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Stiles- Embarrassing Is My Forte

Request-  Hey! If you feel like it, could you please do one where the reader is a werewolf, but she’s bitten by a vampire and she doesn’t heal and she’s in a lot of pain but she doesn’t want to worry anyone so she pretends she’s fine (she is the youngest member of the pack, and she has a huge crush on stiles) I understand if you don’t want to do this, and I love your writing😍

A/N- So since vampires aren’t really a thing on the show, I changed this up just a little bit. Enjoy!

You shoved open the school doors and stepped outside, sighing in content as you felt the warm air on your skin. Even though your grades had been slipping and you were forced to go to tutoring for hours, you had developed a new appreciation of simple things. Of course, that was a side effect of being put on a hitlist, and now that the deadpool was over, you considered yourself pretty lucky to be alive.
It was only weeks ago that you were roaming the halls of Beacon Memorial Hospital, bored out of your mind, when someone covered in blood had come around the corner and attacked you. The psycho had almost torn you apart, and only the sound of footsteps running in your direction had saved your life. A guy with dark hair and a crooked jaw had found you on the floor of hallway, bleeding out and delirious.
“Please,” you had begged weakly. “Help me.”
Instead of running for a doctor or a nurse like you thought he would, the guy just glanced
around nervously. He bit the inside of his cheek and looked down at you, and you took a shallow, shaky breath. “Please. I don’t wanna die.”
“Are you sure?” he asked, kneeling next to you.
Your brows knitted together in confusion. Of course you were sure. No one wanted to bleed to death on the floor of a hospital, but you figured you didn’t have time to point that out.
“Yes,” you whispered sharply. “Please.”
His brown eyes met yours, and he nodded down at you, but instead of going for help, he picked up your arm and sank his teeth into it. A sharp scream of pain tore its way out of your throat, and it hurt so much that you passed out. When you woke up, the guy was gone, but you were still covered in blood.
You had reached for your abdomen, which the blood-covered guy had practically tore open earlier, but it was now completely healed. You sat up, feeling your head, your arms, anywhere that had even been slightly bruised. Nothing hurt anymore.
You suddenly remembered the second guy, the one who bit you, but when you looked down at your arm, there was no mark. You stood up shakily, glancing around at the deserted hall, and that was when a couple of hospital security guards came running around the corner.
You tried to explain what happened, but when they saw that you weren’t hurt, they hurried up toward the stairs. You knew they were trying to find the guy who had attacked you, but you guessed a witness covered in blood wasn’t their priority at the moment.
You shook your head and headed toward the front desk, alarming the nurses there, but they concluded the same thing you had. You weren’t hurt at all.
     You walked back to your cousin’s room and stuck around the hospital for a little while while your aunt went to grab you some new clothes. She was the reason you had been there in the first place, and after she had broken her leg in a car accident, your mom asked you to go sit with her.
You were sitting next to her bed when you noticed someone outside in the hall, trying to grab your attention. It was the guy from before, the one who had found you bleeding in the hall. He was waving at you wildly, and against your better judgement, you went out into the hall.
“I’ll be right back,” you told your cousin, pushing open the door.
“Oh, thank god you’re alive,” the guy had breathed, glancing down at you.
“So it was real?”
The guy had pursed his lips and nodded. “There’s a lot I have to tell you. And I’m gonna start by saying I’m sorry.”
When Scott finally introduced himself and explained that he was a werewolf and you were one too, you didn’t believe him. You were convinced you were hallucinating from the shock of being attacked, but then again, the blood that was on you had been yours. You had no explanation for the cuts and injuries disappearing, and once Scott showed you his glowing red eyes, you finally started to relent.
It turns out he had bitten someone else just a little after you, when the same guy who attacked you almost threw a kid in your grade off the hospital roof. You were a werewolf, along with this new guy, and you were both a part of Scott’s pack now.
“Jesus,” you had remarked. “Do you just go around biting people all the time?”
Scott had frowned. “No. This is actually the first time this has happened to me.”
“Seriously?” you asked.
“I’m having an off night,” he had stated glumly.
Learning control was hard, but you were starting to get the hang of it. That was more than you could say for Liam, the other new beta, whose anger issues were complicating things. Now that the deadpool was over though, you had more time to focus on gaining control of your powers, and you were just relieved you were getting the chance to be normal again.
That was why you were so excited about your walk home from tutoring, because while it was something simple, it was mundane. You walked home almost all the time since you lived pretty close to the school, and that was at least one thing that hadn’t changed.
You smiled as you headed out toward the sidewalk, just as the school doors opened behind you. You glanced back to see a girl with dark hair slipping out the door. Her name was Kalissa, and you recognized her from your tutoring sessions, so you called out to her.
“Hey, Kalissa!”
She simply smiled and lifted up her hand to wave, but you were pretty far ahead and she didn’t try to catch up to you. You turned back toward the road and headed toward your house, but the footsteps behind you told you that she was going the same way. It never occurred to you that it would have been smarter to walk beside her, but when you heard breaks screeching behind you, you realized your mistake. You whirled around, just in time to see a dark-haired man jumping out of a car and grabbing Kalissa.
She screamed, and something Scott had told you that night in the hospital came to mind. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, Y/n. You can use to help people.
With Scott’s words echoing in your head, your dropped your bag and sprinted toward the car. The guy snatched Kalissa so fast that you knew he must have been something supernatural, and then he slammed her into the side of the car. She fell to the ground, unconscious, and you let out a threatening snarl, but the guy didn’t look afraid.
Instead, he let out a roar of his own, and his eyes lit up a bright white. One look at his horrifying teeth told you exactly what he was, and you started toward him.
“I hate wendigos,” you hissed to yourself, flicking out your claws.
Your eyes lit up a bright yellow as you swiped out at him, catching him across the chest and tearing his shirt. He roared again and started to go hand to hand with you, but it was obvious he was more skilled. By some stroke of luck, you managed to knock his legs out from under him and pin him to the ground, but he quickly lunged up and sank his teeth into your shoulder.
You screamed, and through the haze of your pain, you realized that you wouldn’t be able to save Kalissa. The Wendigo grabbed you by the hair and slammed you into the door of the car, and you blacked out for a minute or so. When you opened your eyes, you had just enough time to see him loading a back bag into the trunk and then slam it shut.
It took you a few moments to realize that he must have zipped Kalissa into it, and you weakly shoved yourself off the ground. You ran around the side of the car, but he was already inside, and he simply flashed you a crazy grin as he sped off. You limped back to the sidewalk, your shoulder stinging, and pulled out your phone.
First, you tried to call Scott, but he didn’t pick up. You didn’t want to call the police and sound totally insane as you explained everything, but if you had to, you would. That was when you realized that there was one more person who might be able to help.
Since you were a new werewolf, you didn’t have a long list of contacts that new about the supernatural, but Scott had told you that there was one person who was always willing to help if he could. Dr. Deaton was a veterinarian with a very specific set of skills, and not all of those included treating cats and dogs.
When you were introduced to him, he seemed helpful enough, and if you wanted to avoid bringing clueless cops into the situation, then calling him was your best option. You quickly dialed his number and prayed to every god there was that he would pick up the phone.
“This is Dr. Deaton,” he announced after a few rings.
At the sound of his voice, you let out a breath of relief. “Deaton, this is Y/n, uh, Scott’s beta?”
“Oh. What can I do for you, Y/n?”
“I think I just watched a wendigo kidnap someone,” you breathed. “I was leaving the school, and he just pulled over and grabbed the girl behind me. I tried to fight him, but he bit me and I tried to call Scott, but-”
“Woah, woah, woah,” Deaton cautioned. “Slow down, Y/n. What did he look like?”
“Uh, he had, uh, dark hair,” you said slowly. “And I think he had blue eyes. When they weren’t glowing white.”
You heard Deaton sigh through the phone. “Wait, do you know him?”
“I’m afraid so,” he told you. “He escaped from Eichen House a little while ago, but I think I know where he’s headed. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to him before he hurts that girl. Thank you for calling me.”
“Wait, that…that’s it?” you asked. “You’re just going to go after him?”
“Yes,” Deaton told you. “Unless you need something else. You’re not hurt are you?”
You glanced down at your shoulder. “No, uh, I’m fine. Let me know when you find her.”
With a promise that he would, Deaton hung up the phone, and as you slid your phone back into your pocket, you hissed in pain. Your shoulder felt like it was burning, and as you grabbed your bag and headed down the sidewalk, it occurred to you that there was no way you could go home like this.
For starters, you weren’t healing at all. Maybe it was because the bite was deep, or because it was from a wendigo, but the mark didn’t look like it was going away anytime soon. You tried to call Scott again, but he still wasn’t answering his phone, and after trying Kira, and Lydia, you realized that you had to try Stiles.
He was Scott’s best friend and two years older than you, but you and Stiles got along as if you had been friends for years. Meeting him was one of the best things about Scott biting you, and you knew that if you called him and asked for help, he’d be there within minutes.

Stiles was sitting on his bed when his phone rang, and he pulled his eyes away from his crime board to snatch his phone from his desk. “Hello?”
“Uh, Stiles?” you asked hesitantly.
“Y/n? Is everything okay?”
“Not really,” you told him. “A wendigo just bit me.”
“What?” he choked, jumping up. “Where are you? What happened?”
“I’m outside the school. I was walking home and there was who was walking behind me. This guy just pulled over and grabbed her, and when I tried to fight him, his eyes were bright white. He bit me, and he took off. I couldn’t help her, but I called Deaton. He said he knows the guy and knows where he’s going.”
“Okay,” Stiles told you. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. Do you want me to stay on the phone with you?”
“No,” you told him weakly. “I think I’ll be okay.”
“You don’t sound okay,” he stated, jogging down the stairs and snatching his keys from the table by the door.
“Stiles,” you told him. “I’ll be fine.”
“Y/n, I’m not hanging up this phone until I know you’re not gonna die on me.”
Despite the pain you were in, you smiled. “Okay.”
He talked to you as he drove to the school, probably breaking about five traffic laws in the process.
“Stiles,” you croaked. “Please be careful.”
“Careful?” he asked, his voice echoing out through the speakers. “‘Course I’m being caref-oh, shit…sure hope that wasn’t a red light.”
You laughed softly and tilted your head back against the brick wall you were leaning against. You hadn’t wanted to go back into the school with your torn shirt and bleeding shoulder, but you hadn’t wanted to stay out on the road either. You had gone around the side of the school and sat in the grass to wait for Stiles, hoping you would be out of view.
“Hey, where are you?” he asked. You could hear the screeching of the Jeep’s breaks through the phone, and you felt your body sag in relief. “On the side of the school. The one closest to the sign.”
“Okay, I’ll be right there.”
You heard a car door slam, and true to his word, Stiles didn’t hang up the phone until he skidded to a stop in the grass in front of you.
“Oh shit,” he breathed, glancing down at your shoulder in horror.
“You really know what to say to a girl, Stilinski,” you remarked weakly.
“I-I didn’t mean-it’s just-your shoulder,” he rambled.
“It’s okay,” you told him, shoving yourself up from the ground. “I’m sure it looks awful.”
You stumbled slightly, and Stiles reached out to catch you. He placed his hands on your shoulders to steady you.
“Hey, easy there,” he told you. “I can’t have you dying on me. Scott would kill me.”
“Where is he?” you asked him as he led you to the Jeep.
“No idea,” he told you. “But I’m taking you to Deaton.”
“He’s not there,” you groaned. “He went after the wendigo who took that girl.”
“Damn it,” Stiles breathed. “Okay, I’ll call Scott. Hopefully, he’ll pick up, but for now, I have a first aid kit in the jeep. I don’t have any supernatural healing magic, but I’ve got some gauze and some medical tape.”
“That works too,” you told him. “God, my head is killing me.”
“I also have some aspirin,” Stiles assured you.
He led you to the Jeep with an arm wrapped around your waist, and then helped you into the passenger seat. He reached out in front of you to fumble with the glove box for a moment, and then he pulled out a rusty, metal first aid kit.
“Sorry, it might be a little old,” he warned.
“A little?” you questioned.
Stiles’ lips twitched. “Okay, maybe more than a little.”
You smiled. “It’s fine, Stiles.”
“Great,” he said softly, reaching out to clean the bite mark on your shoulder. You winced, and noticed his fingers were shaking.
“Do you want me to do it?” you asked, nodding down to his hand.
“I-no, sorry I-I just…you make me kind of nervous.”
You rolled your eyes. “Don’t worry, Stiles. I’m not going to attack you again. Besides, it’s not the full moon anymore.”
“It’s not that,” he said softly, wiping the dried blood from your shoulder.
“Then what is it?”
“I-I mean, I don’t hold that against you, you know?” he told you quickly. “It was your first one, and you didn’t end up killing me, so…”
“Oh,” you said. “Okay…but why are you so nervous?”
Stiles sighed. “You’re a total badass. And you’re really pretty…and I’ve never been the best around girls to begin with.”
You blinked, and you felt a smile curling onto your lips. “Stiles, are you saying-”
“I like you,” he admitted, the words tumbling from his mouth. “I really like you.”
Instead of looking at you, he was fumbling around in the first aid kit for some bandages, but you quickly reached out to grab his wrist. “I like you too, Stiles.”
Stiles blinked and looked up. “A-are you sure? Like, you’re not just saying that because I’m totally saving your life right now?”
You rolled your eyes again, and Stiles smiled. “I wouldn’t go that far. I doubt this thing is going to kill me.”
“You never know.”
You sighed. “I like you, Stiles. I’m not just saying it. You’ve been one of the best things about being a werewolf. I don’t think you have any idea just how much I like you. It’s kind of embarrassing.”
Stiles grinned. “You? Embarrassing?”
“You’d be surprised,”
“Well,” he said, leaning forward. “Embarrassing is my forte.”
You blinked, glancing down at his lips before meeting his eyes again. Before he had a chance to mess it up, he closed the distance between you. You closed your eyes as he kissed you, and as you wrapped your arms around his neck, you felt a prickling sensation around the bite on your shoulder and the gash on your head. When you and Stiles finally parted, you looked down to find that the wound had completely healed.
“Woah,” he breathed. “I must be a better kisser than I thought.”
You rolled your eyes at him, but you couldn’t stop the smile blooming on your face. “I’m guessing you didn’t know that could happen?”
He shook his head. “You know, even after all this time, I’m sure there’s still stuff we don’t know about werewolves.”
You sighed. “I guess I’ve got a lot to learn.”
“I can help you out,” Stiles promised. “Starting now. I wonder if kissing could, like, make you sprout wings or something.”
He leaned in for another kiss, and you put your hand on his cheek and turned him away. “I do not want wings.”
“But you do want me…you do want me, right? I’m not misreading this?”
You laughed softly. “Yes, Stiles. I want you.”
He sighed in relief. “Good, because this would have been awkward. So, should we call Scott?”
You looked down at your healed shoulder. “Eh, I think I’m good.”
“Thank god, because I’m starving,” he breathed. “Wanna go get something to eat?”
You grinned. “Sure, but uh, maybe I should change first?”
He looked down at your bloody shirt. “Oh, hold on.”
He leaned forward, practically enveloping you as he reached around your body and into the backseat. He pulled a faded t-shirt from the floor and tossed it to you. “Wear this. It’s clean, it’s just been back there for a while.”
“It’s fine,” you promised.
You smiled to yourself as you hopped into the backseat to change. Stiles turned around to cover you, and you felt excitement stirring inside you. Initially, you had been freaked out about this whole werewolf thing. Now it was beginning to dawn on you that with superpowers, a chance to save lives, and the guy of your dreams, it wasn’t a bad deal at all.

Writing Tip:

Body language is super important for conveying emotion. It’s not always the easiest thing to do with words, but it can go a long way to adding depth and stuff to a scene. Ordinary descriptors are cool, too–but just look at the difference:

Kyrin smiled awkwardly. “I’m doing alright.”
Kyrin showed his teeth and forced eye contact. “I’m doing alright.”

The first one is okay–it gets the point across, which is often good enough.
But the second one–it’s a lot more likely to win a sympathy cringe from the reader, because it shows exactly how poor Kyrin is being awkward and it keys into specific physical sensations that the reader can imagine.

Or here’s another one:
She gave a disapproving glare.“Brysson, why did you kick open the door?”
She raised both her eyebrows and placed her hands on her hips. “Brysson, why did you kick open the door?”

Again, the first one is okay–but the second one gives the reader something more specific to picture. And more than that, it provides some subtle characterizing detail, too. It says ‘this is a person who expresses disapproval by raising her eyebrows and putting her hands on her hips.’ Rather than, say, someone who crosses her arms, and clicks her tongue.

Paying attention to the details of body language is cool ‘cause it’s a decently easy way to show what’s going on in a character’s head (like people always say with that ‘show, don’t tell’ thing) AND it’s a good way to further individualize your characters and keep them distinct. 

juviatherainlady  asked:

Could I please request 92. Wrinkle and 2. Unprofessional please? Thanks so much, I love your blog!!!

Of course!

2. Unprofessional 

Natsu loosened his tie as he watched Lucy bend over, knowing full well that she knew that he could see through the glass. He was the only one within eyeshot that could see her, and she was using it to her full advantage. 

This would be a lot less torturous if she wore a longer skirt. 

She winked at him as she opened the door to the outside office to get her coffee, tilting her head toward the small coffee machine so they could meet. His eyes scanned the sway of her hips as she walked. He hurried over to her, embracing her hips with his hands when they knew they were alone. 

“Enjoy the show?” her smug smile told him all he needed to know before he closed the gap between them. 

This was unprofessional. Hell, it was technically forbidden in their company. 

But it was just the way he liked it. 

92. Wrinkle (onto a more fluffy note) 

They always knew they would grow old together. From the moment they met, Natsu and Lucy were destined for one another–and for greatness. They were both quite competent mages in their own right, and they had a family together when they grew older. 

They were long since retired from their careers, and their children had moved out of the house. But their love for one another was still as fresh and new as the day they met. 

“Lucy?” Natsu asked when the feelings of their past hit him. 

“Yes?” Lucy’s eyes lifted toward his. 

“I love you,” he said, snuggling up next to her on the couch where she read, lifting an arm to push around her shoulders. 

She snuggled under the crook of his arm with a smile. “I love you too, you old coot.” 

Requests are open, my loves! Please ask for a pairing and an au from this post 

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is somi really gonna join twice ?

No she is not. A lot of people thought she was going to join because they thought she was the one knocking in the last seconds of the TT mv, and they also thought after the teaser for Knock Knock that Somi was going to be behind the door when Twice opened it, but it turned out to be JYP so AHAHAHAHA. Most likely Somi is going to do some variety shows and whatever else until JYP debuts a new girl group which she will be a member of. Or she’s going to be a solo artist, but that’s not likely. Plus I’m holding out hope that the sisters from Sixteen, Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong, get to debut together in a group so JYP better get to work on that. 

Remember those over the top reality shows a while back? Housewives of something-something and all that shit? Well, turns out that even his sister wasn’t a housewife, she damn well lived in a house that fitted that show. As the doors opened, it was relatively quiet but the entrance was stunning. Lots of white, lots of flair and probably lots of money. So this was the place where he was going to live. At least for now. Not a bad fucking place at all. There was a devilish grin on his face, that of a young boy with a lot of pretty things to look at. 

With his bag still in his hand, he took in the sight and started to explore the house. The living room, the bar, the pool, the dining room. Everything was so extravagant and tasteful. However, it was a sad thing that he arrived without powers, thanks CARMA. His anger detection wasn’t working so it was like having lost his third eye. It was also the reason when he was quite startled when he heard someone speak behind him, and felt as if he were busted from breaking in trying to steal this marvelous shit.

A Quiver Full of Drabbles 15 - Smoak Technologies

I was supposed to upload this last week, but I had to study for, what I hope was, my last exam. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this happened in the show for real?

15 – Smoak Technologies

When Oliver opened the door to the loft he could heard Felicity talking on the telephone. He had miss it, coming back home to Felicity. It hadn’t been easy, but after Felicity trying to get rid of Prometheous all by herself, a near-death experience, a back-stabbing reporter/ex-girlfriend, and lots and lots of talks, Oliver and Felicity were on the right path, together, again.

Felicity was pacing in the living room, mobile phone on her ear. She lifted her head when she heard Oliver entering and gave him a smile, still speaking with whoever was on the other side of the line. “Ok, so we can review the budget of the first phase and see if we can add that. Just bring me all the papers tomorrow…………. You too, bye.” She hang up and moved to where Oliver was, so she could give him a proper “welcome home” kiss.

“Hey. How was your day?” Felicity asked, while still having her arms around his neck. Oliver enjoyed the closeness, caresing her back with the tips of his fingers. “Not bad. Thea gave me the rest of the day free in exchange of reviewing all the projects for the new boulevard.”

“She gave you?” Felicity repeated, amused. “I though you were the Mayor, not her.”

“Well, she can be very bossy. What did you do today?” They pull apart and Felicity grabbed the notepad that was lying on the coffee table.

“I basically spent the whole morning talking with Curtis. He is trying to decide which project we would be able to pull off during the first five years. We need to decided by the end of next week, before the meeting with Starling National Bank, so we can give them an approximate budget. But he keeps changing his mind… ”

Felicity and Curtis had decided to put their talent to work and create their own company. After all, they had the experience and knowledge, as well as too much free time during the day. But if they were being honest with themselves, they thought the process would be easier.

“But hey! At least so much talking in the telephone has been useful.” She said while showing Oliver a page of the pad full of dooddles. “I think I have our logo.”

That’s when Oliver saw it. The same “S” he had seen two years ago, in an alien-induced allucination. He had told Felicity about it, but without going into much detail. He told her about the name of the building they escape from when Felicity was thinking names for her company, and she liked it so much she decided to call it Smoak Technologies, but he never described the logo to her.

“Are you ok?” asked Felicity when Oliver didn’t react.

“Yes… sorry” he said shocking his head. “It’s just… it’s the same logo, from the alien allucination.”

“Really?” she looked at the doodle. “I’m not sure if I should be impressed or creeped out. Anyway, I like it and I’m keeping it.” But when she was going to leave the notepad back from where she took it from, she stopped.

“Everything alright?” asked Oliver.

“Yes. I was just thinking.” Felicity turned to looked at him. “Do you miss it? The feeling of normalicy?”

“No… Maybe sometimes” he got closer to her. “But then I think about what this life has brought me and I forget about normal.”

“Like being the Mayor?”

“Like you.” he answered without a doubt and Felicity felt herself melting. Oliver could be such a huge sap when he wanted. “Anything I had endure in my life has been worth it because of you.”

Felicity threw herself to Oliver, crashing her lips with his. She couldn’t help it. She loved every side of Oliver, but him being romantic did funny thing to her ovaries and hormones. Seriously, it was a good thing that she had the hormonal implant in place, or they would have had already an “accident”.

“I have always wondered.” she said when they pull apart. “Do you think we would be together if the  whole island-stranded thing hadn’t happened?”

“Yes!” Oliver could not imagine any timeline where he was not with Felicity.

“How? You were a playboy who peed on cop cars and I was working as an IT girl.”

“In my family company, and with how brillant you are I’m sure they would had given you a promotion sooner or later.  We would had met at some point and I would had been dumbfounded by you, your intellingence, your beauty and your rambling. I would had flirted, you would had ignored me, I would had had to clean my act to get your attention and after months of insisting, you would had accepted going on a date with me.”

“You seem pretty sure of yourself, Mr. Queen.” Felicity teased him, smiling.

“What can I say? I always get the girl.” And he leaned forward for another kiss, who turned into another one, and another, while they walked to the bedroom, forgetting everything about projects, budgets or responsabilities.

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2/3 so when she knew his legacy was bout to crash and burn. He had failed the true test with West Angola by then. With Jake, she always trust he will get a task done for her. When Rowan said it's Jake's time to achieve greatness, Liv said that he's never wanted it. She doesn't care about Jake being great. She just wants Jake to be by her side. She more often than not listens to his advice. We see moments where she's silently proud of him like 408 w/ the B613 files & 502 when he talks about fear.

In 602, she didn’t seem to care that Jake lost the debate. Plus Jake has been unemployed a lot on the show. Wasn’t working in S3. Liv hated that Fitz made him command. She quite literally dismantled his job and told Jake that he should be happy he is free. She got mad that he wouldn’t open the door & pointed out that his job excuse was bogus lol. Unlike w/ Fitz, she’s never seen Jake as an idea and someone she had to sacrifice for to prop up. He’s always just been Jake the man to her.

I don’t have anything to add to this, just wanna say that I LOVE that last part. 

Ross Engaged Imagine - Trust

You showed up at the house teary eyed, and low spirited. Ross, and you had just gone through another one of your fights. You’d been having a lot of those lately, they seemed to get worse one after another. Each one came with a new painful scar on your relationship. Rydel opened up the front door. When she saw the same expression on your face she’d seen many times over these past few weeks, she knew what was up.
“Honey, come here.” She invited you into her opened arms. You nodded as Rydel grasped you in a secure hug. That’s when you finally let it all out. The sobs you tried to hold in all came pouring out onto Rydel’s shoulder. After your rush of emotion was over, you picked your head up, and stepped a foot back. You were still sniffling. “Come in, we can talk about if you want.” You followed Rydel into the house, and sat down on their white living room couch.
“I’m so stupid.” You mumbled.
“You’re not stupid! Now what happened?” Your memory jogged back about an hour ago to when you, and Ross were fighting in your apartment.
“What’s wrong babe?” Ross asked wrapping his hands around your shoulders. You jumped, and released yourself from his grip.
“Nothing!” you exclaimed. You crossed your arms.
“There is obviously something wrong.” Ross urged.
“Ross, its fine! Just leave it alone.”
“No, I’m not going to leave it alone, if there’s something bothering you I want to know what it is.”
“WE’RE ENGAGED! IF WE’RE ACTUALLY GOING TO GET MARRIED THAN I DO WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! I CARE ABOUT YOU!” Ross started raising his voice too. This is usually when the argument went south.
“YOU WANT TO BE BY YOURSELF? FINE. I’M DONE!” with that Ross stormed out your apartment, and slammed the door.
You snapped back to reality. Sometimes these fights were his fault, sometimes they were both of yours faults, but this time it was definitely your fault.
“I don’t know Rydel, I just kind of blew up at him for no reason.”
“What did you say?” Rydel asked.
“Well he kept asking what was wrong, and I told him I could handle it myself, and we just started arguing again.” you explained. Rydel looked at you confused.
“Why didn’t you just tell him what was wrong?” She inquired. Another tear started falling down your face. You shook your head.
“I don’t know.” You set your arms on your knees, and tucked your face into your hands. Rydel softly rubbed your back. You sat up again. “What if it’s over?’ you cried.
“It’s not over! You, and Ross still love each other.” You shook your head.
“But tonight he said he was done. I think he’s had enough fights. I think he’s had enough of me.”
“I don’t think that’s true. Ross probably just said that in the heat of the moment.” Rydel tried to console.
“Maybe.” You sighed. “Could I just stay here tonight?” You mumbled. Rydel gave a light sympathetic smile.
“I would say yes, but I think you should go home, and work everything out with Ross. Nothing good comes from leaving bridges uncrossed.” You shook your head.
“You’re right.”
You slowly opened up the door to your apartment, just in case Ross was sleeping.
“Is that you?” a voice called. Apparently he wasn’t asleep.
“Yea.” You answered. You walked into your kitchen to see Ross sitting at the table on his phone.
“Hey.” He mumbled.
“Hi.” There was an awkward pause. You sat down at the table next to him. “I was just at Rydels.” You spoke.
“Okay.” He responded still not looking up from his phone. A few awkward moments went by. You wanted to talk to him about everything, but you didn’t know how to start.
“Ross, could we talk about tonight.” You asked. He looked up from his phone.
“Oh so now you want to talk?” He retorted.
“I’m sorry okay? I’m sorry for blowing up at you. I didn’t meant to react like that there was just…stuff on my mind.”
“What was so bad that you couldn’t possible tell me about?” You shook your head.
“That’s not important-” Ross jumped up from his chair, and stormed out of the kitchen before you could even finish the sentence. “Ross wait!” you stood up, and followed him into the living room.
“I can’t believe after all of this, you still won’t tell me what’s going on with you. Is this how our marriage is going to be? Because we can’t get married if we don’t trust each other!”
“Ross, I love you…”
“But you don’t trust me?” He started to raise his voice. The tears started to fall again. “YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU SO WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LET ME IN?” He exclaimed. You could see there were tears starting to form in his eyes too.
“BECAUSE IT HURTS!” you yelled. You collapsed back on the couch, and started sobbing again. Ross sat down next to you on the couch, and wrapped his arms around you. You put your arms around his neck, and rested your head on his shoulder. “I’m sorry Ross.” You whispered.
“For what?” He muttered. You sat up, and looked Ross in the eyes.
“I do love you, you have to know that. Trust is just a hard thing for me…every time we have a fight you storm out that door, and sometimes I’m afraid you’ll never come back. You don’t know much it hurt when you said you “were done” earlier. In every relationship I’ve been in I’ve gotten hurt, and I’m just afraid…” A tear fell down Ross’s cheek.
“Baby I’m sorry, I had no idea. I have no way of knowing these things unless you tell me. I love you, and want you to be able to trust me.” Ross said. You nodded your head. “How about this, If you can trust me I’ll be more trustworthy. No more storming out, and no more unnecessary fights.” You leaned forward and rested your forehead against Ross’s.
“You mean the world to me Ross. I love you, and if there’s anything bothering me I promise I know I can trust you.” You leaned in, and lightly place your lips against Ross’s. After you pulled away Ross smiled.
“I love you too.”

Here I was seven months pregnant with Ashton and I’s first child, limited to doing a lot of physically activity so basically…I’m pigging out on food and sitting on the couch watching reruns of my favorite TV show. I am currently home alone due to the fact that I sent Ashton out to get me my favorite milkshake from a little shop around the corner, ever since I got pregnant those milkshakes have been all I wanted.
The front door of our house opened revealing Ashton on the otherside, he closed the door behind him and walked over to me with my favorite flavored large milkshake in his hands, he handed it over to me and I instantly started chugging on it after shortly thanking him.
It had been about 10 minutes after I finished the milkshake when Ashton came and sat down next to me on the couch, cuddling up to me with one arm wrapped around my back and his other hand resting on my swollen stomach.
“Hey babe what do you want for dinner?” I asked Ashton,
“I don’t know yet, but I was thinking of cooking tonight…what do you think?” He said looking up at me waiting for an answer,
“Ashton I don’t particularly feel like getting food poisoning especially after my morning sickness just started wearing off…” I said back to him making a face of disgust,
“Hey! My cooking isn’t that bad!” Ashton yelled to me as he started tickling my sides, my legs were flying all over the place and my plead for Ashton to stop tickling me could be heard around the whole neighborhood.
“A-Ashton! Stop I’m gonna pee myself!” I shouted at Ashton in between giggles suddenly feeling the urge to pee because of the huge milkshake I finished a while ago, but he didn’t believe me he just thought that it was an excuse for me to get him to stop tickling me. I suddenly felt the pee starting to trickle out and going on to my underwear and slowly starting to soak through my leggings.
“ASHTON! STOP IM PEEING!” I shouted really loud and his fingers immediately came off my sides and he sat up and looked at me with wide eyes as I tried my fastest to get up and quickly get to the toilet. After situating myself in the bathroom and finishing off my pee, I had a shower. I wrapped the towel around me and walked into mine and Ashton’s shared bedroom to see a really sympathetic looking Ashton on our bed. He got up off the bed, rushed over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist,
“I’m so sorry babe! I didn’t mean to..I really didn’t, are you okay?” He said in a rushing his sentence,
I laughed a little before replying,
“Yes I’m fine!”  
I walked away out of his grip to go get into some new clothes, he sat on our bed watching me get re-dressed, after I finished getting dressed I turned around to see a smirk on his face.
“What’s that look for Irwin?” I said as I slightly glared at him,
“Nothing, it’s just I havent seen you naked for a while, didn’t the doctor say that its safe to have sex while your pregnant?” He said smirking at me whilst looking me up and down,
“Yes the doctor did say that..but like fuck I’m having sex with you after you just made me piss myself, something I havent done since I was 3 years old, so you wish!” I said while I walked down back into the lounge room to clean up the couch leaving a whining Ashton upstairs.


CS + Flustered

Requested by Anonymous.

When I thought of what to prepare for this word, I remembered that Emma never seemed more flustered to me than the time Hook came to her in NY and told her everything she believed in was a lie. Then I remembered this sentence Emma said about the snow queen on “rocky road”. There, although Ingrid took her memories, something stayed with Emma, the way she said her name sounded familiar and it caused Emma to be all confused.

I think it’s safe to say that if the tone of voice of a woman she knew 15 years ago sounded familiar, the way Hook said her name when he was at her door on “going home” was familiar as well. You could see from the moment she opened the door that she sensed a closeness to him. She almost let herself kiss this strange guy who showed up on her door step. 

That all episode was about Emma trusting her instincts. We saw it a lot on the show, how she had her hunches that something was off and each time she was right to follow her gut (like that time when Henry was actually Pan). I love the fact that Hook during this all episode reminded her on this fact that she knows that something isn’t right. It wasn’t only about finding pictures she never took, it was mostly about sensing that this person was/is important to her in some way and that all he said sounded familiar. Emma then took a leap of faith in herself and her hunches and when she is doing that she is no longer feeling flustered. 

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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Cindy went with a few of us to the movie last week. We were getting our beverages while she stood in line for the tickets. Hot little bitch isn’t she. Her nick name is “yellow socks” for good reason, especially after she peed herself at the wedding reception last summer.

Thing about Cindy is that she gets a lot of attention from the way she dresses and that cute little butt of hers opens a lot of doors. We decided to smoke pot at her place before coming to this really scary movie, so because of the two bottles of wine we drank she decided to come prepared. Her skirt doesn’t quite hide her Tena ladies pantie does it?

Later, she actually shared what happened during the show and how each time she got excited she’d spurt a bit in her pantie. She said at the end she should have used the ladies to change her Tena, but instead we immediately left to head for “Scotties Road House” and more wine. Just the thought of her wet ass while we danced was too much. 

Only Mine | Scott McCall

A/N: It’s been a while since I last wrote a smut and I apologize it took me so long to get to it. I know it’s a terrible writing, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways! :)

Requested By: Anon

Request:  could you please make a scott McCall smut where scott and the reader are at school and scott catches Jackson flirting with the reader, making scott jealous so scott takes y/n in his car and shows her that she is his and only his by sex? thanks a lot

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Y/N = Your Name

Pairing = Scott X Reader

Warning: It’s a smut, so read at your own risk ;) ***

Gif not mine.

You had just arrived at school, entering the building as you opened the door. You began walking down the school hallways, down to your locker when you noticed Jackson walking closer to you, having a slight smirk across of his lips. You rolled your eyes because when you saw the slight smirk across of his lips, you knew Jackson wasn’t up to no good, but you didn’t know what… Yet.

“Hey, Y/N.” Jackson started off and placed both his hand on the lockers, on each side above your head, blocking so you couldn’t escape. “Jackson, what are you doing?” You asked as you raised one of your eyebrowns, feeling uncomfortable because you were Scott McCall’s girlfriend. The Alpha. “You look beautiful today. Scott doesn’t deserve you. How about I take you out on a date and I’ll show you how a real guy is.” Jackson spoke, slightly bringing his head closer to you, brushing his nose along your neck.

You pushed Jackson away from you and sending him a glance. “Not even in your dreams, I love Scott and Scott only. I would never even date a jerk like you.” You spoke, itritated that Jackson actually had the nerves telling you that Scott wasn’t a real guy, because you knew Scott was the real guy and not Jackson.

Scott had heard everything and walked out of the science class room and down to where you and Jackson were. Scott’s eyes glowing red and his breathing was heavy because he was pissed off at Jackson for flirting with you. His girlfriend. You were only his and he would show that to you.

He raised his hand into a fist and about to hit Jackson, but he didn’t. “If you ever touch or flirt with my girl ever again, I will kill you!” Scott said, so pissed off as he was almost about to lose control of his anger. You noticed and kissed Scott’s cheek to try to calm him down. “Scott, baby… He’s not worth it. Come on, let’s go.” You spoke and took Scott’s hand and began walking with him out of the school and over to his car. The school for today was finally over.

Scott opened the door for you and you got inside. Scott shuts the door before walking over to the driver side, opening the door, getting inside and shuts the door. He put the key in the ignation, turning the key, the engine gave a slight purr as the engine came to life. He drive out of the parking lot and onto the road.

For some reason when you saw your boyfriend Scott so protective over you, it actually turned you on. Also you knew Scott would need to let go of some stress. You leaned closer to Scott and placed your hand on his leg, leaning close to his ear. “You know, seeing you so protective really turns me on.” You whispered into his ear and began placing kisses on his neck. Groans began slightly escaping his lips.

“You always know how to turn me on baby.” Scott spok as he couldn’t help but being turned on so bad he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He pulled the car over and drove alttle further from the road so they could get some privacy. He stopped the car and leaned over to kiss your neck. “You’re mine and mine only.” Scott whispered into your ear.

He leaned back and took off his shirt as you did the same. “I’m always yours.” You spoke and bit down on your lower lip. You reached down to his pants, unbottoning it and unzipping it. He took off his pants before he reached over to your jeans, unbottoning and unzipping it, he pulled down your jeans along with your panties. You reached down and tugged at the fabric of his boxers before taking them off. He grabbed the condom he had in his wallet and opened it and rolled it on his hard member.

You climed ontop of Scott while he placed his hands on your waist, helping you. His member was already hard as rock. He grabbed his member in his hand and guided his tip to your clit, teasing your sensitive clit with the tip of his lenght. You couldn’t help but to let out a moan, more like a groan. Scott leaned alittle forward and kissed your neck while sliding his member inside of you.

You let groans escaping your lips from all the pleasure that he was giving you. Scott crashed his lips to yours, connecting them as you kissed his back with the same amout of love, tender and passionately, yet lustfully. You moved your hips up and down on him while he met yours while thrusting upwards. His hands reached behind your back and undid your bra and took it off.

While Scott thrusted upwards inside of you he grabbed your breasts, beginning to take your left nipple between his lips, sucking on it while kneading your other breast. You could feel so much pleasure that it was almost throwing you over the edge, mouthy groans of pleasure escaping your mouth. His thrusts getting faster and harder, yet as deep as it could get.

He let go of your left with a slight ‘pop’ and gave the right nipple the same attention as the other one. Your moans was really loud. You felt you were about to reach your high. “Harder, Scott. I-I’m coming.” You moaned out. His began moving harder upwards inside of you. “Cum for me baby.” He groaned out in pleasure and brought his fingers up to your clit, rubbing his fingers on your sensitive clit, throwing you over the edge.

His thrusts began to be sloppy, then you knew he was close to reach his high as well. Then you reached your high and you released it, the juices coming on his fingers and the rest on the condom. Scott knew he could release too now since he made you release. He always made sure you released before he did. His thrusts getting even harder, riding out your highs and he released. You both had released, so you rested your head on his shoulder as you and Scott both tried to catch your breath.

You got of Scott and moved to the other seat and you smiled. “That. Was. AMAZING.” Scott said and smiled, taking off the condom. You began getting dressed again and the same did Scott. Reaching over to you, he kissed you. You kissed him back and smiled. “I love you and you’re only mine, Y/N.” Scott said and smiled, loving you so much. “I love you too, Scott. I’ll always be only yours and you’re always mine. Always.”

(Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! :) Stay tuned for more to come soon. Feel free to send in a request. Ask box is always open. Thank you again! :) xoxo -Elin)

If you’re the parent that SOFTLY KNOCKS ONCE on your child’s door and then immediately opens it:




You know why? Because I can’t tell you how many times my mom has done it while I’m changing before I get a chance to tell her I am – and she still hasn’t learned. Because maybe they’re being goofy at that moment and they would be embarrassed if you walked in on them. And there are a lot of other reasons.

But the main thing is to wait for them to say it’s okay because it shows that you respect your child and their privacy. Do it because they’ve probably been told from a young age not to just walk into their parents room (cause y'all know why).

If you expect that respect from them, show them the same respect.

“So he ends up meeting Kirsten, whose kind of his match in a way. He’s always been the smartest one in every room he’s ever been in, until you know, this beautiful blonde walks in, and he’s just like “Really?”. And then she opens her mouth and challenges him and he kinda is attracted to that challenge. They kind of bring out the best in each other in different ways. Cameron is definitely someone who spent a lot of time in the classroom, behind a book, and never really doing much physical activity as a kid and she’s the one that brings that out of him. She’s like, “We’re going to the streets, we’re solving this crime, we’re kicking down doors”. So at the same time he teaches her, just kinda to be more sensitive as she learns to take on these emotions throughout the show. So they’re a good mix for each other.“

- Kyle Harris (x)


The war had been over for a short amount of time.  And although Homeworld was defeated, there were a large number of casualties on the Rebel’s side.  A lot of the success that Homeworld had during the war was due to the work of one particular gem.  


A fierce leader she was.  And a top ranking soldier among the hundreds of Quartz gems cultivated for this very battle.  Doing such a grand job, Yellow Diamond invited Jasper personally to her quarters.  The towering door opened before the orange gem, shutting immediately behind her when she stepped inside.

“Hello, Jasper.”  Spoke the feared ruler.  “I’ve asked you here because I want to give you something.  A personal reward of sorts to show your accomplishments.”  Yellow Diamond flicked her head to the left where two Quartz were standing.  Afterwards the Quartz gems stepped off to opposite sides to reveal a tiny gem between them.

Yellow Diamond began to speak again.  “Unfortunately we’re not having much success in the Pearl Cultivation Kindergarten.  But I would like to offer you a gem that is quite rare, but just as delicate and obedient as the common Pearl.  A Black Star Diopside.  And if she doesn’t work out, feel free to shatter her at any time you please and we’ll get you a replacement.”


So first major development: Sardonyx has her own room in the temple, which means ALL fusions have their own room in the temple, and I would really love to see Opal, Smoky, and Rainbow’s rooms (not to mention Ruby and Sapphire’s individual rooms). I would like to see Sugilite and Alexandrite’s rooms, too, but given their sizes and the trouble Sardonyx had fitting through the temple door, I doubt we’ll see them any time soon, if at all. Of course, it makes sense for them have to rooms given Garnet’s ability to open her own door, but it was still pretty cool. Not to mention the fact that Sardonyx’s room is a talk show stage.

But let’s talk about how prevalent Garnet was while she and Pearl were fused. We did get a few moments of Pearl and a lot of Sardonyx herself, but Garnet had the most control tonight. We could tell because Sardonyx had the same reaction throughout the episode that Garnet had when Steven and Amethyst first fused: she was excited beyond belief (something she admitted right before Sardonyx fell apart).

Garnet was so focused on what made Smoky Quartz different that Sardonyx went out of her way to put them in the spotlight and compare them to other fusions in the show by seeing if they could match their abilities. Opal’s bow skills, Sugilite’s strength, even Alexandrite’s fire breath were the main points of interest, and Smoky had NO WAY of possessing any of those abilities because Steven and Amethyst can’t collectively contribute to any of them. And let’s not forget how dismissive Sardonyx was of their yo-yo tricks, which is really all they’re currently able to do. It wasn’t until Smoky started talking about how much of a failure they were that Sardonyx even knew what she was doing, and that’s when we learned it was Garnet in the driver’s seat.

Now, it only makes sense for Garnet to react this way. Being a fusion herself, any new fusion (especially one involving her son) would make her ecstatic. But she, of all people (or gems in this case), should know that it takes time for a fusion to figure out who they are. There’s no telling how long it took her to figure herself out after Ruby and Sapphire first fused, but we learned in “The Answer” that the first time it happened, she had NO IDEA who she was. She couldn’t even separate herself from Ruby and Sapphire when Pearl had a sword at her neck. Now obviously Smoky had somewhat of an advantage when they first formed since it sounded like Amethyst and Rose fused at some point, but it’s still going to take time for Smoky to get used to being someone completely different than their old self. They have a completely different look, a completely different personality, and quite likely a completely different weapon. They aren’t sure who they are yet.

But Garnet still pushed them to try and find what makes them unique. I’m not saying her intentions were bad. She was just trying to help them where she was left to figure things out on her own, but she did get carried away with trying to see these things with her own eyes and she admitted that.

I for one was really pleased with this episode. Too often, Garnet is depicted as this perfect, badass, psychic love goddess (not as often as Rose, but it still happens quite a bit) so it was nice to see more of her flaws and, more importantly, see her own up to her mistakes.

And let’s just take a moment to appreciate the amount of fourth-wall breaks that happened tonight. My personal favorite: “Footage courtesy of Cartoon Network” during the clips Sardonyx played on her talk show.

Comforting Family (Avengers)

“We should talk to her.” Natasha said. “Give her some time. She’s going through a lot.” Steve told her. “Exactly. We’ve given her time to herself. We should go and help her out.” Tony told him.

“How?” Steve asked. “C'mon.” Natasha said, knocking on your door. “Who is it?” They heard you ask. “Steve, Nat and Tony.” Tony answered. “It’s open.” You told them. Natasha opened the door and the three walked in.

You were on your bed, watching a show on Netflix. “How you doing?” Natasha asked as you paused the show. “If I’m being honest, I don’t know.” You told them.

Natasha then crawled onto your bed and laid down next to you. “It’s okay.” She told you. Tony and Steve joined in. “Thank you guys. It really means a lot.” You told them.

“You’re family, Y/N.” Steve told you. “And we’re here to help you.” Tony told you. “It’s just been real tough.” You told them.

“And, I’ve lived all my life thinking one thing, but then…I just don’t know what to do.” You said. “Just know that we’re here to help you with whatever you need.” Natasha told you.

What if WHAT IF andy and sam secretly invite holly to their wedding and they obviously invited gail but she’s super upset bc she doesnt have anyone to go with and holly just shows up at her house and when gail opens the door she just says “plus one forever, right?”


Gemsona: TOPAZ

Pronouns: She/Her
Height: 5′ 3″
Weapon: Hookshot
Gem Type: Topaz (Gold Yellow)
Likes: Swinging, cute animals, hanging out with friends
Dislikes: Jump scares, rudeness, litter
Hobbies: Swinging, drawing, bird watching, laughing
Talents/Skills: SWINGING, hand-eye coordination, puns
Personality:  Optimistic and a sunny disposition to boot, she’s bound to try to cheer anyone up with corny jokes. She shows a bit of her kindness by holding the door open for people for as long as close to forever. Her naivety gets the better of her at times, along with relying on her glasses to aim, but she’s lucky and thankful to have good friends to help her out.

– Very happy with how she came out. I love my birthstone!