she needs to win!

and also in all honesty it was easier to watch adele win over taylor winning over beyonce bc at least adele was like “hey bey thank you for what you do for the black community and for women in general and for music” like she took most of her time up there to be like listen your work is not ignored and it is not under appreciated the way you change the game inspires and empowers so many and taylor was just like “when people tell you no or try to take you down @ kanye you just keep going” like idk what hardships she met other than the normal ones in the music industry but gd give respect to adele for acknowledging the work and impact beyonce has on the music industry (and the world i mean) 

Jon & Dany - Love vs Duty 

Lets talk about the speculation that theme for Jonerys is love vs duty. This story already has two royal couples who parallel Jonerys in some capacity and lie on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Marriage of love - Started a war: The love bit is easy to guess, Rhaegar & Lyanna, whose reckless all consuming love and complete abandonment of duty is what started a war which ended the Targaryen dynasty, the most stable regime until the mad King. If these two didn’t abandon duty to the point of not informing anyone at all about what they were upto, the war could have been stopped. This parallel is a cautionary tale of how choosing love & completely abandoning duty ends in tragedy, a theme displayed throughout the show. 

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Marriage of Duty - Destroyed Westeros : On the other hand there’s the less obvious couple which parallels them in the worst possible outcome kind of a way. A couple that completely lacked love and only married for duty. So many people say that the smarter choice for the plot would be to have Jon & Dany go the political marriage of convenience route, with Jon alone on the throne in the end. But the last time a warrior with no desire to be King, only driven by a singular goal of winning a war and defeating what he believed to be the greatest threat to the kingdom, married a woman who wanted to be queen, only for her resources that could help him win the war… This is what the Kingdom ended up with….

  • Long Blonde curls & raven haired manbun? Check!
  • A dead lover he barely had a relationship with, who he took his time moving on from? Check!
  • A blonde brother who has been a little too comfortable with her body? Check!
  • Three children who weren’t fathered by him? Check!
  • Woman with ambition & resources? Cersei always wanted to be Queen, Tywin &Jamie helped Robert win the war & her family’s gold helped him run his Kingdom. (Just like Dany’s armies & Dragons are Jon’s only hope to win)
  • All of Lannister gold mines are mined dry during Rober’t reign. Jon travels to Dragonstone to mine dragonglass, which he himself declares to be of more value than gold to the North.

The lack of that respect & love embittered Robert & Cersei as individuals, tore their marriage, weakened their regime, bankrupted Westeros with Robert’s lack of interest to lead and it lead to his demise at Cersei’s hands, who is sitting on the Iron Throne now.  When Tyrion learns of Dany’s engagement in Meereen, he references Cersei to tell Dany that it never works in the long run. 

Jon & Dany : Seeing as love & duty failed on their own, it’s smarter that these two were fully formed honourable & responsible leaders who completely understood their duties as King & Queen when they met each other and they fell in love on their own. Jon respects Dany as his Queen & as a woman enough to bend the knee when she offered him all the resources he needed to win the Great War in the North.  If  both of them survive till the end & get married, Jon is the kind of guy who would be respectful of her as a Queen and a leader, because he is not Robert Baratheon. They would definitely not run away to live in a house with a red door or lemon tree either because they aren’t Rhaegar & Lyanna either.  They will rule… Together!

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I’m sure they will go back & forth with love & duty next season for drama, like the ‘bend the knee’ conflict this season.  Tyrion, who has been on a steady streak of bad advises this season, ranging from Castely Rock to suggesting the Wight Hunt, will surely tell them they need to choose duty over love, understandably since he’s had such a bad experience with love.  They might even consider it as they both take their duty very seriously but much like the ‘bend the knee’ drama which didn’t mean anything by the time it happened, in the end they would realise that their love only makes them stronger and it’s not even a choice they need to make. Stronger Together.

So I end my argument with ‘Together’. It has been stressed over and over again this season and in Season 5, when Jon & Dany were struggling as leaders, she was under siege in Meereen & he was planning to leave for to Hardhome (Jon was killed for that decision), Maester Aemon says, “A Targaryen alone in the world is a terrible thing” after reading a scroll about Dany, just as Jon walks into the room. So the strongly foreshadowed theme for Jonerys has been, only together can they be successful monarchs & protectors of the realm. But I can totally see them becoming a stronger team next season and external forces trying to tear them apart with the ‘Love vs Duty’ argument.

anonymous asked:

What did you think of the final confrontation between Zuko and Azula? I think Azula embodies the dark path Zuko could have easily taken in the face of his personal and moral struggles if it weren't for his uncle, his mother and obviously himself in the end. It'd have been powerful to have him defeat her, thematically speaking. Why did they have Katara defeat her? What did that accomplish? Many criticize the Aang/Ozai's deus ex machina solution, but this one was even more disappointing to me.

The showrunners made that decision because defeating Ozai and Azula is a dramatic formality - what matters to character development is that Zuko defeats what is worst in himself. (The other protagonists, too.) And I love it.

The key to the character development decisions in the finale is found in the season two episode “Bitter Work.” That episode shows Aang struggling with the philosophy of earthbending, having difficulty standing his ground against a falling boulder. It also shows us Zuko, motivated by his rivalry with Azula, say “screw basics, I want lightning!” In the end of that episode, Aang gets enough of a grip on earthbending to at least use it, while Zuko learns how to redirect lightning.

In the finale, Aang shows his mastery of earthbending philosophy as he stands his ground against Ozai (so much worse than a rock), and Zuko decides to use his lightning redirection to save Katara, at the cost of a chance to definitively beat Azula into the ground.

But the other thing is, by the time Azula takes that cheap shot at Katara, it’s clear Zuko’s already won everything that matters.

In terms of firebending, Zuko was having that fight all his own way. Go back to Zuko’s first fight against Zhao and listen to what Iroh tells him - then look at Zuko’s footwork in the finale. His feet aren’t going anywhere but where he wants them to go. Also his breathing, the source of firebending. Zuko’s breathing is controlled; Azula’s chest is heaving. Even with the massive power boost the comet’s giving both of them, it’s more than possible to tell that Zuko’s firebending is neat and precise, and his defence is now solid as a rock. This is a trend that’s manifestly apparent through the last quarter of season three. The gap in the fight occurs because Azula’s worked out that Zuko’s winning, and she needs to change her tactics.

Then there’s the fact that Zuko has someone to jump in front of at all. In Katara, he has a friend so steadfast she’s come along to the middle of enemy territory on the day firebenders are most powerful to back him up in his fight. Meanwhile, though Azula tried to compel that sort of loyalty from Mai and Ty Lee, she couldn’t. Mai chose Zuko over Azula, and Ty Lee chose Mai over Azula. She’s alone, but Zuko has friends and family. She’s devastated by Ozai turning his back on her, but Zuko’s past it.

Zuko’s never been better off, and Azula never lower. He’s got nothing more to prove - not to himself, not to Ozai, and not to Azula. It’s not relevant which of Zuko or Katara strikes that final blow, and boy does that go to the heart of Azula’s own insecurities.

Third thing. Zuko saves Katara with a firebending move drawn from the principles of waterbending. Katara finally defeats Azula by freezing them both in a big block of ice and then breathing out water to free herself. Which bending discipline is based on the breath, again? Firebending. Katara defeated Azula with a waterbending move drawn from the principles of firebending.

Instead of Zuko giving it all to definitely absolutely positively defeat Azula personally and win a fight that, as I say, he’s already won, the writers preferred to show Zuko prioritising Katara’s life over his own family drama, and how both he and Katara have learned from each other.

they shouldn’t have let Christmas continue, I’m sorry, but baby girl can’t win, like she can’t participate in like 90% of comps and even if she suddenly gets super strategical and shit you put her ass on the block she’s can’t come off, she can’t win a veto and she rubs people the wrong way, if people think she has a chance of winning the game she’ll get evicted


“If they know we’re coming, we could all die.”

I’m gonna ask nicely:
Can someone please draw Zarya’s kid, all grown up, competing in Olympics and winning so hard she got everyone shook? I need it I’m off my meds and this will cure all my ailments.

Jon is not manipulating Daenerys

So I want to talk about this theory that is originating from the Jonsa camp, insisting that Jon is just manipulating Daenerys’ affections and grief to get her dragons to come North. In short, I want to talk about how complete bullshit it is.

For those that don’t know, the general jist of it is that using Daenerys’ feelings to get her to right for the North. They use his time among the Wildlings and Ygritte as evidence that Jon is willing to do this sort of thing. It also assesses that Jon would do anything to save his home from the White Walkers. I want to prove all of those beliefs to be incorrect.

I want to talk about the Dragonstone scenes in “Spoils of War”, because a big crux of my arguments originates from here. Dany wants Jon to bend the knee before she’ll join the fight in the North, and many people misbelieves what Dany’s desire is. She wants to have her cake and eat it too – she wants Jon to swear fealty to her, she wants to restore her family’s rightful place as the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms, but she also knows she has to save her people as well.

And more than that, she is trying to get a feel on Jon. She is prodding him, testing him, trying to get a sense out of just the type of person the King in the North truly is. Dany is being a good politician by seeing just where Jon lies. He will probably be one of her biggest allies, no matter what comes next, and she needs to understand him better.

Jon is also beginning to understand Dany as well. She tells him she will commit her forces to the North, but she also wants to rule. Both of these characters are trying to think on beyond just survival. Everyone knows what kind of queen Cersei is. Daenerys, even with all of her inexperience, even with her hot blooded rationale to just jump into the fray head first, would be a better ruler than Cersei. Because Daenerys does not want to be queen of the ashes, while Cersei is just fine with that role. We see that in the crescendo of the finale.

It is the scene on the beach when we see that Dany trusts Jon. She doesn’t ask Jon his advice because she is over the clouds in love with him. If that was the case, she would have committed her forces right in the cave, no strings attached. She asks for Jon’s advice because Jon has every reason to tell Dany to lay waste of King’s Landing. The Lannisters brought his family to ruin, murdered his father, butchered his mother, split his family apart, instituted a ruthless tyrant in Winterfell.

If there is anyone who would be happier to see the Lannisters burn, it should be Jon. He has absolutely no reason for him to tell the dragon queen to stay her hand.

But that is precisely what Jon does. Despite his best interests, Jon tells her she can’t set fire to the red Keep. Because if she does that, then there is no hope for her rule after the threat in the North is over. It is in that moment that Dany realizes that she can trust Jon, that he will even give advice and counsel that goes against his interest if it will serve the realm.

Dany doesn’t subscribe to the Wight Hunt because she needs proof. She saw the historical evidence of that in the Dragonglass Cave. But Dany still feels that she needs to win the throne to save the realm – a very similar situation that Stannis found himself in right near the beginning of the series. If Dany marches north, that gives Cersei time to regain her foothold.

They need Cersei to back off so that Dany can commit. That is the crux of why Daenerys and Tyrion come up with this Wight Hunt plan.

People say that Dany has no stake in saving Westeros, and they have no basis with that argument. None. The argument rests on air, because both the show and the books have shown that Daenerys is above all else, a rescuer. She had no stakes in the slave trade, but she fought for the defenseless anyway. It actually went against her political ambitions, because it delayed her conquest of Westeros. The best time for he to invade would have been in the wake of Tywin Lannister’s murder, and she delayed that invasion because she would not see slavery return to Slaver’s Bay.

Daenerys’ arc in season 7 is about her resisting her base nature – to do the right thing with no political gain. Her rescue of Jon is episode 6 is, of course, filled with romantic subtext. That is obvious. But beyond that, Daenerys is frustrated with staying in the back. For most of the season, Tyrion was asking her to reserve her hand, to play it cool and safe. And Daenerys is a character that wants to get her hands dirty, that feels that she has to risk her life.

It was Tyrion and Daenerys that came up with the Wight Hunt. Daenerys feels it is up to her to set things to right. Because before all else, she is a hero.

Plenty of the supporters of this theory argue that the boat scene in episode 6 is when Jon realizes he can manipulate Dany. Jon is utilizing Dany’s grief to get her to commit to the fight. Ladies and gentlemen, this is character assassination. That argument shows, beyond a doubt, that they have no concept on Jon’s characterization, and outright ignore evidence displayed by the narrative to support their theories.

To suggest that Jon is so without morals and empathy, that he would manipulate a woman in grief over the death of her child, after she had risked her life for his, is a complete misunderstanding of Jon’s character. It is more comparable with Petyr Baelish than Jon Snow.

This is completely different than what Jon did among the Wildlings. Jon was forced into that position, he was conflicted over his feelings with Ygritte, he mixed in some of his bitterness with his bastard status with lies, and he gained a certain amount of empathy and respect for the Wildlings.

Dany had committed herself to the fight against the White Walkers, in full, with no strings attached. Jon did not have anything else to do. His job was done. But he chose to swear himself to Daenerys anyway. Why?

Because he is not trying to manipulate her. Because he realizes that she is the best chance that Westeros has after the White Walkers. Cersei can’t be expected to hold onto the Iron Throne. She is selfless, vain, vengeful, and would crush the kingdoms under her heel if given the opportunity. Daenerys risked her own life to save others, and sabotaged her own political ambitions to rescue the realm.

She showed exactly who she is to Jon, and she is the type of monarch that Jon would serve. The North cannot stand on its own. Jon probably realizes that better than anyone. He has seen how the xenophobia of the Night’s Watch almost sabotaged the fight against the Others. A united Westeros has a better chance of surviving the aftershocks of the Long Night than a North that is depending on itself.

And if you needed anymore proof that Jon is 100% sincere, look at his speech in the dragonpit. That is his character in a nutshell, and both the books and the show are showing that the Eddard Stark rule of politics is the only way to rebuild a better world.

Jon Snow wants to build a better world.

Lastly, if you are still not convinced that Jon’s affections for Daenerys are sincere, listen to the music. Orchestra is a story without words, and despite my misgivings about Ramin Djwadi, he composed what can objectively could only be considered a romantic theme for Jon and Daenerys. It cannot be any more blatant than that folks.

Jon loves Daenerys. Daenerys loves Jon. And they are going to save Westeros together.

List of Unanswered Questions.

This show is famous for leaving fans with many unanswered questions so we thought we’d keep a list and update it regularly before the show ends. 

1. Who is Uber A/AD?

Alex Drake.

2. What is their motive?

Alex’s motive was find out who killed her half-sister, Charlotte. Whilst playing the game to find out who killed Charlotte, Alex became jealous of the life Spencer had. She saw how happy Spencer was and how her friends would do anything for her. Her jealousy led to her threats escalating in order to break up the girls.

The threats only made the girls closer, so, Alex came up with a new plan. She decided that because she couldn’t break them up, she could just become Spencer. She slowly started insinuating herself into Spencer’s life (see a list of the scenes where Alex pretended to be Spencer here). 

3. Who killed Charlotte?

Mona Vanderwaal.

4. Why was Charlotte killed?

Because Mona saw through Charlotte, she knew that over the five years Charlotte never got better. It was her plan to pretend to get better, get released and start playing the game again. Mona planned on scaring Charlotte so she couldn’t start playing the game again.

But, it was an accident. The two got into a physical fight and Mona threw Charlotte onto a steel pipe which accidentally killed her.

5. Who killed Jessica?

Mary Drake.

6. Why was Jessica killed?

Because of the lies and the way she treated her twin sister, Mary Drake. Jessica had taken Mary’s child from her, and when Mary pretended to be Jessica and was impregnated by Peter Hastings, Jessica organised for Mary to be sent to Radley Sanitarium, once again. 

To top everything off, Mary found out that Jessica lied when she told her that her son Charles had died at age 16, when really Charles transitioned into Charlotte DiLaurentis/Cece Drake. 

Peter and Jessica were also secretly working together, setting out on a plan to use Peter’s pills to kill Mary. This plan had backfired, with Mary learning of their plan. She intercepted, giving Jessica the pills which stopped her heart.

7. Who is the “he” the girls are running from in the 610 flash forward?

Archer Dunhill. Emily has a nightmare in 719 that plays out the flash forward scene, in which the “he” they are referring to is Archer who comes back from the dead to come after Ali. 

8. Who killed Sara?

Noel Kahn (not stated specifically in the show).

9. Why was Sara killed?

Because she was suspicious of Noel and his motives after being asked to help him go on a “treasure hunt” to help find Charlotte’s money. Noel planned on killing Sara and Jenna at the end of the hunt so he could have all the money to himself, but he killed Sara earlier then planned to help prevent the possibility of her telling everyone about what she knows. 

10. Who shot Spencer?

Alex Drake, her twin sister. 

11. Why was Noel helping with the dollhouse?

Noel had secrets and Charlotte had used them against Noel as blackmail to help with the dollhouse. 

12. What is Sara’s motive for helping Charlotte?


13. What really happened to Sara Harvey the night she “ran away” from home and what is Sara’s overall involvement with Charlotte? 

This was never really answered but it is most likely that she just ran away because of the life she was living and the way she treated her friends. She was exactly like Alison DiLaurentis. 

Sara and Charlotte meet after she starts playing the A game and Charlotte uses her as a decoy on the night of the Lodge Fire. Sara is also sent to Wilden’s funeral as the Black Widow to ensure that he is dead so he can no longer hurt Ali. Sara and Charlotte share some sort of bond, as Sara described they almost felt like sisters. This was most likely Charlotte using Sara as an Ali replacement. 

14. Who killed Garrett Reynolds?

Darren Wilden did. He killed Garrett because he found out about Wilden being a dirty cop and was going to expose him. 

15. Who killed Darren Wilden?

Charlotte did. He found out Ali was alive and wasn’t going to let her come home to tell her story. Charlotte killed him so that Ali could come home. 

16. What is Wren Kingston's involvement? 

He and Charlotte were friends whilst she was a patient in Radley. He was also in charge of helping Charlotte and Mona get in and out of Radley while they were playing the A game. 

Wren also helped his girlfriend, Alex Drake, meet with her long lost sister Charlotte in London. The three all become close friends along with Archer. 

17. Why was Wren colouring in a Red Coat?

18. Why did Wren give Cece a visitors pass to visit Mona in Radley when she was already a patient?

This was some sort of cover up in case the girls came close to figuring out that Cece Drake was actually a Radley patient by the name of Charlotte DiLaurentis. 

19. Is Wren really a Doctor?


20. How many children does Mary Drake have?

Two: Spencer Hastings and Charlotte DiLaurentis. 

21. Who is Spencer’s biological father?

Spencer’s biological father is Peter Hastings, who slept with Mary Drake thinking that she was her twin sister, Jessica DiLaurentis.

22. Who is Charlotte’s biological father?

Pastor Ted Wilson. 

23. Why was Mary Drake in Radley?

Mary was admitted into Radley on several occasions throughout her life. The first time was because she switched places with her sister to help babysit Teddy Carver, and when his parents arrived home, they found Teddy dead. Jessica was most likely responsible for this, but Mary was babysitting and was given the punishment of being sent to Radley.

The second time was due to Mary pretending to be Jessica so that she could get with Peter Hastings. After this, Jessica signs the papers for Mary’s readmission into Radley Sanitarium. 

24. Why did Jenna and Sara work together?

They were working together to find Charlotte’s killer, and according to Jenna they were working with Noel to find money that Charlotte had left for them. 

25. Why was Rollins making Ali fall for him even before Charlotte was killed?

He needed to win her over so that she would believe his treatment was helping Charlotte get better, which would ultimately lead to her release from Welby. Charlotte even said herself, “Archie needs to win her trust. Convince her that I’m doing better.” “Alison is the only chance I have of getting out of here.” 

26. When and how did Charlotte and Archer Dunhill (Rollins) meet? 

They met on a flight to Paris (after Ali had given her the Vivian Darkbloom passport to leave the country as she was about to go down for murder). 

27. Are Uber A and Amoji the same person?

Yes. They were both Alex Drake. 

28. Are Toby and Yvonne really dead?

Toby survived but Yvonne sadly didn’t.

29. How was Eddie Lamb connected to the plot and what happened to him?

He was a good nurse at Radley who’s main role was to warn Spencer that Wren was doing some shady activity with Visitors Passes and was helping inmates escape Radley when they wanted to. 

30. What is Bethany Young’s entire involvement in the overall storyline?

31. How did no one know about Mary Drake?

“Many families have secrets. Sometimes those secrets are actual people.”

She spent a lot of time in Radley Sanitarium and possibly impersonating her sister, Jessica DiLaurentis.

32. Mary Drake said she got a call from Rollins after Charlotte was killed which made her come back to avenge her daughter. Why did she lie, as we know she landed in Philly a week before Charlotte was killed? 

33. Who is Beach Hottie?

Detective Darren Wilden. 

34. Who gave Ali the bloody lip in Veronica Hasting’s flashback?

This wasn’t answered in the show but rather in an interview with Marlene on an ET Live chat. She said it was someone from the older group of college kids Ali was hanging around with.

35. Was Charlotte really in charge or was their someone higher calling all the shots?

Charlotte was in charge of the A game the entire time. 

36. Why did Jessica have a lair devoted to finding out if Ali was alive when she was the one who buried her that night?

We think we may have solved this one ourselves! We posted here about Charlotte finding out Ali was alive in 3x24 and then telling Jessica about it in order to redeem herself. Jessica then returned to Rosewood in 4x01 and set up a secret lair at Aunt Carol’s to try and track Ali to bring her home. She even got Ali’s bedroom set up for her ready for her return!

37. Why was Aria’s file taken from Jessica’s lair?

To blackmail Aria to turn on her friends and join the A team.

38. What was in Aria’s folder?

A report that she had written about Ezra, in which she basically called him out on being a sexual predator and taking advantage of a 16 year old high school student. 

39. What did Maya know? (Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife)

Maya knew that her stalker from True North; Lyndon James, was in Rosewood.

40. Who hit Ali that night?

Charlotte, thinking she was Bethany. 

41. Who killed Bethany?

Mona Vanderwaal hit Bethany thinking she was Ali and left her there. Melissa Hastings then found Bethany’s body, and thinking that Spencer had hit her with the shovel, she buried Bethany in order to “protect” her sister.

The autopsy had shown that Bethany’s cause of death was from suffocation due to dirt being found in her lungs. 

42. Why was Mrs. D taking Bethany to the horse stables, and why did she give her a pony (Custard)? 

Because she was having an affair with Bethany’s father, so by giving her things, she thought this would hide the affair. 

43. Why did Eddie Lamb recognise Aria when he saw her at Radley?

Because he had seen her visiting Spencer when she was in Radley in S3.

44. Who was the mysterious fourth person who showed up at Jenna, Mona and Sydney’s meeting in 5x05?

Most likely Lucas, as they were all meeting up to plan the distraction on the other girls so Mona could get to Ali at the church. (Jenna distracted Aria, Sydney distracted Emily and Lucas distracted Hanna that night).

It could have also been Melissa, as she could have been the person who distracted Spencer. 

45. Who pulled the girls out of the Thornhill Lodge Fire?

Sara Harvey.

46. Who saved Hanna from the fire?


47. Who were the Queen of Hearts?

Melissa and Darren Wilden.  

48. Why was Jessica in Spencer’s room in 4x22?

That was actually Mary Drake. She wanted to see her daughter.

49. Why did Bethany push Marion? 

Because she had intermittent explosive disorder. This caused her to have aggressive outbursts. During one of these impulsive episodes Bethany pushed Marion off the roof. 

50. Who was was the girl Melissa was talking to wearing the yellow top? Was this real or Jason’s imagination? 

This was most likely Jason’s imagination, as he was on drugs that night. 

51. Why did Mona look “dead” in the trunk at the end of 5x12?

Charlotte injected her with a “freezing serum” that made her appear dead. 

52. What is the relevance of the “ghost girl” who appeared in 3x13? 

We believe she was a representation of Mary Drake (read our post here

53. How did Alison’s friendship bracelet end up on Bethany?

Charlotte had the exact same clothing and accessories as Alison. Bethany stole Charlotte’s clothing the night she escaped and must have taken liking to the friendship bracelet so she decided to wear it as well. 

54. Who did Aria stab on the Halloween Train? 

Jason DiLaurentis (who was being blackmailed to push the crate of the train).

55. Who was the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween Train?

Melissa Hastings and Darren Wilden.  

56. What is the significance of September 7th? (the password to Charlotte’s lair at Carrisimi).

It is the day that Alison (Charlotte’s cousin) went missing. 

57. Marlene said we had seen the twin (Mary Drake) once before. When was this? 

We had seen Mary in 4x22; after Spencer had returned from rehab, Mary snuck into the Hastings house dressed as Jessica to catch a glimpse of her daughter. 

58. Who turned Cece into the police at the end of 4x23?

59. Who is Arcturus and the little “Hero” boy in Lucas’ and Charles comic book?

Arcturus is Charles and the little boy is Lucas. 

60. Who is the undisclosed buyer of Toby’s house?

Alex Drake. 

61. Who kidnapped and tortured Hanna?

Alex Drake, who was trying to find out if Hanna really knew who killed her sister.

62. Who is the father of Ali and Emily’s baby?

Wren Kingston.

63. Who is Board Shorts?

Ezra Fitz.

64. Why was Ali’s car at the Church the night Charlotte was killed?

I don’t think they’ll answer this in the show so I’m going to attempt to answer it. Charlotte ran off from the DiLaurentis house and probably stole Ali’s car and drove to the church to meet Mona. Ali probably borrowed Rollins car to go after Charlotte and when the two fought and Ali didn’t succeed at bringing Charlotte back home, she probably just returned home in Rollins car, leaving her car with Charlotte at the church.

65. What is Mona’s motive for being Original A?

After Aria returned from Iceland, she saw the possibility of the four girls reuniting and becoming a group again, which meant her only friend Hanna would leave her for her old friends. Mona used the girls secrets to try and turn the girls against each other. This backfired, only making the girls closer. 

66. Does Spencer have a twin? 

Yes, Alex Drake. 

67. What is Melissa’s overall involvement?

She has been protecting her sister since day one. 

68. Did Charlotte truly get better? 

Charlotte never truly got better. She pretended to get better over the five years with the help of Archer Dunhill at Welby. Her ultimate endgame was to be released and start up the game again.

69. How are Sydney and Jenna involved with Uber A?

70. How does all the Patsy Cline songs tie into the mystery? 

Charlotte grew up taking a liking to vintage things, Patsy Cline most likely being one of them. She also gave her sister, Alex, a Patsy record as her going away gift, something to remember her by because it was her favourite. 

We’ll continue to add to this list as we can think of questions to add, and as the show goes on. We’ll also add the answers to these questions once they are revealed. 

someone: i dont like alaska! shes annoying and breaks down when she doesnt get her way

me, an intellectual: alaska is an incredibly creative person who has managed to successfully create a popular image for herself even prior to winning all stars. she was in an unhealthy relationship with sharon needles (a drag race winner) in which she felt she needed to also succeed and win in order to prove her worth as an individual rather than seem like a second rate version of her partner. also as a result of said relationship she developed alcohol and drug addictions which she managed to overcome before proving herself and her talent on all stars. not to mention, it seems like any personal vendetas she could have had have been solved and she maintains a friendship with many fellow drag race stars. she’s best friends with jinkx despite jinkx being her biggest competition during season 5 and her other friends loudly disliking jinkx for her style of drag and her success in the competition. the same goes for katya in regards to both of their roles on all stars. she is also good friends with aforementioned ex despite the negative outcomes of that relationship because she values her career as well as her own role and her ex’s role in the drag race community and knows that she has been able to shine as her own person now in her own right. she has done so much work to establish herself as a famous drag star and is likely one of the most well known queens to have been on drag race because of her ability to provide shock and humor in her own unique way.

sana interacted with her mom twice in the first episode pls let this be the beginning of a healthy and good mom-daughter relationship. i know the parents usually don’t show up much on skam because julie wants the teenagers to figure things out on their own but sana’s mom seems so good and supportive i just want more of her

I need a fic now where before the fight with Rhea, Kara gives the necklace to Cat for safekeeping in case she doesn’t make it.”- thank @xy0009 who graciously let me write this for her 

“Aren’t you supposed to be out pummeling that alien queen into the concrete?” Cat asked, watching Supergirl land gently on her balcony.

“I am, soon. Sooner than soon,” Kara said, looking at the countdown that was playing on the corner of all the screens behind Cat’s desk. Fifteen minutes left. “I just had a talk with Kal. Er, Superman.”

Cat’s eyebrow lifted at the accidental name drop, tucking away the information for… nothing, probably. She couldn’t exactly start printing every little slip up Kara made in her presence. But it was always nice to know more than other people. “Did he give you some tips on not getting snatched by that god-awful cape?”

“No, although that would be helpful if he had any,” Kara said, twisting the end of her cape anxiously around her arm. “He just said some stuff about… about fighting for people that you cared about. His girlfriend, mostly.”

“Superman has a girlfriend?” Cat asked, sidetracked for a moment at the thought of Lois Lane finding out that her precious superhero was going home to someone else.

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wedding: impossible

michelle jones/peter parker - college/future fic (wip)

Against his better judgement, Peter has agreed to be MJ’s fake date to a wedding so she can usurp the bride, or something. Considering how much he’d like to be her not-fake date, he’s not really looking forward to it.

Peter’s phone rings just as he’s about to leave for Ned’s dorm to start their bi-monthly X-Box-and-Red-Bull night. He’s wearing his comfiest sweatpants and a t-shirt that reads ‘all the best chemistry puns argon’. He picks it up without even checking the caller ID, still moving and grabbing his keys and and a new bottle of Jagermeister.

“Hey, May, can I call you tomorrow? I’m just about to-”

“It’s not- um, it’s me.”

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Neda’s rant to Canada

“Also Canada, please don’t hate me. Like, that’s so mean. Don’t cheer when I lose. Even though I threw it. I did throw that HoH by the way, obviously. I just can’t win 3 mental competitions before Jury starts. I can’t put that big of a target on myself. But it’s still not nice to be cheering when I step off. It’s mean. I understand you don’t like when people control the game in the beginning and get out your favorites. I understand I’m not the funny, entertaining person in the DR or in the house and I’m not that great of television. I’m just a gamebot, I can’t help it. Like, I wish I was funny but I’m just not funny. I’m sorry. I just wanna win $100,000 for my family. Literally the only alliance that I said I’m loyal to is The Nedas, me, my mom and my cat. And anyone else I will ***** over. Sorry.”