she probably had a fun time with this role

Astrology Characters for Stories

Your hero. Your fun loving wild child. The woman in a male dominated field. Your sportsman. Your adrenaline junkie. Your catalyst for chaos
Expresses as excitable, decisive, unpredictable, defender, destructor, antagonist, revolutionary  
The Aries character is youthful, brave, competitive, and will do anything to win. A character with a strong will and even stronger body to follow. A character who triggers chaos to ease their own boredom. 
Likes wearing red. Has an equally fun loving and energetic dog that is adored. A character that is capable of working under high pressure situations like paramedicine or emergencies. 
A character that is fighting for her cause. Mars is the ruler of Aries and corresponds with accidents, a character that displays remarkable inner strength to recover from a trauma. A character who won’t hesitate charging into danger to save somebody. Wonder Woman. 

Your figure of beauty. Your desired one. Your affluent one. The stylish artist. Your business owner. Your hippie. Your hopeless romantic. 
Expresses as socially graceful and considerate. May be very indulgent. A character who knows how to enjoy the good things in life. A socialite. A character who loves throwing dinner parties. A savvy business woman with elegance, beauty, and sass. A character longing for traditional, classical romance in a world that seems to have forgotten what that is. A character who suffers financial instabilities. 
Has a taste for the aesthetic. Loves to stylise. A character who can play instruments or write music. The beautiful girl next door. A character working at the art gallery longing for her portraits to be on the wall. A woman who runs the floors of Wall Street with her stunning heels and pink blazer.  

Your main voice. Your student. Your teacher. Your intellect. Your author. Your gossip. Your talkative barista. Your school starter 
Expresses as clever, charming, and a little cunning. A unpredictable character. Your character who shuts down debate instantly with wicked wit. She could be comedic. She may speak many languages. She may be a professional student. A character who is the ‘go to’ when people have questions. A character who is always using her phone. A character who seems to know everything about everyone. A character that you never quite figure out what the real intention was.
Likes to wear fresh, cute and youthful outfits. A character who takes off in a moment’s notice, and plays the devil’s advocate. A character who is underestimated due to her scattered and erratic behaviour but solves great codes or crimes or mysteries. Fyi. Sherlock Holmes was a Gemini 

Your mystical fantasy. The adored child of the family. Your first time mother. Your People’s Princess. Your Queen Mother. Your witch or sorceress. The family matriarch 
Expresses emotional and maternal qualities, often moody, easily provoked, imaginative, and nostalgic 
The Cancer character is protective. She could be a psychic or receive messages from crossed ancestors. 
Likes wearing darker hues. Maybe also a cross. A character who may be lost in time or attempting to run or heal from her past, one who makes admirable sacrifices. This character prefers to be home with loved ones and retains traditional values. She may live in a house the family has had for decades, probably haunted. Very caring and sensitive, could be a nurse, counsellor, or work with children. A character who has a vivid and intriguing inner life that is shut off to others. A character who is reuniting with her family or meeting her mother for the first time. 

Your starring role. Your Queen. Your dramatic teenager. Your aspiring actor or artist. Your Prince Charming.
Expresses the graces and faults of youth, playfulness and fun, leadership and dignity. The Leo character is noble, honest, strong willed, and creative. This is the one who lights up the room. Well liked, but sometimes misunderstood.She may live in a palace, a place of privilege, or more likely a chic and stylish decorated apartment with her prized animal.
Likes wearing gold. Will go into battle. But gets very wounded in battle.
A character who is trying to feel comfortable in her own skin, a character who expresses with pride and confidence but is secretly very unsure, a character who has overcome all the odds to reach their dreams and rule the world in some form

Your intellectual progeny. Your puzzle master. Your dedicated and deserving labourer. Your problem solver. Your domestic eccentric.
Expresses as competent but self doubtful, has perfectionist tendencies, is very helpful and knowledgable, can be socially awkward in conversation until she is completely comfortable. A character who has odd rituals or phobias. A character who is a nurse or a nursing student. A character who has gruelling self expectation and goes to extremes. A character suffering a health crisis or a character who solves medical mysteries. A character who is special and can decipher number riddles and patterns 
Appearance can be very primed to perfection. The home can have a unique, very personal set up that reflects deeply ingrained rituals, it may be 
A character who is under appreciated. A character who carries out secret acts of altruism. Bree on Desperate Housewives is a good but extreme example of a Virgo character 

The King’s daughter. Your object of desire. Your hopeless romantic. Your sweetheart. Your lawyer. Your court room darling. Your heartbreaker 
Expresses as sociable and friendly. Is easily well liked but has quite intense self doubt. Can routinely fall dangerously in love because of her vivid fantasy life. The friend everyone calls when they need a hand, an ear, or a heart. 
A character who crumbles when she is alone. A character who runs a law firm and throws the best parties like she has a day and night personality. 
A character who sacrifices everything for love. A character who has dreamed of her wedding since she was a child. A character who has a gleaning, blissful, classical image of romance in her mind. A character who is written off for her femininity or ideals but has a blade on her tongue during debate and slices just about anyone. 
Well styled, complementary dressed, nothing outlandish but nothing boring. Likes to accessorise. Home is cordially decorated and symmetrical. 
A character who is forced to choose between her head and her heart. A character who is fighting injustice against a big corporation or government. A dancer who is forced to choose between love and her art 

Your anointed one. Your gifted one. Your medium. Your seducer. Your revealer. Your hidden catalyst. Your troubled one. 
Expresses as secretive, knowledgable, calculative, sensitive, and intense. Can easily throw off weaker characters. Can be the intriguing object of desire. A character who is a detective. A character who can read people’s minds. A character who doesn’t trust other people. Scorpio is watery and medicinal, the character could be a grand healer or crone. A character who is a witch or gets involved in dark occult. A character who is forced to undergo psychoanalysis but systematically erodes the mind of the psychiatrist in the process. 
Lives in the house down the end of the street with the forbidding black fence and cemetery gates with a pet crow 
A character who uncovers conspiracies or government corruption. A character who follows the trail of serial killers and never fails. A character who assists dead people crossing over. A character that is instantly respected regardless of social skills. A character who can’t help but seduce unsuspecting victims 

Your free spirit. Your jet setter. Your foreigner. Your student. Your professor. Your life of the party. Your pilgrim. Your comic. Your philanthropist. Your genie in a bottle 
Expresses as fun loving, provocative, knowledgeable, open minded, pleasure seeking. A character who has a remarkable change of fortune. A character who celebrates culture, freedom, and life. A character who can provoke tension due to her sharp honesty.  A character that wanders endlessly but doesn’t want to be found. A character that lives out of her suitcase and wears flowers in her hair and follows the festivals around. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius so this character has numerous lucky breaks. 
Earthy, festive, and bohemian styling, cool and casual 
A character that never gives her real name or address, aspiring to escape the memories and confines of her home town. A character that experiences an enlightenment and goes completely off the grid. A character who falls in love abroad or meets a guru with profound spiritual truths, a character on a journey

Your Cinderella story. Your rags to riches Princess. Your leader. Your corporate ruler. Your battler. Your old soul. Your matriarch or patriarch. 
Expresses as focused, resourceful, dedicated, loyal, overcomes the odds, graceful, elegant, powerful , formidable 
A character who proves herself against the odds. A character who inspires and leads the way while secretly doubting herself. A character who is a master or expertise of their trade. A character that missed out on childhood. A character with an absent father. A character who has generated remarkable wisdom during her short time on earth. A character who can stop or change time. A character that owns a clock with everyone’s date of mortality.
Appearance is sharp, classical, elegant, conservative, dapper 
May live in a noted part of town or in a well known building considering Capricorn’s social prestige. A character who relentlessly chases her dream. A character who expires through her story from heartache to success. A teacher. A business woman. An expert on intricate statistics. A character who feels like death is always chasing her 

Your genius. Your eccentric. Your mad professor. Your enigmatic air fairy. Your revolutionary. Your conspiracist. Your misfit. 
Expresses as highly intelligent, peculiar, outlandish, compassionate, unpredictable, free spirited, intriguing. A character who is relentless and frenetic about proving her unorthodox theories. A radical protestor. An environmental warrior. A character with secret alien friends. A character that experiments with everything with natural style and flair. Unusual or striking appearance, a teal haired character with purple contacts 
Aquarius is a character who has a lot of friends and appreciates unity. A character who inspires other people to join her plight against an injustice. A character from a small part of the world given nothing but a voice to change the world. A character who indulges in the Aquarian utopia that has been created in the near future 

Your inspiration. Your salient chameleon. Your lover. Your sacrifice. Your Fairy Godmother. Your mythical creature
Expresses as highly sensitive, emotional, withdrawing, creative, mysterious, tempting, and delirious. A character who is spiritual and has psychic gifts. A character that listens to fairies. A character who dreams herself into new worlds every night. The Pisces character is gifted, multifaceted, receptive, and intuitive. She can instantly tell if somebody is happy or sad before they say anything at all so she knows all the time that people lie.
Styled in darker or purple hues with thick coated mascara. Wears a cross or a symbol. Lives alone because she needs to escape from people. A character who is trying to support and heal people from their mental illness while suffering it herself. A character that receives frequent psychic prophecies. A character who can see what other people can’t. A character that deals with inhuman experiences in a human world. A healer, a witch doctor, a medicine woman, an evangelist 



Wonder Woman (2017) Review

This film was everything I expected it to be. Now, so far I haven’t been a DCEU fan, I hated Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. In their quest to be different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DCEU took on a gloomy and dull visual palette and were also dull in terms of the overall tone of the films. While that approach may have worked for Batman, they didn’t quite fit with Superman.

Wonder Woman is the antithesis to those films and to everyone who said that superheroes, in the current climate can’t be optimistic. One of the best aspects of the film was the overwhelming optimism, the kind I felt at the end of The Force Awakens, the certainty, that come what may, good will prevail over evil. I loved that distinct lack of cynicism, it was so wonderfully refreshing.

In terms of the two halves of the film, the first half definitely works better while the second half drags a bit but not for long. And those moments of quiet were used well, to establish emotional connect with characters beyond the immediate protagonists.

Patty Jenkins deserves heaps of praise especially in light of all the fake negative reviews that strove to derail the film. When I went to watch BvS, I went in with zero expectations, but with Wonder Woman, I went with expectations, I expected the film to be amazing and for Wonder Woman to be an absolutely badass and Jenkins delivered on both counts. It really does bring to mind Christopher Reeve’s Superman, its charm, optimism and hope.

The world of Themiscyra was beautifully crafted, it was beautiful and every bit the paradise that it was meant to be. The Amazons were fierce and it was a joy to see different ethnicities among them. I only wish we spent more time with them.

The film is also beautifully shot, the cinematography was stunning. And I was thrilled to learn that it was shot on film, 35mm. There is something about film, that digital just can’t replicate or replace. The fight scenes were also beautifully shot and choreographed. They were thrilling and really pulled the audience inside with a mixture of tight close-ups and wider establishing shots. They were coherent in a way that so many fight scenes aren’t.

I loved Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright as Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope respectively. Such beautiful strong women, it was easy to see them taking on enemies and emerging victorious. Wright as Antiope especially a joy to watch, so fierce and formidable.

I loved Lucy Davis’ Etta Candy and feel slightly bummed that in all probability we won’t see any more of her considering that she’s probably ancient by now. She was hilarious without being a caricature. The motley crew that Trevor puts together to get behind enemy lines, was also fun. They were diverse without that diversity being overtly stated. Again, I wish we had spent more time with them.

I am not a huge fan of Chris Pine but I loved him here. He was excellent as the slightly jaded pilot/spy Steve Trevor who slowly rediscovers hope and optimism. But Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana was the real star of the film. She owned the role of Wonder Woman and shut up all the people who doubted the choice to cast her. She was charming and her optimism and naïveté were believable. She really invested in this role and it paid off. Her chemistry with Pine was also amazing and served to make their relationship believable even though they had only known each other very briefly. Their interactions were a joy to watch and their camaraderie was one of the high points of the film.

Of the villains, Danny Huston’s General Ludendorf along with Elena Anaya’s Dr Maru were suitably sinister and even had a mad scientist-evil mastermind laughter moment. One of my only complaints of the film is that the villains felt somewhat underwhelming. I wish the script had fleshed them out more. I also feel that the marketing should not have revealed who Ares was (I won’t mention it here in case there are those who are as yet unaware of that tidbit) Knowing about that reveal undercut its effect.

Wonder Woman is the film we and this character deserve. It is fun, funny, charming, full of hope and optimism without ever being cheesy. It is a joy to watch and I hope we see a sequel soon with Jenkins once again at the helm. People need to watch this film and make sure that it is a hit, we need this film to make money, to tell the studios that female-lead films and blockbuster films directed by women can be both critically acclaimed and box-office successes. That female directors aren’t a gamble.

P.S. - would it be too much to ask for a film about the Amazons on Themiscyra? I would pay to watch that film.

I mentioned in this post how Eli’s transition from what was basically the antagonist to being best friends with everyone in muse would have been really rough, and that part of it would be because of leadership issues. I’ve only watched a few episodes past where she joins but her takeover really is absolute. She’s leading practices, she’s coming up with ideas to boost their popularity (and enacting them with only nozomi’s knowledge, not honoka’s), and she’s the one deciding on the no-senpai rule. Eli comes up with ideas and then she does them, and there’s no backlash at all.

I guess it makes sense, given the characters. Most of them will follow any leadership, as long as they’re having fun. Umi might argue, but Eli shares the exact same ideas as her. Maki would argue but she already stop caring after Honoka stopped her from fighting Eli the first time. Nico will complain to herself and anyone in earshot, but for all her talk she hasn’t actually challenged Eli - possibly because she knows Eli is right, possibly because she knows Eli could instantly take her out in a fight, who knows. In the end this basically gives Eli free reign to do whatever she wants, and that probably helps her fit in with the group better. If she had to follow some other person’s leadership and stay quiet about her own ideas I don’t think she could do it.

Basically: it’s really good that the “who’s the leader” question came up before Eli joined. Otherwise it would have been an instant “oh, it’s Eli, end of story” and Eli would shrug and agree as she steals the club’s paperwork to do for fun in her free time

Jodie Whittaker Radio 6 Music Interview (7/8/17)

Jodie Whittaker says she didn’t see people’s reactions to her becoming the first female Doctor Who, because she’s not on social media.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music in her first broadcast interview since her casting was revealed, she said: “This will be a blessing and a curse.

"I’ve missed a lot of the fun stuff and probably the bad stuff.”

The actress said she managed to avoid most of the commentary.

“I’m not on any type of social media,” she told Shaun Keaveny. “The only time I see anything is if mates screen grab and send something to me.”

She said she had seen “an amazing video” of a young girl’s reaction, as she watched the trailer revealing the Doctor’s new identity.

Whittaker also admitted the role “was not in the realm of possibility” when she was growing up and that getting the part was “incredibly emotional”.

The Broadchurch star also praised fans of the sci-fi series as “the most amazing, creative people”.

And she said she had spoken to the actors who have previously played The Doctor - although she didn’t ask for advice.

“The overwhelming sense was this is such an exciting journey,” she said.

“It’s to be enjoyed. There’s no advice you can do - no person plays this part the same. What a freeing thing it is.”

The 35-year-old, who’s previously starred in Broadchurch, said that when she found out her audition had been successful: “I didn’t faint - I played it really cool and cried.”

She added she was looking forward to the “freedoms and fun” and the “scale of the storylines” - especially as she is going to be working with Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall, who is the new Doctor Who showrunner.

“I already know Chris - I already know how incredible he is. The direction he’s going to take it is going to be amazing. I get excited by it,” she said.

“I don’t even know what the journey is. Every script I read will be brand new. This certainly is very different.”

anonymous asked:

For the ship meme can you do Wonderbat ?

Yes! I can! :D

  • Who was the one to propose: Bruce was for reasons but in all honesty, Diana probably would have if Bruce hadn’t beat her to it and even then he had to be pushed by his friends (*cough Hal and Clark cough*) and also he was just worried that she would say no.
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning: Diana probably but she would love it and be super excited. Bruce would just find it adorable but also have his own opinion on it. They’d work together and Bruce would give her massages after a long day of wedding planning.
  • Who decorated the house: Diana would have a hand in it and give her suggestions. But she’d also be respectful of his things and traditions, they would combine their styles in a way that works for them.
  • Who does the cooking: Alfred. Just Alfred. On special occasions, Bruce. He can whip up some mean pasta.
  • Who is more organized: Probably Bruce to be honest, Diana would be chaotic organized. but Bruce has everything filed in the right place and color coded. It must be organized and tidy.
  • Who initiates bedroom fun: Diana. She is very straight forward about it. Bruce will once in a blue moon but nine times out of ten, it’s Diana cause she’s the ten. :D
  • Who suggested kids first: Surprisingly Bruce did. They never really talked about it because he had his batkids and Diana is perfectly happy with being a mother to them or a female role model. She was also ecstatic that he wanted kids with her though. 
  • Who’s more dominant: Hmm. I’d say it’s about even. Bruce will some and then Diana. Diana does enjoy him taking her though and he also enjoys when she gets dominant with him. They’re both very kinky.
  • Who’s the cuddler: Bruce. It comforts him to be with her and in her arms or have her in his. It keeps his nightmares at bay and also relaxes him.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: Drinking coffee and discussing their day or sparring together.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Bruce has once or twice. Thank you, Hal Jordan. You deserve the headache you got the next morning for making Diana die in laughter at Bruce’s adorable drunk self.
  • Who kills the spiders: Bruce. Diana won’t admit it but she hates spiders. 
  • Who falls asleep first: Diana does, she’ll fall asleep talking about her day and Bruce just smiles as he pulls her close and then falls asleep himself.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: They are happiest when they are touching each other somewhere and after all they’ve been through, it keeps them ground to reality.

@maidenoftheworld (tagging you babes because you may get a prompt idea too! :D)