she puts her legs in his lap

Clown baby shenanigans:
  • *walks in the bedroom after doing laundry*
  • *sees J on the floor with the baby in his lap putting lipstick on him*
  • Harley: "Puddin'... What the hell are ya doin'?"
  • *turns around and points to a lipstick smudged baby*
  • Joker: "For being my son, he's honestly terrible at this."
  • Harley: "Gimme the baby! Now I gotta go give him another bath."
  • *leans over and grabs her leg as she tries to take the baby back to bathroom*
  • Harley: "Fine then. Ya both gettin' a bath!"
  • *continues dragging him all the way to the bathtub*
Ficlet: Rumor

“You’re busted.”

Leia looked up from her datapad. Her eyes were a bit sluggish; she’d been reading this expenditure report for the better part of two hours. But even though he was blurry, she could still make out the larger-than-life form of her husband, standing near the front door. His hands were on his hips and he looked annoyed.

“How so?” she asked.

Han walked further into the room, sidestepping both her shoes and the stuffed nerf Anakin had left on the floor before Luke had taken him and the twins to a surprise lunch. “Holonews says you’re leaving me for the prince.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Which prince?”

“You got more than one?” He dropped to the conform couch and put his boots up on the table in front of them.

Leia turned to him, tucked a leg underneath her and set the datapad in her lap. “Han, I think we need to talk,” she said.

“Great. Here we go,” he said. She was amused that his face didn’t crack at all. If she didn’t know him better, if they didn’t know this routine by heart, she might have been worried. “You want me out of here by seventeen hundred tonight?”

“That’s right. The princes are coming over at six.”

His lips flattened into a straight line and he nodded. Leia almost laughed. “Been a good run, Princess,” he said, slapping his knees and standing up. “Let me know when I can see the kids.”

“Of course,” she said. Then she tossed the datapad in her lap onto the floor near Anakin’s toy. “They’ll be back in an hour. I don’t suppose you’d mind a proper farewell to our marriage?”

The only real break in his face was a quick lopsided smile before he covered it up with a reluctant nod. “Sure,” he said. “You’ll be a nice warm-up for the girl I’m apparently sleeping with.”

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, reaching for his hand. “Sounds good.”

Leia pulled and Han fell and she was grateful, as always, that they shared a sense of humor about the rumor mill. 

Naegiri One-Shot - A Serious Talk - Danganronpa Fanfic

This one ran a bit longer than usual. Sorry in advance; I will, of course, put most of it behind a “read more” cut.

A cold wind was blowing outside the new Hope’s Peak Academy, but things were considerably warmer inside the quarters of headmaster Makoto Naegi. There, Makoto sat on a quilt in front of a gas fireplace, where he was soon joined by his girlfriend - Kyoko Kirigiri.

Makoto was seated with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap. Kyoko sat down with her knees up and her feet on the floor. She looked over and smiled coyly at Makoto as she noted, “Quite the romantic setup.”

Makoto laughed a little. “I’m glad you think so,” he said, feeling a bit awkward. “I uh… I got you something.”

He reached into the center of his lap and withdrew a small, rectangular box with a ribbon on it. “It’s nothing big,” he prefaced, “But I thought it’d be a nice treat.”

Kyoko took the box from him with a curious expression on her face. “What’s the occasion?” she asked. “You’re a little early for my birthday.”

He looked sideways and shrugged before joking, “I guess the occasion is dessert?”

The flickering lights of the fireplace danced across the top of the box, revealing a brand label that Kyoko recognized. Her eyes went wide as she said, “…Chocolat Bonnat?”

“I remembered you said that Fuhito always made it a point to get some whenever he was in France,” Makoto said, rubbing the back of his head nervously with one hand. “I heard that Future Foundation’s eleventh branch was going to be passing through eastern France, so I made contact and asked them send me a small box. You, ah… you still like it, right?”

Kyoko looked over at him with a sincere, wide grin. “Of course,” she assured him quietly. “When we lived in Grenoble for a year, I sneaked far too many of these chocolates into my room and my mouth.”

“I’m glad,” Makoto said with a grin. “And this time, you won’t have to ‘sneak’ them.”

Kyoko leaned over and put one gloved hand on his shoulder as she kissed his mouth gently. “Thank you,” she told him. “You’re incredibly thoughtful.”

“It’s not even a very big box,” Makoto said dismissively with a chuckle.

Kyoko leaned back into her seat, letting her arm rub against his as she explained, “It’s about the gesture, not the expense.” She shook her head at him and continued, “Dinner was great, and then you had a fire ready for us, and now this?” One side of her mouth curved into a lopsided smile. “I half-suspect you’re either leading up to something or buttering me up for something.“

Makoto tilted his head to the side a bit, and let out another nervous giggle. “Heh, kind of both,” he admitted.

She pretended to look scandalized by the admission even though she couldn’t hold back a playful smile. “Why, Headmaster Naegi,” she asked jokingly, “Are you trying to seduce me?”

A bit of pink appearing in his cheeks as he answered, “N-no! That is, not right now anyway?” Makoto paused and looked into Kyoko’s eyes, adding, “I just wanted us to… talk. About some stuff.”

Instantly, Kyoko’s face fell from a playful smile to its more natural resting state. “I sense that this is the serious kind of ‘stuff,’” she ventured.

“Kind of, yeah,” Makoto confirmed, his own face having fallen to match. “But the good kind of serious, I hope?”

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Rainflower, Chapter Seven

Stiles has been watching Friends for three days.

Lydia can remember long Sundays cuddled next to him on the couch in his living room, a blanket draped over their laps as the familiar laugh track crackled loudly from the speakers on his TV— his dad always needed the volume turned up higher than they did. Before all this, she had associated the theme song of this show with Stiles’ head on her shoulder; Stiles fighting cheesy fries out of his dad’s hand; Stiles letting her put her feet under his legs because they were cold. Now, every time she hears the theme song, she has the faint realization that she is thirty minutes closer to madness than she was the last time she heard it.

Because Stiles, this Stiles, doesn’t laugh as he watches television. He sits on the thick gold comforter of the king sized bed that they are sharing and stares blankly at the screen. Lydia would assume that he wasn’t watching the show at all, but sometimes he mouths the words along with the dialogue that is familiar to him. Not that she’s paying attention.


anonymous asked:

How about some Taro and Mercy angst?

Gosh I love them and ya making me hurt them (jk I love angst feed my dark soul)

  • Its after he loses his legs, and he’s trapped lying in a bed that he grows fearful of the world. Losing hope that good people exist outside these walls.
  • Mercy took her son’s injuries the hardest aside from him. Her little baby boy is obsessively touching the stumps just below his knees, and staring at the space his legs would have occupied. 
  • She sits on the bed right next to him, letting him put his head in her lap while she murmurs soft things. Her hands gently brushing his hair and trying to soothe his restless soul.
  • “Little heart, there is darkness in this world, but it cannot exist without the light. A shadow cannot over come a candle. You are bright, and you helping anyone in this world makes it all the more brighter.”
  • Mercy oversees his prosthetics, and makes sure they fit perfectly. Healing, and adjusting, takes time but Mercy is patient. Even when Taro wants to give up and he bites his lip to stop crying because he doesn’t want to anymore. 
  • He hates having to spend nights in the infirmary without her. She does too, but she’s back all the early the next morning and humming lullabies while assisting him in walking. 

marlene lays her legs out over his lap and puts her cigarette out on the couch. fanning long curls out over the edge. feeding off of the previous chaos.

dorcas glides, floats, through the room with an untouchable grace as if walking on air. eyes wide open; unseeing. alone in a room full of beings.

lily scrubs scrubs scrubs the stale beer from the carpet until her hands are raw and numb. red falls over her eyes and for a moment she wonders if it’s blood.

mary closes her eyes tightly shut, pretending she’s far far away in some mythical place of pure unadultered bliss. a place of peace and a place of honest joy.

marlene tastes copper in her mouth and knows it’s all coming to an end.

dorcas opens her arms to the sky and ignores the tension in the air; focusing in on one glimpse of freedom in her sight.

lily busies herself for when her mind is idle she is reminded of the impending climax of war.

mary wishes she could whisk them all away to some place safe and grand.

—  after the party ; before the war. ( k.b.a. )

“Swan.” He badgers her, lifting and dropping his head back down onto her lap to try and get her attention. She turns a page without even blinking and says: “I’m reading.”  He puts a strawberry in his mouth with a grin and tries again, straining his chin towards her. 

“Swamph,” Her mouth twitches and he can tell he’s wearing her down. 

“Get strawberry on my sheets and you’ll need a peg leg to go with the hook.”  But she’s smiling and only pretending to read now.

“Come on lass, I don’t get much more lovable than this.” Finally she takes off her glasses and looks at him with exasperated fondness, leaning in to say ‘I love you’

And then he wakes up and remembers…she’s gone. 


I can’t write lol. But hopefully this conveys sufficient angst <3 EDIT: btw guys, he has both hands because the stump looked real awkward :,D

MM Fanfic One-Shot (MCx707) - Lovers Hack

A Mystic Messenger Fanfic

Pairing: MC/707

Summary: What happens when Seven finds out when MC has been hiding a secret..

Lovers Hack

MC looked over her book and watched as Seayoung was typing furiously on his keyboard, the middle of his forehead scrunched in concentration. She glances at the screen to see the black screen that was filled with blue type. Fidgeting in her seat, she puts her legs down that was on Seayoungs lap, this caused him to look at her and sigh.

“I’m sorry babe, I know we’re meant to go out for dinner tonight, but I need to get this encryption figured out by midnight. I promise, I’ll make it up to you” He says giving her a light kiss on her forehead before swirling back round facing the computer.

She could see how exhausted he was, with the bags under his eyes, he had been working non stop for two weeks, the agency had been giving him job after job that he barely had any rest. Sometimes Searan would offer to help him but he was apparently at Yoosung’s place having a Lan party. Her hands clutched onto the book as she noticed something on the screen, but not wanting to bother him, she decided to make them a drink instead. Putting a hot cup of coffee next to him she sits back down on the chair next to Seayoung.

‘He’s definitely tired…he missed it..’She thought to herself

She could sense how frustrated he was, trying to distract herself, she picks up the novel that she had put down before making the drink. Not that it helped as she was still peering over the book and watching her boyfriend work. It wasn’t until he sighs again and taking the coffee for a sip.

“Honey..are you okay?” MC asks thoughtfully

“I’m fine, just tired, this encryption is taking longer than I thought, but I need to get it done!”He replies staring at the screen.

She listens to him rant on about the encryption and nods as he goes into ranting about his work, she was lost in his words as he started rambling on about finding a decryption for it. She found herself stood up standing behind his chair, leaning forward and looking at the screen. The words on the screen was bright and looked exciting, she wanted to touch it, feeling nostalgic as floods of memories of her past flashes in her mind.

“Someone’s left a back door entry, it looks like it wasn’t on purpose, probably done by the people who came up with the system as a way to access it quicker, they must have forgotten about it. I’m sure if you access into that then you can probably get the decryption faster.” MC hears herself absent-mindedly speak.

Froze in her position, she can see from the corner of her eye that Seayong had looked up at her with his mouth hanging open.

“What?!” Seayoung finally says still in shock

“Um, I don’t know, I’m just rambling, ignore me” MC replied clearing her throat quickly, and sits back down on the empty seat, hiding behind her novel.

She could feel his stare as he rolled his seat closer towards her, shrinking into her own seat her face completely behind the book. MC suddenly felt the book pulled from her hands and a very confused red-haired man staring at her. Giving him a sweet smile she puts her hand on her laps, fiddling with her thumbs, her eyes darting everywhere around the room. Seayoung puts the book on the desk and clasps his hands onto hers. Looking at him again, she noticed a sparkle in his eyes.

“MC…do you..understand all this stuff?” She could swear that his eyes were twinkling now.

“…Maybe……a little..” She replied giving him a slight smile

“What’s a little? How did you learn? WHEN did you learn? Do you WANT to learn more??” Seayoung asks excitedly

“Er…I…no…hmm..” Lost for words, MC mumbles, finding it difficult to respond to him

“What is it? I can tell you want to tell me something, you’re biting your lip” Seayoung frowns a little, noticing her habit.

“I er, didn’t know when to tell you, but you have to promise to remain calm….” MC sighs

“Of course babe, you can tell me anything” He replies taking a hand and kissing her knuckles

“So…you know how I use to work for the government…..” She says slowly, carefully watching his expression

“Yes, you worked for the foreign and commonwealth department” He nods at her

“Well…that’s not exactly true..”She winces

“What do you mean…?” He asks her, he knew all the jobs that she had, ever since she step foot in Rika’s apartment, he had done a full background check

No longer being able to hide it, MC takes a deep breath.

“I use to work for the the government, but not in that department…I was..a ‘Gray Hat’ for the government…and it’s not recorded in records for obvious reasons” She says in almost a whisper.

Seayoung gawps at his girlfriend for a few minutes, letting the words sink in before giving her a big grin, looking proud and excited.

“Omg!! Why did you not tell me earlier?? Holy….this is amazing, my girlfriend is also a hacker!!” He jumps up and down with excitement

“Seayoung! I’m not a hacker and I don’t do that kind of work anymore!!” MC tries to get his attention, but he was already way ahead off her.

“You KNOW what this means right!?!” He swirls back round facing her, his eyes twinkling more

“No…I don’t…” She replied looking wary

“With both of us, we can hack into Jumins security system at his penthouse and rescue Elly!!!” He nearly shouts with excitement

“NO!! This is EXACTLY why I hadn’t told you yet..”MC laughs running out the room

She could hear his footsteps behind her and him shouting out to her.

“Aww! Come on….I  know you want Elly too!! This is perfect! We can double team him!! OH!! We can have secret messages to each other to decode!! Think about it!” Seayoung chases her into their room

She squeals as he made a jump and wrapped his arms around her waist, the pair of them falling onto their bed giggling.

“Why on earth would we create secret messages!?” MC asks still giggling

“For funsies!” He replied smiling back at her

“You’re not mad at me for not telling you?” She looks into his beautiful eyes

“No, I’m disappointed that you didn’t tell me sooner…….could have used the help” He replies jokingly

“Sorry…I wanted to tell you, but I wasn’t sure how you would react” MC says shyly as she felt his hand tucking a piece of stray hair behind her ear

“I think…it’s HOT that my girlfriend use to also be a hacker!” He replies with his eyes gleaming.

“I am not a hack-” Before she could tell him off, she found herself struck with a deep kiss and melting in his arms.

Bonus scene:

>MC and Seayoung did actually get through Jumin’s security, with Seayoung getting through to the security cameras and MC diverting the security guards by hacking into their radio’s leading them to a different floor. They played with Elizabeth 3rd in Jumin’s penthouse without the security guards knowledge. They had forgotten the time until Jumin walked in to find the pair dressing Elizabeth with bows and ribbons. Of course, they had an earful from Jumin, but as always, Jumin had a soft spot for MC as he had kind of taken her under his wing as his little sister. MC managed to calm him down by giving him her best puppy dog eyes and promised to make it up to him by baking him her famous cookies.  

Sunrise - Everlark Epilogue Drabble

The sun was slowly rising over the mountains, soaking her meadow in a soft orange hue.  Katniss smiled as she quietly observed their little girl running around the field, a crown of dandelions atop her head courtesy of her husband’s talented fingers, her big blue eyes shining as she giggled. Their boy with the sunshine curls and Seam gray eyes tottered after his sister on his chubby toddler legs before becoming distracted and collapsing back onto Peeta’s lap, his cheeks ruddy with exertion.  

Katniss placed her arrows back in their sheath, her steps silent as she approached her family.  As she came within reach of her boys she heard the soft cricket noises coming from Peeta’s lips as their son looked on in awe and then tried to replicate them.  “Almost buddy,” she heard his tender deep chuckle as he ruffled the boy’s blond curls.  “And then we’ll put them on the fishing hooks and catch some fish for your Mama’s birthday.”

“I can catch fishes, Daddy?”

“Of course big guy,” he said softly, leaning down to kiss the crown of his head.

The little boy’s gray eyes shined as he caught sight of Katniss.  Her hand slid into Peeta’s curls and he angled his head up to hers. He knew her touch better than anyone. She leaned down pressing her lips to his, that warm feeling radiating through her body.  This man, her dandelion in the spring, her reason for believing things could be good again and her guiding light and hope over the past 15 years of her life.  His touch still gave her butterflies.

“Ewww,” a high pitched giggle came from close by, as the dark haired girl ran up to her parents.

Katniss grinned at the ease of her daughter’s laugh.  The readiness her of smile.  Her life was without the overbearing pain and strife that so many children in her day had experienced.  She reached out and hugged the little girl to her and tickled her belly.  “Mama!” she squealed, “That tickles!  Daddy help!”

“You’re on your own, Princess,” Peeta chuckled, watching the ease at which his wife interacted with their children.  The heaviness from the Games had long since left her shoulders.  Every now and then he would see the shadow in her eyes, the worry, but she was lighter now.  Her love and adoration for their two babies had opened a whole new facet in Katniss.

“You’re in trouble now,” Katniss laughed, twirling the girl in her arms before finally setting her down and sitting on the grass next to Peeta and their boy, her fingers easily intertwining with Peeta’s.

“Okay okay!” The girl giggled looking at her parents’ interwoven fingers before plopping on Katniss’s lap.

The family of four sat in relative silence in the meadow as the sun continued to rise, Katniss looked over her shoulder and met Peeta’s cerulean eyes.  Everything she had ever needed since the moment their names were drawn out of the reaping, he’d given to her.  She traced the intricate braid on her daughter’s head and felt her heart swell again.

Finally it was here.

What she had wished for all those years ago.

Peeta’s children…their children were free to roam and laugh and play without fear of starvation, without the threat of the Capitol.  They would not be sacrificed for entertainment value of the overindulged Capitol bourgeoisie.

“Mama, come to the lake?” her cherubic little boy asked breaking the silence between them.

Peeta looked between her and her sheath of arrows and gave her a smile cocking his head to the side, “Yeah, come to the lake with us.”

Katniss nodded unable to turn down her two favorite blonds.

Lifting her daughter out of her lap and standing up, she grasped Peeta’s hand in hers, while her daughter skipped off ahead.  Peeta swung their little boy up onto his hip as they walked towards the lake as a family.

All was well.  

All was safe.

I can just imagine daddy Michael buying a little paddling pool for baby girl Clifford and filling it with the little ball pond balls and putting it in the living room for her. Then he’d sit her in it and watch how happy she looks as she laughs and flails her little arms around and decides that he wants in on her fun so he lifts her out and gets in it himself (despite that the fact that he is bigger than it and can barely fit his giant Australian legs in the damn thing) and sits her on his lap. And that’s how you find them almost an hour later, both of them still giggling away until they realise that you’re stood in the doorway, Michael turning a shade of red from embarrassment and your daughter just squealing happily at the sight of her mummy. So you take her from him and you’d reassure him that it was cute really but then you’d make him tidy the room because there was dozens of the coloured balls covering the floor.

Ichabbie Blurb: Reward (Ichabbie Fanfic)

Something that took a turn. Lol

She sat on the bed, reading a case for work when Crane came into the room. She smiled at him and he at her. He looked tired though. His eyes sagged and his hair was untied. She closed her folder and put it aside. As he removed his coat and boots, she crossed her legs and placed a pillow in her lap. He got onto the bed, lay his head down on the pillow. He caught himself reflected in her light brown eyes.

“Had a rough day at work, Professor Crane?” She kissed his forehead a few times.

“Unfortunately. My students have a big test arriving that determines if they move on to the next grade level. I explained to them what was on it, but they looked so discouraged. We haven’t even gotten through all the chapters yet. There are still four more to teach them. The test is two months away.”

“I’m sorry about that. I know how important your students and their education are to you.” Her fingers and nails gently scraped through his hair. It chilled him.

He glanced away from her. “What if I can’t teach them in time? What if I fail them?”

She didn’t like it when he doubted himself. He had a habit of doing that when stress got the better of him.

“One day at a time, Crane. Play games. Show them videos and films. Make sure they have interactions with what they read. It’ll calm their anxiety. When they actually experience what they’ve read, it’ll click. Don’t push them too hard or put everything on them at once. They’ll shut down. And reward them when they do well. They’ll feel proud of themselves.” She kissed his nose. “Most importantly, believe in them. Tell them they’ll kick ass on this test. And believe in yourself. You’re their teacher. You know what they need.”

He smiled at her. “Why do you make everything seem so clear?”

She kissed his lips. “You’re welcome.”

He sat up and faced her. “Perhaps I should give you a reward, Agent Mills.“

"What do you have in mind, Mr. Crane?” She smirked.

“As I tell my students, I shall show you instead of tell you.” He unbuttoned her jeans.

They got into comfortable positions. He was on top. He slipped her pants and underwear off. Spread her legs. Kissed the inside of her thigh. She bit her lip.

“Your reward.”

She whimpered and her nails scratched the seams in the comforter as  his tongue flicked and his teeth nipped her clit. Of all the rewards she’s ever gotten, she’d remember this one.

Something to imagine...

Robert, Aaron and Liv watching a movie. Liv sits between the boys with the bowl of popcorn on her lap. Robert slings his arm across the back of the sofa and trails his fingers slowly over the skin behind Aaron’s ear and into his hair before resting them at the top of his neck while they watch the film.

Liv becomes tired and slumps back then slowly falls toward Robert. Aaron takes the bowl from her and Robert puts his arm around Liv as she falls asleep against him. Aaron lifts her legs and puts them across his lap as he edges closer to Robert, leaning over to kiss his lips quickly before settling back in to the sofa; he entwines his and Roberts fingers and returns to the movie. When Liv wakes up the movie is long finished, Robert and Aaron are both fast asleep, Aaron having fallen slightly toward her and thrown his arm over her middle. She can’t help the smile as she rests her head back on Robert and closes her eyes again.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a imagine with bellamy x reader where they have a daughter and she crawls in their bed because she had a nightmare and the reader and bellamy are trying to calm her down and it ends fluffy

It was late, you were resting your head on Bellamy’s chest, sleep slowly washing over you. His steady breaths were calming to you, but for some reason sleep wasn’t coming.

You were just about to drift off when a cold hand gripped your ankle, causing you to jump. Bellamy was sitting up quicker than you’d anticipated, ready to protect you and Phoebe.

‘I had – I had a night – nightmare,’ sobbed Phoebe. The simple comment made the two of you relax to a certain extent, but also worried you. She had a vivid imagination, and it always took a while to calm her down from them.

‘Hey, sshh,’ cooed Bellamy, moving to embrace her. He put her gently on his lap and began to bounce his legs slightly. She was shaking with sobs, clinging to him as if he was the only thing keeping the nightmares away. It was horrible seeing her like this, but you knew that the two of you would calm her down eventually.

‘It’s gonna be all right, Phoebe,’ you assured her softly, running your fingers through her hair. ‘We’re not gonna let the monsters get you.’

‘There weren’t – weren’t monsters,’ she said, burying her head against Bellamy’s chest. ‘You – you were gone!’ She wailed after that, one small hand reaching out to grab you, to pull you into the little hug.

‘Oh, sweetie,’ you said, kissing her gently on the top of the head. ‘We’re always gonna be here for you. I promise.’

Bellamy nodded, hugging her a little tighter. ‘We promise, we’ll always be with you,’ he said as you rubbed Phoebe’s back gently.

‘But – but what about if something happens?’ she sniffled.

‘We’ll be with you,’ you told her, brushing her hair off her face so that you could see her. ‘We’ll always look out for you.’

You waited for a moment as she shifted so as to hug you, still sitting on Bellamy’s lap though.

‘Do you wanna sleep with us tonight?’ you asked.

Phoebe nodded her head against your chest. ‘Yes please,’ she said in a scared little voice.

Bellamy shifted so that he was lying on his side, allowing Phoebe to settle down in the middle of the bed. You slowly sunk into the pillows, looking at Bellamy as well while Phoebe wriggled between you, trying to get herself comfortable. When she was finally settled Bellamy moved the blanket to cover you all.

‘I love you, Mummy,’ she said, taking your hand gently in her own. ‘I love you, Daddy,’ she said, doing the same.

‘We love you, too, Phoebe,’ you assured her, moving to kiss her gently on the forehead.

‘To the stars and back,’ Bellamy finished, kissing her gently on the top of the head. A small smile slipped onto her face as she closed her eyes. Maybe she would actually be able to sleep now, without the fear of nightmares coming to haunt her.

1. Moving day


April 12, 2013

Atlanta is too fucking hot.

I huffed, setting the box down on the counter. Standing up, I retrieve my water bottle from the empty counter taking a quick gulp. My eyes gazed around the now full apartment causing me to smile.

“I think you got the last one.” Mel sighed, plopping down on our brand new suede couch. “I’m hot as helll.” she groaned, fanning herself with a piece of paper. I nodded in agreement sitting also, stretching my legs out across her lap.

“Y’all asses acting like y’all carried heavy shit.” Trey mumbled, plopping down next to me and putting his head on my shoulder.

“Well, you said you would help.” I sigh. Trey sucked his teeth, pulling his phone out of the pocket of his shorts.

“And no, we’re not some. We still got the tv." I groaned. It was damn near 100 degrees and we out here moving boxes. We were all exhausted and in need of a break. "Don’t complain, seeing as you're the one that didn’t want to pay anybody.”

I swung my legs around, stretching my arms above my head. “Rob, if you go get the tv, I’ll make something to drink?” I rolled my eyes.

“Alright. I’ll be back. Come on Trey.” His eyes snapped up and he gave me the puppy dog face. “Nope, that thing will be way too heavy for me.”

I got up from my comfortable position on the couch sauntering towards the door. Trey listened and was right on my heels.

The hallway was basically empty considering it was close to four, so most likely everyone in the building was at work. Being lazy, we took the elevator all the way down to the main floor. The moving truck was parked right outside the doors so I walk out to see Mel was right. All we had left was one 50 inch flat screen.

I huffed, how the fuck was I supposed to carry this back upstairs? I looked Trey’s way for help but he just shrugged his shoulders with that dumb ass smirk on his face.

Rolling my eyes, I walk up the little ramp standing right in front of the tv. I mean, I’m 5’8 with a little muscle but I damn sure couldn’t carry this big ass tv. I carefully gripped the ends, pulling it towards me.

Luckily it was big enough to slide down the ramp with no problem. I slid the ramp back into its rightful place in the truck before sliding the door back down and locking it.

“You need help?” Trey laughed standing right in front of me with a smirk. I could barely see his face because the sun was so damn bright, but I knew his cocky ass attitude anywhere. Trey had to be the most respectful asshole I’d ever come in contact with. We’d been working at the same magazine company for about two years, and he also happened to be the one that recommend the building I was currently moving into. “You look like you’re struggling, Rob.” He chuckled.

“Trey, don’t start with me.” I finally mumbled, “Help me.”

I’mma kick Mel’s ass for this big ass tv.

Trey carefully bent down, picking the tv up almost effortlessly. “You weak as hell.” He laughed, which caused me to roll my eyes.

Thankfully, a woman held the door open for us while he carried this damn tv back into the building.

Trey easily maneuvered inside our building with the tv until we reached the elevator, where he set it down gently.

“So, I’m guessing this is why you wanted me to come help. Manual labor.” He asked, eyes locked on the numbers gradually going up.

“Duh.” He shook his head with a laugh just as the elevator made the noise telling us we’d reached our floor. I held the door so it wouldn’t close while Trey carried the tv down the hall until he reached Mel and I’s apartment door. The door was unlocked so we walked straight in.

“You can put it right there.” He gently set the tv down and stood up.

“Now where my hug at, girl? I ain’t even get one before you put me to work.” I rolled my eyes but gave him his hug. Trey had to go to extreme lengths and pick me up off the floor.

“Rob must’ve made you carry the tv?” She side-eyed me, which had him laughing.

“Yeah, I been here all damn day anyway.”

Apart from being my colleague, Trey was also a good friend of mine. Once I started working at limelight he was one out of the very few people who were nice to me. Mel left the room for two seconds coming back with glasses of lemonade.

“Well, I guess I’ll unpack a little while you take the truck back?” I smiled innocently. Mel shot me the dirtiest look she could muster up while I just sipped on my lemonade.

“Alright, but bitch you cooking tonight.” I laughed, nodding my head.

It was only fair.

“I’ll be back.” Mel snatched the keys off the counter making her way to the from door.

“You leaving now?” I asked, running my fingers through my blonde hair.

“They close at six and it’s a little past four. Might as well get the truck back.” She spoke over her shoulder. I watched her leave before a smile spread across my face.

The apartment was nothing less than perfect in my eyes. The walls seemed to compliment the suede furniture we’d purchased a few weeks earlier perfectly, along with the hardwood floors I adored. I prayed for these damn floors.

“You really like this place don’t you?” Trey chuckled. I nodded, eyes sweeping the spacious living room once again.

Turing on my sandal clad feet, I walk the short distance to the bedroom I’d chosen at the far end of the hall. The walls were a deep lavender, that I hated, even though they complimented the floors well. Personally, I would be painting this bedroom over entirely within the next few weeks.

Lavender seemed a little too dark for my taste.

Making the transition from Cali to Atlanta wasn’t as big as a difference as I thought it would be. About a month ago Mel and I had been living separately, but as of now, we now had our own two bedroom, two and a half bathroom apartment, right on the sixth floor. This place was the one that stuck out to us the most just because of the vibe.

It was perfect.

I took a seat on the floor and pulled one of the boxes closer to me. Everything was marked for my room, yet I still had to put together this damn bedroom set amongst other things.

Trey appeared in the doorway and took a seat on the floor beside me sipping on his lemonade. Huffing, I grabbed the scissors cutting right through the tape, pulling open the folds. Everything was wrapped in news paper so I began pulling out my decorative things.

“If you’re just gonna stare, you need to unpack too.” I smiled. Trey laughed, reaching beside his feet to pick up another box. Using the scissors, he cut the box open exactly how I had.

“You think you’ll be happier here? Now that Mel’s living with you?” He asked, pulling out an ‘R’ I had bought to put up on my wall.

I nodded, “Yeah, but its not like we didn’t see each other everyday anyway.”

I cut open another box pulling out the wrapped picture frame. I ripped the news paper off coming face to face with a picture of Michael and I. I was sitting ok his lap facing the camera with his arms wrapped around me, big smiles on both our faces.

Michael had asked a stranger to take our picture be cause I looked ‘so beautiful’ that day. I kept this picture just because it reminded me of the good times we’d had, with no worries.

“Robs, you okay?” Trey’s concerned voice brought me out of my thoughts. He looked between me and the picture, watching me with a concerned look. Blinking rapidly, I sent him a smile and a head nod.

“Yeah, just a little tired.” Cautiously, I set the picture face down beside me before continuing to rummage through the box for the rest of my things.

“I gotta run somewhere real quick. You’ll be alright here by yourself?” Trey asked, standing to his feet.

I sucked my teeth, “I’m a grown ass woman. I think I can handle myself, Trey.”

Before he could even utter a word, I stood and wrapped my arms around him as he engulfed me in a hug. Hugs seemed to be Trey’s signature greeting. Whenever I saw him or he was leaving a hug is what he wanted. “I’ll see you later aight?” He mumbled against my ear. I nodded as we pulled away. With one last kiss on my forehead Trey was out the door. I waited until I heard the front door slam.

I made the short trek to the kitchen and grabbed my glass of lemonade I’d left. Being alone wasn’t a problem for me but sometimes it could be overwhelming. I allowed myself to over think any and everything which wasn’t good.

My phone suddenly began buzzing in my back pocket of my shorts. I quickly slipped it out of my pocket slidding the green bar over to answer.


“Hey Robyn, you moved in yet?” It was my boss, Keri.

“Yeah, I should be back tomorrow.”

I’ve been working at Limelight magazine with Keri for a little over two years. Being a 23 year old woman working to pay off your college loans wasn’t easy. I would take any job I could get. My job was to basically run all her errands and make sure she got where she needed to go on time. It wasn’t the best but it payed well as you can probably tell.

I had worked at  Limelight with Keri fresh from my transition from Cali to Atlanta. Being a personal assistant to a photographer wasn’t the most fun but it payed well and allowed me to get by. Keri was one of the best at her job it I do say so myself. That’s why the company hired her fresh out of college. They knew she was amazing. She’s even taken pictures of me a few times when either her model didn’t show up, or she needed some personal pictures to add to her portfolio.

Mel and I come from an island called Barbados and you could probably already tell, my parents didn’t have much when I was growing up. We lived check to check but they always made sure to provide us with anything we wanted, even if they had to scrub floors on their hands and knees to do it. I decided I wanted a better life for myself and my family plus I wanted to make my family proud of me. Mel decided to join me and at the age of 16 we left to live with my aunt.

I found myself attending California State, majoring in psychology and getting my bachelors degree. Mel got a degree also but decided on becoming a photographer/makeup artist instead of business like she majored in. Once I was out of college they weren’t looking for many therapists at the time and with me moving, I had a lot going on. So, when my friend offered me a job, I took it.

My whole goal in life; to give my brothers and parents a better life. For them to not have to worry about anything like bills or oweing anyone anything.

It’s already hard being here alone but I manage, plus I have friends. I see my family on holidays and we call and skype every week. I really don’t have anyone, except for Melissa. She’s been my best friend since diapers and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

“I know your ass is not ignoring me,” Keri yelled, making me laugh. “You heard me Rob?” I turned my attention back to my conversation at hand.

“Yeah,” before I could finish the front door was being opened with Mel stomping into the kitchen a minute later.

“Mel just walked in, I’ll call you later.”

“Bye Rob. Tell my boo I said hey.”

I heard the three beeps letting me know she hung up. Mel stomped towards our empty stainless steel refrigerator snatching it open. Obviously she’d caught an attitude since leaving thirty minutes earlier because there damn sure wasn’t anything in there for her to be searching for.

I sighed, “What’s wrong?” Mel closed the refrigerator and stomped over, taking a seat on one of our stools.

“Okay, so I go to return the truck and you know the man had the nerve to ask for my number,” she scoffed. I tried to stifle my laughter which didn’t work because I ended up holding my stomach and laughing loudly.

“That’s what you’re mad about?” I laughed, which Mel obviously didn’t find amusing seeing as she rolled her eyes.

“Bitch you didn’t even let me finish,” she mumbled, “Anyway, when I politely declined, this bitch ass nigga gon’ say I’m stuck up. Like, I all I wanted to do was return the damn truck. When I tell you I cussed his ass out, I cussed his ass out.” Her accent was coming full force making me laugh even harder than before.

“Now you know he was gonna ask. He was practically st-”

Suddenly, loud knocking could be heard from the door. The both of us shared a confused look, wondering who was banging on the door like the damn SWAT team. “You had someone coming over?” Mel asked. I shook my head, rising from my seat. Mel and I cautiously headed towards the door. I checked the peephole to see a girl with her phone in her hands along with a guy next to her.

I unlock the door swinging it open, “Hi,” I say suspiciously, watching her smile. She was about my height, with long black hair. She had on a crop top and black leggings. From what I could see, she had a nice body.

“Hey, Trey asked me to come and introduce myself since I stay two doors down.” She smiled. “I got you a cake.”

“Oh, thank you.” She passed us the plate with the cake contained inside.

“It’s chocolate and I’m Teyana.” She smiled.

“I’m Robyn and this is Melissa.” I stuck my hand out while Mel sucked her teeth at me saying her whole name. The Teyana girl surprised the both of us by pushing my hand away and pulling us into a hug.

“Sorry, I’m a hugger.” She giggled.

My eyes glanced over at the guy who didn’t seem too interested in the introduction going on. He just stared down typing away on his phone, as if he didn’t want to be here.

“And you are?” Mel asked, looking him up and down. The guy’s head snapped our way before his eyes landed on me.

“I’m sorry, this is Chris, my best friend. Chris, that’s Melissa and Robyn.” I saw the hard glare and elbow she sent to his ribs, slyly, most likely letting him know she wasn’t pleased with his rudeness.

I heard him grunt before slowly stucking his hand out towards Mel. Shaking his hand firmly, Mel looked at me with a smirk.

He was about 6’2, light-skinned, brown eyes, and black curls peeking from under his SnapBack. My eyes scanned him from head to toe, analyzing the plethora of tattoos starting at his neck, down his arms, and ending on his hands from what I could see. He probably had more than that though.

“I’m Chris,” he smiled, licking his lips. “Robyn right?” He sarcastically stated, eyes darting to his friend for half a second. His eyes held a playfulness to them that almost made me crack a smile.


“Yeah,” I balanced the container with the cake on one arm, and firmly shook his hand before pulling mine away. His eyes stayed on me as he pulled back looking me up and down. I mean, he was cute but I don’t need him staring at me like I’m some foreign object.

“Your eyes are beautiful.” He smiled, his eyes dropping from my eyes, to my lips, then back up again. I saw Teyana roll her eyes, a smirk playing on her lips.

His compliment caught me off guard but it was cute nonetheless. “Thank you.” I smiled. He eyed me one last time before he turned his attention back to Teyana.

“Aye, I got a meeting to go to, but I’ll see you later.” He leaned down and quickly kissed her cheek. “Nice meeting y’all.” He looked at Mel and I, winked at me, and was gone.

“I’m sorry about him. He’s a little…rude.” She laughed.

“No it’s okay. Does he live in this building?” I inquired, my gaze locked on the hallway he had just gone down. Mel quickly looked at me probably wondering why the hell I even wanted to know.

Teyana smiled, “No, but he visits since I do. We’ve been friends since we were like eight.” She explained.

Mel stared at me but, I kept my attention focused on Teyana. I mean, she was nice enough to come over and introduce herself.

“Well, I’ll let y’all finish what y’all were doing. I know y’all have to unpack and everything. I just came to introduce myself,” she sighed, “I’ll see y’all around.”

With one last wave Teyana walked the two doors down to her apartment.

Mel and I went back into our apartment and I headed towards the kitchen. I sat the container with the cake inside down and pulled the top off. Like she said it was chocolate cake and icing which looked pretty damn appetizing right about now.

“That Chris guy was eyeing the hell out of you.” Mel sung, dancing into the kitchen. “Wipe that grin off you face.”

I hadn’t even noticed I was smiling until she pointed it out.

I shook my head at my crazy ass best friend. Any guy that looked my way she seemed to think they were interested in me. Any guy that was ever somewhat interested in me, I’d shut that down quick. I know that might sound harsh but they’d always end up being guys I’d never go for, assholes. They’d seem sweet at first then switch to the most cocky people I’d ever met.

“They just came over to meet us. Any guy that talks to me isn’t interested every time.” I murmured. Mel shook her head. I knew her speech was about to begin.

“Mel, you can’t be stuck in the past. That was damn near four years ago, Rob. I love you but you need to let go.” Her tone was sincere but held a slight firmness to it.

“Melissa, I have moved on. Just because some guy stared at me dor a minute doesn’t mean he likes me. I don’t even know him.” I gritted. “Can we just finish unpacking?”

My attempt at dropping the conversation never seemed to work. “Okay, but remember what I said Robs. I’m only looking out for you.” She sighed.

“You don’t need to Mel. I’m fine, really.”

Of course my best friend would would be looking out for me. I need everyone to stop babying me.

I’m fine.

Dog vs Cat (RWBY Snippet)

Zwei was not a happy dog. No, he was a very unhappy dog, and there was a very simple reason for that: Blake was in his spot.

Oh, it wasn’t like he disliked Blake. The cat Faunus was actually quite nice. She’d even warmed up to him after a while, and although she didn’t sneak him nearly as many treats as Weiss did, she wasn’t that far behind. She even let him curl up next to her when she was reading.

But all of that niceness aside, Blake was currently reading with her head in Yang’s lap, and that simply wouldn’t do. Yang’s lap was his spot. His. Spot. It had been for years, and Blake had another thing coming if she thought he’d be giving it up without a fight.

Ambling over to Yang and Blake, Zwei put on his cutest expression and nudged the blonde’s leg.

“Hey,” Yang said, smiling. “Do you want to sit in my lap?” Zwei nodded and wagged his tale. “Well, sorry, boy, it’s kind of occupied at the moment. You’ll have to talk things over with Blake.”

Zwei turned his attention to Blake who was still reading her book. His eye twitched. Blake continued to read her book. His tale wagged. Blake continued to read her book. Zwei took a deep breath - and then jumped on top of the book.

“Gah!” Blake flailed as Zwei’s added weight shoved the book into her face. “Get off!”

But Zwei was not about to give up the advantage. He remained stubbornly perched on top of the book, knowing that Blake wouldn’t dare throw him off with Yang right there.

Yang laughed. “I don’t think he likes you taking up all the space on my lap, Blake.”

“He’s going to have to get used to it, Yang,” Blake replied.

Used to it? Zwei huffed. He wasn’t about to get used to anything! But if that was the way Yang wanted to play it, he’d just find someone else who appreciate him more! Yes, Ruby’s lap was almost as comfortable as Yang’s, and he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone stealing it.

Or so he thought.

Weiss had her head in Ruby’s lap.


Stranger - Part 6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

After making two cups of coffee you returned back to your living room, where your friend Sunmi was already waiting for you to join her. She was sitting on the couch, cross-legged, with her laptop on her lap. She was your partner for the university magazine and one of your closest friends in Seoul. You had to finish two articles, before the publication of the next issue and frankly you two were behind time.

„So, his name is Beenzino?“ She asked while typing in his name into the search engine. Actually she wasn’t here to do some research about him, but curiosity got the better of her and she couldn’t focus on work


„Yeah, his real name is Lim Sungbin,“ you told her and put her cup down onto the coffee table.

 Filled with excitement she searched the internet for information and you had to admit you heart did beat faster. You were torn between curiosity and sense of moral. You wanted to know everything about him, but was this the right way?

„There indeed isn’t much about him,“ she let out a sigh and shook her head in disappointment, reaching out for the cup of coffee, which was still warm.

„Well, he is new in the scene,“ you sad and plopped down onto the couch, taking a glance at the screen of her laptop.

„No rumors? No gossip?“ She asked in disbelief while scrolling through every page.

 You shook your head and chuckled at her behavior.

„Hold up!“ She squeaked in delight when she stumbled upon something interesting.

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So @miraculousturtle dragged me into another fandom - and I love her for it ;) Thanks for betaing, friend <3

Enjoy, ladies and cats! The song can be heard here :)


“And just why are you so chipper tonight?” Ladybug’s voice rings out jokingly on the abandoned rooftop.

Adrien feels his heart grow in his chest at that. He’d hoped she’d come. Composing himself into typical aloofness, he smirks and glanced back at her over his shoulder. “It’s a special day tomorrow, that’s all.”

She smiles coyly too, and leaps forward so that they sit beside each other on the edge of the roof, legs dangling over the cobblestoned street storeys below. “Why’d you call me? I’m a busy girl, you know.”

With a shrug, he tries to put an arm around her. She rolls her eyes and shoves it off. “Yeah,” he murmurs and places his hands in his lap instead. The claws there twist nervously together. Gathering up his usual cocky courage, he presses on with the facade. “It’s just that we never see each other outside of fighting crime, my lady. I’m worried you missed me!”

“It’s been only two days since we last met, foolish fool,” she giggles, pulling out her yo-yo. He files that odd phrase away to think back on later. It sounds familiar. The circle zings through the crisp night air to almost touch the townhouses on the other side of the street, only for Ladybug to skillfully jerk it back into her palm at the last second.

Adrien loses himself in watching her actions for a moment, feeling both personas simply stop and stare in awe. There isn’t much time to just sit and admire her when they’re fighting, after all. But now, with the crescent moon shining through the lit-up Eiffel Tower a few blocks over and lighting upon her form, he feels his mouth go dry.

It’s on the tip of his tongue, those two words he was so close to saying less than forty-eight hours ago. Two words that could change everything. Just say it, Adrien, it’s not that hard. Je t’aime. Je t’aime. He exhales shakily, breath puffing the air. “Je-”

“Is that snow?” The yo-yo snaps back into Ladybug’s hand, and she bolts upwards in excitement. Sure enough, light white flakes are just starting to filter downwards from the heavens.

He nearly groans, but contains himself. Be Chat. Instead, he idly yawns and gestures to the night sky. “But of course! I arranged it for you, my lady. Do you like it?”

“Come off it,” Ladybug chuckles, hauling him onto his feet. The flakes are falling faster now, and she holds out a palm to catch some. They sit there pristinely for a moment, their whiteness contrasting on the red and black, before melting into her suit’s material. More start to stick there, and without thinking, Adrien kisses them away. An exuberant laugh bubbles out of her at that, and she snatches her hand away to spin around in the snow just starting to stick. “It’s lovely, isn’t it?”

“Lovely,” he agrees, although he isn’t looking at the snow.

With a breathless grin, sky blue eyes alight, Ladybug grabs his hand and takes off running atop the roof. “Let’s go!”

They’re leaping, vaulting, twisting through the air as they jump from rooftop to rooftop, never faltering in the vivacious night air of the city. The pair fly past the Eiffel Tower, past the Grand Palais and the Louvre seen across the river, finally coming to a stop by Notre Dame. The Seine forks here, and children are seen giggling and dancing themselves under the snowfall in the park beside the water, their laughter carrying up to where the pair have perched on a balcony.

J’adore Paris,” Ladybug murmurs softly at the sight, as if to herself. Adrien hears her though. He always manages to catch those moments when her guard is down, when she isn’t just a mysterious siren who claimed his heart. Not for the first time, and probably not for the last, he wonders who she is. She seems more human right then, with the snowflakes dusting her bluish-black hair and clinging to her eyelashes as she gazes in wonder on the sights below, than any other time he has looked at her before now. J’adore tu.

The soft music of violins pilfers up from the people below, a group of street musicians playing for the tourists. A singer can be heard just barely, and Adrien recognizes the old tune.

A small cafe, mam'selle… A rendezvous, mam'selle…

As if realizing she let her true self slip through, Ladybug soon shakes her head and returns his gaze with now coy eyes. “So. What’s so special about tomorrow? You better tell me, Chat, I must leave soon; my transformation will wear off.”

“You could always stay, my dear, and reveal yourself to me,” he cajoles, stepping a bit closer with a cheeky smile.

Blue eyes roll upwards in patient annoyance, used to the flirting. “As if,” she grumbles, back-flipping gracefully away from him onto the balcony’s railing.

“It’s the seventeenth of February tomorrow, lady,” he says with a grin. “I’m just reminding you, so you can get me a gift!”

Ladybug snorts at that, her cheeks beginning to turn pink from the rapidly chilling air. “Is it your birthday? Will you be five thousand years old, like me?”

“A kiss and I’ll tell you?” He tries, eyebrows wagging.

Her hand waves goodbye and she makes as if to slip away.

“Okay, okay,” he acquiesces, moving forward to grab her hand and pull her close, so that his mouth was next to her mask. Her hair smelled of pastry; fresh strawberries and powdered sugar. That seems… familiar, too. “It’s World Cat Day tomorrow,” he breathes playfully against the shell of her ear. Her subsequent shiver is one he hopes isn’t merely from the cold.

Ladybug’s answering laugh is just as teasing when she firmly pulls her hand from his grasp. “Bonne nuit, Chat Noir,” she says with finality, and clambers out of sight onto the balcony above them. He hears swooshing noises as Ladybug makes it to the roof, then she is gone.

Paris is as quiet as it can be then, almost muffled in the now steadily falling snow, the people below chatting amongst the finishing strains of the song:

And yet I know too well… Some day you’ll say goodbye… Then violins will cry… And so will I, mam’selle…

Adrien feels his conceited Chat Noir smile slip into a softer one, now that he is alone again. His heart feels bittersweet and almost painful in his chest, as if it was missing a greater half. “Au revoir, mam’selle.

Tbh my favourite Jily is barely even them as a couple because FRIEND JILY

  • Constant teasing
  • 100% all the time, c o n s t a n t 
  • Touching, they touch all the time
  • Lily putting her leg over James, James lying his head in Lily’s lap, huge lift her off the ground hugs when something good happens
  • Cheek kisses
  • Nights up on the astronomy tower sharing secrets with a bottle of secret between them
  • Slowly opening up to eachother as they become such good friends
  • James watching with a grin as Lily interacts with the other marauders
  • Lily watching with a beam as James teases her friends
  • James comforting Lily after a mean letter from Petunia. He’s rubbish with crying girls but he sits with her and holds her close, telling her just how important she is. He tells her just how fantastic she is and how much she means to him and everyone else. 
  • James Potter, ever trying to fix things can not stop the war. He can’t fix all the pain and suffering and it kills him. Lily is there to hold his hand or sit and listen to his rants whenever he needs it.
  •  Studying in the library together. 
  • Throwing wads of paper at each other in class when they think McGonagal isn’t looking
  • Getting caught and getting detention together 
  • Staying up all night in the heads dormitory and talking until they can barely keep their eyes open. 
  • Falling asleep on the couch together and waking up, both feeling better in a long time. It’s not even awkward when they wake up because these two are best friends and they love each other.
  • Openly saying they love each other. They are both extremely affectionate people so yes, they love each other, best friends love each other
  • Lily cheering harder than anyone at the Quidditch matches
  • James and Lily working in perfect unison for projects, duels, head duties, e v e r y t h i n g. 
  • Talking until all hours, laughing so hard it hurts. Tears streaming down their faces, clutching their sides.
  • A first year student gets upset and within fifteen minutes they have her laughing and wiping away her tears with a watery smile.
  • Allll the nicknames
  • Just being the best best friends you ever have seen
Wedding Night || Jashley

The ceremony was better than she had imagined, and the reception was a blast, well except for that one little annoyance.  She knew Josh was trying to do something nice for his best friend, but that didn’t mean he should have kept it from her.  Nothing she could do about it now though.  Lucy was a rockstar and had taken control of making sure all their presents and clothes they left at the park got back to their house and that their suitcases for the honeymoon got put in the car.  Her parents had got them a limo for the day, so they didn’t need to worry about driving.  After they were both in the back of the limo, Ashley closed the partition and turned to her husband.  She threw her leg over his lap and straddled him, bringing her lips to his.  “Hi Mr. Hutcherson.” she smiled against his lips.