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Astrology: The Last Airbender

**That show is THE SHIT and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should before reading this post b/c spoilers

Aries: Toph- she’s confident (but also kind of insecure), impulsive, never backs down from a challenge, stubborn, selfish, and innovative (metalbending, hello?)

Taurus: Iroh- he’s a super chill dude, wise, comes off as lazy but is actually super competent, stands by his principles, and enjoys the sensual side of life

Gemini: Aang- he has issues with confrontation, is curious to a fault, addicted to pranks, uses deception/manipulation to resolve conflict (remember The Great Divide?) and is THE epitome of an evolved, self-realized gemini

Cancer: Appa the cabbage merchant- cries a lot, is really attached to his cabbages, just a super sad dude all around

Leo: Roku- (in his younger days) he was kind of a show off, maintained his honor and reputation while striving to do the right thing, was loyal to a fault (which is why he didn’t kill sozin when he should have) overall a good guy

Virgo: Sokka- he’s intelligent, analytical, self-critical, hard-working, gets anxious when he’s in the spotlight, and has a bit of an inferiority complex

Libra: Katara- she has a strong sense of justice, can easily see both sides of an issue (which is why she was the first to reach out to zuko), is both logical and romantic, and basically “balances” relationships in the group, holding everyone together

Scorpio: Zuko- the poster-child for Suffering™, constantly tries to reconcile his inner darkness with his natural propensity to be good, experienced pain, humiliation, and betrayel, but comes out of the ashes as a better person

Sagittarius: Ty Lee- literally just out here to have a good time; she’s a little flighty and unpredictable, comes off as silly/vapid though she’s actually pretty smart and a little scared deep down, and she will take impulsive risks when she has to (turning on Azula in season 3)

Capricorn: Azula- she’s cold, ruthless, cynical, efficient, and will use any means to accomplish her goals; she plays on people’s insecurities to manipulate them- Azual’s a great example of the darker expression of Capricorn

Aquarius: Suki- says “fuck you” to gender roles, is capable and independent, very unique but prides herself in belonging a group (the kyoshi warriors) 

Pisces: Princess Yue- comes off as sweet, vulnerable, and otherworldly, but has unshakable principles and inner strength; not afraid to sacrifice herself for the greater good- Yue is one of the higher expressions of the Piscean martyr archetype

Happy (late) 10th anniversary,  Avatar!

I like to think one year after the war they would go back to Ember Island to see the new play, and hopefully they’d be a little happier with it this time around (and yes, Zuko wanted to bring Azula too, and you can see how amused she is–and no, Suki is just looking after her because someone had to do it, she’s still with Sokka though)

(also, sorry, Zutara and subtle Tokka. I couldn’t draw it any other way. not sorry)

You cannot tell me that Iroh would not show the exact same patience and compassion for Azula that he did for Zuko. 

After the show was over, there is no doubt in my mind that he visited her at the asylum once a week, bringing a cup of his best tea and a Pai Sho board. 

The first few times, she threw the tea in his face. He kept coming back. 

Eventually, she would take the tea and insult his Pai Sho technique. It’s several dozen more visits before she will attempt to play. 

Iroh knows that Azula, as the “favored child” of a monster, is as much of a victim of his brother’s twisted parenting as Zuko is, and he won’t rest until he’s helped her heal as much as possible. 

atla characters as pokemon go trainers
  • aang: gets really excited and catches every pokemon in sight no matter what it is
  • sokka: any gym he takes gets taken over in approximately 3 seconds (probably by toph or katara), puts incenses on only to find rattatas and pidgeys
  • zuko: doesn't catch anything for awhile and then when he catches one he names it honor
  • katara: best one in the gaang, puts lures on pokestops
  • toph: refuses any help and manages to catch every pokemon, claimed every gym in her area
  • suki: doesn't really understand the game but manages to find the rare pokemon much to sokka's distress
  • azula: on team valor, always powering up her strongest pokemon, forever in search of pikachu
  • mai: claims she doesn't care about the game and then proceeds to play and catch basic pokemon
  • ty lee: has probably been to more pokestops than anyone, very good at taking over gyms, hatched most eggs
Deeply Blue

Prompt from @focusas

“Oh come on, who are you trying to fool, you like it here, don’t you?” Sokka slung his arm over Azula’s trembling shoulder.

“Not at all.” Azula spared a glance at the landscape around her. “It’s cold, I hate seafood, the scenery is drab, and the people are too friendly.”  She burrowed deeper into her parka. “Did I mention that it’s freezing?”

“Only if you’re not strong enough to handle it.” Sokka shrugged.

Sokka had never seen someone get to their feet so abruptly. “Excuse me!” She tore her mittens off and threw them to the snowy ground. “It actually isn’t that cold. But I still hate seafood. And everything here is dead.” She pointed at the nearest tree. “That sorry excuse for plant life doesn’t even have leaves.” And to herself she murmured, “because it also knows that it’s absurdly cold.”

“Actually isn’t that cold?” Sokka held up her left hand. “It’s already turning red.”

“I am not cold because I am not weak.” Azula crossed her arms.

And yet Sokka could make out the chattering of her teeth and the pink hue settling on her cheeks. Even beneath the bulky bundles of clothing, he noticed her trembles growing into all out shivers. “I was just messing around, it’s cold as balls out here…and I’ve been living here practically my whole life. Put your mittens back on.”

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Azula muttered, sweeping her eyes over her hands. Bright red and starting to sting. She slipped her mittens back on and tucked her hands under the bend of her knees. “This place blows more than the air temples.”

Sokka snickered. “That’s not true and you know it. I mean everything here is blue. Our clothes, our hair beads, our jewelry, our flags, I think that sometimes even the snow looks blue.”

Azula crinkled her eyebrows. “So, everything is blue. What’s your point?”

“Ya know what else is blue?”

Azula rolled her eyes. “What else is blue?”

“Your fire. I think that, by making your fire blue, you are trying to tell everyone that deep down…you.” He paused and let it sink in, “want to be a waterbender.”

Azula raised an eyebrow. “I think that if we were in Ba Sing Se you’d have been arrested for your idiotic conspiracy theories. My fire has been blue far longer than I have been in this dreary place.”

“You keep telling yourself that.” Sokka shrugged.

Azula put her hands on her hips. “Well perhaps you’re right. Maybe I do secretly like it here. After all…” she leaned in closer to Sokka. “I do like you.”

“Okay, too close.” Sokka nudged her away.

“Am I?” She slowly tapped Sokka’s chest.

“Was that supposed to be sexy?”

“I fully acknowledge that it is hard to be sexy wearing mittens.” Azula replied.

“Whoa, whoa, who said anything about sexy?” Sokka shot her a coy smile.

“You are the one who was talking about secret desires.” Azula gave him a shrug of her own. “And I can’t think of any other reason why I’d like it here if not for you. I think that I’d like it here a lot more if we went inside.” She pointed with her thumb, to their hut. “…Alone.” She smirked.

She picked up a snowball and whipped it at him, “where do you think you’re going?”

“Far away from you!” He shouted.

Azula stumbled after him through the snow. She had to admit, the man had a certain grace in the snow that she couldn’t quite manage. He hopped through the stuff like it was nothing. Likely because he was used to it and equally as likely that he was simply taller.

The princess herself had just seen snow for the first time six days ago. It didn’t help that the snow was level with just above her knees. But she’d be damned if she just let him get away. It wasn’t much of a chase; more or less Sokka skipped ahead of her—pausing on occasions just long enough for her to catch up, only to dart away. And her trudging embarrassingly slow, falling whenever she tried to pick up the pace.

“This.” Azula huffed. “Is. An unfair. Playing. Field.”

“I know.” Sokka ginned.

“I hate it here.”

“No, you don’t.” Sokka smiled smugly. “We’ve already established that your blue fire is a symbol of your love for Water Tribe culture.”

“Your logic is impeccable.” Azula muttered sarcastically as she made another grab for him. “Truly impeccable.”

an atla au to consider: ultimate frisbee team

disclaimer: i do not know that much about ultimate frisbee

there can only be seven players on the field at one time but the team can be as large as it wants. so it’s going to be a GIANT team consisting of aang, katara, sokka, toph, suki, zuko, azula, mai, ty lee, jin, and the rest of the kids. iroh is their coach.

aang somehow always has the wind on his side. like whenever he throws the frisbee, it’s like the wind guides the frisbee to the person he’s throwing to. some say he can bend the wind to his will, but aang just says he’s lucky.

mai is probably the best thrower, though you’d need a good catcher because mai throws hard and fast and precise.

katara is just the catcher you need, and she’s good because she can catch and throw again in the blink of an eye, almost like she’s helping it flow like a river.

sokka’s throws somehow always end up coming back to him due to the wind or just how he throws it. he begins to use this to his advantage, and calls the move the “boomerang throw”.

toph’s good at catching, cause she can hear the whistle of the frisbee and somehow feel people’s footsteps in the ground. it’s like she has a connection to the ground.

zuko once threw the frisbee into a trash can during a game. but he’s pretty good generally.

ty lee is an incredibly good defense because she’s best at blocking the other team’s players. she weaves in front of them, making it impossible for them to make a good throw. and then they do throw the frisbee, it’s off and clumsy and ty lee’s team can easily get it.

out of all of them, azula has hit the most people in the head with the frisbee. usually it’s people from the other team, but sometimes her own teammates get hit as well. she and sokka are the best strategists.

suki was actually the one who suggested an ultimate frisbee team in the first place, having an interest in the sport. at first, the team was just aang, katara, sokka, toph, and suki playing for fun. but then they gathered more members, and found a coach (iroh) and now they compete. oh, and their team is called the flying bisons.

#85: Ursa Commits Treason (AtLA 207, "Zuko Alone")

Yakone might have destroyed his sons’ lives, and being one of Unalaq’s kids doesn’t really look like a picnic either… but for sheer multigenerational twistedness, no group in the Avatarverse can touch the royal family of the Fire Nation. The antics of the young palace-dwellers appear almost normal in the early flashback scenes of “Zuko Alone,” but before the episode is over we understand exactly why banishment from the capital was the best thing that could possibly have happened to Zuko.

Ursa may not be immune to the toxic influence of her surroundings, where even an ultimately decent guy like Iroh can get a laugh by joking about burning Ba Sing Se to the ground. But she’s still by far the most positive influence in Zuko’s life, and her unexplained disappearance is the defining event of his childhood, at least until his Agni Kai with Ozai. In this episode, we get the beginnings of an explanation for how Zuko became what he is, in both positive and negative ways. 

It’s not a pretty story. Everything about the situation following Lu Ten’s death is horrifying—Iroh’s off-screen breakdown, Ozai’s attempt to turn the tragedy to his own benefit, Azulon’s terrible overreaction (to which Ozai apparently makes no objection O_o), and the fact that it’s finally necessary for Zuko’s mother to become an accessory to his grandfather’s murder to save her son’s life.

This is where the show’s kid-POV really shows its value as a storytelling device. Because we’re seeing these events through young Zuko’s eyes, it’s easy to miss the worst of their significance unless you carefully think through what is said, and even then we don’t get the missing pieces of the story—that the “vicious, treasonous” thing Ursa did was concoct the poison that killed Azulon, leaving the actual administration to her husband—until “The Day of Black Sun” and The Search. But even though this show is barred from depicting Game of Thrones-style death onscreen, it doesn’t need graphic violence in order to be extremely scary. 

Perhaps the scariest thing of all is what all this means for Azula, who is left with no role model except Ozai when Ursa is forced into banishment.

Maybe Ursa’s presence wouldn’t have been enough to counteract everything else that was wrong with the Fire Nation capital, but since Azula lacked the good fortune to be banished like her brother, it was the best chance she had. Since Ursa is the person Azula hallucinates when her façade finally starts to crack, she may still be the best chance Azula has.

Either way, with parents, children, and uncle still alive and kicking at the end of The Search, it seems that parts of this family’s story have yet to play out. 

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anonymous asked:

am i late for the headcanons ? Azula was the founder of pro-bending i mean have you seen her playing volleyball ? it fits .

Its never a bad time for headcanons. Its always headcanon time.

And yes, I can see Azula being advised to find a “healthy” way to relieve some tension, and what’s better than annihilating your enemies opponents? And bonus, she gets her niece into probending and and becomes one of those crazy people who get waaaaaay into their team sports. She also calls Izumi Zuzu the Sequel.