she pretty


The Goths

Bella is much more saucier now (the braid does it)
Mortimer is a lot more chill
Alexander doesn’t have long face syndrome (and is also emo now, look at that beanie)
And Cassandra is much closer to what she looked like in the earlier games (and also cooler, look at that ombre)


Me @ Hurricane 2017^^ Still muddy out there.


Rubberboot fashion


Halsey and more Halsey

… and me ;-)

Halsey was epic ~ but a bit short. She didn’t play Control :-/ I might try to upload a video of Castle though. Anyways, great show, and my brother likes her now, yeah! But of course she played Hurricane, lol.

Linkin Park was the main act but they disappointed of course (IDK if they got better, my brother wanted to leave after 40 min. cause he was tired …) Where are my mutual fans? @redqueenfandom @queenmareena anyone else?


who!!! should!! i!!! idolize!!!!

          Lilliana has a preference, both romantically and intimately, towards those who are—for lack of a better word—softer; she’s not much attracted to those who are brash or rough around the edges due to her upbringing and past, preferring people with a more gentle touch to them, as well as those who exhibit more femininefeatures. She is off-put by strong and constant exhibits of anger, as well as those who exhibit a shameless sort of cruelty to anyone and everyone. And given her habit of also being the more dominant person when it comes to intimacy: she also prefers those who do not mind being dominated and would allow her to take the lead and have control in the context of more intimate situations.