she plays azula on the last airbender

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I like to think one year after the war they would go back to Ember Island to see the new play, and hopefully they’d be a little happier with it this time around (and yes, Zuko wanted to bring Azula too, and you can see how amused she is–and no, Suki is just looking after her because someone had to do it, she’s still with Sokka though)

(also, sorry, Zutara and subtle Tokka. I couldn’t draw it any other way. not sorry)

You cannot tell me that Iroh would not show the exact same patience and compassion for Azula that he did for Zuko. 

After the show was over, there is no doubt in my mind that he visited her at the asylum once a week, bringing a cup of his best tea and a Pai Sho board. 

The first few times, she threw the tea in his face. He kept coming back. 

Eventually, she would take the tea and insult his Pai Sho technique. It’s several dozen more visits before she will attempt to play. 

Iroh knows that Azula, as the “favored child” of a monster, is as much of a victim of his brother’s twisted parenting as Zuko is, and he won’t rest until he’s helped her heal as much as possible. 

atla characters as pokemon go trainers
  • aang: gets really excited and catches every pokemon in sight no matter what it is
  • sokka: any gym he takes gets taken over in approximately 3 seconds (probably by toph or katara), puts incenses on only to find rattatas and pidgeys
  • zuko: doesn't catch anything for awhile and then when he catches one he names it honor
  • katara: best one in the gaang, puts lures on pokestops
  • toph: refuses any help and manages to catch every pokemon, claimed every gym in her area
  • suki: doesn't really understand the game but manages to find the rare pokemon much to sokka's distress
  • azula: on team valor, always powering up her strongest pokemon, forever in search of pikachu
  • mai: claims she doesn't care about the game and then proceeds to play and catch basic pokemon
  • ty lee: has probably been to more pokestops than anyone, very good at taking over gyms, hatched most eggs

an atla au to consider: ultimate frisbee team

disclaimer: i do not know that much about ultimate frisbee

there can only be seven players on the field at one time but the team can be as large as it wants. so it’s going to be a GIANT team consisting of aang, katara, sokka, toph, suki, zuko, azula, mai, ty lee, jin, and the rest of the kids. iroh is their coach.

aang somehow always has the wind on his side. like whenever he throws the frisbee, it’s like the wind guides the frisbee to the person he’s throwing to. some say he can bend the wind to his will, but aang just says he’s lucky.

mai is probably the best thrower, though you’d need a good catcher because mai throws hard and fast and precise.

katara is just the catcher you need, and she’s good because she can catch and throw again in the blink of an eye, almost like she’s helping it flow like a river.

sokka’s throws somehow always end up coming back to him due to the wind or just how he throws it. he begins to use this to his advantage, and calls the move the “boomerang throw”.

toph’s good at catching, cause she can hear the whistle of the frisbee and somehow feel people’s footsteps in the ground. it’s like she has a connection to the ground.

zuko once threw the frisbee into a trash can during a game. but he’s pretty good generally.

ty lee is an incredibly good defense because she’s best at blocking the other team’s players. she weaves in front of them, making it impossible for them to make a good throw. and then they do throw the frisbee, it’s off and clumsy and ty lee’s team can easily get it.

out of all of them, azula has hit the most people in the head with the frisbee. usually it’s people from the other team, but sometimes her own teammates get hit as well. she and sokka are the best strategists.

suki was actually the one who suggested an ultimate frisbee team in the first place, having an interest in the sport. at first, the team was just aang, katara, sokka, toph, and suki playing for fun. but then they gathered more members, and found a coach (iroh) and now they compete. oh, and their team is called the flying bisons.

anonymous asked:

am i late for the headcanons ? Azula was the founder of pro-bending i mean have you seen her playing volleyball ? it fits .

Its never a bad time for headcanons. Its always headcanon time.

And yes, I can see Azula being advised to find a “healthy” way to relieve some tension, and what’s better than annihilating your enemies opponents? And bonus, she gets her niece into probending and and becomes one of those crazy people who get waaaaaay into their team sports. She also calls Izumi Zuzu the Sequel.