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What things do you think Alex does without realizing that drives girls crazy? Like how many lgbtqia+ deo agents have been turned on by Alex being badass and doing hot things without realizing

What things do you think Alex does without realizing that drives girls crazy?

1. Licks her lips.

2. Shoots people.

3. Beats the shit out of men.

4. Threatens men.

5. Slams Max Lord into things every chance she gets.

6. Melts around Kara but tries to pretend she doesn’t.

7. Wears a lab coat.

8. Synthesizes things.

9. Uses science-y words that they would normally understand but can’t because they’re distracted by how fucking hot she is.

10. Speaks Russian.

11. Interacts with Lucy Lane.

12. Rides her Triumph to work.

13. Wears leather jackets.

14. Struts.

15. Hands on hips pose.

16. Laughs.

17. Plays pool.

18. Puts on her thinking face.

19. Quirks her lips to the side of her face.

20. Exists.

21. The limit does not exist.

Like how many lgbtqia+ deo agents have been turned on by Alex being badass and doing hot things without realizing            

All of them. Including the ones who thought they were straight.

-Pretend this takes place a year after The Dark World. As far as Thor is aware Loki is still dead and Odin is still king. (just pretend there’s a large time gap before Ragnarok.)-

Imagine the Avengers get themselves into trouble and are held captive by a crazed man bent on destroying everything in his path. They are tied up and held captive in the man’s headquarters when suddenly they drag in a young girl who is giving them nothing but trouble (think of her as a Harley Quinn type, lol). She threatens them with her boyfriend claiming he was not not someone he wanted to mess with but the man ignores the girl and ties her up and begins to threaten her because she can’t (or won’t) keep her mouth shut. Suddenly the alarm system is tripped off and the young girl begins laughing. “He’s here,” she tells him casually as he hears the screams of his crew. One man manages to run into the room only to be dragged out screaming for his life by an unseen force. His screams go dead silent the moment he’s dragged out into the hallway. By this point the Avengers are a bit worried and even the man seems concerned. When Loki walks into the room the man drops to his knees and begs for his life. “I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t know she was yours!” Apparently he worked for Loki when he invaded New York so he knew exactly what the God was capable of. Loki asks the girl, “Did he harm you my Darling?” She replies, “No, but he was going to.” That’s all it takes for Loki to drag him into another room- killing him. (He didn’t want his girl to see the mess) Loki unties her and looks at the rest of the Avengers and smirks, “Well, well. Look at what we have here. The Avengers all tied up. What a wonderful day this is turning out to be.“ 

Loki ends up letting the Avengers go because it had been the plan all along. The girl had been captured on purpose.The Avengers are curious of her and find out she had once been one of HYDRA’s experiments. She had been injected with a serum that now allows her to dive into people’s minds; she can also take control if she chooses to. The Avengers assumed Loki rescued her to use her for his own benefit, but it turns out they had already been together for months before she had been taken by HYDRA and Loki almost died to get her out. They were also still yet learning the side effects. The young girl is very defensive of Loki and she does everything in her power to convince the Avengers he was not the man they thought he was. They have no choice but to believe her. Why? Because Loki allowed her inside his mind; she’s seen everything, from childhood to present. 

Seokjin Scenario: Borderline.

Request: A scenario where Jins ex shows up pretending that she’s expecting a baby and Jin is the father. (because she wants to ruin your relationship). You eventually break up with him saying that he should go back to his ex because the child needs a father but Jin tries to convince you its a lie but were too hurt to believe anything anymore. So he asks the members help to prove to you that he didn’t cheat on you and the girl was lying. Gracias!

Genre: Romance / Drama

If someone asked you, you would say this was some joke, but it was hard to do that when you looked into her eyes, glassy to the point of tears, saw the blood test Jin was holding on his right hand, saw how she caressed her lower belly with tenderness and you couldn’t look to the other side. You let go of your boyfriend’s hand as if it was burning you the same way your chest was burning and Jin turned to hold your gaze, the look on his eyes was pure shock, maybe he was a little afraid too.

–It’s yours Jin and you know it, I’m just doing the right thing – Minhee said softly, almost apologetically and who were you not to believe her? If it was you on her shoes, then you’d want Jin to know because it was his responsibility too.

–It cannot be – he said with a strained voice, looking back at the face of his ex, crushing the paper between his fingers. –This is not…–

–How can you say that? Are you going to be that type of man now? – Minhee’s voice broke and now you felt like an outsider.

You saw the tension in Jin’s jaw and didn’t know what to do. He shook his head in disbelief and the count in your mind was going wild. It just… couldn’t be. You had been dating Jin for almost a year now, if Minhee was going into her fourth month soon then that meant he was with her and that was… that was plain low of him. You’d never thought Jin would do this, he was kind, he was reliable, he was romantic and amusing but a cheater? Had all these months just been a shallow thing for him? Because for you they weren’t, was everything he’d done just filled of cheap feels to get you with him while still seeing his ex on the side? The thought hurt as much as it made you furious and you took a step away from him.

–What are you talking about? You’re crazy Minhee, I have nothing to be with you anymore, what kind of stupidity is this? – Seokjin moved his eyes back to you and you wanted to hear him, but what if he was shielding himself with the typical fuckboy excuse of a crazy ex girlfriend?  –Y/N… –

–Don’t say anything else – You denied with your head because you’d heard enough. –Were you with her or not? –

Seokjin looked at you conflicted, his brows furrowing and a surprised face, maybe because he was caught cheating, who could know? you could see how his fingers hardened around the test in a tight fist. –I wasn’t Y/N, this is only a lie–

–I’m expecting your baby… or now you’re going to pretend that we didn’t have sex? I know you wanted this to be a secret between us but I…–

–I haven’t seen in you in almost two years! – Jin spoat through gritted teeth at her who just surrounded her middle with her arms. He’d raised his voice and you just took another step back. –Y/N, love, wait this isn’t…–

You huffed, interrupting whatever he was going to say which was more likely an excuse.

–I can’t believe you… god Seokjin, you need to man the hell up and accept what you’ve done – you said with a stern voice. It felt odd to talk so harshly at him but you couldn’t accept this type of behavior from him, did this mean that if you accidentally got pregnant then he would also say that it wasn’t yours? That you were crazy and lying?

–What? how can you… – Jin was going to approach you but you saw how he doubted, how his eyes darted form you to Minhee’s crying self and you couldn’t stand it anymore, you were trembling and most probably at the verge already and that wasn’t a good sign.

–No – you swallowed harshly and didn’t let him come near. –Don’t you come close to me – you turned around in a run to go to your apartment, without being able to mute down Minhee’s voice saying that she was carrying your boyfriend’s child or the way Jin was calling back for you.

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NCT Dream Reaction when they talk about their ideal type and his crush notice that is her (Quando eles estão falando do seu tipo ideal e a crush deles nota que é ela)


~Adm Rabbit~

Mark: Mark would start to talk and he would blush more and more as he spoke, and when she noticed he would try to change the subject // Mark começaria a falar e ele iria ficar mais e mais vermelho enquanto falava, e quando ela notasse ele tentaria mudar de assunto

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Renjun:Renjun would talk about everything he likes on her while staring intensely but when she looked at him, he would look away and pretend that it wasn’t about her that he was talking // Renjun falava sobre tudo o que gostava nela enquanto olhava intensamente, mas quando ela olhava para ele, ele olhava para longe e fingia que não era sobre ela que ele estava falando

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Haechan: Haechan would let almost obvious for everyone that he was talking about her, but when she asked him, he would deny with his life “What? No, but you wish i was!” // Haechan iria deixar quase óbvio para todo mundo que ele estava falando dela, mas quando ela perguntasse para ele, ele negaria com sua vida “O que? Não, mas você gostaria que eu estivesse!”

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Jeno: *Jeno she noticed you, just smile she will never know* // *Jeno ela notou você, só sorria ela nunca vai saber*

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Jaemin: He was talking about her with Jeno and didn’t noticed her coming, when he turned around and saw her he got super scared and run away // Ele estava falando sobre ela com Jeno e não notou ela se aproximando, quando ele virou e viu ela ele ficou super assustado e saiu correndo

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Chenle: *Dolphin scream* Yeah i like you, i’m not denying anything! // *Berro de golfinho* É eu gosto de você, eu não estou negando nada!

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Jisung: *Panicked Jisung* // *Jisung em pânico*

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iii. 1992

It is easy for her to rebuff him. This is her cover, what they told her to do. When he tells her about the girl in Oregon, she scoffs.

Pretend like you don’t believe him.

“The answers are there. You just have to know where to look.”

She wonders if he looks hard enough, will he see why she’s really there?

She almost wants him to.

She goes home. Shucks off the too big suit and shucks off her persona at the same time. Runs the water for a bath, and calls her mother. Her poor mother who knows nothing except her daughter is caught up in something bigger than herself, her daughter works for the FBI and wants to save the world.

“They’ve assigned me to someone new,” she says. 

“Is he nice?” Maggie asks.

But that’s the wrong question.

“Nice enough.”

She’s never told her mother what they’ve done to her, what they’ve made her into. Her mother cried over her hair color changing. She can’t bear the pity that would be on her face if she knew what else they had done.

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Hi, Please may we have one where Liv gets her first A* after they have moved into the mill and she had private tutoring, Aaron and Robert are dead chuffed for her. Liv is pretending to be embarrassed by all of their fussing and praised, but really she is so pleased and proud in herself. Thank you


Liv twists her key and the first thing her eyes fall onto is her brother and Robert in the kitchen together. Aaron’s by the stove, stirring something and it looks like Robert’s trying to help him, pressing himself against Aaron’s back and taking holding of the spoon as he whispers something in Aaron’s ear. 

Any other day and Liv would make a vomiting sound, crash her bags around the room so that they’d break apart but not today, she’s in a good mood today, has reason to be.

Robert hears her shuffling and turns towards her as Aaron clears his throat, keeping his gaze towards the pan. Liv frowns a little, tries not think about whatever Robert said to make her brother have to hide his face. 

“Alright?” Robert says, nods a little towards Liv and then looks back at Aaron. “He’s cooking tonight so if you want the day off tomorrow then I’ll know why.“ 

Aaron turns at that, he’s all smiley and red and he rolls his eyes. “You cheeky sod.” He says before looking at his sister and seeing that she’s smiling at them both. “What’s happened with you then?” He queries, a hand on his hip and eyes squinted towards Liv. 

Liv bites down on her lip, wants to suppress the urge to break out in song and dance as she shrugs. “Nothing, just did a test day and -” she smiles a little and then she sees the way Robert looks at her, he’s all apprehensive and interested and her heart does something funny as she reaches inside her back and fishes out the Maths paper. 

“I got, I mean I did well.” Liv says slowly, suddenly all shy as she passes over the paper to Robert and waits for his reaction. 

For a second he doesn’t say anything and then he finds her mark, 55/60. 

Robert looks up at her, eyes wide and then he looks down again and sees the grade. 

“A*?” Robert’s practically beaming and then Aaron’s switching off the stove in haste and walking closer to his husband. 

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This person is so full of herself that she created an entire IG account - and who knows how many more - where she posts daily, more time in one day, where she can say herself how great she’s, how a beautiful person she’s, how saint she’s, probably because her loved ones or the people in general never said those things to her.

And the most crazy thing is that she has created accounts on twitter and facebook to link to person who pretend is behind this account, when it’s enough to read a few post and know instantaneously that she can be just a fan.

It’s crazy, sad and ridiculous.

E te lo dico pure in italiano, sei ‘na poraccia che di più poraccio non esiste.

I hope we get at least one scene prior to Friday’s which we’ve seen in the preview which shows a thawing between Chas and Robert. Because yes she has to pretend that everything is still hunky dory, and I do think that she saw something different when they went to visit Aaron, something which made her understand Robert’s actions. But for her to go from saying how much she hates him, to this?

And I know it’s difficult because plot reasons for Lucy leaving, and also because we’re in this weird limbo state where things are just up in the air whilst they wait for someone to hit that ‘gravity on’ button, but a bit of piecing together the picture for the sake of story and continuity would be nice.


Selja, a hater of BTS will spread rumors that Jungkook raped an EXO-L and she will do beyond that bcs according to my source, she will hire an EXO-L as the victim and witness that Jungkook really raped her. Not only that, her threat is real bcs Koreaboo posted about her too. She’s going to collab with other fandom’s big shots in Twitter and spread those allegations and slander BTS. Although they have reported Selja’s account, there has been some who said that she created one again. We need to make BigHit know about this. This is far too much and she’s even pretending to be an EXO-L. She needs to be stopped immediately.

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Idk what to do anymore😢😢
I dont know if the things stated her is true but still!!!

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One of my friends acts flirty around everyone but around me she's REALLY flirty. She sat on my lap yesterday and kissed my forehead and the day before that she asked me to hold down her t-shirt while she pulled of her hoodie because "I don't want to flash for everyone in the restaurant. Only for you later" and she put her hand on my thigh after and she's bisexual (I have a chance yay) and super hot and the type of person I'd like to be my fwb and she's also "pretend scissored" me i screm


Where do I download a friend who will pretend scissor me omfg

You have such a Good Thing pls make it good and gay

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I have a super favor to ask!!!! please. please. please. I made a bet with someone that I could get you to give us a sneak peek of the next chapter and then they'll go to coffee with me!!!! I need this man. Help a lonely gay out :)

How am i to deny such a request?!!?!!

While everyone else was packing up, Alex was still practicing the steps to the waltz. Maggie had to help some of the other guys so the agent was standing alone with her arms out, trying to go through the motions. She scolded herself in the mirror when she misstepped or stumbled. She figured this would be different in something other than jeans and socks but she still stood on her toes, trying to pretend she had her wedding heels on. As she spun, her unbuttoned shirt billowed around her, revealing the blue tank underneath. She finally nailed the steps for the turn, when she noticed everyone else was done. She secretly wanted to keep practicing but she knew they needed to move on to the next activity.

Across the room, Maggie glanced back to the agent who was aimlessly bouncing on her heels, avoiding putting her shoes back on. Reading her mind, Maggie grabbed the aux cord from the stereo and plugged in her phone. She hit play and a familiar melody flooded the room. It didn’t take long to pick out the XXXXX of XXXXXX XXXXX. Maggie walked over to Alex and stretched out a hand, bowing. “May I have this dance?”

Alex’s eyes flashed to the people who had stopped to see what was happening. Her face flushed and she tried to avoid the still outstretched hand. Dancing alone with nobody paying attention was one thing. Dancing for an audience with a beautiful girl who makes you crazy was completely different.  “Don’t worry about them,” Maggie reassured her with a wink. Hedging her bets, Alex reluctantly accepted and they walked more towards the center. Maggie guided her into hold, adjusting Alex’s hand on her bicep. “Trust me,” she smiled.

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speirton 27!


On the living room floor, hidden between the couch and the wall, Ron groaned, trying not to lose the feeling in his legs. Beside him, Lucy flopped against the floor dramatically, forearm flung over her face.

“Papa’s no good at this,” she whined.

“Terrible,” he said. He checked his watch. “It’s been about ten minutes now.”

“Is he even looking?”

Privately, Ron had to wonder - Carwood was astonishingly bad at this game. Even if he was pretending to draw it out for Lucy’s sake, there was no excuse for neglecting to check behind the couch in the living room. But he merely said, “I’m sure he is.”

Lucy sighed deeply. “Maybe he’s talking to Mommy.”

“Mommy’s in the city, isn’t she?”

“On the telephone,” Lucy said.

“Do they do that a lot?”

“Always. Papa broke a plate the other day.”

“I’m sure that was an accident.”

“Maybe.” Lucy scrambled to her feet, apparently tired of the game and Ron’s company, because she shouted, “Papa!”

Ron stood too, stretching in relief, both for his legs and because he still had no idea how to behave around Lucy, and every moment alone with her as Uncle Ron felt like submitting himself to a root canal. Carwood hurried into the living room, pretending to alight upon his daughter gradually. And at his smile, the way he picked Lucy up and put her on his hip, all of Ron’s irritation evaporated.

“Why didn’t you find us?” Lucy asked.

“I guess you just hid too well, honey. Did you and Ron pick that spot out together?”

“Were you talking to Mommy?”

Carwood looked at Ron. There was something twisted and raw in his expression. Ron almost went over to touch him, on the shoulder, perhaps, or his forearm, but he didn’t dare, not with Lucy, in her frilly pink dress and tiny penny loafers, resting her head against him. He couldn’t until she went to bed in the evening, and that was that.

Carwood kissed her on the forehead, brushing her thick blonde curls back from her face. “Mommy called.”

“What’d she say?” Lucy shot a look at Ron, then focused her attention back on her father. Ron felt bad for her - she couldn’t possibly understand, yet all the same, she was trying - and wanted to change the subject, perhaps suggest they go get some lunch, but he stayed quiet. “Is she coming home?”

“Not yet.”

“Why not?”

Ron felt his stomach flop uncomfortably. Carwood took a moment before finally saying, “It’s complicated.”

Lucy kicked her feet. “Papa.”

“She just needs some space right now,” Carwood said, eyes on Ron. “But it doesn’t have anything to do with you, baby. She loves you very much. And I do too.”

I’ve tried coming out to my mom and she doesn’t understand and won’t call me her son because I’m “her CHILD and that’s all that matters” and it’s hard to be angry at her because she’s a great mom in literally every other aspect of my life and would be perfect if I was a girl but I’m NOT and I just want ONE adult in my life to respect my pronouns for once so I can feel like I’m not a little girl playing pretend with the other children because my generation is “so obsessed with labels and changing things” and I’m just FUCKING DONE with being invalidated and always feeling too small and unable to fight or make a difference
I need help and validation and a binder and I needed puberty blockers a long time ago but it’s too late now and I just need so much more than I’m getting
Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I was born male. I’d probably still like dresses and that would be a whole other can of worms but at least I wouldn’t want to die because my body feels too small for me and the little curves it has are completely in the wrong places
I’m only 5'6 and 112lbs. I’m a size zero and will never be able to wear actual men’s clothes without looking like a little boy trying on dad’s shirts. My voice is so high that whenever I think I’m passing I talk and get a “sorry miss” and it just SUCKS! I’ll never pass without years of testosterone and even then I’ll look weird and just TOO SMALL. I just want to pass. That’s it. Is that too much to ask? I guess it is. I’ll never pass for a cis man. It’s hopeless for me.
I love every single one of my followers and I just want all of you to know that you’re great people, some of whom have supported me through so much shit. I’m so thankful for you. I love you. Please just try to love yourselves and stay true to who you are no matter what. If you see someone with a cute outfit on, tell them. Buy some flowers. It doesn’t matter who they’re for. Sing in the shower. Dance in the rain. Travel. Just do what you want and make the most out of the life that you have.
Please don’t waste it. Please don’t let anyone else dictate what you do with it. You are beautiful and strong. You are not perfect, but no one is. That’s okay.
You are enough.
I love you all so much. Thank you.

wow wow but reincarnation art,,, can you imagine how PAINFUL it is for her???

bc since childhood she’s been having those DREAMS & at the start they were good! she was happy w/ her mother & she was in love & yes it was hard inside these dreams but it wasn’t HORRIBLE. she’d see herself hunting & fighting pretend battles w/ the boys & she LIKED the dreams. sometimes she wouldn’t want to wake up.

& suddenly these dreams turned BAD & she’d wake up screaming & in pain & she suddenly realises that she’s RELIVING these dreams but in a different way!! she sees a dark-haired woman that looks SO MUCH like her killing & hurting others & getting close to death herself. 

so artemisia dies her hair & tries SO HARD to be different & that’s why she becomes a bodyguard but somehow she can’t ESCAPE it forever & she still has the dreams & her life keeps repeating.