she posted a headcanon and a picture of them

voltron social media au

im too lazy to draw these/make photoedits….so have some headcanons instead

  • allura’s @ howallurrring
    • has no less than 200k followers on any platform, but she mainly uses instagram and has like 300k there
    • pretty snarky overall, routinely shuts down men trying to argue against feminism 
    • has a running joke where instead of posting a picture of lance’s face she just shows his ear or his leg or something and tags him as ‘”leg”
    • she travels a lot and posts pics of places shes been/her home of altea/royalty shit/galas/the mysterious man she refuses to call her bf
  • shiro’s @ t-shirogane
    • rarely posts pics of his face, but when he does it gets over 1000 likes and a slew of comments
    • has yet to figure out snapchat, so all his sc story’s are him doing mundane things ie feeding his dog, reading a book
    • allura gets 99% of his photo creds…..its like theyre together a lot….alone…hmmm interesting….
    • his favorite thing to do is take weirdly zoomed in pics of keith/tweet quotes from keith without any context
      • k: “imagine knives….
        shiro: ”…ok and???”
        k: “no thats it. just imagine knives.”
  • keith’s @ keithkogane
    • what the hell is an instagram
    • mostly on twitter, he just figured out how to retweet things and we’re all very proud of him
    • basically Jaden Smith 
    • “Can You Believe There Are So Many Stars But I Am Not Dating Any Of Them” —@keithkogane
    • now he posts a lot of pictures of lance with captions about whatever weird shit was going down at said time
    • his bio is always, without fail, a quote from hunk that’s usually something like “hugs not drugs –the greatest man of our generation @ hunkules” and hunks always his header
    • sometimes he just quotes picture of aliens/monsters at pidge with no context 
  • lance’s @ itslancetime
    • he insists that his username is a pun but literally no one gets it
    • half his pictures are of him doing something stupid with the caption “PARKOUR”
    • his avi is always either him and hunk or literally just hunk
      • also uses hunk quotes in his bio
    • will randomly make posts like “hunk garret is better than all of us” and keith favs, retweets, quotes, screenshots it
    • one time pidge called him Leg McClain instead of lance and no one has called him lance since
    • posts lots of pics with his family/likes to randomly make shoutouts to them
    • gave up on explaining himself and now just tweets the shrug emoticon whenever someone @s him
  • hunk’s @ hunkules
    • likes to post pics on beach
    • likes to post pics of animals
    • likes to post pics of his friends
    • everyone has at least one instagram pic of hunk hugging them really tight and spinning them around 
    • basically….Thomas Sanders
    • he’s also really big on vine and half his jokes are just telling people he thinks theyre pretty (and said person swooning in response)
    • his most liked pic to date is the one of keith, lance, pidge, shiro, and allura in matching “in hunk garret we trust” shirts
    • he’s a soft bro 
  • pidge’s @ pidgey
    • her snapchat is literally just hours of matt doing/saying really weird shit with shiro just shaking his head in the background
      • alternatively, shiro responding in kind with equally weird shit and pidge, off camera, “i need a fucking vacation”
    • likes to take pictures with robots (and also of robots)
    • cut her hair really short and then responded to every “you look like a boy” comment with “wow thanks my brothers a boy this really reminded me of him”
    • responds to every picture from keith with “ALIENS ARE REAL!!!!!”
    • refers to matt as “matt” and shiro as “taller matt”
    • no one can tell if her conspiracy theories are genuine or not
      • pidge: “throwback thursday is just the governments way of cataloging on the pictures you never posted on the internet before”
        shiro: “pidge…………why……….”


  • matt’s @ mattpew-holt
    • meme queen
    • seriously, please stop him
    • if Neil DeGrasse Tyson and birdsrightsactivist had a baby, that baby would be matt
    • literally goes from posting an in depth discussion on dark matter or blackholes or space travel to posting a pic of shiro falling with the caption ‘DAT BOI COMES…….AND THERE HE GOES”
    • his snaps are 50% shiro 50% pidge
      • matt: hey shiro what time is it
        shiro: uh like noon–
        matt: time for death to free us all from the chains of existence
        shiro:……..ok but same
      • matt: you ever wonder why we’re here
        pidge: you ever wonder how i havent actually murdered you yet
    • he’s never met hunk. he has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt.
      • sam holt also has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt. matt posted a pic of them wearing the shirts and @ed hunk and said “i dont know you. but i trust you” 

andi mack headcanons bc this show has taken over my life and its only been 3 hours, plus that BEAUTIFUL hc post got me thinking:

-andi’s the Baby, and is probably like the 2nd youngest in her grade (according to the hospital bracelet her birthday’s September 28th!).

-bex had andi when she was 15 (she cant be any older than 28 i refuse to believe it)

-bex is bi,,,im positive theres pictures of girls in the Box of Secrets but andi just assumes theyre all her “old music festival buddies” :)))

-jonah has a minecraft youtube channel with 33 subscribers and he’s happy with it but then Demon Amber Al*rt finds it and forces all her friends to subscribe to him so he doesnt feel bad. They all leave fake ass comments on all his videos and Amber comments “First!!!!” on every one. Jonah decides to take a hiatus after Amber asks if they can do a “girlfriend tag” video sjskjssha

-speaking of!!! amber has a youtube channel where she posts lookbooks and trash acoustic covers with like 1200 subscribers. She makes jonah do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge for her “first day of freshman year 💕💕” makeup tutorial lol

-buffy’s the only one with netflix so she shares her account with the other two. buffy watches “"Mature Shows”“ but rly its just stranger things and a series of unfortunate events lol. andi uses it to watch hsm 2 (she stays on the kids section) and cyrus uses it for indie flicks and masterchef

-buffys parents are obviously nerds who go all out for halloween. they start decorating on september 30th yall. they have planned trips to the biggest haunted house, and on halloween theyre the ones that give big goodie bags with candy and AND chips in them…and probably those lil hug juices (omg do yall remember those??). buffys rly into it until she turns 11 and becomes Too Old for that kinda stuff (so she thinks lol) but enjoys it secretly

-andi has a roblox account (im literally just remembering all the geeky kid stuff my brother does tbh) and had a "family” on it for a while where she was the proud roblox mother of two 10 year olds from australia

-cyrus has a fucking hes semi-popular on it too omg. he monitors the views on his videos (is that??? what theyre called???) religiously and texts the others any time they get shared. he has a friend on that lives in like?? canada idk whos like 14 and they vent to each other about their lives and he gives cyrus advice sometimes!

-cyrus and buffy take buzzfeed quizzes Very Seriously. to them (especially cyrus) the results are Binding.

-that one hc post mentioned wattpad!!! BOI! buffy writes drarry fic calling it right tf now. she makes andi edit her covers too. she wants them to be rly professional looking like all the popular ones but andi always adds bright colors and filters and heart stickers. cyrus has a wattpad too but writes original work that he never finishes sjshjsal. he usually lurks in the forums to complain about wattpad cliches

-bye andi and cyrus spent the summer before 8th grade fb stalking tf out of jonah. one of them accidentally likes one of his posts from 2014 about eating playdoh 😩. they both scream for an hour straight over the phone to each other and cyrus temporarily blocks jonah shsjska

-btw jonah definitely ate playdoh all throughout elementary school and quit in 6th grade omg

-buffy secretly still plays those dress up doll online games!! she claims she uses them for style inspiration but she actually just thinks theyre neat

-cyrus has a crippling fear of high school bc he watched degrassi in its entirety and thus doesnt want to die

-andi loves jeopardy and if she misses a single episode she gets genuinely upset. she signed up for kids week jeopardy at least twice

-buffy stays up late to watch late night talk shows but always falls asleep halfway through :’)

Please picture Allura and Shiro sparring together, because she’s hella strong and the only one who can keep up with him

Please picture them complementing each other even as they try to kick each others’ asses

Please picture Shiro quietly admiring that Allura is stronger than him, that she can throw him across the room without effort like an amazonian goddess

Please picture Allura blatantly admiring Shiro’s speed and flexibility, his amazing reflexes, so much better than the average human’s

Please picture her slowly realizing that he’s got those amazing reflexes because of his time as a gladiator. That he’s an amazing fighter because he had to be. That if he hadn’t become stronger, faster, better, he’d probably be dead right now.

Please picture Allura suddenly stop the sparring match because the realization hits her too hard, and she needs to just sit down for a moment and put her head in her hands because Shiro has already been through so much, so much, and here she is forcing him to suffer more.

Please picture Shiro not understanding why Allura is upset, but hugging her to try to make her feel better anyways


Czechia headcanons!

 1. She will always keep out milk for the stray cats and dogs in her neighbourhood. She can summon them at will by this point.

2. She keeps pictures of herself and her friends, old and new, on her fridge, hidden under grocery lists and post it notes. They’ll always be there, though. 

3. Looks like a wine girl, but do not challenge her to a beer battle. She is often invited to the parties that are at the pub.

4. Everything in her house is nearly perfectly organised, except for her bookshelves. There’s nothing to signify order. She believes that a space for the mind should never be forced into a moulded design. 

5. Her handwriting could put calligraphers to shame. Even the plainest of notebooks are made elegant with her somewhat hurried, yet thin scrawl. 

6. While not exactly an extremely cosmopolitan person, she is greatly involved in fashion within her country. She visits fashion shows frequently, and makes sketches herself. 

7. She keeps herself just strong and fit enough to make sure that she can always beat Slovakia at any sport. 

8. Although she doesn’t like leaving her country, she enjoys the atmosphere of airports. For any part of her travel plans, she’ll do her best to take as much time to explore the airport first. 

9. In the spa towns, she pretends to be a guide or a worker there sometimes, in order to speak to the tourists (and hear some compliments!).

BONUS :  Why, of course she owns a Š koda. She won’t accept anything less!

Salty headcanons about APH girls. 

Honestly I want to see more love for modern Heathers. Are you trying to tell me that H-Mac doesn’t have a tumblr where she talks about her feelings? Are you implying Veronica doesn’t have a gossip column in the school newspaper called ‘Dear Diary’? Are you telling me that H-Duke doesn’t take really impressive pictures and puts them on her million following Instagram account? Are you telling me H-Chan doesn’t run the stu-co Facebook, Twitter, and do the morning announcements? Are you insinuating Martha wouldn’t have a very secret (but very popular) DeviantArt page?Are you trying to tell me that JD wasn’t cyber bullied as a kid and he tries to shut it down whenever he sees it? Are you telling me Kurt and Ram aren’t the ones who bullied him? Are you telling me that JD never made Veronica a spotify playlist? Are you trying to convince me that ms. Fleming doesn’t have a MySpace, and because nobody else does, she thinks she is absolutely ahead of the curve? All I want is more modern heathers au I need it


Hey, @shalnarkonice remember that one time everyone was talking about Phantom Troupe awkward puberty headcanons

Well, here’s your heartwarming “I quarantined myself because thought I was dying of the plague, but it turns out that I just have sub-par health education” comic.

i can’t stop thinking about that ‘what if gems’ eyes are super reflective and glowy’ headcanon because im just picturing how startling pearl’s eyes would be because they’re so pale and big and probably kinda iridescent

imagine her snuggling up to rose with her eyes shut and a happy sigh and then rose gently touches her head and she opens them and looks up and rose just melts because !!! pretty eyes

even the thousandth time, even the millionth time, she’s so caught off guard by that, how enormous and bright and stark pearl’s eyes are, that her heart skips a beat and she has to let out a little giggle of pure delight it’s a surprise every time

jeejyboard i feel like i can count on you to join me in this gay

mane 6′s tumblr blogs headcanon!

Twilight: general fandom and geeky blog. long text posts geeking out over new episodes or chapters of things she loves. Reblogs pictures of big beautiful libraries and old fashioned stationary. Lots of advice on magic and friendship.

Pinkie: huge mish-mash of outdated memes, bright colorful aesthetic, positivity posts, and humor. personally follows back every single follower and loves them all dearly. makes long, rambling text posts about her day and gives shout outs to her friends blogs all the time.

Rainbow Dash: mainly a wonderbolts fanblog. lots of gushing about how cool the last show was and how excited she is for wonderbolt conventions. also videos of herself performing sweet tricks. occasional meme or humor post if she really likes it!

Fluttershy: mainly a nature blog. lots of animals and plants plus general soft aesthetic. positivity and gentle motivation. plushies, blankets, big open fields, pretty skies, flowers. not very many text posts but is always looking out for her mutuals who are having a hard time.

Rarity: fashion blog, lots of ads for her own etsy account. wild gushing about celebrities outfits and scandals. regal and classy aesthetic such as expensive beds, white cats on fancy pillows, stoic looking girls, jewelry, gems, etc. gives lots of advice on making dresses and outfits and frequently does fashion tutorials.

Applejack: default theme, no reblogs, header that says “Applejack”


steph and tim have this thing going where they just take candid pictures/videos of each and post them on insta or vine or what have you 

so far steph’s favorite is one of tim where he’s sitting on the couch browsing twitter and then he just chuckles and goes “damnnnn donald back at it again with the white supremacy”

tim’s fave is one of steph at this little cafe and its basically just her whispering to herself about how much she loves waffles while also searching desperately for signs of their waiter

some modern college!peggy headcanons: 

  • her favorite snack is hot cheetos and she eats them with chopsticks. 
  • her friends snapchat her pictures of their poop cause you know #medstudentlife
  • she watches a lot of netflix along side her weekly kdrama.
  • she plays pokemon ( still ) and has a 3ds. 
  • she has a gym membership and takes kickboxing and yoga classes. 
  • she absolutely loves football (soccer). she’s both british and korean. do you expect anything else from her? 
  • she has a shitty sleep schedule. on average its four hours of sleep. 
  • she doesn’t like drinking but she can also hold her drink. but when she does gets drunk, she starts speaking in korean. and sings kpop songs.
  • she meal plans. aka she is the one with that instagram that shows that she’s an actual adult in college that can make food on sundays and use that for the rest of her week.
  • her guilty pleasure is american chinese food cause orange chicken is crack. 

I honestly have so much to do - more than 37000 screencaps to look through, iconning (*screams*), work on some drafts that are waiting to be replied since forever,  reply what’s on my inbox, and post the all of the headcanons/metas I wrote during those weeks and simply organize them. SEND HELP.

galxhxd  asked:

☎, ☢, ❤, ❥

In Depth Headcanon PromptsAlways accepting!

☎ : List three or more people they would call out for during an emergency.

This is quite verse-dependent, I think. Normally, before TFP, Eurus wouldn’t have called out to anyone at all—even if someone was in her cell to kill her, she’d be the absolute picture of calm and control (and most likely be able to take them down without lifting a finger). Post-TFP, however, if something were to happen, she would most likely call out for Sherlock; he’s the only one who’s made some sort of effort to understand her, to reach out to her, so she would rely on him for help.

And, of course, in the Kingsman verse, she’d call out for Harriette in a heartbeat. The only person to ever give a damn about her life and give her little freedoms and choices on certain matters…yeah, most definitely Harry, for sure.

(And I realize this isn’t three people but hey—she doesn’t put her faith in anyone, even during an emergency.)

☢ : Describe a thought or dream that would cause them to have a mental meltdown.

Being restrained or backed into a corner with nowhere to go is one of her biggest phobias, so anyone that tries to do that to her will have her in hysterics almost immediately. Freedom is so rare to her and it’s very important that she at least has control over her own limbs, or at least has somewhere to go. I’d almost venture to say she’s probably extremely claustrophobic as well; small spaces are not her friend. Complete abandonment and rejection is something she dreams about often, and it usually results in her waking up in the middle of the night, shaking and trying to hold herself together.

❤ : Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.

It’s very important to note that Eurus does not trust easily whatsoever. Period. All her life she’s been locked up and used, so anyone that shows friendliness towards her is immediately met with suspicion because she thinks they just want something from her. If you are that lucky person who somehow manages to get into that ingenious mind of hers, you might just witness the biggest privilege of all: Eurus actually reaching out for physical touch. And let me tell you now, she is not big on touch at all. So if she even so much as reaches her hand towards someone else’s, they’ve reached a whole new level of trust in her mind—just be careful with it, and don’t abuse it. She doesn’t take betrayal lightly.

❥ : Describe a verbal way they would express complete trust.

This is another touchy subject. As seen above, Eurus doesn’t trust anyone, etc, etc, so jumping ahead to the very rare moment that she does in fact trust someone, verbally…she’ll actually ask for help. And Eurus never asks for help. She’s relied on her own mind for everything, and when she comes across something that confuses her or that she cannot get past, she keeps her mouth shut completely, knowing that no one will help her anyway. So yes, long story short, if you get Eurus to trust you, she’ll actually open up and ask for assistance if she needs it.

“I think he’s finally settled down,” John said, smiling at the infant that was bundled in his arms.

“I told you, it’s not possible for someone to be upset when you’re holding them.” Kelly moved to John’s side, setting her chin on his shoulder as she looked down at their son. “It always works when you do it for me.”

The child stirred and Kelly gently brought her hand up to guide John’s arm as he adjusted his grip. Throughout his SPARTAN training and years in the field, John had become familiar with how to properly handle and care for every type of weapon the UNSC had to offer - but none of that had prepared him for what it was like to have a baby cradled against his chest. He was just lucky that Kelly seemed to have an inherent knack for it, and was more than willing to teach him. And of course he was more than happy to learn.

John continued to smile as he gazed at his son’s peaceful face, and said softly, “Sleep well, Sammy.”

anonymous asked:

What kind of blogs do you think the girls would have? I think maki would def run an aesthetic blog

Oooh interesting question anon!

Maki: Omg I could see her as an aesthetic blogger! That or she would be one of those black and white blogs that reblogs pictures with sad quotes on them like “she never loved me” even tho she’s never been in a relationship. She’s just being a gay angsty teenager about her crush on Nico

Rin: Ok Rin would be tumblr famous. She made her internet debut on vine, and the second people heard she had a tumblr, she gained like 10K followers. She mostly shitposts and uploads her vines, but she also just reblogs a lot of random funny posts that make her laugh.

Hanayo: Pana would have a blog completely devoted to cute animals. Like it’s so pure that her friends are actually uncomfortable. The rest of the group are fixated on the idea that Pana has some secret porn blog and one day they learn that Pana has a sideblog. It’s a porn blog, but a food porn blog. It’s all rice too. 

Honoka: She’s a fandom blogger. She doesn’t actually contribute much original content like art/fic, but she will reblog a lot of stuff from her fandoms, and she’ll occasionally make text posts about w/e she’s into. She also liveblogs which pisses Umi off cause her dash gets flooded with text posts that just say things like “omg!” with the tag “liveblog” 

Kotori: Definitely a fashion blogger. She reblogs a lot from Nico actually because their interests align. She also posts a lot of her original designs, and she manages to get quite a large following? It’s a source of great happiness for Kotori. She rly enjoys being able to share the things she’s passionate about.

Umi: She’s a nature blogger. Umi is very outdoorsy. She doesn’t get to go out into nature as much as she wants, so she settles for reblogging pics of mountains and stuff. When she does manage to get out somewhere, she’ll bring a camera and take pics of everything so she can post em on her blog when she gets home.

Nico: She would be a pastel/kawaii blogger. Like it would all be cutesy pink shit. Anything that could remotely be considered “kawaii” would be on her blog. Nico loves it cause it’s basically her aesthetic, but Maki thinks it’s the scariest thing ever, and it took forever for Nico to convince Maki to follow her. Maki only followed out of thirst tbqh.

Nozomi: She would be an astrology blog, but no one would be sure if she was actually serious about it or not cause she would have actual legit posts like “each zodiac sign under pressure” and “compatibility between aries/cancer” but then right after she would have a post that’s like “the zodiac signs as different types of shoes.”  

Eli: She would be that one blog that has like 2 posts cause she doesn’t understand how tumblr works. The first post is of something completely random that Nozomi reblogged in an attempt to show Eli how it worked, and the second post is a text post that says “Am I doing this right, Nozomi?” 

some voltron headcanons

So in the aftermath of this post, I had a moment and shared a bunch of photography related headcanons with @subject-am. She told me I should post them, so here they are.

  • Hunk IS the Ridiculously Photogenic Paladin™. No, really. You won’t find a bad photo of Hunk, even if you try to find one. Even in those pictures he has been caught off guard, he looks good. It’s ridiculous. Lance has put this theory to the test on numerous occasions, trying to surprise Hunk to take a bad picture but failed miserably. Also, after the first five attempts, Hunk sort of stopped being surprised and embraced Lance’s new hobby. 
  • Speaking of Lance. This idiot has some sort of sixth sense when it comes to cameras. Like a spider sense, only for when to look fabulous. He knows okay? He just knows when there’s a camera aimed at him and he always manages to pose ridiculously fabulously. He’s also the one in the group that likes to take the most pictures. To himself and to his surroundings. But mostly to himself. 
  • Shiro photographs well. But he has to know his picture is being taken. Otherwise, he doesn’t photograph so well. Try to take a picture of him when he’s not noticing and you’ll end up with a picture of him blinking. Or yawning very gracelessly. Or something. Also, he can’t take a serious picture. Terrible at it. Leave it to him to make a funny face or try to pull on some sort of stunt. (Shatt headcanon: Matt tried desperately to get them to have at least one decent picture together. It was a struggle. He won.)
  • Keith is… very rigid. He doesn’t understand the need for pictures, but he assumes that either he should look serious or he should make some sort of pose. So pictures of him end up looking like they’re needed for something formal, or that he is the most uncomfortable person in the universe. Also, making the same face in every picture. Also, not understanding Lance’s “This one didn’t come out right, we need another.” Also not understanding Lance, generally speaking. Also, glaring at the camera because Lance is trying to make him laugh from the other side. Also, that one time Lance managed to actually take a picture of him smiling and it looks like it could it could rid the world of cancer. 
  • Pidge. My child. My precious smol child. Pidge does not photograph well. At all. They’re just a mess. A complete and utter mess. The only good pictures you’ll get of them are when they’re not expecting it and even then, it’s a one in a million shot. (The photo with Matt is a rare case. There was probably a strange planet alignment on that day) Also, totally a little shit that makes faces every time. Lance is so frustrated with Shiro and Pidge, is2g. “Shiro, you closed your eyes. Now Pidge closed their eyes. NOW BOTH OF YOU STOP THAT BULLSHIT LEMME TAKE A PICTURE”.