she only has her grandson now

Now two things that all those Dany x Jon seem to forget:

  • Dany is barren!!!! So, if she marries her dear old nephew who is the only other character, that we know of, who has Targaryen blood. She will be putting an end to her own house. What’s the point of all this war and conquering if she has no heir???
  • Tyrion said that she needs to keep herself open for marriage to form political alliances. Tell me, what sort of political alliance combines the same house? She doesn’t even get the North because once the people find out who Jon really is I highly doubt they would still follow him. He is the son of the man who kidnapped their lady lyanna, the grandson of the mad king who brunt their lords Rickard and Brandon alive. The only reason they follow him now is because he is Ned’s “son”.

Now if Jon marries Sansa however, Dany will get lots of heirs and the support of not only the north but the riverlands and the vale as well. Fear not my fellow jonsa shippers WE ARE STILL IN THIS. 

The thing that makes me laugh about Jay FB post is that Louis isn’t even holding a 1 or 2 month old child. That baby is huge. Secondly WHO THE FUCK HOLDS A NEW BORN CHILD LIKE THAT???? A child at that age shouldn’t be held in that manner even if it’s for photos. The baby literally has no support what’s so ever. Third again with the not show the faces. Now I get that some people just prefer it that way but seriously.

I’d also like to point out her comment about not being able to see the child because she’s 5000 miles away when she was within 500 ft of the child for close to a week and yet she hasn’t see her ONLY grandson and she hasn’t taken ANY pictures with him. I’m sorry but no new grandmother would pass up the offer of posting 800 pictures of their new grandchild. Plus isn’t the back y old enough to travel internationally…I mean it should be at this point since the parents and the child did a week long pap walk only days after the mother gave birth.

I’m so over babygate and it’s bullshit. Clearly nobody cares and they trying everything in their power to stay relevant. I wouldn’t be surprised if they jst swept it under the rug and never talked about it again until Louis does another public interview.