she needs to be on the show more often


Look, say what you will about Allura’s treatment of Keith after finding out he was Galra. But you guys need to realize something. No one talked to her about it. No one walked up to her and said, “You know, you’re being really unfair treating Keith this way. Back off and apologize.” She realized on her own that it was wrong, irrational, and kinda immature to treat him so coldly for something that’s out of his control. This doesn’t happen too often on TV (at least not on shows I watch), where a character who is wrong about something actually admits they are wrong without someone else telling them that. It makes her apology so much more sincere because it wasn’t suggested by someone else. She really is sorry and she deeply regrets misjudging Keith. Just think about that for a second.

Fuu’s mother always told her that words are meaningless. “Anyone can tell you that they love you”, she’d say. “Words roll off the tongue, and it’s easy to not mean them.” She’d repeat the words often. “Don’t fall for a man who tells you that he needs you, but does nothing to show you that he means what he says. Don’t trust the person who tells you that he could give you the world, but withholds scraps of his meal from you so that his own belly may be fully filled while yours growls in hunger. People lie, Fuu. People lie to get what they want, and then they leave. Don’t let yourself be fooled by someone who talks sweetly but never makes the effort to do anything more.” Her mother would take Fuu’s delicate hands and lovingly caress the small girl’s soft cheek while she counseled her daughter. Fuu listened well, and the words always hung in the back of her mind.

   Mugen never said “I love you.” Honey-like endearments never fell naturally out of his lips. In fact, she could count on one hand the amount of times he actually said something nice to her. He was a rough man. He had never been taught how to talk to women. He had never learned how to woo a lady. He had no need to. He lived traveling on the roadside. All he needed in life was booze, brawling, and boobs. As long as he had some stolen ryos in his hand, he could pay for the services of women-no sweet-talking required. To put it simply, the idea of making someone feel loved through verbal means was a foreign concept to him.

   Fuu knew the type of man Mugen was. He would just as rather let Jin run his swords right through him than partake in ‘that mushy shit’ (as he so crassly put it). She wasn’t asking him to bear his heart to her. Fuu knew that Mugen would never soberly make himself so vulnerable. All she wanted was just a couple words from him that made her feel cherished and needed. She wouldn’t mind waking up in the morning to hear Mugen bid her a good morning as opposed to cursing at her because breakfast wasn’t ready yet. She always became angry when he insulted her and never apologized. Some days it seemed that every other word out of his mouth was a harsh comment, or a cruel taunt. That’s not to say she couldn’t handle it. Fuu could dish it out as well as he could. She just wished sometimes he would offer up a tender word or two. He never did.

  They had been traveling together for many years. Mugen had claimed her as “his woman” and she was happy with her place beside the stormy-eyed vagrant. He didn’t waste money at brothels any more, and while Fuu knew his eyes would still follow the large-breasted women they passed on the road, it was her own chest that Mugen (constantly) reached for to fondle. Mugen was always there.  It was always Mugen who came for her when she needed him. It was Mugen who found her working in another teashop and saved her from a customer who had raised his hand to hit her. It was Mugen who practically demanded that she come with him so that he could keep an eye on her (”You’re doing a shitty job of taking care of yourself.”). It was Mugen who protected her from the filthy touches of lecherous men.  It was Mugen who often gave up his haori to ensure that Fuu had at least the slightest bit more warmth on bitterly cold nights. It was Mugen who held her firmly in his arms when she woke up crying due to her nightmare filled slumbers. It was always Mugen. It was in those times that Fuu remembered her mother’s words and realized just what Mugen was trying to convey.

   It wasn’t that Mugen never told Fuu that he loved her.

   He had been saying it all along.

Bones Headcanon

His marriage to Pamela was great at first but over time they grew apart. When she filed for divorce he was heartbroken but deep down he understood. He hadn’t been much of a husband for a while, late nights at the hospital meant he often didn’t even go home, he just slept in his office. His patients were always his top priority, he couldn’t just leave.

The divorce itself was the hardest part. She took everything leaving him with nothing but his work. He loved his work with the kids but felt he needed something else, something more. That’s when he signed up to join Starfleet.

When he met you he was still recovering from the hurt. You gave him space and took things slow, doing little things to show him how much he meant to you. When he would fall asleep in his office you’d be sure he was as comfortable as possible and that there was a piping hot cup of coffee waiting for him when he woke up. 

You started by sleeping on the couch in his quarters and progressed to sleeping in his bed without him. The sheets smelling of him helped you feel like he was there when he wasn’t but you wished he could be there with you.

 He didn’t know you’d been sleeping in his quarters until one day a nurse woke him and told him to go to bed. He’d grumbled but eventually agreed. That’s when he found you curled up on the bed. You were sleeping so peacefully that he didn’t want to wake you so he crawled in bed beside you.

It wasn’t long until you woke to find yourself cradled in his arms. Every night after that you would fall asleep in each others arms. 


Fashion Wars Day Five : Erin Cinderstone

A recently re-made character and someone I’m super proud of design-wise, Erin has gone from a sparkle-charr to a serious vigil officer, and a mesmer I can see myself playing quite a bit more often.

While her armour is full of earthy tones, this Charr ICly covers herself in golden accents, be it rings, chains, filaments, or otherwise - she knows the colours looks superb on her and will not hesitate to show it off.

The entire theme of her armour was vigil, so obviously I had to use the mantle and chest to pull off the look, but it still needed to have some semblance of traditional charr and and older look, so the boots and glasses were a very easy choice. The pants are … a bit of a pain for me, I dislike how the textures stretch so much, but the shape of the pants are exactly what I had pictured for her so I just try to ignore it ( / v \ )

Head : Reading Glasses ( matriarch brass )

Shoulders : Vigil’s Honor Mantle ( icing, charred, oil slick )

Chest : Vigil’s Honor Vest ( abyss, antique bronze, antique bronze )

Gloves : Carapace Gloves ( charred, icing, icing )

Pants : Inquest Breeches ( abyss, icing, charred )

Boots : Archon Boots ( charred, charred, charred, charred )

Weapons : Shooshadoo, Privateer Sword ( x2 ), Ravenswood Branch

What if… Instead of a Ghostbusters sequel, we get a Jillian Holtzmann spinoff instead where we get to know more about her backstory and her routine off-screen most of the time. It’ll show what she does in life (maybe how often she teaches the needy or how often she goes to gay clubs). Also, flashbacks of her past (of her assumed horrible childhood) then maybe how she reflects on it. Finally, it’ll show where she gets a legitimate girlfriend and a practically Ghostbusters sequel then. I guess we need a Holtzmann spinoff rather than a sequel.

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apart from that.... like.... how can people say stuff like that? neither pharah nor mercy are op? like. pharah can be pretty much hardcountered by a decent hitscan (or at least it's gonna make her life pretty difficult) and mercy is like the least favoured support in the current meta, she's rly not that good (don't get me wrong, i love her, but when i pick her in a match in masters i still get told to switch to another healer a whole lot? she actually needs a buff/rework imo...?)

the data blizzard has actually shows that Pharah dies more often than 2/3 of the entire cast

Pharah, as she is right now, is balanced. People just don’t want to accept that they need some sort of aim in an FPS or should maybe spend some time learning her counters + USE THEIR BRAIN. the most kills I get on Pharahs is simply by playing clever and knowing her movements 

I see a lot of posts reminding me that Hunk needs to be appreciated and loved more as a character, but I personally get a good amount of Hunk on my dash. You know who I don’t see as often as I’d like? Pidge.

Give me more Pidge fanart and memes and headcanons. Pidge’s family, garrison Pidge, platonic Pidge friendships, Pidge ships. I don’t care, get it on my dash. Suffocate me with the Pidge love. She is the tiny sassy hero we all deserve

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                     Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

Who asks the other on dates: well, it was jace when they first stated dating but now clary always makes sure they’re going on dates – whether it’s a date in the park or if it’s something romantic. 
Who is the bigger cuddler: believe it or not, it’s jace. especially when they’re doing nothing that day and he just loves to cuddle with clary.
Who initiates holding hands more often: when they first started dating, it was jace but after all they’ve gone through and the abuse that jace has dealt with, it was clary to show him that she will always be here for him. 
Who remembers anniversaries: honestly, they’re both terrible at remembering. but all they care about is how much they love each other and they don’t need anniversaries for that. 
Who is more possessive: jace tbh
Who gets more jealous: they both get jealous pretty easily!! it’s split between the two and it usually ends with them fighting or admitting how much they love each other and wouldn’t have anyone else but each other AND IT MIGHT just end to other things ^.^
Who is more protective: lbr, they’re both very protective of each other but they both realize that the other is quite capable of protecting the other but that doesn’t stop them from protecting one another, especially from threats. 
Who is more likely to cheat: neither ?????????
Who initiates sexy times the most: B) BOTH 
Who dislikes PDA the most: they are a good example of a PDA couple, but only when it comes to kisses. other intimate moments, not just sex but other things, are when they’re by themselves. but i feel like jace likes they’re intimate moments when they’re alone 
Who kills the spider: both really. clary isn’t afraid of spiders and neither is jace
Who asks the the other to marry them: well canonically jace did 
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: clary. jace buys her art stuff and things she will cherish but clary constantly buys him things, especially from the mundane world 
Who would bring up possibly having kids: clary would !! but not until she was pregnant and when she was, she was so excited because she’s always wanted a family with jace ever since she realized he’s the only man for her. 
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: i mean they’ve both met each other’s parents, well jace’s adoptive parents so neither 
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: ngl clary makes him sleep on the couch when they’re arguing :p
Who tries to make up first after arguments: they’re both stubborn people but after a while, clary apologizes only if she thinks their argument is stupid
Who tells the other they love them more often: honestly, they do it about the same ??? but when they’re laying in bed, clary says it over and over, especially when jace feels vulnerable or is having a nightmare because she wanted him to know that she will forever love him and will never love anyone else but him.

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I didn't know you liked teen wolf, do you have any ships?

I used to! I faded away some time back. I like Derek, Peter, and Stiles most of all and enjoy reading about them in a combination of ships. No OTPs; I’d read whatever looked well written and had a good summary. Honestly, I spent most of my time yelling at the screen about how characters needed to be treated better/written more consistently. Like, I like Scott about 50% of the time, Lydia whenever she’s written WELL, Allison not at all (I have issues about her behavior), Chris depending on who’s writing him…even Stiles I sometimes (often?) wanted to strangle.

Honestly, I followed the fandom closer than I followed the show, so my shifting preferences would really depend on what fic I was reading.

If there’s one thing I would import from the TW fandom to the LOT fandom (beyond the werewolves because we need more werewolves STAT), it would be the rash of “time travel back to the start and fix things” fics I saw in that fandom. I LOVE that trope, but am utterly incapable of writing it. Also, the LOT fandom HAS time travel, so there’s REALLY no excuse.

Imagine sending a bath snap to the wrong person

You snapped the picture, adding the caption ‘Romantic bubble bath… now all I need is a man’ before sending it off to your friend Jada. The two of you often joked about how much you needed a significant other in your life, so pictures like this weren’t out of the ordinary.

Jared’s phone went off in the middle of an interview, your voice sounding ‘Pay me attention!’.

Both he and the interviewer laughed, and he shook his head.

“She set it as my ringtone whenever I get a notification,” he explained, pulling out his phone, “She’s more work than the dogs, I swear.”

The interviewer smiled at him, “You and Y/N have a close relationship. It’s obvious on the show.”

Jared’s ‘I don’t know what you mean’ died in his throat when he saw the snap.

The interviewer raised her eyebrows, and he mumbled, “Sorry,” as he typed out a reply.

You reached for your phone when you saw the screen light up with a notification, frowning when you saw it was Jared. You opened up snapchat and saw the messages, blushing deeply when you realised you’d sent the last picture to him instead.

‘Jesus, Y/N, I’m in an interview’

‘The bath does look romantic, but give me a chance and I’ll make it better…’

‘I’ll call you when I’m done’

please consider
  • tsukuyo and sacchan’s bickering evolving into playful teasing and witty banter as they grow closer
  • sacchan being a total sucker for cheesy action movies with lots of destruction and tsukuyo secretly having a soft spot for sappy feel-good stories
  • tsukuyo and sacchan sparring
  • sacchan tormenting tsukuyo with awful pickup lines
  • sacchan realizes that tsukuyo is a centimeter taller than her and immediately starts wearing heels. damn you, tsukky. i won’t lose.
  • tsukuyo squinting at hinowa as she invites sacchan for dinner more and more often
  • tsukuyo resting her head in sacchan’s lap and telling her what a long day she’s had while sacchan strokes her hair absently
  • sacchan humming softly while tsukuyo braids her hair
  • tsukuyo occasionally calling sacchan by her nickname rather than just “sarutobi” when she thinks sacchan needs cheering up
  • even more rarely, tsukuyo tenderly calling sacchan “aya”
  • sacchan proudly showing tsukuyo all of her battle scars and telling the stories behind them (a few of them made up bc she didn’t want to admit how many of them she got just from losing her glasses on a mission lmao)
  • sacchan’s energy and confidence becoming contagious, and tsukuyo waking up some mornings to look at herself in the mirror and find that she’s slowly starting to like what she sees
  • sacchan coming to admire tsukuyo’s kind, considerate nature, her passion for others, her fierce determination, and starting to see those traits more and more within herself
  • tsukuyo and sacchan balancing one another’s personalities and unconsciously helping each other to grow as a person
  • tsukuyo and sacchan

We haven’t spoken in 6 months.

6 months.

You’ve been too busy with a girl who is different from me in every way possible. She doesn’t text you “I love you” every 2 hours to make sure you don’t forget, instead she’s a bit more distant and thinks saying “I love you” too often will ruin it. She doesn’t kiss you at red lights, instead she looks out the window like she has somewhere better to be. She doesn’t sit next to you with her hand in yours as you wait for your food, instead she sits on the other side of the booth across from you on her phone.

Well, you left her a month ago because she didn’t show you the affection that you so badly craved. You had been so used to me holding you while we sat intertwined on your floor. You had become so used to me kissing every part of your body over and over again until the sun came up. You had become so used to having me stare at you as you drove because I wanted to memorize every part of your face. You had become so used to having someone who was so heads over heels in love with you.

6 months have passed and today you messaged me out of the blue wondering how I was. You thought I’d crumble back into your hands like I had before. You’ve spent 6 months without me and now you realize how lucky you were to have a girl like me.
Well I’ve spent the last 6 months loving myself. I’ve forced myself to forget about the love we shared and I’ve moved on without you. So I’m sorry but I will never come back. It’s a bit too late to miss me now.

—  6 months

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Shipping meme - Fallenangel

who is more likely to hurt the other?

Neither, they’re to sweet and pure for that

who is emotionally stronger?

I’d say Yuto. Ruri just, such a soft hearted person, she wears her heart on her sleeve.

who is physically stronger?

Again, probably Yoot. I mean he slung Shun over his shoulder

who is more likely to break a bone?

Probably Yuto, doing something dumb to show off.

who knows best what to say to upset the other?


Maybe Ruri, but I don’t imagine them doing that.

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?


who treats who’s wounds more often?

Ruri, she seems very nurtuing

who is in constant need of comfort?


who gets more jealous?

Idk, neither, they don’t seem like the jealous type.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?

*whispers* No.

who will propose?


who has the most difficult parents?

Neither b/c they don’t have parents. Though Ruri does have Shun. And Yoko totally would adopt Yuto, but I wouldn’t call her ‘difficult’

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?

Both, though Ruri more often.

who comes up for the other all the time?

Probably Yuto.

who hogs the blankets?

Idk, they probably share

who gets more sad?

Maybe Ruri

who is better at cheering the other up?


who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

Ruri, light friendly slaps

who is more streetwise?

Maybe Yuto

who is more wise?


who’s the shyest?

Both, they’re blushing awkward goofs.

who boasts about the other more?

Ruri probably, to all her counterparts

who sits on who’s lap?

Ruri sits on Yuto’s probably. Arms looped around his neck and nuzzling him. It’s all kinds of cute.

Another one for my lovelies🌸
I know this looks almost the same as my previous two pieces, but oh well😑
I just felt like I wanted to draw Carol’s ‘real expression’ after all the shit that she’s put up with through seasons 4-6(I think?). I feel that she’s such a complex and tough character and that there’s waaay more for her to come(hopefully not with Daryl dying somewhere dramatically along the way😁), and I totally meant it when saying she needs to show up more often!!

AAAALSO PERSONAL CONGRATS TO ALL YOU RICHONNERS OUT THERE!!! I can’t even imagine your happiness right now and I’m all in this emotional mess together with you guys!!
Hugs and kisses all the way ☺️❤️❤️

syfy seems like it’s going a decent job with diversity for now but honestly it Needs to get its shit together with having dark skinned heroes/main characters more often thanks

also i’ve read that the expanse whitewashed ade and she was originally nigerian in the books so……… wyd syfy

yeah your show is relatively diverse but your main characters who are poc are pretty much all light skinned, and your dark skin characters are either 1) not getting enough screen time 2) written off as terrorists and/or 3) killed

She needs time. For the seconds will tell you who she is. For the hours will show you how to love her. The days we lose ourselves to how we should have been. She needs time like forever isn’t enough. So I’ve been writing about her. How much longer will she wait for you? We lose so often in a day. Mistakes define us. They do. There is plenty to do, don’t beat yourself up over the details. You know, you once wanted to be more. I’m here to say this. You only need to be yourself around me. Okay? I’ll be here and that’s not a promise. It happens everyday. I’m still a mess, you just make it better, right?

Dating Isabelle Lightwood would include...
  • her playing with your hair.
  • provoking statements - she isn’t holding back anything.
  • teasing in the bedroom.
  • protectiveness.
  • can switch into ‘more like a best friend/ sister” role real fast when you need her to be.
  • it is very important to her that you get along with her brothers.
  • her telling you you look beautiful/ handsome every day.
  • being cat-called often? That’s over now because she’d literally banish them by kissing you and calling you “Babe”.
  • taking care of you when you’re sick or sad.
  • you’re the first she is showing new clothes/ outfits.
  • not to mention she’d tease a little when you’re alone:
  • “(Y/N)? Do you think I am showing off too much?” (She doesn’t really care. Just pointing out for you too recognize every little bit)
  • being out and about a lot but also covering up your duties.
  • support & help.
  • you helping her when she is occupied with her job.
  • very intense fights (only verbal) but after raging out, you’d talk like adults + would probably end up in sweet kisses.