she purrs at all the cars

Bound I

A/N: “Can you do one where you find out you can talk to someone through your head and it turns out to be Harry?“ THIS WAS SUPER FUN! let me know if you guys want me to continue. Enjoy!

 It’s not typical for Y/n to bring guys home after a night out…that’s not her style. She’s old-fashioned and prefers to exchange numbers with a lad, maybe go on an actual date before she gives him a taste. But that’s most nights.

   Tonight, she’s internally vowing to never drink again as she lets the hands of this stranger explore her figure, his lips leaving kisses on any area of exposed skin. Her hands leave his soft, blonde locks to reach down and find her keys. As fun as this is, she could definitely do without the feeling of her back being pressed up against her cold door. Her hearts racing at the excitement of it all but in the back of her mind lies a bit of guilt. He’s not even her type; she hopes he isn’t getting the wrong impression.

   Once inside, he pushes the door shut for her. They kick off their shoes and stumble their way into the cozy living room of her loft. They finally come up for air after what seemed like the world’s longest make out session. She uses this time to pull her tight dress down, kicking it out of the way. The fellow, whose name she can’t remember, finishes unbuttoning his shirt before he drops it behind him. 

Hey sits down on the couch and not too long after, Y/n straddles him, grinding down on his bulge. She can feel herself getting wetter with every rotation of her hips.

Meanwhile, a few miles away…

“Another shot!” Harry hears. He sighs but can’t hide the smirk that creeps on his face as he picks up his second shot of the night. He takes it fast “God, that never get easier” he coughs. His friends pat him on the back, being proper dicks about one measly shot.

“Atta boy, Styles!” 

  What they don’t know is, he slyly told the bartender to fill his glasses with club soda. Yes, he was lying to his friends but he didn’t feel like hearing their whines about him being “No fun!”. He’s having a good time, he really is but he’d just rather be at home right now. He doesn’t really like going out so often, he always seems to find himself mentally exhausted and annoyed with the atmosphere. 

“I’m gonna head out” He tells his friends, they try to convince him to stay and have just one more shot and as much as he would like to keep tricking them into thinking he was actually getting hammered, he just wants to get home. “Guys really I’m just-”

His thoughts are interrupted.

He hears what sounds to be a woman moaning which normally wouldn’t surprise him in this setting. People tend to do nasty shit in clubs like this but it sounded so close; almost like he had headphones on. He brushes it off until it happens again. He knows he probably looks insane, touching his ears and looking around like a crazy person.

“Ahh…I’m so wet” The voice whimpers. He can feel himself getting harder by the second. It’s times like these he wishes he wasn’t so easy to excite. He could literally just overhear someone talk about breasts and before he knows it, he’s stiff down there.

His eyebrows furrow and he quickly covers his erection, obviously not wanting anyone to see. He bids his friends goodbye before rushing out of the club and to his car which isn’t too far from the building. He’s thanking his lucky stars for the parking spot he chose. Harry gets in and rests his head on the steering wheel, trying to will this boner away. He’s still utterly confused but his main mission at the moment is to relax enough to drive home. He can deal with it there. 

Then, as clear as day, he hears the moans again. He whips his head around to the backseat of his car because it sounded that close. There’s nobody there. It doesn’t stop, and it certainly isn’t helping his raging hard-on, which he can now feel leaking in his trousers. “mmm” it continues “Fuck”

At Y/n’s

“Fuck” she moans, her nameless friend ruts his covered member up as she grinds down harder on him. She soaking now and just wants to feel him inside her already. She unbuckles his belt and slides off of him so that she’s lying her back upon the couch.

Back to Harry

He sits there, scared but also frustrated. He convinces himself that he’s hearing voices because he’s so horny…or maybe the bartender slipped him some actual alcohol. He fumbles with his belt, looking around the dark lot to make sure there aren’t any bystanders that could potentially witness him at his absolute worst. 

He finally frees his cock, it springs up and smudges a little pre-cum on his black button down. It’s real now…the fact that he actually just got hard for no reason. “Why the fuck is this happening” he groans. 


“Why the fuck is this happening?” She hears. She pushes her hands against the man’s chest so she can look him in the eyes. “What do you mean?” She giggles. 

“What are you talking about?” He replies before lining his head up with her slit. “You just asked why this was happening”. The look on his face tells her that he has no idea what she’s talking about. She laughs it off, saying that she probably heard her neighbors or something. 

He pushes in, filling her up with one stroke. Her eyes close at the sensation and she forgets all about what she was just concerned about. Her nails rake his back and she arches into him, shifting the angle slightly.

“Yes! Right there”

In Harry’s Car

“Yes right there” 

Harry is going mad at this point, labored breathing and flushed skin. His eyes are shut tight, jaw locked, he’s as red as a tomato and he doesn’t know how much more of this he can take. He’s successfully fighting the urge to just scream out until he hears another purr.

“Deeper” She sighs. Its the last straw for him. Harry bangs his balled up fist against the wheel 

“STOP! SHUT UP!” He roars. Only then, does the silence win. He listens for it…nothing. Its gone. He clears his throat and finally looks up and out of his car window. Standing there is a group of friends who seem to be walking into the club. They’re staring at him like he has three heads and he may as well. To Harry, that would be more manageable than hearing voices in his fucking head.


“STOP! SHUT UP!” She jumps and accidentally knocks her forehead into the one right above hers. “Ow fuck!” He sits up and rubs the afflicted area. 

“Well, that’s what you get! Why would you yell at me like that?!” She asks as she stands up and wraps herself in the small blanket that was folded over the arm of the couch. “What the fuck are you-…you’re crazy” He muttered. He pulls his clothes back on, not caring to button up his shirt. Y/n doesn’t respond, she just stands there and waits for him to collect his things. She knows she isn’t losing her mind, it couldn’t have been the neighbors. It was so close, she can literally still feel her ears ringing. Maybe its best if he does leave.

“All I wanted was a fuck and I got stuck with a fucking psycho” He chuckled. He slams the door behind himself.


He’s almost to his flat now; the car ride is silent, he doesn’t feel like hearing anything right now. Anything. He’s just glad that whatever that was, stopped and that his hard on is at a mild throb now. He can just tug one out in the shower tonight.

Then the unthinkable happens. He hears her again. This time, it sounds like she is…talking instead of moaning. He pulls into the nearest gas station to get a better listen. He might as well ease drop if its going to keep happening. 

Y/n’s Loft

Y/n decided to call her best friend, Elena and tell her about what the fuck just happened. She wants to get a second opinion and make sure she isn’t actually crazy.

“So…I swear, at first I heard him ask why it was happening and he acted like he didn’t say anything”

“Wow what the fuck? Did it sound like him?” her friend pressed. “I mean.. not really but it just sounded like it was right there.” Y/n started. “I’m not gonna lie, it sounded a little rougher than his voice. I think that’s part of the reason I freaked out, it kind of turned me off” She joked, Elena laughed along with her


Harry’s eyes had widened. He’s pretty sure that whoever he’s hearing is talking about him. So they could hear him too? He still doesn’t understand any of this but he feels slightly relieved knowing he isn’t completely alone.

“I think that’s part of the reason I freaked out, it kind of turned me off”

“Hey!” he whines before quickly covering his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say anything, it just came out. What she said kind of offended him, seeing as girls often tell him his voice is sexy and sensual.


“Hey!” She heard. It was the voice again. She looked around her living room, her first thought being that someone had to be in her house. And of course she’s still standing in only a blanket, so if there is some robber in her home, he’ll probably try to take advantage of her. She told Elena she would have to call her back, she was too distracted to really hear what she was saying anyway. Maybe it was stupid to get off of the phone at a time like this but she just needed to think clearly and listen for the voice again.

“Hello?” she whispered

“….uhm…hello?” she heard. She screamed and ran for the door, still in only a blanket. She stopped when she heard the voice scream as well, sounding just as scared.

“Jesus! Fuck stop screaming you scared the shit out of me!” she heard. Only now does she realize that the voice is coming from within; she just ran across the loft and its still right in her ear.


“I scared you?! Who ar- what is this?!” She spits out. Harry runs a hand through his hair, putting his cell phone up to his ear to hide the fact that he’s talking to himself just in case anyone decides to look at him.

“I don’t know. I really don’t but I’m just glad I’m not the only one” he sighed. “Or maybe I am and this is just a delusion” He chuckles, everything is so fucked up but he’s always been the type to find the humor in serious situations.

“Ok” Y/n starts. “Let’s just…let’s figure this out together”

Oh, sleepovers. Nothing is better than spending a night with your bestfriends overdosing on junk food, laying around in your most comfortable and embarrassing pajamas and watching five movies in a row. Sleepovers can either be extremely relaxing or hard to recover from, but they are so funny and irreplaceable that I personally think there should be an international Sleepover Night. 

Movies, obviously, are a must-be according to the Sleepover Bible (made up by me right now), but sometimes it can be hard to choose what to watch. I guess one of the best ways to decide is having a marathon or establishing a theme: you can watch the whole Harry Potter/Pirates of the Caribbean/Star Wars saga, go for a tv series like Friends or Grey’s Anatomy or follow a fil rouge that links together a few films.

What I’m proposing you today is one of my favourite themes: teen movies from 1990 to 2000. Beside being extremely funny and unmissable if you are a movie amateur, they definitely left a mark in the filmmaking history, defining a generation not so far in time from ours. They can also teach you something about style or pop culture, so you have no excuses left not to watch them!


People worshipped them and cursed them, but everybody wanted to be them .

In Jawbreaker you have all the ingredients for a classic teen movie: a high school, a popular and mean clique of Queen Bees, a kind-hearted girl loved by everyone, a prom, hot guys - with the only exception that this is not a classic teen movie.

Jawbreaker is a dark comedy and (surprise!) it involves a kidnapping, a death and police investigations. Written and directed by David Stein, the movie revolves around the “Flawless Four” of Reagan High School, Los Angeles:  Courtney Shayne, Marcie Fox, Julie Freeman and Elizabeth Purr. They all rule the school with a terror regime, except for Liz. She is not as mean as her friends and makes no differences in relating with others - her beauty and honesty, then, make her the most loved and admired girl. 

Obviously, this generates jealousy in Courtney, Marcie and Julie, who decide to prank their friend on seventeenth birthday, by performing a fake kidnapping. They take her off guard early in the morning, binding her with ropes and pushing a jawbreaker candy into her mouth. The girls lock Elizabeth in the trunk of a car and drive towards the mall to celebrate their friend’s brithday with breakfast. However, once they open the trunk, the sight is definitely not what they expected it to be…

Jawbreaker is worth watching not only for the twisted, surprising plot and the iconic (and definitely realistic) language used by the girls, but also because it explores the dynamics of a group of girls with the voice of an outsider, Fern Mayo, who finds herself involved in the events against her will. This movie is gonna make you laugh, startle and maybe regret not living in 1999.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

In the game of seduction there’s only one rule: never fall in love.

Drugs, sex, a hot step-brother, games of seduction, classy and total black outfits, rich mansions. If you like this list, Cruel Intentions is the perfect movie for you. Beside having an incredibly attractive cast, a young Reese Witherspoon included, its plot twists the usual “mean clique” dynamics.

Set in a wealthy Manhattan, the film is about an oddly assorted couple: Sebastian Valmont and his step-sister Kathryn Merteuil. He’s well known for his countless sexual conquers and seductive manners, which perfectly match Kathryn’s inner wickedness and malice - but they always both manage to get away with it thanks to their fascinating looks and charming attitudes. 

The tight relationship between the two not only sees them accomplices in many misdeeds, but also gives rise to explicit sexual innuendos, as Sebastian’s not-so-secret fantasy is to sleep with Kathryn. Despite wishing the same, the girl likes to play it hard to get, so she decides to set up a bet: if Sebastian will be able to seduce Annette Hargrove, Kathryn will have sex with him - otherwise, she’ll get his vintage Jaguar. It’s not as easy as it seems: Annette is the daughter of their school’s headmaster and has recently written an article on saving her virginity for marriage.

As the time goes by and the relationship with Annette develops, Sebastian will find his controversial morals hardly tested. He’ll also have to manage the seduction of the young and naive Cecile, the new girlfriend of Kathryn’s ex, and he’ll be soon torn between his usual lifestyle and a wager maybe too hard to win, even for his unbeaten ego.

Cruel Intentions is weird, explicit, somehow shocking. It points out the differences between boys and girls as it comes to sex, providing a few interesting reflections under a chic, witty and dark atmosphere. Kathryn’s outfits are ICONIC and the movie will make you want more - and you’re lucky, because there are a prequel and a sequel.

Clueless (1995)

Dear diary, I’m more fabulous than five minutes ago.

I don’t even know how to start with this and if you’ve never seen Clueless before… oh my gosh, you can’t imagine what you’ve missed. This movie is p-e-r-f-e-c-t! 

Yes, we have a Queen Bee, Cher, with her sidekick Dionne. And yes, she’s vain and superficial. But she is funny, gorgeous, good natured, harmless and extremely relatable. You could easily make any quote from her character yours, really. She’s crazy wealthy and lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills, obviously being the most popular girl at school.

The movie explores Cher’s life and her attempts at making “good deeds”, showing how her attitude is more innocent than biased. She decides to give Tai Frasier, a “tragically unhip” girl, a makeover aimed at initiating her into the popular universe of their high school; she tries to act as cupid and match two professors (also to raise her grades); all of this, just for the sake of “giving back to the community”.

Cher’s hilarious adventures continue as she finds herself facing a new, attractive boy at school, her annoying stepbrother, the driving license exam and other teenage things we’ve all been through. I loved this movie because she’s fierce and self confident in a positive way, for once - and I won’t even mention the outfits of almost every character, which I’ve seen more than once reinterpreted in the latest collections of many fashion brands. And let me add that Alicia Silverstone’s facial expressions are the best thing in the world… In a few words: watch it. You won’t absolutely regret it.

The Craft (1996)

“You girls watch out for those weirdos” - “We are the weirdos, mister”

Everyone loves a bit of magic. Candles, chanting odd words, summoning the supernatural, meeting in the middle of the night - all things you probably don’t do but that still sound fascinating and attractive, especially if you are a young girl with a mysterious past in a new school where you know no one.

This is how it goes for Sarah Bailey once she arrives to the catholic academy of St. Benedict, Los Angeles. A group of outcasts, with difficult, gloomy lives and rumored to be practicing witchcraft, notices that Sarah is not as normal as she seems, thus luring her into joining their coven. The powers of the four girls reach a whole new level as they try to fix their messy lives and make up for any wrong that had been unfairly done to them.

However, nothing is easy when it comes to unearthly powers - the group will face difficult personal struggles and they will soon understand that everything comes with a price. 

This thriller will open your eyes on the hard life of social rejects in a surreal way, making you think twice before exposing someone not as lucky as you - you never know what may be their revenge. I loved The Craft because it explores a different side of the world depicted in the movies listed above - it gives voice to the unheard and shows things from a different point of view.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

But mostly, I hate the way I don’t hate you, not even close.

Sisters can be so different. Take Bianca and Kat Stratford, for example. One is popular, beautiful, admired and elegant, the other is a smart, casual, ironic bookworm. Cameron James (and adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is head over heels for Bianca as soon as he sees her, but he’s warned by a friend that the girl’s father doesn’t allow her to date anyone. This doesn’t only upset Cameron, but Bianca as well - that’s why before the prom she quarrels with her dad until he agrees on letting her go at one condition: Kat has to find a boyfriend and go to the prom, too, causing Bianca to become furious since her sister will never want to be with someone.

Cameron finds out about the new rule and decides to find a boy who will date Kat, so then he’ll be able to go out with Bianca. The mission seems impossible, but of course we have Heath Ledger, in the role of Patrick Verona, who once again becomes the hero and (obviously with a heavy salary) agrees on trying.

Will the mission stay professional? Will Kat resist to Patrick’s charm or will she be trapped by the good-looking outcast as bitter as she is? Will Bianca go to prom with Cameron? You need to watch the movie to find out. This is one of my favourite ones, I’ve seen it at least three times and it’s just great - I always like watching the development of a romantic relationship, because each one is different from the other. And the singing scene on the bleachers? Iconic.

Romeo + Juliet (1996) - trailer

If love be rough with you, be rough with love.

Do I even have to say something?? I mean, Leo DiCaprio, Shakespeare’s most known masterpiece, love and death, Baz Luhrmann. This is enough, isn’t it?

Romeo + Juliet is the modernized and adapted version of the famous, tragic love story. It’s visionary, surreal, heartbreaking and it should be seen at least once a week because it’s just too much. It is set in a imaginary Verona Beach, where the adventures and deeds of two families in war intertwine with the forbidden love affair of a young boy and girl. The plot follows Shakespeare’s script, but you won’t find swords or horses. Guns and sportscars, gas stations and a swimming pool are just a few of the innovative twists Luhrmann has used in this dreamy and loud film.

What about you? What are your favourite 90ies/sleepover movies? Let us know by commenting this post, the Facebook page or sending an ask! x

read--and--riot  asked:

Bbrae and “you’re my best friend’s sister, we can’t do this..” pretty please? :)

Who’s slow? Me? Nah. Sorry this took a while! A slight AU to accommodate the brother/sister dynamic. 

There were a few rules and addenda to be complied with when Raven had been adopted into the Wayne family. Most of them were unspoken and, seeing as how she’d been raised alongside many of the family members since she’d been but a toddler, they came to her almost naturally.

However, as every batchild proved time and time again, some rules were meant to be broken, while others were wired in. 

For example, never disobey Batman’s wishes. That one was commonly gone against, and multiple times by many an offending party. 

Never challenge Cass to a one-on-one duel. Damian was learning that one the hard way. 

Never tell Tim he couldn’t do something. However, Steph, Dick, Duke, and Jason all garnered great amusement at Red Robin’s expense. When they’d agreed that he couldn’t fit all the chips from a small bag into his mouth at once, he’d assured them with a cocky chuckle that he could, and thus began the biweekly chip challenge. The end result had even elicited a bubble of laughter from the usually reserved empath, and a small smile from Cassandra. 

Aside from these typical shenanigans, Raven was perhaps the one least likely to go against any of the family’s wishes, and that was probably what had also endeared her most to her siblings and her father. 

Until, of course, she’d met the curious changeling boy, that is.

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|All Cause of the Rush|~ONESHOT


GENRE: Smut, Action


I stood in the middle of a crowded room, barely listening the man in front of me drone on and on about his various stocks and the great success of the company he inherited from his father. He had to be in his late 20s, maybe early 30’s, definitely older than me but more childish by far.  All he could do was go on and on about his accomplishments, boasting in front of the lady on his arm, in hopes of impressing her. What he didn’t notice was that the little gold digger on his arm was eyeing me like a piece of meat from the moment I began speaking to her insufferable partner. I heard a voice crackle through the headset, although I was barely able to pick it up due to most of my attention being on the man in front of me.

“Excuse me Mr. Kim” I interrupted in my most polite voice.

He raised an eyebrow, signalling for me to continue.

“My speech for the banquet is up next and I would hate to miss it. Shall we continue this later?”.

He nodded eagerly, clapping a hand on my shoulder.

“Your name honey, we didn’t catch it?” the woman on his arm said in a very high pitched tone.

I gave a small smirk, accompanied with a small bow even though personally, I detested the high class women I came across.

“Wonho, darling”.

She giggled while I straightened my spine, giving a curt nod to the man before moving towards the grand stairs of the banquet hall.

“Hope to see you around!” She called to my retreating form.

I turned my head, giving her a quick wink before I continued my journey toward the grand staircase. When I was sure everyone was preoccupied with the frivolous endeavours of wealthy life, I made my way to the hallway leading to a back staircase. I pressed the headset into my ear, making sure I could hear clearly while dropping all polite mannerisms.

“What?” I harshly whispered into the receiver.

“Police are coming. Hyungs, we gotta go”.

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Hi anons,

thank you so much for the birthday wishes, you guys are unbelievably amazing. It seems a lot of people wanted this request so I spent a while on it and I hope everybody likes it. 



He could see you, the unforgettable move of your body swaying and circling like a Fibonacci Spiral going around and around and around. You moved. With the purpose to in-trance and fulfill the desires of many but only grant the wish for one. 

Derek could smell you from here, a good distance away and still, you intoxicated every aspect of his senses. Your heart beat pulsed his vision, vibrated his sense of smell, and rang in his head like a damn hammer. 

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Build a boyfriend - Hoshi

Originally posted by leewooji

“Thank god for Friday’s.” You muttered when you had walked into work that morning. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘you’re happy for a Friday morning at work?’ Yes but it wasn’t just any Friday morning. This Friday you were allowed to come in late resulting to you sleeping in for a full 2 hours, you got breakfast at the office, and your assistant had a lovely cup of green tea with two Splenda sitting on your desk when you had come in. So in all this day was starting out great.

The office was buzzing with energy and the atmosphere was swimming with positivity. It was like a breath of fresh air as you hadn’t had any meetings scheduled until 11 am, leaving you to scroll through your social media and happily sip your tea.

You plugged your earphones into your iPhone and began to play CLC’s Hobgoblin. You tapped your foot to the beat as you aimlessly scrolled through social media. Since it was Friday after all, there was the weekly posts of your family, friends, and celebrities. You smiled as you double tapped the posts, until your thumb stopped on a particular ad.

“Build a boyfriend? That’s new…” you muttered as you scrolled passed it only to ind your thumb on the same ad just a few posts down your feed. Again you scrolled past slightly confused why it was the same ad. By the 3rd time you just gave up and clicked on the ad as it so desperately wanted you to click on it.

“Okay mysterious ad, let’s see what you have to offer.” The ad took you to a link with about 20 or so questions. You glanced behind you at the clock. “10:03. I got time why not?”

The questions varied from what’s your favorite color to what his hair line should be to eye color. The one that had you puzzled the most was the name question. You stared at the empty box with a blank stare.

“Can’t I just put two names here? Like a nickname? It doesn’t say anything against that might as well try it.” You whispered to yourself before typing in Soonyoung(nickname Hoshi) and clicking submit. The little green loading bar ran across the screen before startling you with a page of congratulations with a cute star emoji and a time under it that read 11:06.

You turned toward the clock to see that it was nearing 11 and without meaning to, your heart began to speed up. ‘I guess I can be a little late to my meeting. It’s just 6 minutes and nobody gets there until 10 minutes after anyway.“ You sat staring at the clock watching it tick slower and slower each time. You spun in your roller chair, rolled across the room, and even drew a little picture and it was only 11:03. You groaned throwing your head back.

An agonizing three minutes later, it was now 11:06…..and………..nothing happened. Your shoulders slumped in disappointment before you straightened back up and shook your head at yourself as you gathered your things for the meeting. ‘Maybe it meant pm not am? I mean if it was am that would’ve been quick!’ You thought as you shuffled down into the meeting room taking a seat and starting the meeting.

You sighed in relief as your third meeting of the day finished with an exceptional amount of progress. You stood up grinning at your coworkers as they praised you for your hard work and let you slide out of the meeting room. It was now 5 pm as you gathered your belongings in order to head home.

You turned to leave and a yelp left your lips as your coworker and friend Amelia smirked at you from the doorway. “Amelia! Don’t do that!” You whined as your calmed your racing heart. She giggled at your startled state. “Sorry (Y/n). I just came to invite you to dinner with us. The boss is impressed with out hard work and he’s buying everyone dinner. You in?”

You gave her the of-course-I’m-in-why-wouldn’t-I-be-its-free-food-? Look. She grinned before pulling you out of the office. You all drove to the barbecue restaurant and sat at a large table. You talked and laughed as you ordered food and just had a grand time.

Hours later you were full and happy waving a bye to your coworkers and heading to your car to go home. You slid into the leather seat, shut the door and turned the key hearing the engine purr.

The roads were fairly busy, but you didn’t care as you drove through the city of Seoul with a content smile on your face. The stars gazed down giving a slight source of light on the road. You finally pulled into your driveway and parked your car and got out, fishing your keys out of your purse. You walked up your front porch steps and unlocked the door quickly closing it behind you to rid yourself of the crisp ice chill.

You leaned back against the door, eyes closed and just breathing in the smell of home. You were at peace. Well you were until you opened your eyes and a yelp got caught in your throat.

“It’s about time you got home. I’ve been waiting for an hour for you! Where have you been?” Holy shit, he was gorgeous. Blonde hair, puppy smile, and bright mocha irises locked onto yours. He had on a navy hoodie and black ripped jeans that accented his toned legs. He was around 5'10” making him tower over your form slightly. He was hot and oddly familiar to you. You scanned his form up and down trying to pinpoint why he was familiar, but that only rewarded you a smirk. You blinked at him confused before blushing scarlet as you realized you had just checked him out, shamelessly in front of him.

“Take a picture it will last longer gorgeous.” Damn okay you could totally get used to him calling you that. His voice was perfect. It was sweet like honey yet husky and rich like chocolate, a perfect combination to make your knees weak. You were snapped out of your thoughts as he suddenly was just a few feet from you. He was good looking he’s, but that didn’t mean that you knew who he was. Hell he could’ve been a psychotic serial killer for all you knew!

You gulped staring as him in silence. His eyes scanned your figure from your black high heels, to your matching black pencil skirt that rested slightly above your knees, to the white blouse with a bow tied on the front, to the ponytail that was loose and casual and back down again. His eyes flickered back up to meet yours and you weren’t sure if it was the lighting or his eyes had just gotten darker and the puppy smile you first saw was no longer in sight, but a dangerous and dare you say sexy smirk rested on his lips.

He stepped forward, never breaking eye contact as he came closer to you. You matched his pace taking a step back until you hit the door. ‘Of course. The cliche moment where the girl gets trapped against the door. Brilliant! (Y/n)! Brilliant!’ You thought as you had no where to move to now. He didn’t stop though. He stepped closer just inches from you now, hands placed against the wooden door next to your head.

You gasped at his proximity. His nose was close enough to nuzzle against yours, lips close enough to brush against yours. His eyes stared into yours and up close they were even more hypnotizing than before.

“What’s wrong love? Didn’t you know I was coming?” He whispered as he nuzzled his nose against yours lightly with a smirk.

“W-what?” You asked flustered and confused.

“He sighed slightly. “Don’t you know what time it is? It’s 12:15. I’ve been here since 11:06 on the dot and you were nowhere in sight.”

That’s when it hit you. The events rolled through your mind like credits on a film. From arriving at work to scrolling through social media to tapping on the build a boyfriend ad and taking the quiz.

“Remember now love?” He said slightly smug as the look of realization crossed over your face.

“Soon young?” You whispered.

“Actually it’s Hoshi.”

“B-but I wrote two names. And I could’ve sworn I write for him to be sweet and cute and loving.” You said confused.

He chuckled darkly. “That’s Soonyoung. But you can’t forget that you also wanted your boyfriend to be like a bad boy, dominate, and oh so enticing.” He whispered, tone dropping a few octaves as he leaned closer nose countering down your cheek to your neck where he placed a few surprisingly gentle kisses.

“I only did one quiz though.” You whispered to yourself. A gasp left your throat as the pecks turned its light nips. “H-hoshi.” You whispered eyes fluttering shut as the alter ego of the sweet boy you thought you got pulled you closer.

Without warning Hoshi suddenly pulled his back from your neck and crashed his lips against yours. The kiss was passionate and slightly rough as his lips moulded against yours. He nipped at your lips, almost promising bruising. When your body relaxed he did a 180. The kiss was so longer bruising but soft and slow as he wrapped one hand around your waist and the other cradling your head.

He pulled away eyes opening to reveal the mocha irises replacing the darkness from earlier. He smiled the puppy smile at you before pecking your lips once, twice, before placing soft kisses all over your face making you giggle. He finally stopped his attack and settled on caressing your cheek with his thumb while his eyes showed nothing short of live and affection.

“Nice to meet you jagiya, I’m Soonyoung. I see you’ve already met Hoshi. We are looking forward to being your boyfriend.”


Grubby Angel

A smutty story in which y/n really wants to drive Harry’s car… but it would take a lot more than one measly little kiss to make Harry hand over the keys.

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Maybe Teasing Wasn’t Such a Good Idea

She knew she wasn’t going to get away with this for very much longer as she casually bent forward in front of Harry, letting her shirt fall open, exposing her cleavage inches from his face.  Harry let out a slow breath, the warm air from his lungs, raising goose bumps along her skin. She’d been teasing him like this all day, subtle touches here and there, a few choice words whispered in his ear, and now it was starting to take its toll. His expression was dark as she sat across from him at the small secluded table in the restaurant.

Harry picked up his glass, the amber colored liquid swirling around, the slowly melting cubes of ice clinking against its edges. He took a slow, deliberate sip, keeping his eyes locked on her face. She could feel the flush creeping up her chest and onto her neck. She pressed her legs together under the cover of the table, thinking to herself that maybe teasing him all day hadn’t been the best decision.

“Angel…” Harry’s deep voice made her heart jump in her chest. “You know that this can go both ways, don’t you?” His eyes locked with hers. She could see the lust hidden behind them and feel the hunger in his veiled threat.

She cleared her throat and tried to sound braver than she actually felt. “Is that so?’

He smirked and she knew she’d said the wrong thing. She’d essentially just given him an invitation to tease her with everything he had in him.

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REQUEST : Rejected!

Request: Could you do an imagine where Sam dean and the reader need Becky’s help again and the reader is sam’s girlfriend and Becky gets jealous

Sure thing, here it is! Hope you like it. Word Count: 790

“I just don’t see any other way!” Sam says, and you and Dean both groan.

“She’s terrifying!” You complain, flopping back onto the bed, “It’s like the wants to eat us alive. Especially you.” You look at Sam, who laughs.

“You’re being dramatic. She’s not that bad.” He says, rolling his eyes. “And it looks like she’s the only one that can help us right now.”

Becky. The mega-obsessive Supernatural fan. You’ve all met her a few times, and honestly, she’s scary. She knows more about your lives than you do, pretty much.

“Fine, call her.” Dean says, defeated.


Stepping out of the car, you instantly see the blonde figure running up to you.

“Dean! Y/N!” She pauses, biting her lip and lowering her eyelids. “And Sam…” She purrs. You snort, quickly covering your mouth with your hand.

She glares at you for a moment, then turns her attention back to your boyfriend. “What do you guys need?”

After explaining the case to her, you all sit down in a bar with some drinks. Every so often, the fangirl will turn to Sam, gazing at him adoringly.

“So, Sam, how about you and me go out later?” She suggests.

“You know I’m dating Y/N, Becky. I’m sorry, but no.” He’s always so calm. You’re nearly bashing her face in, she irritates you so much.

She huffs and pouts, sending a glare at you. You laugh, leaning on Sam’s shoulder. His arm rests over your shoulders, draped lazily. You take a sip of your beer.

The next attempt is funnier.

“Sam, I think I’ve got a bite or something. Would you check it out?”

“Sure, where is it?”

“Uh…somewhere we might have to look at in private.”

“No means no, Becky.”

She sighs, crossing her arms. Later in the evening, you go to the bathroom. Washing your hand sin the sink, you see her approach you in the mirror. Without even turning, you speak.

“What do you want, Becky?”

She looks surprised, staying behind you.

“You don’t really love Sam.” She accuses, her eyes icy.

“Don’t I?” You ask, amused.

“No, you don’t. Not like I do.”

“Oh.” You roll your eyes, finally turning around. “I see how it is.”

“You’re lying to him, I’m going to tell him.”

“By all means, go ahead.” You shrug nonchalantly.

She looks surprised for a second. “He loves me more. He just doesn’t know it yet.”

“Ask him then.” You tell her, “I’ll bet you ten bucks he says me.”

“You seem so unbothered by this, it only shows me how little you care about him.” She tells you, before turning sharply and flouncing from the bathroom. You follow her out, and going to sit at your table.

She’s taken your seat, sitting in very close proximity to Sam. You laugh to yourself, before taking her seat.

“I see you can’t keep your hands off of other girls behind my back.” You say sarcastically, making both guys laugh.

“Shut up.”  Becky mutters, and you roll your eyes again.

Sam moves his chair away from her and closer to you, and you touch your foot with his playfully. He smiles at you, taking your hand in his.

As you leave the bar a few hours later, you turn to get a somewhat drunk Dean into the car safely. When you turn back, Becky has her lips pressed to Sam’s, who looks something between terrified and surprised. When she pulls away, he wipes his lips with the back of his hand and looks at you helplessly.

“Woah, no, no, no.” You tut as you walk over. “That is not how you do it!” You look exasperatedly at her. “Here, let us show you.”

Sam grins, pulling you close to him as he crushes his lips against yours. His arms are linked around your waist and yours around his neck. You smile as he pulls away, leaving one smaller kiss on his lips as you separate.


She lets out a disgusted shriek, throwing her hands up in the air.

“I am SO DONE WITH YOU!” She yells, her hands resting on her hips. “You’re not worth the hassle.” She stalks over to her own car, and just as she gets in, the turns to Sam. “Call me!” She calls, and slams the door.

“We might have just lost her help.” Sam remarks, and you laugh.

“So worth it. We should have all of the information, right?”

“Yeah, I’d think so. Not bad, by the way. I know she annoys you.” He smiles, getting into the Impala. You hand his the keys that you stole from a now sleeping Dean, and he starts it up as you get in shotgun.

“I’ve dealt with worse. Let’s go.”

Maybe Teasing Wasn’t Such a Good Idea - Part 2

*Excerpt from part 1

“You know that sound you make, that sort of purring sound deep in your throat when you feel my fingers stroking your flesh from the inside? Do you know that sound, my little kitten?” 

“I do so love that sound. That little purr is like music to my ears.” He sat back, as if he was thinking hard about something very important. “I think when I get home, I’m going to have you make that exact noise.” He cocked his head to the side and his eyes narrowed. His hand disappeared under the table and suddenly she felt it on her knee slowly spreading her legs apart. He acted as if nothing untoward was happening at all, only continued to speak in a soft voice that only she could hear. “Actually I’ve changed my mind. I think I’d like you purring for me in the car on the way home.” He pinched her inner thigh and she sucked in a breath, making him grin. “First, I’m going to spread these little legs of yours apart. Then, I’m going to stroke my fingers over those pretty little lace panties I know you’re wearing right now.”

Harry paid the check and stood from the table, holding out his hand to her and clicking his tongue when she didn’t immediately place hers in his warm grasp.

“Go ahead, kitten, but the more you fight it the worse it’ll be for you.”

She felt her whole body flush at his threat and the v in her legs dampened further. She slid her slender palm into his large one and he pulled her to her feet. Placing a firm hand on her lower back, he steered her through the restaurant and out into the cool night air. The car was waiting on the curb and he opened the door, gesturing for her to climb in and take a seat. Her mind was reeling with thoughts and ideas of what he could possibly have up his sleeve because she knew that no matter what his description in the restaurant would be only half of what he did to her tonight as payback. She slid into the seat as smoothly as possible despite her racing heart and frazzled nerves. Her heart started to beat faster as she watched his hand come towards her face, fingers outstretched. He tucked them under her chin, turning her face towards him, brushing his lips over hers, giving her just the tiniest taste of his sweetness. She shuddered in her seat as he grinned, pulling away from her and closing the door softly, then climbing into the driver’s side and acting as if she wasn’t an absolute puddle of thirst and desire sitting next to him.

He smiled to himself as he pulled away from the curb and into the London traffic, thoroughly enjoying the fidgety anxious mess of his girlfriend sitting next to him.  He had told himself in the restaurant that he was going to make her wait for as long as possible before he touched her. To really let her stew in her own juices so to speak, but the longer he sat there trying to ignore how needy she was the worse it got for Harry. Finally, after only a few minutes, he gave in. He didn’t have the heart to keep her waiting for so long.

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The Note She Left

Word Count: 1,970
Warnings:Triggering AF. cursing.
Notes: Let me explain why I made this so Dark, because damn, this is terrible. Lots of people around me are currently going through a hard time ((myself included)) and this is how I help make my own dark thoughts leave. Stories help me. So while this might be EXTREMELY triggering bare with me? Its been on my way for a while now. ALSO, I left the name blank because I don’t know what to name the character…. You can come up with a name. 

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Lost Letters - Eight

|| Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five || Part Six || Part Seven || Part Eight

TXF |MSR | Revival - Post Home Again | Angst | PG | 8/8

Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging and kind to this story. My plan to have it done for Christmas was horribly optimistic but I hope the ending has been worth the wait.

Mulder pulls up at Maggie Scully’s house at 10:55am on Christmas Eve and looks wistfully at the empty passenger seat. While he isn’t sure exactly what is about to happen, that he won’t end up arresting some misguided Santa wannabe for trespass, he does wish he’d found a way to explain the whole thing to Scully. She’s probably safer at home, but still, it feels wrong sitting here alone when this whole thing seems to have been about her.

He had planned to tell her, to offer her a way in and not return to his old habit of running at mysteries without her, but the right moment had never presented itself. Few conversations leave space for a casual, “Hey Scully, so I’ve been getting these anonymous letters about giving you your Christmas wish and apparently it all finishes on your mom’s lawn tomorrow!” It’s not exactly post-therapy, or pre-briefing conversation.  Then, there were more important things to consider, like that someone was murdering old folks and then hiding them in snowmen or the fact that the mother of his child had sat in a room with him and a stranger and laid bare some feelings he had thought long-lost.

“I’m angry. With myself for giving up and with Mulder for leaving all those years ago. And with myself for still not being able to get over it. And I’m scared that I’ll never not be angry. And I’m sad that being so angry for so long has cost me so much.”

She hadn’t cried but he had.

He’d cried like had the night his mom died; the guilt, the loss and the terror of loneliness rising uncontrollably from somewhere deep beneath all the healing he’d done and forcing itself free. Scully hadn’t held him like she had back then, hadn’t tried to sew him back together along the messy incisions of his grief, but she had passed him a tissue, stroked his arm and after their hour was up she had held his hand as they left.

When they reached their separate cars she smiled one of her sad smiles,

‘Between us, we must be keeping D.C.’s psychiatrists in business!’

A joke to try and soften the separation, an old tactic practiced in endless crises, but he hadn’t been able to respond in kind.

‘We probably should have done this a long time ago Scully.’

‘Mulder.’ she’d perfected the art of saying his name like a sigh. ‘There are a lot of things we should have done a long time ago.’

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Knights & Fools

Robb conspires to set his best friend up with his sister by tasking her with picking him up from the airport.

Featuring cheesy pick-up lines.

I’m sorry it took so long! It ran away from me and I was super busy at work. Hope you like it!  

Also on AO3. 

The filtered air in the Wintertown airport weighed on Sansa’s shoulders. She wove through the gates, her heels clicking against the tile floor, avoiding the red-faced man yelling at the travel agent behind the front desk. 

“What do you mean there are no flights to Castle Black? I’ve got to get there by tomorrow.“ 

Sansa winced as she passed. She clutched her purse tighter. The LED sign on the opposite wall flashed new arrivals. She trekked past the whirring silver baggage claim carousels. A clock ticked above her on the wall. Sansa joined the waiting crowd gathered on the other side of the baggage claim. Snagging a seat on the bench behind in the back of the crowd, she fiddled with the hem of her skirt. She glanced at the clock above her. 6:27 PM. She tapped her foot in rhythm. The cold air sent a shiver through her, so she pulled her cardigan closer and settled into her seat to wait. 

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anonymous asked:

3 words..." You should drive"... Glad you're feeling a little better. _ Arraydesign



His head whips around so fast that it makes her lips twitch. All over-eager yetcautious fumbling on his part as he takes the keys from her hand.

“I thought you said I was never allowed to drive in the Hamptons ever again?”

She releases the keys to him, letting her fingers trail over his wrist as they head out the front door. “Alone. Never allowed to drive alone.”

He gives a full-body shiver as he steps onto the smoothly paved driveway; she releases him to move to the passenger side of his beautiful car. She drove on the way up here, and she drove when they had to make a run for groceries last night, but it’s a gorgeous and warm day, and she’s determined to relax.

“Where am I driving to? The country club for a glass of wine and a round of golf?” His eyebrows dance as he jogs around for the driver’s door. “Or that shrimp and fish shack just off the highway? Ooh, I know, the-”

She lifts her eyebrows, has to resist the urge to tell him to calm down. “Surprise me, babe.”

“Okay, okay,” he says happily, sliding in behind the wheel as she adjusts her seatbelt. “I know just the place.”

“That fast?”

“Been thinking about it,” he admits, putting the car in gear.

The engine purrs, the Ferrari thrumming so nicely through the chassis that she feels it through the seat and in her bones. Between her l-

“It’s only a seven minute drive from here, so don’t get that comfy,” he says, taking a hand off the stick shift to land on her knee. And dust upward, skimming fingers under the hem of her loose cover-up. She has on a new one-piece swimsuit, if straps and gaps can really be called all one piece, and she knows it took him some time to recover after he saw her step out of the bedroom this afternoon.

“Keep your hand where it belongs and I won’t,” she shoots back, pressing her knees together and trapping his fingers.

“This is right where I belong,” he growls back. She swats at his shoulder and he does remove his hand, but she takes it in her own and lays their clasp in her lap, pressing him up against her stomach, warmth to warmth in the cool air blowing through the convertible.

He wriggles his fingers right there when he has to shift, and she releases his hand to let him. Up through second and immediately into third, but no higher; he’s taking them on a winding back road that runs parallel to the coast.

She rests her elbow on the center console and drapes her hand on top of his on the stick shift, strokes her fingers back along his knuckles. A rumble starts in his chest that is both amusement and arousal, one of her favorite Castle noises, and she turns her head to study him, watch it happen.

He’s trying gamely to soldier on. He’s very good at discipline when he wants to be, when he has a goal in mind. She enjoys that about him - the surprise of having a man who seems too eager to wait actually wait. Make her wait, hold her off, that delicious tension of being edged.

“See? Told ya. Here we are. Let me park.”

“This is private beach,” she says, craning her neck to see past the gated houses on either side of the little cul-de-sac. The road keeps on going, but he’s pulled them off into a space that doesn’t seem like parking either. “There’s a gate-”

“It’s actually public access,” he says. “Very private, though, if you know what I mean.” His eyebrows dance at her, and she has the fleeting and unflattering thought of who he might have discovered this with. “Alexis and I found it a few years back.”

She smiles at him for that, for knowing her weak places and shoring them up anyway, even though he shouldn’t have to, after the things they’ve been through for each other.

He’s a good man. A loyal man. She can’t, for the life of her, figure out why he’s been through two previous marriages. Why they fell apart, a man like this.

She lets him have her hand when he opens her door; he helps her out. The skirt of her beach cover flares above her knees and his eyes roam before coming back to her face.

She likes that too. Approves. He’s tugging her to the blue-painted gate and pushing through, leading her down the wooden, poorly-constructed stairs. The whole frame shakes under their descent, but they make it down the grassy hillside and to the sand.

He tugs off his flipflops and holds them in one hand, gestures for her to do the same. He takes her sandals with his, and then her hand in the other, and they walk along the curving cove of public beach.

It’s deserted. It’s lonely.  "Beautiful,“ she sighs.

He bumps shoulders with her and they wander slowly, the sound of waves gentler here, protected, though the two nearly-touching points of the cove are rocky and the far-off thunder of water hitting their cliffsides filters through like white noise.

"Why did it never work out before?” she says suddenly. She can’t believe she asked, ruining what should be a private moment.

“To bring you here-?”

“With your exes,” she says, shrugging. “One and two.”

“You’re my number one,” he gruffs.

She rolls her eyes at that but it does soothe something fragile in her that she’s never been able to completely repair over.  "Castle. You’re - so good at this. Compassionate. Loyal.“ Why is this making her blush? "I’m not saying this because I love you, just because you are. So. What’s the deal?”

“The deal is - I don’t - I wasn’t very good husband material.”

“I don’t believe that.”

His eyes are happy when his gaze turns on her. She shrugs her shoulders, pushing it off, but still. She’s made him happy. 

“Believe it,” he says, squeezing her hand. “Before I met you, I was something of a ne’er-do-well. A playboy-”

“Now I know you’re lying,” she mutters. “You liked to play at playboy, but your heart is too soft for that, Castle. Tell me really.”

He huffs a little, sidesteps physically and mentally both, but she’s silent until he must feel it’s necessary to fill the void.

“Meredith was fun at first. I thought she was like my mother. But in a good way?” 

She chuckles, and he gives her a swift look that immediately collapses.

“But Meredith was having sex with - everything that walked. Only so many times a guy can turn a blind eye before running into it in his own bedroom.”

She presses in closer. She’s heard this one before, though not like this, with this layer of vulnerability. Without masks. No jokes behind it.

“No, that wasn’t all of it,” he sighs. Like she’s dragged the truth out of him. “I was raising Alexis on my own, for all that Meredith was there. But I could have dealt with that. I could have made that work for me. It was when Alexis started looking at her mother with - with those adoring eyes. With that sense of unconditional love that was such a mercy at first, but also so damning. It made me look at Meredith too, really see her. She doesn’t have my mother’s heart.”

“Martha really is something special,” Kate says softly. She’s been on the receiving end of his mother’s grace.

“Meredith didn’t have it. Whatever it was. There’s nothing wrong with her; she’s fun, crazy fun. But I was looking at a little girl who might follow right in her mother’s footsteps, and I couldn’t. I couldn’t. I wanted my daughter to have a heart.”

Castle has come to a stop on the beach. The wind picks up and blows his hair, flopping over his forehead. She leans her cheek to his shoulder and waits until he says it all.

“I think Gina was the same but other direction. She very definitely had rules. She very definitely knew how she wanted things to go. It stopped being fun for Alexis. For me - I could’ve made that work for me. But Alexis was miserable. I’d chosen this woman because my daughter needed a mother, but she turned into a slave driver for all of us. Even for herself. We talked about it the second time around and-”

He goes silent and she squeezes his hand. “It’s okay.”

“And without the crazy not fun, there was no spark at all. Just a lot of sad fighting. So we quit. Again.”

She sighs with him, leaving it to the roll of waves at the shore.

“I think you’re the first woman I’ve wanted just - just for me. To want. To make me better and not my daughter. A partner in all the ways that matter and even the ones that probably don’t.”

“It all matters,” she says softly. She lifts on her toes and kisses the crinkle of his eye where he’s smiling at her, smiling like it hurts. “You matter. I wish better for you, but I think you’re stuck with me. I do have a gun.”

“You’re better than I could have dreamed. And I’ve got a pretty good imagination.” He skims his hand up to her jaw. “Gun or no gun.”


trial by fire # 14

chapter 14: ash

  • “the powdery residue of matter that remains after burning”

summary: When a series of fires unsettles the city of Magnolia, Detective Lucy Heartfilia unwittingly reignites a war between old rivals. But when she finds herself drawn to one of her suspects, the lines between right and wrong begin to blur.

rated: M for Mature Content (no nsfw scenes this chapter)

Hope you enjoyed the brief Gruvia interlude!! Now, it’s back to our main duo…

read: part I | part II | part III | part IV | part V | part VI | part VII | part VIII | part IX | part X | part XI | part XII | part XIII | all parts | on

Nearly a week after the first fire was the day they’d determined to hit the strip mall. Setting fires within a week of each other, their memorable color an unmistakable flare in the criminal world, would undoubtedly draw the attention of not only Jackal, but everything else that lurked in the night. This would be the final display to “prove” that the Salamander was back.

After this, Natsu knew, Jackal would show his ugly mug one way or another.

All he had to do was hold out tonight, and he’d be in the clear; he wouldn’t have to set fires for the cops again, even if they begged him to. Even if Lucy begged him to–he wasn’t sure he could hold on to his sanity if he did this again.

The only reason he’d been able to do so this long was because Lucy was with him. Her voice, her scent, her touch had soothed him and lulled his demons to sleep.

If she wasn’t with him, Natsu was more than sure he would have succumbed by now.

That was why his dreams had haunted him the past week–flashes of smoldering flames, of ash and destruction, of the power. He’d startled awake many a time, skin slick with sweat and his blood cold and his stomach turning over. More than once, he’d thought about calling Lucy just to hear her voice; it would be enough to settle him, he knew.

But…calling her every other hour in the middle of the night was hardly considerate. He didn’t want to disturb the detective.

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In Another Life. Part Twenty-One.

Summary: Things heat up between them during rehearsal week for their samba and later, at the shooting for Trevor’s music video one of them almost ruins everything they’ve worked so hard to keep secret. 

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Another one.

She was in our driveway, and we initially thought she was the neighbor’s calico–a cat we see all the time and are very familiar with.

But once we got a good look at her, it was clear that this was a kitten, and though she’s filthy–underneath all that dirt is a pure white coat. 

She looks to be about the same age as Samson; young–but old enough to fend for herself (as much as a kitten can). Since we really have no space to quarintine a new cat in these days, we were just gonna let her be.

But then–I noticed her eyes.

Thai superstition tells that Khao Manee cats bring fortune to anyone who takes care of them. 

Thanks to Samson, we have plenty of kitten food. We set her up a nice little shelter complete with food and fresh water in the car port. If she is still there in the morning, we’ll take her to the vet and start getting her up to date on her shots. I think she might be too young yet to be spayed, though. We’ll see. 

She’s very skittish–but warms up very quickly. She runs into a hiding place when ever she hears anyone approaching, but already–once she sees it’s me, she’s quick to emerge, all purrs. Super affectionate kitten.

I think–if she’s still here in the morning…
We might have ourselves a 4th cat. 

Please, forces that be….no more cats. We have enough lmao.

anonymous asked:

Could you do a realistic take on someone trying to 'love fixes mental illness' with let's say Tony, and Rhodey asks if Tony wants him to punch them, please?

Rhodey knows there are few things Tony hates on this Earth more than having a panic attack in public. Unfortunately, today they weren’t able to get away.

Rhodey wants to snarl at the vultures taking pictures, even video. He wants to beat them up. They’re at a charity dinner, for christ’s sake. It’s not like these people need the money a quick sell to the tabloids would get them.

Rhodey ignores them. He has a best friend who needs him.

It’s not that bad a panic attack, all things considered. “You want to leave?” Rhodey asks, already looking around for Happy, nodding at him when he finds him, hoping he’ll get the message and the car.

Tony nods tiredly. “Yeah,” he says. “God, I could…sleep for a week.”

Tony won’t sleep at all tonight, as exhausted as he is.

Rhodey gets them both standing and back at their table, waiting for Happy to call and say he got the car back from valet. Until then, maybe he can get Tony to eat something and drink some water he has a waiter bring over.

Someone sits down on Tony’s other side. Rhodey can’t quite believe the audacity, nor can he quite believe that dress.

“Hey, handsome,” she purrs, and Rhodey feels his fist tighten around the stem of the wine glass filled with water.

“Hey yourself,” Tony says shortly, not even looking up. “Look, if you don’t mind, we’re kinda in the middle of something…”

“You know what you need?” She asks, toying with the silverware.

“To call my therapist?” Tony asks idly, and Rhodey is so inescapably proud of him in that moment, he feels like he might burst. Even a few months ago, Tony would have never admitted to having a therapist, not even the trendy kind a lot of rich people do, never mind one to treat his anxiety and PTSD.

“Love,” she says simply. Rhodey can’t help but notice how she leans forward, dress daringly low. “Love fixes a lot of things, Mr. Stark.”

Tony snorts. It sounds tired, and Rhodey pulls out his phone, setting it in his lap, waiting for it to buzz, informing them that Happy got the car. He wonders if they’d be better off waiting at valet with him. “And I suppose you’re going to fix me?”

“Love fixes everyone,” she says, solemn now. Her eyes are bright, though. Hungry, Rhodey thinks. “God, Tony, wouldn’t you like to not be…like that, anymore? I could give you something else to think about.”

“Yeah, wow, that’s it,” Tony says loudly. “Car’s here, time to go.” He gets to his feet, almost steady now.

Tony’s a good man, Rhodey thinks ruefully. Removing himself from a bad situation. Ignoring her.

Rhodey’s a good man too, usually. And he protects his friends.

She stands, perhaps to follow them out, and Rhodey won’t take that.

The punch isn’t hard, just enough to bloody her lip a bit. Rhodey knows every bit of positive press the Avengers won that night–and then some–is lost. He knows he’ll face hell in the morning. He doesn’t care.

“You’re not gonna fucking fix Tony,” he growls. There’s more he wants to say. Her love isn’t a cure. Tony isn’t a broken toy to be picked up at bargain price. He’s a guy, a great guy, he needs some therapy and some help but that doesn’t change any of that.

Tony looks at him. “Time to go,” he says. When they’re away from the crowd, he says, low and private, “thank you, Sourpuss.”

Rhodey manages to smile. “I told you, I’m not sour. I just…” The joke dies. “I hate all of them, Tones.”

“I know,” Tony says. He rubs his hands together as they emerge into the chill of New York in November. They wait with Happy the few minutes longer it takes for the car to come around, and Tony snuggles into Rhodey in the back as they drive home, letting his eyes droop shut.

After The Dust Clears

Title: After The Dust Clears

Pairing: Demon!reader x Team Free Will

Word Count: 1,490

Request: Would you possibly- for a big fan- be able to write a story on the reader who’s a demon, Ruby’s accomplice- joining the Winchester’s and staying loyal after her betrayal? Possibly first meeting and quelling with Cas? :) Thank you for consideration!

A/N: Man, I really like this idea and wanted to flesh this out so it’s going to be in parts, just two or three. I forget who sent this in. I copied and pasted the request to Pages and then wrote back to the requester to let them know I’d do it and lost their url. So whoever you are, I hope you see this and enjoy! Thanks for waiting! :)

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“Y/N, come on, we’re going!” Ruby called to you. You stared at your reflection in the dingy motel’s bathroom mirror. Things were starting to feel out of control, you were starting to feel out of control, and you didn’t like it. You stepped out of the bathroom to find Ruby packing up her bag.

“What’s going on?” you asked. 

“Sam called. Dean had him locked up in that demon-proof room of Bobby’s but he got out. We’re going to meet him,” she said, never looking up. You nodded and grabbed your own pack by the door, having never taken anything out of it and waited for Ruby. She stole the two of you a car; easier to travel that way, less conspicuous, and you blasted down the highway towards Sam.

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