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Happy New Year 2017!! Today I’m making my first post to Instagram for the year ✩
(I updated my blog!)

Today we held one of our Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Uranohoshi Girls’ High Livestreams!
It was our first stream of the new year, with all nine members present!
Thank you for watchingggg 🍊.
We’ll do our very best with a smile this year too.
Please take care of us m(__)m

Our winter uniform debut!
We second years snapped this pic while reminiscing about that one song* 📷

*(Kimeta yo Hand in Hand)

#lovelive #lovelivesunshine #chikatakami #inamianju #Livestream #2017 #GoingAllOut #WinterUniforms

My mom always gets mad at me whenever I fan girl and get really excited over my ships or otps. One day she said “can’t two men just be best friends” I took a deep breath and told her “Yes, yes they can. And they most likely are just best friends. But I think they have the potential to be a cute relationship. I’m not tweeting them and saying make out or some shit. I just ship them from a far and love their adorable friendship.” She was speechless. Then rolled her eyes and told me to stop smiling and giggling over two adult grown men with ones arm around the other. Thanks mom.

山本彩‏ @SayakaNeon
1:28 AM - 23 Mar 2017

Next week, Shibata Aya-san will appear [on Nakai no Mado].
We were filming on the same day,
and she came to my dressing room to greet me.

Lately, I often happen to see Shibata-san on TV,
It’s encouraging that she’s still doing her best after graduating,
so I became happy,
and said “Let’s both do our best

柴田阿弥‏ @_shibata_aya
12:16 PM - 23 Mar 2017

@SayakaNeon This tweet made me happy (;o;) I should be apologizing for suddenly coming to your dressing room 😂 I was happy and barged in 😂 I’m the one who has received encouragement ever since my time in SKE! Really! I hope we can meet again somewhere 💓😭

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Sharna liked J's second post yesterday about having a decent day within around 15 minutes of his posting. Showed up with GF's like on my She also liked a fan tweet a little while ago about J going fast this weekend about the race. :) J actually qualified in 3rd position for the race romorrow which is the best he has done at St. Pete's. Hope they are in contact even though he must be really busy.

Yay! She’s got tabs on him even though she is busy with her own career. That’s sweet.


10 year old with Cerebral Palsey has the best Halloween costume!
[October 31st, 2015]

Facebookers Eric and Christy Knight has uploaded some awesome photos along with an amazing story involving their 10 year old daughter, Gracie:

This is Gracie Knight…. She is 10 years old and has Cerebral Palsey. She LOVES wrestling, and wanted to be Kane this year for Halloween, so her Dad and I made it happen!! She really wants Kane to see this, so please help by sharing!!
Thank you P1s!!!
Eric and Christy Knight, Gaffney, SC

Please, if you have a moment, tweet this link to Kane. I’m sure he’d be honored by the gesture!


TEW fan question translations!

Ikumi Nakamura (concept artist for The Evil Within) has been answering a ton of really interesting questions on her twitter and talking about character designs, mostly in Japanese. There’s some great material so I think I’m going to translate some of them. If there are any tweets in particular you want translated or any topics/characters you’re interested in let me know and I’ll take a look!

I’ll start with a question I asked (with a convenient English answer lol)

Q: Joseph calls Sebastian “Seb”, does Sebastian call Joseph by any nicknames, like “Joe” for example?

A: Hey, Glasses!…


I am currently still on hiatus, but I really wanted to bring this to the fandom’s attention. I recognize that a lot of you are in the spn fandom so it benefits you if you love Misha just as much as I do.

What happened here was my best friend suggested trench to Misha to write up a gishwhes item. We both basically spammed him with this suggested. Three minutes after she posted the tweet with the photos, trench replied to her. Thirty minutes later, Misha replied to the quoted tweet. Trench has yet to respond but she and I are working on it.

Just imagine the guys coming up with some crazy idea for a scavenger hunt item though! That’d be an awesome item. My two main fandoms have collided and I couldn’t be happier.


So it’s Christmas and I thought I could be nice and share the others Artvengers Art for you all to see how talented they are and if you want you can follow them cause I’m sure they’ll be really happy to have you all in their blogs and you’ll see lots of amazing pieces of art.

In order we have:

@abi-anarchy : Her art is really awesome, she has the best ideas and she is studying animation which means you get to see some 5sos gifs too. She also has a really nice style even tho she keeps experimenting with other styles all of them really amazing!

@michaelcliffhrd : Really cute art and the principal artist for “wormstein” on twitter. Her drawings are so cute and I’m really in love with her style! She is thinking about deleting her tumblr and I want you all to show her that she is loved here please!

@friceberg : I’m sure a lot of people already know her art cause come on, Michael tweeted it (even tho he never gives credit to anyone *ehem michael ehem*) She is the author of the why so serious? drawing of Michael and as you can see her realistic style is really really amazing even tho then you can also see her “cartoony” side which is really awesome too

@andywabp : she is a cute little shit who lives in the same country as me. She has an amazing style and she also can draw the cutest cartoons but then BAM she uploads things like that one with the gorillaz style or with scott pilgrim’s style and it’s the best!

@majiksart : Ok I think lots of people thinks she cheats on her art and I can assure you all she draw every single piece with a pencil and a lot of patience and then she uses lots of black markers to fill the black so her art really is fucking amazing! I’m sure I’d never be able to draw in her style cause it really is unique!

My friend attended the hi touch in Dallas. Here are some highlights from her. (In my own words)

1.) Yoongi has very soft hands, like really soft.
2.) Jin is an actual marble angel from heaven in person and he is beautiful and pictures don’t do him justice.
3.) Namjoon is a complete gentleman. He is a real man and he has such respect for the fans
4.) Jimin is a huge flirt and is not afraid to speak to the ladies. He also asked if namjoon made her cry, I thought that was cute.
5.) V has a smile that’s full of rainbows and puppies. And Hes apparently really built. Very muscular.
6.) Jhope was very sweet and happy and told her he loves her and was just how we know hope to be.
7.) She said jungkook looked very pale and tired so she was worried, but he was a huge sweetheart.

Between all of the video clips and tweets about tonight’s concert, my kakao group and I have been able to live vicariously through you all. We are truly thankful.

Please do your best to make sure the remaining tour stops are just as smooth sailing. The boys left very happy tonight. Very happy.

Thank you to all of Dallas army who made this a night for the boys to remember.

Her instagram is @ strange.madeline if you would like to follow her. I’m sure she will update more from the show.