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Lily is beyond ecstatic Harry brought someone with good taste home.
For the sweetest anon that requested this 💕

finally had some time to play Awakening so doodled my two favorites: Grumpy Thief Boy and Perky Dead Girl

HC that since Molly Hooper has succeeded in getting Sherlock to say ILY and mean it, her next level will be- 

“Go on, kiss me. Kiss me like you mean it.”

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And then he does ❤️ 

you know, I just realized what bothers me so much about even just the thought of jon kneeling, of giving the north to dany

it’s not the bad writing or the forced romance; it’s not even that sansa would be hated and ridiculed for such a decision, even though she would be

it’s that sansa went through everything for the dream of home - of the north. She was abused and tormented and tortured, physically and emotionally, and all she wanted was to go home

she was told over and over and over that her sole purpose, from the moment her father died, was to be the way another gained entry into the north

that she was just a tool to be used, for someone else to control her home

and here’s jon, giving it to someone. Giving away her home, her freedom, her safety

everything she’s worked for, every soldier she’s welcomed into her home for him; every northern lord she’s convinced to follow jon in his absence; every fire she’s put out, literally and figuratively; every time she’s refused to crown, because it belongs to jon

and he just gives it away

more than that, Robb died trying to free the north from the south; catelyn died trying to free the north from the south. Their blood runs through the country; their sacrifice made it possible for the north to be it’s own, independent kingdom

and there’s jon, just giving it away


My entire existence has been hidden by you, by Khlyen, from the Green. If you win today, I disappear. Well, I am done with shadows.

nintendo: if zelda was the protagonist than what would link do?? :(

me, a wealth of creativity: have ganon curse link into becoming a dog and zelda runs around with her wolf friend who protects her from attacks and whines cutely whenever she’s absorbed in research and won’t pay attention to him and also you can pet him


every hour, every minute 

  • <p> <b>me:</b> i cast wizardcraft<p/><b>dm:</b> what the fuck is that<p/><b>me:</b> it's like. its a spell that makes a wizard<p/><b>dm:</b> do you... do you need to roll for it?<p/><b>me:</b> no i just do it. there's a wizard now his name is billy<p/></p>

Gotta learn how to play some obscure instrument if you want a theater career