she rates them pg 13 for violence

“Luck Runs Out” - ML Fanfic

Status: Completed ( Six Chapters )

Type: Reveal, ChatBlanc!AU

Summary: The Bracelet given to Adrien in Episode 15 ends up revealing Chat Noir’s secret identity. However, the two of them have mixed feelings about the subject. Overnight, Adrien’s thoughts began to tread dangerous waters, summoning a familiar black butterfly, and transforming him into Chat Blanc. It’s up to Ladybug to save her partner all by herself, and she begins to realize that maybe Chat Blanc is truly more powerful than her, and that her Luck can run out.


Chapter 1 - “The Bracelet” // Chapter 2 - “The Black Butterfly”

Chapter 3 - “The White Cat” // Chapter 4 - “Catastrophe” 

Chapter 5 - “Lady Luck and Chat Blanc” // Chapter 6 - “Choices

Notes: I rated it T for violence but it would honestly fit in PG-13. It does have a happy ending I promise. 

Thank you all for your support of this so far and all the kind reviews! It means a lot!