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It’s not my secret to tell (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hii! I know you have a lot of requests and I would love if you could make a Tom Holland imagine where you fight with your best friend “girl” and he comforts you because you feel so alone maybe like you 2 leave together and ate the night he heard you crying(have you see brides war something based on that please ahaha) love you so much take your time love ❤️❤️

You hated arguing. It always felt as if your heart had been ripped off your chest, and you always ended up crying.
Knocking on Peter and May’s door, you put on a smile, hoping they wouldn’t realize how upset you were. Aunt May opened the door, and right as she saw you, she smiled at you, letting you in.
‘’[Y/N], honey! Come in! Peter is in his room, per usual!’’ she said, closing the door behind her.
You thanked her and walked to Peter’s room, knocking before entering. When you heard a muffled ‘come in’, you opened the door and walked inside. He had his back to you, and you didn’t know what to do. You had come to him because that was what you always did when you were upset, but he looked so caught up in whatever he was doing that you didn’t want to interrupt him.
‘’If you are busy, I’ll come back later’’ you said, already opening the door.
He then looked at you, and when he saw your puffy eyes and your runny nose, he quickly got up from his chair and approached you.
‘’Hey, hey, are you okay?’’ he asked, putting his arms around you, your head resting on his chest. He closed the door swiftly with his foot, not letting go of you.
‘’I don’t know. Well I do. No, I’m not okay. Sarah and I fought and I don’t know if we’ll fix it this time. It’s just… I feel so sad’’ you said, closing your eyes so the tears wouldn’t fall down.
‘’Come here’’ he said, making you lie on his bed. ‘’What did you fight about?’’
‘’Spiderman. She-she said she saw me hugging you -Spiderman you, I mean, two weeks ago. Some people uploaded pictures to Twitter and she saw them, and I just happened to be hugging you. She wants to know who Spiderman is, and after ignoring me for weeks, these last two she’s been spending a lot of time with me just to try to get me to tell her. I don’t want to tell her, and she said she doesn’t want to be friends with someone who keeps secrets from her’’ you said, crying. ‘’She then started to say how she thinks I don’t even like her and how I’m her friend just to be popular, and I-I don’t know what to feel. We’ve been best friends for so long, but lately she’s changed and she has only paid attention to me when she needs something.’’
‘’[Y/N], tell her the truth. I don’t want you losing a friend because of me’’ Peter said, looking at you and feeling guilty for making you keep his secret.
‘’No, Pete! It’s-it’s not my secret to tell. And I don’t want to be her friend if she only likes me for you’’ you said, hugging him closer. ‘’It’s just… I’ve grown so used to being with her, to spending most of my time with her, that it hurts to think that it has all gone to waste.’’
He just hugged you tighter, kissing your forehead.
‘’How about we have a sleepover this weekend and we eat until we die? We can watch movies and, if you want, I can swing you around the city’’ he said, smirking a little.
You opened your eyes and looked at him, a huge smile making its way onto your lips.
‘’Are you serious?’’ you asked, excited. ‘’Would you do that for me?’’
‘’That and much more’’ he said, happy that you were sad no longer.
Maybe you didn’t have your friend anymore, but you knew you would always have Peter, and that was enough.

Letters to you [11] (Shigezane X MC x ???)

Pairing: Shigezane x MC (Aki)

GENRE: fluff, angst, comedy

One | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | eight . fivenine | ten | Eleven: Sometimes the way to ask for forgiveness are through erotic paintings and lovers guide

“Hm, let’s see. I think this color suits her, what do you think Umeko?

What did she do to deserve this?

This is such a pain.

She groaned. She has Umeko to help her get dressed. But it is still annoying. They had her put on some rouge on her lips, change her hakama and her hair done in a formal updo, with a number of kanzashi. Shigezane’s bride, Lady Ayame had insisted her to try on layers of kimono and some bridal robes. This is probably her seventh time trying on iro-uchikake and hiki furisode for the day. She was well aware of her duties: and that is to assist Lady Ayame and not to try things she asked her to wear.

“Lady Ayame, pardon me but you should try these things. Not me… I was only here to assist you in choosing– OUCH!” She felt Lady Ayame’s hands pinch her cheeks.l

“But look at you! You’re so beautiful, Aki!” She exclaimed, giving her a dreamy look. “Hah! Bet all the retainers or even Lord Masamune won’t be able to resist someone as beautiful as you!”

How did Masamune-chan’s name got into this? She raised a brow, unsure if she should take this as a compliment “This is not the time for this Lady Ayame, please cooperate and choose what you wanted.” Aki pleaded,

“Hm, alright! In one condition, as long as you wear those.” Lady Ayame winked,

She’s going to get along with Shigezane, they are the same in many ways, Aki thought, smiling faintly at Lady Ayame’s request. She felt at ease somehow, that Shigezane will be in good hands. For the past few days she"s been assisting the future Lady Date, preparing her for the Date’s wedding ceremony.

“Alright. But can I at least remove the accessories for now?”

Ayame briefly answered. “Nope!”

She felt the headache forming at the base of her skull. She is trying to be patient about this. She kept her cool, assisting Lady Ayame. The rows of kimono of the finest silks, and accessories in front of them. An expensive sight for her

“Milady Aki, it’s Matsuko. ” Matsuko announced herself outside Lady Ayame’s chambers. Aki asked for Ayame’s permission in which she agreed, before leaving she quickly removed a few of the heavy hair accessories, leaving only a cherry blossom hairpin. She hurriedly opened the shoji door, revealing a rather nervous Matsuko.

“What is it, Matsuko?”

“Lord Kojuro asked me to… make something for Lord Masamune but, I don’t think I can make it the same as yours so he asked me to ask you if you can take a break from–”

“I’ll do it.” Aki responded without letting Matsuko finish, forgetting that she’s wearing a furisode she walked towards the kitchen in a fast pace.

She can finally breathe. She starts to think of what she can make for Kojuro and Masamune. Then, her thoughts wandered on Shigezane, who is probably also preparing for the wedding.

She never had the chance to talk to him ever since they came back from the onsen. It’s been days and they never saw each other. What’s worse was that she never gave him an answer for his confession, and even agreed to something she knew he doesn’t want.

“…siiiigghh.” She’s making the green tea for them, when she heard a voice coming from the kitchen door.

“Uh, excuse me…” Aki turned around to see Lord Kojirou just outside the kitchen. “good afternoon lady. I just wanted to ask if you know Katakura Aki and have you seen her?” Lord Kojirou looked shyly at her, which kept her wondering why would he ask something like that when she is already in front of him.

She tilted her head, before walking towards Lord Kojirou, a smile in her face. “Lord Kojirou, it’s me. Aki nee-chan.” She ruffled his hair, chuckling at how adorable he is. He looks a lot like Lord Masamune, especially the innocent smiles.

“Aki… nee-chan? Woah… You look different today.” His eyes widened, she can’t help but giggle. “Well something happened today that’s why. But you can’t recognize me?” She asked

“It’s because you’re wearing a furisode and your hair…” he blushed lightly, she ruffled his hair once more.

“Ahaha, I see. It must be new to you since I always wear hakama and have my hair tied up.” She chuckled sheepishly, scratching ghe back of her neck. “Well then, shall we go and give these treats to your brother? You’re here to see him, right?”

Kojirou nodded, excitement in his eyes. It truly warms her heart, seeing how Kojirou adores his brother so much despite the fight for the leadership of the clan. She put the desserts in the plates and put them in the tray. A satisfied grin on their faces they went to Masamune’s office, chatting along the way like they always did.

They arrived at the office to see Masamune, Kojuro and… Shigezane. Their eyes widened at the sight of her and Kojirou.

Her eyes met Shigezane’s for a second, he gave her a small smile. This is the first time she saw him since his proposal, yet she can feel the coldness of his look. The pain still lingering in them. As much as she wanted to sulk about this, she can’t. She broke into a smile, trying to lighten the mood for Masamune’s younger brother.

“Good afternoon Milords! Kojirou and I brought you something to eat.” She greeted, setting the tray down. Good thing she made some Taiyaki along with their other favorites.

“Aki?” Masamune and Kojuro asked in Unison. Shigezane just fixed his gaze on her.

“Oh yeah. Why I look like this? I’ll do the explanation later.” She answered, smiling sheepishly.

“Aki nee, why are you dressed like that? Are you training to become someone’s bride?” Kojirou asked, his eyes fixed on her then to his brother. The question took the two by surprise, their eyes widened at Kojirou.

“Well, not really. I was just asked to wear this.” She munched on a dango,

“That’s a shame… I thought you would be Brother’s bride…”

The question finally got Shigezane’s attention.

You what?!” The three men asked in unison.

“What? Aki nee-chan would be great as brother’s wife!” Kojirou cheered after eating some zunda mochi Aki prepared for them. “She’s good at everything, and I do think she’d make a great wife and she’s like an older sister to me. What do you think brother?
She’s a perfect picture of beauty isn’t she?”

Masamune choked on the tea he’s drinking, blushing furiously at his brother’s suggestion. Earning a worried look from Kojuro and Aki, who tried to calm him by rubbing his back. Shigezane looked at Aki, searching for answers on her face.

Aki laughed, her eyes tearing up as if that was the greatest joke she heard in her entire life. “Lord Kojirou, it is an honor that you think that way.” She grinned.

“Was it a yes then? Are you agreeing to Kojirou’s suggestion?” Shigezane asked quietly, his brows knitted. A heavy silence took over the room. Aki was surprised to see him like this, he used to joke around like usual.

But in his eyes and his words are full of pain.

“Shigezane… did I make you mad?” Kojirou asked, worry was evident in his face as he tried to talk to his cousin

“Huh? No, kid ahaha. I was just messing around with your Aki nee.” Realizing what he had said, Shigezane laughed nervously. “Don’t worry about it. Sorry your cousin is just a mess today.” He tousled Kojirou’s hair. Kojirou grinned, while Kojuro and Masamune exchanged glances, worry in their faces. Aki looked down on her hands.

“I see, you should rest then! You must be really tired.”

“I should kid,” he tousled Kojirou’s hair one last time before excusing himself. Leaving them behind. The taiyaki left untouched, she felt like her heart had just been stabbed.

Her decision surely left them both in pain.

“Oh, brother… I should go too. Mother’s going to look for me. It’s getting dark.” Kojirou said, staring at the setting sun just outside the offi ce of his brother. “I’ll make sure to visit you soon again. Thank you for taking care of me today.” Kojirou bowed,

“Take care going home, Kojirou. Kojuro if you would?” Masamune asked him. Kojuro was quick on his feet to take Kojirou back to their chambers.

“Oh wait Lord Kojirou.” Aki stopped them,

“What is it, Aki nee-chan?”

“Can I embrace you?” She asked, smiling fondly at the boy. Kojirou nodded, happiness in his eyes.

Aki did not waste a minute to hug Kojirou. Tears at the corner of her eyes, and brushing his hair gently, she spoke

“Take care always, alright? Look after Lady Yoshihime and Lord Masamune. I know you’ll grow up to be a great man like your brother.” She held him tighter, “just remember Aki nee-chan always loves you. You’ll always be like my little brother.”

What she said surprised not just Kojirou, but Masamune and her Aniue as well.

“And I feel the same too, Aki nee-chan.”

Brushing his hair one last time, she finally let go. The warm smile finally back on her face.

She spoke like she’s going to be gone.

“Well! Lady Yoshihime was probably worried sick. Aniue, sorry for taking up your time. See you soon, Lord Kojirou!” She smiled, seeing off Kojuro and Kojirou.

She turned around to face Masamune, acting as if nothing had happened. She smiled at him.

“Masamune-chan, what do you want for dinner?” She asked.

“You can’t cook looking like that, can you?”

“I can’t. This is so heavy, dear. Lady Ayame is going to kill me by making me some sort of her doll.” She groaned, holding the hem of the furisode. Masamune chuckled lightly, his visible eye showing amusement at how she handles it.

“Hm, you think this is amusing don’t you?” She added

“Well, I’d like to know how her training goes. Have dinner with me Aki, but go and change first.” Masamune chuckled lightly.

She widened her eyes, “Woah, you serious?”

“Yes.” He answered, giving her a small smile. “Also, I would like to discuss something with you.”

She nodded, walking to her chambers to change to her hakama. Her thoughts still wandering on Shigezane’s behavior towards them. It worries her.

She made something for Masamune that night, tempura and some side dishes. She served him his dinner a little late than usual. They spent eating dinner together, chatting about the upcoming wedding.

“Aki, I have a matter to discuss with you. Aside from Shigezane’s wedding.”

And so, Masamune started talking. Her eyes widened at his suggestion, her body froze in place.

She decided to retire early for the night, exhaustion and confusion already making her want to go to sleepm she stretched her back, yawning while walking back to her chambers.

She saw a silhouette just outside her chambers, she narrowed her eyes to see.

“Taiyaki?” She called him, she can make out his features even when only the moonlight is illuminating his features.

“Matchaki…” he finally faced her, she sat closer to him. Good thing she had her peace offerings for him in hand, she can smell the sake coming from him. He’s drunk, and she had no idea why he is outside her chambers in the middle of the night.

“It’s cold out here, let’s go inside.”

“I hate you.” he mumbled, his face a few inches from hers. He’s pouting, his cheeks flushed red. Aki raised a brow, lightly flicking his forehead.

“You made Kojirou worry, you jealous taiyaki.” She munched the dango she brought for her midnight snack. He took the dango and brought it close to his lips, taking a piece and munching on it.

“I hate you, always choosing dango over me.” He said again. “What does the dango have that I don’t have?”

She can’t help but chuckle. “Are you even serious? Hah, so you are mad at me. Care to explain why?” She asked, taking the skewer from him.

“Maybe i can accept that you can’t love me the way I love you but, you to actually help in making the wedding happen?” He snorted, “unbeliiieevaaable Aki. I really hate you right now. you can at least help me in running away right?!”

“No you can’t run away. And, it is a direct order from Masamune. I can’t simply ignore it, no?”

“I hate you still.” He took a stick of dango from her plate.

“Are you sure you still hate me after I give these precious copies?” Aki waved the copies of the newest erotic novels and paintings from Shigezane’s favorite author and artist, and there’s also the last copy of the bestselling Lover’s Guide: Limited edition.

“…” shigezane stared in disbelief, for a short while. “How did you even get your hands on those?!”

“It’s a secret. So… do you want it or noooott?” She scanned the pages in front of him, teasing him. “Hm, these illustrations are really detailed! And I even heard there were only at least ten copies of the latest lover’s guide released.”

“Let me take a look before I accept your peace offering!” Shigezane said, snatching the copies swiftly from her hands. She chuckled, knowing he can’t resist those books.

“Still hate you.”

“Why are you acting like a woman now? Seriously…”

“I don’t want any of that if I can’t do it with yo–”

“I’ll kill you.”

“I was just kidding.”

Silence. Shigezane put the books and the paintings aside. He stared at her profile, he noticed that she had gotten thin. Her jaw more prominent than before and her complexion, pale.
He scooted closer to her, resting his head on her lap. Like he always did.

“You know… just tell me, Aki.” His hand reached for her face. “Just tell me, not to continue this wedding. Just tell me.”

She can’t tell him the conversation she had with Masamune earlier that night. She smiled, running her fingers through his hair.

“I can’t ask something like that, Shigezane.” She said quietly,

“I know that, and yet… I just…”

“Shh. Just go to sleep. Alright? You’re drunk.” She hummed his favorite tune once more, lulling him to sleep.

“Aki…” he called her, “Aki,”


“But I can’t do this, this wedding” He whispered, I don’t see myself marrying anyone, except you, he wanted to say. He ran his thumb across her cheekbones, “I’ll never get tired of telling you how much I love you. I already decided, Aki. I won’t let you go that easily.” His voice hoarse, a look of pain in his eyes once more.

I love you.” He leaned close to her face, lightly kissing her at first, gentle as he can. She can only close her eyes. Before she knew it she was pinned down on the floor, the light kisses turned to passionate ones, she can feel her kimono sliding off her shoulders, his lips trailing down from her lips, to her neck.

“Mmn…!” He bit a sensitive flesh over and over again, leaving a mark that she won’t be able to hide the next morning. Her voice were like music to his ears, he wanted more.

She was weak under his touch. She clasped a hand over her mouth. Shigezane then removed the ribbon that ties her hair, she wanted him to stop yet at the same time she doesn’t want to. She was already drunk by his scent and his kisses. He held the back of her head, his kisses now deeper.

Then, she remembered his bride’s face, Ayame. How excited she is for the wedding, Inuchiyo and lastly, the reason why she can’t accept his confession. She gathered all her strength and resolve to push him away, to stop him.

“Shigezane… this is not… right.” She whispered.

Shigezane was clearly surprised of what she said, and what he did. They’re both sweating and he can see Aki catching her breath, he fixed her kimono and handed her the ribbon, regret in his eyes he apologized.

“I’m sorry…” He said, raking a hand through his hair. She kept quiet, touching the mark he left behind. “I’m really sorry, doll.” She looked down, unable to fully process what almost happened between them.

“It’s…” It’s fine, was what she wanted to say, but the words won’t come out.

“Please forget it.” Shigezane said.

An awkward silence.

“Why do you always have to kiss me when you’re drunk?” She chuckled.

“Because that’s the only time I get the courage to do so.”

“…” she kept quiet. They stared at each other, waiting.

“Aki, will you… l-let me hold you…?” he asked, looking bashfully at her. Aki looked down to her lap, conflict clear in her face.


“Aki, why?” He asked, “Can you tell me why we can’t be together?”

She took a deep breath, answering his question in a whisper.

“I’ll tell you… when the fall comes. I’ll tell you how I feel. Until then, let’s just keep on doing what we must do.”

preachitwhiteboy  asked:

#22? #40? #62 MORE THAN 5 MONTHS BISH #93 always wanted to 😘

Ahaha thanks babe 😙


#40 So many reasons, I can’t even begin to start to list them all. From every little thing she does when she blushes or gives little kisses, to her face when she sees dogs. How much kindness she puts into everyone and how far she is willing to go to help me and be there for me. How supportive and encouraging she is, and puts up with all the bullshit I put her through sometimes. She is goofy and wonderful and when she’s just busy being herself or enjoying the moment I’m just captivated. There’s so much about her that I couldn’t even begin to explain what I, not just like, But love about her. She’s everything to me.

#62 Of course I can. And I plan to remain in the relationship for many many more endless months 💕

#93 well I’ve had intense make outs but not sex, I’m not opposed to trying but I would be so conscious of people around, but I guess I’ll never know until I try 😅

Lass, let me tell you something.  A Pirate Queen is not cute.  A Pirate Queen is a woman that you fear and want at the same time.  A woman that makes sure her King stays a king.
Is that clear?

PQ!Merida for Pirate!Jarida AU.  I wanted to draw what she has under her jacket…which isn’t much ahaha.  Her outfit has more colors really, but I was blocking values and then ended putting some colors in instead. >_>
Who she’s talking to, you can make it up, I was thinking Astrid or Rapunzel. :X
Wanted to draw Jack somewhere in the back but it just didn’t work, so …maybe a separate piece for him (some day a long time from now probably).

So, I decided to ask my mom a Mikayuu question without her being in the fandom. For like… a view on things from someone who hasn’t seen/read the anime/manga. And so I casually asked her, “If two people went to the same orphanage – that don’t have the same parents – is it incest?” 

She gave me the look of, “Who the fuck…?” and answered, “No… They aren’t blood-related then it’s not incest.” 

I started laughing so loudly cause she looked so confused about my question with the look of, “Who the hell told you that was incest?” So I explained to her about how Mika and Yuu went to the same orphanage and people were calling it incest because they considered each other family. (I talk about my OTPs a lot to her, she understands the feels ahaha.) 

Her response was, “It isn’t incest because they are not blood-related. I don’t know who is telling you that… It would be incest if they were blood-related but since they are not, it’s not incest.”

My mom puts up with me way too much haha.

So after hurricane Matthew ruined my initial plans to ask my boyfriend to marry me, I simply took him outside on the balcony one evening to ask him. I didn’t know how to bring it up at first, but then my cat was in the window looking all eager so I laughed about how she knew what I was about to do. While my boyfriend was distracted, I held out the ring to him and he was so excited to turb around and see it and he couldn’t figure out what finger to put it on- so I put it on his finger and said, “This one, because I want you to marry me.” Ahaha it was so lame on my part but his reaction was priceless and I love him so much. We actually had our first kiss then too because we’ve been in a long distance relationship up until last week 😊 all I know is that people have noticed how much happier both of us are now that we’re physically together and even my anxiety has lessened. I’m sorry, I’m just so excited and happy ahaha

- submitted by @zoryanny