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Nightcap - Tommy Shelby

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Request: Hi :) could you do a Tommy imagine were y/n is his shy assistant and it fairly quiet most of the time, but she is attracted to Tommy but he never really pays much attention to her, until one night they’re both working late and they start talking? (Him maybe teasing her??) please

Nightcap pt. 1 - Tommy Shelby 

Tommy was a slow talker. He took a lot of time to think before he actually had anything to say. It made being his secretary rather trying. Before this you had worked for a man who owned a bottling company. He talked a mile a minute and your brain was offending chasing your hand to catch up when he dictated to you. If it weren’t for how horribly attracted to Tommy you were and how ignorant the man you’d worked for before had been you think you might miss the old boss. Because Tommy took forever to finish a sentence.  

You had replaced Lizzie Stark three months ago and you’d heard (from Lizzie and some of her friends) that Tommy had a tendency of making sexual advances on all his secretaries. Which, in the past, had only been Lizzie Stark. So really, he just had a tendency to have sex with Lizzie. He hadn’t tried anything with you, half the time he didn’t remember your name. He’d spent the first two months calling you a completely different name altogether and it was only when Polly mentioned it that he apologised. But every once in a while he slipped up and misaddressed you.  

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Prompt: kamunami with chiaki growing out her hair

A/N I’m always game for fluff especially between these two (since we only got angst in the anime) so yay! Lighthearted fluff!

Fixation - kamunami

Nanami absolutely adores Kamukura’s long hair.

Aside from videogames, her favorite past time is messing with his ridiculously long hair that miraculously never tangles. She didn’t think that was even possible but then again this was Kamukura. She swore that she’s never seen him comb his hair even once and yet it’s as majestic as those edited in commercials. When he stayed overnight, she tried to catch an imperfection as she combed through his bed hair with her hand only to reach the ends with awe over its impeccable smoothness.

It’s a mystery that she can’t seem to get enough of.

It’s also convenient. The only time she was ever interested in hairstyling was because of videogames with those themes but she never did pay much attention to that in real life. How else do you think she has her hair fly away so much? The secret behind those swooshes is actually careful negligence. But that’s beside the point. This is about Kamukura’s hair and Nanami’s fascination with it.

She started out with putting it up in a ponytail, simple enough that even she could pull it off. She’d tie it up and sometimes even down low in a dolphintail. Then she moved on to braiding after watching tutorials online. She branched out from there and experimented. Sometimes she’d try to go for those in fashion magazines and other times, most of the time really, she’d style his hair in uncanny semblance to videogame characters. Point is that she was enjoying playing with his luxuriously long hair.

“Mmm, is there any style in particular that you’d want today?” She knew that he had no preferences but she still asks anyways. It’s the thought that counts after all. He lets her do as she pleases so the least she could do is let him know that he always has a say even when he doesn’t have anything to say.

“Surprise me.” He answers just like he’d always say. She never does surprise him like how she wants to but she doesn’t give up. Someday she will surprise him so hard that he’ll be his most expressive yet, she thinks to herself. It also sounds like a better excuse for playing with his hair.

“Okay!” And Nanami works through his hair as she hums the catchy bgm of a recent game she played. Coincidentally, it’s the same game whose character’s hairstyle she’ll try to copy. She’s especially fond of that protagonist and she can’t help but be excited over how this will turn out.

The extra cheerfulness doesn’t go over Kamukura as he raises an eyebrow in suspicion. “You seem… happy.”

“I’m always happy with you.” She replies without hesitation and continues to comb through while facing him. “I really like your hair, you know. Have I ever told you that?”

He never answers her question. He’s too busy making a statement as his own fingers comb through the ends of her hair. His hand drags through languidly and she has to pause as a shiver passes through her frame. He almost smirks at her reaction. Almost but his amusement is heard in his voice as he suddenly says, “I like yours much better.”

And she just blushes so hard at the comment especially when he looks at her with such smoldering eyes. Her grip on the comb tightens like how her chest clutches with anticipation. She lets out a shaky breath. “Oh…”

Nanami grows her hair long afterwards.

It was hard at first but mostly because she was terrible at maintenance. With her hair thicker and longer, she realized just how practical her short hair was. Long hair is nice and all but only if it’s not in her face her eyes specifically, in zippers getting stuck, in everywhere because of tragic hairfall. Basically, she still likes long hair only if it’s not hers. It’s annoying and she would rather have all of it chopped off but then she thinks of him and that one lingering comment, and then she reschedules the trip to the hairdresser.

It took months, almost a year, and now her hair falls just above her waist. She’s gotten better at taking care of it but only barely. That’s because she lets him take care of it for her instead.

Kamukura absolutely adores Nanami’s long hair.

Having her fingers go through his hair is one thing and having his go through hers is a whole new different experience. It’s not as smooth as his admittedly but it is soft and pink suites her just well. He doesn’t style hers like how she styles his, instead he prefers her hair down- which annoys her the most but tolerates just for him. He likes to bury his face in her locks and just breathe. Her scent is fragrant and overwhelming, and he finds it soothing. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t take joy through playing with her hair.

But as much as he adores her long hair in his fingertips, he especially enjoys pulling it aside so he could drop a searing kiss across her nape. He enjoys adding knots to her hair as clutches it when he pulls her in for an intoxicating kiss. He enjoys getting tangled in it along with their mess of limbs when they embrace too passionately. He enjoys her hair and lets her know every day. Her hair always ends up a mess after but she does not mind it one bit not when she catches him with a small smile.

And when they’re not too fixated with each other’s hair, they remember just how smitten they are over one another.

Raw Meat

Theodore Not x Luna Lovegood headcanons

I’ve been missing my darlings, so here’s something I’ve been using as the base of a fanfic I’m working on…

  • Theodore has a favorite spot by the lake where he enjoys reading
  • In her fourth year, Luna is constantly exploring the castle grounds
  • As a new prefect Theodore finds her in various odd places, never really paying attention to what she’s doing before telling her to stop 
  • Just before the weather becomes frigid, Theodore finds the lithe blonde in his favorite reading spot
  • His complaints die in his throat as he sees what is in her hands and all around her
  • “Is… Is that raw meat?” 
  • Luna looks up, surprised to no longer be alone. “Oh, yes.” 
  • Her eyes are bright, and Theodore notices she doesn’t have  a cloak despite the nip in the air
  • There’s a moment’s silence in which Luna continues to gather the raw meat together in a small pile
  • After blinking a few time, Theodore clears his throat, his book forgotten 
  • “Erm… Where exactly did you get raw meat?” He takes a step towards her. “And why do you have it?” 
  • Luna doesn’t look up from her work as she answers, “Oh, the elves in the kitchens are always kind enough to lend me anything I request. They really are darling creatures. Under appreciated by most, I would say.” 
  • The meat makes a glop sound as she tosses another hunk onto the pile
  • Recovering from his initial shock, Theodore looks closer at the girl in front of him
  • “You’re that Ravenclaw girl who’s been snooping around the castle.” 
  • Luna’s hands pause, a chunk of red slumping in her palm. “Snooping… Can one snoop in the place they live? I suppose they could, and the castle is quite large. I suppose, yes.” She tosses the lump of meat onto the pile, a smile in her voice. “I have been ‘snooping’.” 
  • Theodore presses his lips together. This girl was odd, but not in an off putting way. In fact, he felt himself intrigued, curious even, about her. It was rare Theodore was genuinely curious about someone. He wasn’t quite sure how to handle the situation. 
  • In front of him, Luna had gathered all of her meat into a medium sized pile and was lifting it into her arms
  • Theodore had never noticed before her quaint features
  • She had a small nose and beautiful wide eyes;
  • Her pale hair was flecked with pine needles Theodore supposed were from the garlands around the castle
  • After a moment he shook himself 
  • “Exactly why were you gathering meat from the ground?” 
  • Luna’s swept the area, checking for any missed lumps of red 
  • “Oh, some rather unkind third years found it amusing to use it as quaffles.” She shrugged, and moved to walk away
  • Theodore startled, quickly following her. “Yes, but why do you have hunks of raw meat?” 
  • Luna froze, turning to him properly for the first time. 
  • “For the thestrals of course.” 

When I am a parent, I am never going to give my child the silent treatment. Because I know how it feels to ask your parents a question and be ignored just because of some stupid misunderstanding or something insignificant.

I don’t care what happened. NEVER GIVE YOUR CHILDREN THE SILENT TREATMENT. It is passive aggressive, promotes anxiousness, and makes them feel like everything is their fault.


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Have you considered a call me maybe Johnlock au? Both Mary and Sherlock lust after John who washes neighbourhood cars shirtless and M invites him over to watch their band play and S is on the electric violin and M is vocals and shes so smug cause she KNOWS S likes J but she thinks J would never pay attention to him and at the end of the performance J scribbles his number in a napkin he had in his pocket but instead of handing it to M he makes a beeline for S, says "call me gorgeous" and winks ;)

Anon I have not considered this but I am most definitely considering it now 😍😍😍

Imagine that Carl is going to visit his father when he is in the hospital, he is walking down the hallway to his father’s room when he sees an adult man crying, the man has a leather jacket with which he is wiping his tears. Carl walks over and the man looks at him. From close up the child can notice that the man wears a badge, but he only gets to read a N.

“Crying is fine, when they entered my dad, I cried too,” the boy says, and then goes on his way.

Carl tells his mother about N, she does not pay much attention. But Carl never forgot the face of the first adult he saw crying. Now, several years later, Carl has N in front of him. And he can not believe that the man he saw crying in the hospital is Negan

Always has to be touching the other:

Derek. He’d throw his arm around her shoulder when they snuggled on the couch. When they went out to town, he’d be holding her hand the entire time. If she was cooking dinner, he’d come up behind her and wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her cheek. Even when they slept, he’d move in the most uncomfortable positions just to be able to touch her. He just liked to have his hands on her. And Casey? She loved those moments when Derek would just absentmindedly reach for her. When he’d reach over to put his hand on her leg while he was driving. Or when he’d help her clean just so he could bump into her and tickle her side when she wasn’t paying attention. She loved him touching her and he never wanted to stop.

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My current crush really makes me understand the angst of Sappho. We slow danced together. In aesthetic she is soft focus in every way, but in spirit she's strong. If that makes sense, like she'd kick my ass on the astral plane. She's such a good person that it makes me heart ache because honestly I'm kind of a tool. There are sun girls and moon girls (not specifying lesbian bc idk her deal) and she's definitely the former. She dazzles me and I'm so lucky she pays me any attention at all.

I never answered this but this is so cute and sweet I hope it goes well for u

Lost Girl: Henry X Pan X Reader

Requested by mycheerbowismycrown: Can you please write an imagine that y/n is Henry’s sister and Peter Pan ends up at her window and Henry stops her from going to never land with Peter? She wants to leave because everyone pays more attention to Henry and ignores her, everyone except Henry xx

Im so pumped about this one.

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“Y/N come on, mom told you to go to bed already.” You heard Henrys voice from the hallway and assumed he’d seen your light on from under the door. You were barely listening to him though, instead looking to the boy on your windowsill. When you didn’t answer Henry opened your door and saw Pan in the window holding your hand.

He stared at Pan, “What are you doing here?”

“Well isn’t it obvious,” He said, “I’m here to save your sister.”

Henry shook his head, “She doesn’t need saving, and especially not from you. She’s fine, now let her go.”

“She’s in despair, that’s what she is. I can take her where she’ll be happy, and that’s what I plan on doing.” Pan let go of your hand, “If you don’t believe me ask her.” Henry looked at you for an explanation.

“He’s right. I don’t belong here. I want to go to Neverland where people will see me.” You said.

Henry seemed confused, “Where people will see you, what does that even mean? People see you here!”

“Not when they have to look past you!” You shouted, “You’re the great Henry. I mean, you were adopted by the evil queen and you’re still the kindest person I know. Everyone in the town loves you, and that’s great and all, but that doesn’t leave a lot for me.” You almost felt guilty for saying all this, but you were more relieved than anything.

“You could have told me that, I would’ve done something about it.” He said.

You almost laughed, “Like what? Have me talk to Doctor Hopper? How would that help?”

“It wouldn’t help,” Pan looked up from his reed pipes, “That’s why she’s coming with me. I’ll make her happy.”

“Be quiet.” Henry looked at Pan, “Why do you even have those stupid pipes when they don’t make any sound?”

You looked to the floor, “It is making sound Henry. You just can’t hear it.” You were on the verge of tears.

“Only lost children hear it. It’s like I told you, she doesn’t belong here. She belongs with me, where she’ll be happy.”

Henry gazed at you with sad eyes, “You really feel alone. Y/N I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Just- I need you to believe me when I say I’ll fix this, but you have to stay here.”

“It’s too late for apologies. Come on Y/N, let’s go.” He slipped you hand into yours as you stepped on to the windowsill. Before you could leave you felt Henry take your other hand.

“Maybe your right, okay? It’s true that I get a lot of the attention around here and that’s not fair. But I want you to stay, and I want you to stay for me. When have I ever let you down, huh? Stay for all the times when I’ve done your nails, all the times we’ve gone on adventures, even all the times we’ve told each other our secrets. Just stay for me. Because even if the whole town ignores you or me or us, I’ll always have you, and you’ll always have me.”

A tear rolled down your cheek as you turned to him and saw his pleading eyes. You let go of Pans hand and pulled Henry into a hug. He sighed in relief, knowing you would stay.

“I should have told you how I felt, I’m so sorry I let it get like this.” You said guiltily.

He shook his head, “It’s not your fault, I should have seen it earlier, we all should’ve.”

You turned back to Pan who was fiddling with his pipes, “No! Why isn’t it working!” As he put his mouth to the pipes they emitted no sound.

You looked at him puzzled, “I don’t hear them anymore.”

Henry laughed, “You’re not lost anymore. You know exactly where should be.”   

@forvistxkonge from x

She smoothed out her dress and gave the other a sheepish smile. She was excited, visiting new kingdoms while her fathers dealt with their kingly business was one of her favorite things to do. This time was no different. It always caused her problems when she wandered around by herself, she never seemed to pay attention to what was ahead of her. 

She straightened her posture and placed her hands on her hips, “ course not! “ She stated rather proudly, “ i’m jus tryin ta be polite mister. i can’t give a bad impression if my papas plan ta do trade here. “ 

Nothing Good Happens After 2AM

Word Count: 1515
Genre: Angst
Summary: You drunk call Jimin at 3:15AM, and both of you wish he never answered the phone

Nothing good ever happens after 2AM

 It was something Jimin’s mother always said to him, when he stumbled home late after a day of hanging out with people, when he bid goodbye to his family members to hang out with his friends, or when he walked home with his family after a night at a family dinner. Jimin never did pay much attention to what she meant by it, always nodding his head to what she said before giving her a smile and heading off on his own.

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AU Where Octavia it's the matchmaker for Bellamy and Clarke? :b


Bellamy never pays any attention to her when she starts off a conversation with any variation of “You should check out this girl I just met,” so when Lincoln introduces her to Clarke, his super hot, super smart blonde best friend from his MFA program, Octavia decides to take a different tact.

“She drives me nuts,” Octavia complains to Bellamy when they meet for breakfast the next weekend. “Bell, you have to come with me. I may require intervention.”

“Yeah, somehow going to a cabin with someone you can’t stand and I’ve never met doesn’t sound like a good time,” Bellamy replies, and stuffs a huge bite of omelette into his mouth.

“You’re gross, and you’re going.”

He opens his mouth to argue; she gives him her best wide eyes and says, “Come on, Bell. I need you there.” 


Octavia texts Clarke the Friday morning they’re all due to leave for their weekend at the lake. Such a nice day, Lincoln and are going to take my motorcycle up 2 lake! Will u pls pick up our bags and my brother? 1425 Appleton St!

Clarke texts back in a couple minutes. Sure thing. Remind me of his name again?

Bellamy, Octavia texts. Ur the best xoxoxo


She doesn’t bother letting Bellamy know the change in plans, just drops her and Lincoln’s duffels on his porch and runs for it, though she wishes she could see the look on his face when he opens his door to the bombshell that is Clarke Griffin. 

When they get to the lake, she checks her phone. 

What the fuck O
You don’t even like this girl and you stick me with her??

There are a handful of other texts, noting things like Clarke’s musical taste and can Octavia believe that the last book Clarke read was a Nora Roberts romance? But by the time he says You didn’t say she had a tattoo they’re growing less and less frequent. 

When Bellamy and Clarke pull up, Octavia waves from the adirondack chair on the porch.

“Hey guys! Lincoln’s prepping dinner, so you should go get your suits on.”

Clarke smiles and heads inside, but Bellamy stops by where Octavia’s sunbathing.

“Yes, big brother?” she asks, and he glares at her. 

“It’s a pomegranate,” he says. “With flowers.

She arches an eyebrow. “And?” 

“It’s a goddamn Persephone tattoo,” he hisses. 

“Go get changed,” she tells him, rolling her eyes, but the second he goes inside she can’t hide her victorious smile.


“I brought Trivial Pursuit!” Octavia announces the next night when they’re relaxing with beers after dinner. 

“I called dibs on Lincoln for a team.”

Bellamy looks confused. “But you hate Trivial Pursuit.”

Clarke’s face matches Bellamy’s. “And you don’t need to play in teams with only four people.”

Octavia shrugs, and Lincoln eyes her. “Clarke was our cohort’s Trivial Pursuit Champion.”

Bellamy turns to Clarke. “Seriously?”

Lincoln gives Octavia a look; she just winks as Clarke and Bellamy start firing off obscure trivia questions at each other.


When they leave the lake house Sunday night, Bellamy hesitates before joining Clarke in her car.

“What’s wrong?” Octavia asks as Lincoln locks the door after them.

A muscle in his jaw jumps before he admits, “I just…I don’t know why you don’t like her.”

“Why?” Octavia asks. “Do you?”

He glances helplessly at Clarke, waiting in her car. The blonde raises her eyebrow and waves at him to hurry up. “Yeah,” Bellamy says, laughing a little. “A lot actually. But I don’t want to…”

“To date someone your baby sister doesn’t like?” Octavia supplies, and he nods, grimacing.

She grins wickedly at him. “Good thing I lied, then.” 

send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it

Can I Have This Dance? - Draco Malfoy Imagine

A/N: hello, dearies! :D here we go with another amaziiing request! :D I hope you guys like it! :)

lucyslovakdirectioner said:Could you pretty please write a Draco Malfoy imagine where Y/n’s Yule Ball date ditches her right after the first dance and goes to flirt with some other girl and Y/n just sits there, watching her friends having a good time. And when she is about to leave, Draco (who never really payed attention to her or talked to her) asks her for a dance and he’s being such a gentleman and like super cute? LOVE YOU :* 

aaahhh :D I love you dearie! I hope you like it :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?

Can I Have This Dance?

(Y/N) sighted sadly as she sat by herself on a table drinking her third Butterbeer. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. She had been so excited about the Yule Ball. She found the perfect dress, perfect hairdo, perfect shoes, perfect makeup and she thought she had the perfect date. Cormac McLaggen. She couldn’t believe it when he asked her to be his date. He was one of the most handsome guys in school and he had asked her out of all the girls. When they walked into the Great Hall it looked beautiful decorated with Christmas lights everywhere and snow falling from the ceiling. (Y/N) felt like everything was too good to be true, and apparently, it was. After the first dance, she got into a fight with Cormac because he was looking at another girl and he quickly ditched her saying that ‘she wasn’t good enough for him anyways’. She stood there shocked and saw him walk over to a group of girls and mindlessly flirting with them right in front of her. But she was too proud to show any sign of sadness for that jerk. So she decided to stay. She had spent too much time and money on tonight to just let it down the drain. She even had a bit of fun with her friends for a while before a slow song came on and they all went to dance with their dates. And that’s how she ended up here; sitting by herself with the third Butterbeer in hand. When the song finished and another one came on, one of her favorite songs, she decided she had had enough. Turns out the night hadn’t turned out quite how she expected.

“Leaving so soon?” she heard a voice asking her when she was about to stand up.

She turned around to face Draco Malfoy sitting next to her and smiling. She hadn’t even noticed when he got there. She found it a bit odd since he had never really paid much attention to her. She had had a bit of a crush on him for a long time now, but she was a muggle-born, so she knew it was hopeless. Then again, he had never been mean towards her which was also odd, since he was mean to the rest of muggle-borns.

“Um, yeah, I think I’m going to call it a night” she said with a weak smile.

“That’s too bad” he said surprising her as he finished his drink. “I was hoping I could have this dance?” he asked standing up and offering her his hand.

(Y/N) raised one of her eyebrows confused. Draco Malfoy was asking her to dance with him? She turned around to make sure he wasn’t talking to anybody else and then looked back at him. “Me?” she asked still not believing it.

And then, she saw him do something she had never seen him do before; he laughed. “Yes, (Y/N). You” he said taking her hand gently and leading her towards the dance floor.

“I- um…” she said still not believing everything but still going along with it.

Draco placed one her hands on his shoulder before placing his hand on her waist and grabbed her other hand in his. The two of them started to slow-dance to the song, (Y/N) still a bit confused about it all.

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Do You Have Any Idea what Time it is?

Ok, guys, you got me to 600 followers (615 now, damn, in the last two hours… 20 of you) and as a sort of reward/celebration, here’s a little oneshot for y’all. Someone asked me to do a spider man au a long time ago, and I’m going to make good on my promise.

All PG, and fluffy as hell.

She really had to start paying attention. She never even saw the bus. She was walking across the street at night – obviously armed with mace and a rape whistle, this was New York City – when all of a sudden there was a honking noise to her right.

She’d looked, she could have sworn she looked. It wasn’t an intersection, but damn it, she had the right of way. She turned her head slightly to the right and saw a flicker of bright lights, closed her eyes and braced herself to get hit - she knew she couldn’t get out of the way in time – but that didn’t happen. That is to say, she did get hit, but from the wrong direction.

Something collided with her from the right, and there was – oh god. She was flying through the air, and someone was holding on to her. She hadn’t screamed before - she’d sucked in a breath, but her surprise hadn’t given her time to scream.  Well, if she was going to die, now was the time to scream.

The arms that were holding her as she hurtled through the air tightened, and she opened her eyes. Why weren’t they falling? Then the man holding her held one of his arms up and shot a – a web. How… how on earth had he done that?

They reached the bottom of the length of – of – of whatever the fuck was holding them up, and he shot out another web, jerking them higher into the air.

She shifted her head up from where it was clutched against his chest and saw that he was wearing some kind of mask. Mask… webs… Oh, he was that guy from the news who was rounding up criminals. “Would you – could you please set me down somewhere?” She’d only meant to say it, but she couldn’t even hear herself until she was all but screaming it.

He nodded and shot out another two webs. She felt them slow down, and her death grip on him lessened slightly. They never came to a stop, but he cut himself away from the webs and ran a bit as they touched the ground to slow their momentum. To her dismay, he was still holding her up in the air. She couldn’t even reach the ground with her toes.

When he did set her down she backed away to study him. He was wearing some kind of spandex jumpsuit with the mask. He was tall, and lightly muscled – from what she’d felt in the air. “Thank you, I thought I was going to die.”

He slid his hand up to the back of his neck where she’d been holding on to him. “Holy crap, did you have to dig your nails in? I think I might have scars now…” She knew that voice.

Riley’s eyes widened. “Farkle Minkus!”

She was sure that if he hadn’t been wearing the mask, she would have seen his face freeze. He rushed over to her and placed a hand over her mouth. “Not here, you’re gonna blow my cover!”

She ripped his hand away from her mouth and wagged a finger at him. “Farkle, do you have any idea what time it is?”

He held up his hands. “Ok, ok, please be quiet? There’s a reason I’m wearing a mask!”

Regardless of whatever reasons he might have had, her inner mother had come out and she just started ranting. “It is January!”

He ran a hand over where his hair would have been and she could almost see his sheepish smile. “Yeah, I know –”

“And you are out here in the middle of the street in your pajamas!” She couldn’t quite handle the ridiculous nature of the situation. Apparently, neither could the people around them, because at least every other person smothered a laugh, and a few children pulled away from their parents to gawk.

He ran a hand down his face – mask – and sighed. “They’re not pajamas, Riley.”

She wasn’t having any of it. He’d ignored all logic and reason, and there was no way she was going to quibble over technicalities. “Farkle Minkus, what is going through that genius brain of yours?”

He held up a hand to silence her. “Listen, Riles, I’ve got to be somewhere.” He turned away from her, and before he could make it out of her reach, she snatched up his hand and he yelped.

She started dragging him down the street to the subway station that she’d meant to go to in the first place. “Nope, you are coming with me.”

Once they’d walked a few feet away, he fell into step with her and muttered, “Riley… you could have just dislocated both of our shoulders…”

“But did I?” She didn’t much care at this point because she’d felt him shivering earlier. This boy needed to get out of the cold.

As they were descending the steps into the station, he whined. “Riley, I look so weird, why can’t we just use my way?”

She fixed him with a halfhearted glare. “Are we about to die?”

He hung his head, probably aware that he was fighting a losing battle.  “No.”

Riley threw her hands up in the air, not sure why he was even trying anymore. “Then isn’t it more likely that we die when we’re hurtling through the air?”

She could almost see him grin through the fabric as he enthused, “Ok, but I’m really good at it.”

As they stood on the platform, waiting for the next train, she started laughing at the ridiculousness. If they had time to kill, she might as well play along. “Do you have a license of some kind?”

She was getting real sick of that mask. This was the weirdest thing she’d ever experienced. Usually, her banter with Farkle felt so easy, but now… Well, she couldn’t see his expressions, and it frustrated her to no end. “Where would you even get that?”

“Then we’re taking the damn subway Farkle. And get that mask off of your face, you look like someone who wandered away from a comic-con.” He didn’t make a move to do anything, so she pinched the fabric between her fingers and snatched it off of his face. Underneath… there was a bruise there that even she and Maya wouldn’t have been able to hide with makeup. There was a cut that went from his temple to his hairline, and it was bleeding, badly. The inside of that mask must have been waterproof because there’s no way that she wouldn’t have seen that earlier – even through the red of the mask.

Both of her hands went to his face, cradling it and tilting it back and forth to check for any other marks. “Farkle, what happened?”

He grimaced when her finger brushed over the bruise. It must be very fresh. “I got into a scrape, it’s not a big deal. I was going to do first aid when I got home anyway.”

She clucked her tongue and started slipping her layers off. She had a sweatshirt on underneath the coat, and she handed it over to him. When he raised an eyebrow at her – followed by another pained look – she shrugged. “I thought you were trying to keep a low profile.”

He nodded and slipped it on. Once he had the jacket on, she decided he looked like only the fifth strangest person on the platform. It would do for now.

Despite a few strange looks on their way to the apartment, they’d made it there unscathed by scrutiny or questions. She unlocked the door to her – and Maya’s – apartment. When they were inside, she went to get the first aid kit – but not before forcing him to sit down and acknowledge that he was actually in pain, and was not, in fact, fine.

She slowly tended to each wound, all the while forcing the story out of him. “I didn’t set out to do this. This was never a part of any plan.” She nodded for him to go on as she got him a pair of pants and one of his own shirts to use. Riley turned her back away from him until she heard him lower himself onto the couch again – he’d probably started to feel the extent of his injuries.

“A friend of mine from the science club figured out the web. All I did was find a use for it.” She still wasn’t quite sure how he’d decided that shooting the stuff out of his wrists was the way to go, but she didn’t question it. “There was a girl. I was walking home one day, and I saw a girl, beaten bloody, and laying in an alley. Someone had… well, I’m fairly sure she was raped.” She shared a pained look with him, this time not from anything physical.

That was one of those things nobody really talked about. A few people did, but they always got told they were causing a stir. It only mattered when the victim was important. When she was going somewhere. When society deemed her life valuable enough to be ruined in the first place.

He went on, “I – it’s not a safe city. Nowhere is really safe, but I had to do something. I know that I wasn’t going after whoever had done it, and I know that that’s not really the kind of criminal that you can identify on sight.” He took a deep breath, “I just wanted to do something. It didn’t much matter what it was.”

She felt something warm bloom in her chest. This boy, the one who wouldn’t hurt a fly, the one who’d saved her life twice within a minute of knowing her… he would sacrifice so much to do good. The world didn’t deserve him.

Riley smiled at him, despite the topic of conversation and leaned over towards him. He didn’t say or do anything, other than look at her with wide eyes. She kissed him softly on the cheek before laying her head down on his shoulder. “Thank you for being you, Farkle. We don’t deserve you.”

They didn’t say anything for a while. The silence between them was light and comfortable. She felt confident that they could stay like this for eons – or until somebody got hungry.

She’d nearly drifted off when he nudged her and whispered, “Are you awake?” She nodded groggily but didn’t open her eyes. “I think I want them to call me batman.”

Riley chuckled softly before turning her head into the juncture of his neck and shoulder, trying to shield her eyes from the light in the room. “My dear boy, I do believe that they’ve copyrighted that.”

He hummed in response, “I suppose Spiderman will do.”

Riley smirked. “And who got rid of all of the spiders for the past twelve years? I seem to remember you standing on a chair and screaming more than once.”

Once she’d said that she finally did drift off to sleep. She was only seconds too late to hear him say, “I don’t think the world deserves you either.”

(Whoa, two fluffy fics in under 21 hours. You should know that this is a sort of record for me. It’s not likely to happen again.)

Olivier Armstrong has always felt attracted to Roy Mustang. However, she also was aware that the Colonel would never pay attention to her due to his feelings for Riza. That’s why she felt so insulted by the tons of flowers he sent her.

Submitted by: winter-wolf-witch

Mashed potatoes

By- Anonymous

“What’s Callie doing?” April asked Arizona as they watched the brunette working in the kitchen.

“She’s mashing potatoes,” Arizona said with a huge grin on her face as she glanced at her friend then back to the brunette.

“Why? Meredith made mashed potatoes.”

“Meredith made Meredith mashed potatoes, she did not make Callie Torres Mashed potatoes.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Meredith takes potatoes and mashes them. Callie…well she has this whole art form going with the potatoes. She adds all this stuff to them and it just makes them amazing.”

“Hmmm, okay, but what sort of stuff does she add?”

“I have no idea, I never pay attention,” Arizona watched Callie as she continued to stir her pot and slowly add things to it, never letting her eyes off the woman. Now that they were back together she vowed not to let any of these sorts of moments go to waste again.

“You don’t think you should figure out what she puts in them? In case you ever need to make them?”

“Nope. Because she is going to make these potatoes for me for the rest of my life,” Arizona glanced at April then back to Callie. “Isn’t that right, baby?!” Arizona yelled across the room causing Callie to glance over her shoulder, back to the blonde and gave her a little wink. The whole thing just made Arizona’s heart melt even more, a couple of tears hiding in the back of her eyes.