she never removes her eyes in this scene

And Now This is Happening

by: mldrgrl
Rated: R (language)
Summary: The Hanella misdiagnosis (or misdiagnosis adjacent) fic that was highly requested for some reason is finally here.

“Mmm,” Hank murmured, stepping up behind Stella in the kitchen and pressing his face into her neck.  “You smell delicious.”

“That isn’t me,” she said, wiggling her shoulders as he tickled her neck with his breath.  “It’s the leftover pad Thai.”

Hank licked the side of her neck where the tendon crept up from her shoulder and she chuckled in spite of herself and shifted her shoulders again.  She stopped spooning leftovers from a paper container onto a plate for a moment to push him away.

“Definitely you,” he argued.  “Like apricot.  New body wash?”

“Yes.  Did you want me to heat any of this up for you?”

“I like it, and yes, please.  Fasting is cruel and unusual.”

“How come you’re home so late?”  She licked pad Thai sauce from her fingers and moved to the microwave.  “How did it go?”

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a moment's hesitation - part 3


Contains violence and disturbing descriptions.


You should try to get some sleep.’

Mo Guan Shan looked at the man sitting across from him in the last minutes of daylight.suddenly very aware of how little he’d slept in the last few days.

‘What about you?’

‘Don’t worry about me.’

Mo Guan Shan shrugged, lying back and closing his eyes.

He’d nearly mastered the art of power naps and falling asleep in the most uncomfortable of places, and despite the horrible things he’d seen.

He told himself this was no different.

That there was nothing that could be done right now.

Really, it was a mixture of shock and exhaustion that let him drift off into a fitful sleep.

He saw the painfully bright fluorescents.

Pristine tile, stained with vivid red.

He heard the horrified scream.

The terrible sound of painful death.

He watched himself do nothing but run like a coward.

He woke up to a hand covering his mouth, pressing down hard, with the feeling of a recurring nightmare.

He tried to pull away, clawing at the large, cold hand.

The memories of the day before flooded his mind and he found himself begin to panic.

A voice in his ear shushed him quietly.

‘It’s just a nightmare.’ It whispered.

‘Relax, breathe, it’s over.’



Advice he’d given over and over.

The logical part of his brain was slowly kicking into gear.

He was in the church.

Curled into the fetal position on the leather couch.

The hand on his mouth belonged to the man that had saved his life.

He relaxed.

He breathed.

He waited for the man to remove his hand.

‘I’m sorry.’ He whispered.

‘It’s perfectly natural.’ The captain responded.

His calming tone was obnoxiously forced.

If he’d been trained in bedside manner, he hadn’t aced that test.

He could practically feel the curiosity burning in the man kneeling next to him.

‘What did you see? Before you left the hospital?’


Mo Guan Shan found he couldn’t describe the scene.

All he could see were the duel images of a happy, smiling, woman who has showed him around the hospital.

And the woman bleeding out on the floor, terror in her eyes.

‘Have you never seen anyone die before?’

The man’s tone was gentle and calm.

‘Not like that.’

Mo Guan Shan had transferred from one small town to another, nearly a thousand miles away.

Death was for the sick, mourned but written off as a part of life.

He’d seen death.

But never murder.

He’d held the hands of the dying.

But never ran when the light left their eyes.

He hadn’t been trained for that.

He selfishly resented his lack of preparation.

His lack of action.

‘You couldn’t have saved her, sol…Mo Guan Shan.’

‘I could have fucking tried.’

He hated the way his voice broke.

‘I mean no offense, but if I couldn’t have saved my men, you couldn’t have saved yours. Medical school taught you compassion, taught you to put others before yourself. The military taught me to do all I could, but not die trying. If no one makes it out, we’ve lost.’

‘I’m a nurse.’

He didn’t know what he was trying to justify, if anything at all.

‘You trained to save lives. That’s what matters. It’s all the same to the injured.’

‘And what did you train for?’

‘The serve. To protect. To save the ones I could . To spare the lives I could and end the ones I couldn’t.’

‘Are we really all that different?’

‘Do they send you with a gun?’

Mo Guan Shan shook his head, knowing he couldn’t be seen in the dark.

‘Are we going to die, captain?’

‘Not until I’m out of bullets. Not until the both of us have lost the will to live.’

Another long moment passed, neither one of them sure what to say.

Finally, Mo Guan Shan answered the question the dark haired man had been avoiding.

‘I’m going to get my dog in the morning.’

‘I figured as much.’

great comet on broadway

i saw great comet on december 28 and my life has never been the same, this is a summary of my experience 

buckle up this is gonna be a long post

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anonymous asked:

A Rooftop date?

Ok so this is adorable and I love it so thank you so much. I decided to make this a future fic. It’s not beta’d and I wrote it fast so I might improve on it one day.

“Keep them closed.” His words tickled her ear as they continued to walk awkwardly, his hands covering her eyes. 

After a few more steps up, and the sound of a door creaking, he finally removed his hands from where they were pressed gently over her eyes. 

“Wow” Betty’s voice was barely above a whisper as she turned to look at Jughead. He shrugged slightly, shoving his hands in the pockets of his jeans and giving her an awkward smile. She knew that he’d never been good with compliments.

“Juggie it’s so pretty.” He grabbed her hand as she turned to look at the scene in front of her again. She kept looking at him and then back at the rooftop he had so meticulously prepared.

The rooftop garden of their apartment was transformed. She had always found it quite pretty, with all of the gorgeous plants of varying colours and the rocks that they had used to make a floor. She loved coming up here to read, it was so peaceful, quiet, and so beautiful. The rooftop looked over Riverdale, she loved to look out over the shops with the people milling around, and the serene river. There was also a permanent gentle breeze up here that gently swept her honey blonde locks off her face and calmed her. But what Jughead had done to the rooftop paradise had outdone even the wildest dreams she had dreamt up here. 

He had created a platform on the rocks that made up the ground of the rooftop, wood planks partially covered by the softest blanket they owned, there was also their wicker picnic basket, a bottle of champagne, and two champagne flutes. Wrapped around the pots of each plant, he had wrapped twinkle lights that flickered softly in the fading light of the setting sun.

She couldn’t believe that he had done all of this, spent all of this time and energy, just for her. But then again, she could believe it, because her boyfriend had proved, time and time again, that he would do absolutely anything for her. She smiled softly at the memories of the rooftop dates at the start of their relationship, laying side by side on top of the Andrew’s roof, talking about anything and everything under the sun, hands clasped so tightly, as though if they let go, the other person would slip away forever.

She turned her smile to Jughead, and bounced to her toes, gently moving a few black strands of hair off his forehead so that she could kiss it.

“Shall we?” he asked her, pulling her hand slightly towards the picnic set up.

“We shall.”


After they had eaten all of the food that Jughead had prepared, Betty went to move the basket, so that they could lay down and look at the stars; however, when she picked it up, something slid around in the bottom.

“Did we forget to eat something?” she was confused, they had definitely eaten everything that he’d said he made.

Jughead kneeled so that he could reach to grab the basket from her hands. He stuck a hand in the basket, brow furrowing, in a way she found adorable, because he was having difficulty reaching whatever was in there. He brought one knee up and placed the basket on it, so that he could get a better angle. After he had reached what was inside, he flung the basket aside, but kept what was inside wrapped in his hand.

“What was it?” Betty asked, more confused than ever, it clearly wasn’t food that he was clutching. He was still crouched on one knee when he began to speak, voice shaking ever so slightly.

“Elizabeth Cooper. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. The lighthouse in the storm. The light at the end of the tunnel. You’ve saved my life every day that you’ve been in it. You’re fiery, funny, intelligent, beautiful, and the most kind person I’ve ever met. I can’t imagine a life without you, and frankly, I don’t want to. Bets, will you marry me?” he finally revealed the small box in his hand, opening it to a small diamond ring. She looked into his soft blue eyes and knew, there is no place that she would rather be.

“Of course I will, Juggie”

All Who Enter In

Author:  @ntheclover

Rated: R for disturbing imagery

Length: 2k words

Triggers:  Death

Thanks for the prompt and beta read from @2moms-0fucks

Why not celebrate the news of season 11 with the abduction and death of Mulder in season 8 and the aftermath he left for those closest to him.

Helena, Montana

“This is not happening!”

First, the uncontrolled sobs consume her body followed by a wave of nausea then narrowed vision; as if she may lose consciousness.   The spinning room forces her to lie on her side, pulling her legs toward her chest.  Her hands go instinctively to her lower abdomen, to the place where her heart now resides alone with her unborn child.
Mulder’s gone…
He’s really gone…

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The Opening and Closing of Hands

TITLE: The Opening and Closing of Hands

CHAPTER NUMBER: 1/1 (Oneshot.)

RATING: M, sexual content, rough wall sex.

GENRE(S): Reylo; PWP, prompt fill.

WORDS: 2,439

PROMPT: Do you do smut? Cause I got something if you do. Rey is a Kenobi and after the war she is tasked with helping Ben rehabilitate. One thing leads to another and they end up sleeping together. (reylotrashforever)

NOTES/WARNINGS: My first go at Reylo, and one of my few goes at PWP. (Okay, there’s a little plot because I am incapable of just gratuitous sex.) In this fic you will find sex that is just on this side of rough, but no dub-con/non-con. Please let me know what you think, and if you have any prompts you would like to see filled, please send them my way! Thanks so much, loves!

(The title is taken from this quote by Rumi: “Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”)


Rey turned away from General Organa, pacing in the small space.

“Rey, you’re the only one strong enough–”

“What about Master Luke?” Rey interjected. “He’s–”

“He will not.” Leia shook her head, a slow, mournful gesture. “Ben has done much to warrant Luke’s distrust of him.”

“And he has not done enough to warrant mine?”

General Organa’s stern expression faltered, a disquieting sight in light of recent months. Rey had never seen her smile, but since Han’s fall, she had rarely seen much less than a grimace.

“You have done much for us, Rey Kenobi,” Leia said with a small nod. “Without you, we would not have bested the First Order, could not have brought about the fall of Snoke.”

Rey opened her mouth to reply, but Leia held up a hand before continuing. “I know I have no right to ask this of you. You have also had your losses, your tragedies. But–”

Rey started at the shine of tears in the stolid general’s eyes.

“Please. I just want my son back.”

Rey chewed her bottom lip, a habit much despised by Master Luke, before giving a curt nod.

“Tell me where he is.”

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#8 (Imagine) -WDYM

#8 from my au list ; What do you mean? Of course I’m upset you practically are having sex with another girl in front of me!



REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN BABES (be sure to message me a #!!!)


Originally posted by playtiwe

I crossed my arms as the site in front of me unfolded .

Justin , my boyfriend of two years , and Xenia Deli , literally the most beautiful girl , were making out , right in front of me .

Justin was currently filming his What Do You Mean video , and he had invited me to the set , and of course I accepted because I love watching his videos .

But I would have never came if he told me this was gonna go down .

Hes knows im very jealous , and I know this is “fake” and all , but I don’t want to see another girl all over him .

I watched in annoyance as he laid her down on the bed before kissing her , his hand running up her thigh .

“Switch scenes” Someone called , and they got up. I rolled my eyes as Justin removed his shirt before kneeling on the bed , Xenia in front of him .

I looked away as she kissed up his chest , before attaching her lips back to his . I cant .

“Alright, good shot guys , take 5” The director said , and Xenia got up , a slight flush on her cheeks as she fanned herself .

I bit my lip , not being able to watch anymore of her puppy eyes gazing at Justin lustfully.

I turned around and walked out of the building and towards my car , wanting to get out of there as soon as possible before Justin caught me .

But of course , nothing ever goes my way

“Y/N!” I hear Justin call , and I curse under my breath , continuing to walk .

“Hey , babe” Justin says as he caught up , grabbing my arm .

I pulled it away and crossed them , trying to contain the fury building inside of me .

“Hey , where are you going?”He asks , out of breath .

He looked unbelievably sexy standing in front of me , shirtless.

But then I noticed his slightly swollen pink lips and messy hair , and I scoffed at him .

“Im going home Justin” I snap , and he furrows his eyebrows .

“I thought you wanted to come to the set?” He asks , scratching his head .

“Yeah , I did . But do you really think I can stand in there and watch another woman , who is beautiful might I add , practically have sex with you?” I seethe .

“Y/N…” Justin groans , and I roll my eyes .

“I know what youre going to say Justin” I cut

“Its all pretend , it doesn’t mean anything , blah blah blah”  I say , mimicking his voice .

“But it means something to me . Im not going back in there , so ill just see you later” I finish , turning back around to get into my car .

As I opened it , Justin closed it again .

“Y/N , im sorry youre upset . I wasn’t thinking and I was being insensitive ..” He says , grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him .

“But trust me when I tell you , this doesn’t mean anything . Its only for the video and that’s it” He says , and I sigh , looking down .

“How would you feel if you saw me doing what you two were doing in there with another guy?” I ask , and his jaw clenches .

“Whatever just went through your brain” I say when he doesn’t respond “Is exactly what im feeling times 10” I continue

“So think about that before you pull this stunt again” I say , getting inside of my car and pulling off .


It was about ten at night and I still haven’t talked to Justin, but at this point I didn’t care . I was still mad at him for his stunt earlier today and I didn’t want him near me .

As I was getting ready for bed , there was a knock on the door and I walked towards the door to open it .

I crossed my arms when I saw Justin standing there , smiling sheepishly at me  with flowers in his hand .

“Apology flowers?” He says , a slight grin on his face and I rolled my eyes .

“Im glad you think this is a joke” I say , grabbing the flowers from his hand and turning around, walking away.

“Wait Y/N” Justin says , following me into the kitchen as I grabbed a vase from the cabinet and started to fill it with water .

“Im sorry” He says as I stand there mute , filling up the vase.

“Babe” He urges ,wrapping his arms around me from behind , before kissing behind my ear , making my skin ignite .

I quickly moved away from him . “You don’t get to do that” I say sharply , to which he gave me a serious look.

“Are you serious right now? Y/N I already apologized” He exasperates and I shrug my shoulders.

“An apology doesn’t solve everything Justin? What I saw today really hurt? I felt cheated on” I say honestly , trying to keep my emotions at bay.

“Its for the video” He says and I snap .

“I don’t care! Because youre my boyfriend and whether its for some video or it doesn’t mean anything youre still my boyfriend and no girlfriend wants to see their boyfriend making out with another girl!” I shout , breathing deeply.

“Not to mention you picked a girl that’s ten times more prettier than any freaking average girl including myself” I add , looking away from him .

“Don’t say that” He says but I ignore him , Im too heated .

“Do you know how it feels watching a girl whos prettier than me , kiss you and touch you that way?” I ask , pacing back and forth.

“Touch you , the way I do?” I continue , stopping in front of him .

“Nobody should be allowed to do this” I put my hand on his chest , before dragging it down , my nails slightly scraping over his t-shirt

“But me. So of course im upset that you are practically having sex with a girl for a video” I finish , looking up at him .

Before I can even blink his hands are at the sides of my face and his lips are on mine , the soft , plump lips I love .

I open my mouth to deepen the kiss  our tongues battling eachother before he grabs my waist , lifting me up onto the counter .

“Im yours” He whispers between kisses , making my heart melt .

“Nobody elses , just yours. You don’t ever have to worry about someone taking me from you . Because I already have the most beautiful , smart ,caring , and sexy woman out .” He finishes, and i smile slightly .

“Im really sorry I did that video , I don’t want you upset with me” He mumbles , and I nod , deciding to just let it go .

“Okay , but if you do something like that again im not having sex with you for a month” I threaten , and his eyes widen , making me giggle.


I was always touched by the intense way of glances between Oliver and Felicity, especially the ones of Oliver towards her. I’ve never seen anyone look so intensely into a person’s eyes as he did in all this time. But that look after he gently removes the glasses of Felicity’s face in Promo…. and the way she looks at him …. (OMG) … Im freaking out to know the way that the whole making love scene will be.

anonymous asked:

[1/?] I was reading your meta discussing Melissa's peculiar behavior in 5x11, and you mentioned how "odd" it seemed to you that she was acting so detached towards Stiles.I love your meta, but the one thing I've never understood is how you're gathering that Melissa likes Stiles at all. In season one, she is visibly unhappy to find him in her house, even less so when he tells her that he made a key. She has never seemed enthusiastic about his friendship with her son, and she is quick, even gleeful

[2/?] to cut their relationship when she tries to ground Scott in season two. Those are just two of the instances that I can think of, but there are more. If anything, her maternal attitude toward him in 3B was OOC, because until that point she never seemed fond of him at all. She definitely likes the sheriff, for whatever reason (and I’m disinclined to view it as romantic, because I’m the only person in this fandom who doesn’t ship them), but Stiles? Not so much. [3/?] A part of me feels as though her dislike of Stiles gets ignored, however, in favor of the idyllic McStilinski blended family that so many people want. It’s definitely been swept under the rug, and that part of Melissa’s character seemed to have gotten rewritten as soon as it was discovered that so many people shipped the sheriff with Melissa. Honestly, though, the last thing Stiles needs is to have his father marry a woman who dislikes him and end up with a brother-in-law who his father

I think I’m missing part of your ask. It stops right in the middle of a sentence. but I get the gist of it, so I’m addressing at least the stuff you mention here. 

This is the beauty of interpretation. I’m constantly astonished by a lot of the readings people get out of this show as well. That doesn’t mean I’m right though. It doesn’t mean you’re right either. It just means we see things differently. 

Your reading of the Melissa/Stiles relationship is not uncommon. I’ve been asked this before, so I know you’re not alone. You mentioned two scenes as examples of why you think Melissa dislikes Stiles. These are both memorable and funny scenes, but I must admit I don’t entirely agree with your way of viewing them. I never picked up a “Melissa hates Stiles” vibe. I did however pick up a “Melissa is sometimes exasperated with Stiles” vibe. But I also get the exact same vibe in some of the scenes with her and Scott, so there’s that. 

Let’s look at the scenes you mentioned: 

Scene 1: Stiles locks himself into the McCall house using his own key. 

We tend to remember just parts of this scene, namely the part where she says, that doesn’t surprise, it scares me, but doesn’t surprise me. But if we stop there we miss out on something important. 

Melissa: Scott? 
Stiles: Stiles. 
Melissa: Key! 
Stiles: Yeah. I had one made, so - 
Melissa: That doesn’t surprise me. It scares me, but it doesn’t surprise me. What is that? 
Stiles: Uh, school project. 
Melissa: Mmm. Stiles, he’s okay, right? 
Stiles: Who? Scott? Yeah. Totally. 
Melissa: He just doesn’t talk to me that much anymore, not like he used to. 
Stiles: Well, he’s had a bit of a rough week. 
Melissa: Yeah, yeah, I get it. Yeah, um - Okay, uh - Be careful tonight. 
Stiles: You, too. 
Melissa: Full moon. 
Stiles: What? 
Melissa: There’s a full moon tonight. You should see how the E.R. Gets. Brings out all the nut jobs. 
Stiles: Oh. 
Melissa: Yeah. 
Stiles: Right.
Melissa: You know, it’s, um, actually where they came up with the word “lunatic.”

What you read as Melissa actively disliking Stiles, I read as a sort of resigned fondness. I am a mom myself and I can tell you I sometimes have the same kind of reaction to one of my daughter’s friends. She’s full of crazy ideas, and they often end up in trouble even when they don’t mean to. I know this friend is the creative mastermind behind lots of the things they get up to (with my daughter as a very willing participant) so I recognize resigned fondness when I see it. 

Also, Melissa doesn’t take away his key. She lets him keep it. If she disliked him as much as you seem to think, she probably would’ve snatched it away.  The “It scares me part” I read as her having witnessed some of Stiles’ creative ways before, and isn’t really surprised at all. Perhaps a bit cautious of his methods, sure. 

 Then the scene shifts, and Melissa adopts a whole other attitude. She takes time to ask Stiles in confidence about Scott, clearly valuing his opinion. And she also takes the time to tell Stiles to be careful because of the full moon. If she disliked him so much, would she even bother?

Go watch the scene again. Sometimes we latch on to a part of it and sort of form an opinion based on that. A rewatch might open your eyes. Or not :) 

This is already getting long. Hit the link for the rest :) 

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anonymous asked:

GoM+Uncrowned Kings reactions to their girlfriend getting over emotional over a movie/game/book (like would the comfort them or just sit back and watch)

KUROKO: He notices immediately the puffiness in her eyes as she reads through a tough part of the book. He leaves her alone, knowing how immersed in it she is.

KIYOSHI: He pats her shoulder lightly, unsure of what to say, especially since he didn’t feel anything towards the movie. “Yes, yes, it’s very beautiful.” He reassures her.

KISE: He hugs her, crying along with her at this touching scene in the film. “____-chan, why did you *hiccup* choose such a sad movie?” He asks, barely coherent.

AOMINE: His eyes flick from the screen to his girlfriend, half amused that something this corny would move her. She sees his grin and hits him lightly for mocking her.

MIDORIMA: “You don’t get it, they’re never gonna see each other again!” She tells a completely apathetic Midorima. He sighs, unable to remove himself from her embrace.

MURASAKIBARA: Times like these, she really uses Mura as a teddy bear. She’s bawling like a baby into his shirt, and it was a bit gross, but he wasn’t going to move from this position.

AKASHI: “He loves her so much, see?” She tells him, clinging onto his arm. He nods patiently, smiling a bit at his easily emotional girlfriend. “Yes, of course, I see.”

HAYAMA: He’s surprised when she hands the controller to him. She says she can’t play because the last cutscene was too sad. He doesn’t get it, but he’ll definitely play for her.

NEBUYA: It was always like this when she picked romantic drama films; Nebuya was almost asleep, but is awaken by her loud sobbing and pulling at his shirt.

MIBUCHI: He sees her pouring tears into a good novel, and he smiles at it. He was glad he found a girl who could comprehend the depth of emotions in good literature.

HANAMIYA: Honestly, Hanamiya thought it was super cute when she cried over fictional stories. Did that make him a sadist? Maybe, but that didn’t stop him.

What I found so beautiful about 3B with regards for Killian’s love for Emma is the extent to which he was willing to go for her without any real indication she would ever reciprocate his feelings (keeping in mind that there were many valid reasons or at least understandable explanations for why Emma kept her feelings buried).

He was obviously more confident about it in 3A, with lines like when I win your heart, and I will win it, but then 3A ends with doubt, I was hoping you felt the same way… (disregarding that we know TLKs don’t work with memory loss because Killian doesn’t-he still doesn’t in fact).

Throughout 3B we continue to see a Killian who has serious doubts that Emma will ever feel romantic feelings for him. He asks Did you miss me? when Emma’s memories are restored and I think it was actually more serious that the tongue in cheek way in which he says it, because while Killian Jones is a sass master, he also uses it a lot as a defensive mechanism.

He asks Emma do you even care about anyone in this town? when he’s really asking me, do you even care about me? Charming asks him in Enchanted Forest of ye old past if Leia would go to the same lengths for  Charles that he would for her and he says I don’t know.

This is perhaps the main reason I go all rage black out when I see suggestions that Killian only sees Emma as a sexual exploit (though sexual attraction shouldn’t be discounted or demeaned as a part of the reason he wants to be with her- it is a component of most healthy relationships). 

This man crossed realms and put his life on the line and sacrificed the only home he ever knew for Emma and her family in spite of all his doubts, in spite of the very real possibility he would never be with her. A person certainly doesn’t go to those lengths for a quick role in the hay and let’s be real with those eyes he doesn’t need to. He is all in with every action he takes regarding Emma, even if he doesn’t know if she will ever be.

It’s also why I feel the last two CS scenes were so poignant.  In the first he is outside in the cold, literally and figuratively removed from the rest of her family because he still has doubts, he still doesn’t know. And then our beautiful Emma feels his absence, goes to him, she kisses him, and in the final scene is inside with him.  She brought him in from the cold, in from his doubts, and into her family.

These aren’t tears, I just have an OTP in my eye.

One day, one rhyme- Day 685 'Iris'

Iris watches the sun rise up
Over the calm blue sea
Atop the cliffs where she’ll remain
For all eternity.
The boats go out, the boats come in,
Each day always the same
And Iris sits above it all
As if with a board game.
Does Iris never tire of this
So repetitious state?
I query this, she in return
Asks me with her to wait.
And so I waited by her side
Watching the game play out
And what I saw from where I sat
Has removed any doubt.
The scene so great, my focus small
However did I strive
At each time I saw just one part
Of an enormous hive.
When I tired of that single part
Another caught my eye,
And so on, and so forth across
The sea, into the sky.
Since then, I’ve thought about my life
A change in me, it starts.
And when I feel I’ve seen it all
I know there’s other parts.
Iris has opened up my mind.
I’m glad to call her friend,
And I could have sat with Iris
Until my time would end.

Yuletide in Panem Presents: A Seasonal Romance

Banner by the astounding @akai-echo

Day 15: Holiday Everlark Drabble by @mega-aulover

A Seasonal Romance

The studio bell rang and the director, Plutarch Heavensbee, called for the midday break.  Everyone on set headed for craft services to get lunch.  There were tables set up around the food station for the cast and crew to eat together, since they were filming on location.

Katniss Everdeen clutched her script as she skipped past the turkey and tofu options and headed directly for the double cheeseburger with bacon and plenty of onions.  There was Christmas music playing from the speakers.  Katniss hummed along.  She loved Christmas.

“How the hell can you eat that while filming a movie?”

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