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Feeling Alive

T’challa x Reader (Rated R)


Requested: heck no but there i go, writing black panther smut

A/N: i wanted to okay. don’t blame me


She gasped, suddenly sitting up and catching her breath. Shuri looked up from her work station and saw Y/N up and awake.

“Y/N! You woke up!” Shuri ran up to the table where she just sat up from. “How are you feeling? My brother will be so glad you’re up.”

“Wait, Shuri. What…..what happened?” Y/N asked, trying to rack her brain figuring out how she got in Wakanda. She remembered the fight back in South Korea, where she was assigned with Ross to capture Klaue. There they ran into T’challa, Okoye and Nakia where the three Wakandans helped bring Klaue in to interrogate him. Last thing she recall was an explosion.

“They brought you in 5 days ago. You were almost dying. Agent Ross, too but he’s healed now. You’re injury was much worse. You almost never made it.” Shuri explained, showing her the record of her injuries on one of the screens inside the lab.

Y/N furrowed her brows. 5 days ago. She was basically dead for 5 days. “Shuri. I don’t know how to thank you enough.” She said.

Shuri waved her off with a shy smile. “It’s not like I had a choice. My brother threatened to marry me off to M’baku if I don’t save you.”

“He wouldn’t dare.” Y/N chuckled.

Shuri reached forward to give Y/N a hug. “Welcome back to Wakanda.” She told her old friend. “I’ll be back in a moment.”

When Shuri left, Y/N stood up and walked towards a mirror. She was wearing a flowy dress with beautiful Wakandan designs. Unbuttoning the top, she saw scars across her chest and probably more down towards her torso. The explosion must have gotten in direct contact with her. Not even the most advanced technology can remove scars from a severe injury.


Someone spoke from behind her. She turned around and saw T’challa.

“You woke up.” He whispered, relief evident in his face.

She nodded, smiling softly at him. “I’m alive.”

He said nothing else but rushed towards her, his arms wrapping around her waist pulling her close to him as his lips met hers in a fervent need.

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fem!ed/havoc happy au

@arrowsbane well i guess we’re going to just have to keep being inspired by each other. i read her amazing post HERE, which was in turn inspired by my post HERE and you don’t need to read any of these to read this, but can i just say –

holy shit. havoc/ed. what a brilliant fucking paring that i’ve never even thought of before. holy shit, it’s perfect.

so – to set the scene. trans female ed. trans ed who performed human transmutation not to bring anyone back to life (both her parents are alive, but gone, trisha was not content to be left behind this go around) but instead to give her the body she always desired. and she succeeds. she and al are still trained by izumi curtis, and this gives ed her driving passion, her goal in life – to be a housewife.

so she and al go about her adventures, dragging winry along more often than not, but they stay away from central and they always come home. and ed’s about to turn twenty, and pinako is talking to her old friend ellie, and ellie is moaning about her unmarried grandson, her grandson who refuses to inherit the general store and won’t settle down and is off in the military, of all things. he’s a bright, handsome boy, elle says, he just has his head in the wrong place.

and pinako taps her pipe and goes – you know i’ve been raising three kids right, my granddaughter and my neighbor’s kids, a boy and a girl. and ellie is surprised, she thought both elric children were boys, but she dismisses the thought easily. she remembers ed as a tomboy, of course, and with that name who can blame her. but no one’s first thought is unprecendented human transmutation when presented with someone’s who’s a different gender than the one she remembers.

ellie is like oh, is winry looking to settle down? but pinako scoffs, says she’s a career gal through and through. but her other girl, eden – she has a wandering spirit, but she’s a good girl, a lovely country bred woman who’s looking to be a housewife (ellie’s idea of housewife and ed’s idea of a housewife vary wildly, but pinako’s not about to bring that up).  so pinako sends a message to her children, and ellie sends one to her grandson: she’s sending a young woman to central from their hometown. she’s single, and looking to settle down, and the granddaughter of an old family friend.

so jean havoc gets this letter, completely and utterly horrified. the whole team makes fun of him. but grandmother eleanor rules the family with an iron fist, and havoc better come up with a damn good reason not to marry this girl. he’d not interested in a country mouse for a wife. before he can think of one, eden has already agreed and is on a train to central. she convinces al to stay behind, just for a couple of weeks, because she doesn’t want him scaring this jean havoc off.

ed is gorgeous, and a genius, and an absolute terror. she’s dated a lot of men, slept with just as many, and hasn’t found a single one worth her time. she doubts she’ll be interested in a boy from their little rural town, but pinako knows her and she trusts the old woman’s judgement. if she thinks jean havoc is someone who could make her happy, eden is more than willing to give it a shot.

so havoc has to leave early from work to meet his amost-maybe-fiance at the train. obviously, the team minus hawkeye follows him. they’re dying to know.

a country girl. they were expecting a country girl, someone wide eyed, unpolished, a little out of her depth. instead they get eden elric, a girl who’s been to cities and knows how to dress for it. they get eden elric, black boots and black leather pants and a black shirt with a dramatic red coat flaring out behind her. eden elric, golden eyes and golden hair and in the setting afternoon sun just golden. she smiles when she sees him and jean’s mouth goes dry and his heart goes zing! and havoc is going to send his grandmother some really nice flowers. “you must be jean,” she says, voice low and smoky, eyes crinkling at the corners. “you look like your father.”

“i, you,” he fumbles, holding out his hand to shake and stepping forward to take her bag at the same time. “hi.”

“hi,” she repeats, and he’s screwed, she’s already laughing at him and it hasn’t even been five minutes. “did you know you’re being followed?”

he sighs and doesn’t look behind him. “those would be my coworkers and my superior office.”

“delightful,” she says, dry and completely unimpressed, and she’s from resembool, his job and his rank is worse than useless with her, it’s a detriment. none of that crowd like the military. his mother hadn’t talked to him for over a year after he enlisted. “that won’t do. we’ll have to ditch them.”

“how?” he asks, and she grins, sharp. he takes her to his car and she shoves him in the passenger seat and climbs in the driving one, breaking about a thousand laws as she careens down crowded city streets. jean’s horrified for about thirty seconds, then he’s egging her on and cheering, directing her down roads whenever she hesitates and laughing the whole time.

they make it to where he was supposed to drop her off, beaming. “usually men throw up when they drive with me,” she says, beaming.

“nah, that wasn’t scary, it was fun,” he says, and he’s already kissed this relationship goodbye before it’s started. she’s beautiful and brave and exudes the same type of easy confidence the colonel does, and that’s not something he’ll ever be able to match. she’s no country mouse. she’s a supernova, and he’s stardust.

eden smiles at him, and says, “would you like to meet me for lunch, jean?”

havoc peers up at the building, and it’s central university. he wouldn’t have expected a country girl / wanna be housewife to be pursuing a degree, but clearly he should toss every preconceived notion he had about eden out the window, because none of them are going to be right.

“yes,” he says, because eden will make an effort with him for a while, he knows, since she’s here on the insistence of both their grandmothers. but she’ll grow tired of him eventually, like they all do, and jean intends to spend as much time with her as she can before that happens.

except it doesn’t happen. she’s kind and smart, so unbelievable smart, and dry and biting. she snores when she sleeps and get snappy when he interrupts her reading, refuses to drink milk and hates brushing her hair, so more often than not it’s up in a truly awful ponytail. he likes these things about her best, because her little imperfections, her temper and her skittering attention, the messy way she eats, all make her human. she’s flawed, and each new one havoc finds delights him, because the fact that she leaves crumbs on the counter brings her just a little closer to his level.

they keep going out. the brother shows up, and gives him one overly-firm handshake, then takes his lead from eden. she’s happy with him, so alphonse is happy with him, but he imagines the easy friendship he shares with the other man would disintegrate the second eden indicates she’s moved on from him. eden talks about her classes and the kids in them, which ones are good students and which ones aren’t, and havoc keeps meaning to ask what exactly she’s studying but it keeps slipping his mind. he listens to her talk about it for hours, but it’s all science mumbo jumbo and honestly goes in one ear and out the other. he just likes listening to her talk when she’s excited.

she follows him home about a month in, and the sex is so amazingly mind numbingly good it almost doesn’t seem real.

she comes to office one day to meet him for lunch, a first because she hates his office and his work and the impasse they’ve managed to maintain about his career is that they just don’t talk about it much. but she shows up, pretty pale pink dress and softly curled hair, looking close to the delicate country girl they all expected her to be. havoc is running late, and when he shows up it’s to eden sitting on hawkeye’s desk and laughing with the woman. it’s a terrifying experience. he didn’t know hawkeye could laugh.

but she’s around more after that, befriends hawkeye, and jean finds out that eden met catherine armstrong on campus and they’re fast friends, she spends a lot of time at the Armstrong mansion. and havoc is sure that’s it, that eden will meet strong, rich alex and their relationship will go out in flames. but it doesn’t happen, eden keeps asking to see him and he keeps saying yes.

it’s been almost a year when eleanor barks down the line, “are you going to marry this girl or not, jean?”

“i don’t know if that’s something she’s interested in,” he says, because he’s not the marrying sort, but for eden? he would be willing. he’d be a husband if it meant having eden as a wife.

his grandmother scoffs down the line, “she’s a smart girl, jean. if she’s still seeing you, she’s interested in it. she didn’t move to central to date you. the girl wants to be a housewife.”

and jean hems and haws, but the thing is he does love eden. and maybe, just maybe, eden loves him. so he goes to hawkeye for help, and she goes, “oh thank god, finally.” havoc is offended for all of two seconds before realizing that means eden’s been waiting for him to propose. yes.

he’s walking down the street with her after a movie, holding up his jacket over both of them as some sort of minimal protection from the rain. there’s a ring burning a hole in his pocket, but thanks to the torrential downpour this is not the romantic evening he intended. they see roy, and are confused for about to seconds until they see serial killer scar going to attack him. havoc yells at eden to run, and she does – right at the serial killer.

but then she does something he’s never seen her do, she claps her hand together and blue energy cracks in the air, and – she’s an alchemist?

he really should have had that conversation about what she’s studying at university.

she good, incredible good, and he knew she worked out, but he didn’t know she was combat trained. she launches a relentless alchemica/physical attack against scar that has him running away with his tail between his legs. ed’s helping roy up when jean runs up and grabs her by shoulders to shout, “you’re an alchemist!”

“what,” she blinks, “of course I am? i talk about it all the time! i know i teach the advanced theoretical alchemy seminar, but my knowledge isn’t theoretical. what kind of professor would i be if I didn’t’ test my own theories before teaching them?”

“teach,” he says faintly, “professor. right.” he’s such an idiot, eden isn’t attending central university, she’s teaching there.

she gives him an odd look, and okay, his girlfriend is way more awesome and too good for him than he previously thought, but that doesn’t change anything.

“will you marry me?” he asks. they’re sweat, rain, and blood soaked. roy has horrible gash on his side, and he thinks eden might have a broken arm. he had a speech planned, but he can’t remember it right now. “you do still want to be a housewife, right?” he knows better now, that eden will never be the traditional housewife. but he can give her a home and his name, and, oh god, kids, when she wants them. he’ll give her everything within his power to give her, if only she’ll take it.

finally,” eden and roy say at the same time, and havoc doesn’t have the time to get flustered before she’s kissing him.

and they all lived happily ever after

stormy nights || stiles stilinski (smut )

word count: 3550

prompt: my smut for lacrosse week!

warnings: smut, swearing

author’s note: this is my first solo smut and i hope you guys like it! let me know if i should keep writing smut. please leave feedback on this!


coming soon

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Day One Hundred and Ten

-On my way into the store, I found a motorized cart abandoned on the curb. My throne awaited me, and I am never one to pass on a stylish entrance. Not a single person noticed me, but my mood skyrocketed in preparation for my shift.

-A man clad entirely in black, arms wrapped in smoky tattoos of the Grim Reaper and other equally sordid icons, came through my lane. In a low growl, he asked me if we sold ouija boards. I replied that I did not know. He told me that he was with the Disciples of the Ram. As I handed him his receipt and change, he hissed loudly and threw his arms up, intending to strike fear into the hearts of onlookers, not intending to launch his change across the floor.

-A woman purchased six tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter World ice cream, clearly preparing to make my life’s dream a reality.

-I found at the top of my till a five dollar bill with the name Brandon and a phone number scrawled across ol’ Babraham’s face. Unfortunately, I had not been paying enough attention to know whether Brandon himself had attempted to slide me his number, or whether an unwilling recipient was trying to rid themselves of evidence of the encounter. Nonetheless, I copied down the number for when next a nefarious mood strikes.

-A woman in her forties cackled maniacally as she purchased a book with a flatulence soundboard, proclaiming over and over the wonders of a book about farts that actually farts at you. I have finally found her. She is the target audience my lifetime of comedy has been meant for.

-A three year-old pointed at the six year-old in the cart behind them and asked, “Baby?” The mother explained to their child that, no, that was not a baby, and she was in fact older than them. While the mother remained entirely oblivious to the reality of the situation, I did not. That child was fully aware that the girl was not a baby. Their pickup game is simply well beyond their years.

-A young girl asked me for a bandaid. I had none, so I instead offered her a strip of stickers. This seemed to do the trick, as she began counting them off and giggling in joy, giving each the smallest of kisses. A young boy pulls up in a cart behind her. The girl stands up, extends the strip of stickers, announces, “I have all the stickers! Look at them! I got all of them!” and sits back down, proud of her work. After a brief look from her mother, she peeled one off and handed it to the boy. Too emotional for words, the toddler accepted the sticker, silently committing to this contract of eternal friendship.


Lily is 11 and she doesn’t like boys. She loves Sev but that’s different. She loves him the way she loves Petunia, the way Petunia doesn’t love her back. She likes the way the the concrete feels in the summer, it burns her feet but she dances on it anyway. She likes pressing her fingers to her veins and trying to feel the magic. She likes the dark blue curtains in her living room that her mum constantly complains about. She likes the funny chocolates they have at school and the way they jump around. She likes running late to classes with Marlene and laughing at Mary’s attempt to cover for why they were not on time. She likes Alice’s soft voice that reminds the rest of them that they have plenty of homework as they lounge in the common room. She doesn’t like James Potter and the way he struts about thinking he’s so grand and funny, she knows grand and funny it’s her and her friends and most definitely not him.

Lily is 12 and she doesn’t like boys. She still loves Sev the same way as she always has but no longer the way she loves Petunia. Petunia makes her heart hurt as she spits out the word freak and makes witch sound like its poison in her mouth. Lily loves Petunia sadly and Sev happily and she thinks she’s okay with that. She likes baking with her mum and licking the spoon and fighting her dad for the bowl. She likes hiding behind the blue curtains after sneaking a frog in Tuney’s shoe. She likes the way her dad can’t stop laughing as he tries to scold her for it. She likes drawing pictures on the window of the train. She likes that her friends all try to guess what it is before she’s done, Alice always gets it right but that isn’t hard when Marlene and Mary are fighting to figure out who can come up with a ruder version of what it is. She likes eating in the great hall and feeling so apart and at home in something. She likes mimicking Marlenes snores with Mary at all times of the day especially in class. She likes quidditch and watching the games but severely less so when Potter is playing. She doesn’t like Potter no matter how good he is at the damn sport.

Lily is 13 and she’s starting to like boys. She likes them differently than Sev. Sev doesn’t make her palms sweat or her stomach do tumbles, he steadies her and lays with her and he loves her- more than Petunia ever has. He’s her real sibling, well the only one that really loves her and Lily thinks she’s okay with that, its better than having no one after all. Lily likes the breeze on her thighs when she wears her skirts. She likes the way the grass feels against her legs as she lays with Marlene in the courtyard skipping yet another divination lesson. She likes making up wild stories of what their futures probably hold including but not limited to, Marlene marrying a giant and becoming a giant queen, Lily sprouting wings and becoming accepted amongst the dragons, Alice turning out to be a unicorn in disguise, which they both agreed would be too plausible for it to be considered actual divination, and Mary one day waking up with a third leg to kick them both with. She likes telling these theories to try and get a laugh out of a begrudging Mary who actually DID go to class and was left by herself. She likes the way Alice dances with Marlene to make Mary smile which eventually leads to the four of them dancing and laughing all night in the common room. She likes the way Potter and his friends are totally bewildered by it asking loudly what the hell had gotten into them, she knows he could never understand the pure joy of dancing with your friends. She likes the way Marlene tells Sirius she’d rather dance with a pig’s privates when he asks if she has any moves left for him. She likes painting Alice’s nails and listening her talk all about how much she loves her little brother and wondering what it must feel like to have an older sibling that not only tolerates you but actually loves you back. She likes chasing Mary’s cat, Sniffers, and complaining loudly when he won’t let her hold him. She thinks she may like Remus Lupin a little more than she previously thought. She’s always liked how kind and smart and quietly hilarious he is but she’s only just realized how cute his nose is and how she thinks she may want to hold his hand. She likes that he’s different from his total gits of friends but remains loyal to them. Loyalty Lily knows is one of the most important things in a friendship, which is why she doesn’t let her friends judge Severus. She likes that she can tell Alice about her crush on Remus without her making fun of her or suggesting that she do something crazy like fling her bra at him to make him love her (something Marlene and Mary promised would do the trick). She likes transfiguration because Remus sits next to her and tells the funniest jokes quietly so only she can hear. She likes that she spends most of the class laughing at him which may be why she isn’t doing her best, Potter on the other hand excels in transfiguration which is something that really grinds her gears, probably because it’s the one class he doesn’t laugh much in, for some reason he spends most of it quiet giving her and Remus rather annoyed looks.

Lily is 14 and she likes boys. Not the way she likes Severus, whom she still loves… despite everything. They’ve been fighting quite a bit lately mostly because he’s been hanging around with scum and Lily can’t understand why he can’t see that they’re scum. They tell him she’s dirty and disgusting and not a real witch and he hangs around with them anyway it infuriates her and he hangs around with them anyway. But even though he has his flaws and can’t see how disgusting his new “friends” are, Lily loves him anyway. She loves him because he brings her her favorite sweets and let’s her hold his hand and listens when she cries about Petunia, even though she’s found she never likes what he ends up saying about Tuney. She loves him because they’re siblings in every sense of the word so she guesses that it’s ok that they argue, after all they don’t argue nearly as much as her and Tuney do. Or did rather, after all petunia hasn’t answered a single letter Lily has sent her this year and she stayed at a friends house during Christmas holiday to avoid her. Lily thinks she’d rather Petunia call her a freak everyday and spit in her tea twice every hour than have her deny her existence, it would hurt way less. Lily likes dancing. She likes stepping on her dads feet as he twirls her around the kitchen. She likes potions. No lily loves potions. She likes to see the magic actually being created right in front of her she likes that she can hold it and see it and it’ll never stop amazing her. She likes Benjy Fenwick and his bright blonde hair. She likes his small smile and big blue eyes. She likes the way her stomach flips when he’s around. She likes the way her friends act more excited than she does when he finally asks her to Hogsmeade. And she pretends not to like the choruses of “Lily and Benjy sittin in a tree”. She still likes Remus Lupin even though she’s over her crush. She likes studying with him in the library and debating and debating about all the injustices going on in their world. Injustices that were really starting to scare her. Against her better judgment she’s found that she also likes Sirius Black and Petter Pettigrew. For completely different and all around confusing reasons. She never really thought much of Peter, he was just one of potters friends. She assumed him to be an intolerable arrogant git and she found herself to be so wrong. It was when she was assigned to sit next to him in charms after causing too much of a ruckus near Marlene. The first day he nearly made her pee from laughing so hard. She liked that he always brought an extra quill because he knew Mary would forget one. She liked how he copied an extra set of notes for Marlene the day she was sick, something Lily herself hadn’t thought to do. She liked how pretty soon he was joining in on hers and Lupins study sessions which would leave them all doubled over laughing. She found that she liked Sirius and that he really wasn’t as much of a prick as she assumed. She liked the way he over dramatized everything and she was actually growing to find him funny. Of course not nearly as funny as he thought he was but funny all the same. She liked that he spent more time in detention than her, (which she’ll admit she was in quite a bit) him James and the rest of their lot always got in trouble for their pranks. But it was their fault they had to boast and let everyone know it was them. Her Mary Marlene and Alice on the other hand pulled off far better pranks with far less the track record, a feat she liked a great deal. She doesn’t like James Potter and the way he arrogantly asked her on a date while she was holding hands with Benjy. (She did however like her response to the question which included several curse words and threats to his well being).

Lily is 15 and she hates boys. She’s rocking back and forth and tearing at her hair and sobbing so hard she can’t catch her breath. Because he said it, he really said it. She couldn’t believe he actually said it. Her throat is raw from her screaming into her hands.He became the thing he promised he never would and he said the word. No matter how hard she shut her eyes she couldn’t get the image of his face out of her head. The word was stuck in her ears repeating itself over and over again. Mudblood. She felt like her stomach was in the floor as she laid her head in her knees and sobbed. Petunia still looks through her instead of at her. She had lost both of her siblings. Lily laughed out of the sheer irony of it all, because Severus and Petunia did have something in common after all, they both hated her. She disgusted the both of them and if it wasn’t for her friends she might have began to disgust herself too. Lily likes Alice. Soft and timid Alice who could never hurt a fly, was lying in the hospital wing getting her bloody knuckles bandaged. She was a different kind of calm than Lily was used to, no perky smile or scrunched nose sat on her face. Instead her eyes had this fierce fury, she sat perfectly still and the combination made her look deadly. “He’ll never say that word again Lily” she whispered. Reaching up to wipe her face with the back of her hand she only managed to smear it with blood. Lily likes Mary, who always butters her toast for her because “honestly Lily watching you do it is so slow and painful and look!! You’ve got chunks that won’t taste right just let me do it Merlin”. Lily likes Marlene especially when she’s yelling and fighting with all the professors, “I certainly do not think my skirt length has any effect on my ability to do magic. And if you don’t stop looking at my skirt I’ll show you just how capable I am at charms and charm your foot up your arse!!!” Lily was forced to charm Potters head to his desk in order to get the same two weeks detention that Marlene had gotten for that rant. Something Marlene was quietly greatful for, the two never spent a detention without the other. Lily likes rock n roll. She likes blasting it from her room and complaining to her mum that that’s the way it needs to be heard when she’s chided to lower it. She likes painting her nails black so they look especially badass when she flips Potter off. She likes going for car rides with her parents. And it’s ok that Petunia never comes because she gets to lay down in the back seat and dangle her feet out the window. She likes sneaking out at night with all her friends just to lay on the grass and look at the stars. She likes daring Alice to skinny dip in the lake and loves when she actually does. She likes that it took only seconds until the rest of the jumped in after her. She likes that Sniffers finally lets her hold him. She likes that Alice held her when Benjy cheated on her, she didn’t even like him that much but it hurt all the same. Mary and Marlene had left the common room quietly together and when she asked where they were going they both only shrugged. She liked that after only an hour later they returned with all of Benjys clothes, “we left his stuff from second year for him to wear tomorrow” Marlene said proudly as they all died in laughter. She liked Mary’s loud comments at breakfast the next morning, “Oi! Cut back on the breakfast Benjy looks like you’ve put on a few pounds. Your jumper buttons are ready to burst!” She yelled it while she buttered Lily’s toast with a smile. Lily secretly liked the way Potter threw death glares in Benjys direction mumbling about how he was an absolute fucking idiot, not that she’d ever admit that to anyone. She still didn’t like Potter not one bit, not even now that he’s grown to be so tall.

Lily is 16 and she can’t help liking boys. Not Severus though who she refuses to so much as glance at. Sure he tried apologizing several times but it was just too little too late. Petunia’s actually been civil lately, she made Lily a cup of tea without being asked. It might not be love but lily was sure it was something. Lily likes tea and pouring as much sugar in it as possible. She likes when her mom tells her that she might as well drink the sugar packets instead. She likes when her dad comments on the situation by doing just that and drinking the sugar. She likes the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and loves playing all the music for her dad to hear. She likes that he’ll sit with her for hours and just listen to the songs and talk about them. She loves when he surprises her with band tshirts that she wears until they’re ripped and faded. She likes chocolate and competing with Marlene to see who can stuff more of it in their mouths. She likes Marlene’s signature victory dance she does every time she wins. She likes Alice’s yells that they’ll both get stomach aches and ruin their appetites. She likes sitting up late at night in bed and talking to the rest of them. They can talk about anything and everything and they do. She likes the way Alice bashfully told them that Frank Longbottom had asked her out. But what she liked even better was helping her get ready to go. She liked the way Mary did Alice’s hair as Lily did her nails. Marlene watched them work and told Alice detailed stories about all the sex her and Frank would soon be having and not to worry cus she’d gladly tell her what goes where and how to do what and what boys like. She only stopped because Alice was blushing so hard Lily couldn’t do her makeup. Lily likes Sirius, loves him actually. They’d become very close over the year. She likes the way he gives her piggy back rides to class and his sharp wit. She likes that they can insult each other all day and know the others joking. She likes the way he’ll dramatically fall into a chair in the common room and claim he’s died of boredom. She likes that he understands. When she talked to him about Petunia and about how much it hurt to have a family member not love you back he actually understood. She nearly cried when he told her about his family but she was guiltily grateful to finally have someone who could relate. She likes James Potter now. They’ve decided to become friends. Just friends. That’s it. She doesn’t like him anymore than that. And if she has to say it again to Marlene or Mary or Alice or Remus or Sirius or Peter or any one else in this goddamn school she’s going to completely lose it. She likes that they’re friends he’s actually a very good friend. She likes the way he laughs. He does it with his whole body so his long legs kick up and his glasses nearly slide down his nose. She likes when he makes her laugh which is almost every minute of every day. He’s constantly whispering something in her ear or yelling across the dining hall or sneaking her notes in class. She likes the way he defends his friends so fiercely and loudly. When Alex Benditen made a nasty comment about Peter’s weight James made his stomach grow three times the size. She likes the way he runs his hand through his hair just to mess it up. She likes the way he’s constantly tapping his foot or his pen. It’s as if he just has so much energy it’s ready to explode right out of him. She likes his eyes and the way he looks at her like no one else does. She likes Potter, likes him a lot actually. But only as a friend of course she reminds herself, only as a friend.

Lily is 17 and loves her boys. Not Severus, who she barely even thinks about anymore, but Peter and Sirius and Remus and James. She loves Petunia and she’s starting to think that Petunia just may love her back a tiny bit. But it’s ok if she doesn’t lily decided. She’s finally content with being the sister who waits the sister who loves more freely. Lily likes going for walks at night. She likes grabbing her ratty pair of sneakers by the door and sneaking out. She likes the way the streets look when no ones on them. She likes the peace of it all. She likes the way the night air gives her a feeling of suspense. The night makes her feel like anything is possible and anything could happen at any moment. She likes do laundry with her mum. She likes sitting on the dryer and folding the clothes that her mum passes her while she tells her stories about when when she was younger. She likes the warmth of the clothes and the smell of the laundry and the sound of her mums laugh. Lily likes socks. She likes wearing the ones that are mismatched and the ones that have holes in the toe. She likes stuffing the dirty ones in Mary’s face for her to smell. She likes falling asleep in places that aren’t her bed. This particular habit happens to be one that she shares with Remus. The result of this led to a chart being made by Sirius and Marlene. Next to Lily’s name was, common room floor, Mary’s bed, staircase, great hall, peter’s bed, floor of boys room, floor of girls room, library, and charms class. Remus was the clear winner next to his name he had, every class he has ever taken, common room floor, every seat in common room, courtyard, astronomy tower, quidditch pitch, great hall, Sirius’s bed, boys floor, library, three broomsticks, supply closet, and a few passages. She liked the chart and the memories and teasing that went along with it. She liked napping next to Remus in the common room and the way he looked so peaceful. She likes firewhiskey. She likes the way it warms her all the way from her stomach to her fingertips. She likes proclaiming loudly and often that she could drink anyone who dares under the table. And she liked even better that she actually could, a fact that Sirius still gripes about. Lily liked dares. She liked both getting them and giving them. Her favorite dare to date was the one she gave Marlene the first week of this year. Marlene and Sirius had been loudly and aggressively flirting for the past year and a half and lily was tired of neither of them actually doing anything about it. So one night after a few bottles of firewhiskey she dared Marlene to give Sirius a Lap dance. Marlene was never one to back down from a challenge drunkenly stood up and Sirius nearly passed out before she even walked over to him. The music played and she swayed her hips and not even thirty seconds went by before he grabbed her and the two were heatedly making out. She liked the way the rest of them yelled and laughed and the choruses of finally. She liked the two of them together they were loud and obnoxious and completely in love. She still likes dancing in the common room. She likes twirling so fast that her skirt goes up and laughs at the hoots and hollers of her boys. Lily likes Mary and she couldn’t give less of a fuck that Mary liked girls. She liked that none of them cared at all and instead we’re always in constant search of finding Mary a girlfriend, something that always led to Mary blushing and hiding her face in her hands. She likes when they all play hide n seek like they’re little kids again. She always hides with Peter because he some how manages to find the best hiding places. She likes the way everyone groans that they win every round and the way Peter holds her hand up in victory. She likes Alice and Frank together. She likes watching them talk quietly to each other and giggle. They’re both soft and kind and absolutely perfect for each other. She likes cauldrons. She likes talking constantly about all the different makes and models and the proper ways to clean them and the slight effects each has on every different potion. The only person that will ever listen to her drone on and on about them is James. She likes James more than she’s ever liked anyone else before. She first kissed him after the first quidditch game of the season. James had been very worried before hand and was constantly griping about how essential it was for them to win. Lily showed up to every practice beforehand to scrutinize and give her advice. It usually led to the two of them arguing but she did it anyway. At the last practice before the game she told him that he needed to do a full roll fake out before shooting to avoid a defender. “ I can’t do that do you even know how hard that is?!” He had yelled back at her. “Liam pofcery does it all the time!” She answered arms crossed. “He’s been a professional for ten years how am I supposed to do that?” James had groaned. But at the game she watched from the stands and he did it and they won. She sprinted on to the pitch afterwards jumped onto him nearly knocking him over and kissed him. She liked the way the world stopped for a moment when she did it. All the people screaming seemed to blur for a moment and all she could see was him. She was kissing James. She liked his stupid face of surprise right before she did it. She liked the way he immediately kissed her back fiercely and intensely. She liked the way he grabbed her tight as if she might let go or change her mind and pull away. She had no intention of doing that because she liked the way he kissed way too much. She likes kissing James. After the first one it all started to rush into place. She could finally admit to herself all the things she liked about him. She liked his eyes and how they were always bright as if he just told a joke. She liked his hands and how they were big and rough from holding a broom. She liked his hair and the funny way it stuck out at all ends. She liked how fucking tall he was and how she had to pull his tie for him to lean down and kiss her. She liked laying with him at night and hearing him breathe. She liked pushing him off the bed when he snored and laughing when he tickled her in retaliation. She liked the way he exasperatedly yelled her name when she made him mad. She liked that he’d twirl her in the common room and on the quidditch pitch and in the astronomy tour and anywhere else he could think of. She pretended not to like when he constantly went around and told everyone she was his girlfriend. She liked that he was bestfriends with her friends and she with his. She liked how everything was perfect. Even when it wasn’t. Peter served detention four times for cursing Slytherins who threatened her. Which was three less than the 7 times Remus served for doing the same thing. Mary and Marlene both were in the hospital wing twice with broken knuckles. But nothing beat Sirius and James’s 10 detentions and 3 hospital wing visits in the matter of four months. Lily yelled at all of them that she didn’t need their help that she could take the insults and threats just fine and handle herself perfectly on her own. But she liked the way they all rolled their eyes when she screamed. She liked that when the letters from the Order came they all said yes without hesitation. None of them needed a second to think or consider it. They were all ready to get out of school and start actually doing something to help. They were all ready to fight. She liked the way they spent their last few days in school. They broke out every night and drank and danced in the courtyard. She dared Alice to skinny dip again and soon they were all freezing and splashing and dying from laughter. The world was fucked up and the war was coming but for those few nights they were kids in love. In love with their friends, in love with the night and the stars, in love with the laughter that gave them aches to their bones, in love with the naive idea that they’d all be ok that this and them would all last forever. She liked remembering those nights and that feeling right before she went to sleep. She liked sleeping with all of the blankets wrapped around her, a fact that always led to James complaining. She didn’t like James Potter at all. She loved him.

Caught (Spencer Reid x Reader)

One shot request for @damhunterofartemis! “Spencer has a girlfriend and the team doesn’t know about her until they catch him kissing her.” Un-beta’d! 
Requests are still open! :) 

“Honestly, Boy Wonder, you should come out with us tonight. You need to meet someone,” Penelope said as she was scurrying around in her heels, grabbing her purse and outfit change. She, JJ, and Emily extended the Girls Night invite out to the rest of the team.

“Garcia, I appreciate the offer but trust me, I’m fine.” Spencer said, rejecting yet another invite which was met with a pout from the blonde.

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Beauty and The Assassin // A Mitch Rapp Smut

Prompt: She was the sun and he was the moon. She was light and he was darkness. She was love and he was incapable of it.

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Cum on Face/Body, Titty Fuck, Fingering, Swearing, Violence, Rough Sex, Fluffy Sex, Badass!Reader, Multiple Descriptive Deaths, and Unprotected Sex (Cover your stump before you hump).

Word Count: 7,833 (I decided to write two different smut scenes in this one fic and it’s so worth it because one’s hella hot and the other’s super emotional)

Song: Feel Something by Jaymes Young

A/N: Ever since the trailer came out, my fingers have been itching to write something about Mitch Rapp but I just couldn’t come up with any ideas. And then Jaymes Young released this single from the heavens above (God bless) and inspiration hit me like a fucking truck. 

P.s. This is definitely in my top 5 favorite fics I’ve ever written and I really hope you guys like it as much as I do.

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With a mixture of determination inside of anger (and even lust), Mitch Rapp let out a strangled grunt as he tackled (Y/N) onto the ground for the millionth time tonight. It’s been hours since he started training her and by the look of exhaustion on her face, he could tell she was incredibly sick of it. Her face was scrunched up and she bit down on her bottom lip, but not in the way he was used to seeing when he was slamming into her and fucking the gorgeous girl senseless. She was tired and annoyed, her features scrunching up because she was in pain and her lip being tugged in between her teeth to keep from yelling at the man hovering over her.

“Come, on (Y/N).” Mitch sighed when she gave a pathetic attempt of getting him off of her. “It’s like you’re not even trying.”

“That’s because I’m not. I’m tired and I just want this to be over already.” She retorted, not even hiding her temper. The usually bubbly and happy girl was irritated and sore, beyond ready to take a soothing shower to relax all of her aching muscles.

“Well, if this were a real fight your wishes would’ve certainly been granted by now.” He replied, not making any effort to get off of her.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yes, because you’d be dead.”

“Fighting back is too hard.” She groaned, letting her head fall onto the floor as she shut her eyelids in an attempt to rest. “Maybe I’d be better off dead considering it requires less work.”

“Hey, open your eyes.” Mitch stated, getting a hold of her chin in his calloused hand and she reluctantly obliged. “Being dead is not the better option and you know it. Now, defend yourself and push me off of you.”

“I can’t.” (Y/N) shook her head, sighing. “I’m too tired.”

“This isn’t a suggestion. This is an order.” The assassin commanded, a stream of lust rushing through her body as an immediate reaction. “Do as I say, (Y/N).”

“I’m not one of your recruits, Mitch.” The young woman bit down on her lip and he instantly noticed the lustful meaning behind it. “You can’t tell me what to do.”

“Princess, I already am.” Rapp smirked, his dick straining against his boxers at the sight of her continuing to chew on her bottom lip. “Push. Me. Off.”

(Y/N) shook her head as a smirk appeared on her mouth and it made Mitch’s heart stop from how alluring she looked. Her cheeks were flushed, her lips plump and swollen, her eyes playful as they stared up at him, her soft hair sprawled out on the floor and even the sweat accumulated on her forehead made her glow beautifully. He has yet to admit it and there’s a good chance he never will, but this girl beneath him had Mitch completely wrapped around her finger.

After Katrina, his entire world fell apart. His first love’s death ended up creating a gaping hole inside of Rapp’s heart. He tried to heal himself with anything he could find, but his wound just continued to bleed. Food, alcohol, drugs, sex, violence and eventually revenge were different ways the young man seeked to bandage himself up. But, the bleeding still managed to ooze through. That is, until he met her.

(Y/N) waltzed into his life unexpectedly and did the one thing he couldn’t even do for himself. Without knowing it, she reached into his wounds and pulled the core of the pain that was holding him to his dreadful past out and destroyed it, showing Rapp how to make peace and find the balance he was so desperately looking for.

“You need to stop biting your lip or you’ll find yourself getting fucked mercilessly by me in a matter of seconds.” Mitch warned her, (Y/N)’s core already drenching her laced panties. “So, unless you want that, you need to stop biting your fucking lip.”

She didn’t say anything, she just prepared herself for the intense fun that was about to come as she stared him straight in the eye and bit her lip one last time.

Mitch immediately snapped and his mouth was crashing on hers in seconds, just like he promised. He lifted himself slightly so he could open her legs before him and fit himself in between them as her hands flew to his long and silky hair, her lips deepening their passionate kiss so she could push her tongue inside of his warm mouth. (Y/N) couldn’t hold back her moans at how skillful and dominant he was with his tongue, glad that they were already on the floor and she didn’t have to worry about falling down from how weak her knees felt. When they both needed to breathe, Rapp bit down on her bottom lip (because he had been wanting to do that all night) and pulled before completely letting go for their lungs to catch the air they were begging for.

His hands flew to the over sized shirt she was wearing, that just so happened to be his, and didn’t even think twice before effortlessly ripping it apart. A gasp emitted from her throat and he simply smirked before lifted her back off of the floor to reach behind and unclasp her bra, he would’ve happily torn that apart as well but he knew she wouldn’t like it. After pulling down the straps, (Y/N)’s bra was flung across his apartment and neither one of them cared enough to see where it could’ve possibly landed.

Mitch’s lips instantly wrapped around one of her breasts, his tongue flicking her perky nipple, and (Y/N) arched her body into his bare chest. She immediately moaned when she felt his hard bulge poke the inside of her thigh and she knew that from how turned on they both were, this would be over faster than it even started. Just as Rapp bit down on her nipple and a strangled whimper fell from her lips, one of (Y/N)’s hands moved to the hem of his sweatpants and pulled at it so that her other hand could push past both it and his boxers. As soon as her hand wrapped around his erection, Mitch hummed in appreciation against her breast causing vibrations to immediately shoot throughout her entire body and land in her aching core.

(Y/N) tightened her grip on him before slowly pumping Mitch’s shaft and he had to actually stop giving (Y/N) her share of pleasure because there was so much of it flooding inside of him that he couldn’t concentrate. Mitch rested his head on her bare chest and allowed her to continue working on him, occasionally thrusting his hips into her hand to let her know he wanted her to move a little faster. The sight of him drowning in his own desire in front of her was enough to make (Y/N) come undone right there, but she held back as much as she could. It was when Mitch moaned again against her that she knew she needed him fucking her as soon as possible.

“Mitch, I need you baby.” She mewled and the young man’s cock twitched at the sound alone.

Even though his body screamed at him for it, he placed his hand on her arm and pulled her grip off of his cock. But, she managed to swipe up the leaking precum from his tip before he did and she instinctively brought the salty liquid up to her mouth, gladly sucking on her finger. Rapp’s own finger traced down her stomach to the hem of her soaking panties and even though her body was extremely heated and sweaty from their training session, his touch left goosebumps on her skin. Pulling down her panties with both of his hands and placing it on the floor beside them, the next to go were his sweatpants followed by his boxers.

(Y/N)’s eyes fell to the dark hair below his stomach before they trailed down to his erection, the sight of Mitch’s red and swollen tip making her lick her lips. The assassin’s hands gripped harshly onto her thighs and spread them apart before lining himself at her entrance and slamming in without giving her as much as a warning. (Y/N) screamed in response, her body arching up, and Mitch didn’t even wait for her to adjust before already thrusting into her warmth. It was a good thing she was incredibly lubricated from how turned on she was as he fucked her rapidly, both seeking their release as fast as they could.

Rapp looked down at her bouncing tits then to their connecting bodies and moaned at the delicious sight, his eyes rolling to the back of his head in pleasure. (Y/N)’s own eyes were shut tight as she concentrated on the orgasm she knew would soon be arriving. Even though the sound of his skin slapping against hers was loud and wet, (Y/N) surprisingly loved the feeling of his balls slamming against her ass repeatedly along with the familiar and amazing feeling of his thick width stretching her tight walls. Knowing she was undoubtedly close to her peak, Mitch brought one of his hands down to her clit and began rubbing furiously in sync with his pounding. (Y/N) immediately screamed, the overwhelming pleasure too much on her and in a matter of seconds a flash of heat spread throughout her. He continued pressing, circling and flicking her nub and she couldn’t find the will to stop the pornographic noises that rose in her throat from escaping as she dissolved into his skilled hand.

It took everything Rapp had in him not to cum right when she did and clenched around him, his self control insanely impressive. The moment she finished getting down from her high and gripped onto his shoulders to tell him to stop, Mitch did and ignored the throbbing in his dick as he pulled out. Pushing away the sleepiness that threatened to take over her from just having a mind blowing orgasm, (Y/N) grabbed his hips and guided Rapp to place his cock wet with her juices in between her breasts. He understood what she was offering him and he smiled smugly at her. The beautiful woman pressed her breasts together around him to create a tighter environment and he began to thrust. From the mixture of how good it felt to fuck in between her breasts, watch her close her eyes and bite down on her extremely swollen lips, and the fact that he was already near his orgasm, it didn’t take long for Mitch to reach it.

After a few quick thrusts, his tip released hot cum as his body accepted the unbelievable pleasure that came with it. (Y/N) was caught by surprise when his liquid coated not only her chest, but her chin and a bit even managed to reach her bottom lip. However, she certainly didn’t hate it. Actually quite the opposite, to be exact. As Rapp came back down from his euphoria, she licked her bottom lip and enjoyed his taste on her tongue.

Bringing his hand over to his torn short on the floor, Mitch used the leftover fabric to clean up the mess he created on her body. She smiled up at him at his sudden kindness, but failed to notice the light blush painting his cheeks. The warmth she caused on his skin similar to the warmth she sparked inside of him. Mitch Rapp was a cold, distant and emotionless man before her. His entire purpose was to destroy and kill, never feeling the need to go beyond that. However, (Y/N) went out of her way to show him he wasn’t just a weapon nor a machine, but an actual human. She was the sun that brightened his life when he didn’t even know what light looked like anymore. She shined on him and, Mitch being the moon, he reflected the light she gave him.

The heartbreaking part is he will never allow himself to accept the fact that he was falling for her thanks to his concern of not being able to get back up. It’s not that she won’t catch him, he’s certain she would, it’s the fact that as his feelings for her grow so does his fear of losing her. That’s the biggest problem about loving someone: the vulnerability. As soon as someone becomes an important part of your life, it’s agonizing to know that they can be snatched away at any moment.

That’s why Mitch Rapp doesn’t do love because he doesn’t tolerate chance or risks. He’s an assassin and he’s trained to be objective, analytical, cold, and logical. All things love does not consist of.

“Alright,” Mitch cleared his throat, standing from the floor and picking up his clothes. “Five minute break and then we’re back to training.”

“What?!” (Y/N) exclaimed, immediately sitting up as he dressed himself.

“You heard me.” Rapp stated, walking over to where he spotted her bra and tossed it to her. “You had your break, now it’s time to get back to work.”

“Mitch, I don’t want to train anymore.” She disagreed, but put on both her panties and bra nonetheless.

“I don’t care.” He shrugged. “We’re not finishing until you get it right.”

(Y/N) knew that there was no point in trying to get herself out of this one, Mitch was too persistent. She simply sighed before walking over to his bedroom and approaching his wardrobe to grab a shirt and leggings out of the drawer that was specifically separated for her clothes. She heard the sound of his feet patting against the hardwood floor as he also entered his bedroom and made his way over to his bed to grab the shirt that was laying amongst the sheets. In complete silence, the two finished dressing themselves before Rapp turned around to look at her as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Do I at least have time to take a quick shower?” (Y/N) asked, slightly annoyed.

“What’s the point if you’re just gonna get sweaty again?” Mitch questioned and she immediately huffed, walking back out into the living room. He sensed he had said something that ticked her off, but he couldn’t exactly understand what or why.

“What is it?” He asked, following her.

“Nothing.” She shook her head, pulling the hair tie on her wrist off so she could put her messy hair up in a ponytail. “Let’s just get this over with already.”

“Fine by me.” Mitch shrugged.

The moment she finished fixing her hair, the assassin charged towards her. (Y/N) immediately reacted and dodged his first attempt to wrap his strong arms around her shoulder, but failed when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. Using his free hand, Rapp grabbed her other wrist and she groaned when she realized she couldn’t use her hands anymore. Forcing her to use another method of defense and she instantly turned her body so her back was against his chest and his hands were twisted awkwardly, making it hard for him to be the one with the edge. She thought she had it all figured out until Mitch, suddenly, used the situation he was in to his advantage and locked her into his hold by pressing his arms against her chest and forcing his on her back.

“Okay, okay!” (Y/N) exclaimed. “You made your point, I’ll use another tactic. Let me out.”

“No, you never know what awful situation you’ll find yourself in.” Rapp stated. “Get yourself out.”

With anger striking inside of her, (Y/N) used her elbow to nudge it into his stomach and her lover immediately grunted in reaction. The small distraction was enough to allow her to free herself and she smiled proudly when she did.

“See? You can do this.” Mitch smirked, rubbing the area she just hurt before approaching the kitchen and pulling out a knife from its stand. “Here.” He said, handing her the knife. “Attack me.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” (Y/N) sighed, looking up at him with narrow eyes.

“I’m not.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“Just, do it.” Rapp commanded. “I’ll be fine, you won’t hurt me.”

“I know I won’t hurt you. It’s me I’m worried about.” She explained, the knife being awkwardly held in her hand. “What if I slip up and cut myself?”

“I won’t let that happen.” Mitch spread his feet and planted them on the floor. “Now, come on.”

(Y/N) took a deep breath, then, rushed towards him with the knife raised in the air. She tried to attack him through a surprising angle, but being the expert that he is, Mitch easily saw it coming. Effortlessly knocking her arm with his, the knife fell to the ground and the sound of the metal loudly clanging against the hardwood floor echoed through the room. (Y/N) expected Mitch to stop there and show her what she had done wrong, but instead he grabbed her waist and slammed her up against the nearest wall. The air in her lungs instantly being knocked out from the sudden force as her head harshly hit the wall and she didn’t even try to hide how it hurt her.

“Seriously?” Rapp scoffed. “That was the stupidest method you could’ve used. Anyone in there right mind would’ve seen it coming.”

“Get off of me.” She demanded, pushing his arms off of her body but failing.

“No, listen to me-”

“No, you listen to me, Mitch.” (Y/N) angrily interrupted, pushing his arms again and this time he actually let go. “I’m tired and I’m sore. You just fucking hurt me and didn’t even notice it because you’re too obsessive with this shit.”

“I’m sorry.” He apologized, genuinely upset with himself for causing her pain. “But you have to learn.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t want to learn to be an assassin like you.”

It was a simple comment, never made to hurt him and, yet, it did. Mitch was slightly taken aback, but managed to clear his throat before speaking in favor of his case.

“I’m not teaching you to be an assassin.” He stated. “I’m teaching you to defend yourself in case you ever need to.”

“Why would I need to?” (Y/N) questioned loudly. “I’m not constantly in dangerous situations like you.”

But you could be. Mitch thought to himself, considering the possibilities of his enemies ever finding out that his biggest weakness was the girl standing right before him.

“Jesus Christ, Mitch, I’m a wedding planner!” She continued, now pacing the area in front of him. “I promote love, not violence!”

“You’re not promoting violence!” Mitch responded, now shouting along with her. “You just have to be safe! Because I don’t want anything to ha-”

The assassin instantly stopped himself before he could go any further. But, (Y/N) certainly wasn’t having any of it. Mitch Rapp was about to say something he felt for the first time since they met and she wasn’t about to let this moment slip away.

“Anything to what?!” She questioned, taking a step towards him. “Finish your sentence, Mitch.”

Frustration boiled inside of her when he refused to say anything, instead his hard eyes remained on hers as her blood heated up. (Y/N) was tired of this lifestyle they had together where he denied any bit of feelings towards her and they pretended like that was okay. She knew he was a hard person to crack, but she also knew that deep down he definitely felt something for her. Every question she’s ever had about them invaded her thoughts all at once and she seriously thought her head would explode. Until, finally, her temper and patience did.

“What are we?” She asked, feeling small and vulnerable. However, once again, Rapp failed to speak. “Mitch!”

His problem solving abilities searched through every bit of knowledge he had achieved over the years in order to fix this, but his mind couldn’t find anything to help him. This wasn’t the type of issue that could be solved logically or without any emotion and Mitch was terrified of it. On one hand, he could tell her the truth about his love for her (but that means starting a relationship with her which could end up getting her killed) or he could just lie.

As much as it pained him, Mitch Rapp chose the second option.

“Nothing.” He stated, watching as she shattered into pieces. “We’re nothing.”

“So, you’re telling me that every night we spend together wrapped into each other’s arms is nothing?” (Y/N) began, not caring that he could see tears now streaming down her cheeks. “Or how I have a drawer in your wardrobe specifically for my clothes since I’m constantly here with you because we’re nothing? You’re telling me that my definition of home no longer being a place, but actually being you is a result of nothing?”

Mitch only thought of his answers and didn’t dare say them, the main one consisting of: Of course not, there’s no way you could be just nothing when you’re everything to me.

“Mitch, I need you to be honest with me. Please, don’t hold back.” She requested, her heart beating faster in fear of the answer to the question she was about to ask. “Am I just an easy fuck to you?”

His cold heart sunk into his stomach and was instantly consumed by the agonizing acid, the pain he felt from her incorrect assumption greater than any broken bone or bullet wound he’s ever received. Mitch didn’t have the capacity to respond and (Y/N) interpretated the tense silence as an answer.

She was well aware that Rapp believed he was incapable of love and, in the time they spent together, she desperately tried to show him he was wrong. And, yet, it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough, she thought.

With a heavy heart, (Y/N) walked over to the door to his apartment and put on her shoes that were resting on the welcome mat. As soon as she finished, she opened the front door and looked back at him one last time.

“Mitch, I know you’re not whole after everything that’s ever happened to you.” She sobbed. “But, you can’t fix yourself by breaking me.”

(Y/N) didn’t even bother staying to hear what he could possibly say, if he even had it in him to say anything at all, she simply walked out of the door as Mitch watched her leave. The thing about this girl is that she somehow managed to open the door to his heart again, only to end up closing her own because of him. Rapp was like a deadly virus and he knew it.

The uncontrollable tears escaped her eyes as (Y/N) exited the apartment complex and reached into her pocket to find her cellphone with the intent of calling for an Uber when she realized she was wearing leggings and had left her phone inside of Mitch’s. There was no way she was turning back now and getting it, she’d much rather buy a new one than ever have to go through facing him again. Walking towards any direction, not really caring where she was headed to, (Y/N) sobbed loudly in the dark and lonely streets. A gust of cold wind flew against her and danced on her skin, the young woman shivering in response. However, the shivering because of the cold was nothing compared to the shaking she was about to feel in a matter of seconds.

When (Y/N) least expected it, a loud sound of tires screeching against the asphalt of the road snatched her attention and she turned towards the source. Suddenly, a black car stopped right in front of her and a set of two incredibly large men rushed out of it and charged at her. A mixture of fear and adrenaline attacked her body before they could. (Y/N) immediately moved into action and turned around to run away, but one of the attackers wrapped his strong arms around her. She knew she wasn’t equipped enough to fight them off, now regretting ever disagreeing with Mitch about him training her, and the only chance she had of surviving would be to escape. Just like she did a few minutes ago, (Y/N) pushed her elbow into the stomach of the person holding her but much harder this time. The man gasped when the air was knocked out of him and loosened his grip enough for her to slip out.

Just when she thought she could run away, the other man grabbed her waist and she screamed loudly when​ he pulled her back towards them. (Y/N) didn’t know what to do next, but she knew that she was absolutely terrified. Her mind immediately thinking about Mitch and all of the times he told her: You can’t rely on other people to swoop in and save you, you have to save yourself. And (Y/N) cried and struggled in the stranger’s grasp, but she knew she couldn’t save herself. It was too late.

The man grabbed her wrists and held it behind her back, pulling out a zip tie from his pocket and locking her hands together. The one she hit had finally managed to recompose himself and, as she screamed at the top of her lungs, he put a dark pillowcase over her head. Everything immediately going to black.

Mitch Rapp paced his living room, constantly running his hand through his strands of dark hair. If this were a cartoon he certainly would’ve created a hole in the hardwood floor by now.

He hated himself for letting her believe she was nothing but a fuck toy to him and how he just let her walk away. He despised that he didn’t know how to deal with the insane amount of emotions pooling inside of him. But, mainly, Rapp loathed that he couldn’t love her the way she deserved to be loved.

I have to go after her. Mitch thought to himself, rushing towards his bedroom to switch out of his sweatpants and into regular blue jeans. The biggest problem was he had no idea where she could’ve possibly gone. It’s been about twenty minutes since she stormed out which meant she could be anywhere at this point.

An idea struck into his mind and Rapp immediately approached his cellphone on the bed side table, pressing on her contact number and calling her. His nerves danced on his skin as he listened to the rings and waited impatiently for her to pick up when he, suddenly, heard another phone ringing in his bedroom. The sound was muffled and hard to locate its source, but Mitch eventually did. Finding (Y/N)’s cell tangled into the sheets of his bed, his mind realizing she had left without grabbing it first. Rapp let out a groan of frustration before ending the call and throwing his phone on the bed with hers.

There was only one option left: go to her house and hope to God she went there after their fight. Mitch got his car keys and a loaded gun, because the man never left the house without being armed, before slipping on his shoes and walking out of his door. His foot unexpectedly stepped on something new and the sound of crumpling paper stopped him in his tracks. Looking down to the floor, he realized there was a letter made out of cut out magazine parts on his doormat. Rapp’s curiosity took over and the young man bent down, grabbing the piece of paper. His eyes immediately widened when he realized his name was on it.

Mitch Rapp, it’s your life in exchange for hers. You can still save (Y/N).

Normally, the assassin would be calm and strategical in a dangerous situation, but he has never faced one quite like this. His breath hitched in his throat and his hands began to shake at the thought of the one thing he was terrified of actually happening. He knew what this was about, he knew this was a gang of terrorists he certainly pissed off and were now going after him. And Rapp knew he could easily kill every single one of them thanks to his alarming amount of skills, yet, he couldn’t help feeling scared.

His mind instantly pictured (Y/N) terrified in the warehouse of the address Mitch recognized under the threat. He felt sick as he imagined the horrible and disgusting things ways they were probably torturing her to extract information on him. This was the day Mitch Rapp was so afraid of, but he wasn’t going to stand around and do nothing. Without second thought, Mitch decided he was going to give himself up for her.

The assassin quickly ran into his car and sped to the location they held her in. It was a utility warehouse meant for stocking cargo that needed to be shipped internationally. As soon as he arrived, Mitch didn’t even wait before arming his gun and rushing out of his vehicle, shooting the two men that were there waiting for him straight in the head. Mitch Rapp usually had mercy, but certainly not towards the people who dare kidnapped (Y/N). He would do and kill anything to make sure she got out of here safe.

The five men inside of the warehouse immediately jumped when the sudden and loud banging of a door being kicked down echoed through the empty space. (Y/N)’s wet and sore eyes from crying so much searched for the source of the invasion and her heart stopped then melted in her chest when she saw a very angry Mitch Rapp standing in the doorway with his gun held up. It didn’t matter that there was tape stretched across her lips, (Y/N) somehow managed to smile at his arrival and she cried even more.

Rapp’s eyes landed on the girl he loved and rage boiled up inside of him like never before at the sight of her hands tied to a chair, duct tape on her mouth, her ponytail uncharacteristically messy from the amount of times they must’ve pulled on her hair as they forced her around, and her eyes bloodshot. The man was about to ensue hell because they had laid a finger on her and nothing was going to stop his blood lust. Without even saying anything, Mitch’s finger pulled the trigger of his gun and a bullet landed right in the spot in between one of the men’s eyes. The terrorist instantly fell limp to the ground, blood pooling around his dead body.

“One down, four more to go.” Rapp threatened, taking a step towards the remaining men and they began to wonder whether or not this plan was a good one. “Who’s next?”

All of them lifted theirs guns and positioned them in front of Mitch but despite the fact that he had four powerful weapons pointed at him, his only concern was about the crying girl strapped to the uncomfortable chair. It didn’t matter that he was at a serious disadvantage or that this was the exact kind of situation Stan Hurley told him to always avoid getting himself into, Rapp held his position and never faltered.

“Answer my question!” Mitch shouted, his veins bulging against his neck.

She is next if you don’t put that gun down!” One of the men threatened with a strong foreign accent, lifting (Y/N)’s head up by her hair and placing the cold metal tip of his gun against her temple.

Rapp had more than four bullets in his load and he could easily kill every single one of them in the next minute, but what was to say they wouldn’t kill (Y/N) before their own deaths? As much as he didn’t want to, Mitch dropped his gun down to the ground and kicked it towards the terrorists before lifting his hands up to show them they were unarmed. Another one of them, with his gun still raised, approached Rapp and patted him down to see if he truly was clean and quickly realized he was. The man stuffed his gun in the waistband of his pants and pulled Mitch’s hands behind his back, holding them in place.

“Do you have any idea how much money is on your head?” The one holding (Y/N) captive spoke up, looking at the assassin with a sick smile on his face. “You’re a valuable man, Mitch Rapp.”

“Just let her go.” He demanded, his eyes staring into (Y/N)’s and hers gazing right back at his.

“Hmm, it seems that I owe you an apology for we won’t be able to keep our promise.” The criminal stated and Rapp’s heart stopped instantly. “You see, your precious little girlfriend here surprised us all when she killed one of our own. She must die as well.”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Mitch yelled angrily and desperately, the man holding him struggling to keep him in place. “This is about me! Take me!”

“Mitch, think of how romantic it’ll be!” The man laughed. “The two lovers having their last day on Earth together? It can’t get more poetic than that.”

“I am not here to play your games.” Rapp warned, his anger strong enough to start a war. “Let her live or you’ll regret ever crossing me.”

“I’d like to see you prove it.”

The sentence was enough to spark action inside of him and he instantly went to work without stopping to think about the consequences. Harshly pulling his hands out of the man’s grasp, Mitch quickly turned around and grabbed the terrorist’s gun before he could. Spending only a few seconds to arm it, Rapp pulled the trigger and shot a clean bullet through the bad guy’s heart. The assassin turned around and all hell broke loose.

Fear ran through (Y/N)’s body as she watched the men shoot at each other, but she told herself she needed to be strong. Even though the man holding her, without taking the gun off her temple, leaned down to untie her arms from the chair, (Y/N) somehow convinced herself that she was indeed strong. She didn’t let a single sob or whine erupt from her throat, instead she allowed the man to lift her up and wrap his free hand around her.

“Mitch!” He shouted at the same time that another terrorist’s dead body fell to the ground because of the assassin. “Stop right now!”

Suddenly, the criminal threw his gun on the floor and reached into his belt to pull out a huge and sharp knife. Rapp’s entire body went limp as the terrorist held it up against her exposed neck because he knew, that at this point, there wasn’t much he could do. The gun was one thing, but a knife… a knife was much riskier. The assassin had no other choice than to do everything they asked in a final attempt to make sure she lives.

“Put the gun against your head.” The man commanded and Mitch winced before doing exactly as he said, knowing this could possibly be the way he granted her survival. “Now, pull the trigger.”

(Y/N) screamed at the top of her lungs, the sound muffled by the tape but still incredibly strong and loud. Mitch Rapp looked at her one last time, his eyes glossing over with tears, and he enjoyed his last seconds of life by just gawking at her. Despite the eerie situation that sent chills down any man’s spine, he was calm and felt at peace as he memorized every single feature on her beautiful face. Her eyes he so easily found himself getting lost in, her cheeks that flushed whenever he smiled at her, her button nose that scrunched up every time she was concentrated and her perfect lips that were constantly tugged in between her white teeth were the last things he wanted to see before he saw nothing but absolute darkness.

However, (Y/N) was never going to allow that to happen. Just as Mitch took a deep breath in preparation for what he was about to do, she immediately brought her arm up and knocked the bad guy’s own arm as hard as she could just like Mitch did with her earlier. Because he wasn’t at all expecting it, the man instantly dropped the knife and (Y/N) didn’t even wait before grabbing the arm around her with both of her hands and turning around so she could twist it in a painful angle. The man shouted in agony and the two other men left in the room watched in complete awe, both at a loss for words.

(Y/N) bent down and grabbed the knife from the ground before piercing it into his stomach, immediately taking a step back in shock. It wasn’t enough to kill him like she did with the first guy, but it definitely did buy them some time. Enough time for Mitch to snap out of his trance and swoop in, using the gun in his hand to finish him off. The last remaining terrorist looked around the room that was full of the bodies of his friends and he decided he would try to avenge every single one of them.

Throwing his gun aside and grabbing his own knife, the man charged towards Rapp and (Y/N) shouted for him to notice what was going on. Knowing that he wouldn’t really be able to work well with a gun because they were designed for targets at a distance and considering the man was already dangerously close to Rapp, (Y/N) pulled out the knife from her attacker’s stomach and tossed it to Mitch who easily caught it. Just as the foreigner lifted his hand with the knife in it to kill Mitch, the assassin grabbed his arm with his free hand and used his other one to thrust down onto the man’s wrist causing him to drop his weapon. Without waiting, Rapp instantly lifted his knife again and plunged it through the man’s neck, who fell to the ground and died in a matter of seconds.

The two survivors let out deep breaths as a wave relief hit both of them and washed away all of the stress, agony, anger, and fear they had been feeling since they’re fight at Mitch’s. Time slowed down to watch the two lovers turn around towards one another and run into each other’s comforting arms. Rapp instantly wrapped his arms around her body and she used her own hands to grip onto his black shirt, sobs escaping her throat and tears staining his clothes. However, (Y/N) wasn’t the only one crying for Mitch couldn’t hold back his own tears either. Holding her as tight as he could because he was so afraid of letting go, Rapp placed soft kisses on her head (some of his tears falling down on her hair) as they both wept into each other’s arms.

It wasn’t just about the fact that the two almost died that they felt this way, it was mostly about how (Y/N) and Mitch now realize how stupid their fight was. (Y/N) was thankful for what little self defense he taught her because it ultimately saved her life and Rapp discovered he wasn’t willing to push his feelings back anymore. He wanted to love her fully even if it came with agonizing risks.

“I’m sorry.” (Y/N) spoke up first after she pulled off the tape on her mouth, her voice shakey and unstable. “You were right and I should’ve listened to you. I want to be trained, Mitch. Please teach me.”

“Of course.” He nodded, pulling back slightly so he could place his hand on her cheek and bring her face up to look at him. “And I’m sorry, too. I lied to you, (Y/N). You’re not nothing to me, you’re everything.”

For the second time since she’s been kidnapped, she smiled, both times because of the man currently holding her together. As she looked up at him, Mitch used his thumb to wipe away the tears on her skin and she did the same to him. It was a beautiful sight, the two gazing at each other and confessing through their eyes their love for the other. It didn’t matter what came up next to try to destroy them, (Y/N) and Rapp would fight together, side by side.

Desperate lips smashed together as a mixture of sobs and moans transferred through their mouths. Clothes were long gone on the floor, replaced by their naked limbs tangling within each other on Mitch’s bed. (Y/N)’s back arched in complete pleasure as her love continued to pump two fingers into her soaking wet core, quickly helping her reach the point of no return. Rapp moaned, his voice vibrating her mouth, and his cock twitched against her leg the instant she clenched around his fingers with her orgasm. It was her second of the night, the first one coming right after he used only his tongue to pleasure her.

The moment they realized they were no longer in danger, Mitch and (Y/N) rushed home to be as close as humanly possible. What happened tonight took a serious toll on them. (Y/N) wanted to show him that she loved every single thing about him, no matter how different he was from her, and Rapp desperately needed to show her that he was ready for the love they would share because of how (Y/N) made the once numb man actually feel something again.

“Can you handle one more?” Mitch asked the second she shuddered when he removed his fingers from her highly sensitive core and she slowly nodded.

As Rapp placed his wet fingers into his mouth and happily sucked off her juices from his skin, the young man used his other hand to open the drawer in his bedside table and pull out a condom from its box. (Y/N) took it from him and ripped the package open with her teeth, Mitch watching in awe, before putting it on his hard erection. Removing his fingers from his mouth, Rapp got a hold of his shaft and positioned himself at (Y/N)’s entrance. He gazed into her eyes in a way to ask for permission and she gladly nodded, her own beautiful pupils looking up at the man hovering over her in amusement when she noticed an odd emotion flicker in them.

Mitch lowered his head and looked at their bodies that were about to connect before looking up at her chest rising and falling and, suddenly, felt extremely nervous. He took a deep breath as the back of his eyes started to burn with upcoming tears.

“What’s wrong?” (Y/N) asked, placing her hand on his bare chest to stop his actions. “Are you okay?”

Rapp reluctantly looked up into her eyes and she could see his glossing over, her heart instantly wrenching at the sight.


“I’m scared.” Rapp confessed, feeling insanely small and vulnerable.

Without needing him to explain any further for her to understand nor saying a single word, (Y/N) lifted her head and placed a gentle kiss on his plump lips before deepening it. Their kiss was slow and (Y/N) took her time to show him that she wasn’t going anywhere. It was the type of kiss that mended every single broken thing inside of two people. Warmth spread across their bodies eventually turning into a dangerous fire, yet both felt extremely safe in each other’s arms.

Mitch slowly pushed himself into her core and the two immediately moaned in reaction. (Y/N)’s hands flew to his back and gripped tightly as he stretched her walls and Rapp’s eyes rolled to the back of his head at how incredible she felt around him. Because she was already so overstimulated, Mitch patiently waited for her to give him the go when he entered her completely. Once (Y/N) nodded, her eyes closed in focus, the assassin slowly pulled back and deeply pushed in again. He kept this steady pace and (Y/N)’s heart fluttered against her chest the second she realized that he wasn’t just having sex with her, but making love to her.

When she opened her eyes to gawk at him, he was already staring at her. Rapp’s eyes were wide as he noticed a smile twitch on her lips before she bit down on them. Normally he would think it was the sexiest thing in the world and it’d seduce him immediately, yet at this exact moment Mitch saw it with different eyes. Of course it was still sexy, but all he saw was pure and innocent beauty behind it.

(Y/N)’s nails dug into Rapp’s back and after a few minutes of this deep and slow thrusting, she could sense her fourth orgasm today alone creeping up on her. Mitch brought his hand down to her thigh and moved it to a deeper angle, now hitting her g-spot and that is what ultimately pushed her over the edge. Rapp groaned out when her nails definitely created bruises in his skin before she came back down from her ecstasy.

Mitch stopped and (Y/N) opened her now sleepy eyes to look at him, asking through her features why he had.

“Can you be on top of me?” Rapp asked, the woman’s breath hitching at the feeling of his cock pulsing inside of her sensitive walls.

Pushing his hips so he could pull out of her, (Y/N) sat up on the bed and moved Mitch so he could lay down. Throwing her leg over his body to straddle him, Rapp settled his hands on her waist before closing his eyes in pleasure when she pushed him inside of her by sitting on his dick. Going slow at first, then picking up the pace, (Y/N) gladly helped him reach his own orgasm. Mitch grunted and moaned as she rode him deliciously until she purposely clenched around him and he instantly came undone. The girl watching in complete awe, her lover never looking more beautiful than in this exact moment.

It was said before that (Y/N) had him completely wrapped around her finger, but what wasn’t mentioned is how Mitch Rapp is the one that holds this woman’s heart in his hands. Even though he couldn’t be more wrong, Mitch strongly believes that he is a danger and a burden to her because they were so different. Because he was the moon and she was the sun. Because he was war and she was peace. He was violence and she was love. He was pain and she was happiness. He was was death and she was life. He was darkness and she was light.

However, what Rapp didn’t understand at the moment but (Y/N) would make sure he did in the future was that he wasn’t her destruction like he initially believed to be: He was her salvation.

Of course everyone wants to be the sun to lighten up someone’s life, but it’s also beautiful to be the moon like Mitch Rapp and brighten in the darkest hour.

When you think about it, it’s actually quite sad and scary how many people ship Karamel not seeing how unhealthy and toxic the relationship itself is. They perceive the relationship as something normal thinking that’s the exact way all relationships should work because “who cares the guy treats the girl like shit if he’s hot;” they literally aspire to have relationship just like that only because that’s exactly what they’ve seen/read being romanticized and glamorized for all those years in movies, books or TV shows. And that is exactly why representation matters. 

Many Karamel fans are feeling insulted when someone tells them their ship is unhealthy and instead of listening for once they just give us irrelevant arguments, top it off with “it’s just a ship, chill,” and block us. No, the reason why many people are pissed off at what has been happening to Supergirl ever since CW happened is not that we are “heterophobic” or “trying to ruin your fun with shipping,” it’s the fact that there are many young people watching the show, looking up mostly to Kara, and when they see a scene where Mon-El literally intentionally insults her in front of everyone because something didn’t go his way but she ends up with him at the end of the episode anyway because that’s what “she’s supposed to do,” no one’s gonna tell them “well, that’s actually bullshit; that’s not how relationships should work.” And to top this all off, after episode those young people go around Twitter or Tumblr and all they see is y’all calling Kara a bitch and swooning 😍😍😍 over Mon-El calling Kara selfish for no apparent reason because that was so cute, relationship goals 👌👌👌.

So maybe try to pull your heads out of your asses for once, see what’s right in front of you and just stop. Don’t glamorize something unhealthy only because you find Chris Wood hot or whatever other reason you have.

#95-Matt the Radar Technician

“I know it’s you.”

Words: 1.5 K +

Warnings: None


You were sitting at the cafeteria table when it happened. You had heard about it from a few rumors a couple of days ago, that you were getting a new assignment. But not any assignment. A new guy.

He walked in, looking around with a confused, lost look on his face. Something about him was familiar. He had large glasses pushed up the bridge of his nose, an angular face, large, pouty lips, thick black eyebrows and curly blonde hair. Some strands of black hair were visible through the blonde locks. He glanced around, surveying the area before saying,

“Hello… I’m Matt. A Radar Technician.”

Oh dear… You thought. That was your cue. ‘Matt’ spotted you, and you walked over to him. Holding out your hand, you puffed your chest, brushing a strand of hair from your forehead as he took your hand.

“Name’s Y/N.”


“I know that.”

“I’m a Radar Technician.”

“Mhm. Me too. Wonderful.” Scrunching your face, you inspected him. He smiled awkwardly. “Okay, Matt… Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I guess they want me to show you around first. Get the gist of what we do.” Matt nodded, and you breathed out. “Alright then…” Turning around, you lead him out of the cafeteria, walking fast. Quickly pointing out random things, you lead him through a tour of your sector. Explaining what the 'Radar Technicians’ do and such. He seemed pretty interested in it. Almost too interested… But you brushed it off as new worker excitement. He wouldn’t be like this in a week. If he lasted that long…

On the way, you turned to Matt. Noticing that he was staring at you with wide eyes and a dorky smile on his lips. When you looked back, he abruptly looked away as if that would cover his actions. Pressing your lips together, you shook your head slightly and pushed your hands into your pocket.

Matt suddenly caught up to you, and blurted out, “so… what do you think of Kylo Ren?”

“You mean our boss?” You shrugged. “He’s alright. He’s not around a lot, which I guess is a good thing. But when he does come around, remember to… Well… I guess you just have to learn the hard way.”


“Uh… Well, he has… Anger management issues. Let’s just say that. Yep. And if you piss him off, sometimes either he’ll force choke you or start wrecking shit with his lightsaber. Shit, you and I have to clean up.” Smiling sarcastically, you pulled your hand from your pocket and patted Matt on the back. You saw a sudden flash of anger in his dark eyes, and you retracted your hand. “Okay then…”

Throughout the day, you lead Matt around, listening to him splurge on information of Kylo Ren, and how he 'admires’ him, and that he deserves more respect for what he’s doing.

Nodding, going along with it, you began to wonder what this guy’s deal was with Kylo… In all retrospects, you hardly knew the guy. But you had been working on the Starkiller Base for a good 3 years by the time this Matt showed up. He wasn’t even done with his first day and he already knew more about Kylo Ren then anyone. Even you, who served directly under the guy.


When your afternoon break came, you had pretty much had enough of this 'Matt’ guy. He was obnoxious. Nervously, obnoxious. It was like he couldn’t be quiet for 5 seconds let alone the 7 hours of the day you had left.

Of course, they choose my longest day to introduce the new guy…. You think, rubbing your temples.

Walking over to the vending machine, you tied your hair up in a ponytail, punching in the number, and grabbing a bag of chips. When you sat down at the table, Matt was staring intently at you. Something he hadn’t stopped doing since you two met. But he seemed familiar with you…. Too familiar. As if he already knew you somehow….

You began to think about Kylo Ren, and how he never showed his face. You only knew he had black hair from the time that he had taken off his mask when he was walking to his chambers at the end of the day. You didn’t see his face, but you saw enough to know it was him.

Mulling this over, you bit the inside of your cheek. Looking over Matt’s loose blonde hair and the dark black roots, alongside stray black strands that were pulled at the bottom, as well as through the blonde curls.

“So… Matt… Where did you say you came from?”

“I didn’t.”


“What did you do before this?”

“You tell me…”


“What?” You leaned forward, about to grab his glasses and pull them off, as if that would confirm your suspicion, when your friend, y/f/n came over. Sliding next to you. Ecstatic, she held out her hand to Matt, who shook it hesitantly.

“Y/N. Have you heard?”


“Apparently, the Resistance has a lead on where Luke Skywalker’s map is located.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“What about Luke Skywalker?” Matt leaned forward.

“You’re the new guy?”


“Well, Luke Skywalker-”

“I know who Luke Skywalker is.”

“Jesus-Yeah… Y/N… Can I talk to you alone?”

Pulling you aside, your friend leaned forward, about to say something, when you cut her off. “I think Matt is Kylo Ren.”

At your words, y/f/n stared at you with wide eyes. Glancing behind you at Matt, and then back at you. “Seriously? No way.”

“He knows more about him than I do, or quite frankly, anyone that I’ve ever known. He can’t stop talking about him! Kylo Ren has black hair, and Matt’s hair looks pretty inconsistent regarding it’s supposed to be blonde.”

“There’s no way! That guy’s way too cute to be Kylo Ren.”

“Oh my god…” You groaned, throwing your head back. “You couldn’t be more inappropriate. That’s our boss!”

“You don’t know that…” She winked. Stuttering, you attempted to respond, but just walked away, flustered. You slid back into the seat and crossed your arms. Staring Matt dead in the eyes. You shivered, a coldness washing over you like a blanket. Y/f/n then sat beside you, and you bit your lip.

“I know it’s you.” You pressed forward, looking for a reaction. And boy, did you get one. Matt’s eyes widened, and he laughed nervously.

“Who? My-My name is Matt-”

“You’re Kylo Ren!”

Matt then sat up abruptly, pushing his chair out, and rushing out of the room. You didn’t see him for the rest of the day. Or, at least, you didn’t see Matt.

Walking back to your room, your tired feet dragging on the ground, you noticed Kylo Ren waiting by your door. Instead of a blonde dork, he had his natural black hair flowing around his sharp face, and black clothes wrapped around his muscular shape. Swallowing, you slowed your steps until you stopped right in front of him.

“Hello.” He said, his voice filtered with a certain darkness. Still holding the same nervousness as before, however.

“Hello, Matt the Radar Technician.”

“Look-I’m sorry.” He pressed forward, closing the gap between you. Realizing what he had done, he quickly took a step back and cleared his throat. “I… I wanted to get to know you. I was afraid if you just knew me for Kylo Ren, you’d be too afraid.”

“I’ve never been afraid of you.”


“I’ve never really been afraid of you. You didn’t have to go undercover to talk to me.” Clenching your jaw, the tense air between the two made you nearly cringe away. God, you hated awkward silences. But there Kylo was, with his soft, gentle complexion and understanding eyes. Standing in front of you with only the sound of his breaths penetrating the air around you.

When you began to reach out for your door. Kylo suddenly then grabbed your arm, moving you back so that you were pressed underneath him, your back to the cold metal and your breath ragged from the surprise.

What happened was unexpected. From knowing the man with a mask to your encounter with Matt the Radar Technician, you didn’t expect to find yourself leaning into the touch of Kylo Ren, your lips moving against his. But there you were, biting his bottom lip, and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. Standing on your tippy toes to kiss him harder. Running his hands up your back, you breathed out, pulling away and staring into his eyes. Kylo cleared his throat, and then rubbed his hands on his sides.
“I guess… I’ll see you later.”



“Keep the glasses. They were cute.”

This made him smile, and for the first time, you felt butterflies fill your stomach.

I haven’t drawn a Christmas themed piece in years but, here we are. I wanted to draw something warm and mushy and… yeah. Also I whipped up a little drabble for the setup, you can read it under the cut.

Whatever you celebrate, happy holidays!!

Do not reupload/repost/edit.

It was late, and the friends found their Christmas party starting to wind down as the night drew on. Finally, Marinette let slip a yawn and Alya suggested that they call it. Marinette made sure everyone had their gifts and walked them out to the street. Alya and Nino hurried up ahead to the street corner at the store front of the bakery, whispering along the way as Marinette and Adrien followed along. “Come on, I want to see the bakery decorations!” Alya called, waving them along as Nino dug around in his coat pocket.

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Burn Me Into Smoke

A/N: I watched Ragnarok like a week back and now suddenly I’m caught in yet another obsession lol. Enjoy!

Tagging @whirlybirbs​ (because I’m obsessed with them) and @dobby-is-a-fr33-elf

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Maybe some cuss words? Slow burn.

Summary: Turns out neither of them are good at handling their feelings.


For the most part Y/N can’t stand his arrogance.

Patience has never been a virtue of hers, not in the face of her enemies or an event drawn out through a couple of weeks and it always manages to show when he’s around. Strutting like he owns the place. Shoulders pulled back. Smug. A sickening thought just picturing him here, the image so vivid it’s almost tangible, and she shuts her eyes and lets out a huff of frustration.

In the training room the sound echoes off the walls. Everybody’s gone out for dinner. A mission gone well—courtesy of Rogers—and they’d settled on drinks at a nearby bar, trying to coax Y/N into joining them (maybe she would have if it wasn’t for the soreness in her muscles from a day’s work). She doesn’t mind the quiet, anyway. She’s never been one for crowds and liquor sloshing onto the toes of her boots—and she’s definitely a fan of the company.

Fucking Loki.

A menace. Standing to her feet, she tries not to let her thoughts wander, lifting her arms and stretching out the knots in her back. She pops her shoulder and lolls her neck to the sides. Bitter because she shouldn’t have to stay in, just because of the team’s charity case—after everything he’s done, Y/N can’t help but think, it’s surprising they let him through the front door.

But there he is.

In every corner of the house. Bits of him. Whether the lingering tension from an argument with his brother or his stupid socks or that damn daggers hidden among the cutler. Silence never does you any good and she wonders why she won’t just say it out loud, move past the hate-stares and the snide comments and the passive aggressive vibe she hopes he’ll pick up on. Probably has. He’s a smart boy, as much as it sickens her to admit.

“Need some help?” A voice cuts through the silence, startling her.

Wide-eyed, she whips around. The lights are dimmed. When she squints she can make out a silhouette curled against the door, and that’s when the anger she’s been trying to stifle starts to bubble back up her throat.

“What are you doing here?” She spits, eyes narrowed as he steps out of the shadow.

His eyes are dull and tried and you can tell he’s been drinking. There’s a redness in them and around the rim, and his white shirt is done down two buttons too many, pallid skin almost screaming at Y/N to look.

“Came back early. One can only spend so much time killing their liver, not to mention I had one too many gin n’ tonics.”

“Is there such a thing?”

“Apparently, if this menacing headache means anything.” Loki’s flutter shut, hand rising to his head as he settles himself down on one of the benches. Wincing, he looks up.

“What?” He prompts. “Bad dreams again?”

“None of your business.”

“Not even if I ask nicely?”

“G’night, trickster.” When her bag is packed Y/N slings it over her shoulder and makes for the door, and she can feels his gaze on her as she moves. A little too intense—a little too curious…

But she doesn’t say anything as she flicks the light off and heads to bed.


And this wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

Give him a promise of a few months and he’ll wind it down to a couple of days; give him six weeks of New York, of time spent in a house he’s never felt welcome in—give him time, and he’ll somehow make the most of the worst, he’s always thought. But this has gone on long enough now for him to know they’re not going anywhere.

When his brother invited him to stay here it hadn’t sounded so bad.

In hindsight maybe he should have known, he thinks now, drunkenly stumbling up to his room. There were tell-tale signs. A few unspoken words, the occasional death glare from across the table when he asked her to pass him a beer. A little too obvious, but he was too optimistic—for once—to read into.

Looking back he wishes he did.

Maybe then being the same room with her would be easier; maybe then his skin wouldn’t crawl and his blood wouldn’t surge and the evil they’ve convinced him he can shutter wouldn’t rear its ugly head. But it’s been weeks now…Almost a few months…and nothing’s changed.

He still—and always will—despise her.


It’s no surprise they’re all hung over the next morning.

Y/N feels guilty for laughing. At first. Eventually the sight of the team passed out across the house is a sight too comical for anything less than stifled chuckles from across the breakfast bar, and she lets them overtake her

“It’s not funny.” Tony says, voice muffled by his hands cradling his face.

“Yeah, it’s fucking hilarious.” She smiles and it reaches her eyes. He grumbles. Nat curses under her breath as she sits up. The pitcher of juice is passed around, everybody pouring themselves a mug to ease the migraines and groaning into their cups and suddenly she’s grateful she chose to stay in.

Bucky walks in with Steve, a little less pitiful than the rest of the crew and they settle down with everyone else. Y/N flashes them a brief smile, sliding their breakfast across the table.

“Yeah,” Thor nudges his away with a scowl. “I don’t think I can stomach bacon and eggs right now.”

“You, too, sparky?”

“Apparently being on earth for so long’s made me a bit of a lightweight.”


“Or you just can’t hold your liquor.”

At the sound of the voice, both of them turn their attention to the stairs.

Loki’s blank-faced when he comes down, dressed in a black button down and some pants and hair curled around his jaw. Summer casual. The colors of mischief but for some reason—as much as she hates to admit it—it suits him (to be honest, almost anything does).

When he joins them at the bar, a strained smile stretches across his face. He nods. “Morning.”

“Morning.” Y/N’s expression is just as stilted as she hands him a glass of juice. “Food’s done so you’re going to have to whip something up for yourself.”


“Shh..” Tony rest his head on the counter and this time Y/N’s chuckles are anything but discrete.

“That’s fine.” When her focus is back on him, Loki shrugs and fiddles with the glass. He throws back the drink in a single sip. Exhales. “I was heading out, anyway.”

“To?” Thor cuts in. “You barely ever leave the house.”

“Times are changing, brother.”

“Or maybe it’s just you.”

“I don’t feel like explaining myself so I’ll be off now.” He glances between the two of them, gaze lingering on her for what feels eerily longer than usual, and it’s way out of character.

For all his evil, he’s anything but stupid. A while ago she was pretty sure he caught on that she didn’t want anything to do with him; haste exits as soon as he enters the room, death glares and eye contact lasting no longer than a few seconds, and she was sure it spoke volumes.

But the way he looks at her right now is anything but disdain.

It’s not a fondness, really. More like a curiosity she can’t place. He looks at her cheeks then her nose and finally settles on her eyes, and something stirs in Y/N at the bright blue orbs piercing into her.

And suddenly she’s worried that maybe he knows after all…



A silence settles. Y/N doesn’t like the feeling. The sudden twisting her chest. The lurch of her stomach. He looks away, says something to Thor before heading out and her eyes follow him, caught in the tidal wave of her thoughts.

When he’s finally gone, she

“Did you see that?”

“It was kind of hard to miss.”

She doesn’t want to talk about it, not with Thor—not with the day ahead waiting for her with meetings and errands and a sore hamstring from a week’s work.

Instead she just nods curtly, finishing the last bits of her juice and then hurries up to get dressed.


New York is a lot smaller than he remembers.

Maybe it’s just the traffic and streets crammed with people like there’s no room for them all in the whole state, or maybe it’s the Asgardian in him, so used to vast woodlands and glory and space (quite literally) that finds moving through Manhattan tedious.

He finds himself in the center of town, hurrying to the café a few blocks away from the train station through the waves of people crashing against him. God or not, he’s trying his best to adapt to the way of the world. Fitting himself in humanly situations, blending into the canvas of New York by taking a cab or using the train. It started off strange but a few weeks down the road and he likes to think he’s adapting, maneuvering through the masses until he gets to the front of the building.

“Just coffee?” The Barista asks him at the counter, beaming and a little too eager for someone working behind the counter. The café is ambient and warm compared to the harsh streets. A few buttons popped and he can feel the air tuck itself into his coat, warming what the wind outside chilled.

Loki smiles softly.“Just coffee, thank you.”

“Don’t have a sweet tooth? We’ve got muffins, some scones, cupcakes…”

“I’m fine, really.”

“You’re sure?”

A sigh of frustration leaves him, eyes fluttering shut as he tames the anger rising in him. The barista—Becca, her nametag reads—is unyielding. Most people are, he’s learnt. It’s something he’s trying to work his way around, letting out the breath constrained in his chest.

“I’ll have a muffin.” His voice is thin as he forces a smile. “Just one, alright? Nothing more.”

Becca’s smile stretches wider. “Coming right up.”

Loki waits impatiently. The café starts to fill, phantom faces lining up at the counter, people he’s sure are regulars but has never taken the time to memorize. In a city this big it’s easy to forget even the commonest of faces. Grinning, Becca hands him the bag and he avoids her gaze, fishing his money from his pocket and pivoting to leave.

But the bell on the door goes off.

And it takes a second for him to realize who’s just walked in, smiling and rosy-cheeked as she makes her way up to the counter. He can feel his muscles still, a nervousness beginning to stir in him. Loki looks to the side, an empty table at the far end of the room beckoning him. He keeps his gaze to the floor as he moves.

The window overlooks the bustling streets and he perches himself down, keeping his back to Y/N in hopes that she won’t recognize him from where she stands at the cashier, chatting with Becca. An urge to glance over his shoulder sparks in him, but he contains himself, shutting his eyes with a labored breath. Maybe it’s cowardly. At this point he doesn’t care. The blood in his veins grows warmer and angrier as it climbs up to his cheeks and his thoughts tangle. He’d left the house specifically to avoid her, and now here they are: cat and mouse caged together yet again, swollen with too much pride to just put aside the animosity.

It’s not like he hasn’t tried.

Careful smiles and gentle words and enough of an effort to make anyone normal see that he wants a truce. But Y/N? Stubborn. And chaotic. And leaving, he realizes, at the sound of her thanking Becca and turning for the exit…

Loki’s breath catches in his throat and he watches her from the corner of his eye. Natasha tells Y/N something that makes her roll her eyes. The relief begins to surface once they get closer to the door—but it’s extinguished when they make a sharp turn for one of the empty tables by the entrance.


“…maybe he has something on his mind. The weasel’s always scheming, you know that?”

“Is that supposed to be a comfort?”

“It’s an answer. Quit overthinking things.”

Y/N wishes it was that easy. For Natasha, strong-wielded and headstrong and cobalt mixed fire and ash, words are just words; anything can be swept aside without in impact, and sometimes Y/N wishes could see life through her friend’s lens.

She’s nothing like Nat; for the past hour she’s been stuck on breakfast and the knot sinking itself further into her stomach. They figured that getting something to eat would have eased the whole situation, but Y/N’s too stubborn and obsessive to let this one slide, even over some coffee and freshly baked croissants.

“He’s killed more people than I’ve saved.” Y/N says, stirring the sugar in her drink. “And that’s just on earth.”

“You think he’s still wanted on Asgard?”

She shrugs and the spoon clanks against her dish as she sets it down. “Could have been.  It’s just…it’s weird. I don’t like the vibe he gives off, you know that.” She says. “Why would he even put me in such a place? I mean, I know we don’t get along, but this—“

“You’re doing this to yourself, sweetie.”

“The way he looked at me, Nat…It was…like…”The words feel clumsy and blunt falling from her lips, eyes cast down at her cup to keep from making this anymore uncomfortable. Loki has always been a pest. For as long as Y/N can remember. For as long as she’ll know him, she knows this. One look at her that isn’t marred by spite and suddenly, what? He’s her friend? It’s tiring running through this train of thought all over again but it’s the closest thing to closure she’ll get.

“Just shut up and drink your coffee. It’s getting cold.” Nat tells her, only half-teasing.

Y/N finally looks up at her, and then sighs. The cup is tepid in her palm as she lifts it to her lips and sips.

“There you go.” The red-head’s lip curl into a smile as the tension at the table dissolves. They’re on a day off, Y/N reminds herself. They talk of home and Banner and anything and everything that two girls talk about over coffee, and soon enough the thought of Loki is a thing of the past.

Or at least she thought it was. Until she sees him.

Across the room, shrouded away from the rest of the world at his own table.  She catches him mid-stare, and the god’s eyebrows both lift in shock. Natasha’s still going on about her and Maria’s trip up state, but Y/N drowns her out.

“You’re kidding me.”

“What?” Nat turns her head to look. Y/N doesn’t wait for her.

The chair scrapes against the wooden floor as she stands, crossing the room in three long strides, jaw set and the knot growing tauter and tauter in her chest. She feels like she might explode.

Loki’s eyes watch her, unwavering as she settles in the seat across from him. A drained cup of coffee and muffin sit on the table and she wonders how long he’s been here.

His eyebrows arch and a gentle, proud smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth.

“Enjoying your lunch?”

“Tell me why you’re here, Weasel.”

Y/N’s voice is clipped and she’s battling to contain her nerves.

“Am I not allowed to roam New York freely?” Loki asks, tipping his head to the side. He leans back in his seat. “Last I checked I’m no longer in chains in Stark’s dungeon.”

“Last I checked you don’t have coffee and cupcakes at café’s in queens.”

“I reiterate from earlier: people change.”

“Cut the crap, Loki.”

“Well this is a surprise.” Natasha’s voice draws Y/N out of her thoughts and she casts a brief glance to the side. Arms crossed over her chest and glancing between the two of them, she looks just as confused as Y/N. She can’t blame her. It’s taking all Y/N has not to wring Loki’s neck from across the table and he’s barely even had time to explain himself (not that she’ll buy any of the bullshit he’s selling).

The café doesn’t feel like a fit place for a brawl, so Y/N takes Loki’s hand in hers, surprisingly warm an calloused and leads him out into the humming streets outside.

He trails behind her like a child until they’re outside. Her hand leaves his wrist as she turns around, face drawn so tight you’d think it would snap in half. Patience. Never a virtue of hers.

People don’t stop for them, jostling into their sides as they squeeze through. “Explain.”

“Why we’re out in the middle of the street?” un-amused, Loki’s brows arch. “I presume it’s because your neuroticism is acting up.”

“Look, it’s my job to keep you in line since you got here, I’m allowed to be a bit antsy when I find you following us around town or lurking in corners.” Y/N doesn’t want an argument, not here at least. The knot basins deeper into her chest, reminding of the morning and of cerulean eyes and a warmth she shouldn’t feel. A passerby bumps into her before continuing on their way.

Loki bites his lip in silence. She figures he’s conjuring up some excuse by the way he looks around, distracted, but it’s really the conviction of being honest for once.

“I came out to see a girl.” He answers, finally meeting her gaze.

So simply.

The words fall from his lips easily, not clumsy and jagged—not anything Y/N was expecting. It takes a moment for the thought to register. She gapes at him for a few seconds then swallows.

. “A…?”

“Girl. Yes. Pitiful, isn’t it? For so long I’ve prided myself on being resistant to you humans affections and charm—seems it could only last so long, huh?” Loki finishes for her with his usual nonchalance.

“You…” Her lips part softly as the words settle, then her eyes grow wide. “Oh…Oh, shit, I’m sorry—Loki, this was a mistake, I thought—”

“That I was scheming? I can’t say I blame you. Anyhow, it doesn’t matter—poor thing didn’t show.”

A silence drifts over them as they stand there. Y/N fiddles with the spoon in her hand. A former weapon she figured she’d find a use for but now it just feels foolish wielding it, and she tucks it into the pocket of her jacket.

She folds her hands over her chest and meets Loki’s gaze. The air has turned from fire to a dimmed silence, awkward and stunted and it’s hard to tell where to go from here. She dragged him out with intent of battle and this is what she’s met with? A surrender? An explanation that sounds earnest?

“I really hope you’re not lying.”

“Why would I.”

Y/N nods wordlessly, ignoring the question. “So she stood you up?”

“It’s been forty minutes now.” He shrugs. “I don’t think a train from Brooklyn to queens takes you that long”

“Right.” She doesn’t know what more to say. Apologize? Ask about this mystery woman she’s only learning about now? It’s not like Loki would share anything past a snarky comment or a question on what’s for dinner. It’s not unusual that she didn’t know.

But, for some reason, it feels like a betrayal holding out on sharing.

Only she can’t say that—not out loud. Not out here. Someone bumps into her, reminding that they’re standing in the middle of the walkway and she casts her eyes back up at the Trickster.

“Uhm.” She’s disoriented being been pulled from her thoughts like that, but Y/N quickly recovers, straightening out. She clears her throat. “Nat’s waiting.”

Loki doesn’t give her time to add anything on, as he pivots around and marches inside.

Natasha stands when they enter and they hurry to collect their things, Loki grabbing a small paper bag from behind his seat.He waits until they’re outside to nudge her arm.

“I’m assuming you’re going to say no because it’s you, but here.” He hands it to her.

Y/N takes it reluctantly, glancing inside. There’s a cupcake like the one he was eating, bright pink and flecked with sprinkles and she almost laughs at the sight (so uncharacteristic for the devil himself).

“Are you sure it’s not poisoned?” She looks up at him and there’s a glint in his eyes that’s part mischief and part amusement. They’re definitely not friends, but something sparks and she raises her brows, waiting for an answer.

Loki’s lips quirk. “Not today, no.” He says. She almost laughs. They find the car at the edge of the street, Nat ripping off the ticket fixed on the windshield like it was never there to begin with.

Rounding the car, Y/N turns to Loki one last time, the weight in her chest lifting long enough for her to offer him an apologetic smile.

“I still don’t like you,” She begins, “But I’m sorry about you and mystery woman. I know how much that can suck.”

“You’re telling me you’ve been through the same?”

“I’m telling you that rejection is something everybody hates.” She admits. “Gods inclusive. Find a ride home and don’t get into more trouble than you already have, yeah?”

“No promises, Agent.”

She flashes him a brief smirk, before ducking down into the car, the engine roaring to life. She straps herself and glimpses out the window. On the sidewalk Loki peers into the car with a subtle crease between his brows like he’s thinking, holding something back. Curious. She wasn’t lying when she said she felt for him—she knows rejection well enough she’d be able to trace it way before it has the time to detonate.

She knows that much.



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Happier (Aren’t You?)

Summary: Can you write something to do with the new Ed Sheeran song Happier? I was thinking in like the view of Dan’s ex who’s watching him fall in love with Phil?’

Genre: Songfic

Song: Happier

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Elements of angst

Read on ao3


It’s been the longest month of her life and she has a million things on the tip of her tongue she’s dying to say and confess, but not whilst everyone is around. And not whilst Dan has the biggest smile on his lips as he looks down at his phone a couple of minutes later.

“Who are you texting, Howell? We’re all right here!” someone jokes, and Dan laughs and holds up his hands in surrender.

“Just Phil” he replies, the smile never once faltering.

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For @profound-boning because I keep bullying her into writing fics for me. So have some dadstiel + dean in glasses.

Fun fact: babies love glasses.

Dean and Cas weren’t aware of this bit of trivia until Claire came into their lives. Dean picked her up for the first time and nearly combusted with the sweet smile the blue-eyed girl gave him before her fat little fists came up to wrap around his frames and pull them from his face.

And it became their Thing. Any time Dean was holding Claire, he lost his glasses to the little girl. She liked to wave them around or chew on them and occasionally throw them at the cat. 

Cas warned Dean he shouldn’t let her get in that habit. And sure enough Claire was soon ripping glasses off the face of anyone who was in arm’s reach of her. 

The first time Claire breaks Dean’s glasses, Cas gives what Dean assumes is an “I told you so” look. But he’s not sure. He can’t see. 

He goes through a few more pairs in the course of their first year with Claire before it’s decided that it would be easier to switch to contacts. 

Fast forward a few years, Claire is in first grade. She grew out of her glasses-wrangling phase a while back but Dean’s grown so accustomed to contacts he doesn’t switch back. Plus, he no longer looks like a total loser at work wearing goggles over his glasses.

But one day Claire gets sent home with a note from her teacher. She’s having difficulty seeing the board even from the front row.

Dean and Cas make an appointment with the eye doctor for the next week. They reassure a nervous Claire that everything will be fine but their little girl will leave that doctor’s office in tears.

“I don’t wanna wear glasses!” she cries when they get home. “I’ll look ugly!”

“Oh, honey, no,” Cas says and strokes her hair. “You’re beautiful and glasses won’t change that.”

“Garth wears glasses and all the other kids make fun of him! What if they tease me too?” She starts to cry harder.

“Isn’t that the funny kid with the sock puppet?” Dean wonders and promptly shuts up when Cas shoots him a look. “Hey, look, kiddo. No one is gonna make fun of you for just wearing glasses. There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re just a tool to help you see. And if someone does say something, sock ‘em in the-”

“Dean,” Cas warns. 

“Eh, tell the teacher,” Dean amends.

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What Could Have Been (one-shot)

Synopsys: It’s Reader’s and Loki’s wedding. Everything seems to be perfect, but past has a haunting way to come back and destroy the things we love the most.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Genre: fluff

Warnings: Spoilers for Infinity War!!!!!!/ mentions of character death; blood

Word count: 3489

Originally posted by loptrlaufey

   Loki couldn’t stop fidgeting with his robes. The green, black and gold material getting scrunched and un-scrunched as his fingers pulled at it. His eyes scanned the gathered crowd who were standing on the sides and chattering right now. Yet from time to time gazes were being thrown in his direction. Some pitiful, some concerned, others outright mocking.
   The Avengers were standing in the front rows, all looking very out of place in what was considered their best attire for such occasions, but somehow, the fact that they were there, calmed Loki a bit. Though not to the extent he needed.
   “Stop it, brother.” Thor scolded him from where he was standing to Loki’s right. “What are you so nervous about anyway?”
   “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe about the fact that it is my wedding day. And that she probably has realised what mistake she has made and is now fleeing Asgard.”
   “Don’t be ridiculous,” Thor chuckled, but sympathised with the dark-haired man. So many people had abandoned and lied to him, the Thunder God himself included, but never once had he doubted the love Y/N possessed for his mischievous sibling. “And you know her better than anyone, she’d never do that. It is a habit of hers to be late and sleep in, after all. Wasn’t that one of the quirks you fell for?”
   That did make Loki smirk. He could easily recall dozens of times where Y/N, right before a mission, even on the jets, just about to land and join in on the fight, was still asleep, earbuds plugged in and music blasting through. How she’d rest her head on his shoulder and snuggle into his chest. His hands would snake around her waist and pull the girl closer, picking her legs up and putting them across his lap, so she could find a more comfortable position to sleep in.
   “Well, she’s smart. She probably left during the night. Climbed through the balcony and ran to Heim-“ but Loki was interrupted as soft music started to play throughout the golden hall and people fell silent, heads turning to see a woman walking down the aisle. 

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Housewarming (E.D.)

Inspired by an ask sent to @spiffydolan a couple weeks ago  
Summary: Ethan wants to try out the bath in his new house, and smut ensues 

She was only helping Ethan set up his room and giving advice around the new house, but she’d decided moving was exhausting. Carrying boxes from room to room, deciding where the couches and beds and tables should go, and how the cupboards should be arranged. The boys did all the heavy lifting of couches and TVs, and although they asked her occasionally for an extra hand, she felt useless watching them lug furniture around the house. After asking if she could help in any other way for the seventh time, Ethan gave her the tedious job off emptying all their boxes of plates, bowls and cutlery, and arranging their kitchen for them. But she was happy to do it. At least she’d be doing something useful.  

It was now getting close to midnight, and she was sitting on their new kitchen counter, yawning and on her phone, as Grayson and Ethan readjusted the couch in the living room… again. After yelling at each other about the angle the couch should be at, and whose fault it was that they were fixing the placement for the third time, they dropped it down. She looked up from her phone. 

“Dude, I’m sweating,” Ethan said, pulling his shirt up to wipe at his face.

“Yeah, I’m done with this for today,” Grayson agreed, flopping down onto the couch, a hand on his stomach. 

Ethan looked over to his girlfriend sitting on the counter. “You wanna go to bed?” 

She nodded, jumping down. They said good night to Grayson, and walked to his new room. Earlier that day, she’d helped him fitting the pillow cases on his pillows, and arranged his pillows in the way he could never seem to do on his own. He’d started to put his clothes away, but he was missing a bedside table, so there was a lamp plugged in sitting on the floor, along with cardboard boxes containing all his things pushed against the walls. 

“It’s nice that you can have your own room again,” she said, sitting down on his bed. He and Grayson had been sharing for so long, it would be nice to have his own space again. 

Ethan nodded, looking around. He still had to work out how he wanted to decorate the walls. “Yeah, it’ll be good.”

She nodded, then fell back with another yawn, hands above her head. “I’m so tired.”

“Really?” he asked, stopping to stand in front of her. 

She moved her head to the side to see him. “Yeah. Moving is exhausting. And I’m usually in bed and asleep by midnight.”

He laughed, and she lifted her foot up to whack his thigh. “Ow!”

She rolled her eyes with a smile. “That did not hurt, Ethan.”

He smiled, then was silent for a moment. “Do you want to have a bath?”

She sat up on her arms. “What?” She shook her head, closing her eyes at how ridiculous her boyfriend was sometimes. 

He smirked and raised his eyebrow. 

Almost every time they had a bath together, which although wasn’t that often, he’d push his hair back, cheeks flushed, and complain that he was sweating because it was so hot. “You hate having baths.”

“Yeah, but I like having them with you. And I want to try the new bathroom out anyway.”

Well, how could she say no to that? She stuck her arms out, wiggling her fingers and he pulled her off the bed and into the bathroom. 

“It can be, like, a housewarming thing,” he said as they walked in and he turned on the bathroom light. 

Even though she’d seen it earlier, she took another look around. “This is really nice. So modern.”

He nodded, looking around and smiling. “Yeah, it is.” His eyes were bright, he was subconsciously smiling, his hair was down and he had three day old stubble on his cheeks and jaw. He was so candidly beautiful. 

She tilted her head to the side. “I love seeing you like this.”

“Like what?”

“You’re so happy. And, I don’t know…” she licked her lips. “Like, accomplished.”

He nodded. “Yeah, well I got a fucking house.

She laughed and nodded, inserting herself under his arm and wrapping her arms around his waist. “You did get a fucking house. And I think it’s a beautiful fucking house. And I’m very proud of you, and I hope you stay this happy forever.” 

Ethan smiled, moving his head down to peck her nose, then her mouth. She gave him a tight squeeze, and he thought about how lucky he was to have someone like her here with him. He was going to say something, but he knew it’d come out all sappy and cheesy, and she’s probably think it was cute but it wouldn’t do his feeling justice. So he just hugged her in return, and kissed her forehead as she pulled away. 

“So, are we getting in this bath or what?” she said, leaning over to put the plug in the drain and turn the water on. 

They didn’t have any bubble bath or fancy bath salts, so water, soap and a wash clothe was going to have to do. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and put his playlist filled with “chill” music on, resting it on the sink. They undressed themselves, and she got in first. 

“This bath is a bit bigger than your old one,” she said, as he settled in front of her, his back facing her (she had instructed him to sit this way). 

“Yeah,” Ethan agreed, with a small laugh, looking at his legs in front of him. His knees were touching the sides of the bath, but he wasn’t as cramped as he used to be. There was definitely more room. He pushed his hair back, feeling a thin layer of sweat already forming on his cheeks under his eyes. “Fuck.”


“This water is so fucking hot,” he said, wiping his face with his hand. 

She rolled her eyes, and pushed the wash cloth under the water. “Told you you whinge every time we have a bath,” she said, shaking the cloth around under the water to get it damp. Pulling it out of the water, she touched it to his shoulders, letting the water drip down his back.  

“You just make the water too hot,” he said, putting his arms up on the edges of the tub. 

She first ran the washer over his right shoulder, gently rubbing in circles. Then she moved to his left shoulder, then the centre of his back and made her way all the way down his spine. As she lifted it back to the base of his neck again, she said, “I am proud of you, you know.” 

He let his face scrunch up because she wouldn’t be able to see his expression. With a slight shake of his head, he said, “Why do you keep saying that?”

She dipped the cloth back into the water, then rubbed down his spine as she spoke. “Because, I was just thinking today, you and Grayson have done so much and you’re so young and it’s amazing. I’m still living with my parents at home, and you’ve just bought a house, E.” She reached forward and squeezed his arm with her left hand. “I’m so proud of you.”

Ethan didn’t respond right away. The only sounds were the quiet sloshing of water every time she put the cloth back under the water and the music playing on his phone. He eventually turned his head to the side. “I love you,” Ethan said.

She leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his shoulder blade. “I love you too.” She let her head rest there for a minute, until Ethan spoke.

“Your turn.” He tucked his knees in, awkwardly manoeuvring around to face her. She followed his lead, the water sloshing against the sides of the bath and some spilling over onto the tiles. She hugged her knees to her chest, but Ethan pulled her back towards him. Nestled with her back against his chest, sitting in between his legs. 

“Thought it was my turn,” she pouted, turning her head to look up at him. His warm eyes, his dark lashes, the stubble all over his jaw, the black studs in his ears, his damp skin, the way his wet hair was curling against his face. 

“It is,” he insisted, pulling her tighter against him. She relaxed, leaning back and into him, closing her eyes. His arms were firm around her waist, lips sponging kisses to her shoulder. The moment could not get anymore perfect. 

She lifted his arms to rest across her chest, so she could hold onto his forearms and rest her head on his bicep. He slid down so they sunk deeper into the water. She closed her eyes. They were so still and so close, she could feel his heart beating.  

She didn’t realise she was falling asleep until his right arm slid down, across her stomach, to her thigh. His thumb started moving firmly back and forth, inching closer and closer to her inner thigh. She put her hand on top of his much larger one.


He hummed in response, his whole hand moving to the inside of her thigh, fingers ghosting over the back of her leg. Her stomach flipped. She opened her eyes slowly, seeing his right leg bent up against the side of the tub, securing her between his legs. Ignoring his grip on her leg, she reached her hand out to settle on his thigh. She was too tired for whatever he had in mind, so traced his tattoos with her finger in an attempt to distract herself from Ethan gently squeezing her leg.  

Being so intimate and close to the most beautiful girl he knew, rubbing her leg while her fingers innocently ran over all his tattoos, was beginning to take effect on Ethan. She sat herself up slightly, and her lower back rubbed against his growing boner. He let out a low sigh in her ear. 

“Ethan,” she repeated softly. Although she’d tried to fight it, she was starting to throb, his low voice being the tipping point. 

Hearing his name from her lips only encouraged Ethan to continue. His fingers ran up the side of her inner thigh, and the muscles in her thighs involuntarily twitched. His fingers found her clit, pressing down softly.

Her eyes closed again, and she turned her head into his left arm, still holding her tight to his body. A shiver ran up her neck. “Oh my god, Ethan.”

Ethan moved his fingers up to her stomach, down to her core, and back up again. She breathed deeply, and bit her lip, trying not to make any noises. His long fingers found her clit again, her body jolting forward as he began rubbing around in slow circles. In trying to conceal any noise, she let out an embarrassing squeak. 

“I want to hear you.”

She was going to protest. She was going to say that despite the closed door and music, Grayson would hear them. But Ethan’s finger slipped inside her, and an involuntary moan left her throat instead. 

“Relax,” he said, as she clenched around his finger. She opened her eyes again, eyes focusing on Ethan’s hand buried between her legs, a few veins sticking out, and if she wasn’t so distracted by his touch, she’d think about how hot this was. She thought it was strange how she could be so attracted to a hand. 

As he gently spread her entrance and insert another finger, another moan left her throat, and she sighed, letting her head fall back onto his shoulder, letting out an “E.” 

The palm of her right hand was digging into his thigh, her fingers bent and shaking slightly. He leaned his head down, soft lips attaching to her neck. His tongue rubbed against her neck as he sucked on the delicate skin. 

Her toes were tingling and her thighs were twitching, and with his mouth on her neck, she knew she was close. 

“Do you feel good?” he asked, leaving a line of kisses up to her ear.  

She nodded, swallowing through her heavy breaths. He curled his fingers up inside her. “Yes, E, yes.” Her nails dug into his thigh, and lightly scratched towards his hip. 

“Are you gonna come, baby?” He hummed in her ear, making that feeling in the pit of her stomach grow even faster. 

“Uh huh,” she said through rapid breaths. His fingers kept sliding in and out of her, pressing up against her warm walls. She bit her lip, trying to remain quiet as that feeling in the pit of her stomach spread through out her whole body. She clenched around his fingers, and he slowed down his movements as her hips rose to meet the rhythm of his hand. 

He kept his fingers tucked inside her until she stopped softly moaning and pulsing around him. She laid completely still in his arms, and he continued sponging kisses along her shoulder, as her breathing returned to normal. 

Ethan slowly pulled his fingers out of her, lovingly rubbing over her a final time before returning his right arm around her waist. She finally opened her eyes again, blinking a few time to adjust to the bright bathroom, in direct contrast to the darkness behind her eye lids. As she came down from her high, she became increasingly aware of Ethan’s hard dick pressing into her back. 

As carefully as she could, not to hurt him, she rolled over and looked at him. As if she had forgotten, she was hit with just how gorgeous he was. An overwhelming sense of love spread around her chest, and she wanted to make him feel as good as he made her feel. 

Her eyes lingered on his face for a few long moments, and he looked down at her with heavy eyelids and puffy lips. He was pure sex. 

She slid her hand down his chest and stomach, and then her fingers up the underside of his shaft. His hands squeezed her hips and he closed his eyes when she her hand tightened around him. 

“Let’s go back to your room,” she said softly, running her thumb over his tip, causing his eyes to close, before pulling her hand away. She stood up, hands on the side of the bath, and shook her foot over the water before putting it down on the tiles. 

Ethan quickly followed her, reaching over to pull the plug out, then got out, not having the same consideration for trying not to drip water all over the bathroom floor that she had. His priorities were elsewhere. 

He grabbed the towels off the sink; handed one to her, and wrapped the other around his waist, then led the way to his room. He shut the door behind them, dropping his towel on the floor. She climbed on to his bed and unwrapped the towel from around her body as he crawled over to her. He situated himself in between her thighs and she put her arm around his neck, pulling him down to kiss her. Their skin was still damp.  

She moaned into his mouth, and the sound travelled through his body and straight to his dick. It was starting to get torturous. 

She reached her hand down, guiding him to enter her. His eyes fluttered shut as he slipped inside her, a low hum coming from his throat. Her hands tangled in his hair, pushing it off his face and tugging on it. 

His heart was racing, and she felt so good, he dropped his head down. “Fuck.”

With their chests touching, hearts beating hard against each other, he rolled his hips into hers over and over and over again, kissing her and letting her suck on his neck. 

“I’m gonna come,” he said in a strained voice. 

She moaned in response, pulling on his hair again, tilting his head back. His eyebrows were scrunched up, his bottom lip trapped between his teeth, eyes fluttering open and closed again. She could’ve come a second time just looking at his face. 

She lifted her hips to meet his as his movements got slower and deeper. His mouth fell open, and with a series of groans, he was coming inside her. 

His arms gave out, and he let some of his weight fall on top of her. Amid their heavy, deep breathing, she kissed his stubbly cheek and jaw. 

“I love you,” he said, turning her head with his hand to look at him, and give her a sloppy kiss. 

“I love you,” she sighed, a lazy smile forming on her lips.

Ethan slowly lifted himself off her, reaching across to grab the towel at the edge of the bed to clean themselves up. He then stood up, walking over to his wardrobe and pulled out some of his underwear and a hoodie, while she got her own underwear from her bag on the floor. As she stepped into it, Ethan threw his hoodie towards her onto the bed. She smiled and reached over for it, slipping the soft material over her head. The arms were far too big on her, because this hoodie was even oversized on Ethan, but it was warm and comfy and Ethan’s, and that’s all that mattered. 

With only a pair of underwear adorning his body, he jumped back onto his bed, next to his girlfriend. She smiled at him, shuffling to lie down, tucking her arm under the pillow. 

Her body felt weak, eyes heavy, and her thighs kept twitching, like after shocks coursing through her body, but all in the best way. 

She curled into the pillows beneath her head, and her exhaustion from earlier crept over her again. “I’m sleepy.”

Ethan smiled, exhaling through his nose, as he rolled over on to his side to face her. Her hand immediately snaked over his chest, then up to his cheek, which she stroked with her thumb. He watched her intently, dark lashes framing his brown eyes. Her eyes were falling closed and the time it took for her to open them again increased with every blink. She let her hand slide down his arm to wrap around his stomach.   

“I do like your room, babe,” she said, cuddling into him. “And your house.”

His arm snaked around her, hand resting on top of her ass. “It’s been a good first few days.” He gently squeezed her bum. “I really like having my own room again.”

If her eyes were open, she would have rolled them. “Shut up,” she said, voice muffled by her face nuzzled into Ethan’s chest. He gave her a little laugh, then shifted under her to turn the lamp off, sending the room into darkness. 

It was completely silent, until Ethan’s voice softly broke it. “Y/n?”

She was half asleep, but she managed to hum. “M hm?”

There was another pause. All she could was his heart and his breathing, and the distant, muffled noise of Grayson’s music. “Thank you for everything today. I’m- really lucky to have you.”

She snuggled deeper into him and hummed again. “I’m lucky to have you.”

Ethan smiled. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” 

Okay but imagine: bnha au where everything is the same except Edna Mode exists. She’s one of the best hero costume designers in the world and in high demand. UA is able to cut a deal with her to have student costumes designed by her - just one more awesome perk of being a UA student!

  • “NO CAPES!” - She would have none of the cape nonsense going on with so many costumes, especially with the kids due to the potential danger they pose. Toshinori, Tokoyami, Aoyama, Togata, and Amajiki would all get cape-free versions of their costumes, whether they want them or not. Amajiki is particularly hesitant about the change since he rather likes being able to hide behind his hood.
  • She redesigns Yaoyorozu’s costume the second she sees it due to it being unnecessarily revealing which is bad both for practicality (no armor or other protection) and Momo’s comfort (when she first puts on her costume she explicitly mentions how she dislikes how exposed she is).
  • She gets Uraraka some proper shoes for her costume because heels are impractical af.
  • Hagakure gets an ACTUAL costume. We already know Edna has the tech to create a costume that turns invisible when Violet does, so she can def come up with something for Tooru. Gloves and boots are doing basically nothing for her in terms of protection, which a suit would fix, and also she’s a minor and it’s really creepy to have a 15 year old running around naked (Seriously Horikoshi, give this girl some clothes. Stop being creepy).
  • She would get rid of Bakugou’s ridiculous grenade gauntlets and replaces it with something just as functional, but with far more maneuverability for the user. Of course, Katsuki’s pissed about this, but after a test run he begrudgingly accepts the change, so long as she can make them match his aesthetic (which she can ofc).
  • She knows about All Might’s secret (to a certain extent anyways) and sets him up with a hero costume that will change size with him. Toshinori also receives several other outfits that do the same, so he no longer has to wear clothing that swamps him. We know she can probs pull this off based on her ability to create something stretchy enough for Elastigirl/Helen to wear.
  • Fatgum’s size change is slightly less dramatic than All Might’s, but he gets some clothes that can handle his size shifts as well.
  • Todoroki and Bakugou get fire/explosion resistant clothing for obvious reasons. Tbh they might already have something like this, but I’m pretty sure they both have been shown with clothing damaged from their quirks so I’m going to assume they need it.

Add more if you come up with any!

Life is Strange: Nathan x Reader [headcanons]

Dating Nathan Prescott includes…

  • Having to deal with rude stares and whispers about ‘Prescott and his little friend’ in the streets when you’re holding hands. He’s had to pull you off of a few people before.
  • Disapproval from Victoria when you two first meet, but by the end of the three of you hanging out, she turns to you and says, “You know? You’re not that bad.”
  • Once you’ve finally been dating for a month, you’re both pretty used to each others very different friends and hobbies. He’s not so rude to Warren anymore and although the two of them share snide comments every now and then and you get along well with Victoria and Hayden.
  • All of his pictures black and white except for the ones he takes of you. Unless you’re posed for it.
  • Getting calls from him in the early morning and sneaking into his dorm to help him during his panic attacks.
  • Dinner with the Prescotts. The house is big and cold and you’re a lot more nervous than your usually cool and confident self. He can tell you are so he holds your hand. Sean Prescott is really funny and charismatic.
  • But you know exactly how he treats Nathan and it doesn’t make you like him any more.
  • Him letting you in on and how you’re the first person not to use him. It’s the first time he hints at his involvement with Jefferson and it throws you off. It takes a long while of questioning both him, Sean and doing your own bit of investigating but when you find out you punch Jefferson square in the face.
  • He has no idea why and you won’t tell.
  • So when you’re about to get expelled Nathan bursts in like some kind of superhero from a movie, hair dishevelled slightly, and pulls all the strings he can to make sure you get off lightly.
  • He holds you close and he’s so happy that you’ve only been suspended for a week, but he’s also very mad at you, demanding why you did it.
  • When you tell Nathan you know he tries to push you away. He expects you to call the police.
  • Instead you encourage him to get out of what is happening - start to ignore Jefferson - maybe tell Max what he knows.
  • He takes your advice.
  • And because of that, he doesn’t die.
  • The night that Jefferson is arrested you two sit together in his room and you just hold him and he cries and cries and cries. When he finally stops you two watch a movie together and he falls asleep in your arms.
  • He’s the big spoon, though.
  • You support him through the entire Rachel Amber trial and the lead up to it. Max stands up for him in the witness box for trying to tell somebody what was going on (much to Chloe’s dismay. “Max, he killed her!” “No, Chloe, Jefferson did and you know it.”)
  • You’re both the talk of the town, but people begin to respect him more, and you notice that he notices because he seems a lot happier.
  • Because he let you put a flower crown on his head as a joke and he didn’t stop you taking a picture.
  • Because whenever he hugged you from behind he would whisper in your ear ‘I love you.’
  • Because now he wasn’t carrying a huge burden around and it was because of you he has admitted to several interviewers for the papers that you are his hero.
  • Because three months after Jefferson is founded guilty, he gets down on one knee and pops the big question.
  • It’s soon, but he promises you that you guys can wait to get married.
  • And well, of course, you say yes.
I’ll Teach You (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Prompt: i just read that you don’t mind writing smut so this one’s gonna be dirty, bare with me. can i request a jughead x reader where the reader and him are dating. jug is pretty inexperienced when it comes to sexual stuff but he really wants to please his girlfriend. so like she guides him through eating her out LOL. i feel like you could make it so hot. thank you!

A/N: I’m making them a bit older in this one as well! Jughead will be classified as Demisexual in this fic which falls under the asexuality spectrum. P.s. I’m pretty sure I sucked at this. Let me know if you liked it! Requests are Welcome!

Warnings: Light Smut


I’ll teach you (Jughead x Reader)

Gasping, your hands pull off the crowned beanie and tighten around his black locks.

“Jug.” You pull away from his lips, shaking your head to clear your head.

You two had been watching a movie on Jughead’s laptop when he got distracted and kissed you.  

One kiss turn into two then three and now you two were panting as he’s pressed against you with his lips to your neck.

“What?” his voice husky and low, making your heart skip a beat and your body feel warm all over.

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It was as clear as if it had already happened. As clear as if she’d been there. But it hadn’t happened and Elain would not be there when it did.

Azriel stood naked under a stream of hot water, face buried in his forearm, breath heavy. The muscles of his back and buttocks flexed and clenched with each hurried stroke of his scarred hand. His beautiful scarred hand. There was something desperate about the look on his face, in the curve of his shoulders. Perhaps something haunted, too.

He bit into his lower lip, eyes wrinkled shut, body curled forward.

Elain—” He came with a groan and a jerk of his hips and then it was over. He washed the mess away, ran a hand over his jaw. Water dripped everywhere. For a moment, it was hard to see his face, nearly hidden by steam from the water. But she saw it as he pulled the curtain and stepped out—shame. He was ashamed.

Ashamed of himself for what he’d just done. For thinking of her. For saying her name.

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follow my lead [7] - bucky x reader

Summary: You and your new friend Wanda are enjoying a day together at the Avengers Tower, her giving you a tour around the place when you both run into the infamous Bucky Barnes. Moments later, he’s introducing you to Sam as his girlfriend and placing a kiss on your temple and you’re not sure you’ve ever been so confused in your life.

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: Back to shorter chapters for a while again now but I still hope you enjoy the aftermath. It might be a little underwhelming after such a climactic sixth chapter, but oh well, I hope you enjoy it anyway. Thanks for all the love! Without further ado…

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Your knuckles were white as you gripped the edge of the sink, trying to use the cool porcelain to ground you. Your breathing was rapid, in and out faster than you could comprehend and the tears were falling steadily down your cheeks, splashing down into the basin. Now you weren’t just feeling overwhelmingly guilty but also unbelievably embarrassed. Silently, you wondered if there was anyway you could slip out of the restaurant, run away and never look back.

There was a soft knock at the door and you froze, grip releasing and shaky hands wiping your cheeks roughly, not that it was helping all that much. Expecting Bucky, you stayed silent, hoping he would perhaps take a hint and leave you alone for a while.

“It’s me, Y/N,” Wanda’s voice travelled through the wood, “Open the door for me?”

You briefly considered just ignoring her but, rationally you knew that she’d probably be more help than hindrance and you kind of wanted some comfort from someone anyway. You walked over and unlocked the door, opening it just enough that she was able to squeeze in between it and its frame.

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