she put the dogs in party hats

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Hi dear ^^ how do you think the mugiwaras, Ace, Sabo, Koala and Shirohige would dress up as at a halloween party? :D

Aaaaaw this is so cuuuuute <3

Halloween costumes headcanons:

Luffy: He’ll definetely be a ninja. The king of ninjas.

Zoro: His friends are going to put a pair of dog ears on him and pretend he’s a werewolf. He’ll be ok with that as long as there’s something to drink.

Nami: She could be a perfect (and very sexy) catwoman.

Usopp: He’s going to be a wizard with a long robe, the peculiar pointy hat and a magic wand.

Sanji: Definetely a classic vampire, the one with the long cape and a gentleman attitude.

Chopper: He’ll be a little ghost. Pure cuteness.

Robin: With her inner elegance she could be Morticia Addams.

Franky: And of course he’s going to be Gomez Addams (Frobin shipper, sorry not sorry).

Brook: Jack Skellington, but with an afro.

Ace: “Wait? Were you supposed to be dressed up to go asking for sweets?”

Sabo: A prince charming. Not scary, but very handsome.

Koala: She’s going to be a creepy doll with a perfect make up she did by herself. 

Whitebeard: A big and scary mummy. Seriously, can you even imagine a mummy that big? His moustaches are going to be all wrapped up as well.