she probably wears that when she rides her motorcycle

the most wonderful time of the year ✦ scott mccall

request : can you write a Scott imagine where the reader drags him into family dinner for the holidays since she lied to her family about having a boyfriend? ily bby :-)

word count : 2.1k

 “Y/N, honey, you should really bring that boyfriend of yours to dinner on Saturday. What better time to meet him than on Christmas Even, right?” 

  All right, she’d admit it now. Unabashedly lying to her aunt about being in a relationship with a boy she had said was, “sweet, caring, and the god damned best boyfriend in the entire world,” hadn’t been one of Y/N’s better plans. In fact, as she prepared to type out a text to her aunt saying that the boyfriend that didn’t exist wasn’t available for dinner that night- or any night, really- she felt like slapping herself in the face. Y/N knew that it was ridiculous to have even made up the story in the first place, but she had grown so irritated with the woman’s constant gushing about her younger cousin’s absolutely darling new boyfriend of exactly two weeks and her carefully constructed comments about how Y/N had never brought a boyfriend around that she had had to say something. Y/N couldn’t be perceived as a pathetic loser by her entire family, even though she was one in reality. 

   Her finger hovered over the send button, contemplating whether or not to forfeit her positive reputation with that side of her family or just figure out a way to keep up appearances. She glanced up, her eyes scanning the hallway for a familiar face. She’d ask Lydia for advice, that girl would definitely know what to do in a situation like this- though she doubted Lydia herself had ever been in such a predicament. When she couldn’t find Lydia, she glanced down at her phone, planning to just send the message and deal with the consequences later, when she heard a call from across the hallway. “Y/N!” Scott peered over his locker down, eyes shining in delight as he spotted her, waving her over excitedly. There wasn’t anything particularly exciting about the day, he was just always happy to see Y/N. 

  Okay, so he happened to have a minor crush on her. It was very minor. So minor that he definitely did not think about pretty much every second of every day, he did not purposely rush to lunch so that he could slide in the seat next to hers, and he definitely did not go out of his way to give her a lift on his bike after school whenever he could even though his house was in the opposite direction of her own. Yep, the feelings he had for her were so minor, you needed a microscope to see them. 

   Which was a blatant lie the repeated consistently to make himself feel better, but that’s besides the point. He slammed his locker shut a little too loudly, resisting the urge to unlock it again and fix his hair that he was sure he had screwed up in his happy slew of emotions. 

    “Hey, Scotty!” She greeted, clicking her phone off and shoving it in the pocket of her sage green jacket. She hugged him for a moment, and he held on for a beat too long. Y/N pulled away first, of course, making Scott’s face heat up. He rarely every blushed, so that was a positive thing because if he did, he’d have the brightest face on Earth. “How ya doing, sweets?” 

    His heart warmed at the nickname. “I-I’m good, really really good, Y/N.” He wrapped an arm around his shoulder, and was glad that he had been doing this for the past four years- long before he was in love with her- so it wouldn’t seem strange or out of the ordinary. She leaned on his shoulder, her arm going around his waist, and if you hadn’t known them, you would’ve thought they were together; the way they smiled so adoringly at each other, the lingering gazes Scott left on the side of her face. “So, what’s up?”  

   Y/N came to the realization that her way out of the lie she had told her aunt was standing right in front of her, wearing a black leather jacket and sporting a grin that could light up eight of the biggest cities in the country. “Actually, I have a favor to ask, if it’s not too much-”

    Scott had agreed to escort her to her family’s Christmas party almost the minute she asked, attempting not to sound too eager when he vowed to pick her up at promptly four thirty, since the drive would take little over a half hour. He had borrowed Stiles’ jeep for the occasion, not wanting to have his fake girlfriend for the evening ride in on a large and frightening motorcycle that would probably make her family think Scott was some sort of ruffian. He was wearing a maroon sweater, a white button down shirt under it, and light wash jeans. He stood next to Roscoe, his hands shoved in his back pockets as he stared at your shut door, waiting for Y/N to emerge. He lifted his head when he heard the soft footsteps winding down the steps of her home, and then the lock turned in the door, and out she came. 

    She ran a tentative hand through her hair, which was in gentle curls for once, and took a last glance at her outfit before heading over to the jeep. Scott gaped at her, swallowing the lump in his throat when she stared at him in confusion. “I-Wow, you, um, you look so-”

    “Weird? I know, I hate my hair like this and this skirt is making my legs freeze off,” Y/N huffed, hugging her dark sweater tighter to her body. 

    Scott watched her climb into the passenger seat, opening the door for her first as always, before sliding in the driver’s side and starting the car. Before they pulled away, his hand ghosted over her own as he said, “I was going to tell you that you look beautiful.” He didn’t wait to see her reaction, simply pulled out of the driveway and followed the directions set by the GPS. If he had waited, he would’ve seen her give him the loving smile she hadn’t gave anyone in a long time, the smile she would reserve for a future husband, and the faintest increase in the otherwise steady beating of her heart. 

   When they arrived, Y/N slipped her hand into Scott’s, and whether that was for support because she was nervous or so she could really sell this couple act, he wasn’t sure. But she gripped him tightly all the same, and he had no complaints on the matter. He let her lead him into the house, studying the pictures on the wall that decorated each piece of furniture he passed. Y/N was in quite a few, school photos of when she was in middle school that Scott could remember she flipped out over, pictures of her even younger than that, her graduation portraits of her decked out in the cap and gown that they would be wearing for real in the coming months. 

   “Here we go,” she murmured to him, giving his hand a hard squeeze before pushing open the door to what he presumed was the dining room. The moment they entered, Scott was practically blinded by camera flashes, and he mentally cursed because his eyes would glow in the photos that came out. “Guys! Scott’s camera shy! No pictures right now, please,” she exclaimed, giving Scott an apologetic grimace before ushering him in the room in front of her. “Everyone, this is Scott. Scott, everyone.” He waved at the family gathered around the table, smiling brightly at all of them as Y/N showed him to their seats. 

   A woman leaned across the table to shake his hand. “I’m Y/N’s Aunt Danielle, it’s so lovely to meet you, Scott,” she announced, her tone slightly proud. “We didn’t even know you existed up until a week ago. I wasn’t sure Y/N had it in her,” she laughed, clearly meaning for it to come off as a joke, but Scott could sense the clear nastiness in her voice.  

   “Oh, really?” He raised his eyebrows. “She’s got the guys at Beacon Hills High beating down her door. I’m just the lucky one,” he flashed another friendly smile, patting Y/N’s knee. 

   “Does she now? I never would have guessed,” her cousin chimed in, giving Y/N a quick once over. Scott scrunched his nose in distaste, turning to the other girl. 

   “Why wouldn’t she?” He asked, letting his gaze travel to Y/N’s wide eyes. “She’s, like, perfect. She’s beautiful. And she’s funny, plus the sweetest girl in the world. Smart, too. Like, the smartest in our grade besides my best friend Stiles and his girl, Lydia. Everyone loves Y/N.” Including me. Satisfied with his answer, Scott introduced himself to her grandfather and grandmother, the smallest smug smirk twitching at his lips when he took in the dumbfounded expressions on your relatives’ faces. 

   He, as usual, didn’t notice when she was staring at him, the desire to take his face in her hands and press her lips to his plush, soft-looking, pink ones suddenly incredibly overwhelming. She dismissed the urge, looking down at her dinner and beginning to eat as Scott made himself a member of the family. She silently hoped that he could be, maybe. 

   As she flounced off to go do the dishes, Scott sipped his glass of water nervously when he felt a pair of eyes on him. It was her grandfather, staring directly at him, but not in a cold or calculating way. He was simply curious. 

   “Scott, is it?” He asked, knowing what Scott’s name was but still wanting to shake the boy up a bit. Scott nodded quickly, placing his water glass down on the table with accidental force and causing the liquid to slosh over the sides of the glass. He hastily started mopping it up, shaking his head at himself while the grandpa chuckled. “Nothing to be nervous about, kid, I was just curious about something.” 

  Scott cleared his throat. “Yeah?” 

  “My granddaughter loves you. She doesn’t know it as well as she should, but she does. She’s beginning to realize it tonight. You’re very sweet to her.” 

   “I-I-I care about Y/N a lot, more than I care about myself. She’s always been important to me. But, I don’t know if she cares about me in the way that I care about her.” 

   “You have to see the way she’s looking at you, Scott. It’s all in the eyes. There’s love in your eyes, both of you. You just have to be noticing the same time the other is. One of you is always looking when the other looks away,” her grandpa snorted. “Ludicrous, let me tell you. Speaking of telling people things, you better get a move on and tell that girl you love her, or else she’ll never tell you, and then you’ll both be stuck in a cycle that just keeps going on until you’re miserable. You got that?” 

   He shook Scott’s hand then, giving him a kind smile. And Scott knew what he had to do later that evening, no matter how hard and nerve-wracking it was going to be.

   That night, as he was dropping her back off at her home after a successful and fulfilling night at her family’s house, Y/N hesitated getting out of the car. Scott’s hands were perched on the steering wheel, his eyes apprehensive. “Everything okay, Y/N?” 

   “Scott, you didn’t have to say all those things about me.” Y/N played with her hands in her lap, then began fiddling with a loose black string on her cardigan. “T-They were such nice things, really, and they made me feel all warm and fuzzy and special but I know this was just for tonight and now I’m confused and I-” 

    Scott covered her mouth before she could say anything else. “You are special. I meant everything I said when we were with your family. I even told your grandpa how much I cared about you, did you not hear that conversation?” 

    “No, I didn’t,” she said quietly.

    He turned to face her, unbuckling his seatbelt and moving closer. One of his hands moved to her cheek, the other tracing the soft top of her hand. “Y/N, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in love with you for the past year. And I’ve been trying to tell you, but I haven’t been able to because you terrify me, Y/N. But, I still- I still love you. I love you every day of the year. It’s Christmas Eve, and all I have ever wanted for Christmas, as cheesy as this is going to sound, is you. So- so, what do you think?” 

     Y/N moved in to kiss him, her lips warm against his and melding together as if they were meant to have been kissing all along. As the snow began to drift to the ground outside, and Scott finally wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into him, he really knew that this truly was the most wonderful time of the whole damn year.