she needs to do more voice overs

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.

A/N: I couldn’t write the fluffy smut I need to finish, so I sat down and wrote 5000 words of angst and misery instead. Enjoy! 

She was falling, fast. She knew it was going to hurt when she stopped falling but for the first time in three days she felt at peace.  The faces weren’t flashing by any more, the voices weren’t screaming. She wasn’t screaming either, and she knew it would be commented on, how silently she’d fallen but she didn’t need to scream. She wasn’t afraid. She’d made the right choice

24 hours earlier

“Y/N. Y/N, can you hear me? It’s Steve. Steve Rogers. I’m coming in.  I’m unarmed.  You know me. It’s Steve. Do you remember me?”

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Ginny looked around the physical therapy place, trying to figure out what the hell she was doing here. Her arm was bound against her side to make it immobile. She’d been sentenced to 3 months mandatory rehabilitation with the probability of extension on examination. Everyone was nice…too nice in fact. It had only been 2 minutes and she was already annoyed. If she had to hear one more person say that they were “SO EXCITED” about helping her, she’d…well she couldn’t do much of anything with her arm.

She was led into a private room with white walls and a therapy bed. “Can I just?” She looked over at the nurse. “I need a minute.” As soon as the door closed she regretted her decision. The walls seemed to close on her. She sat down on the bed, trying not to scream.

“Oh my god, you’re a miracle worker.”

She sat up, frowning at the wall. She knew that voice.

“That’s the spot.”

There was no way. She stood, walking to the door and opening it. Pushing past the nurse she walked over to the room next to hers.

“You can’t go in there.”

She felt a small sense of satisfaction that she’d cracked the Megawatt smile on the nurse’s face, but ignored his words. Opening the door, she walked right in and sure enough, there was Mike Lawson, on his back being massaged by a therapist.

“The hell?” He turned and squinted at the door, his expression furious. The look melted as soon as recognized her. He sat up, the towel covering his ass slipping and falling off, leaving him completely exposed. “Ginny.” He breathed.

“Hey.” Ginny glanced down and gulped. “So…um…” She motioned towards his lap. “I see the legends are true.”

Mike smirked and looked at the bewildered massage therapist. “Give us a minute.” He waited until they were gone before standing and stretching. Ginny glanced at the floor, fighting the urge to look. “So.” Mike said, bending down to grab the towel and straightening to hang it around his neck. “Come here often?”

“First day.” Ginny said, focusing on the wall. They were blue in his room, why were they blue in his room?

“Uh huh.” Mike said. “You know, if I didn’t know any better I’d say you planned this entire thing to see the goods.”

Ginny snapped to look at him, his expression was amused, but slightly concerned.

“Please.” Ginny said. “It’s not like it’s that difficult to see Little Mike. From what I’ve heard, all it usually requires is a crop top and a pair of fuck me shoes.”

“See, I’d believe that you weren’t interested,” Mike said, “but then you had to go and name him.” He wagged his eyebrow. “Go on. Say hi.”

Ginny wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of stealing another look. His joking expression softened as he looked at her.

“How are you?” He asked.

“Wondering why my room looks like a cell in an asylum and yours is pleasant.”

“Perks of being the unofficial supreme ruler of this town.” He said.

“More like you have frequent flier miles because your old bones need so much attention.” Ginny shot back. Mike nodded, amused.

“I’ll give you that one.” He shifted. “How are you?”

Ginny bit her lip, looking at her arm. She wasn’t sure how to respond and she was really trying to concentrate on not looking at little Mike. Mike pulled the towel off his shoulders and wrapped it around his waist.

“Figured it undermined the seriousness of the conversation.” He muttered in response to her questioning eyebrow. “Can’t have you distracted.” He motioned to the therapy table.

Ginny rolled her eyes, accepting the seat. Mike sat next to her, making sure to keep a good 2 feet between them. “I don’t have the plague.” She said.

“Little Mike’s ego tends to swell with attention.” He said. “It’ll better for all involved if he stays far away from temptation.” He shut his eyes. “Not that I see you as temptation, you’re a strong, intelligent woman who I respect and-”

“What if we had kissed?” She said. Mike stopped, his mouth slightly opened. He cleared his throat.


“That…that night.” She said. “What if we had kissed?”

Mike ran a hand over his beard, sighing heavily. “Never thought you were the type of person to focus on what ifs.” He mumbled.

“I’m not.” She said. “At least not before…” She glared at her arm. “It seems all I have is what ifs now. What if I had listened to Blip? What if I hadn’t sent Will away? What if I hadn’t blown up at Amelia? What if I hadn’t strained myself? What if I hadn’t continued to pitch even when I…” She bit her lip, feeling her world collapse around her. “What if there’s nothing for me outside of baseball?”

“Hey, you’re not done.” Mike said. “You hit a set back, but believe me; that’s not the end.” He looked at his knees. “I should have been out 3 years ago, but I’m still here.”

“But you have a 15 year career to look back on.” Ginny mumbled.

“And I’m sure you’ve memorized every second of it.” Mike said. “And documented it through the handmade wall paper collage of images of me you grew up with.”

Ginny smiled, “There was no wall collage. But…”

He leaned forward in anticipation. Ginny looked at her hands.

“I want to talk about that particular what if…” She looked at him. “Our what if.”

“I-” Mike began. At that moment, the door opened and the therapist walked in.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, Mr. Lawson, but your time is up.” She said.

Mike nodded. “One second.” He said, waving her out. He looked over at Ginny. “If it’s what you want, we’ll discuss it.” He winced as he got off the table. “Preferably when I have pants.” He looked at her, tilting his head slightly. “You’re not done, Ginny Baker.”

“You neither, Mike Lawson.” She said.

“So you going to be coming here regularly?” He asked. She nodded.

“I’ve been condemned to a session everyday.” She said. Mike exhaled.

“There goes the neighborhood.” He remarked. “How about after your session tomorrow, we go for a beer.”

“Don’t think it mixes well with the painkillers they’ve got me on.” Ginny mumbled.

“Then…we’ll go for a grape soda.” Mike said, going towards the door. “For the record, crop tops and fuck me shoes work. Just if you need inspiration for our talk.” He knocked on the door. The nurse and therapist were waiting for them. “Make sure Ms. Baker has the best room in this place. It’s important that she gets back on her feet.”

Where the Love Light Gleams (Ch. 4)

Summary: Ginny Baker, trying to get to her boyfriend’s house for Christmas, gets stranded when a blizzard shuts down the roads. Stuck at the one lodge in the area, she meets grumpy owner Mike Lawson, newly-divorced and not in the mood for Christmas, or customers.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

She’s done nothing wrong.

Ginny tells herself that over and over as she jumps to her feet and heads to the lobby ahead of Mike. Nothing happened. She has nothing to feel guilty about.

She doesn’t examine the fact that she needs to keep this mantra going in her mind as she comes face to face with Trevor. He’s got his black coat wrapped tightly around him, looking more stylish than practical.

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Okay so I’m gonna ask for some people’s help here, bc I’m sure i am hearing this correctly but could do with some confirmation.

So when we first hear/see Mary’s video message here:

She is very controlled. Her emotions are in check and her voice is even, and somewhat chilling. There’s an element of her being quite matter-of-factly about what she’s asking Sherlock to do.

The second time we hear Mary’s recorded message is when Sherlock is in the taxi after John rejected him, through Molly, and he is thinking over the video message/what Mary has asked him to do:

There’s a voice over of the message, and it’s exactly the same - “When I’m gone, if I’m gone, i need you to do something for me”. Except, it’s not. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but her voice when we hear it here is much more needy. Her voice is wavering and there’s a sense of pleading to it. You can hear the emotion in it, as if she’s actually upset, about to lose control or break down.

Exactly the same message, the same words, but delivered totally differently. I’m not yet sure why this is. I just know that it’s definitely another one of the off things about this episode and Mary.

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spooky boons

Rating: PG 13 for language
Word Count: 1596

Summary: well. somebody better have a plan
Chapter Warnings: death mention, residual destruction

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“Fuck,” Nino breathed, clutching Adrien to his chest. “Fuck!”

“What do we do?” Adrien asked, trying to force his fur to lie flat. The Starting a New School books he’d read had covered things like what to do if you forgot someone’s name, or got lost, not how to react to an enormous explosion.

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“Jim!” Bones boomed as he entered through the glass doors of the Enterprise.

“Bones!” Kirk announced. "Always a pleasure. Have you come here to poke me with more objects, or is this an actual matter of import,“ Kirk asked, playful sarcasm filling his voice.

“Oh, I’m going to do more than poke you,” Bones growled. “One thing! I asked you to do one thing! To keep your hands off my little sister! But no, apparently your levels of testosterone over-flowed your brain cells!” Kirk’s eyes widened, Damn it. He knows.

“Now, Bones, don’t panic- there is no need for panicking,” Kirk tried calming him, you could practically see steam radiating off of Bones as his face turned red with anger. “Bones, I know she’s your sister- as you are my best friend. And as you being my best friend, do you really think I would get involved with your sister if I wasn’t serious about her? Hm?” Bones eyed him skeptically.

“You’re serious about her? Not just another one of your flings where she gets her heart broken, then you and I have a talk and you get your teeth kicked in?” Bones pushed. Kirk smiled softly in amusement and understanding.

“No, Bones, I really am serious about her… I think I might even be in love with her.”

First Impressions: Kira Kira Precure A La Mode

Well let’s talk about the good stuff and then I’ll talk about the stuff that doesn’t really settle with me, cuz there are a few things that just didn’t hit the mark with me. 

First off, I really do like the animation. It’s pretty bright, colorful and you can tell they apped it up for this. This series is a tribute to the 10th anniversary of Yes! Precure 5, so naturally they want to put a bit more effort to it.

2nd, I actually do like Ichika. I was worried she was going to be a rip off of Doremi and to some extent, she kinda is but I find her much more tolerable. She’s hyper active and can get over the top, but it’s balanced out when she does get serious and her voice helps a lot with it. It’s deep and soft enough not to grate on the ears (Unlike Doremi’s voice which was obnoxious to me) and hits right when needing to sound excited or frantic. 

3rd. Transformation rather creative. I like how she jumps on the cake to make her boots appear and the whip cream coming on her for her clothing. Really creative and fun to watch. 

4th is the opening and ending but more so the ending. The opening is more pleasant on the ears than Mahou Tsukai’s opening, which was annoying but as nice sounding as it is, it’s not that memorable. It’s not as catchy to me as the ending. The ending was more catchy, had a bit more bounce to it and I can find myself humming that more than the opening.

Also, kudo points to the 3D model team! I’m impress by this! They actually do blend in a lot better with the 2D. In fact, it almost made me wonder if I was watching 3D models dancing or 2D. Great job, Toei! You can probably make your own show about dancers and pop idols like Aikatsu. (Who knows, maybe that will be the next Precure idea…)

Now for the stuff I wasn’t impressed by. Let’s start off with the stupid villain…

We went from this…

To this….

I’m sorry, but if the bad guys look like pokemon rejects, especially pokemon rejects that are stealing colorful candy, it doesn’t feel like there’s much at stake! It just feels like what they’re fighting for is just for nothing really. A good villain is important to have. Granted you don’t have to make them sexy as Orba, but for Pete’s sake! Make them threatening! Oh wait, the audience thought Orba and them were too scary! BS! They’re villains! They’re suppose to feel threatening so you want to root for the good guys! And shoot, the kids lived with Shut, Close and Lock and they weren’t exactly “cute”!  Least not in the way kids would want them. ;D

Also, the attack for Cure Whip is weak! All she did was wrap whip cream around the villain (if you can call it that…) to defeat it! Even Mahou Tsukai at least had impressive attacks! 

2nd, I really don’t like the dog thing…A lot of people think its cute. I find it more unsettling than Mofurun! She looks like a clown doll! I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s cute, I think it’s creepy! Especially since she’s white as a ghost and her eyes are the same as Mofurun’s. It’s creepy, unsettling and just no!

(Have this be in your nightmares for the next entirety of the year!)  

3rd, guess what, we’re going to have a 6th cure for the team! I wonder who that will be….!

(Twilight, what are you doing here and why the hell did you steal Joker’s mask?)

Oh come on! They even added a fairy that looks like her in the opening! They’re not even settle about it! She’s going to be Cure Parfait. White hair, mask and looks brainwashed. Sound familiar?  >___<;;;

And granted, those who like Doremi will like the new toys, especially the wand that looks exactly like the wands from Doremi, except they just decided to take Cure Magical’s wand and stick it on top…. Granted, this is done by the same people that did Doremi but come on! They could have been a little bit more creative?

Over all, my first impression of Kira Kira is okay. It’s got some nice ideas. I like how that they actually have to make their transformation item. That’s kinda cool, but not impressed by the villains, the fairy is creepy and the fight scene was terrible. Even worse than Mahou Tsukai’s first fight and MTP first fight was really bad…

Next, we’ll have Cure Custard coming up. And she looks and behaves a lot like the yellow girl from MTP and Cure Peace…(Um…yay…I guess?) Looks like it will be a while before Cure Chocolat and Cure Macoron step in. The sooner the better. I hope their fight scenes will be better at least…

(Please, you two! Step in soon!)

Over all, I rate the first episode 5 stars out of 10. Okay and interesting, but we’ve had better….Still going to watch it though.


Level: “Eh, okay.”

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Idk what to do anymore. This girl I was best friends and close with left me. I said something and pushed her away. I don't know how I even said it it's like it wasn't even me. But I can't forgive myself. I can't get over losing her, I loved her. She's in a bad spot and I just want to be there for her but I can't. I still care about her more than anything in this world, but it's been months. I can't do this anymore. I need her. 😭 I gave up completely when this happened.😭I didn't get closure. 😭

talk to her!!! tell her this!! its never too late to voice out how ur feeling

9 of 23

Later that night Elara stood frowning at her husband. “Where were you?” she asked an edge in her voice “I needed you and you weren’t there.”

“You were doing fine without me,” he said reaching over to turn off the bedside light.

“That’s not the point,” she huffed “I needed you to hold my hand through this.”

“The kids needed me more” he rolled over closing his eyes hoping she’d get the hint and go to bed.

“I told you we’d explain everything to them after we took care of everything else,” she switched the light on again “I thought you were going to help me. I needed you.”

He Can’t Love You Like I Do (Part 2) - N.A

Y/n sat up in the bed slowly, the thin sheet falling from her bare chest as she tried to focus on her surrounds. Her entire body was sore and all she wanted to do was lie back down next to Nathan, but that wasn’t possible with her phone blowing up with text messages.

“Babe, turn it off,” Nathan muttered, voice raspy from sleep as he rolled over facing away from her, y/n grabbing her phone to see her ex’s name on the screen with more than ten texts flooding her screen.

Answer the damn phone. We need to talk about this
Babe. Come on
It’s not what you think.
Where are you? Why aren’t you home?
You’re with him aren’t you
I’m not playing games y/n. Call me back.
I’m outside. Open the fucking door.

She groaned to herself, rolling out of bed throwing on one of Nathan’s shirts and her underwear before quietly leaving his bedroom following the sounds of the pounding on the front door. She opened it to see her ex there, hair disheveled as if he had just woken up, which may have been true. Her eyes scanned him completely, eyes lingering for a moment on the fresh hickey’s on his neck that she didn’t cause. “What?”

“You can’t just break up with me like that without talking to me, babe,” he said inviting himself into Nathan’s apartment, y/n rolling her eyes as she closed the door, arms still crossed over her chest as she followed him to the kitchen. “Who would tell you something that crazy?”

“Well, aside from and peopled witnessing it, I have photos from people that have caught you in the act, so, there’s that.” She shrugged her shoulders, a guilty smirk left on her face as she went into the cabinet to grab a glass for some OJ. “Besides, that hickey left on your neck wasn’t from me, so you were definitely getting some last night, or the night before.”

“What are you talking about?” he questioned as if he didn’t realize what was lining his neck.

“I’m not fucking stupid, so don’t treat me like I am. I didn’t leave that god damn hickey on your neck, so stop acting like I did. You fucking cheated on me. Just own up to it Dave!” She was glaring at him now at this point, all jokes aside as he bit the inside of his cheek ready to start screaming at her until he saw the familiar 6’7 man he learned to hate walk into the kitchen, chest completely bare with hickeys exposed on his skin that he clearly didn’t bother to hide.

“You’re seriously fucking him? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Dave questioned as y/n shrugged her shoulders. “Fuck you, y/n,”  Dave said standing from his spot as he shook his head and left leaving y/n alone with Nathan again.

“How are you?” Nathan asked as she walked towards him wrapping her arms around his waist. “Why didn’t you say it was him?”

“Because it wasn’t important,” she said back smiling as he furrowed his eye brows confused. “You’re a bit more important, daddy.”

“Don’t start, y/n,” he muttered as she rolled her eyes getting down on her knees in front of him. “Don’t start something you can’t finish. You can’t even walk straight.”

“I’m just giving you a little present to thank you for yesterday, Nathan,” she said simply, tugging on the sweatpants he had put on, smirking at how big he was even though he was still soft. “You’re always so good to me.”

“You deserve to be treated like the princess you are,” he said back watching her spit on her hand before stoking him trying to get him hard, which wouldn’t be a difficult task. She kissed at the tip, his cock hardening in her grip, her thumb running over the slit as if she was caressing it lightly in a teasing way. His hips jerked slightly, a low moan escaping his lips as she smirked to herself loving the effect she had on him.

“So responsive, baby. I love it.”

“You’ve got that effect on me, love.” The smirk on her face growing as she decided to stop talking, slipping his length into her mouth sucking at the tip harshly, her hand moving agonizingly slow along his shaft as he gripped her hair pushing it out of her face using it to move her head along him, y/n getting the hint taking more of him in her mouth as she gave him head, a hand gazing his stomach with her nails as the other gave some attention to the length she couldn’t reach with her mouth, cupping at his balls every once and awhile adding pleasure. “You’re so good with your mouth.”

“Mmm,” she hummed around him, the vibrations going right through his cock causing his legs to shake in anticipation. She looked at him through her lashes as she choked around him, Nathan screwing his eyes shut at how innocent and slutty she looked in that one moment, ready to cum at any second, holding it in as best he could knowing she knew he was close as well. “You can cum in my mouth, Nathan,” she said, head cocked to the side after she had removed him from her mouth, stroking him slowly as his body shuttered, y/n slipping him in once again deep throating him knowing it would send him over the edge, spurts of cum shooting down her throat as she moved back to the tip sucking every last drop, swallowing it all. She removed him from her mouth, the softening member falling when released from her grip as she tugged his sweats back up his body. “How was that?”

“You give the best head,” he muttered pressing a kiss to her forehead  as she wrapped her arms around him again. “Can I return the favor?”

“I’m way too sore for any of that. You did a pretty damn good job last night,” she said laughing, looking up at his face, getting lost in the dimpled smile she loved almost too much. “But, I’m not too sore to cuddle.”

“Cuddles it is.”

TSR 0331

Author’s Note: This is a teaser for my first upcoming Dean fic that shall be released soon. So please look out for it! Gif credit goes to the owner. Song Credit: DΞΔN

“I’m serious this is the last time.”

“You said that six months ago. He’s in a relationship; you two can’t keep doing this anymore. Isn’t his girlfriend a model?” Your best friend questioned as both of you occupied the small brown sofa in your living room with two black square tables on each side. “She is, and I feel bad about it. That’s why I’m ending it. No more phone calls, no more late night texts. It’s over between me and him.” Your voice was clear and straight-forward as you spoke. You needed things to change. The man you were seeing was in a well-established relationship with a famous international model and you were the woman in the background running towards his every beck and call. You couldn’t be the woman anymore. “No more.”

Though I sometimes try to look the other way…

“Are you sure?” The girl asked with a serious look on her face. She knew you better than anyone else and she knew the weakness you had for the other.

“Yes I am.”

It’s so easy to do,
But I’m awake.

The more your friend stared the more you felt as if you were an insect under a microscope. She was analyzing you just like the rest of her clients. Having a psychiatrist as a best friend had it perks however moments like these you wished she had chosen a different profession to pursue. “Okay. I just don’t want you to get hurt. I know you’re a tough girl but even the toughest ones break at some point.”

I know, I know
I’m sayin’ that I know everything

“I’m fine, I promise. The next time he calls it’ll be over. I won’t even give him the statisfication of meeting with me face to face” Running a hand through your hair, you flick away the two loose strands that landed on your fingertips. Surely stress was the cause of them falling out. You always had strong hair but as this affair progressed every month you had seen more strands falling than normal. This really needed to end.

Even if you act like it’s not true in front of me

Ring! Ring! Ring!

You both fell silent as the sound of your phone going off on the coffee table ended the small conversation you two were having. Neither of you moved for what felt like 5 minutes. No matter how much you hoped that the caller would stop, the phone kept ringing and in clear bold letters ‘Mr. Rebel’ was on the top of the screen. He was determined to get you to answer. You had never missed his calls. Never.

Bonnie Clyde, Bonnie Clyde One Night
Who cares, Who cares?

“Answer it.” The other said while picking up her mug off the table. Taking a slow slip of the hot cocoa inside, her eyes shifted from the cellphone laying untouched to the flat screen in front playing a movie neither of you were concerned about. But it was her way of letting you handle things for yourself.

Just friends, Just friends alright
Who cares, Who cares?

“Finally picking up the phone, you picked up the device you placed it to your ear and listened to the sound of heavy breathing coming from the other side. He was back in Seoul from visiting the U.S. and he said he would call the minute he landed. But you knew his schedule, he came back home three days ago. But now he chooses to call. This had to end now. “H-Hello?”

Hurry, come out, come out, alright,
Who cares, Who cares?

“Missed me, Darling?”

Till we die, Till we die
Oh, even if this is the end of you and me

The Agent » Matt Murdock

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader

Fandom: Daredevil + Marvel

Words: 1081

Summary: You’re an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and you’re sent to Hell’s Kitchen to help out. 

A/N: I plan on releasing a lot of new reader inserts soon! c: 

Originally posted by chraliecox

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Chance the Rapper wins Grammy for best new artist

Los Angeles, Feb 13 (IANS) “This is the time our voices are needed more than ever” said singer Jennifer Lopez before handling over the first Grammy Award to Chance The Rapper on Sunday night for best new artist and his rap performance of “No Problem” with 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.

“This night is not about dresses not awards, it is about music. How they move us, inspire us. Our voices are needed more than ever. We do languages that’s how civilization prevails,” said Lopez before announcing the winner in category of Best New Artist during the 59th Grammy Awards at the Staples Centre, here.

She then announced the winner by calling the name of “Chance the Rapper” who defeated contenders like The Chainsmokers, Maren Morris and Anderson.Paak to win the accolade.

“Glory be to God. I claim theAvictory in the name of the Lord,” said the 23-year-old while accepting his award. He acknowledged his mother, father, his on-off girlfriend Kirsten Corley, their 16-month-old daughter and Chicago.



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I feel like Azrael's voice is commanding most of the time, in the authoritative and mildly menacing "I expect you to listen and head my words" sort of way, and some people actually do what she says without even thinking about it. I feel like it's somewhat deep as well in that same commanding way, and she can make it carry extremely well if need be to bark orders even over the sounds of a fight. It is not the voice of someone to be taken lightly that is for sure, more like that of a queen.



solisnumen  asked:

31. In awe, the first time you realised it [ ;) ]

⊰ ✪ ⊱ * ░ ┊ ❝ BRIGHT TRANQUILITY  ❞

                        SO BEAUTIFUL.
                            SO CUTE. 
                               SO STRONG.

He thought as he stared into the long hair of pure ( dawn ! ) Eyes like a ray of sunshine emanating from the hills, peering with CURIOUS eyes over every small thing. Such an adorable attitude she always had ;      so jumpy and adoring.     Tsuki wanted to do so much more than simply touch her with his eyes. He wanted to hold her.    love her, kiss her, touch her, embrace her    –

Tsuki walked up to the unsuspecting DEITY in silence. His eyes spoke words themselves ; there was no need for his voice. Slowly, he crept his arms up until he ( embraced ) her from behind. You can almost see the very imagery of    FLYING HEARTS    all around him as he took in her scent.      who knew he would fall so hard ???

His eyes softened as his chin rested on top of her head. He can feel the soft ( tickling ! ) against his face as her ears brushed against his skin. so soft, he noted. So gentle and adorable ;     strong and LOVING.    Adoration is not enough of a — — — powerful word. 

                             “Hmm….Tama-chan.     I love you. 

I LOVE YOU  || ♥ ↪ ❛ @solisnumen ❜  
Faking It Drabble #15 (Flexibility from Dean’s POV)

He watched her sleep, too wound up from the mind-blowing sex they had just had to fall back asleep himself. Her hand was resting on his chest, fingers twitching every now and then, one happy sigh escaping her as she dreamed. He smiled softly, knowing that he was never going to look at anything else as beautiful as this.

He pulled her closer, remembering just minutes earlier, when she was folded against the wall, then bending over, then straddling his lap and bending backward, exposing everything to him. Within seconds he was hard again, but he didn’t move.

He had some thinking to do.

It had hit him like a brick wall. Why was the sex so good? Why did he find himself fantasizing about her any time he was away from her for more than five minutes? Why did he crave her presence, need to smell her skin and hear her voice?

He understood now. He was falling for her.

This wasn’t just some crush, not just some physical attraction. He got it now. This was so much deeper than that. And now he had a choice to make.

He should run. He knew that. She would figure out eventually that he wasn’t what she thought he was. She’d find out his secrets, who he really was, and she’d leave. That, or she’d get hurt. People that he let in, people that he cared about, rarely made it through without unfairly suffering the consequences of his life. He would die before he let that happen to her.

So he needed to run. To get far away from her and protect both of them from the inescapable heartbreak.

Right then, she moaned his name in her sleep, needy and sweet, as she snuggled into his side. And he was lost. He knew he wasn’t going anywhere. He would stay right where he was, holding her, smelling her hair and feeling her warmth. He needed it. Needed her. Fuck the consequences. It was by far the scariest decision he had ever made, but it felt as necessary as breathing, and there simply was no other choice.

It was too scary to dwell on, so he slid down the bed and kissed her stomach, nudging her legs apart, intoxicated by the way she spread herself open for him, even in sleep. He slid his tongue against her, closing his eyes as the sweetest flavor he had ever tasted fell across his tongue once again. He felt her wake up, lifting her hips and giving herself to him without a word, without question, complete and total abandon.

He shoved all of his thoughts deep down once again, hoped against hope that those thoughts that complicated everything never crossed her mind, and focused on making her come over and over again, until they were both too tired to think at all.

In Between Dreams

For the lovely racheltuckerrr who prompted me for a little Kabby oneshot set in the not too distant future where these two are keeping their relationship a secret from the rest of the camp and begin missing each other after a few hectic days.

Title: In Between Dreams

Summary: Marcus and Abby discover the struggles of keeping their relationship hidden in a busy camp where one of them is always needed to attend to some problem or other and find themselves longing for a bit of quality time together…

Teaser: “Did anyone see you leave?” She manages to murmur after she
takes a moment to do nothing but settle and indulge in the kisses he lets
flutter across her neck. She can feel him smile against her neck, his fingers pulsing against her stomach in the second before he answers, his voice silky and playful, “Do you care?”

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Don hadn’t seen or heard from Nina in over a year. He had done as she asked and stayed away. Hearing her voice now seemed to cut through the anger he was feeling about his internship, but then she said what they had all feared would happen most.

“Michael’s dying.”

“What? What happened? Do they need some more elixir?”

“The elixir has stopped working. They don’t know what else to do and he doesn’t have long.  Dina wants you here.”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

That Sinking Feeling

My take on the Memory Loss Prompt for OQ week. Once again, set in The Perils of Parent Hood verse but can be read independently. I hope you enjoy it!

Robin is not a forgetful man.

He remembers every birthday, never misses an appointment, knows better than to forget his and Regina’s wedding anniversary—God only knows what she would do to him if he ever missed that occasion. He marks his calendar to remember when he needs to change filters or batteries in the smoke detectors, uses mobile alerts for such events as parent/teacher conferences, ball games and dance lessons.

But he’s forgotten something today, something he can’t put his mind around. His wife’s actions are making it painfully obvious.

Damn. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the evening.

“More wine?”

Her voice is smooth, her hair perfect, and she gazes at him expectantly over the lit candles on the table as he wipes his mouth.

“Thank you,” he returns, wondering if she’s waiting for him to offer up a toast. God, she looks gorgeous in the deep cobalt sweater she is wearing, but then she looks gorgeous in whatever she wears—or doesn’t wear, for that matter. “The meal was extraordinary. You really outdid yourself.”

She shoots him a private smile.

“I thought we deserved to treat ourselves today.”

Today. What the bloody hell is today?

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