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BEAST is a little gothic fairytale – the story of three generations of women dealing with the aftermath of divorce. When Alice’s mother, Grace, tells her that her father’s a “beast,” she begins to question who or what she really is. 

We’re going for something along the lines of Pan’s Labyrinth meets Terms of Endearment – a sprinkling of magical realism mixed with a family drama.

We shot the bulk of the short film last year and headed back for one day in January. We were lucky enough to be supported by Creative England’s Emerging Talent scheme, which got us through the bulk of the shoot but now find ourselves in post production with our credit cards maxed out, desperate to finish our little movie.

Support women filmmakers and donate to this film’s kickstarter before April 28th so we can all see it.


As usual, there was bickering in the Arrowcave. But, this time, there was more than usual, as your brother Cisco was visiting.

You and Oliver were at each other’s throats. “I swear to God, Y/N, how the hell could you not know that? Isn’t your girlfriend the crazy hacker? You could’ve gotten us all -”

“Hold up,” Cisco interjected, popping his head into your conversation. He raised an eyebrow in your direction. Oliver let out a deep sigh. “Y/N, you never told me you had a girlfriend. Especially a hacker…” 

Cisco’s eyes suddenly widened as he realized what was happening. “Wait! Hacker! You only know one hacker!” He pointed towards Felicity. “You -” He pointed at you. “And you!” 

Felicity awkwardly scratched the back of her neck. “Whaaat?” She scoffed. “We’re not dating. We’re just -”

Cisco cut her off. “Oh my god, this is amazing!” Cisco embraced the two of you in a hug. You and Felicity shared a confused look. “I’ve been waiting for you two to get together forever!” Cisco turned towards you, a smile on his face. “Why haven’t you told me yet?”

You shrugged. “I… I don’t know. Thought you wouldn’t approve or something…”

“Wouldn’t approve?” Cisco scoffed. “Overwatch is gonna be sister! This is great! I love you guys!”

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I believe that Kaylor is hiding from us, especially Taylor. The 2014 was amazing, but after the kissgate things have changed / are due to change. Taylor is scared of us, otherwise she would have no problem in being seen with her best friend (and I'm not talking about her actually break but in general). That's why she called us 'Freaks', she's scared af. There will not be any coming out

Thanks for your opinion, I guess, anon.

She’s scared, I agree, but not of us. She’s scared of the small but extremely vocal homophobic section of her fandom who will unfortunately probably not just desert her, but actively bash her as well for coming out. She is scared of the unknown. She doesn’t know for sure how many of her fans who ship her with this guy or that one will support her if her happiness comes not from being with a guy, but being with a girl. She knows we’re here for her whenever she’s ready, but she needs to know that a lot of her non-gaylor non-kaylor fans just want to see her happy, no matter who that’s with.

Toward the end of last year, before she decided to truly take that break she said she wanted, they were spending more time together in public. But keep in mind, there are two women in this relationship. They have their own goals, own careers, own fears and anxieties. Karlie is a factor in the decision too. It’s not all about Taylor.

I’ve said before that I don’t think TS6 will be a come out album. But I also don’t think she’s going to work so hard to hide the gay either. I think it will be largely neutral and beard-free, because I don’t think she has any interest in living her life that way anymore. And although I would guess she’ll continue to focus on group events with friends, I believe her girl will be part of her public friend group when she re-emerges.

She understands that you’re busy. She understands that you have priorities. She understands that you can’t talk to her 24/7. But you know what? She would rather be able to at least talk to you a little bit than to not talk to you at all. No guy is that busy. If a guy likes a girl, he would talk to her and make no excuses. Nothing would stop him from talking to her. No guy is busy enough to the point where you can’t spare 10 seconds out of your day to text your girl to at least say “Hi” or “I hope you’re having a good day” or “I miss you” or “I love you” because it literally takes 10 seconds or less to type that and press send and when you can’t even do that, it really makes her feel like you aren’t interested, that she’s boring to talk to, or you could be full of shit and you’re actually “busy” entertaining some other girl. So now, she’s the one sending you double, triple, quadruple texts and you haven’t replied to any of them, making her seem like she’s the crazy, clingy, obsessed type when she’s not any of those things. But you need to know, a girl can only “understand” so much until she finally understands that she shouldn’t be looking an idiot waiting for your texts to come. Just understand when you start hearing from her less and less until eventually, you don’t hear from her and by then when you finally decide to start paying attention, you’ll be the one having your messages left on “Read”.
—  Truth Slap

I had a weird/funny interaction when I was leaving my building this morning. This woman said “Excuse me, madam?” Which was already funny because I doubt I’ve ever been called madam before. I thought she was going to ask me for directions or something, but she said, well, what I THOUGHT she said, was “You’re the reason I left Portland” and I was so confused and thought she was accusing me of being a hipster or a liberal or something, because she kinda looked like she might be a Trump voter. So I was ready for a fight.

I said “Sorry, what?” and it turns out she’d actually said “You’re the reason I love Portland”. Then she went on and on about my “gorgeous” long hair and perfect bangs and chic style and that I looked like I should be walking down the streets of Paris or something. She said she was from Bellingham (a small city in northern Washington) and that most people there look like they just crawled out from under a bush, and that she loves coming to Portland and seeing beautiful stylish people everywhere.

Anyway, I love getting compliments from random women. Such a nice change from all the men leaning in close to snarl “Whore!” in my face or following me down the street yelling, “Bitch! I told you to smile!”

(BTW I looked up Bellingham to verify that it’s a small city because I’ve only been there once and it was ages ago, and the Wikipedia page says the city’s nickname is The City of Subdued Excitement. LOL, what?)

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can you do a headcanons on getting in a tickle fight ruby

  • don’t let her innocent face fool you, she is relentless the minute a tickle fight is ensued 
  • If she’s ever losing she resorts to dirty fighting and just attacks you with a pillow and once you’re disorientated she takes it to her advantage
  • Has the most serious expression on her face because she takes them seriously it’s honestly so cute
  • After a while though she starts laughing and giggling and the serious expression slowly melts away to a grin
  • If she loses she’s gonna pout about it for the next hour lmao

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I have this argument with a pro friend: do you think non-canon couples should be judged by the same standards as canon ones? Whenever I complain about SS/NH, she always says, So what? Your ship is just as bad as mine. Personally, I want to argue about what Kishi DID write, not hypotheticals about what he DIDN'T. Enjoying a crack ship's fanon doesn't blind me to its canon flaws, but since the ship didn't sail, those flaws are a moot point. IMO, fanon doesn't need to be justified, but canon does.

Yes you can just argue her ship is canonically bad, and your ship is just hypothetically bad as it’s hypothetically good. It’s better to have no development in which case you still have a blank canvas to put your headcanons, than having canonically nonsensical, negative, and cringey developments. It’s like a canvas already ruined by ugly stains everywhere.

If she wants to brag about “we’re canon”, she’s the one who needs to defend them. That’s the price of canonisation, the ship will be put under scrutiny, judged on the quality of the writing. If you ship crack, you’re basically unaffected by Kishi’s horrid writing of human relationship at all.

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Tiny fic, Amy and Tara as friends?

au: childhood friends

“Wh-what if your mom finds us?” Tara asks, as she passes Amy one of her own mother’s crystals.

“She won’t,” Amy says, although her voice lacks certainty. “Anyway,” she adds, “we’re far enough from home. No one’s gonna find us here. Not my mom. Not your dad. And besides - my mom thinks I’m at your place.”

“And m-my dad thinks I’m at yours.”

Tara still can’t believe she’d actually agreed to this. It feels nice, she thinks. The way she’s shaking now - it’s excitement, not fear.

The weeping willow tree above them shivers in the wind, sending leaves cascading down over the two girls. Amy reaches out and brushes them from Tara’s hair with her fingers.

“Thanks,” Tara says, smiling crookedly up at her friend through a curtain of hair. 

Amy smiles back. “Are you ready?” she asks.

Nothing but the glow of streetlights illuminates the park around them. It’s dark, threatening, and Tara’s not afraid.


The tiny fairy lights they conjure light up the sheltered space beneath the willow tree. They’re safe here.

Hey hun!

I really like that thought about Amara sort of catching two flies in one one motion. Meaning: She wanted Dean to re-unite with his mother, but also help him let go as that was what he made her do - move on. She let go of her rage and chose to forgive instead. If one really wanted to assume the whole season took place in the Empty or inside Dean’s head - and I sadly don’t think the writers have any true interest in the Empty which is why they wrapped it up with Billie’s death and the threat of the boys ending up there - then seeing Amara sending Dean there and give him his mom back also works in so far as one could argue Dean essentially lost his childhood when Mary died and also was expected to look after Sam like a parent would making it infinitely more difficult for him to “withdraw” or rather let Sam go. By giving Dean his mom back Amara then might have intended for Dean to get a bit of that freedom and being “a child” - but not like child child, but as in having a parent always looking out for you no matter your age - back. That certainly is part of the narrative - Dean’s lost childhood, which sadly Mary so far really hasn’t shown much interest or sadness over. So def cool thought, dear! :) But I don’t think the show would go with an entire season in the Empty/inside one’s head.

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Oy! Stopping by to say hi, and you're awesome ⭐️

She stared at the note, re-reading it, again and again, trying to determine if her eyes were fooling her but it stayed the same. When she finally allowed her mind to realize the reality of the situation she squeaked a prolonged note as she tried to internalize her frenzied excitement at the fact that her Senpai had left her a note!

However, her glee was cut short when a terrible thought occurred to her, what if her Senpai had put the note in her shoe locker by mistake?! 

“Noooo!” She agonized as she slammed her head against the locker in her agony. She shook her head and put on a brave face, she refused to let her insecurities and anxieties ruin what was to be a momentous and joyous occasion for her. 

Yes, she would ignore her doubts and simply bask in the fact that her Senpai had left her note, a note that acknowledged her as someone who her Senpai thought was ‘awesome.’

“What the hell are you grinning about?” One of her classmates asked from behind her.

Startled and panicked she quickly hid the note the only place she could think of at the time, she shoved the note in her mouth and turned to greet her classmate with an awkward wave.

“You ate too many two-bite brownies at once again didn’t you?” They asked as they saw her puffed-out cheeks.

She merely nodded in reply, wishing for this conversation to end quickly. 

“You are so weird.” They shook their head and turned to return to class. 

She waved them off with a slightly puffy smile and once they were out of sight pulled out the soggy, saliva-soaked note. The note was completely ruined with the ink smudged and the words completely ineligible. 

“Noooo!” She agonized again as she dramatically fell to her knees as she cradled the soggy note.

“Hey, you okay?” Someone asked.

The girl lifted her head to see none other than her beautiful, talented Senpai speaking to her and looking at her in concern. 

“Sin-senpai.” Was the only thing she could say. Shocked into a stupor, the poor girl agonizing over a note, promptly fainted.

…LOL when inspiration strikes you, you said. *awkward laughs away as she crawls under her rock*

F.A.O. People on XI’s Gallifrey (and those interested in being more involved!)

Thanks everyone who’s come forward with plot ideas/challenges so far :D Several of you have been keen to get the ball rolling on something so I’ll get people up to speed and/or open stuff up for discussion. Firstly I’ll start by listing blogs who are offering to cause some mayhem. I won’t spill the beans on what anyone’s bringing to the table: I’d explain it badly and people might not have all their beans yet. In no particular order, we so far have as upcoming challenges:




@theagentturnedwanderer ( @roseoswiins )

@ myself and @theta-x

Unless anyone has objections, I’m going to moot that River can be the first one to be the challenge. If it’s ok with Mams, we can follow her lead on that plot bunny and start interactions once it’s underway. Once the plot has run its course or she feels we’re at a point to open again, someone else can take the baton.

Revelc, Mireya and Claire have the potential to be as big or small plots as they’re comfortable. Basically comes down to whether you’d like to host a big bad villain-type scenario and have a buttload more attention, or if you’d rather do quieter behind-the-scenes threading. There is absolutely no pressure for anyone in this verse to have to approach anyone or do things they don’t want, but I absolutely want you to have the opportunity to do a big flag-waver of a plot that has our audience backing you up :3 Smaller plots can be started pretty much as soon as the first biggun gets underway, big ones will need to wait their turn so we don’t get frazzled and can give people the attention they deserve.

Mine and Will’s plots are good to wait, especially mine ;D

So yes, as long as we’re all on board, River will be the next antagonist. I’m not sure if we’re wanting to wait for Amy/Koschei’s wedding first or if that’s due in between all the madness? Hit me up about it/discuss. If anyone’s too shy to prod each other, feel free to message me or reply to this with your thoughts. Or do that anyway :U I’m going to tag people who may be interested/are already interested/are on Gallifrey, but anyone reading this is welcome to keep an eye on the various happenings and to approach people as you would normally on Tumblr :D Happy plotting and roleplaying! xxx

@petrichormemory @masterfulxrhythm @sonoftwotimelords @cousinjustine / @timelxrd-victorious (as and when Christine is available for joining in, as most of these happenings relate to the Arcadian rift) @therani-queenofscience @sallysparrowtimetravels @undermyprotectxon @askthesyraxian 


“Everything is ‘terrible?’ Don’t make me laugh. So what about me…for me, it’s been terrible since I was born.”