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I am over harpy Claire. The way she has been written the last two seasons, it's hard to like her some times. However, with Claire entering the "pause", I don't see them taking the bitchy level down but rather cranking it up. Maybe Claire can discover some 18th century herbal tonic to combat menopause. She does manage to make penicillin why not premarin?

S2 and S3 Claire came off as smug a lot and down right pretentious at times. Especially in 307. She was a hard ass muthafucka in that one. Which would be ok if they showcased her vulnerability more often to balance it. In the books we see most of her vulnerability when she interacts with Jamie. He brings out the softness she fights so hard to hide from everyone else. And I guess, too, it comes through in her inner dialogue. I’m just not feeling that softness from Claire when I watch the show. Cait comes close at times, but just when she’s on the brink of taking Claire where she needs to go, she turns it off. She never quite takes that leap. Case in point, when Jamie returns after Faith died. Claire was so cold to him. Hated that. In the books, she melts into him despite all efforts and plans to cling to her rigidity. Where was the “snap together like magnets”? Again, when they have that fight over not killing BJR because Frank, there is no coming back to together. No reconnection. Fucking sucked. Remember her logic, “better violence than silence”….. Claire would fight to reconnect with Jamie. She craves the connection she has with him. In the show they have missed that character trait entirely and I miss it.

Duma bandana fashion show

You’ve got your fashionable burgundy

Then you’ve got your adventurous orange

Then you’ve got your lovely purple

Then you’ve got your stunning blue

You’ve also got a cute pink

of course you’ve also got a mix it up

Or tone it down with some grey

or maybe a lighter with some white

Or you could even be a pirate!

⇁ nudes, not flowers | 01

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pairing⇁Hoseok x reader x Jungkook

genre⇁smut || fuckboi!au

warningspublic sex, slight voyeurism/exhibitionism, dirty talk, dom!junghope, demeaning names during sex if you aren’t into that, jealousy

word count5.5k

You’re not supposed to fall for Jung Hoseok and his repertoire of awful pick-up lines—but you do. The problem is: he’s afraid of commitment, and bolts at the idea of settling down. After that, you decide to stay far away from fuckboys, but his friend decides to test your new found resolutions.

or : Jungkook wants to see how far he can push Hoseok until he snaps 

01 | 02  ⇁ sequel 

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Aunt Keyleth

After Vax is gone, Keyleth visits Whitestone more often. She still leads her people competently and wisely, but whenever she needs a moment of rest, a time without the weight of her world on her shoulders, she visits the castle. At first it’s to visit Percy and Vex, and then Vex, Percy, and the kids, later still it’s just Vex and the Kids. Keyleth becomes Aunt Keyleth as the kids grow up, and Great Aunt Keyleth after that.

When Percival V follows his grandfather into the natural sciences, studying engineering in Emon, Keyleth shows him around the city, shows him the Vox Machina fountain, his grandfather’s statue facing north-east, towards Whitestone, Vex at his side. Percival V asks if the one with the antlers is her.

Yes and No.

When he comes back to Whitestone with a plan to build a bridge from Tal’dore to Wynadir, Keyleth helps him to move the stone into place, taming the waters as the piles are driven deep in the ocean floor. The bridge stands for much of her life, a monument to engineering and magic. To the power that trust can bring to bear in overcoming separation.

When the tradition of naming the children Percival has long since ended, Keyleth helps Freddie to expand the bridge, to make it strong enough to support the weight of the new iron carriages, they aren’t teleportation, but they’re affordable, and they’re moving people in larger numbers than ever.

Emon grows into a city of history and industry, Whitestone shines as a beacon of ingenuity and hope, Westrun grows into a center of scholarship and craft, Vassellheim remains its conceited, pious self. And the Ashari, led by Zephrah return to the world stage, never forsaking their duty in guarding the places between the planes.

Throughout it all, throughout the rest of her Millennia and a half long life, Keyleth never forgets, never withdraws for long. She never forgets that Percy lives as long as Whitestone lives, and when things are at their darkest: at another funeral for her child (they’re all her children now and they’re all children to her now.) after the next big catastrophe leaves her reeling, still sensitive to the pain of others after all these years, she takes that phrase as her own. She will live as long as Whitestone lives, if Percy can make it through all these years then so can she.

And when she leaves the Material Plane for the last time, arm and arm with the man with raven’s wings, Whitestone remembers her- Aunt Keyleth, the woman who the city kept alive just as much as she kept it alive. When she and her friends, reunited after a thousand years, look back across the Astral sea, to check on the places that they loved she sees something that she never expected in her long, long life. For a thousand years beyond hers there is almost always a keyleth in Whitestone Castle. A Legacy in a Name.

Can you say salty? Sexualized where? Touka, an adult, decided to have sex with the man she loved, where is the problem? She wasnt the only one that was naked and exposed. We got naked Kaneki too, it wasnt just sexy naked Touka for fans and Kaneki to ogle. Why isnt anyone saying shit about Kaneki being “sexualized”? is that not a double standard? Are we saying Kaneki, as a man, cant be sexaulized?  I mean dude was pretty naked as I recall. If their problem is Touka being sexualized why dont they feel the same for Kaneki? He was equally naked, we even got a close up of his ass.

Also 99.9% of the time we have seen Touka on screen she’s been fully clothed. We’ve never seen her in some super sexy get up, which wouldn’t even be a problem as long as its in character. So I fail to see where she’s been the victim of being sexualized for fan service.

To the other people bitching about Touka being depicted as :one of those women" you can shut your misogynistic mouths. We know damn well what “that kind of woman” means. Again why are we going after only Touka? Is she having sex by herself? No, Kaneki is a fully willing participant too. Yet I dont see people implying he’s “that kind of person”. 

Is the problem that she initiated? Are people saying that women who initiate sex are “sluty”? What are we just supposed to wait for a guy to ask us marry them and then wait for them to make the move? What kind of stupid logic is that? 

Then we have people implying that Kaneki is the victim of pressure or assault when Touka clearly pulls away from the first kiss and Kaneki goes back for more. Also note that Touka on the bottom when penetration happens not on top. Kaneki is the one in control in that moment. Its his move, he either pushes forward and penetrates or nothing happens. Kaneki is willing and happy about this.

Haters need to stop trying to hide behind fake concern for Touka or the quality of the manga. Stop trying to hide behind this idea that Ishida disrespected Touka by depicting her making love with the man she loves. People keep calling it hentai but if you’ve ever seen hentai then you know its far more detailed and explicit then this chapter. Hentai has girls bodies on full display, breast bounces around all over the place, genitals fully exposed, positioned in was to show off their bodies. Often the guy is transparent at times just so you can see the females breast, vagina, ass or anus on full display. How in the seven hells is that in anyway similar to how Ishida drew touken making love? Yeah, its not.

Women are not these pure objects for people to place on a pedestals and then toss aside when they no longer fit the “pure” image. Touka isnt any less for having sex, she isnt a slut or a horrid person. Even if she had banged 1, 5 or 20 guys(or women) she’s still not a slut. She lost her virginity and she isnt any less for it and no one should lose respect for her or Ishida for it.

Kill this idea that woman having sex is bad, gross or takes away from a woman.

Everyone with these backwards ideas and stupid ass view can shove it. Touka wasnt horrible sexualized, she isnt now a “slut” and she isnt a abuser either.

(sorry binche for this long rambling submission)

  • Aries: A real force of nature. Steals a room when she walks into it, but has gone through an intense period of transformation. Has a natural sense of humour and almost always has a smile on her face, even if forced.
  • Taurus: Knows how to be in charge, but only when she feels like it. Likes nice things but likes food even more. Is torn between travelling the world and staying in her bed forever.
  • Gemini: Can float through a room talking to everyone she meets, but goes through periods of intense hibernation in order to recharge. Has an odd sense of humour but ALWAYS gets what she wants.
  • Cancer: Knows that she needs to put herself first more, but is still not sure how to do it. Has been trampled on a million times but still manages to radiate love from her fingertips. Extremely strong maternal instinct.
  • Leo: Desperately wants attention but doesn't know what to do with it. Will give up everything for the people she loves, but may easily forget about those close to her when she gets distracted by something new.
  • Virgo: Likes to stay active and in control of her life. Never really lets loose like she should, but supports everyone around her having a good time.
  • Libra: Takes care of everyone around her, even if she doesn't want to. Knows the solution to every problem, loves beautiful things, wants to see people smile, has so much compassion that it overflows out of her.
  • Scorpio: Powerful enough to be a witch or rule a kingdom, beautiful enough to make men beg. Into all sorts of magic, but unaware of the magic that flows from her mouth.
  • Sagittarius: Is always laughing and never backs down from a challenge. Likes to hang out with the guys and always needs something new to do. Thinks she wants to be free, but really just wants someone to go home to.
  • Capricorn: Very strong and independent, but very guarded. Has lots of ambition but not always sure how to go for her goals. Filled with joy but needs to let it out more often.
  • Aquarius: Secretly cares about everyone around her, but her stone cold persona refuses to let it show. Often tries to give up on everything when she feels out of control, but is a lot wiser than she seems.
  • Pisces: Embraces every new person she meets with love, but this causes her to get hurt because she doesn't bother with walls. Will bring dessert and salad to a dinner, even if you told her she didn't have to bring anything.
the end. [ damien x reader ]

summary: the reader and damien were lovers before WKM. they still care about eachother even after the events of WKM

warnings: angst and spoilersTM

a/n: needed to get this out my system bc i’m still crying

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Gray. A whole world of nothing but gray tones and colors, a vast emptiness that has no start or finish…That is what you see, or at least what you think you see. The first time you had been here was right after being shot, faced with a dilemma whether to live on as a…being or die as yourself. Putting your trust into the wrong people had driven you to the first option. That day there was darkness all around you. Now it’s all simply gray. The surface of this place is wet, calm streams of water rush by your feet, but why or to where you have no clue. Gray. Time passes neither fast nor slow, you cannot dream or eat or do anything but exist and feel certain things. Only strong emotions though, the ones that are powerful enough to break the shell of indifference that constantly surrounds you. Those emotions flash in bright violent colors, namely blue and red, representing of the two other people stuck here with you. Celine and…Damien.

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“Playing Spongebob has improved my life in so many ways. The biggest one probably is just, you know, his inherent optimism has changed the way I wake up in the morning, and it sounds sort of cheesy to say, but it’s really true. Maybe it’s because I’m fulfilling a life-long dream of being on Broadway, but I like to think it’s also because every night I get to inhabit this character. It’s made me more optimistic and more joyful and appreciate my relationships more. Actually, something really cool that my fiancée said to me the other day was, she said: ‘It’s really special that you get to save the world every night. Because this is a world that often feels like it needs saving, for different reasons,’ and it’s a really special thing, not just for me, but also to be able to share with this company and with this audience, is saving the world through this message of love and community eight shows a week. It does change my outlook on life, and it does change the way that I feel, and I like to think that I can share that with people now. Which is really special.” 🍍💛

Why Lucy Heartfilia is as heroic, or more heroic than Erza Scarlet- Even though Erza is stronger and seen as more brave

In my AP Literature class, we have been reading, and intensely discussing, Beowulf along with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Beowulf was written in Anglo-Saxon times, which came before the time of knights’ tales, more specifically, the time of King Arthur, The Medieval Period. Which is when SGGK takes place. Beowulf and Gawain are both considered the heroes of these two works. Even though they are so different

Author’s Note: This is from a literature-based point of view. Also, I love Erza to death and I’m not at all ripping on her.

I already made a post showing heavy comparisons between Erza and Beowulf. Their shared superhuman strength, belief in fate, and leadership stance makes the two seem almost like siblings. But there is more that the two share: Neither of them fear death, and both are on impossibly high levels compared to other legends, or in Erza’s case, characters. When I talk about Erza, most of what I say about her will compare to Beowulf, leading to my point. The same thing goes for Gawain and Lucy.

Erza fights for her people, she fights because she has to. Because she has been blessed and also cursed with a body and magic that is practically all-powerful. While she isn’t as prideful as Beowulf, she knows her power is god-tier and she refuses limits. Erza will do anything to destroy evil, including destroy herself. Although she is not completely fearless just like Beowulf, her fear never stops her from doing anything, making not only her strength, but her will stronger than anyone, especially the average Joe. She is a savior, and warrior, and a hero every viewer looks at and says “holy shit, her power is incredible, i’m awe-struck”. Her wisdom and stoic conscience telling right from wrong also heavily relate her to the all-powerful Beowulf.

Lucy Heartfilia is powerful, her magic is versatile, and her quantity of magic power is extraordinary. But that still leaves her behind God-Tier characters like Erza. While characters like Erza are generally looked up to as a kind of “superhero” figure, Lucy is looked up to as being relatable as fuck. While she provides an entertaining battle, it’s obviously never as flashy as Erza’s or Natsu’s. She shows her fear way more often than Erza, and fears death, much like Gawain. People in my class generally thought of Gawain as a coward, as being weak, and being a wimp. Sound familiar? I thought so.

We usually dislike the more average characters because they are so much like ourselves. We don’t like to admit that there’s only so much we can do, and cowardice is a negative term in society. Lucy fights for her friends, and she fights to protect others from having to fight. Beowulf and Erza also fight for honor, but in Gawain and Lucy’s case, it’s so much more than that. 

Lucy must fight harder and struggle more to leave a dent, while Erza can dent with one kick. Lucy has so much more to lose, much like Gawain on his journey to finish the deal with the Green Knight. As she implies often, her and her guild’s honor and dignity are on the line when she battles. Gawain accepts the Green Knight’s challenge to protect his king, because he thinks he is weak and no one needs him anyway. Sounds alot like Lucy, and it sounds a lot like the rest of us. Gawain’s journey and destination proves how truly strong he is, but within limits. He still chooses to show fear and cowardice, but lets go of it in the end as a final push against the Green Knight, and he passes the Knight’s lesson. Lucy also has physical and mental limits, but can still win. Because she’s so incredibly human

Gawain/Lucy are normal people, with the same fear and the same strength and ability as every single one of us. Gawain beats the Knight’s game; Lucy defeats several powerful enemies through her own attainable strength. That is the difference between Lucy and Erza. 

None of us can be like Erza, but all of us can be like Lucy. Both of them are amazing, but Erza is…inhuman in many ways. Lucy is a hero even when she knows she is the weakest one, Lucy is compassionate and even naive, Lucy shows honor when she didn’t have to. She makes bad choices, like all of us. And yet, she is a hero. Not just because she is strong, but because she is human. She’s so much like the rest of us. 

Erza is the one we all tell awesome stories and legends about. Lucy is the character we all learn lessons and humanity from, weakness and strength.

Erza and Lucy are both heroes. One shapes our will, and one shapes our heart.

I wanted to go into depth but I don’t want to make this a novel

I Remember | Jason Todd x

Description: After Jason Todd’s death, the second Batgirl, Y/N L/N, is determined to kill the two men who caused it. Bruce watches her transformation, and the way her expression shifts when the Red Hood takes off his helmet.

Request: If the requests are still open could you do one where Jason was friends with the reader as Robin (round about when he was 16) and when he dies, reader turns into a Punisher like antihero and yaknow something with how when Jason does come back and his reaction idk really:))

Words: 1867


Masterlist | Inbox

Taglist: @followeroonieclassic@robincoalition@puggleprincess@robincoalition

Bruce had never known how much damage a sixteen-year-old girl could cause until Jason Todd’s death. He remembers telling her almost as well as he remembers holding Jason’s body, or the splitting, earth-shattering, undiluted pain in his chest as his heart tried to saw it’s way out of his ribcage.

At first, the only thing that had been noticeably off was Y/N’s immediate disappearance and the way she had executed it. It was cliche and simple. She left a tear-stained note on her bed, and Alfred read it aloud to me as I drove the Batmobile into downtown Gotham—Riddler had made a bomb threat on the GCPD, and that meant that I was needed elsewhere. Y/N can wait, I remember thinking harmlessly, she’s only a teenager. I can find her once this is over with.

But after her disappearance crimes began to topple on top of each other, creating a proper and steady barricade between myself and the second Batgirl. By the time I had managed to create a period in which I could search for her, she was gone and seemingly never returning.

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3 weeks early

requested: can you also do imagine where y/n is married to shawn and she’s pregnant and she’s on tour with him and before every concert she goes out to fans to give them some tickets 😊 and it’s cute and fluffy ☺ thanks, love you 💖

okay i changed this one just a little bit, it’s not that much but she’s just not on tour with him



“guys where’s y/n?” the voice of your probably worried husband could be heard from his dressing room even though he was on the stage doing soundcheck for the show later on. he got no response from his team around him, causing him to worry more. “you left her alone? you guys can’t do that she’s 8 months pregnant!”

you chuckled, knowing he was going to send someone to the dressing room so you could sit in the audience and watch him or something. just so he can see you at all times. ever since you found out you were pregnant, shawn has been almost extra protective. you were surprised you were even allowed at tonight’s show. when you were in the early stages of your pregnancy, you were still allowed to tour with him and go to his shows but once you reached the 6 month mark, you were banned. you had managed to convince him to let you come tonight since it was a show in your hometown, but after a few weeks and a few deals made, he finally let you come. of course, he tried his best to make sure you were never alone just in case you went into labour early which was definitely a possibility. another reason he let you come to tonight’s show was because his family was also going to be attending, and you could stay with them while he was

“somebody go find-” shawn yelled, walking into his dressing room. “oh you’re here. okay never mind everyone i found her!” he came over to your spot on the leather couch, “how are you two?”

“i’m good,” you said, rubbing your giant belly. “she’s good too. she loves the music, she’s been dancing around in there all day.”

“that’s my girl.” shawn smiled, changing into a black short sleeved dress shirt for his q&a that started in about 45 minutes. “she’s gonna be a dancer one day.”

“you mismatched like all the buttons shawn.” you laughed,
nothing that all the buttons he just did were all in the wrong places. “how do you even do that?” slowly, you managed to get up from the couch to help him redo the buttons. you got as close as your stomach would allow to undo all the buttons as shawn just smirked while watching you intently.

“i’m having some sort of déjà vu,” he said. “last time you did this, that happened.” he pointed to your baby bump.

you rolled your eyes, swatting the side of his arm then quickly doing up the buttons. “you’re an idiot.”

“hey,” he raised his hands up in defence. “i’m just saying the truth.”

“all fixed,” you announced, lighting patting his chest. “what would you do without me?”

he shrugged, taking some food from the table that was set up in every one of his dressing rooms. “i wouldn’t be living y/n, my fans would make fun of me too much for not knowing how to do buttons.”

you laughed, taking a peek out the window to see a giant crowd of fans in the distance. you remembered going out into those crowds when you toured with shawn, you had a tradition of giving away tickets to a few fans who had none. of course, you kept it a secret because you didn’t want people to get greedy but you missed doing that.

“hey shawn?” you called, closing the curtains so fans couldn’t look in. you stood in front of his spot on the couch, wrapping your arms around his neck. he looked up at you, his hands grabbing your sides. “did i ever tell you how insanely attractive you are?” you smiled. you knew that if you wanted him to agree, you would have to do some kissing up.

“you want something don’t you?” he narrowed his eyes, not being able to keep a straight face.

“you don’t happen to have any extra tickets lying around do you?”

“y/n,” he sighed. “you can’t go out in that crowd. it’s too dangerous for you and the baby.”

“shawn i used to give away tickets all the time before! please, i’ll be fine i promise.” you begged. you wanted nothing more than to get some fresh air. after being in this stuffy dressing room all day, you were in desperate need.

“y/n, you could go into labour at anytime now! it’s way to dangerous and if i let you go out there and something happens i will never forgive myself.”

“nothing is going to happen shawn, i’ll be careful i promise. i really need some fresh air, i feel like i’m suffocating in here. if you’re really that scared, come with me.”

“if i come with you we’ll for sure get mobbed. i’ll get you some extra tickets.” he sighed, finally giving in because he knows you wouldn’t have stopped until he did. “but, you’re going out with security standing close by and i’m going to be watching. if i see anything that doesn’t look normal, you need to come in.”

you nodded, taking the tickets he handed you. some people would think shawn was being too demanding and overprotective but you know he’s just looking out for you and the baby.

“i’m not trying to be harsh baby,” he said, kissing your forehead. “i just want you to be safe and protected at all times. if anything were to happen at one of these shows i would never be able to live with myself.”

“i understand shawn, trust me. but i’m going to be okay out there, especially with everyone watching my every move. nothing is going to happen.”

“you could go into labour at anytime y/n, your due date isn’t that far away.” he said, cupping the side of your face with his spare hand.

you were due on april 21st and today’s date was april 2nd, meaning you were almost full term and the baby could come at any time but she would be early. you had the slightest feeling she would be late though, motherly instincts i guess.

“babies aren’t always born early shawn. she could come when she’s supposed to come.”

“y/n,” he chuckled. “how early were
you born?”

“5 weeks early,” you mumbled. “okay i see your point but still, i’m going to be fine you can watch from the window or something.”

he reluctantly handed you one more set of tickets and you were off. “be safe out there!” he called.

“i will!”

you met a security guard at one of the entrances of the arena who allowed you to leave, and another one followed you out. you were happy that he wasn’t right behind you, you needed some space. as soon as the door opened you were relieved that nobody was really paying attention to you. everyone was mostly occupied with their phones or talking to their friends as they waited to get into the arena.

as you walked around for a bit you heard a few mutters of “is that y/n?” or “guys look, it’s y/n.” but thankfully the crowd was calm and hadn’t erupted into screams yet.

you began to feel a large amount of pressure on your stomach which you were used to, but never this intense. you shrugged it off thinking it was just braxton hicks.

you noticed a young girl, probably about 6, and another older teenage girl who looked about 16, and their mom standing further away from the crowd. the two girls were wearing t-shirts with your husband’s face on it, but you had never seen those shirts before. they must not have been official merch shirts. the older girl smiled at you, and you decided to go over and talk to them for a bit.

“hi,” you smiled as you approached them.

“oh wow, hi y/n!” the older girl smiled. “would it be okay if we took a picture?”

you nodded, smiling for a picture with the girl and asking for her name. “i’m alessia, and this is alex.” she said, pointing to her little sister who was standing behind her mom.

“aless, who is this?” her mom stepped in. obviously noticing you were very pregnant, her eyes flickered to your ring finger, obviously looking to see if you were married.

“mom, this is y/n. she’s shawn’s wife, you know that already.” alessia stated like she should already know.

the girls’ mom asked you a few questions about your pregnancy which you were happy to answer. eventually the younger girl came from behind her mothers legs and asked for a picture.

“so,” you started. “are you guys coming to watch the show?”

obviously they just thought you were making casual conversation, but you knew what you were doing.

“no,” alessia sighed. “i wish.”

“i tired my hardest to get them tickets but they were so expensive and money is tight right now.” their mom said. “but they wanted to come stand outside for a bit just incase shawn came outside.”

you sighed, you suggest shawn come outside but you understood why he couldn’t.

“well,” you smiled. “i happen to have some extra tickets if you three would like?”

the two girls nodded eagerly, looking at their mother for permission.

“we could ask you to do this,” she said, shaking her head.

“please,” you handed her three front row tickets. “it’s my gift. take them.” she took the tickets, all three of them thanking you many times.

another sharp pain ran through your body although this time it was more noticeable.

“are you okay?” alessia asked, putting her hand on your arm.

“yeah,” you nodded. “i’m okay. she’s just kicking.” you lied. “anyways, i should probably get going but it was nice meeting you guys. have fun later!”

you met a few more fans, giving them tickets and making them promise they wouldn’t say a word about it. you forgot to tell the first family not to say anything, you really hoped they wouldn’t. as for the pains, they didn’t fade away. in fact, they were getting more intense but you didn’t want to go inside just yet. you were sure everything was fine. the fact that you were in pain was more noticeable now, almost everyone was asking if you were okay. you were sure shawn knew something was going on because at one point even your security guard asked if everything was okay.

you handed the last group of fans some tickets as you felt the sharpest pain followed by a trickle of water going down your leg.

“shit,” you mumbled, noticing that your dress was now soaked with water and there was a small puddle under you. the girls noticed what happened and were definitely all recording you but you didn’t care at this point. you were in too much pain to walk back into the arena and find shawn. you noticed a bunch of people from shawn’s team walking out of the main entrance, followed by your husband. he knew exactly where you were standing so he was at your side immediately. the rest of the team followed close behind, andrew was on the phone with who you hoped was 911 for an ambulance.

“y/n,” shawn said. putting his arm around your shoulder and his other hand on your stomach. “is everything okay?”

“yeah,” you breathed. you assumed you were having a contraction, which would explain the pains you’ve been having all day. “i’m in labour though.”

“what?” shawn practically yelled.

“my water broke,” you motioned to the puddle of water a few feet away. you managed to move a few feet in the time it took for shawn to find you.

“you’re joking.”

“shawn why would i joke about this?”

you felt another contraction hit, while shawn yelled at someone to call an ambulance even though it was already on the way. you could hear the sirens in the distance already.

“holy shit y/n this is really happening!” he exclaimed, kissing the side of your head.

“yeah, 3 weeks early.”

the ambulance pulled up next
to you after a few more
minutes. they helped you onto the gurney and shawn followed behind them.

“let’s go have a baby,” he said as the nurses closed the ambulance doors. “3 weeks early.”

‘An Office Affair lll’ - CEO!Harry Series

Originally posted by inkedcross

Words: 3,134

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

CEO Harry Series - please request part 4, plus ideas. I need ideas!

Warning(s): Swearing

Part 1 Part 2 

She was drunk, not just the tipsy let’s just kicked this off, type of drunk. She was hammered, and it affected her no matter what.

(Y/N) walked behind Harry, creating him to groan. He stopped in his tracks a few meters up the street from (Y/N) and turned around. Pushing back his dishevelled hair. She wasn’t happy with him, but she was slowly making her way up the street

“I could always call an Uber,” she suggested, still in her place on the sidewalk.

“No, I am taking you home. My car is right here.” he was stopping in front of his car, a black Audi A8 L. She stood her ground.

“For fuck’s sake, (Y/N), get in the goddamn car,” he told her, walking up, and grabbing her arm.

“I am not going into that fancy car, Styles.” he just groaned and kept on groaning, his head thrown back.

“(Y/N), get in my car now.” she finally opened the door for the passenger seat and sat, not paying attention to him. He placed himself in the driver’s spot, looking over at her, and moving towards her; grabbing the seat belt that was supposed to be on her.

“No, Harry. I can do things by myself,” she told him, hitting him lightly on the back as he moved the buckle into the clicker. He smirked, leaning back to his spot.

“I just want you to be safe, love,” he told her, turning on his car, and placing it into drive.

He asked for her address and she gave it to him, yet still not looking at him. Harry tried to create conversation, but she turned it down every time; ignoring him. He sighed out of frustration, and looked at the road ahead of him, yet looking so often at her; seeing her ever so slightly starting to fall asleep. He liked her, differently. Yes, he would love to fuck her, see her beg for him on her knees, but he doesn’t want to do it once or do it for a series of events; he wanted more, yet he was not open to that, yet.

Harry thought out everything when driving to her place, which happened to be not to be that far away, yet he took the longest route to get back. He needed her, but she showed the opposite towards him. He knew she was strong, the way her eyes showed it; you could tell. He needed to know her more, so he grabbed his phone.

“Dorothy, love! No, sweetie, you’re not in trouble. It’s the opposite, I’m giving you a week break. Yes, I’ll take your intern in. Ok, yes, thank you, bye bye.” he hanged up quick, relief washed through. He has a plan.

Seeing her flirting and be flirted at by Megan was angering towards him. Megan just wanted to bang her, but again, so does he. He looked over, seeing her eyes open once again.

“You know, you ruined the fun tonight.” he chuckled, looking at her, as she just glared back.

“Megan just wanted to bang you, hun.” he told her, “every intern she does that.” ok, there was a bit of a white lie. But, it was worth it.

“I wasn’t ever going to bang her, I just wanted a friend,” she mumbled, leaning her head against the window.

“I’m your friend.” he looked over, seeing her with a slight smile.

“No, you’re not. You’re m’ boss.” she faintly said, shutting her eyes.

He arrived at the address, a small building which he thought would be apartments. It was ok, not the best living standards to his case. But, it was worn out. You could see the falling apart cars on the road, the posters for strip clubs, and the litter that laid the ground.

“(Y/N), babe. Wake up,” he told her, opening the door to his car. She groaned, while his lips came into contact with her forehead.

“I can carry you, but I don’t know which place is yours,” he told her, kneeling down to her. She finally opened her eyes.

“Did you just kiss me?” she asked, giving him a weird look.

“Let’s get you inside.”

He helped her up each step by holding her lower back while she stumbled up. He liked touching her. His ringed hand coming down to the fabric of her dress, the connection between the two. He enjoyed it.

(Y/N) looked into her bag for her keys finally getting them, and hitting her head on the door. Which Harry took upon himself to take from her to open the door. She stumbled in, placing her bag on the counter and heading to her bedroom. Harry just followed, watching her slowly underdress in just her bra and panties. Making him smile. He is a gentleman; he’ll never take advantage of her in this state.

“Like this Harry? Seeing your intern, slowly get naked. I bet you like it, like the rest of them.” he glared at her. She was obviously drunk.

“It is time for bed, you.” he told her, watching her from her doorway as she climbed into bed.

“Night, Harry. And, you better be gone before I wake up.” he walked up to her, seeing her under her duvet.

“I will don’t worry. Night, love,” he told her, kissing her on her forehead. She won’t remember this; she is too hammered.

Harry closed the door gently, going to the bathroom, and hoping to find a medicine cabinet. In which, he did. Taking out a few ibuprofens from the container. He wrote a small note and placed them on her bedside table, with a glass of water. The note was simple, “Take these. H” nothing too crazy.

Same routine every single day. He liked it, he really did. His alarm went off at 7:55, sharp. No other time, just that time. He liked it. He would get up and get ready. Every day he would decide on a suit to feel his mood, and today was just simple, black.

Harry’s hand flew gracefully over his draw of watches, not knowing which one to pick today. Should he wear the steal one, or the one with the leather? Metal or alligator skin? It was hard picking. The tie was easy though, just something simple to use.

His mind was full of thoughts. That night he had a dream about her; he couldn’t remember it though. But, it had (Y/N), and she was herself; beautiful in all directions. Is that why he couldn’t pick the watch as fast as he can? Possibly. He wanted to figure out the dream, understand it to his full advantage. All he could put together was (Y/N), and a cup of coffee.

Harry’s phone dinged, a message coming through when he was making himself a shake. He looked over at his phone, and groaned, again. There were a few, a couple of them from his buds for a drink, one from his dad, a few from his mum and sister, but the one that caught his eye was Addison. His fuck at the moment.

She worked at the office as a manager of the floor below, but the red hair, green eyes and her big plastic boobs, take over her terrible self. She is self-centred, power hungry, and sex driven. He just liked fucking in general, didn’t even like her.

The message told that she wanted to see him today, he ignored it.

Harry pulled up to the building all so familiar to him; parking his car and walking in. Katie rose from her seat. Her clothes were too revealing to his opinion and didn’t fit for her petite body type. She gave him a smile and a flutter of her lashes.

“Mr Styles, how are you today?” she asked, as he walked up to the counter.

“Well. Have you gotten that file in yet?” he asked, looking at emails on his phone as she looked at him, complete busy in his appearance.

“Katie? Did you hear my question?” he asked, looking up. She nodded.

“Mr Horan called, sir, asking me to send a mess-” he interrupted her.

“Are you my assistant, no, now the file.” she blushed a bit, and nodded, turning away to the cabinet.

“Mr Styles, Harry if I can call you that, do you want to go out for drinks-”

“The file, Katie,” he told her, sternly. She passed it across the counter, trying her best to touch their fingertips together.

“Styles!” he turned around to the booming voice and noticing the glimpse of red hair.

“Addison. Morning to you,” he told her, as the both of them walked to the elevator.

“Got my message?” she questioned when the elevator doors open. She didn’t even looked at Harry, kept her eyes ahead while she held her purse.

“I did. I’ll have to see if tonight works. Gotta see how work turns out with this deal.” he told her, looking at his phone, again.

Moments later the door opened, and she walked out. Creating Harry to sigh in relief. He didn’t really like her, just her vagina and the way she fucks. She was older as well, the thirties and recently divorced.

The door opened for him, continuing into his office. Megan looked up and sent him a glare, he walked up to her.

“Send this to Mr Horan. Tell him it’s the deal,” he told her, sliding the package to her. She took it, as he leant on the counter sideways in a meaning to look for the intern that has gotten him addicted.

“I know you wanted to bang her.” he almost whispered.

“I wanted to go out for drinks, as a friend,” she told him. Her eyes were glued to the package when she placed the sticker to tell the address and details.

“Sure. Thanks, Megan. For the help.” he winked at her, leaving to go to his office.

Harry walked by all his co-workers, stopping to sign something, and heading to the break room to grab a cup of coffee, not just one, but two. One that is just black and the other, with milk and a bit of sugar; heading back to his office. Harry opened the door to see (Y/N) sitting in the chair facing his desk. He noticed the way her leg was fidgeting and trembling. She was nervous.

“Morning, (Y/N)” he told her, she turned around, fast. Worried expression all of her face.

“I got you coffee. Two sugars and milk, right?” she nodded, still not speaking.

“You’re not in trouble. Dorothy is gone for the next week, so you’re with me,” he stated, sitting in his chair, and looking at her with his hands on his desk, linked with each other.

“Ok.” she just mumbled out, “Mr Styles, if I said anything last night. I am terribly sorry, I just can’t control my mouth when I am drunk. It is like verbal diarrhoea.” she told him. He just kept this plastered face of wide eyes and a ‘whatever’ look.

“Sorry, that was inappropriate. What I mean-”

“Stop it.” he stated, she swallowed hard and nodded, embarrassed, “you’re doing this thing called rambling and I don’t care. It is cute but just stop. You put yourself down too much. I don’t care what you said, now.“ he told her, bringing out some papers, "We need to talk about this project I am working on, and you need to help.” he stated. She simply nodded, grabbing a notebook out of her bag to take notes.

The day continued the same, she went out of the office several times for coffee, which was very much needed, and other simple things, like to head to the printer. Every time she went out, she would bump into someone, he was nice. She wouldn’t talk to him, but every time she left Harry’s big office he was there.

It was three o’clock when she saw him again, at the staff room where she was finally grabbing her lunch. He was sitting down, eating lunch and just looking at work. She walked him, as he looked up.

“(Y/N), right? New intern?” he asked, she nodded, grabbing a spot a few seats from him.

“I don’t bite, come closer.” she got up, and moved a few up; one spot between them now.” he motioned to come closer to fill that extra space. She was now giggling.

“I’m Scott.” he gestured. Scott had brown hair that was slightly wished back and a small stubble. His brown eyes kept looking at her.

“Uh, sorry. I’m (Y/N),” she replied, taking his hand to shake it.

“I know, so tell me about yourself. I don’t see you a lot, and when I do, it’s at the printer or the fabulous coffee machine.” she laughed a bit, noticing the smile on his face.

Harry saw from the spot in the hallway the two exiting, the girl that he was overly obsessed with, laughing at him, Scott. Scott was a good worker in the office, always got things done, always here on time, finished his work like nobody’s business, and just was too fucking perfect for him. And here he was trying to still the girl that was his.

“(Y/N), when do you have the document back?” he asked coming up.

“Oh, Mr Horan said that his clients will sign it by tonight at most. I placed it in about an hour ago, so all we got to do is wait,” she told him smiling. Harry looked over seeing Scott looking at (Y/N) the whole time.

“Scott.” he gestured, nodding his head.

“Styles,” he replied.

“(Y/N) my office. I got another document for you to send off,” he told her, starting to walk away. (Y/N) waved bye to him and followed Harry to his office. Of course, Harry was lying. He had no idea what else to give her to work on. He had nothing, everything was done for the day.

“Do you want to go for coffee?” he asked out of the blue, she looked up with a puzzled look.

“I’m dying for a coffee at the place on third. Their muffins are actually what I am looking forward too. Want to come?” he asked, grabbing his jacket, wallet, keys and phone.

“If it is for work then of course.”

Coffee was easy, they chatted for a bit and conversations escalated towards (Y/N) telling stories about her life; making Harry laugh. He liked her, she brought a smile on his face, and something in him, that just made him happy.

She knew she was falling into his trap, the smile, eyes and the small physical affection. She was slowly falling head over heels for him. And she knew he could tell. (Y/N) knew that once Harry thought he had her around his finger, then it will just be easy to do the rest, and she couldn’t do that. She couldn’t let him destroy her future.

The conversations lasted forever but felt like minutes and before they knew it, it was past five. Meaning her shift was over. The conversations between them weren’t awkward but flowed fast and well. She picked up on the fact that he doesn’t talk much about himself, but enjoy talking to her and listening.

“I think I should get going,” she announced after two cups of coffees, a muffin and three glasses of water later. He chuckled, nodding.

“Let me drive you,” he stated. It wasn’t a question. But, it took him by surprised when she said, “sure”.

The drive was simple. He took the fastest route he knew, and the conversation continued on.

“Thanks by the way for paying. I owe you one next time,” she told him, looking over, smiling.

“Does that mean that we’re friends now?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. She let out a sigh.

“We can be friends, but outside of the office only. We can’t be hip to hip buddies in that building,” she told him moments later.

“That’s fine with me. Here, let me walk you in,” he said, parking the car, and quickly opening her door.

“What a gentleman,” she muttered, Harry just had a smile on his face as the two of them walked to her building.

“I’m glad we went out,” he stated, going up the stairs.

“Why?” she asked, finding her keys.

“Because I got to know you better. I usually don’t do that for my interns,” he told her, as she began to open her door.

“Wait,” he said before she turned the knob. She looked at him, leaning against the door.

“Yeah?” she asked, a smile on her lips.

"I liked our little date,” he muttered.

Harry placed a hand next to her head, leaning in. It was like the event yesterday, that both their hip bones were touching and his face was mere inches from hers. His other hand came in contact with her chin, bringing her face up to hers. He leant in, their lips brushing against each other. She didn’t pull back, just kissed him, but eventually pulled away. The kiss lingering on both lips.

“Harry, we are just friends outside of the workspace,” she told him looking down.

“You don’t understand, (Y/N). I can’t be just friends, I can’t stay away from you. I hated the way Scott was looking at you or the way Megan bought you drinks. You’re, you’re mine.” he stated, his voice low and almost sounding confused.

“I’m nobody’s, Harry. And, I just accepted friends, and it’ll stay like that, ok,” she told him, turning around to open the door. His fist came in contact with the drywall, creating a bang.

“Tell me at least you enjoyed the kiss or you enjoy me,” he said, sternly; still in the position he was in before she moved.

“Goodnight, Harry,” she told him, walking in, and closing the door.

Harry was beyond mad, he usually got his way and this time that didn’t happen. He pulled away from the wall with too much force and walked out the building, fishing for his phone.

He pressed the button that was all too familiar with him, a redhead that made him forget his worries.

“Addison, meet me at my place in ten,” he grumbled, opening the door of his car.

“Yes, sir.”

Part 4

Happy Birthdays

Characters: Y/N Ackles, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Genevieve Padalecki, Conan O’Brien

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: None really - just J2 being J2.   

Word Count: 1300ish

A/N: So not a planned fic but after I saw the Conan interview this idea have been haunting me.

I stole bits of the interview that would fit my story, but disregarded some of it cause in this story Jensen isn’t have has never been married to Danneel, therefore no JJ. No hate what so ever against Jensen or his beautiful family. This is only fiction and let’s just assume the amazing Danneel Harris is happy with someone else.

Thanks to @torn-and-frayed for being awesome and betaing this for me last minute.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You couldn’t have been more excited for your husband. He had literally been buzzing for days previous to this interview. It had been a long time since he had been on a show like this and Conan was one of his all time favorites. You couldn’t have been more proud of him as you sat in the front row with Gen waiting for your husbands to take the stage.

You smiled, applauding the boys along with Gen and the rest of the audience when they took the stage. Jensen looked so confident and relaxed, which made you even prouder. Jensen hadn’t always been this relaxed in front of a big audience. When you had first met, this would have terrified him and you would probably have been backstage trying to calm him and take his mind off what was about to happen rather than sitting, smiling and waving at him in your chair next to your best friend. Jensen had grown immensely and you had been at his side every step of the way. First as his friend, then girlfriend and for the past few years, his wife. You loved him more than you had ever thought possible to love another human being and he made you proud every day.

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anonymous asked:

Could you write something where some guy keeps harassing y/n at the bar or club (like touching her or and stuff) while Harry's in the bathroom and Harry comes out he just gets so protective of her and isn't having any of it


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When they get jealous

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Archie doesn’t like being jealous. He’ll probably do something irrational like try to make you jealous too and then later apologize for it.

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Jughead thinks jealousy is a useless emotion so he doesn’t really get jealous often. But when he does he gets distant until you confront him about it.

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Betty gets quiet and when you try to ask her what’s wrong she’ll say nothing. When you finally figure out what’s been going on you set up a nice date to show her she doesn’t need to feel jealous

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Veronica thinks that she is being low-key about it but it’s obvious to everyone that she’s jealous. She’ll be extra sarcastic, more PDA and buy you a lot of little gifts.

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When Cheryl gets jealous there’s a lot of extra PDA so the person will back off. If they don’t get the picture she’ll try to intimidate them away.

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It takes a lot for Josie to get jealous but when she does she likes to pretend it doesn’t bother her. She might give you the cold shoulder for a bit but she’ll get over it.

Pax: A Kastle Fic

Welp, I marathoned The Punisher and intense Kastle feels were one of my many reactions. Naturally these feels eventually emerged in the form of post-finale fic. 

Thanks for betaing, @khaleesa!

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When a tape showing the illegal detention and torture of the Punisher hits WikiLeaks, every reporter worth their salt has a field day. Karen Page, however, calls in sick and goes looking for a different story altogether. Namely, whether Frank Castle is okay.

Also on AO3

Like every other newspaper in the city, the New York Bulletin offices are in a frenzy. Even over the phone, Karen can hear the pandemonium. She feels a distant pang over missing the unique blend of caffeine, cigarette smoke, and desperation that always accompanies the breaking of a bombshell story, but she doesn’t have second thoughts. Karen leaves her apartment with David Lieberman’s address scribbled on a slip of paper and hails a cab.

She gives the driver the address, and something in her expression deflects any further attempts at conversation. She’s grateful to avoid the ordeal of small talk. The suspicion in Ellison’s voice when she’d called in sick had left her drained of words and the desire to speak them. He hasn’t looked at her the same way since he asked whether she knew Frank was alive—and she lied to his face. She’ll have to reckon with that eventually. For now she contents herself with the silence and watches the skyscrapers dwindle into homes and trees as they leave the city behind.

The cab stops in front of a white house with green shutters and a welcome sign beside the door. She asks the driver to wait and steps out at the corner of two streets populated by bare trees, old and comfortable houses, and a few distant figures bundled in coats and walking a dog. Dead leaves skitter past her feet when the wind blows; Karen crosses her arms against the cold.

For a moment, she’s not so far away, standing between another cab and another house in a quiet neighborhood—a house with no lights, no sound, and the name Castle on the mailbox. She blinks away the memory and focuses on the click of her shoes against the front walk.

At the door, her knock is answered immediately.

“David Lieberman?” she asks, but she already knows the answer. She’s seen his picture. Judging by the flash of recognition on his face, he’s seen hers as well.

“Miss Page,” he says. “Please come in.”

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Jealous Sf9

Inseong: jealous inseong is a petty bitch. Will be really obvious and salty too.

Him: So did you just get done cheating on me? How was it? Fun?

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Youngbin: the type to keep it inside and not tell you, but you can totally tell something is wrong with him. If you give him attention and a cuddling session filled with kisses, he will get over it. He just wants to be reassured he’s the only man you need in your life.

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Jaeyoon: Offended. Upset. “Uh Rude.” He will say to himself when he sees other idols/guys hanging near you. 

You: Are you Jealous?

Him: I don’t know, am I?

Zuho: Rough in a sexy wayyy . Doesn’t hesitate to drag you away when your talking to other guys or confront guys when they are staring at you. “You’re mine.” Be sure to show him often that you are his if youknowwhatimeannn.

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Dawon: plays it off like he’s just joking around, but the cutie is actually jealous and wants you to tell him you love him.


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Taeyang: More cuddly and in need of affection. If you were unaware and didn’t give him enough affection,he will give you affection instead. 

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Rowoon: Literally tries to be a better boyfriend. Acts more cute, cooks for you more and just become irresistible. Shes like it when I’m cute. Let’s do what she likes, she will never leave me.


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Hwiyoung: Tries to be manlier and tough despite his age, but you know inside he’s very sensitive. The minute you ask him if he’s jealous, he will prob break, but instead of asking him if he’s jealous, just tell him how much you love him and how cool he is. It will reassure him alot.

“How do I look today? Can you spot what changed?” (literally just new hair gel)

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Chani: the cutie isn’t used to being jealous like this, so he just tries to figure all of this out himself or asking the other members for advice. When he’s with you, he is still sweet as always. Even a bit more needy. Tries to be a better boyfriend to you so you don’t think of leaving him.

Inseong: flirt with her like you two are still in that push and pull phase before dating. 

(one day)

Him: Hey!

You: Sweetie, I got to go. I’m busy.

Him: Wait! 

You: Yes?

Him: “Seeya later cute stuff.uh..sweet thanggg”

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Game of Thrones Preference "How they react to you being touch starved"

(WOOOOO GOT PREFERENCE!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Sandor-As he’d figure out how touch starved you are, he’d be surprised, having thought a pretty person such as you would’ve have all the affection come to you and wouldn’t understand it. Oddly enough, without really thinking too much, it would come to him naturally as he’d always show you his affection for you through so many of his actions that you’d be utterly grateful.

Tormund-As he’d figure out how touch starved you are, he’d be baffled and wouldn’t understand as to how it can happen to you. He’d constantly follow you around to question you about it and whenever he can, he’d shower you with all sorts of loving and playful touches and surprise hugs, wanting nothing more than to see you look at him with love in your eyes.

Beric-As he’d figure out how touch starved you are, he’d ask you if you were any comfortable with him touching and showing you how much he loves you before giving in to you. He’d be worried about you and would want to know what had happened in your life for you to be so deprived of such affection, only to give you more than enough once you are both alone.

Thoros-As he’d figure out how touch starved you are, he’d get pissed at the thought of you having never had such simple affection shown to you and would take it upon himself to take care of you. It wouldn’t matter how simple or dirty his touches were, he’d use practically any opportunity to remind you how much he wants/loves you and really wouldn’t care if people judged him because of his priesthood.

Jorah-As he’d figure out how touch starved you are, he wouldn’t take it lightly and would want to show you all of his feelings for you through all the touches he can offer you. He’d never miss an opportunity to simply let his hand run down your back or hold your hand and of course he loves nothing more than to look at how your eyes would light up as he’d cup your cheeks.

Petyr-As he’d figure out how touch starved you are, he’d find himself in you but would definitely use it against you, knowing he can get his way with you the instant that he showers you with affection. He’d love to play games with you, touching you slightly here and there and seeing how soft you’d get under him, or even flustered whenever he gets dirty with you.

Davos-As he’d figure out how touch starved you are, he’d feel like it was his duty to change that part of you and prove to you how worthy you are of all sorts of affection. Naturally, he’d always give you reassuring touches and even words of praises for your hard work or such, making you realize how much he cares for you.

Jon-As he’d figure out how touch starved you are, he’d see himself in you, understanding how unfair it is and would rectify the situation as much as he can. It would come to him somewhat naturally as his feelings for you would be quite a lot, despite being quiet about them most of the time.

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She shouldn’t be asleep. She’ll just get more depressed if she’s asleep. What she needs is some kind of hobby. She needs to get out of the house, she needs to exercise.