she only acts oblivious

Play Me (Skam - Chris x OC) Epilogue

Pairing : Chris x OC (name’s Elin)

Synopsis : Player 1 meets Player 2. The score is tight.

Word count : 1.4k


Part 9 <<<

Some time later…

The sun rays that filtered through the window curtains warmed Elin’s back, sending waves of bliss through her body as she further cradled her pillow against her chest, her face firmly pressed in it. This was perfection, that must be what heaven felt like: a lazy morning, clean sheets and the sun hitting her naked skin. Usually the chilly air of the bedroom woke her up whenever the sheets slipped down her body during the night, and then she had trouble falling back asleep. She wasn’t really sleeping anymore right now, but she was still drowsy and way too comfortable to even think about getting up.

Elin tried to grab a little more of the sheets to bring them over her and wrap herself in them, but when she rolled around she felt the edge of the bed. Her eyes snapped open and she prepared to hit the floor but something held her back.

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