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Sometimes you gotta make your own ship content, be the change you want to see in the world. Messy but fun comic, and a little fic under the cut. I’m most definitely not a writer, and incredibly rusty, but enjoy nonetheless?

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Tom Holland x Reader (Includes Zendaya and Harrison)

Word Count: 3050ish

Warnings: Suggestive themes because of the song, light cursing, Blushy!Tom, some dirty jokes, the movie Get Out spoilers

Lyrics from:   Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

                       Beyoncé – Partition

A/N: I decided to get off my lazy but and write this for @wingsanddarkness because they requested this a while ago right when my writer’s block hit. This is way longer than it should be

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request: “a draco malfoy imagine where they’re enemies but Malfoy goes with (reader) to the Yule Ball to avoid Parkinson? They end up having a better time then expected. thanks :))” by @siriuslymagical

a/n: i’m happy that you let me make this a part two to my in preparation for the yule ball imagine! i just really felt that it would add up and all that. hope you like it!


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     "Where’s your date?“ asked Pansy Parkinson with what seemed like an evil smirk plastered on her face.

     The program has already started for a few minutes now and yet Y/N hasn’t arrived, Draco rapidly looking among the crowd in deep pursuit for the girl he has taken interest upon after the many arguments and nagging he has shared with her. At the sudden thought of their current status — a mix of being friends and enemies — he was abruptly afraid of getting stood up.

      But as he focuses his eyes at the entrance of the Great Hall, a lost Y/N was peering everywhere, wearing a red gown that glimmered white diamonds by the light, her hair kept up in an elegant bun with a few strands of hair falling on each side of her beautiful face. Draco had a hard time distinguishing if it was really her — though when their gazes finally met, he could instantly recognize quite well that it was indeed Y/N.

      "There she is.” said Draco to Pansy, staring at his date in complete amazement as she now walks towards them, her chin held high and her smile wide.

      It was obvious by the way she marched with such confidence that she knew what kind of effect she was giving to those who caught a glimpse of her appearance for the night. The boys from Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons were all giving her the look of utter awe, even the girls were silently gushing about how gorgeous her dress was.

     "I’m sorry I kept you waiting.“ Y/N apologized once they were face to face. "Had a little problem with my — uh, Malfoy?” she waved her hand in front of him for he was staring at her in deep thought with his mouth agape.

     "Hmm?“ he snapped out of it.

     She smirked. "I said, I’m sorry for being late.”

     "It’s alright.“ smiled Draco before turning to Pansy, his smile turning into a smug grin. "Well, now if you’ll excuse me, Pansy. I have to get going. Shall we, Y/N?”

      Y/N saw how Pansy’s expression wrinkled at what Draco said, causing Y/N to chuckle and accept Draco’s outstretched hand. Together, they go to the dance floor where a bunch of pairs were already showing their best moves.

      “What’s your deal with Pansy?” asked Y/N all of the sudden as she places a hand on his shoulder; Draco doing the same thing he had done back when they were still practicing.

       He shrugged. “She’s too persistent. I’ve already established it many times that I do not fancy her back but she’s just so stubborn.”

       "Really? I’m not sure whether to be surprised by the fact that Pansy likes you or that someone bothers to do so generally.“ joked Y/N as they now follow the melody of the music.

      Draco sarcastically laughed, his eyes then analyzing her from head to toe. "But on the other hand, I must say, Y/L/N. You look breathtaking tonight.”

     She smiled, a blush appearing on her cheeks. “Well, you don’t look bad yourself. You certainly know what suits you the best.”

     "Of course, I do. That’s why I asked you.“ smirked Draco.

     "Wow. We just got here and you’re already working on your charm.” said Y/N.

      He chuckled. “Only to you though.”

     Draco twirled her around, pulling her swiftly as he leads them swaying against the rhythm. He admit that she had gotten better compared to the last time they danced; her movements were smooth and gentle, just like a true dancer. Not saying that he was a dancer himself but he did know how at least.

     Y/N was looking up at him in uncertainty once he pulled her even closer, something that she noticed he does a lot. “Why did you ask me?” she couldn’t help but inquire.

      He pursed his lips when the thought processed inside his brain. He then looked at her closely, trying to find a reason on exactly why he bothered in the first place.

      “To be completely honest, I don’t really know.” answered Draco. “I guess, at that time when we were practicing, I desperately needed someone else to take other than Parkinson. Then I saw you, sitting there looking like McGonagall was a gift from heaven — and I figured, hey, you’re not that bad, maybe I should just ask you instead of some stranger.”

      She snorted. “I’m glad you thought I wasn’t so bad.”

      He rolled his eyes. “Well, how about you?”

      “What do you mean?”

      “Why did you say yes?” asked Draco.

      Like his answer, Y/N shrugged. “Not really sure, as well. Maybe because even though you annoy me to death, you’re not the worst person out there, Malfoy.”

      He raised an eyebrow. “That must be the nicest thing you have ever said to me on the course of our stay here at Hogwarts.” he teased.

      “Yes, and it’ll be the first and last.” retorted Y/N.

      As the night drew deeper, the two Slytherin students found themselves conversing more about themselves, something that they haven’t done before despite being housemates for so long now — just as what Draco claimed.

      When they grew tired of dancing, they settled on just chatting by their table, eating and drinking, their eyes not leaving each other’s as they listened to the countless stories one had to offer. Y/N was taken back by Draco’s sudden politeness and chivalry towards her; it was like she was meeting an entirely new person, someone she clearly hasn’t met yet. While Draco found himself laughing and grinning a lot genuinely, a rare thing to happen for someone like him who was always pressured to be someone the people surrounding him wanted him to be.

      But like most nights, the night of the Yule Ball had to end. Draco took it as his job to escort her all the way to her room, leading her until he was sure that she was already safe inside.

      “Thank you for tonight.” said Y/N as she stands at the doorway, a natural glow seen on her cheeks while she smiles widely at him.

      He bowed. “Pleasure is all mine. I really enjoyed spending time with you. Perhaps even better than what I expected.”

      “Well, I’m happy to know I exceeded your expectations, Draco.”

      At the sound of his name rolling out of her tongue, he suddenly stepped closer and boldly placed an innocent kiss on her cheek, his lips lingering on her sensitive skin for the meanwhile before pulling away with an award winning smile on his features. When he got a good look at Y/N, she too was grinning like mad, her face matching the color of her lovely dress for that evening.

      Finally, Draco put his hands inside his front pockets. “Good night, Y/N. May this night never be forgotten.”

      “Good night, Draco. May this night never be forgotten indeed.” she agreed, slowly backing up and closing her door.

       For a good minute, they just stood at their positions, unaware that the other was doing the same. Draco was running his fingers through his blond hair in astonishment at what he was beginning to feel; Y/N, on the other side of the door, was touching the spot where he had kissed her — her other hand pressed against her chest where her heart was beating harder than a Snitch’s wings.

Dancing With the Stars

A Fluffy Klance One-Shot (that’s essentially just because I headcanon Lance to be a very good dancer)

Featuring very background shallura, a bit of Keith being jealous, and Lance platonic bonding with everyone because he’s my favorite.

Summary: At a celebration on a foreign planet after beating the Galra there, all the aliens are dancing, and Lance is eager to join in. He quickly makes it his goal to get the rest of his team to dance, even Keith. But Keith seems to be acting a little off… what could possibly be bothering him?

Yes I know. I suck at summaries. I don’t write that much fluff in general… it’s mostly angst and this is actually the first Voltron thing I’ve posted. Hopefully more to come?

Lance jogged his leg up and down, eyes gazing longingly at the dance floor.

The celebration was grander than most, fitting for the size of the planet they’d just freed from the corrupt Galra empire. Fast-paced music blared from every corner of the room, with no visible speakers, and countless native aliens were twirling around on the dance floor.

Allura was in the middle of a dignified discussion with the planet’s leaders, with Coran at her side as usual. She’d left the Paladins on a couch to the side of the room, ‘so they couldn’t screw anything up’ were her exact words, with a pointed look at Lance.

This, of course, did not stop the others from noticing how obviously Lance wanted to be on that dance floor, and how restless he was while sitting still.

With an amused sigh, Shiro glanced in the blue paladin’s direction. “You can dance if you want to, you know that right?”

Lance immediately shot off of the couch, his previously anxious face taken over by one of those bright smiles that seemed to light up the room.

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Real Cool- William Magnusson Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: mostly fluff

Originally posted by ellectrifyy

Originally posted by byrneing

   Tease and cool were the words William Magnusson used to describe Y/N Y/L/N, and the rest of Hartvig Nissen couldn’t really blame him. She had exuded confidence ever since she slinked out of a silver Aston Martin Vanquish her first day of school, wearing a vintage black Gucci jacket with a graphic tiger emblazoned on the back and some of the tightest jeans Oslo had ever seen. She kept a small smirk on her red pout and her mirrored round sunglasses accentuated how unimpressed she looked. It only took seconds for all the boys to fall head over heels for the first year transfer, but William knew that the only guy who could get with Y/N at his school was him. He was the most desired boy in school and definitely the richest, so why wouldn’t Y/N want to go out with him? Well, he got his answer quickly when during break period that day, she wound up befriending Vilde, Noora, Sana, Chris, and Eva while chain smoking. 

    Though William had apologized to Vilde for treating her badly, Noora still loathed him and would probably paint a bad picture of him for Y/N and he couldn’t have that

    “Good luck getting with her now, William,” Chris said through a laugh.

    “I don’t need luck.”

    Oddly enough, the closer William got to the group of girls, the more his confidence grew. Noora was the first one to notice him when he got close to them.

   “Hello, ladies,” William said.

   “Hi,” Vilde said almost immediately.

   The others were more casual while Noora glared a hole into him. Y/N seemed to look through him behind those mirrored glasses of hers and William definitely didn’t appreciate that.

    “What do you want, Wilhelm?” Noora asked.

    “Well, I would like to give your new friend a proper welcome to Hartvig by inviting all of you to the Penetrators party tonight,” William said.

   By the looks on the girls’ faces, it was obvious they were in but Y/N’s expression remained straight. Slowly, Y/N uncrossed her legs and stood before blowing a mouthful of smoke in William’s general direction, “The new friend has a name.”

   “What is it?”


   “It fits.”

   “Why? Because it matches with my beautiful face and body?”

   William hesitated and the girls around Y/N looked at each other with astonished expressions, except for Noora, who looked impressed. “Excuse me?”
   “I’ve been fed that pickup line more times than I can count.”

   “Who said I was trying to hit on you?”

    “Your eyes; you’ve been using them to undress me since I got here,” Y/N said matter-of-factly. “It’s fine, really, but if you wanted to talk to me, you didn’t have to use my bus as an excuse—just talk to me.”

    William couldn’t fight the smile working his way onto his lips. “Wow.”
    “What? Why are you smiling at me like that?” Y/N asked, running a hand through her smooth y/h/c locks.

     “Because you just became even more attractive to me.”

     Eva, Chris, and Vilde made audible gasps while Sansa only smirked and Noora rolled her eyes. Y/N’s strong expression faltered for a split second and William knew that she was surprised by his response. She would be his soon enough, no matter how hard she was going to make him.

    “I will see you tonight,” William said.


    That night, William tried to remain as calm as possible during the party, which was in full swing by midnight. Everyone was drinking, grinding, or making out already but in the midst of it all, Y/N wasn’t there. 

    “Still confident that she’ll come?” Chris yelled over Rihanna’s “S&M”.

    “Yes,” William said before sipping some of his whiskey.

    “Oh please,” William and Chris turned to see Noora and Eva approaching them, “Y/N’s way out of your league, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t show,” the blonde girl said.

    “Are you jealous, Noora?” William teased.

   “Why should I be? There’s nothing to be jealous of.”

   William shook his head as Eva and Chris “oohed” jokingly. “Keep telling yourself that.”

    He pushed his way past them and began weaving through the crowd, looking for the new transfer student. He kept telling himself that Y/N and he were in the same league, but maybe they weren’t. Maybe, for once in his life, William was reaching for a girl that was out of his league—–she did speak four languages fluently, not counting Norwegian. 

    He was about to give up when the song changed to Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up”. In that moment, Y/N strolled into the apartment, wearing a fitted cobalt blue knit sweater, a black leather miniskirt, and patent leather Doc Martens. Her hair was stylishly messy and her striking y/e/c eyes were highlighted by cat eye eyeliner. She glanced around for a moment before her eyes settled on William.

    “You look…nice, Y/N,” William said.

    “Thanks. You have anything to drink?”

    “Yeah, sure!”

    William nearly winced at how eager he sounded as he walked Y/N over to the drinks area. Fortunately, Eva was busy making out with Chris; Girl Chris was flirting with some brunette guy; and Vilde and Noora were dancing on a couch so none of them could interrupt them. He grabbed a bottle of Patron from one of the top cabinets and poured half of it into a glass for her.

    “Here,” William said.

    “Thanks,” Y/N said, before sipping the tequila. “How did you know I like tequila?”

    “People talk.”

     “And we are friends on Instagram,” William said.

     “Oh.” Y/N raised her eyebrows as she took another long swig. “Keep the tequila coming and we can talk more about how much my Instagram feed told you about me.”


    About three drinks later, Y/N slyly grabbed William’s hand and made him dance with her in front of everyone. She danced smoothly and on beat and it helped that William wasn’t a terrible dancer either. They danced for about four songs and whenever William could get her close enough, he would whisper different things about her into her ear. Nothing too flirty, but just enough to be a tease himself.

    “While that is true, it’s only showing that you know only the most basic facts about me.” Y/N spun around to smirk at him, but there was an unmistakable spark in her eyes.

    William pulled her close again, “Really? I know that you have a tattoo.”

   “Three actually.” She paused from dancing to show him the small tattoo of a wolf’s face etched onto her left pointer finger. “I promise I got this one before Cara Delevigne so I started the trend, really.” Then, she flashed him the inside of her left wrist, where Ciao, Bella was written in pretty font. “And this one was purely out of irony.”

    “But that’s only two,” William said.

    “If we can go somewhere private, I can show you the third.”

    This was too easy and in retrospect, William shook his head at himself as he cockily grabbed Y/N’s hand and led her to the bedrooms, earning knowing winks and thumbs ups from his fellow Penetrators. When Y/N pushed him onto the bed and straddled him, it took everything for the older boy not to smirk.

    “This last one is the first one I ever got,” Y/N began pulling up her sweater, “and I had to get it in a smart place or my parents would’ve freaked.”

    “Of course.”

    “It kind of represents me and my family in a way, I guess.” Y/N’s shirt was halfway up her torso, revealing more skin to William’s greedy eyes.

    William’s hands rested on her hips, his thumbs began massaging the muscles there in circles. “At least it has meaning.”

    “Meaning is subjective because all of my tattoos have meanings.”

    Y/N kept her eyes on him as her shirt inched higher and higher above her body. Just as William could see a sliver of ink on the front of her left ribs, the door swung open.

    “Y/N, Eva’s sick!” Girl Chris exclaimed.

     “She’ll be out in a minute.” 

     “No, I better go now, she is my friend.”

    William gritted his teeth as Y/N swiftly tucked her sweater back into her skirt and slipped off his lap. She smiled like a Cheshire cat as she followed Girl Chris out of the room.

     “Until next time?”

     And that was when William knew that Y/N would be the death of him because though she was completely irresistible, she had this way of drawing him in before kicking him away. For the next couple of months, this game of theirs would continue: Y/N would act cool towards William in front of everyone and tease him at parties or bars. She never kissed him or went far with him though other students at Hartvig Nissen thought otherwise. Her bus group would help her stop rumors though whenever Y/N even looked at the gossiping students, they would cease speaking. She commanded power not only over him but over everyone. Though Y/N’s hold over him was intoxicating, William was growing tired of her games and he brought it up with her at school, during passing period. She was walking downstairs while he was going upstairs.

    “Hello, William,” she said.

    “Y/N,” William gently grabbed her arm and pulled her aside, “we need to talk.”

    “About what?”

    “Don’t play dumb. We need to talk about us. I am done being jerked around by you and while I am all up for the hard to get game, you’re just playing with me.”

    Y/N blinked. “Playing with you? William, I was just having fun and I thought you were too.” 

   “This is hardly my idea of fun,” William said.

   “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, all right? But I shouldn’t be messing around with you anyway—I have a boyfriend.”

   William shouldn’t have been surprised: Y/N was gorgeous, smart, loyal, and fearless. Knowing all this didn’t make his chest sting less though. “Oh.”

   “Yeah, he’s actually in town tonight with his band, the Villains. The girls and I are going and you can come if you’re interested.”

   “I don’t know.”

   “It’s open bar and you might get it on an herbal refreshment,” Y/N teased.

   “I’ll think about it.”

   “I’ll leave your name at the door. See you around.”

   “See you.”

   That conversation made it even harder for William to focus in math the next period. How was he supposed to focus on different equations when he could be meeting Y/N’s boyfriend in a few hours? Besides, wasn’t it a strange situation for William to be in anyway? On the other hand, he was curious to know just what the guy who had stolen Y/N’s heart was like and free drinks and drugs were included. Maybe he would go. Y/N was the first girl to give William such a headache from thinking so much.

   That night, when William was about to text Y/N just when and where the Villains gig was, he received a text from an unmarked number saying : Hard Rock Hotel, 1 AM, be there.

   If that wasn’t a clue to how insane the evening would be, William didn’t know what was. When he got to the famous bar, it was packed with mostly women wearing thin sweater, tight jeans, or short skirts along with heavy makeup. The few men there were either bouncers or friends/boyfriends of the girls who wanted to be groupies and they couldn’t have looked more bored. Y/N was fairly easy to spot: she was sitting at the bar, sipping a tequila sunrise and nodding at something Sansa was saying next to her. William made his way through the crowd over to her. Noora, Eva, and Vilde were talking about bus business a few feet away from Sana and Y/N while Chris was flirting with the bartender. Y/N smirked and sat up when she saw William.

    “Hi, Stranger,” she said. 


    “You invited him?” Sansa asked.

    “Guys need free drinks too.” Y/N handed him a beer. “Plus, he’ll help distract all these wannabe groupies.”

     “Glad I could be of help.”

     “So, how big are they?” Sansa asked.

     “Well, they’re pretty well-known in England since they are from London but someone called them the new Arctic Monkeys,” Y/N said.

    “And your boyfriend is…”

    “Jack Cash and, yes, that is his real name.”

    “Are you telling the story of how you met your boyfriend?” Vilde asked excitedly.

    Y/N shrugged. “I can but it is a pretty short story: I met him in a burger place in Camden Town and we argued over whether John Lennon’s death was a conspiracy. He asked me out after that.”

    “Very romantic,” Eva teased.

     “Very.” Y/N took a long swig of her drink.

     Finally, the Villains took the stage and after getting a look of Jack, it was obvious why Y/N was dating him: he was tall, olive-skinned, and though he had an athletic build, the black Runaways tank top he wore showed off his muscular arms. He had the coolest tattoo sleeves out of the rest of the band members and his hair was shaved on the sides but fell against his forehead like black ink. He had a strong jaw and piercing amber eyes.

     “You are such a lucky girl,” Noora said just before they started playing their new song.

     Y/N smirked while sipping her drink. The Villains’ songs were bass-heavy rock and though most of the people in the crowd stuck to jumping around, Y/N simply bobbed her head and sipped her drink. However, William noticed how intently Y/N stared at Jack only to have the lead singer only glance at her a few times. She would look down at the drink in her hands occasionally but she refused to look too sad. In the middle of the set, Y/N whispered something to Sansa before disappearing into the crowd. William didn’t even have a chance to worry because Y/N returned a minute later, wearing a black backstage pass around her neck and carrying six more in her hands. Immediately, Noora, Vilde, Eva, and Girl Chris returned from the crowd.

    “Are those what I think they are?” Eva asked.

    “Backstage passes for all of you.” She gladly handed one to each of her friends and when she got to William she whispered in his ear, “You’ll get your refreshment backstage.”


    In spite of himself, he managed a small smile for Y/N. It was weird how upset he was about her boyfriend and how much he wanted to keep a good face for her.

    At the end of the show, Y/N led them all backstage into the world of a band. Smoke was everywhere and there were tons of people walking around. Girl Chris and Eva made a beeline for the snack table while Noora, Sana, Vilde, and William acted normal while Y/N showed them around. Finally, they got to the black leather couch where the band members of the Villains were sitting, smoking, and talking to three of their new groupies.

    “Y/N,” they said.

    “Hey, guys, these are my friends, Vilde, Sana,Noora, and William,” Y/N said.

    “Since when did you have guy friends?” Jack demanded.

    “Since now,” Y/N shot back, obviously annoyed.

    “Uh oh, couple’s quarrel coming in,” the blonde drummer teased as he handed Y/N his joint, “Come on, relax.”

    Y/N kept a steady eye on Jack as she took a long drag of her joint before handing it to William. The tension between the couple was obvious and William couldn’t help but feel a little happy about that.

    “Jack!” a petite girl with lavender hair sat on Jack’s lap and proceeded to stick her tongue down his throat. 

    Jack reacted immediately by groping her and kissing her back, making sure to slide his hand up under her thin white wife beater she wore with black leather leggings. When she pulled away, she turned to face Y/N and her friends, displaying a silver nose ring. 

     “Who are these people?” she asked in a high pitched Birmingham accent.

     “Babe, this is Y/N Y/L/N, she’s a good friend of mine and she brought her friends to support us. Y/N, this is Orchid, my girlfriend.”

     “Hi, how long have you two been together?” Y/N asked in her smooth American accent.

   “Three years. We’ve been doing long distance and I’m studying here in Oslo so I came to surprise him!” Orchid said.

    “How nice?”

    Most girls would’ve started screaming, throwing things around, or even try to fight Jack or Orchid, but Y/N truly wasn’t most girls. Instead, she remained calm. When William handed the joint to her, she not only took it, but wrapped her arm around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Her lips were soft and smooth and though there weren’t any fireworks, there was definitely something there as William kissed back. Y/N pulled away and took a long drag of the joint, drinking in the wide eyes and even the glare she was getting from Jack.

    “You were right, Jack, I don’t have any male friends. This is William, my boyfriend. We’ve been dating nearly since I got here,” Y/N said. “Isn’t that right, William?”

    William wrapped an arm around Y/N’s waist. “Yes.”

    “Good for you,” Jack said through gritted teeth.

     “Well, we really must be going now. Nice meeting you Orchid.”

     But Y/N didn’t wait for a reply as she turned and walked through the backstage exit with William in tow as well as the other girls following.

    “That was amazing!” Noora exclaimed. “The look on his face was everything.”

    “Yeah, you are my hero!” Vilde agreed.

    “Thanks,” Y/N said, but her tone was a lot lower than usual.

    “Are you all right?” William asked.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. He’s just some Alex Turner slash Zayn Malik wannabe. They couldn’t even buy a slot at Coachella anyway.” 

     William nodded but he could tell that Y/N was hurt by the way her eyes drooped and her pout became more prominent. “I could beat him up for you.”

    “Really? You’d get in a fight for me?”

    “You just have to ask.”

    Fortunately, the other girls were too far behind to hear their conversation. 

    “How chivalrous of you, William, but he isn’t worth it. I only knew him for about six months anyway. Sorry about kissing you like that.”

    “No, it’s fine, do it any time.”

    Y/N chuckled and William raised an eyebrow. “Don’t bet on it, but, thanks for playing along with it.”

    “A girl like you doesn’t deserve to be embarrassed by anyone, especially that guy,” William said.

    Y/N smiled, a genuine smile and it was just for William. “William, I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

    “Or something more.”

    Even though Y/N didn’t respond verbally, the coy look on her face gave him enough hope. 

Married To The Boss [Seven] | Rap Monster

Originally posted by jiminwhyyougotnojams

Namjoon surprises Y/N on her day off which brings them closer. An unexpected visitor from Y/N’s past comes back to haunt her.

It’s been a good week and a half since moving in with Namjoon. It’s been not only busy for Namjoon but for me as well. We officially announced our marriage to the world. It was weird for me to see my face on every Korean News outlet. At one point we even did a photo shoot for a magazine cover. My anxiety was at an all time high but I was able to keep myself under control especially with Namjoon being close by to reassure me. I’ve also been spending time with Namjoon’s mom which helped relax me with her sweet attitude.

Today is my day off which I spend it at home. Jimin was busy with dance classes and Jungkook was out of town so I decided to give myself a break from the hectic life I’ve been living. Namjoon has been in his office upstairs working on a music project that he’s been doing with Yoongi all day.

The house is quite until I hear a knock on my door. I put my laptop aside to answer the door. Namjoon leans against the door frame.

“What’s up,” I look up at his ruffled hair. It was still abnormal to see him in lounge mode in comparison to how I usually see him dressed perfectly.

“Do you have any plans today?”

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TO THE HILLS; (multiship) → MERROW; prologue

(a/n) Adore’s confused, Jinkx’s a mess, Trixie and Katya are blatantly shagging, Alaska’s probably telepathic, Courtney has denounced love, Bianca knows everything, Ivy’s very pretty and Manila just wants to cry. Throw in magic, curses, circumstances of the most supernatural kind and the potential for impending world doom and college just got a lot harder.

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“I thought you loved me...”

Jungkook Angst (have mercy it’s my first one)

Word Count:1,813

“I… I thought you loved me Y/N… what..what happened?” Jungkook looked at you across the table helplessly, “What did I do wrong, I promise I can fix whatever it is, let me fix this. Let me fix us.”   

You shook your head lightly, “You can’t fix this Jungkook, not this time.”
The relationship hadn’t always been this dismantled and destroyed, but Jungkook had managed to break it up little by little everyday through his work. You loved Jungkook being an idol, you loved the way he changed on stage the minute the first beat of the song turned on, the way he flowed through the choreography like he was born for this. But you hated the fandom, you hated the beautiful long skinny gorgeous girls that would hold his hand at fanmeets, make him blush, and shower him with expensive gifts. It made it so hard for you to compete with, especially with his birthday coming up. How were you supposed to compete with 3,000 dollar shoes and a 1,500 dollar shirt. You could barely afford college or your rent for that matter.

“Babe! What do you want to do for my birthday next next weekend, the boys want to know if they can tag alone OOORR if you have something special planned.” Jungkook called out to you from the living room as his favorite game blasted through the speakers.

“Uhh..uhm, let’s put a pin in that yeah? I’m not sure what we’re doing just yet okay?” You started to feel anxious, how am I supposed to give a present to the boy who has everything..what do I do. He’s not going to want anything from me, he probably doesn’t even want anything, maybe he should go with the boys. “Actually Kookie, go with the boys on your birthday, we’ll do something small after okay?”

“Oh..oh okay, I’ll let them know.” You didn’t see the flash of disappointment flash across Jungkook’s face as his hopes to spend his birthday with you were cut to pieces right in front of his eyes. You didn’t realize how much this boy was stupidly in love with you and just wanted a simply evening just the two of you at home, wrapped up in a blanket watching your favorite movies together. You were over in the kitchen, stressing about what to get the most perfect boy who had nearly everything, when all he wanted was..


A week had passed and you still had no idea what was going to happen for Jungkook’s birthday, you thought maybe cooking him breakfast! couldn’t go wrong with that, so on the morning of his birthday you woke up early and cooked him breakfast, a whole entire buffet, fit to feed the hungry appetite of a 22 year old boy.

“Hey.. babe where’d you go-“ Jungkook stumbled down the stairs half-awake to see the buffet before him and dropped his jaw, “Oh my Lord is this all for me?”

Giggling you ran up to him and wrapped him in a giant hug, “Happy birthday kookie, thanks for staying by me all this time… don’t know where I would be without you.” The two of you spent the majority of the morning munching on breakfast while talking about how excited you were for the brand new comeback and how gorgeous he looked on the new Love Yourself posters.
“Kookie, you looked sooooo nice in the highlight videos. The girl was pretty too! Who is she, I heard she’s a JYP trainee is that true?”

“haha yeah, she’s pretty and yep! A JYP Trainee, she’s really cool. All the girls were. Jimin-hyung got the prettiest one I think, she danced really well too. We had a lot of fun on set.”

“Ooh.. that’s that’s nice!” You tried to shake off the nagging feeling of feeling insignificant in his life, you weren’t pretty, you weren’t some model or actress or dancer for that matter… but Jungkook had chosen you.. why? The question nagged you throughout the day as the two of you went out and spent the afternoon shopping.

“Y/N! Try this on, this would look gorgeous on you!” It was a tiny jean skirt with a tight white tee with a leather jacket on top.

“Uh..uhm Jungkook I don’t think so haha I don’t have the body type to pull it off. Come on! We came for you anyway.. you pick an outfit I’ll buy it for you.”

“Nooooo let’s do couple clothes yeah?” Jungkook pulled out a similar style to yours and dragged you to the dressing room, “Huuurryy I want to seee it come out fast okay??”

You grudgingly dragged yourself into the dressing room and put on the clothes Jungkook so desperately had wanted you to wear. Your thighs were enormous, why were you growing horizontally… why were you about as flat as the world when people first discovered it… what was WRONG with you.

“BAAABEE, come out!! I want to seeeeeeee.” Dragging yourself through the door you stood under Jungkook’s gaze and squirmed uncomfortably.

“I told you I looked bad, why’d you make me do this.” You started to turn away back into your dressing room before Jungkook grabbed your wrist.

“You… look hot. Like you always are beautiful in my eyes but God you’re HOT right now Y/N.. Let’s take a picture I want to keep this forever.”

“Do… we have to? I feel uncomfortable..”

“Nonono I promise, it’ll only stay with me okay? Pleeeaaaassee, it’s my birthday” Jungkook batted his stupidly cute puppy dog eyes at you and pouted, “it’s my biiirrrtthhhdaaay.. yeah? YEAH?” You nodded shyly before posing in front of the camera with Jungkook. Half the time you hid behind him shyly much to his dismay and frustration, “Y/N, come on! I want a good picture of the both of us..”

“You do enough of the pretty in the relationship, I shouldn’t even have to be in the picture and it would glow.”

“Why do you drag yourself down like that, you’re beautiful!”

You smiled softly before running your fingers through his hair, “No sweetie, you are.”

Jungkook disappointedly looked at you frustrated, why didn’t you understand how beautiful you were! He was determined that you would recognize the beauty that he saw in you.

The rest of the day passed without a hitch, the two of you ended up buying the outfits you could wear it together later on a date… which was NEVER going to happen. But you agreed for the sake of your boyfriend’s pleading looks. You quickly shooed off Jungkook so he could spend the night with the boys, drunk nonetheless. It was all fine until you got a twitter notification with a post from @BTS_twt, Jungkook never posted and assumed it was just another #RMusic recommendation or Jimin posting YET ANOTHER selfie. But much to your dismay it was Jungkook… and you.

BTS had a twitter follow of 7.62 Million followers. 7.62 MILLION FOLLOWERS. Jungkook had posted the picture of the both of you today ONLINE to his FANS. He had to be drunk, you frantically texted your group chat with BTS demanding answers. When no one answered you called Namjoon, the ever-so reliable leader.

“KIM NAMJOON WHERE THE HELL IN JEON JUNGKOOK” you screamed into the phone.

“Uhm uh he’s right here what’s wrong.”

You gritted through your teeth seething in rage, “check.twitter.” Before hearing Jungkook scrambling to answer the phone,

“Hihi! What’s wrong. Are you okay? Do you need me back at home?”

“Jeon Jungkook what the HELL did you post on Twitter? and WHY.”

“That..? It literally says happy birthday to me! With a picture of me and you! Isn’t it good, I love it… well-taken I must say.”

“SERIOUSLY? You posted a picture of us to 7.62 Million people? Do you see the hate that I’m getting? I cannot believe you, didn’t you think about me? You know what.. whatever just… have fun with the boys I’m done.” You slammed the end call button before running up to your room to cry out the little amount of self respect you had left.

Less than an hour later you heard Jungkook slam the door before sprinting up the stairs and banging on your door, “Y/N, what’s wrong. Tell me PLEASE so we can fix this. I’m sorry I just…wanted to show the world how beautiful my girl was.”

“Didn’t you think about me? Why didn’t you think about me, my self-confidence is already rock-bottom because of those beautiful fangirls you spend time with at fanmeets. They’re going to berate me, torment me, abuse me emotionally. Didn’t you think about that?” You quietly whispered through the door… yearning for Jungkook’s embrace but also flinching at the idea of his comfort right now. “You know me better than that, or I at least thought you did.”

“I… I know I’m sorry, but I thought you could use words of affirmation not from just me alone. But from everyone all over the world who sees the beauty I see in you.”

You opened the door to come face to face with the look of distraught and anguish splashed across Jungkook’s perfect features. He didn’t deserve this, he didn’t need a  girl who would yell at him for posting a picture of the two of you on social media because she had no self-esteem, he didn’t have time to reassure a girl all the time, he didn’t have time… for you.

“Jungkook-ah… let’s… let’s end this.”

You watched as Jungkook’s face fell apart right before you, “No, don’t you dare give up on us Y/N, don’t you dare give up on me…”Tears streaked his face as he struggled to reach your hand, to bring you back to him. You knew the minute he held your hand you’d give in so you shook away his grasp and faced him head on.

“This isn’t going to work between you and me. We’re too different, it..just doesn’t work. And I’m done trying to make it work, I’m not good enough for you. You’re the sun, moon, and the stars. You’re a sight to see, a wonder. I’m the tiny blade of grass desperately reaching out, clinging onto hope and I’m tired Jungkook. I’m really..really tired. So.. let’s be done. You need someone who is the sun, moon, and the stars too. You need someone who can adore trying on clothes for you and taking pictures with you.. I am not that girl for you.”

“But..but you’re more than enough, I don’t need that. I just need you. Don’t you get that? I thought you loved me, how can you just leave me like this? Let me fix this, let me fix us.”

You can’t fix this one this time Jungkook.

Only See You: 707/MC

Summary: Saeyoung hates appealing to the RFA benefactors yet he can’t let you go alone … not with the herd of wolves that always seem to hang around you. 

Rating: T

Words: 1476

As far as Saeyoung knew he wasn’t blind. Sure, he may need the assistance of prescription lenses but he wasn’t blind. So then why did guys constantly act as if he couldn’t see their blatant attempts of flirting with his fiancee. Tonight was just another occasion where Saeyoung was ignored completely as his lovely counterpart chatted and socialized with a young group of potential benefactors … all male benefactors. He loathed these get togethers, and though she’d told him many times he didn’t have to accompany he if he disliked them so much, how could he not when it was like this? She was surrounded, a pale ray of light in a sea of suits and cufflinks, smiling as her apricot lips graced the wine glasses edge. It was something that Saeyoung had immediately noticed, the way she dressed for these events in comparison to what she wore around him. Slimming cocktail dresses, heels and elegant makeup only enhanced the marvelous features he woke up to each morning.

Taking another deep swig of his seventh soda of the evening Saeyoung watched as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. A single beacon caught the light, a ring wrapped around her slender finger, an obvious sign of her commitment and pre-established love. One would hope this was enough to ward off those hungry mongers yet it never appeared to be the case. Though they had undoubtedly noticed the ring none had taken it as a signal to back the fuck off his woman. An irritable pang laced through his chest, Saeyoung massaged it away with his free hand, still scowling.

“Are you havin’ lady troubles there, sir? You appear to be nursing a headache so grand you look about ready to burst.”

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DOUBLE DATE (Day 2 Double Date AU)

The doors to their private room opens and she’s a little taken aback to find that her companion is not alone. There’s a man seated across from her bedmate for the evening, a woman on his right, and Lena racks her mind because she can’t remember signing up for extra company. She’s too tired to put on a façade.

Her gaze is locked onto the only person she knows in the room, the one who relishes in playing games.

She gathers her composure and steps further inside. Her Luthor upbringing won’t allow her to be bested by anyone. Not even to the daughter of real estate tycoon, her current fling; Veronica Sinclair.

“Sweetheart,” Veronica greets and Lena manages a sliver of a smile that she knows is insincere. “Glad you could finally join me.”

“I was held up at work.” she doesn’t bother apologizing. A Luthor never admits their wrongdoing. “But I see you’ve found company in my absence.” her gaze drifts to the two strangers before her, giving them that trained Luthor smile, before taking her seat. “Like always.”

“This is Mike Ellison.” Veronica introduces, looking at the man like he’s the appetizer she’s going to consume. “He started working at the firm, I believe three months ago.”

“It was actually four months ago.” the man intercedes.

“My apologies.” Veronica’s smirk widens. “I suppose I can’t help but think of that first time I saw that roguish grin that went with that strapping chest of yours.”

“Please, you’re embarrassing me Ms. Sinclair.” he smirks proudly.

“And how many times do I have to remind you to call me Veronica, Michael.” both the raven haired woman and the blonde roll their eyes.

“Apparently not enough.” Lena murmurs. Kara looks at the raven haired woman, knowing she recognizes her from somewhere but can’t quite place the face with a name. “But I believe there are further introductions to be made.” she continues before anyone can remark.  “And you are?” Lena waits for the blonde to introduce herself.

“Where are my manners?” the Sinclair heiress cuts in, a twinkle of mischief in her deep dark brown, almost black, eyes and Lena readies herself because she knows her bedmate never does anything if she won’t benefit from this somehow. “Allow me to introduce you to Michael’s girlfriend.” sounding absolutely gleeful as she regards the blonde she’d been disparaging not too long ago and the youngest Luthor knows the other woman is a key player in tonight’s game.

“I’m not his girlfriend.” Ms. Danvers is quick to correct, head wagging fiercely with her nose wrinkled in distaste at the very idea.

“Ms. Danvers here is a reporter.” Veronica grins wide.

Lena’s eyes narrow toward Veronica, knowing the game had begun. Her smile tightens as she regards the reporter sitting before her.

“I see.” Lena replies after sipping her glass.

“But Ms. Danvers doesn’t just work for some small time newspaper, despite her appearance.” Kara and Lena both bristle at the obvious insult while Mike just sits and smiles. “She a junior reporter at Catco.” she grins predatorily like she’d just caught Lena in her trap from which there would be no escape.

“Well, I started recently actually.” her hand reaches up, fingers at the rim of her glasses as she pushes them back. “I used to be Cat Grant’s assistant but…”

“Ms. Danvers,” the Sinclair heiress cuts her off. “I insist on proceeding with the proper introductions.” there’s a twinkle of mischief in Veronica’s eyes and Lena readies herself because she knows CatCo is one of the biggest critics of her brother. “This is the head of Luthor Corp’s Research and Development branch, the youngest C.O.O. ever to grace the business community, Lex Luthor’s younger sister.” recognition flashes in Kara’s eyes.

“That was a mouthful.” Lena retorts unkindly. “Though I think Veronica could have spared the lengthy introduction by just saying that I am Lena Luthor.”

“Well, I know you love to make yourself known.” Veronica ripostes.

“There isn’t a room I walk into that does not know who I am.” she doesn’t really have to do anything for eyes to flock her way since she’s because the Luthor’s have their hands in practically everything. “Unlike you, dear.” because Lena’s surname holds more weight in the world.

Lena can practically feel the CatCo reporter’s eyes drifting between her and Veronica. She turns to face those baby blues.

She’s expecting to see judgment but instead the blonde is frowning with concern that seems to be directed toward her alone. The tension between her and Veronica can be cut with a knife and it’s clear to anyone with any intelligence that the Sinclair heiress is purposely baiting the youngest Luthor, no doubt wanting to instigate a negative reaction that can be published of the news outlets tomorrow.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys but I could scarf down an entire cow right about now.” Mike remarks as he finally looks up from his menu, completely oblivious to the barbs states shared between his boss and her counterpart.

“I recommend the Wagyu.” Veronica suggests, when a member of the wait staff comes to take their orders, her tone heavy and sultry. “It’s very tender, soft, melts right in your mouth.” the waitress commits all their orders to memory before scampering back off to the kitchen to place their designated meals.

Veronica and Mike are leaning forward, talking, seemingly enraptured in each other’s company.

Lena’s gaze travels upward toward the blonde who’s staring intently at her plate. She leans toward the reporter. She might as well make use of the blonde seated in front of her looking as bored as she is. Ms. Danvers catches the movement from her peripherals. Bright baby blue eyes are now gazing in her direction.

“How long have you been at CatCo?” Lena finds herself asking because the blonde can’t be more than in her early twenties.

“Ummm.” her brows furrow, knotting the middle of her forehead. “I was Ms. Grants assistant for two years before she promoted me as a junior reporter two weeks ago.” her hand reaches up, fingers pushing back the black frames upon her nose bridge.

“That’s quite a feat.” Cat Grant has a reputation for being a perfectionist. “You must have been very competent.”

“Or perhaps there’s more to little Ms. Danvers than meets the eye.” Veronica intercedes, eyes narrow as her smirk widens, looking as though she’s about to pounce on her prey. “I suppose I understand the attraction seeing as Cat Grant seems like the type to get off on telling others what to do.” the insinuation isn’t lost on Lena or the CatCo employee. “And you look like you’d be crawling on your knees, so very eager to please.”

“Come now, Veronica, not everyone sleeps with their assistant.” Lena can attest to this fact since she certainly has not. “Cat Grant is a professional and I’m sure Ms. Danvers is the same.” why else would notable Cat Grant keep her around.

“Ms. Grant is very professional.” bright blues focus on the way Lena’s smirking derisively at Veronica Sinclair. She blushes and it’s obvious to Lena that the blonde isn’t used to hearing compliments. “I try to be.” she’s fidgeting now, undoubtedly unaccustomed to being the topic of the room.

“She must see your potential.” there’s a glimmer, a fire behind those glasses that Lena is absolutely certain could set her own icy exterior aflame.

“Ms. Grant’s just kind.” and Lena’s certain she’s never heard that word associated with the renowned Pulitzer writer, head of her own media conglomerate, Catherine Grant. “She’s very helpful, always giving me advice.” she bows her head. “She’s very patient with me.”

“Great patience is called for on the hard path that you have entered on.” Lena finds herself paraphrasing.

“I absolutely love Degas.” baby blues brighten and Lena can swear she’s almost blinded by the dreamy look on the reporter’s face. “The movement between his strokes, how the dancers seem like they’ve been captured in mid movement yet they still seem to flow.” Ms. Danvers prattles on and Lena’s all too content to listen. “It’s all very graceful, unlike myself.”

“You mean you’re not a dancer, Ms. Danvers?” Lena questions, genuinely curious.

“I’m afraid I haven’t really had much experience dancing.” the blonde blushes in slight embarrassment as Lena nods, knowing there probably hasn’t been much opportunity for the reporter to partake. “I’m not coordinated enough for it, really.” and Lena knows she’s saying it because she believes her words to be true and not because she’s fishing for compliments.

The blonde seems far from the type to frequent the club scene and perhaps she stood like the perfect wallflower during school dances. She seems timid, uncertain, fidgety, and so pure. Quite unlike anyone Lena’s ever met.

“I’m sure you’d be marvelous,” the youngest Luthor assures, genuinely believing her words. “With the right partner.” she knows how it must sound, how she’s smirking, leaning a little forward toward the reporter, must seem like she’s propositioning herself, offering herself up on a platinum platter.

The thing is she is.

And she isn’t even doing this, acting sultry and seductive, to spite Victoria or to beat the Sinclair at her own game.

“I haven’t done a lot of dancing with partners.” Kara divulges with her baby blues eyes pouring into Lena’s emerald greens, sparkling with fondness and a hint of heartache. “The last time I danced was when I was five.” she confesses. “My mother signed me up for beginner’s ballet.” her eyes glimmer briefly with sadness. “I was in there for like, five minutes and then I sprained my ankle doing a simple lift to on the bar.” Lena looks at her in disbelief and the reporter just blushes. “So I think I’d be too worried on stepping on my partner’s toes.”

“I stand by my earlier statement.” she affirms.

“Somehow I think dancing the waltz isn’t as simple as you make it out to be.” she’s certain it isn’t just a well-timed count of a step. “It’s kind of like painting, isn’t it?” Lena cocks her head to the side, intrigued by the blonde’s words. “You can’t just give someone paint and a brush and expect them to create something remotely good.”

“You’re speaking from experience.” Lena deduces.

“I dabble a little.” she admits. “I’m nowhere near the league of a master like Picasso or anything like that, but I think it’s safe to say I’m a better painter than a dancer.” the youngest Luthor’s eyes don’t leave hers and she’s trapped. Like quicksand, she’s sinking further and further. But strangely, she doesn’t want to escape. “I guess I find it easier to get lost between the strokes rather than the steps.”

“You need the right partner to inspire those feelings.”

“I suppose you could be right.” Kara concedes with a gentle smile. “After all, dancing is another art form, kind of like writing.” she supposes it’s all about flowing, except she’s supposed to do it with her feet instead of her head.

“Babe, come on. Let’s not bore everyone at the table.” Mike interjects.

“I hardly find the subject matter tedious but I suppose it is a bit hard to follow for someone who cannot appreciate the finer things in life.” Lena rebuts, earning a grateful smile from the blonde who looks like she’s trying very hard to maintain her composure.

“Don’t mind her, Michael.” Veronica dismisses Lena’s words. “She’s always a bit cranky after staying so late in the office.” she gestures at the server and Lena rolls her eyes because really, the bottle was positioned a mere foot away from the real estate heiress. “I think you may need to refill your glass.” Veronica advises. “It’ll definitely help loosen you up.”

“I think you’re loose enough for the both of us.” Veronica frowns but all Lena cares about is how Kara’s hiding her smile behind her water glass.

The wait staff seems to have some sort of sixth sense because they manage to diffuse the tension once more as they begin to bring the entrée’s to the table. The servers place each of the beautifully crafted food that almost looks too pretty to eat in front of their designated destinations.

“What did I tell you?” Veronica asks as Mike takes a healthy bite of his steak.

“It’s so good.” he’s practically moaning and both Lena and Kara find themselves losing their appetites.

“It goes even better with this cabernet.” she tilts her glass toward Mike who takes it without question, smirking boyishly before taking a sip. “Well?”

“You have really good taste.” her employee compliments.

“Unlike some.” Veronica looks pointedly at the blonde who, instead of looking jealous, just seems tired.

“I don’t think you should be questioning Ms. Danvers tastes.” Lena remarks as she looks at the woman beside her in disgust. “It would be criminal to say that to someone who loves Degas works.”

“I forget how passionate you get with your artworks, dear.” Veronica remarks patronizingly. “I’ve always been more of a food connoisseur myself.” she boasts. “And I do say, what you have is certainly appetizing Michael.” her tone indicates she certainly isn’t talking about the food on his plate. “And I could certainly do with more… meat.”

“I’m sure Mike here will be more than happy to help you.” Kara rolls her eyes, smiling a smile that doesn’t brighten her eyes as she locks gazes with the rude socialite, no longer able to stomach their disgusting display of disregard toward their intended company. “And from what I’ve heard,” because the man had quite a reputation at their university. “You probably won’t have to worry about choking on any meat he has to offer.” Lena doesn’t bother stifling her laugh.

The reporter seems mild mannered but she certainly has bite.

“Come on, Kara, no need to get your panties in a twist.” Kara turns her sights from the real estate heiress over to her would be date. “All those late hours at the office is rattling your mind babe.” he places a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm the journalist. “I’m just being nice.”

“First of all, I’m not your babe and I’m never going to want to be your babe.” her nose crinkles in disgust. “God help the poor woman who does.” though that hypothetical woman would probably deserve it, falling for a boy like Mike Ellison. “Second of all, we have very different definitions regarding the word nice.” hers is the legitimate dictionary definition while his was more the more liberal suggestion.

“Nice is holding the door in front of a woman.” Lena finds herself supplying as she glares at the immature imbecile. “Nice is helping a child cross the street.” she can feel those bright blues peering her way but she keeps the patented Luthor glower directed at the poor example of man sitting at her table. “Exchanging sexually charged innuendo with another woman in front of your date is hardly nice.” Lena focuses on the Neanderthal before her, her smile sickeningly saccharine. “And you know, some of us actually have to work for a living and not just attempt to sleep our way to the top.”

“I don’t see how this concerns you.” Mike’s eyes narrow as he attempts, rather pathetically in Lena’s honest opinion, to look intimidating.

“You are at the room I booked, breathing in the same air as I am, eating a meal that will be charged on my account, so I would say this behavior of yours does concern me.” she doesn’t hold back, wanting the man to remember he isn’t fit to lick the sole of her designer heels.

“Now, now Lena, play nice with the common folk.” Veronica interjects, knowing it will only fuel the situation.

“I’m done here.” the blonde gently places her napkin back on the table before making her way out. “By the way Mike,” she pauses by the doorway, throwing one last glance at the man. “The next time you want to impress a girl, try not to be such a dick about it.” the reporter states like she’s commenting on the bland weather outside the restaurant. “It was nice meeting you Ms. Luthor.” she doesn’t bother sparing a glance at Veronica.

“She was getting kind of boring anyway.” Mike brushes off the rejection with false bravado.

“I suppose the vernacular she uses must escape you from time to time, given she doesn’t speak like she’s fresh from the sorority house.” a woman of such intelligence is hardly boring. “Don’t even bother mouthing off another word to me or I will make it my personal mission to make certain the only thing you’ll be fit to do is pick up trash for the rest of your life.” Lena promises and apparently, Mike isn’t dense enough to dismiss the severity of the Luthor’s claims. “Must you always be so destructive, Veronica?” she watches as the blonde leaves the room.

“I thought that’s what you loved about me?” all Lena wants to do is wipe that gleeful smirk off her face.

So she does.

“When have I ever claimed to love you?” she turns her focus on the reporter’s date who is busy cutting up his steak. “Now, I think we’ve taken this little game as far as we can.” Lena stands. “I would say it was nice meeting you but I don’t see the point in lying.” the Luthor remarks as she turns toward Veronica. “I trust you understand this means our dalliances are concluded.”

“You say that now but you’ll come crawling back…” Veronica states boldly.

“You deluded woman.” Lena cackles coldly. “When have I ever crawled to you?” she questions, an elegant brow curved challengingly as her eyes narrow dangerously. She can’t think of a scenario where she begged for Veronica’s company. “You believe you’re the cat but really you’re the insignificant mouse in our little game.” she walks toward the door. “But I suppose I should thank you,” manners dictate her to do so. “For bringing me someone who is actually worth my time.”


She rushes out of the restaurant, eyes instantly scouring the streets for the maiden with golden hair. It doesn’t take her long to spot Kara near the edge of the curb, a few feet from the restaurant’s entrance. The raven haired genius makes her approach.

“I apologize for the scene back there.” Lena begins.

“It’s fine.” Kara looks at her phone, readying to order an Uber. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to write about what happened back there.”

“I’m not apologizing because I’m worried of being the headline in tomorrow’s paper.” Lena clarifies, miffed that her genuine gesture of goodwill is being reduced to a ploy to get her name out of the news. “I am quite used to being made a spectacle.” the young woman holds her head high. “And despite what your publication believes,” there have been many articles condemning her brother for the way he conducts business. “A Luthor can be decent.” she prepares to turn but baby blues lock onto her emerald greens and she finds herself unable to move.

“I’m sorry.” the blonde deflates. “I’m just frustrated about the Mike thing, what was happened back there, about work, but that’s no reason to take it out on you.” baby blues flash with genuine regret.

“Apology accepted.”

“I don’t really believe in everything I read.” she clarifies. “I learned a lot from Ms. Grant.” the newbie journalist begins. “One is to trust my gut.” as she stands on the sidewalk with the richest and most influential woman in the world, something tells her not to trust the words “As a junior reporter, I’m learning about personal biases and searching the truth for myself which means checking facts and making sure sources are credible before I even think about writing an article.” believing the blonde’s words as those baby blues shine like a beacon of truth, Lena nods.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m famished.” her car pulls up, the valet having no need to see her ticket for everyone knows who Lena Luthor is. “Join me for dinner.” she turns toward the blonde.

“You telling or asking?” the blonde looks amused either way.

“Telling.” she walks toward her passenger side door, opening it wide as a gesture for the blonde to hop inside. “I’d like to continue our conversation about Degas’s masterpieces on a full stomach.” Lena baits the blonde, knowing she’s probably itching to gush about artworks with someone who can understand what she’s talking about.

“And you always get what you want.” Kara states as her feet begin to tread toward the Luthor’s vehicle.

“Of course, I do.” she says as the blonde reporter slides inside her comfortable leather seats. The businesswoman closes the passenger door before making her way to the driver’s side. She tips the valet generously, like always, before taking her seat. She lets the engine roar to life as Kara clips on her seatbelt. “I am a Luthor, after all.” and Kara thinks she shouldn’t find it so charming but she really does.


The bright fluorescent lamp lights cascade down on the pair as they walk toward Lena’s car, eager to enjour their impromptu meal in the empty parking lot of a bank that the food truck where they procured their meal is situated.

“What?” she slides onto the hood of her Audi, gesturing for Kara to do the same. The reporter follows her lead and Lena places the copious amount of food she purchased between them. “Didn’t think a Luthor would be caught dead eating from a place where they don’t serve $1200 dollar bottles of wine?” she proceeds to take a bite out of her bulgogi taco. “I’ll have you know, I used to frequent food trucks around my apartment back in Uni.” she informs after swallowing her food.

“No… it’s nothing like that.” Kara assures, laughing at Lena’s antics, as she follows the genius’s lead once again and takes a bite of her own taco. “That’s so good.” the reporter praises.

“I won’t steer you wrong.” her tone indicates she isn’t just talking about potential eateries.

“You really do look more relaxed than you did before when you walked into the room.” the reporter observes. “You kind of looked like you were walking into an arena or something earlier.” and the youngest Luthor can’t help but be enraptured at how expressive Kara’s bright blues are as they widen and nearly bulge out of her head. “Not that you seemed terrified or anything like that!” she backtracks, fearing she’s offended Lena somehow. “But like you were readying for battle.” she clarifies.

“In my experience, it’s best to treat all scenarios as such.” it is the Luthor way, after all.

“All scenarios?” Kara licks the leftover bulgogi sauce from her bottom lip and Lena can’t help but think it’s absolutely criminal. “Even dates like this?” the blonde questions, head tilting slightly as she does.

“Date?” Lena leans forward.

“I mean… oh my god I’m totally misreading the situation aren’t I? I thought… With the eyes and the touching and the well….” she gestures to their intimate position. But then there’s a flash of understanding in those bright blues and it comforts Lena, to know that there’s one person out there who isn’t trying to hide their truth from the youngest Luthor. “I guess it’s understandable not to want to rush anything since you just walked out on your girlfriend.” an elegant brow curves upward. “I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions.”

“Don’t be.” Lena reaches out, hand placed atop of Kara’s meaningfully. “And you most certainly do not have to worry about being a rebound or anything of the sort since Veronica was not my girlfriend.” she’d hate for Kara to feel as though she’s being dragged into an insipid game between her and Veronica.

“No?” and the raven haired businesswoman could swear she actually saw the blonde’s ears perk up upon hearing the information.

“More of an acquaintance I meet with from time to time.”

“An acquaintance?” Kara questions in disbelief because a woman wouldn’t wear such a low cut dress while having dinner in a private room if they were merely having dinner with an acquaintance. “Do you always use such endearing epithets to call upon acquaintances?”

“Why Ms. Danvers is that jealousy I detect?” Lena teases good-naturedly.

“I’m just naturally inquisitive.” Kara huffs. “And yes,” she declares because she’s always been honest. “Maybe I’m a little jealous.” the reporter answers, earning a wide grin from the youngest Luthor.

“There’s no need to be.” she affirms because Kara’s romantic inclinations are very much reciprocated. “Veronica is a somewhat regular dalliance.” Lena bites her lower lip and now Kara finds herself wanting to do the job herself. “She’s perhaps, the closest thing I’ve had to a relationship.” it’s surprisingly easy, opening up to the reporter. It goes against her nature, but conversing with Kara just comes so naturally. “I’ve known Victoria since boarding school.” Lena discloses.

“You were in love with her?” Kara guesses.

“God no.” Lena shakes her head. “I saw her as a challenge.” she admits. “She likes playing games and I never back down from a challenge.” her Luthor heritage simply won’t permit it. “At first I thought these games were a sad attempt to make me jealous but that meant Veronica could actually feel something other than the need to connive and to fuck.” Kara blushes a bit at her word choice but lets her continue. “Then I thought it was just a ploy to rile me up in bed,” it never worked because she hadn’t really cared. “But I realized she just loves all manner of fucking with people.”

“You don’t seem like the type who would put up with that kind of behavior.” though they’ve only met, she can see this defiant fire behind those emerald depths.

“To be honest, I don’t really care what she does.” the blonde looks so confused and Lena knows she’s fighting her reporter’s instincts by not voicing her question. She also knows it’s because Kara doesn’t want to intrude, because the blonde isn’t looking at her as a subject to write about, but as a person she’d genuinely like to know. Lena looks away, afraid those bright blues will dim with judgment. “I suppose she’s a habit I didn’t want to break.” she finds herself rationalizing.

“You don’t really have to explain.” Kara smiles assuring that she isn’t judging the raven haired beauty before her.

“I’ve just been consumed with work and after that last woman I bedded violated that NDA form,” Lena sighs and Kara nods her head, remembering an article about some model’s wild night with the youngest Luthor about a year ago. “Veronica is there when I want her and the sex was quite good.” it’s a shallow reason, she knows. “Not many people would touch a Luthor with a ten foot pole, at least not without asking for something Brobdingnagian in return.”


“It’s alright.” she’s used to this treatment, to being used. “Though I am sorry you got dragged into her little game.”

“I actually should be thanking you for giving me the opportunity and for sticking up for me as well back there.” Kara discloses, letting Lena know there wasn’t any actual harm done because she greatly appreciated the young genius’s actions. “Not many people would have stood up for a stranger they just met.”

“Not that you needed help, but I was merely being truthful.” it wasn’t about coming to Kara’s aid but just her trying voice her opinion.

“I guess it’s my turn now since you’re probably wondering why I went out with such a d bag.” the query had crossed her mind. “Mike and I went to college together and he’d been hounding me for a date for years so I finally gave in.” Kara smiles easy and carefree, knowing a weight’s been lifted off her shoulders. “I told myself maybe he would change but I always knew he would never grow out of being…”

“An imbecilic frat boy?”

“Yeah.” Kara laughs. “See, my sister Alex just got married,” she begins. “My friend James Olsen got promoted as Chief Editor,” a lot of late nights at the office. “And my best friend Winn finally got a girlfriend.” she rattles off the list of people that have slowly been drifting away from her. “I guess I was just tired of walking into an empty apartment.” she was in no position to judge the youngest Luthor. “I should have just gotten a dog.”

“I thought you just got rid of the old one.” Kara laughs.

“You’re going to be a handful, aren’t you?” she knows but she finds herself incredibly willing to face whatever challenge the raven haired beauty might pose.

“Yes but I’ve no doubt in your capabilities Miss Danvers.” Lena threads their fingers together, looking at Kara like she painted the stars and the moon onto the night sky, and all Kara wants to do is kiss the woman senseless.

So she does.

Their mouths meld and despite the taste of bulgogi sauce lingering on the blonde’s lips, she can still taste the sweetness that is undoubtedly Kara Danvers. It’s perfect and sweet and Lena finds herself instantly addicted to the journalist’s taste.

They part reluctantly and Lena takes the opportunity to wipe the taco crumb from the blushing blonde’s cheek.

She looks so beautiful under the fluorescent lamp lights and Lena’s certain she’s never beheld such an effervescent creature in her entire existence. She pulls her in for another kiss, one that Kara reciprocates with equal fervor.

They grin against each other’s lips, enjoying the best date they’ve ever been on their entire lives, content with the knowledge it certainly won’t be their last.

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What’s a Chaneyol ?? I’ve heard that she is a ballet dancer. This true.? ....... It can’t be, she likes ice cream

I just really can’t lmfao, what is this???

desolatedangel  asked:

So where would a filthy Hordie run into you for RP anyway? Do you RP in Discord or mostly in-game? Do you do x-faction rp much?

Fun fact, the Sisters in Sin is a faction neutral business. As long as you have the coin, you can have the body of sindorei and humans alike.

Often a ‘guised Susan adorns the name “Susan L'Rone” to further immerse herself in the odd culture that is of the sindorei, walking their streets under the illusion of just… A really, really short elf (guys this woman is 5’ 2"). Usually she only walks the horde streets in hopes to recruit whores, dancers, guards or domestic workers. So often, some days, you can find her meandering uo and down the road of the Murder Row in Silvermoon City.

Otherwise, she is always seen meandering the streets of Stormwind under her true name “Susan Gampre”, or more often than not poised atop the overlook of the memorial grounds, located beside the Barracks and Mage Quarters.

And even on top of actively playing in game, yes! I role play on discord! Add me at JumpyWizard #5912 !

Its really all about how, when or where you wanna role play. I’m flexible and open to doing what’s best for you! Just lemme know!

Thank you, @desolatedangel! ❤

i’m rewatching dance moms from last night and it’s true i don’t like kendall as a person, but she really isn’t a good dancer. She’s obviously not terrible, but i’d say average at best. she just doesn’t apply herself to any dance and coasts her way through every dance. her solos are unbearable to watch, and anytime she’s in a duo or group she completely fades into the background. just my two cents 🤷🏼‍♀️

Trail ride

“Can I ride that one?” Posy asked. “Pleeease?”

Gale looked over the row of horses, each tied to a separate post along the fence. “Which one? The white one?” They’d driven past the main gate on their way into town. Donner Ranch Scenic Trail Rides, it had said. It was the one thing Posy said she wanted to do.

“She’s gray, Gale,” Posy informed him. “They don’t say white.”

“What? Why not?” he retorted.

Posy just shrugged.

“That’s ridiculous. It’s white,” Gale asserted. Though of course, Posy would know far more about the secrets of the horse world than he, considering she’d been picking out library books about horses for at least the last year.

“She’s gray,” called a voice behind them with a laugh. Gale turned and saw a woman walking toward them. She wore a plaid shirt cinched at her waist, tight-fitting jeans and cowboy boots, and she was followed closely by a brown horse. “Howdy,” she held her hand out to him in greeting. “I’m Madge Undersee, welcome to the Ranch.”

Gale shook her hand, mildly surprised by the firmness of her grip. “Hi,” he said, looking into her blue eyes and suddenly feeling tongue tied.

She gave him a teasing smile. “Your young lady’s right. If a horse looks white, it’s gray. Centuries of horse breeding means we actually understand a bit about how their colors are inherited, and true white is extremely rare, most are really gray. They don’t even start out gray.” Turning to Posy she continued, “Take your girl Dancer there. She was chestnut at birth, born right there in that barn. They turn gray as foals, and get whiter and whiter with age. That gal’s thirteen years old now,” she said with a fond smile. “Anyways, that’s why they call ‘em gray not white.” She brushed a loose lock of hair back behind her ear toward the braid at the base of her neck.

“Dancer? I think she’s pretty. I want to ride her,” said Posy.

Madge answered “Well li'l miss, you hafta meet her first, don’t'cha think? What’s your name?”

“I’m Posy.”

“Well, miss Posy, let’s go over and say hello. We’ll see how you and Dancer get along.” Madge drawled, sending a quick wink toward Gale. She led Posy over to the horses, showing her how to walk safely around them and helping her pet Dancer’s nose. She explained how the dark skin on Dancer’s nose was one way to know she was a gray horse, since white horses’ skin appeared pink.  As Posy got acquainted with the mare, Madge wandered back toward Gale.

“What about you, cowboy? You ready for a ride?”

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Hey! I know you love Bayonetta, she's one of my favs too, but I've seen a lot of feminist claim that she's not a good example to hold up because she was designed to cater to the male gaze regardless of her actions as a character and I was just wondering if you had any thoughts about that :>

Any thoughts? OH HO HO, please have a seat because I’m about to go off right here,

Ok first of all, does Bayonetta (both the character and the game) have some problems, yes. Things can always be improved. The thing is, she doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be either A TOP TIER FEMINIST ICON or A PROBLEMATIC PIECE OF SHIT. A middle ground can be found in these things, and regarding Bayonetta, she is a very, very good and important female character with absolute feminist leanings, but there are some things that can be improved upon, always.

But here’s the thing, I’ve noticed that a lot of people who scream “ANTI-FEMINIST” at Bayonetta, either haven’t played the games or take everything at face value.

There are a lot of details in Bayonetta that set her apart from the typical, male-gazey female character. And those details are absolutely put there on purpose by the developers by the way, these are deliberate things.

First of all, something important to remember is that all the characters in Bayonetta, were designed by a woman. And if you look at the concept art of both Bayonetta and Jeanne

The most important thing in their designs isn’t their bust sizes, or sex appeal.

It’s their sense of style, and ‘shape’ (as in their silhouette, an important aspect of character design).

What’s also important is to note all the effort the designers have gone through to really establish the individuality of these two female characters. That might seem like a minor thing, but if you compare it to other video games in this genre (fighting, and hack-and-slash specifically), often the most important thing separating those female characters is their bust size. Case in point, Soul Calibur has a chest size chart in it’s concept art.

This is ridiculous.

Another very important thing regarding her design, are her proportions. YES, her legs are ridiculously long, but here’s the thing, that’s the style of the entire game. I mean, have you seen Luka’s legs,

 damn he fine

No, what I’m talking about with her design, is the way she looks, the way she is proportionate to herself.

I’m taking Japanese focused games especially here. I took a character from Soul Calibur (I have a real bone to pick with this game ok), and Dead or Alive as examples.
Those two characters aren’t women, they’re girls. Little girls. And while both of them originally come from a fighting game, neither of them look even vaguely threatening.

Now look at Bayonetta. Her features are proportionate to her face, she is still very beautiful but she looks mature, which is GOOD because she is supposed to be in her 30’s (human age, of course. Technically she’s hundreds of years old) in the first game, and even nearing 40’s in the second.

Do you know how rare that is for female, Japanese characters.

These other two characters look sexual, yes. But not like they actually have any control over their own sexuality. Two tropes often used in the design of Japanese female characters is the “Ice Queen” and “the Little Girl”, (or as psychology calls it, the “Virgin/Whore complex”),

For examples, let’s use Soul Calibur again

Sophitia, despite having a mature body (or at least her bust size is, everything else seems strangely out of proportion), looks innocent, like she needs to be protected. While her basic design almost SCREAMS sex, everything else seems to project a need to be protected. She is non threatening.

Ivy on the other hand, also exudes sex but differently. She is sexual, but she also has an air of “you will never have this”. She is an “ice queen”, it’s not that she doesn’t want to have sex with YOU, cis male gamer, it’s that she doesn’t want to sleep with ANYONE. You masculinity remains intact.

But Bayonetta on the other hand. Bayonetta has sex. This is established several times through dialogue. She has sex, she wants it and enjoys it, BUT, she HIGHLY doubts that you, cis male gamer, can deliver.

She has sex, but she won’t with you because you’re not worth her time and she knows it. She owns her own sexuality.

She looks good and she knows it. She enjoys wearing perfume, jewelry and designer clothes because she likes wearing them. She does this for herself only, no one else.

Another thing about her design, are her lollipops. Lollipops in relation to female characters are a sexual symbol almost all of the time. It’s a call back to oral sex. That’s why the lollipop in question is often rather large, because MASCULINITY don’t you know.

But look at the lollipops Bayonetta eats. Those things are tiny as hell. And she’s never seen licking them either, she just put them in her mouth and almost forgets they’re there. She throws them around in combat too.

They are fun for her, and she enjoys them, but they are not vital at all. (psst, they are a metaphor for you, cis male gamer.)

Now, the way she moves in combat. First of all, again, Bayonetta LOVES herself, and she enjoys showing off what she can do, and why shouldn’t she.

Many people say she moves like a stripper, but that’s not exactly true. She moves like a dancer. 

Right, that’s all her basic design out of the way. Now there’s also her personality to consider.

There are some very important facts about Bayonetta’s personality that really set here even further apart from the regular female character tropes.

First of all, her likes and interests (besides sex and dancing that is). Things Bayonetta likes,

  • Motorcycles
  • Guns
  • Space Harrier 
  • Aracade games
  • Shopping/Fashion
  • Tiny, pink drinks
  • Blowing kisses that take the shape of little hearts
  • Parties
  • Her mother
  • Her best friend Jeanne

She both likes very stereotypically masculine and feminine things, scoffing at nothing, and judging nothing.

You will never ever hear her say anything like “I’m not like other girls”, quite the opposite, she is shown several times to be very protective of other girls, while handeling most of the men in her life (Luka, at first, Enzo, Balder, even Rodin) with disregard.

Another VERY important thing about her, is her relationship with Cereza. Whether she is really her daughter (she technically isn’t), is not important. What IS important, is that Bayonetta takes on a motherly role. She gets called “mummy”, she cares for and protects Cereza, the whole bit.

And it doesn’t diminish her badassness or sexuality at all. Because often, female characters becoming mothers is presented as a “downgrade”, it makes them less sexual, but not Bayonetta. She is shown to be both very caring and loving, and also cold and calculated. My god, it’s almost as if she’s a multi dimensional character.

Now, I think I hit all the bullet points of her design. So I just wanted to point out a few more little things about the Bayonetta universe.

The item and weapon descriptions, are always about very powerful witches from different countries and periods in time. So in this universe, witches come from all over the world and wield extreme power.

And last but not least, in the Bayonetta universe. Both heaven and the underworld are ruled by women.

that’s always fun

So, in conclusion,

Is Bayonetta a feminist game? I believe so, yes! There is a lot to admire, and I don’t call her my “video game crush” for nothing.
Should all games strive to be exactly like this? OH HELL NO! Bayonetta’s sex positivity is really great and all, but now where are our asexual heroines, our canon trans ones, etc.

Bayonetta is not perfect, but it did have a goal, and I believe it reaches that goal almost perfectly. Bayonetta is very important, and she is absolutely worthy of close examination, and I love her to bits.

so, I hope I answered your question!

now go forth and play more Bayonetta! Let’s rock, baby!

Away From Home Pt. 7

Summary: New life, new friends, and new home. You never realized how hard it would be to start over on your own. Just when you think you are getting the hang of it and moving on, life decides to keep you on your toes. 

Word Count: 2978

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 

“Have you ever been in love before?”

The cheerful woman’s question lingers in the air as she steadies her microphone and eagerly awaits the answer of the seven boys seated before her.

A pale faced boy with a gummy smile picks up his mic and begins to recount his middle school days, reliving the time he was too afraid to confess his feelings for one of his classmates. The woman fondly smiles in response as another boy pipes up to tease the first one.

“What about you?” The woman turns her attention to another boy as he fumbles with his mic in hand.

“There was this girl I met at a high school dance through a mutual friend. I wouldn’t call it love, but there was definitely something there.”

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Uncanny Similarities

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where the reader is not a member of the BAU, but Spencer’s friends from work call them Leonard and Penny because of their likeness to the Big Bang Theory couple. @coveofmemories


“Anyone ever tell you that you two remind them of someone?” JJ asked, looking at Spencer and Y/N on the couch playing video games.

Simultaneously, they both replied, “No,” without ever taking their eyes off the screen. They were both glazed over on Super Mario 3D World.

“Because you do,” she laughed, bending over in hysterics at the sight of her friends practically drooling from hours of video game playing. She and Emily had come over minutes before; they planned on going out to lunch in a while.

Y/N snapped out of their combined stupor first, looking towards JJ completely confused. “What’s so funny? Who do I remind you of?”

She’d barely heard JJ; she was referring to them as a couple. “You both remind me of Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory.”

“That show about geeks,” she said incredulously, not understanding why she and Spencer bore a resemblance to the famous TV couple. “How do we remind you of them?”

Emily walked back into the living room of the apartment, returning from the bathroom to see JJ still laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Don’t Y/N and Spencer remind you of Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory?” JJ asked, watching as Emily enthusiastically agreed.

“Yes!” Emily shouted. “That’s who they remind me of!”

“How?” Y/N shouted back, still not understanding. Sure, Spencer was a genius and she was definitely not - not stupid, but definitely not at his level of intelligence. They both liked to play video games. But other than that, she couldn’t think of a reason why they would remind Emily and JJ of the couple.

“Well,” Emily said, “We can start with the obvious, which is, Spencer is a geek and you’re not. But yet you kind of are, you’re like an undercover geek, just like Penny. Plus, your banging.”

Y/N smirked, looking over to see Spencer’s eyes still glued to the television. “I am that,” she replied, motioning with her hands for them to keep going.

JJ pulled a hair tie off of her wrist, rearranging her hair as if to get ready to go on a tangent. “You’ve also broken up and gotten back together numerous times, even though you’re perfect for each other. You met because of your ex-boyfriend, although not in the exact same way. You said yourself that Spencer if the first geek you’ve ever gone out with in your life, just like Penny…” She was going to keep going forever if Y/N let her. Apparently, they had more in common with the TV couple than she’d realized.

Finally, Spencer was done with the board they were on, getting to the end by himself without even realizing you’d stopped playing. “Why’d you stop playing?” he asked before moving on to the next board.

“JJ and Emily say you and I remind them of Leonard and Penny from The Big Bang Theory,” she said, still not quite believing it herself.

Originally, Spencer lifted up his eyebrows in disbelief, about to disagree, before actually thinking about it. “Kinda,” he replied, “But, I’d like to think I have a little more common sense than Leonard does. He’s a genius, but he’s also really dumb when it comes to women.” Immediately, he went back to stare at the screen, not realizing how dumb he’d been involving her on more than one occasion. She looked over at Emily and JJ with a stunned look of disbelief.

“See what I mean?” JJ said, holding her hand out toward Spencer, who was happily back to playing Super Mario.

“Plus, again,” Emily continued, laughing, “You’re also aspiring to something in entertainment. She wants to be an actress and you want to be a dancer.”

True again. You were a fantastic hip-hop dancer and had been on numerous auditions for high-profile music videos - one of which you’d gotten recently.

“And,” Spencer said, having finished a second board in a matter of a couple of minutes, “you look a lot like Penny right now.”

“How so?” she asked, she looked nothing like Penny.

“Because,” he said, pulling out his camera to take a picture of you, “You’re hair is a complete mess, you look beautiful by the way, you’re wearing pajamas half in disarray, your eyes are still glazed over from the TV and you have a cheeto stuck to the side of your face just like she did after she realized she was addicted to Age of Conan in that one episode.”

Y/N looked at the picture, realizing she was the spitting image of Penny in that episode. She picked the cheeto off the side of her face, tightened up her pajamas and robe and looked over towards Spencer, once again picking up the controller to join the game. “Shut up.”

Dancer hips can go for hours pt.2

Request: Plsss pt2 of dancers hips can go for hours w jimin joining in omfg /Gurl I’m not even kidding if there isn’t another part to that dancers hips fic with Park Jimin in it I might die/ you do know that you have to do a part 2 on the dancer hips smut?/ How about “Dancer hips can go for hours” part 2 PLEASE?

Requests are open!!

A/N: I received so many requests to continue this and i had such a hard time writing this I’m sorry. It is not a full on threesome since the boys go after each other but it’s still deadly.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader x Jimin

Word count: 1.9 k

“That is Jimin one of the owners of this club.”


You were still out of breath and looked pretty fucked out. But Jimin seemed to know very well what happened anyways.

“Nice pick Hyung, what will you do now?”

“I’ll take her home, if she wants to of course.”

He moved closer to your ear and whispered.

I told you dancer hips can go for hours.

That’s very true, how about I join you two?

Thanks to the alcohol this wasn’t a hard decision to make. You nodded and both of the boys looked very pleased.

“But do we need to go home?”


Do we really need to go to one of your flats?

Jimin and Hoseok were perplex for a moment before Jimin caught on and groaned.

“Oh my fucking god you’re the first girl that rather wants to fuck here in this club instead of a nice bed, how did you find her Hyung? And can you get me one as well?”

Jimin took your hand and dragged you through a maze of corridors in the private back area of the club until you reached a door, probably his office. It was a fairly big room with giant dark windows on one wall, a big wooden desk and a lot of random shit. Out of the dark toned windows you could look into the inside of the club and you actually had a great view over the whole dance floor.

“They are black if you look up, no one can see anything but I can see everything.

You walked closer to take a look at the dancing crowd as you felt Jimin coming up behind you and taking a hold of your waist. He pressed you flat against him and let his teeth gently scrape on your ear.

“You know it would be amazing to fuck you against those windows, you have the feeling everyone watches you, wouldn’t that be exciting?

Jimin spun you around so now your back was pressed against the window and captivated you in a forceful kiss. His fingers reached for the zipper of your dress, you now had no chance of being caught by someone so you could actually get fully undressed this time. You weren’t wearing your panties anyways, Hoseok still had them in his back pocket. Jimin took off your bra as well and threw it to your dress on the floor. You were now naked in front of two fully dressed men, feeling very exposed. But when Jimin started kissing you again moving on to your jawline down to your neck planting open mouthed kisses along you completely forgot about that. You heard someone sitting down in a chair and looked up to find Hoseok sitting there watching you two.

“W-what about Hoseok?”

Jimin turned around to see what Hoseok was doing.

“I just had my turn, I’m gonna leave you all to Jimin now.”


“If you want me that badly we’ll see what you can handle after Jimin is done with you.”

He gave you a smirk and you focused back on Jimin who looked like he wanted to eat you alive. Which was not completely untrue since he proceeded to kneel down in front of you, planting open mouthed kisses onto your lower belly and thighs. He kissed the inside of your thighs upwards, almost reaching where you wanted him the most, but avoiding it. You wiggled your hips trying to get him there but he just chuckled, blowing a stream of hot air against your core. You whined at his actions and he finally showed you some mercy and licked one flat stripe up your folds. You hissed at the contact and he repeated his action slowly, looking directly into your eyes. His eyes were plain black and you could see the lust in them. Finally he wrapped his plush lips around your clit and started sucking gently. Your back fell against the window and he took one of your legs over his shoulder to give him better access. He started sucking harder and buried his face between your thighs. Your moan escalated to a small scream and your hands moved into his hair, holding on desperately as he moved further down to lick into you with abandon. He pulled your other leg over his shoulder as well to gain better access and your hips moved on their own accord. When he could feel you getting close he replaced his tongue inside you with two fingers, pushing them into you. He curled them upwards and you let out a loud moan tugging at his hair desperately.

“How about a third finger princess?”

You could only moan as an answer as he pushed a third finger into you stretching you out deliciously. His lips were wrapped around your clit as his fingers thrusted into you fast and hard. Your walls clenched erratically around his fingers as you reached your orgasm, your back arched and your head leaned against the black window. Jimin made sure to completely lick you clean before he got up again. He pulled you close and kissed you passionately again before he turned you around so you were looking out of the window. His fingers trailed back down to your oversensitive clit and you whined and shifted around.

“Look at all this people down there, none of them know what we are doing here. None of them know that I’ll bend you over now and fuck you so hard from behind that you won’t even be able to walk out of this club later. But you’ll feel like they do the whole time baby.

He gently pushed you forwards and you immediately stretched your hands out to stabilize yourself against the window. The tip of his dick was teasing your entrance as he let his hands run down your sides towards your ass, giving it a little slap. You weren’t sure just how he could be controlling himself so well with his cock so hard against you, but you cursed loudly when he pushed mere centimeters inside you before pulling out again.

“I swear to god if you don’t fuck me right this second -”

The rest of your sentence is drowned in a moan as he pushed all the way in in one swift motion. He bent down to muffle his curses in your neck as he took a moment to collect himself.

“Omg Hoseok, she’s so fucking tight.”

You could hear Hoseok chuckle in the back of the room but it was pretty hard to focus on anything since Jimin was done collecting himself and pushed all the way out of you just to slam back in. You let out a loud gasp and you were both so wound up that it was messy to begin with. Jimin slammed into you in a hard and fast rhythm hitting your spot with every thrust. You could barely hold yourself up against the window and your eyes drew shut. Jimin could feel you nearing your second orgasm so he sneaked a hand around your waist to messily rub your clit.

“Open your eyes, baby. And make sure you scream for me when you cum.”

It was hard not to obey his raspy voice next to your ear as he rubbed your clit faster. Your walls clenched around his dick repeatedly as you came. Curses, moans and Jimins name filled the room as your vision went white. Jimin followed shortly after you, pushed over the edge by you clenching around him. He made sure to ride both of your highs out before he pulled out and bent over to plant a soft kiss onto your shoulder blade. You tried your best to stand up straight and panted, unable to catch your breath.

You looked up to see what Hoseok was doing, feeling bad for the total lack of attention he got from you. You walked over to him and he pulled you in his lap wrapping his arms around you. His prominent bulge was poking into your back and he held you until you had finally caught your breath again. You moved around to straddle him and he looked at you questioningly. You lowered your head to kiss him and he responded immediately. Your hips grinded onto his lap in a slow rhythm and he grunted lowly.

“Are you sure you can do this now baby?”

“No but I can’t leave you unsatisfied either.”

Jimin looked in awe as he planted himself in another chair in the room watching with interest.

“She really fucking likes you, you won the lottery hyung. She can’t even walk properly but still wants to ride you.”

Hoseok looked at you as he pulled his shirt over his head to throw it god knows where. You lifted yourself onto your knees to give him enough room to pull down his pants. Your legs were already shaky so he just steadied them with his hands. He was so hard and you were still sensitive so there was no foreplay needed. You held onto his shoulders as he positioned himself right at your entrance. Quiet whimpers escaped your lips as the tip of his dick brushed against your clit. You slowly sank down onto him slowly until he was completely inside of you, filling you up perfectly. You moaned loudly and Hoseok crunched his whole face up trying not to immediately loose it since he had been hard for so long. You waited patiently until he moved your hips, motioning you to move. You were going at a slow and steady pace but that was not what he wanted. He took complete control even though you were on top of him, moving your hips at his desired pace. You were panting and already close to your orgasm again since you had barely had time to calm down from your last. Gladly Hoseok was pretty close as well, his breaths came short and quickly as he moved his hips in sync with yours.

“I-I’m so close, I c-can’t hold it any longer.”

“Me too baby, just let go.”

With a particularly aimed thrust he sent you over the edge. Your third orgasm hit you the hardest and you felt like you would loose consciousness any second. Hoseok came along with you moaning your name lowly. Even Jimin could be heard whining on the other side of the room at the sight of you two. Hoseok pulled out and you slumped back into his chest, utterly exhausted.

“How the fuck could you move your hips that well?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I was a dancer as well. No where near your level I just did it for fun.”

You chuckled as his eyes went wide.

“You have to do a nice dance performance for me then. Maybe after our next date?”

“I promise.”