandmother’s, and a picture of Stiles and Scott. 
    • Stiles’ bedside table usually has money from his pockets, candy wrappers, mugs, and folders from work that Lydia is always tucking into his second drawer down in an effort to straighten up because “it’s not like you’re going to do work in bed anyways, Stiles!” 
    • It’s also got a picture of him and Lydia at the winter formal sophomore year and another one of Lydia with his dad. 
  • Stealing this from @rememberiloveyou: Lydia, for their anniversary one year, bought a huge wooden slab and painted “I love you” “I know” onto it in beautiful white brushstrokes and very fancy handwriting. It hangs right above their bed and is Stiles’ favorite part of the room. 
    • He had been begging her to let him have a Star Wars poster. This is the compromise. 
  • There’s a little chaise lounge in the corner which is supposed to be for decoration but ends up being where Stiles shoves most of his clothes when he’s too lazy to walk over to their walk-in closet and throw them in the laundry bin. 
  • Lydia’s bureau was a gift from her mother when she moved into her first apartment with Stiles and it is boss
    • Antique, enormous, with a huge, ornate mirror that is her pride and joy. 
    • It has one of those soft, cushy stools. 
    • Her makeup drawers are so organized she wants to cry. It is literally her happy place. 
  • There’s a bunch of blue rugs that stretch across the hardwood floor. Their dog likes to sleep on them. In the winter, Stiles cracks up as Lydia jumps from rug to rug to try to avoid how cold the floor is. 

And then there’s a guest room that is easily the fanciest room of the house and is Lydia’s pride and joy. Stiles didn’t give a rats ass what it looked like so she just sorta went off and made it super decorative and modern. Also, they’ve got a bathroom with a separate bathtub and shower because Lydia loves taking baths. 


I’m at my grandparents’ house taking care of my grandmother (she broke her foot) and I’m going through all the boxes of old pictures and I have to say that I am so glad that these exist. I don’t think I realized until now how much I had forgotten what my dogs looked like and how my grandparents looked when I was a baby. It’s really amazing how much joy a picture can bring you.

So don’t let anyone tell you to stop taking pictures and “live in the moment”. Some moments are meant to last and when you’re older you’re going to be so thankful that you remembered to take pictures all those years ago. It’s more than worth pausing for the 5 seconds it takes to pull out your phone and snap a picture. It’ll last forever if you let it.